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Coxy & Mike


Coxy and Mike Hegre Art

I usually just post massage scenes from Hegre Art but I thought you guys might want to see this Coxy model posing with a big black cock.  The scene is called Animal Attraction and there isn’t any actual hardcore it’s just a behind the scenes video of them during their picture gallery together.  I do like the scene though because these two have such contrast it makes it very erotic.

Cameron Canada


Cameron Canda Let's Try Anal

This weeks amateur on Let’s Try Anal is a Canadian girl named Cameron.  There is something very Canadian about her that I just can’t put my finger on but seeing her fucked in the ass is still hot don’t get me wrong.  The setup for this scene is that she hurt her tail bone so her boyfriend takes a look by sticking his dick in her ass.  I know not very believable but who cares you get to see a hot girl fucking that’s all we ever want!

Hailey Leigh


Hailey Leigh Webcam

You guys know how much I love to give you new stuff so I want to share with you a new model named Hailey Leigh.  She is damn hot wouldn’t you say?  This gallery is actually just screen captures from a webcam video she did.  In the video you’re going to get to see her bouncing her big round ass off a glass door.  Hailey is all natural with big tits that you guys are just going to love and to make things even better she has a pierced pussy and tits!

Chanel Preston Returns


Chanel Preston Tonight's Girlfriend

After Chanel Preston’s first Tonight’s Girlfriend scene there was many request to have her back on.  They finally found another John who was willing to pay the big bucks to fuck this amazing pornstar and here we are watching it again.  Chanel Preston is looking hotter then ever and I just really love these fishnet stockings she has on.  Chanel has a great body nice and curvy and she definitely loves to be fucked which is nice, it doesn’t look like a job like so many other pornstars when they’re being fucked.  For the longest time I just thought that Chanel had a serious bush but today I saw that it just kind of hairy but she has a tattoo there that makes it look like she has a full bush, just thought I would share just in case someone else was like me.

Layla Rivera


Layla Rivera Porn Fidelity

I am not sure if this is the second time that Layla Rivera has been on Porn Fidelity or this is the second video in their “real life” series.  Whatever the case this is Real Life #2 and it stars Layla.  It’s kind of a different kind of porn scene that Porn Fidelity does, much much more amateur then usual.  That’s what is great about this site is that Ryan and Kelly Madison just know what type of porn people want to see and they make it!

Dorm Room Orgy


College Rules Dorm Room Orgy

This new College Rules episode is called Dorm Room Orgy and it’s kind of a lie because there is no sexy happening between a bunch of people in this submitted tape.  Instead you have three different dorm rooms where college students go after a naked party they have to fuck.  My favorite of the rooms is the one where this girl you see pictured here get her fuck on.  She has a amazing body with big perky tits as you can see!  The other rooms have a threesome with two girls and then another room is just a couple who is drunk and trying to fuck themselves into sobriety.  I don’t know how this works but if College Rules only pays $10,000 dollars for a tape do they split it 7 ways in this example?  Or do you think that they pay out per person who is fucking so $70,000 bucks.  I wonder either way I think they got their monies worth because this is a sex tape with some amazing sex between amateurs and that’s all I want to see.

Going Up


Madison Ivy Going Up

Madison Ivy never ceases to amaze me.  She has such a bodacious body it’s just crazy a girl this petite can have so many curves.  I mean sure her tits are fake but man is it a good boob job not a lot of girls get so lucky.  This Passion HD scene is called Going Up and it’s called that because Madison starts her sex scene out in a glass elevator.  They then go to the bed where Madison Ivy can get her pussy eaten out for a while and get hers before she makes her man cum.  The scene is incredibly erotic and seeing Madison fuck is more art then it is porn just watch her ride this guys cock and tell me that I am not right!

Mia Malkova


Mia Malkova I Know That Girl

You guys get ready to view one of the best asses that you will ever see!  This girls name is Mia Malkova and she is finally in a hardcore scene which you will only see at I Know That Girl.  Mia has a all natural butt that you will serious just die for!  Her boyfriend is probably one of the luckies guys on this earth.  The video is nice and long and you get to see her riding her boyfriends cock from the reverse cowgirl position.  That would probably be my favorite way to fuck Mia here just because you get a view of the bubble butt!  That isn’t all she has to offer those she is very pretty and has some nice full titties as well so don’t think she is a butter face or anything just click on the gallery to see proof of that.

Natasha All Nude


There’s not much in this stupid cold world that’s as mind-meltingly sexy as a cute girl in high socks and not much else…Natasha Belle goes the extra mile in this gallery from her own site as she strips down nude, showing off those perky perfect little petite titties, kicking out one tight little hip with a cute smile and a wink!

