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FTV Mia Malkova


Mia Malkova FTV Girls

This is Mia Malkova guys but FTV Girls calls her Jessica.  She was on FTV Girls once before but I didn’t know her real stage name back then.  This is kind of like a mini update that FTV did with her as they went to some exotic car show.  Mia Malkova stole the show when she was there wearing this little red dress that really showed off those amazing curves that she has.  When they were back at the hotel room the FTV Girls shooter got tons of masturbation video of her as well as some super sexy nude pictures of her.  I hope you like what you see and if you do make sure to take the FTV Girls tour to see if it’s something you might like to join.

Teal Conrad


Teal Conrad Tonight's Girlfriend

Teal Conrad is making her first appearance on Tonight’s Girlfriend and it’s a good one!  This guy just came into a lot of cash and he wanted nothing more then to pay for a night with her.  She does not disappoint showing up getting her money and then going in the bathroom and coming out looking hot as hell.  She is wearing this little black lingerie getting with thigh high stockings, a garter the whole 9 yards really.  They get to fuck and the sex is hot and the way the video guy capture all the angles of Teal’s perfect body which makes the video just that much better.  If you like what you see here make sure to check out the site for even more free porn.  Or you can just check out our Tonight’s Girlfriend category.

Afternoon Picnic


Mary and Anneli Afternoon Picnic

This is Mary and Anneli and this is is their idea of a afternoon picnic.  I love me some Mary because of those big natural tits she has and lets face it she is just gorgeous.  Her tits are nice yes but her pussy is even better!  Anneli may be getting her face sat on but she is on the one having the most fun in this picture, that I almost guarantee!  The scene is from the guys at X Art if you happen to want to watch the full video, that’s where you need to go.

Natalie Heart


Natalie Heart Naughty Americans

I like when models have a little tattoo like Natalie Heart does (those lips) because then when they’re in amateur scenes like this one from Naughty Americans I can recognize them.  I never thought that’s why I would like tattoos on pornstars but hey I can’t lie.  This is a home sex tape shot by Natalie’s boyfriend she probably told him too but it turned out great.  They sold it to a new site that is open for business called Naughty Americans, I suggest you check it out.

Alexa World Series


Alexa is on another update from Photodromm this one is called World Series.  She is quite the babe with the nice fake tits and that amazing hour glass figure.  These are just pretty much nudes, erotic nudes at that.  It’s all shot in that glamour photography that  Filippo Sano’ shoots in.

Sacred Romance


Sacred Romance X Art

I think some of the scenes that Connie has done for X Art have been the best porn ever shot on their site.  She was kind of there right at the beginning right when they started to become really big.  So they went back to their roots and got Connie to come on their site and fuck again.  This time in a scene called Sacred Romance.  I tried to get some pictures for you guys but they haven’t quite released those yet.  Many of you will join their site and you will be able to find them because this post is old.  But if you do get in X Art’s members area and you can’t find them then just wait because sooner or later it will come.  The location like most of the X Art scenes is super exotic and the sex just couldn’t be any more passionate… Seriously these guys are really good and shooting porn and if you ever think of joining a porn site this is the one you should join.

Secret Valentine


Lacy Channing Secret Valentine

I have a beautiful woman for you guys to check out her name is Lacy Channing.  I posted her first Passion HD scene a while back and this is the second one.  It’s called Secret Valentine and her boyfriend comes home with a box of chocolates hoping to surprise her with them.  Little does he know that she has a way better surprise then a stupid box of chocolates!  She comes out wearing a bright red bra and panties set and is looking to amazing if you ask me.  She then gives him a really good fucking just letting him lay back and enjoy his self.

Keira Warming Up


Kiera King Warming Up

There is no doubt in my mind that Kiera King had a great time on this episode from Pure Mature called Warming Up.  There was this big Ottoman laying by the fireplace that she just got to lay down on while the fire was going and get her pussy eaten out.  I am pretty sure every girl has had that dream once or twice in their life.  Then our dream comes true guys when this guy bring the ruckus and fucks that amazing pussy of hers.  I don’t know if Kiera King has a boob job or not because it sure looks like it but I don’t see any scars!  I mean if her tits are real it’s by far the perkiest set of big tits I have ever seen.  After I am done posting this gallery I am totally going to try to figure it out.  Because if these puppies are real then Kiera is definitely going to be seen a lot more on this site!

