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On Fiore


On Fiore Black GFs

If you have never fucked a black girl in your life this gallery will give you a little glimpse at what you have been missing.  This scene is from Black GFs a amateur black site where people submit videos of their hot black girlfriends doing everything from fucking like you see here to just getting naked.  There is also a lot of videos of girls shaking that big asses because you know this black chicks know how to do that!  This scene is called On Fiore and it stars a very fit black girl who can fuck like you wouldn’t believe!  Just sit back and enjoy this is a long ass video.

Naughty Ann


Ann Angel XXX Naughty School Girl

Ann Angel XXX wants that nice little plump booty of hers spanked I think!  She is all dressed up like a naughty school girl with those thigh high white stockings and her mini skirt that is more panties then a skirt.  She drops her pink thong down to her ankles and gives you a view of what it’s like taking her from behind.  This is a brand new site for Ann Angel and it’s suppose to be a hardcore version.  I have seen pictures of her sucking dick but nothing with a dick in her pussy I am waiting as patiently as possible for that!

Nikki Delano


Nikk Delano PAWG

If this isn’t a perfect ass I am for sure lost when it comes to butts!  At least Bang Bros agrees with me or they wouldn’t have put this sex scene with Nikki Delano on their PAWG website.  Her butt is so perfect she has those tanlines under her ass cheeks, that’s when you know it’s a good butt.  Like all PAWG scenes they really focus on her booty and that’s good because it’s her best trait for sure and the fact that she is really good at getting fucked.  You would think that is easy for a girl, just sit back and basically be a hole.  Watching Nikki fuck you will see just how lame that is.

Cassandra & Nadine


Cassandra Nadine Amateur Allure

This is a new scene from Amateur Allure in which Nadine Sage and Cassandra Nix are in the same scene together!  They actually fuck two different guys for a while and then they combined their powers to get a cumshot of of each guy.  The repeat this twice getting a total of four cumshots and boy to these girls love cum!  They are all dressed up so pretty you wouldn’t expect them to give such sloppy blowjobs with spit everywhere.  I also didn’t expect one girl to take a load of cum in the mouth and then swap it in to the other girls mouth!  Each one of these girls has done a scene with Amateur Allure before.  Here is Nadine Sages first scene, and here is Cassandra Nix first scene.

Breakfast Together


Lara Breakfast Together

Have to love perky tits like the pair on this girl Lara.  She is in a erotic porn video from Nubile Films called Breakfast Together.  I want you guys to check out the pictures in this gallery because they’re not actually picture.  They are just screen captures from the highest quality version of this video.  Pretty crazy right?  I like that about Nubile Films a lot just how high quality all there stuff is.  When I first saw the video I knew that I had seen this girl Lara before but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then I was looking through the site and found it!  Lara was on FTV Girls but doing nothing as hardcore as this scene.

Evi Pervs On Patrol


We all know that Evi Fox is one horny ass latina so when she is caught masturbating by some guy in this Pervs On Patrol scene she doesn’t even get mad.  She basically just tells him “Hey Buddy, you’re going to fuck me now”.  That is the only worlds I woudl want to hear come from this girls mouth.  The video is nice and long and has both a third person portion and a POV as well.  Evi has done a couple of porn videos for Mofos now, if you missed the others ones don’t worry you can see them all on the site that I am sending you too.

Anissa Submissive


Anissa Kate Sex and Submission

The gorgeous Anissa Kate is in a video for Sex and Submission they you guys are definitely going to like.  She is doing anal in it for one thing and that always makes for a good scene but seeing her tied up and doing whatever this guy wants that’s the real hot part!  The video is almost like a movie the way it is filmed even the color.  Anissa is fucked in a whole bunch of different locations and I am not sure if they are completely different videos or if you only see one cum shot.  I gues s if you want to figure that out you’re going to have to join the site and then let me know!  I might do it for you guys I haven’t quite decided yet.

