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Water Games


Domnikia Photodromm

Water Games is the name of this new scene from Photodromm with a very hot model with one perfect body her name is Dominika.  I love posting these Photodromm galleries because man do they have some hot babes.  Dominika keep that pussy perfectly shaved only leaving a super small landing strip, I think it’s elegant.  I don’t think those tits are real but I could be talked into it if you know what I am saying.  The thing that I like about this girl is that she took these pictures and you just know that that water she is in is freezing I mean look at how hard her nipples are those things could cut glass.  So that right there tells me that Dominika isn’t some stuck up bitch but she is actually a cool chick.

Cinnamon Challenge


Misty Vs. Misty Challenge 1

The first challenge of the Misty Vs. Misty war has went down.  The winner is the girl who you see pictured here and what a fine ass that is wouldn’t you say?  The first challenge these girls decided to do to decide who is the best Misty is The Cinnamon Challenge.  The loser is Misty Gates and the big winner is Misty Anderson.  I think it’s the best of three so lets hope that there isn’t a sweep by Misty Anderson so we can have more fun watching these funny ass videos.

Wanting You


Tiffany Fox Babes Network

I love this picture of Tiffany Fox just sitting on this guys cock as he is in the ole lazy boy.  It’s like a guys dream come true I do believe.  I mean sucking on those perky tits is also a dream, and actually the way this porn video is filmed it kind of reminds me of my dreams.  It’s super erotic and everything just goes right you know what I am saying.  The scene starts off with this geeky guy giving her some oral sex and once she is ready to go she just bends over this chair and lets this guy go to down on that wet pussy of hers.  The scene comes to us from Babes Network and if you haven’t yet toured their site today is the day make it happen!



Public Pickups Economics Of Modeling

I would like to share with you guys a little life lesson and it’s from Public Pickups.  The Economics of Modeling is what we will be calling this lesson.  In hard economic times like we are in right now you can get a sexy ass girl from the streets to do a little nude modeling for a couple hundred bucks.  If you want her to fuck in a parking garage well that is going to cost you even more and if you get the chance to watch this full video you will see just how much that is running you.

Three For The Show


Three For The Show X Art

Fucking one guy just isn’t any fun for the gorgeous Leila so in this X Art update called Three For The Show you get to see her getting after two dicks.  She doesn’t get DP’d or anything like that she just is having one guy fuck her while she sucks the other ones dick.  That’s still good though I just find it hot seeing a innocent girl like Leila doing something so dirty like fucking two different guys at the same time!   The scene is really good but what X Art scene isn’t so please enjoy this premium quality porn you won’t see anything like it I promise!

Anikka & Holly


Holly Michaels and Anikka Albrite

It looks like Passion HD made one of my dreams come true.  They got the gorgeous round ass of Anikka Albrite and those big natural tits of Holly Michaels in the same scene together!  This scene is called friends with benefits and it’s out of this world out!  I mean these pornstars are everything you want in a girl that’s for sure.  The guy who gets to fuck both of these girls is seriously one of the luckiest guys in the world.  If you like erotic passionate porn there is only one site to go and that’s Passion HD so make sure to take the tour today!



Ftv Girls Raven

DAMMMMN!  Look at that full bush that Raven from FTV Girls has!  It’s like she came straight from the 80’s!  Most of the girls on FTV keep it shaved, or should I say most of the girls in the free world.  Raven likes to change it up though and look like a real woman so she just keeps it natural.  Watchi n this scene as she is fucked by another hot girl with that double sided dildo that she is holding as well as other masturbation scenes that she did for FTV Girls.  FTV is one of those sites who books a girl and shoots her over multiple days so you get a lot of different scenes with every update, it’s like 10 updates in 1.

Cameron Dee


Cameron Dee Fucked Hard 18

This is the second scene I have seen from Cameron Dee, the first one being from Passion HD.  This one is just as good as the last one and I think you might even enjoy it more because you get to see her beautiful body all oiled up and looking sexy as hell.  Another reason this scene is really good and actually why all of Fucked Hard 18 scenes are great is that the girls get a massage before they are fucked and it just makes them so horny.  You can tell when she first gets the dick put in her pussy that she was just dying for it!