Miranda Kerr


Not quite sure if I am suppose to know who this Miranda Kerr chick is.  The Drunk Stepfather usually posts famous girls so I am just going to assume that.  She might just be some model that Purple Magazine picked up but once again I don’t know.  There are some things I do not about her though.  That is she is hot and she has a great body, so just enjoy and don’t worry about all the other stuff just like I did.

Cock Too Big


Girls Do Porn Cock Too Big

This cute Brazilian (not too sure about that) might have got a little over her head.  Not because she shouldn’t be doing the her first sex tape, she actually had that on her bucket list.  She just should have fucked more guys in her life before she got to the stunt cock for Girls Do Porn.  It was the biggest cock she had ever seen and man did she struggle taking it in that small vagina on hers.  She does best when she is riding him but when he gets her in the missionary position and pounds away that’s when she just start screaming.   I think it’s was one of those things where it might have hurt but it felt good at the same time.  Like a deep tissue massage.  Except it was a deep pussy fucking, pretty much the same thing I am sure of it.

Lily Exquisite Affair


Lily Love HD Love

Lily Love on HD Love it’s like it’s meant to be!  This picture might be one of the hottest pictures I have ever seen in my life.  What a great ass Lily has am I right?  The name of this scene is Exquisite Affair.  Lily is cheating on her husband but man is she making it worth it.  The guy she is fucking has to be the luckiest guy int he world because she dresses nice and sexy and she gives him some seriously mind blowing sex.  If you guys haven’t spent any time taking a look at HD Love you are missing out and need to do that today!  This isn’t the first time that Lily Love has been on their site so if you want to see more of her make sure to check out the related section.

HD Love Passion Of The Pussy With Lily Love and Malena Morgan

Double Passion


Holly Michaels Double Passion

This is a little bit of a deceiving gallery because it looks like from the pictures like Holly Michaels is just have sex / anal sex with one guy but that is not the case.  I could only get pictures from that segment of the video but if you watch the video at one point she is fucking two guys at the same time.  There is no DPing going on one guy is just fucking her doggystyle in her pussy and the other is getting his cock sucked.  The guy getting his cock sucked was getting the best blowjob of his life or something because Holly made him bust super fast. I also want to talk about this sexy little outfit that Holly has on. It is like a braless bra you know what I am saying? What it does do those is keep those nice full natural tits of Hollys looking perky. I love some big floppy tits don’t get me wrong but this is a nice way to “dress” them up, it’s kind of like lingerie for the breasts.  I just looked up how many times Holly Michaels has been on Passion HD and it’s 24, so if you like her you will find tons of her stuff on their site!

Jayden & Phoenix Anal


Jayden and Phoenix Anal

Jayden Jaymes and Phoenix Marie are both getting fucked in the ass in this Elegant Angel video.  The scene is even more kinky then that because it ends with Jayden Jaymes getting a anal creampie.  Like that is even kinky here is the best part, Phoenix Marie eats that cum out of her ass!  That’s right these two pornstars get freakier then you have ever seen them before and you’re only going to see this video at Elegant Angel so go on get over there.

Piece Of Cake


There is a little birthday party going on at the office and while everyone is off eating some stupid cake Capri Cavanni wants to go back to her office and get fucked.  So flashes her tits to a crush she has in the office and gets what’s going on.  It was a very good decision from him because as you can see he just go to sit down on a comfy chair and enjoy a good dick ride by this gorgeous babe.

Lucy V Selfshots


That right there is a nice set of tits!  It belongs to a model you guys should definitely keep a eye out for her name is Lucy V.  She actually runs her very own website and that’s going to be the best place to find porn of her.  I don’t know if you can really call it porn but she shows her tits and that should be good enough for any of us!  I love a redhead girl and Lucy is a redhead for sure but she does dye it a little bit to make it more vibrant.

Tory & Dillion


Dillion Harper and Tory Lane

Dillion Harper the girl masturbating, and Tory Lane the girl getting fucked out of frame are starring in a video together from Wicked Pictures.  This comes from a naughty nanny series they have.  The plot in this one is that Tory and her husband are off for dinner and a movie.  They come back and catch Dillion in the act of masturbating.  Instead of getting all mad at her they get down with her!  They’re quite the horny couple and swingers, so Dillion masturbates to orgasm as they fuck and then takes her turn fucking the husband while Tory watching and joins in every once in a while.