Hose Them Down


Haze Haze Hose Them Down

I the new Haze Her video for you guys.  It’s called Hose Them Down nothing not standard about this hazing if you ask me!  They get the girls freezing wet and then tell them that they are going to do a little wrestling.  This just isn’t any wrestling though they have to oil themselves up and wrestle naked.  It’s so weird that sororities do this with no guys looking on.  They could at least invite over their favorite fraternity and let them enjoy.  Some of the sisters do get their pussy eaten out though so they probably don’t want to see them do that.  In this gallery one of this sisters has the girls lay down face up and straps a strap-on to their face.  She then takes turn riding that dildo as you can see in this very picture, pretty hot if you ask me.

Katie Banks Nipples


Katie Banks Hard Nipples

Katie Banks just went on a shopping trip and I guess that shit turns her on I mean just look at how hard these nipples are!  Katie banks is one of the most gorgeous solo girls that I can think of and I try to post her as often and my little brain will remember.  She has been running her site for years and years and and she just gets hotter and hotter I think.  When you are a member of her site you get to actually have live cam sessions with her and that’s where the real fun happens.



Skin Diamond Porn Fidelity

I am the first to admin that this gallery is super fucking weird.  Porn Fidelity likes to step outside of the box with their porn and they are way outside the box on this shit!  It’s called XXX-MASsarce and it stars a gorgeous ebony model named Skin Diamond.  She has such a awesome ass and that’s probably why Ryan keeps having her back on his and his wifes site because he just loves to fuck that thing.  The first scene she did was also great and not so weird if you want to see that just .  This one has a lot of fake blood, chainsaws (didn’t think I would ever say that) and a lot of fucking!  Ryan cums in her pussy just like last time, it’s the easiest place to cum according to Skin Diamond.

Big Creampie


Creampie On Girls Do Porn

Anytime that Girls Do Porn has a model back on their site they do things a little different.  They get the girl tested so they fuck her with no condom that’s new.  Then in this instance they give this gorgeous blonde girl a big fat creampie!  She has a gorgeous round ass with an amazing set of small little titties.  Her face is so damn cute, and when you where that southern accent she has you will just fall in love.  Make sure to check out the first scene she did on Girls Do Porn so you can appreciate just how good this one is.  In the first scene she did try anal so that makes that one worth the watch.  There are not many girls that Girls Do Porn brings back and the ones they do are perfect 10’s every single time!

Karlie Montana


Karlie Montana Passion HD

Karlie Montana is pretty new to hardcore but she isn’t new to the adult industry at all.  She used to just pose naked for those erotic sites or even do a couple of lesbian scenes.  She is full on hardcore now and is really turning out some amazing scenes.  Karlie has a on some hot jeans in the beginning of this gallery nice and tight and they show off her bubble butt really well.  The video filmed this couple fucking in some very unique angels, like they are fliming from a ladder or something.  Nice wide angels so you can see everything that is going on.  The just put a bed in the middle of a big room so you can really focus on the sex and nothing else that is going on around them.  This is how most Passion HD scenes are, they focus on the sex and nothing else.

Lane Sisters


The Drunk Stepfather got himself a couple of hot sisters that wanted to do a little photoshoot with him.  These sisters are the Lane Sisters and they are a full hardcore duo with there very own site.  This gallery is just them posing with the Drunk Stepfather in his swag.  You can get some of t-shirts and shit at his story if you want to be fucking cool.  He didn’t even have to ask the girls to be on his site they asked him!  That’s just how dope this site is.

Heart Lingerie


Susan Wayland Heart Lingerie

Big tits that are pierced too!  It does it for me every time, that’s why I love to post Susan Wayland here.  She actually personally runs two sites one is dedicated to all those people that like latex the other is a more convential solo site.  I like both to be honest but there is only so much variety you can get out of the latex stuff so I tend to like the Sexy Sway site a little better.  Here she is wearing this see through heart lingerie.  She takes a little swim in it so you can see her private parts even better.  She is just a drop dead gorgeous girl and I am a sucker for a busty blonde, I can’t help it!

Mikki Lyn


Mikki Lyn Passion HD

This girl just has a striking beauty about her or something!  Her name is Mikki Lynn and she is one of my new favorite MILFs!  She shot this scene from Pure Mature called Breakfast In Bed.  Not only does she wake up her man with breakfast but she also gives that morning wood some relief!  What a amazing woman, I wonder if all older girls are this horny! One can only hope I think. Pure Mature is such a good site just because ever girl is a MILF and knows exactly how to fuck, and what they like. Which makes for really hot porn scenes especially the way Pure Mature films all of their videos.