Kendall Karson


Kendall Karson Massage Girls 18

This is from the massage site called Massage Girls 18.  What makes them really different from the other massage sites out there is that the girl is the one giving the massage and not a guy.  Kendall Karson is putting her massage skills to the test as well as those happy ending ones.  I definitely think her massage was lackluster but what she lacked there she more then made up for when she was fucking this guy.  She is one of those girls who will ride you and rub your balls at the same time, that’s how you know she is PRO!

Riley Evans


Riley Evans Pure Mature

Pure Mature seemed to be going through the same MILFs over and over.  That sounds bad but the MILFs that they were rotation through are actually super hot so I wasn’t mad at all.  They have introduced a new one into the mix and that MILF is this babe right here!  Her name is Riley Evans she has a great set of fake tits and she definitely can cum easy as you will see in the video if you are a member.  Riley sits on this guys face and just cums all over it, it’s so hot that you just have to see it for yourself!

Futon Fuck


Karina White Submitted Porno

Here is a homemade sex tape for you guys featuring a girl who definitely knows how to ride a cock!  Those butt cheeks are all red because this girl likes to be spanked a little while being fucked she likes it rough I think.  This scene was actually secretly filmed and once it was found by this girl boyfriend he had no problem putting it on the Internet.  This site is a place that you will find a lot of videos like that so take a look around I think you will like what you see.

Pants Off Dance Off


Pants Off Dance Off Dare Dorm

Have you ever gotten yourself into a pants off dance off?  Well try to because that’s what’s going on in this new episode from Dare Dorm and it paid off in spades for the guys who participated!  There are some beautiful college girls in this update and some of them are just dancing around in their sexy panties and then there is girls like this!  The horny college girls just spread their legs and tell the guys in the party to start to lick their pussy.  That gets both of these girls in the mood so they put on a show fucking their guy and having a competition with each other during the sex it’s so hot!

Double Pleasure


Karina White Nubile Films

Look at those beautiful full titties that belong to the one and only Karina White.  In this lesbian sex scene from Nubile Films she and Hayden Hawkins are sharing a hitachi vibrator just cumming all over that thing it’s crazy.  They don’t just use the toy though if you want to see them more intimate licking each others pussy and that there is that too have no fear.  Nubile Films is a new site that opened in the glamcour niche and I definitely think it’s worth checking out their porn is seriously amazing.

Fucking In The Shower


Haze Her Lesbian Sex In The Shower

Yep, this is a first for me too ladies and gentlemen!  I mean who would have ever even thought about making a strap-on dildo that straps on to your mother fucking chin that shit doesn’t even make sense!  I have to say this cute college girl doesn’t look that comfortable getting her face fuck!  She is super hot too I can’t believe she is allowing a sister to fuck herself on her chin like this but I guess she really want to be part of the sisterhood.  This is a lesbian sex scene from Haze Her a site that buys these kind of hazing tapes that sororities tape so that they have something on all their pledges once they become a sister.  That way all the secrets stay secrets you know what I am saying?  It’s like mutual assured destruction but Haze Her fucked up that balance of power once they started paying twenty thousand dollars for a sex tape like this.

Anikka 2nd Time


Pawg Anikka Albrite

PAWG thought if they were going to have Anikka Albrite on their site for a 2nd  time they should probably get a 2nd  dick in there so that’s what they did!  Bang Bros is the one who produces PAWG which means Perfect Ass White Girl and you get access to this site as well as 42 other sites for one low price.  That’s what I call a pretty good deal if you ask me.  Anikka definitely is one amazing pornstar and that ass of hers is so perfect I almost think it’s fake but I know it’s not because I have seen her porn scene when she first started and that ass has always been off the hook.

Anikka Albrite’s First Time on Bang Bros’ PAWG site

Nikki Delano


Nikki Delano Porn Star Spa

Quite the view that tis guy is getting wouldn’t you say? This gorgeous round ass belongs to Nikki Delano and she is doing a scene for Porn Star Spa a erotic hardcore massage site.  Nikki has a very thick body but I would say more of it is muscle then fat which is weird for a “thick” girl.  Nikki definitely loves to fuck and is very good at it just watch a minute or two of her riding this guys cock.  I just think that she felt like she owed him one because of how good of a job he did when he was giving her a massage.