Cynthia Santory


Cynthia Santory may be a bit of an odd name but man you won’t give it a second thought once this sexy brunette shows off her hot red fishnets and a little tubetop that she wears for about 2.5 seconds in this Evas Garden gallery. Cynthia spreads that tight shaved pussy with her fingers, showing off her pink lips and letting you know what she wants and where she wants it!

Gina Devine & Iwia


Desk Babes presents this hot update featuring the lovely Gina Devine and Iwia. These two gorgeous brunettes were put in a blank white room with no clothes on so naturally they got all over each other, showing off their tits and asses and fucking each other with a handy vibrator in a lesbian gallery you won’t soon forget!

Jenny Jones


If there’s a handy bench, you can just bet your bottom dollar that Jenny Jones will get naked and sit on it. Man if only that were true…I’d be putting benches galore in my house every weekend. It’s true for this bench at least; Jenny is hanging out in the nude on a wooden seat in this Mc Nudes gallery, showing off that perfect tight body!

Lily Love Massaged


Lily Love Massage Creep

The only massage that Lily Love is getting in this Massage Creep episode is on her insides!  This is a very beautiful view wouldn’t you guys say?  Nice round ass, hour glass figure not more you can ask for.  The beauty of Lily Love is that you turn her around and you get to see an amazing set of all natural tits so she is pretty much perfect all around.  This scene is incredible but what Porn Pros scene isn’t now?  When you join their network of site you really get every type of porn, it’s like the Walmart of porn I would say a one stop shop!

Eva Pozzi


Evita Pozzi Porn Star Spa

This week on Porn Star Spa we have a very beautiful woman for you her name is Eva Pozzi.  She has nice big titties and is definitely one of those MILFs you see walking around L.A.  In this scene you get to see Eva getting that amazing body of hers massaged everywhere until her pussy is wet enough to receive a cock.  Then she gets to work riding this guys dick on the massage table as well as bending over it to get fucked doggystyle.  Eva is a really hot model that you are definitely going to love she was a great addition to Porn Star Spa so big ups to those guys.

Gigi Rivera Playboy


Gigi Rivera Playboy TV

I have a full scene for you guys to check out from Playboy TV.  This one stars a sexy starlet we all know and love and that model is Gigi Rivera.  The setup of the scene is that Gigi is on the side of the road with her boyfriend looking to get a ride into town.  A guy on a motorcycle pulls up and offers to take Gigi she goes with him and ends up fucking him on his bike.  The scene comes from a TV series that Playboy produces called Summer Lovin.

Cock Party


Dancing Bear Cock Party

You have to have one hell of a group of single friends to pull off one of these parties that Dancing Bear went to.  It’s called a cock party and it’s literally a bunch of girls who just want to drink and play with male strippers.  There is a whole bunch of girls who wanted to do a little more then play with the strippers!  There was a couple of girls who you know where just trying to fuck these guys so they thought they would suck them off a little bit and entice the guy enough so he would fuck them.  These guys are not amateurs though ladies they are used to this kind of shit so much so that they bring a camera around with them and get video of all these horny sluts sucking their cocks for free and getting paid for it at the same time!

Natalie Tyler


I couldn’t resist but post this new model for you guys today!  Her name is and man does she have one perfect pussy I mean look at that thing!  This is a webcam show that she put on for her members so the pictures are not really high quality but who cares you can see her perfect bald pussy and that’s all you need to see.  She is trying out a finger in her ass in this picture seeing if she likes it better then her pussy, wish I just don’t think she could because that pussy is just begging for a finger.



Natasha Backroom Casting Couch

Natasha almost didn’t do this entire sex scene because when Rick from Backroom Casting Couch asked her to get naked on camera she wasn’t too stoked about it.  Rick laid it on thick though telling her producers need to see her willing to do just about anything so they will hire her and she can make $1,000 to $5,000 a day.  He found her weak spot and that is money Natasha loves it.  With that one little line Rick was able to fuck Natasha in the ass, give her a creampie and did I mention fuck her in the ass?  It was great because he has his dick in his ass and a lotion bottle in her pussy just because he wanted to see if he could do it.  Natasha is one of the hottest models to come on his site I mean at least the top 10 so you should definitely check out this gallery!

Jello Wrestling


Haze Her Jello Wrestling

You guys must laugh at me sometimes when I don’t know if a girls tits are real or fake.  This college girl for example looks like she has fake tits.  The thing is though is you can’t see like the implant so it kind of makes me think that she just might have big perky tits, or maybe that’s just what I am hoping for.  This is a episode from Haze Her that has a sorority throwing a Jello Wrestling match between their rushes.  After the girls wrestle it out the have to go to the showers and clean off all of the Jello as well as give each other orgasms!  Yea I can’t believe the actually did it but I think ever girl enjoys getting their pussy eaten out so it wasn’t that hard to convince these pledges to go down on each other.