Amber Cox Orgasms


Amber Cox Porn Star Spa

This is the first Porn Star Spa scene I have seen where the masseuse brings over a sex toy.  This guy wanted to make sure that Amber Cox had a happy ending I guess!  He massages her body and then breaks out a vibrator and puts it right on that clit until Amber screams in ecstasy.  Amber is one of the girls who just look good all around and as you see from this picture especially from behind.  My favorite body part of Amber has to be her tits though.  They are big and natural and I love the fact that they’re pierced.  I used to not like the pierced nipples and now I just laugh at the old me, what a sucker.

Shake That Fat Ass


Busty Latina My GF

This guy has it good let me tell you!  First of all he has a big ass, big tit Latina girlfriend.  Second this girl cooks for him and third look at what he gets away with in the sex arena of his life!  This guy just sits back has his girlfriend gets him in the mood.  What you need to check out is this video and see them fucking on the balcony of their apartment.  At least I think they are fucking or he could just be fucking this girls thick thighs I honestly can’t tell.  The video is from a site called My GF.  Many of you have probably heard of revenge sites by now and this is one of those sites.  So if you have a girl you want to get revenge on you can always submit your sex tape to them and MyGF will even pay you!

Kira Sinn Anal


Kira Sinn Let's Try Anal

There is a whole lot of anal going on in today’s update, you’re welcome!  Here is an Asian girl named Kira Sinn.  She has a great looking pussy and one tight ass that she doesn’t mind getting fucked in.  She seems innocent until you see that sleeve of a tattoo and then watching the video you get to see her riding cock but the dick is in her ass not that perfect pussy.  Let’s Try Anal is a great site to find hot girls having hot anal sex.  Not all of them like anal like Kira here but they give it the college girl and that’s all you can ask!  So check out this video and then check out their site, you won’t regret it.

Whipped Cream


Whipped Cream Dare Dorm

I couldn’t decide which one I would want to fuck more!  The cute coed with the super small body that you could just throw around.  You could also fuck a Asian girl with a nice round ass and full kind of big titties.  If you like exotic I know where you going but the other chick is like the all American college girls and I like that.  This scene is from Dare Dorm and the sex tape is kind of boring until the girls bring out some whipped cream.  The guys know exactly what to do with that so they start putting it on their cocks and these two sluts eat it right up.  The fucking ensues all while the accomplice captures it on tape.  I actually know who I would pick if I had to choose, the Asian girl.  Not because she is hotter or anything but once you watch this video you will see that she can ride a dick like a fucking professional, that puts her head of the rest in my opinion.

Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen Extra Credit

Jelena Jensen is getting little extra credit from her teach in this hot new sex gallery for her site!  The guy is actually her boyfriend or husband I am not quite sure but he is in every sex scene she does so it must be someone she actually likes.  It makes it that much better though because she actually loves the guy she is fucking.  The pictures and the video are of two separate things on this gallery because I couldn’t find anything matching for you guys!  The video is of Jelena giving a handjob and then the pictures are of the school room sex scene that you see pictured here.

Tape Party


Tape In The VIP

I couldn’t really pass up this In The VIP scene because all these girls are looking hot!  They are wearing nothing but electrical tape it looks like.  Well it better be because anything else is going to hurt like fuck when they have to take it off!  The gallery features a whole lot of unknown models to me so good luck trying to find any more porn from any of these girls.  My favorite girl that fucks in this scene is the one in the lower left here she is fucking hot and I might have a thing for Asian girls.

One Fine Day


Erica Fontes Babes Network

This is one fine day if you ask me!  Seeing those perky tits of Erica’s licked in a erotic video from Babes Network.  It doesn’t get much better…  You guys are getting a bomb of galleries from that site today but that’s only because I forgot to post a couple of their new hardcore galleries and I just need to catch up.  You guys don’t want to miss out on these I promise.  Erica Fontes is all decked out in in sexy lingerie and treating her man like he did something good, a night we all dream of.

Natalia & Brett


Natalia Starr and Brett Rossi are taking a roll in the hay in this awesome video from When Girls Play.  This is the site you need to go to if you love seeing lesbian sex.  There is so much pussy being eaten on that site it would keep you full for a week.  and Brett Rossi are a lot alike but there is one difference and that is that Natalia is all natural and Brett is not.  How amazing are those titties of Natalia’s I could just suck on those and be happy.  Brett though is nothing like me she wants to suck on this and her pussy but she actually does it as you will see in these pictures and video.