Sisterhood Is Calling


College Rules Sisterhood Is Calling

In this update from College Rules you get to see three pledges to a sorority take a shortcut to sisterhood.  They agreed to do whatever task they where given that they picked out of a hat and if they completed it they become full sisters without all the hazing.  I don’t think any of these girls thought it would be sexual tasks but they where!  One girl had to film herself fucking her boyfriend in a class room, the other girls suck off a random guy and sucks his balls too, the other girl had to fuck a stranger.  The scene is very amateur but what do you expect it some sorority sister with a handy cam following around these pledges to get footage that they actually completed their task.

Nicole Creampie Again


Nicole Aniston Porn Fidelity

I mean you are going to like it you already know that!  Nicole Aniston is fucking drop dead gorgeous and just from this picture I know you have to want to see this video.  The scene is from Porn Fidelity and this makes it her third time on their site.  Like the Nicole Aniston takes a creampie from Ryan and she loves every drop of cum that goes into that pussy because she worked for it!  These two look like they just love to fuck each other I mean Ryan is able to cum multiple times during their scenes and he just can’t do that with every pornstar.

Jessie & Molly


Jessie Rogers on Mollys Life

The battle of the asses is here!  You guys must decide what ass you like better Molly Cavalli or Jessie Rogers!  Alright you don’t have to choose because I have them both for you guys in this update from Mollys Life.  I wish this shit was brand new but I am so far behind in her updates it’s not.  It doesn’t always have to be new though because I am going to guess that 95% of you have never seen this gallery before anyways.  Jessie Rogers and Molly makes sweet love in the library with the tongue (you see what I did there a little Clue joke for you guys). 

Mika & Katt


Mika and Katt Amateur Allure

I have Mika and Katt for you in this new Amateur Allure scene and I can’t even remember the last time there was a threesome on this site!  I actually can because I searched our Amateur Allure category and found out that it was December 2007!  That’s right we have scenes from them going back that far can you believe that?  Anyways the plot of this scene is that the exotic Mika and Katt are home inspectors and are looking over Ray’s house.  He gets them inside and tells them that he is a pornographer, and he takes sexy nude pictures of girls.  He gets the to do a little photoshoot and then talks them into having sex!  What a world that would be if this actually happened in real life.  Mika has a gorgeous body with perfect natural tits and that pussy is just amazing.  Katt the girl on the right is also hot I just love how exotic she looks and everybody loves a little dark meat!

Submissive Love


Passion HD Cameron Dee

This is a new model I just found and she’s on one of my favorite sites Passion HD.  The name of the scene is Submissive Love and the models name is Cameron Dee.  I didn’t post a picture of her face because I wanted to show you guys these awesome natural tits and then the fact that she is tied up.  This is a erotic scene with a little bit of a twist because the model is tied up.  Bondage isn’t usually known for being very erotic but Passion HD has made it so and once you watch this scene you will be a fan of erotic bondage I do believe.

Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust Porn Fidelity

I wanted to give you guys some really high quality updates today so I thought I should definitely post a Porn Fidelity gallery for you guys.  This one stars a very attractive MILF named Kendra Lust.  Kendra and Ryan are pretending like they just met each other and cannot deny the lust they have for each other.  So they get down to fucking right there in the kitchen and what a fuck it is!  Kendra works out a lot and just has a banging body and with that fit body she is able to get into some pretty flexible position as well as really pound that cock when she is riding him.  Do you know what I mean?  She likes goes up and down but when she reaches the bottom of his shaft it’s a audible smack because she is getting after it so hard.

Feeling Freaky


Black GFs Feeling Freaky

This home made sex tape is with a hot black girlfriend who wants to give her boyfriend a free blowjob.  It doesn’t look much like a blowjob I know but this girl just wanted to be fucked so bad her boyfriend couldn’t deny her!  I mean she is the one who started this fuck session so that in itself makes her a good girlfriend.  The problem though is that she did this a lot and not with her boyfriend you see.  That’s why her sex tape is now on Black GFs where you can see the full length video and man is it a good one!