First Love


X Art First Love

I am going to start calling these videos from X Art films instead of videos.  The quality is just like a god damn movie I swear!  This scene is called First Love and in stars a gorgeous model named Kaylee.  She has perfect big natural tits and she just goes wild wild riding this guys cock outside.  The scene is suppose to be about these two being each others first love and this sex scene is the first time they actually had sex.  I mean we know it’s made up because this guy wouldn’t have lasted half as long if it was real life!  Especially since Kaylee here is really good at riding cock.



Devon Pure Mature

I have for you a model who just goes by Devon she is one of those Madonna type of chicks.  In this new scene from Pure Mature called Pop The Question you get to see Devon proposed to and of course she says yes and also yes to the sex session that happens after every man asks that question.  Devon is a super petite MILF because this dick just doesn’t look like it will fit in that tight little pussy of hers but Devon is able to take every inch of it and as you can see if you watch her face she throughly enjoyed that big dick.

Jynx Ass Masterpiece


I have a Ass Masterpiece for you guys today and that model is Jynx Maze of course!  Here she is for Naughty America getting that perfect tight pussy of hers fucked every which way.  The gallery is only a video but I am pretty sure that’s all you guys want to see anyways.  Jynx starts in a sexy little bikini and then takes it all off until a guy is fucking her.  Make sure to watch the beginning of the gallery for some awesome shaking of that amazing round ass of hers!

Flower Fields


Flower Fields East Coast XXX

This scene is a anal creampie and it’s from East Coast XXX and features a model named Flower Fields.  It seems that most of the scenes that come from East Coast XXX are creampies so if that’s your thing make sure to check them out.  They’re a really amateur sites and I am sure they have a lot of models you have never seen before.  This girl wasn’t suppose to do anal just a regular sex scene.  While she was getting fucked though she asked the guy to fuck her ass so he did no questions asked!  I don’t know if she planned for him to cum in her butt but when you have a ass that is that tight I think you kind of just expect a guy wont last long inside of it.

Hot Ass Latina


Mygf Hot Latina

It takes a very hot Latina girl to get me posting a solo masturbation scene that is homemade.  This girl made a little going away present for her man and it’s over her fucking herself with a big double sided dildo on the side of the pool.  She has big ole titties as you can see with awesome tanlines and just the perfect fit body.  Her boyfriend had to go away for work and while he was away she cheated on him that’s why his personal tapes are now available for us all to watch on MyGF.  If you have any sex tapes of your girlfriend that broke your heart submit them to MyGF because they will pay you cash!

Avril Hall


Avril Hall Naughty America

I have to remind myself to post more Naughty America scenes!  I always forget about them and they are one of the top porn sites on the Internet.  It’s just plain shameful that I don’t.  So here is a scene of a slender model named Avril Hall.  She has sexy pale white skin with just a beautiful natural body that you guys will definitely love.  This scene is party of a fantasy series that Naughty America puts out called My Sister Hot Friend.  Any of us who have a sister have seen one of their sisters hot friends and wanted to fuck them well this fantasy is for you.

Jada Crack Fuckers


Jada Stevens Evil Angel

I don’t think you could ever get tired of a anal sex scene with Jada Stevens.  So here is a scene from a great site called Evil Angel that you have to check out if you like pornstar content.  Jada Stevens ass has never looked better then it does in this scene just watch like the first minute and you will fall in love with this booty.  The scene comes from a DVD called Crack Fuckers and I am not sure if that means anal sex or he literally just fucks her crack you know what I am saying?

Misty Vs. Misty


Misty Vs. Misty

This isn’t exactly porn it’s more just something funny I thought you guys might enjoy.  It’s a YouTube video starting Misty Anderson and Misty Gates.  It’s a series that they are doing called Misty Vs. Misty.  What I think they are going to do is go through a bunch of YouTube challenges and see who wins, or who is the greatest Misty if you will.  I think if you just check out the website you will find all the challenge videos as they go up there.



Madelyn Amateur Allure

I have a first time girl I want you guys to check out her name is Madelyn and you get to see her swallowing a couple loads of cum thanks to Amateur Allure.  Madelyn has a cute pair of small tits and look at that pretty face of hers, I just love how Amateur Allure always has their models dress to the nines because it makes them look classy.  Seeing classy girl being so dirty is what we all want to see I suspect and Amateur Allure delivers on that fantasy.