Does A Body Right


Does A Body Right GF Revenge

When you are dating a girl this hot you probably want to capture it on film because you don’t know if you’re ever going to achieve this level of hottness again.  The scene is from GF Revenge is a real homemade sex tape with a gorgeous exotic girl with a big juicy ass and nice fake tits.  She is outside getting her tan on because that’s just what hot girls do.  The guy brings out the camera just to see if he can get her to flash him some good.  This girl is a little more adventures then that though!  She wants to make a sex tape and well of course he does too so they do it right there on their deck.  He should have probably known that she would cheap on him just from the fact that she wanted to fuck on camera, that’s a whore move right there.

Xo Gisele Is BACK!


Xo Gisele Fishnet Stockings

This is yet another site with this gorgeous babe, it’s called XO Gisele now.  I know she is just having a hard time finding a business partner so it’s not her bad.  This new site is bigger and badder then ever and I am just so glad there is a place to go to do a live cam chat with her now.  In this gallery she is wearing something I would say a Go Go Dancer would wear in a club or something.  Nice thigh high fishnet stockings and a outfit that shows off all those amazing curves that Gisele is known for.

Eva Lovia


Eva Lovia FTV Girls

I don’t even know if this is the hottest picture from this FTV Girls update I just couldn’t decide so I just picked one.  The girls name is Eva Lovia and she has her own personal site but it’s nothing compared to this update.  You get to see her masturbating by riding this big dildo that is stuck to the table.  Then you get to see her doing a little anal play in another one!  There is so much masturbation video of Eva I don’t even know where to begin with this update.  FTV Girls really just is the shit if you like hot girls and real orgasms!  When I was first going through this update to pick pictures to share with you guys I literally selected 67 pictures that I thought were good, that’s just crazy.  It is just becase Eva is so hot and she really doesn’t look bad from any angle.  Eva has a perfect round ass, awesome perky tits and that pussy she just as amazing.  Enjoy all these nude pictures, some in public some not but all very very good.

Yoga Master & Student


Mira Yoga Master and Student

I totally wasn’t going to post this gallery just because I thought I would wait for the pictures that go along with this gallery.  They’re going to be really awesome but let’s be honest here you just care about the video!  The name of this new X Art video is Yoga Master and Student and it stars a raven haired girl named Mira.  They don’t actually have sex in any yoga positions or anything weird like that.  They just please each other any way possible and it looks like Mira was very pleased through this hard fucking she took.

Leanna Decker Pussy


Brace yourselves for a stunning redhead coming to you courtesy of Playboy! Looks like the wind was whipping pretty good on the day they shot by the ocean as Leanna Decker’s long lovely hair is blown to and fro in each shot. This beautiful ginger has huge tits, a lovely face and a nice bald pussy that looks just right for a nice midday fuck on the beach!

Sweet Seductress


I always get a little jealous when I see these gallery updates from We Live Together…all these hot gorgeous lesbians prancing around in their panties or in the nude, kissing passionately and licking each others pussies all the live long day and we can’t be there! Well at least we get to watch all the sexy action in these photos as each sweet seductress does her thing, I guess that’s a comfort.

Kitchen Ass


I’m not sure what the name of this gorgeous blonde in the kitchen is but man she’s got a nice cute little ass on her. This hottie drops her white shorts and bends over the counter, letting us check out that tight rear end of hers before she pulls her orange polka dot panties aside and plays with her pussy a little in this hot Femjoy photo gallery!

Jessica Sylvia


Hot brunette Jessica Sylvia is any flyboy’s dream girl as she poses in a pilot’s hat with a toolbox next to an old airplane. She looks like a gorgeous nude version of Amelia Earhart or something as she strips down and shows us a peek at her own cock pit as she jumps into the plane! I’d be her tail gunner any day, wouldn’t you? OK enough with the plane puns, sorry…this gallery is from Playboy and man it’s worth a look.