Alissa Ross


Alissa Ross Show Girlz Exclusive

I told you that I was posting some hot ass babes today well am I telling the truth or what?  This gorgeous babe comes from Show Girlz Exclusive once again because well I just love that site!  Her name is Alissa Ross and she is just straight up banging.  you get to see her in different little thongs and g-strings just to tease you.  You don’t always need to see a girl naked you know sometimes the tease is better.



Tiya From Show Girlz Exclusive

I have a nice big fat black ass for you guys from a babes site you all know and love Show Girlz Exclusive.  This is just a really small gallery but I made the thumbs big for you guys.  It’s all about Tiya and that big ass of hers she is wearing nothing but this little black thong and those sexy fishnet stockings that you see in this image.

The Loft


Kitty Jane Nubile Films

I have just been skipping putting pictures with these Nubile Films galleries just because they videos are so good by themselves I don’t think these galleries need them.  This episode is called The Loft and it stars a brand new model for you guys named Kitty Jane.  Kitty Jane definitely loves to get after it when she is on top just riding as fast as you possibly can without having this guys small little dick come out.  He gets her in the mood by giving her a massage and eating her pussy out but once you get in her the mood you just get to sit back and relax and basically enjoy the show.

Lily Love The Date


Lily Love Sex Art

It looks like Lily Love fucks on the first date!  At least that’s what this Sex Art scene will have you believing.  I haven’t been checking in on this site too much because they don’t release that many hardcore scenes but it looks like they’re back on the boat making gorgeous porn like this.  Lily Love has a banging body and I just love every single scene that she is it.  Sex Art has a lot going for them and I think they have figured out a way to sperate themselves from the rest of these erotic hardcore sites that there are now.

Talia Green Bikini


Talia Shepard Bikini

I have a couple of just straight up babe galleries for you today and Talia Shepard is definitely one of those.  She is wearing this little green bikini and man does it show off that perfect body of hers.  It’s been a while since she released promo content for sites like ours but she recently did so you will be seeing more of her.  Talia is one of my favorite solo models there are because she does full masturbation and I mean you can not deny how hot she is!  Those tits are just amazing and I don’t even care that they are fake I know some of you will but those who do care I have one thing to say to you and its .

Siri Riding Dick


Siri Bang Bros

This is a actual screen capture from this video that Siri made for Bang Bros.  So if you think this is just a pose it’s not this is how Siri rides dick.  Look at the guys face too he looks like he is in pure bliss, like nothing in this world could make this moment any better.  I don’t blame him though because having the thick voluptuous Siri riding your dick seems pretty magical.  I like how she tucks her legs behind her like this it makes you see all those wonderful covers on her body.  Siri is no petite girl and once you look over this gallery you will see all the fun you can have with this girl because everything about her is just made for sex. 

Pledge Fuck


Dare Dorm Pledge Fuck

In this weeks update to Dare Dorm you get a pledge fuck.  What is that you ask?  It’s where the local sororities and fraternities send their pledges who are single to a dorm room for a little party.  When you have that many single people in a room drinking sex is bound to happen.  Pretty much all the college girls in this update are super hot my favorite is this blonde chick you see riding some cock.  The camera has a hard time running around catching all the sex so you just get to see a little from everyone.  Don’t worry about missing the “ending” though they make sure to have the guys call out when they’re about to pop.

Black Lace Bliss


Black Lace Bliss With Gianna

I have for you a girl wearing some sexy black lingerie with no panties though.  The name of the scene is Black Lace Bliss and it stars a gorgeous busty model named Gianna.  If you want to find this full video it’s going to be X Art the original erotica site.  There are a ton of them around the Internet now but I need you guys to know that everyone copied X Art.  The fucking is done on this couch and my favorite part is definitely when she is on top riding this guys cock I mean look at how hot this picture is!

Chikita Naked


Chikita is a sexy blonde babe with a bangin body who loves showing off in the nude, and that puts her squarely in my good books. In this update from MC Nudes she’s posing on a bed, running her hands over her huge tits and around her sexy hip curves and tossing her head back looking gorgeous as hell.

Rosy O.


In a hot photoshoot for This Is Glamour, love Rosy O is busy popping her big round boobs out of that skimpy black lingerie top she’s got on and is looking hot as hell! I don’t know where her glasses came from but she’s adorably nerdy in them, and I heartily approve.