Jennie Exploited College Girls

This girl you see right here is from BYU and that means she is probably Morman or at least was.  I doubt she is now because she is doing a porn scene after all.  The two of them can even make it back to the hotel room to start fucking the just pull over and get to banging until a couple of people start to watch them.  Once the get back to the hotel the guy from Exploited College Girls basically blows Jennie mind giving her 7 different orgasms during the sex romp.

Sofie Hydrate Me


OK I’m not really sure why this Femjoy gallery is entitled Hydrate Me, but Sofie is lounging on a shiny red couch completely nude and that’s all anyone should need to know before they run headlong into this collection of photos. She’s hot as hell with huge beautiful breasts, long legs and a gorgeous face and she’s sharing her body so let’s head on in and join her, shall we?

Hayley Flashing


I’ll never say another bad word about ridiculously short jean shorts again…sexy blonde Hayley is wearing the hell out of her little micro-daisydukes in this gallery from Action Girls, but after awhile you won’t even notice because she gets her big round boobs out of her orange top and shows em off, effectively obliterating any part of the brain other than that attached to the groin area!

Klara Wow Girls


Klara is a sexy European chick with a penchant for taking two hard cocks at once, and you get to watch it in this hot hardcore update from Wow Girls! She sucks one guy’s dick while bobbing her tight pussy up and down on the other guy in a menage-a-trois that might just scorch the inside of your eyeballs with its hotness. Be careful.

Sian M


This Is Glamour presents this sexy photo gallery of seductive redhead Sian M showing off in some hot lingerie…my particular favorites are the ones where you get to see her ass peeking out from under that frilly skirt, as well as her garter belt and sheer thigh high stockings. Hot hot hot!

Busty Redhead


I don’t know if St Mackenzies has a valedictorian but if they do I’d guess this hot busty redhead is a strong candidate! I don’t know how smart she is but she’s hot enough that I’m sure she could seduce an A+ out of any teacher on campus. In this photo gallery she’s stripping out of her schoolgirl uniform, showing off her huge round tits and that sexy tight pussy!



Melaina Massage Girls 18

I am having a really hard time not making this girl my number one gallery for the day but I just feel guilty doing it because I always put Massage Girls 18 as one of my top galleries.  This girl is really good at riding dick I mean just from this picture you guys should know that!  She has a awesome round ass and when she comes in for her “massage girl” interview she is wearing the tightest shorts I have ever seen.  I would say they’re more panties then actually shorts.  Melaina gets banged and is one of the girls who is always like fuck me harder but I think she finally met her match with this guy because man did he pound that teen pussy.

Tan Line Girl


Tan Lines On This Beautiful Ex Girlfriend

I have for you guys a home made sex tape with a hot bubble butt girl who also has some pretty amazing tan lines.  There is like two separate hidden cameras so you get to different angles in this shoot which is nice because you don’t always get that with a sex tape like this.  The scene comes from a site called Submitted Porno where you will find a lot of amateurish porn videos just check it out.

Draya Michelle


Draya Michelle Show Girlz Exclusive

This is for all those people who just like to see really hot babes either naked or scantly clad like Draya Michelle here.  My favorite site to find this time of porn is Show Girlz Exclusive.  I am not sure you can actually call it porn though its more just erotic nudes / teasing type of stuff.  The girls they have are seriously incredible though.  Draya here changing through a couple of outfits and shows off her slender body that still has some pretty great curves.



Isabella Public Pickups

In this episode from Public Pickups you get to see a pretty amazing sex scene!  The girls name is Isabella and the line that got her to fuck this guy from a couple of hundred dollars was this: “I will only last 2 minutes nobody is around just suck my dick”.  In her mind she it all made since nobody will see her she just has to suck his dick and it won’t be for long.  Well the guy doesn’t end up coming fast at all and talks her into fucking him because that will make him cum, and sure enough Isabella here was able to work a cumshot out of him.

Setting The Table


Madison Ivy Setting The Table

I have the gorgeous Madison Ivy riding this guys dick on a chair.  It’s crazy all the positions that she can get in just on that little surface. Madison Ivy has a body that is just too hot for words I wish every pornstar could get a boobie job like Madison’s it just turned out so damn good! The guy starts off this Passion HD scene by having his “dinner” on the table lick her pussy until she is nice and wet. Madison returns the favor until he is hard and then the fuck right there on the kitchen table as well as the chair. The sex is incredible but when is a Madison Ivy sex scene not good that’s the better question!