Lupe Fuentes Danni


Spicy Latina beauty Lupe Fuentes gets down and dirty on the couch in this hot update from Danni as she shows off her frilly magenta lingerie, masturbating her pussy and letting her big beautiful titties pop out of her top to play for awhile! She’s got that look in her eye like if she gets you between the sheets you’re coming out with a few scars to remember her by…rowr!

Love By The Sea


Veronica Rodriguez

Check out Veronica Rodriguez just killing it in her new erotic love making scene from Babes Network.  The name of the video is Love By The Sea and there is everything you want from a sex scene and more in this one.  Veronica is just so damn petite she can fuck in any positions and even the smallest cock is big instead of her tight little twat.  The guy spends a lot of time eating Veronica out just because Babes Network likes to have the girls have a real orgasm before they start getting fucked.

Angelica X Art


A Little Rain Must Fall

This X Art gallery has probably the coolest episode title ever, it’s called A Little Rain Must Fall.  I don’t know why I like it but I do!  It stars a gorgeous European model named Angelica.  I have seen her a couple of other places she mostly does this erotic type of porn.  The couple has sex in the shower just standing up as you see here and the guy gave her a pretty good pounding considering how he had to fuck her.  Angelica was pretty good about getting him in her tight wet hole and keeping him in there.

Sharon Lee


Sharon Lee Babes Network

I mean seriously guys how hot does Sharon Lee look?  This scene is from Babes Network and it’s just out of control hot.  I will be honest it’s not the way it’s shot or anything like that it’s purely Sharon here.  She just oozes sexuality and those big natural tits of hers have never looked better.  Look how compact she is while riding this guys cock wouldn’t you love to but your hands on those hips and just have her ride away.  Well watch this full video today and just pretend like you are the guy, it’s quite a nice fantasy.  The name of this Babes Network gallery is Our Own Idyll which I have no idea what that means, but as always it doesn’t matter.

Jasmine Rain


This is one petite and cute Latin girl her name is Jasmine Rain.  This is the first sex scene she ever did in the industry and it was for Casting Couch X.  These guys are a talent agency but before they get any of their models jobs they first most fuck them.  Yea, it doesn’t make much sense but hey they have tons of videos of girls doing their first sex scene and you do see them later on on other sites.  So they have to be getting these girls jobs.  Jasmine Rain is hot in any position you fuck her in she is so flexible and petite you can really just throw her around.  The guy wants to cum on that pretty little face mostly because Jasmine has never had a facial before and man does he drop a fucking load, you have to see this!

Stimulating Story


Lizz Tayler Passion HD

You know that girls don’t watch all that much porn but they sure love to read those dirty books.  This gives you an idea of what they are doing behind close doors when your not around!  Lizz Tayler is reading her dirty magazine in this Passion HD scene called Stimulating Story.  The magazine kind of puts her in a mood to have a orgasm so she starts masturbating right there on the floor.  Her guy walks in as sees her and instead of just letting her do her thing he joins in by starting to eat her out.  It works out well for him because she ends up riding him nice and good and then he gets to cum all over those big natural tits of hers.

Sun & Fun


Passion HD Sun and Fun

This nice round ass belongs to a girl who’s ass is her least good quality!  I mean don’t get me wrong it’s hot but Karina What here has it all and then some.  Nice big natural tits, a super pretty face and a cool ass attitude, you guys will just fall in love.  This scene is from Passion HD and is called Sun and Fun.  Karina White is outside getting her tan on in a sexy little red bikini.  I mean the top can barely hold in those amazing naturals of hers.  So when this guy comes out and sees his girl looking all sexy he does what any of us would do and that’s fuck here right there on the side of the pool.  They fuck in a whole bunch of different positions just working there way around the house.

Maria White Stockings


I don’t know what it is about a nice luxury car behind a cute girl but it always makes the girl seem even hotter than usual! For instance take a look at Maria in this update from Watch4Beauty as she dances around in her stockings in front of a Porsche Boxter…even though she’s literally drooling onto her own tits in a photo she still looks hot as hell.