Nicole For Penthouse


You may have seen hot blonde vixen Nicole Aniston around but you may never have seen her looking quite this gorgeous…she’s the Penthouse Pet and is showing off all her glorious assets in this hot photo shoot! Watch her spread that pink pussy and shake her big round tits, but try not to look at that creepy glove thing she’s got on. What’s with that?

Cassandra We Live


Ready to feel jealous? These three sexy busty lesbian housemates are on We Live Together, showing how the average weekend goes for them. Marlie Moore, Cassandra Calogera and their hot housemate march naked hand in hand to the bedroom where they proceed to boogie down, making out and licking pussy and just having a fantastic sexy time together like housemates should!



Frida is luxuriating in her enormous fur coat with a glass of champagne to ring in the new year in this Watch 4 Beauty gallery! There’s nothing on under that coat which must be incredible, feeling that rich fur stroking over her sexy tight nude body. Frida is just stunning and loves sharing her naked body with you, so grab a glass and join in the fun!

Briana Butt Plug


Briana Lee Extreme Butt Plug

Briana Lee Extreme has masturbated a lot of times during all of her cam shows and videos she has made for her website so she knows a thing or two about what makes her feel good.  If you are just seeing Briana you would never expect that one of the things that she loves is something in her butt or tickling her butt while she is masturbating.  It gives her such a hard orgasm when she has both things going on that she does it almost every time.  In this new gallery she uses one of her butt plugs and it kind of just focuses on that but she also uses her fingers to massage her clit with it in.  Either way it’s extremely hot and something you guys just need to see!

Juelz Returns


Juelz Ventura Tonights Girlfriend

Juelz Ventura is back on Tonight’s Girlfriend making another guys dream come true.  This guy saw Juelz Ventura’s first Tonight’s Girlfriend scene and decided right then and there that he was going to make this happen for himself.  He tries to hide his face from the camera’s as much as he can so that his wife back home what see him fucking another girl.  I mean if she watches this tape she probably won’t even be mad at him because you know there is no way she would do some of the things that Juelz would do!  Juelz is pretty much down for whatever she just likes to be fucked, and getting paid for it is just a big bonus.

Swingers Sex Party


Playboy TV Swingers

This video is much more like a TV series then it is a porn and that’s kind of funny because IT IS!  The series is called Swingers and it comes from a porn channel most of you can probably pay to get called Playboy TV.  I bet you guys didn’t expect for me to say Playboy in this little blog especially with a girl giving a big black cock a little love.  I am here to tell you that Playboy TV does indeed have hardcore and it’s some of the best stuff you will see because it’s real!  This series brings in couples who are thinking about being swingers to meet a bunch of real swingers and see what happens.  Well in this couples case they decided to join in on the fun.

Mia Malkova


Mia Malkova Mofos

I am pretty sure you guys want to see this perfect round ass again as much as I do!  Here is once again in a scene from Mofos that belongs to their Real Slut Party series.  Mia has a ass that you just cannot deny is flat out amazing and I think Mofos knows that as they have had her in a bunch of scenes already.  This one she is supposedly at a party and at this party all the girls who are there are being fucked whether it’s in the bedroom like Mia here or in the living room like these two other girls you don’t see.  One of them you might know her name is Jodie Taylor and she too has a great ass just not near as good as Mia I mean Mia is impossible to beat I do believe.

Kiera King


Kiera King Pure Mature

Kiera King isn’t going to the bed right off the start she just wants to get fucked right there on the counter!  I don’t think any other girl would do it differently though because Kiera got her pussy eaten out for seriously like 15 minutes before she even asked the guy to fuck her.  Once she had enough oral she needed that pussy pounded and got it here and on the bed once the guy wanted a little more leverage if you know what I am saying.  This scene comes from Pure Mature and is called Sweet Cookie and I think what they mean by cookie in this gallery is Kiera’s sweet pussy.