Rachel Starr & Bella


Leave it to Ass Parade a Bang Bros to setup this winning combo!  It’s and Bella Reese in this brand new scene to help make Labor Day a little more special!  The gallery I am sending to you has a lot of ass shots but if you just want to skip the sexy pictures then just hit play on the video.  These two amazing pornstars share a cock together and the guy who gets to fuck both of these hot ladies must just be beside himself because this right here is every mans dream come true.

Sensual Revelation


Tasha Reign Babes Network

I do think this is the first time that Tasha Reign has been on Babes Network but I sure hope it’s not the last!  Tasha is just so damn hot with those amazing natural big tits of hers and the way this scene is film it makes the sex so erotic.  I don’t even know if you can call this porn it’s so well done.  The name of the scene is Sensual Revelation and the trailer I have for you guys is very well done, you will definitely want to take the tour after viewing it.

Mia FuckedHard18


Mia Malkova FuckedHard18

I usually just wait until Monday to post the new FuckedHard18 scene but I thought this might make your guys weekend a little better.  This girl has a perfect bubble butt as you can see here her name is Mia Malkova.  In this scene you get to see that booty oiled up, massaged and she even makes it shake for us.  Mia is so special that the guy from Fucked Hard 18 didn’t even pull out just cumming in that nice little pussy of hers, I can’t blame him for that

Maya & Ivana


Maya Hills and Ivana Sugar Reality Kings

I have a double anal scene for you guys today with Maya Hills (in the red) and Ivana Sugar.  Does that mean that this scene is twice as good as a regular anal sex scene?  I guess that’s up to you to decide but this is pretty hot episode from CFNM Secret.  It’s called Happy Hills and you get to see both these bubble butt babes in this cloth cat suits that the guys rip holes in some they can fuck their pussies and asses.  You get access to CFNM Secret when you join Reality Kings so that’s why I am sending you there just in case you where worried.  Reality Kings is one of the best deals in porn because you literally get 37 sites for the price of one.

Jessie and Jada


I was pretty happy when I saw this new scene from Brazzers called Double Anal Poolside.  It has two of my absolute favorite asses in it those butts belonging to Jessie Rogers and Jada Stevens.  These two girls just don’t spend the whole time showing the camera their asses, nope they have anal sex!  This is a really high quality scene and it’s like the dream team of perfect booties so I hope you enjoy this scene as much as I did!

Love Ties


Holly Michaels Passion HD Love Ties

How perfect is Holly Michaels skin!  That’s a weird thing to say but that’s what I first thought when I saw this picture.  This is a scene from Passion HD and they call it Love Ties.  Passion HD has a lot of scenes with Holly Michaels and with a body like hers I don’t blame them for doing it she just makes good porn.  Holly has big natural tits and a nice round ass so she basically looks good from every single angle.  If having a great ass and tits isn’t good enough just check out picture number 14 and tell me that isn’t one amazing tight pussy as well, man this girl has it going on!

Lelu Love Creampied


I found this awesome site that you guys just have to check out it’s called Lelu Love.  The site I am sending you over to is a friend of mine and you can find a ton of free there.  This chick Lelu Love gets her pussy eaten out at the beginning of this long video and then ends up riding her boyfriend until he cums in her pussy for one creampie you will will definitely want to see!

Abigaile Johnson


Abigaile Johnson Beyond Innocence

I do believe this is the first scene that Babes Network has got of Abigaile Johnson but I sure hope it’s not the last!  Abigaile has a gorgeous teen body with a nice hour glass figure and I just love that ass for some reason.  Watch her get fucked in this new scene called Beyond Innocence.  I never noticed just hot tight that pussy of hers was until I watch this video and they show his dick going inside of her for the first time and man did that look like a tight fit.

Dayna Vendetta PAWG


Dayna Vendetta Bang Bros

I have another hot ass PAWG for you guys!  This ones name is Dayna Vendetta and she has a big ole ass that you will most certainly love.  Dayna has equally as big tits to help balance out that big caboose of hers.  The scene is shot for Bang Bros and there is a lot of hard fucking in this scene as well as great outfit changes that Dayna does she looks really good in that multi color body suit dont you guys think?

Kaylee Evans


Kaylee Evan Let's Try Anal

This picture looks all weird because I tried to fit it all into the dimensions of this pictures.  I just wanted to show you this gorgeous girl Kaylee Evans and make sure you saw that dick in her ass and just didn’t think she was masturbating or something.  I am very aware that probably 10% of you guys actually read my little blog about the gallery.  So for those that actually read these things check this girl out getting fucked in her pussy and ass in one amazing scene from Let’s Try Anal.  Anal on this girl is especially hot just because she has a nice big juicy ass that’s a real plus if you ask me.

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