Alice March


Alice March Wonderland

Alice March has a body that is a wonderland and this guy explores every inch of this petite teen.  Alice is one of those girls that looks way to innocent to be in a porn but here she is.  Babes Network does a great job of having a blend of different types of girls on their site.  It’s all shot in that super erotic style but you can watch you favorite pornstar having sex or a rookie like Alice here.  Rookies are fun to watch because it just seems like the enjoy it a whole lot better.  For Alice I bet she was getting laid in her personal life but it was nothing like getting fucked by a male porn stud.  So this guy fucks her and it’s like her mind is blown, this will only happen for a bit but it’s definitely what’s going on in this scene!

Jade Persuasion


Sharon Lee Babes Network

I don’t exactly know why Babes Network called this scene Jade Persuasion maybe they though Sharon Lee’s name was that or something.  This is the second video that Babes Network has of her the first scene was called Our Own Idyll.  She is actually fucking the same guy in this one that she did in her other one I would if they got a thing going or something.  The gallery all takes place on the bed and if you haven’t enjoyed a sex scene with Sharon Lee yet you should check this out out.  It ends with him pulling out of her pussy and putting it all on her stomach.

The Fair Fuck


Fair Fuck Public Pickups

These guys are not actually fucking in public like most of the scenes from Public Pickup but they are fucking in a little shack that they have no right to be in.  The guy who runs Public Pickups picked this girl up at a fair.  Seriously on some bumper cars or some shit like that.  It looks like a pretty wack fair but I mean this country is fucking poor wherever they are.  This guy can get a girl to fuck for money almost every single week because their money is worth nothing and it’s cheap.  This girl flashes her tits and ass in public but when he offers her $1,000 dollars US to fuck she says they have to go find a place.  So he just goes into a room with no lock and bangs her right there, what a stud.

Tara Lynn Foxx Anal


Tara Lynn Foxx Mr. Anal

The guys at Bang Bros got Tara Lynn Foxx to come on over to their site and take it up the ass for a episode of Mr. Anal.  I have remember seeing Tara Lynn Foxx recently and didn’t think she was looking too good but damn was I wrong.  She looks down right beautiful in this update and seeing her fuck in the ass and loving it, makes her even hotter to me.  She is wearing this sexy little white dress with red heels looking hot as hell and she isn’t even naked.  Once you see that big ass the only thing you can think of is wanting to fuck this and this guy does it for you and he does it WELL!



Christina Casting Couch X

I am not 100% sure Christina here is going to become the next big thing in porn.  I will tell you it’s fun to see her in her first sex tape.  She pulls out all the stop during her interview with Casting Couch X.  She shows off those special moves like the one you see pictured here, her massaging his balls and she rides him.  All for a job that she is hoping to get.  Casting Couch X is also a talent agency and they find girls like Christina jobs on other sites.  Before the agent will recommend them though he has to take them for a test ride.  Christina does awesome in her first sex scene on film even taking a huge ass facial.  Something that she has never done before the day this video was filmed.

Klara Double Delight


Klara Double Delight Wow Girls

This girl Klara is quite the freak!  She has done a lot of sex scene for Wow Girls and every single one of them has something that most girls usually won’t do.  This one has Klara both having anal sex and licking guys butts as well as doing double penetration.  I would say she is quite adventurous wouldn’t you?  She loves everything about sex and will do pretty much anything it takes to please a man.  I love that wild hair of hers and her nice thick body, she is really fun to watch fuck.  In this scene called Double Delight you get to see her taking on two cocks and not even breaking a sweat.

Rachel Back For More!


Rachel Roxxx Mr. Anal

Rachel Roxxx is back for more anal sex on Mr. Anal!  This time she is fucking this guy with a huge dick and taking it in her ass no problem.  She teaches all you girls who are not good at anal how to enjoy it.  Rachel’s first little tip is to walk around with a butt plug for a day, the day you will be taking it up the ass.  It helps to loosen you up and you can even get bigger and bigger butt plugs if your man is a really big like this guy.  She then breaks out the anal beads for a little more stretching and then she is ready to fuck!  If you want anal sex where you can pound that ass like a pussy then you need to add some oil and a whole lot of it!  The odds of your girl fucking you like Rachel Roxxx does are pretty much slim to none, this girl can fuck.  Your girl however can get better and watching this new scene Rachel did is definitely a step in the right direction.