Trying Anal Again


Girls Do Porn Model Does Anal

This super cute 18 year old Pacific Islander chick does what she thought she would never do and that’s anal!  Even during the interview with Girls Do Porn she said that she tried it once before and that it hurt to much and she would never do it again.  I don’t know what the guys from Girls Do Porn said to this girl during this video shoot but they got her to try it.  I think it was that she was just so horny from all the dick she was getting she was pretty much down for anything.  She is one of those girls who you can just hear how wet she is when she was being fucked.  Anyways she tries anal and actually likes it taking a hard ass pounding, something you wouldn’t expect from a newbie like this.

Good Clean Fun


Holly Michaels Passion HD

I don’t know how many girls would consider having anal sex “Good Clean Fun” but Holly Michaels does and that’s why we love her!  This scene is as clean as it possibly could be Passion HD even makes this anal scene look like art if you ask me!  Holly Michaels has been on quite a roll recently when it comes to making a Passion HD update she has been in 3 of the last 4 updates for them.  Don’t worry though Passion HD doesn’t update once a week like most porn sites these guys do it like 3 or 4 times a week so you get a bunch of different girls every single week, it’s quite nice (yes I am a member).

Blistering Lingham


Fabi is at it once again giving a huge black cock the best erotic massage he will ever recieve!  This scene is from and is called Blistering Lingam Massage.  This model Fabi is a serious professional when it comes to giving these kind of erotic massage.  She is known to give people the best orgasm of their entire life and I think that’s what this guy gets in this video.  She doesn’t just do guys either she has done a bunch of models from Hegre Art giving them screaming or even squirting orgasm.  Hegre Art has some extremely erotic video especially in their massage section so make sure to check it out.

Sensual Jane Anal


Sensual Jane Anal Culioneros

I think Sensual Jane really stepped out of her comfort zone doing this anal sex scene but it turned out great!  She has such a girl pussy as you will see in these pictures, I don’t know why it doesn’t look tight in this picture but in others it almost looks perfect.  Culioneros has put this out and they are like the biggest Spanish site I can think of so if you speak Spanish this is the only site you should be checking out.  Culioneros has come out with a couple of scenes now of this natural busty model so if you like what you see check out the tour where you can find more scenes from Sensual Jane.

The Perfect Touch


Presley Hart Nubile Films

This is the only scene Nubile Films has of Presley Hart but I think this is all they need because this episode is absolute perfection!  The name of the scene is The Perfect Touch and it’s one of these sensual massage scenes that we are seeing more and more of now-a-days.  Presley Hart has a gorgeous little body I love that she hasn’t ruined what she has going on by getting fake tits or something like that.  I mean her boobies are nice and full and just so perky they’re amazing don’t you guys think?

Ava Addams Anal


Ava Addams Evil Angel Anal

You’re going to see this heart shaped ass fucked in this awesome video from Evil Angel.  It’s from a DVD they made called Anal Motherfucker.  It’s a MILF DVD with gorgeous pornstars like Ava Addams taking it up the butt.  Ava not only has a big ass but she also has nice big natural tits that help balance her out if you will.  Ava is one of my favorite pornstars there is and if you agree with me then this scene is really going to do it for you.  If you guys want to show some support for this video then head over to Evil Angel and take a look around their site.  You watch a clip from every video they have made and they have one of the most extensive pornstar collection that I know of.



Adriana Step1Models

I have a very sexy Brazilian babe for you guys her name is Adriana and she doesn’t do any masturbating or anything but man does she look great in this little bikini.  This is like being fully clothed though when your in Brazil because the girls there love to wear next to nothing.  Adriana here doesn’t have that typical big booty that a lot of Brazilian woman have but she does have a nice small fit one that you guys will like as well.  She is on a site called Step1Models a very amateur site that is going to have everything from sexy pictures like this to hardcore.  Their models are real amateurs that you just won’t see anywhere else.

Yoga Pants


Hailey Leigh Grey Yoga Pants

I mean I know this isn’t extra super duper sexy or anything but man Hailey Leigh definitely looks great in these yoga pants.  I wish she would have given herself a camel toe or something that would make it really good.  If she wouldn’t have worn panties she wouldn’t even have to give herself a camel toe it would have just happened naturally.  You probably could even see her pierced clit through those pants.  Anyways I have a picture gallery with a matching video and I think you will enjoy it because Hailey Leigh gets naked and I mean what more could you ask for!

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