Nothing But Pearls


I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure a bikini like this were the parts covering the nipples and the pussy are just made out of a few beads, wouldn’t really be legal to walk around in on a public beach. It’s sure nice to see though as this cute petite blonde shows her stuff, even peeling it off to do a little streaking in this hot update from Bikini Pleasure!

Maserati Fucked


Maserati is a lovely BBW ebony babe with enormous titties and a beautiful face and in this update from DDF Busty she’s showing off in the nude. In fact in one shot she appears to be getting fucked by Quentin Tarantino dressed up as a burglar which is pretty weird, and apparently he came all over her huge boobs!

Sabrina Balcony


Sexy Sabrina looks magnificent in her colorful dress in this update from Sweet Ass Angels but looks even better when she starts stripping out of it, showing her awesome ass in those see-through purple panties of hers. When she gets naked and shows off that nude butt it’s like a choir of angels singing directly into your eyes!

Dania Ramirez


It’s a mystery to me who Danie Ramirez is but apparently she’s pretty famous, in that she’s up by the wall at a red-carpet even having her photo taken. I don’t know if she forgot what flashes do or if she was intentionally going to sort-of show off her titties to everyone, but she’s wearing a black top that is basically see-through when the camera bulbs pop! Ready for some celebrity boobs?

Riley Evans


Riley Evans Tonight's Girlfriend

What a great set of boobs on this girl.  I had to like double check to make sure they are fake because they’re some good fake ones for sure.  Riley Evans must have had big breasts before she got a tit job that’s what usually makes for a good one.  This scene is from Tonight’s Girlfriend and Riley Evans isn’t exactly taking her job as being a escort too serious.  She comes late to her John’s hotel room and he gives her some shit.  The thing was is he was going to dress her up in lingerie and then fuck her like he would his wife (he is married) but since she is late he gives her that hardcore fucking not caring if she is liking it or not, just being completely selfish.

Creaming Mike


Flora Hegre Art Creaming Mike

This is from Hegre Art and if you are really into actual erotica this is the only site for you.  The gallery features a cute model named Flora who is seeing her first big cock and she is tasked with “creaming” Mike.  I think that Hegre is foreign and he creaming actually means oiling but who knows.  I watched this video and I can’t decide if these two actually had sex during the course of their photoshoot or if it was all simulated.  I know that Flora would have been down to get fucked by this thing I mean just look at how happy that face is!



Chloe FuckedHard18

This is a super petite blonde girl from Fucked Hard 18.  Her name is Chloe and I am going to say that she is a real first timer on their site.  FuckedHard18 has always been known to get the girls first if you will and once again they have done it.  I have provided a nice long video for you guys to enjoy, basically three different parts.  The first one is just her stripping down and you get to see that small little ass of hers.  The next is her riding this guys cock on top of the massage table and the very last park is when he is about to cum and he is just pounding that pussy as hard as he can.



Sunny Backroom Casting Couch

Backroom Casting Couch is back and better then ever!  They went on a little hiatus this last month or so I would say because well Rick said he couldn’t find any girls but probably just a vacation.  This is a first for Backroom Casting Couch as well because its the first time that Rick let another guy do the fucking while he was there!  He had some kind of surgery or something so has to take it easy but man did he pick the wrong week for his surgery.  This girl Sunny is so freaking cute, she comes in dressed all kinds of weird but once she gets naked totally hot.  She has great natural tits and a absolutely perfect pussy!  That pussy gets filled with cum at the end of this fuck session because Rick told his male talent to do it.  he however did not tell Sunny and he probably should of because she is one of those hippy girls who doesn’t do birth control.  I guess she will have to take a Plan B, Rick should really buy stock in them because he sure buys a lot of their product!

The Ginger


Ginger Head on Girls Do Porn

Does the carpet match the drapes?  I am not sure because this redhead right here keeps her perfect pussy bald!  I mean it’s perfectly shaven and looking oh so fuckable.  The guy from Girls Do Porn has no problem pounding this pussy nice and hard.  This college girl wasn’t sure she was going to beable to take this guys big dick at first but once that tight pussy stretched out a little bit she loved every inch.  She seems like a pretty innocent girl and she probably is I mean she hasn’t even had a facial in her private life before, what a boring girl.  She did bring a friend along with her to meet the Girls Do Porn guys and the friend is going to be on next week or something like that.  I hope that they do a threesome with her and her friend because they have never eaten each other out before and it would be fun to see that for the first time.