Rachel Roxxx’s first time on Mr. Anal

Jada, Jynx, Miss Rican


Jada Stevens, Jynx Maze, Miss Rican

That is a group of girls that all have perfect round asses!  Starting from the left to the right you have Miss Rican, Jada Stevens and Jynx Maze.  This is actually the second time that Jynx and Jada have been in a scene together.  The first one was a  but I must say I think I like this one a little better!  You get to see Miss Rican who is all innocent and nowhere near as experienced and Jada and Jynx watch as these girls show her how to fuck a guy.  With there round ass jiggling every which way it’s a video that all you ass lovers are going to fall in love with and if you don’t like it don’t worry because Bang Bros has 31 other sites that are not ass focused like Ass Parade.

Banging Farah


Banging Farah

This girl is so damn cute she is just laying out by the pool when her boyfriend comes out with a camera.  Farah doesn’t want to mess around just talking on the camera she tells her man to go to the house so they can play.  She gets down on the floor and spreads her legs open so he knows exactly what she is talking about.  They fuck right there and man does this black girl look good from behind!  You all would totally fuck this girl and now that this guy submitted his sex tape to Black GFs you can pretend to.

Ashlynn Sixxx


Ashlynn Sixxx Reality Kings

This is a nice ghetto booty for all you guys who like yourself a black girl.  Her name is Ashlynn Sixxx and she is fucking in a Round and Brown scene you can see at the Reality Kings website.  Ashlynn has one of those asses you just don’t see anywhere but on black girls.  Its nice and round and her waiste to him ratio is just off the charts.  You don’t get a lot of pictures in this gallery that are not of her butt because I mean lets be honest here that is what sets her apart from every other girl you see in a porn.

Jaya Storm


Jaya Storm Reality Kings

This is a MILF and you can probably tell that just from the way she is riding the MILF Hunters cock.  I mean a girl that rides dick like this has been around the block a couple of times!  Her name is Jaya Storm and she is Asian of some kind with just a perfect little round ass.  That’s what first got me to post this video was just seeing a picture of her booty.  Once I saw the part of the video where she is riding dick on the couch she was a lock!  The guys at Reality Kings really know how to find girls that you just don’t see anywhere else and Jaya is one of those girls I fear we will only see once, and this is it.

Top Of The World


Karlie Montana Top Of The World

There was seriously a ton of pictures I was trying to decide between when I posted this gallery.  Karlie Montana is very very photogenic!  She has such a great body with that round ass and then there area couple of pictures that really show off her amazing tight pussy.  I like that she keeps her pussy a little hairy, it makes her a woman you know!  She looks hot as hell anytime she is fucking but especially in her Passion HD scenes.  If you missed any of the past galleries just go to the related section of this post and you will them there.
Passion HD Hot Jeans with Karlie Montana
Karlie Montana In Clean Start With Dillion Harper By Passion HD

Big Lip Blowjob


Girls Do Porn Big Lips Great Head

This girl has some pretty hot lips doesn’t she?  Well you are going to see these puppies wrapped around a big cock all thanks to Girls Do Porn.  She is actually super hot, has a banging body that you are going to be big fans of.  Nice round fit ass, big titties she really has it all.  This is her very first video she has ever done, in her real life she is a yoga teacher.  Seeing that ass in some yoga pants “teaching me” would be very distracting I must say.  She talks about her most recent fuck and it was with one of the guys who goes to her class, so I guess there is a benefit to going there.  She really loves her clients and will go the extra mile to please them.  She is one of those girls who is very very loud when having sex and when she gives head she is a absolute freak.  You will see what I mean once you see her sucking on this guys cock.

Ivy Snow Strips


Looking hot as hell in her tight orange dress, Ivy Snow looks even hotter when she slowly strips out of it in this gallery from her own site! She flashes that perfect ass of hers, her cool tattoos glinting in the sunlight as she gets naked and pulls out a vibrator to masturbate with. Join Ivy for all her shenanigans!