Macy B


Brunette cutie Macy strips down to just her necklace in this hot update from Met Art, and that would be hot enough but the fact that she has those perky titties with puffy pink nipples just brings it right over the top into the realm of ultimate sexiness. She looks fantastic as she poses nude on the fold-a-bed, lifting those long smooth legs in the air to give us a peek at her tight pussy!

Tattooed Blonde


This sexy teen blonde has discovered that magic combination of a shitty cellphone camera and a bathroom mirror, showing off her perfect ass and those perky little boobies of hers in a nice set of amateur photos! She gets worked up and turned on, fingering her tight shaved pussy and masturbating one-handed while photographing the whole thing and, happily, sharing it with all of us!

Jennifer Vaughn


This Playboy update is entitled Steamy Shower but I don’t see a whole lot of showering going on, apart from the cold one I’m going to have to take in a minute! Jennifer Vaughn is the name of this beautiful blonde who is sporting that sexy white lingerie as she rolls around on the floor of her apartment, then peels her panties off to show us that incredible nude ass of hers. Imagine a hot and sexy nude blonde, and you’ve pretty much recreated this gallery in your mind.

Doctor Kross


Paging Doctor Kayden Kross…it looks like she’s found a new favorite patient as she drops her medical coat to the floor and reveals her sexy lingerie underneath, then gives her patient a little mouth to cock resuscitation in this hot hardcore update from her site, Club Kayden! It looks like she’s going to be making a few housecalls for this patient after he’s released as she fucks the hell out of his big hard cock, bending over the examination table to get that pussy penetrated.

Nicolette Shea


Picture-perfect blonde Nicolette Shea might not be the best pool player around but she sure knows how to work it on the felt in this hot Playboy gallery, stretching out her gorgeous body on the table in her sexy lacy black lingerie. When Nicolette gets naked she’s liable to blast your eyes like supernovas, so be careful with this one!

Kylie IC Girls


Kylie IC Girls

This is a cam girl that you can actually talked to at anytime.  Well not anytime, you have to look at her schedule to make sure you are on the same time as her.  I bet if you spend enough money on Kylie that she will come online anytime you want!  This cam model spends most of her time on IC Girls.  They are probably the hottest place to go for really good looking who love to webcam for money.  It’s like having a stripper come right to you home, and the drinks are 10x the normal price.

Nikki Sexx


Nikki Sexx PAWG

You might think that Nikki Sexx here is on a scene for Mr. Anal but she is not!  This is a perfect ass white girl is it not?  Well then shouldn’t she be on PAWG then?  Well she is and man is this a good scene for all those anal lovers out there!  Nikki Sexx takes one hard ass pounding, such a hot pornstar and she can take it up the butt like this you just have to love her.  PAWG is the only place to find girls with giant asses having hardcore sex.  Some updates we are lucky and get to see anal like but not all of them just the girls that actually enjoy it.

Alison Tyler


Alison Tyler Show Girlz Exclusive

Alison Tyler is quite a beautiful babe no wonder that Show Girlz Exclusive asked her to come on their site.  They got her completely naked and took some really sexy glamour shots of her.  It looks like Show Girlz Exclusive has a couple of pornstars the shot recently just from looking in their members area.  You guys should really join right now because you can join for 38 dollars for an entire YEAR I shit you not!

Dillion Harper HDLove


Dillion Harper HD Love

If a picture is worth a thousand words then this one right here probably worth a million.  What a amazing pussy Dillion Harper has and you get to see it massaged in crystal clear HD.  You actually only get the really good HD if you’re a member I just can’t afford to give you guys that kind of quality!  What I have will have to do though and I am sorry to report that the video you are getting has no sound!  It’s reserved for members only I know you guys understand.  This site HD Love isn’t a massage porn site or anything like that they just like how sensual a massage is and this is erotica after all so they try to make it as sensual as possible.  The scene is full hardcore and you are absolutely going to love Dillion has one of the best bodies I have ever seen and those tan lines just make it even better!

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