Lexa Golf


Relax, I’m not even going to make the ‘hole in one’ goof here. Lexa is hitting the back 9 for In The Crack, bending over in her tight little booty shorts to putt and just generally making it impossible to concentrate on the game! She’s got a fantasic body and isn’t shy about showing it off, spreading her ass cheeks to let us get a nice up close and personal look at that wet pink pussy of hers. Putting from the rough, anyone?

Gentlemen Club


Sexy pornstar Nicole Aniston found her husband getting a lapdance at a gentleman’s club so to get back at him, what did she do? Why, she took one of the guys from that very club up to her hotel room and fucked his brains out, of course! This busty blonde is sexy as hell wearing only her sheer thigh-high stockings as she rides his big thick cock in a hardcore Brazzers update. Won’t her husband be sorry he missed out!

Rachel Starr Brazzers


Rachel Starr doesn’t want just any old guy in tight jeans and a white belt listening to the latest indie bands, she wants a real man! That’s just what she found when she got her huge tits out in the restaurant in this Brazzers update, getting the attention of the local sheriff and getting fucked right there in the booth.

Leanne & Jenna


Busty curvy BBW babes Leanne and Jenna met up in the hotel room in this Scoreland update and are having a ball! They’ve got their lingerie on and are having a girls’ night, comparing boob sizes (they both have huge natural tits) and jumping around on the bed letting those boobies bounce! It’s a hot, natural, fun gallery of photos that will make you happy and make you horny at the same time, I suspect.

Ohhh Jasmine


The guys at Reality Kings went a little crazy for this model Jasmine Rain!  They did some down town in a big city nudity!  It was pretty crazy but everyone that got a view of this beautiful petite Latin body probably wasn’t mad at all.  I mean the girls probably loved what they saw.  Jasmine Rain they went back to Romons loft and got fucked every which way.  Jasmine really did enjoy Romons fat cock!  She is one of my favorite new girls just because of all the cute little positions she can get into because she is so petite.  The site I am sending you to is a fan site of hers so you will find every gallery she has done there, you can thank me later.  Don’t just stay on that site though come back and check out the other shit I posted today!

Kelly Brook


The Drunk Stepfather has a couple hot pictures of a busty model that many of you over in England will know.  Her name is Kelly Brook and she knows that she is a sex symbol so she gives everyone want they want to see on her Twitter account.  Having a little nipple slit as well as some close of cleavage pictures.  If you like celebrity smut you got to keep going to this guys site he has it all!

Whitney Westgate


Whitney Westgate Massage Girls 18

This girl is fucking hot!  If you didn’t see her Fucked Hard 18 scene then this video is going to be really new for you.  If you did see it, it’s much the same but a couple more positions and on Massage Girls 18 she is much more “in charge” then the other site I kind of like it better.  Whitney Westgate is just a freak of natural with her super petite body but having this nice full natural tits.  I love surprises like this because usually you just don’t see a petite chick with big tits, it’s very rare in my opinion.  Whitney Westgate isn’t just all body either I mean she is very easy on the eyes with that cute face wouldn’t you guys say?  Well you get to see her fucked in a nice long video so just go on and check it out, you will like it and if you don’t then well you’re gay.  Nothing wrong with that, just totally on the wrong site.

Talia’s Bikini


Talia Shepard Bikini

When you look this good it’s like required that you have a super skimpy bikini.  Talia Shepard is turning heads in this bikini I mean I couldn’t help it if I tried.  She is such a hot babe an dyou if you guys like solo girl sites then you just have to check hers out it’s one of the best for sure.  You don’t find video of her on the Internet not because she doesn’t have any but it’s strictly reserved for members only.  Talia has just a hot pair of tits and that ass matches those titties being perfect and all, I just can’t say enough about her!  Make sure to show some support for her and at least visit her site.

Lazy Sunday


Nikki Daniels Pure Mature

Everybody has a lazy Sunday like this once in a while.  You need a horny girl who just wants to stay at home and fuck all day and that right there isn’t as hard as one would think!  Pure Mature got one of those girls in Nikki Daniels.  She loves having her pussy eaten out as you will see once you watch the video.  They take their time making love to each other spending time in different positions and of course lots of foreplay!  I mean they have all Sunday to have sex so you can’t just blow your load super fast you know?  Sex on a Sunday is pretty much the only thing you can do, can’t drink because you have to go to work tomorrow…  Football is over now so there is no TV I mean sex is the only fun thing left in the world right now.

Melissa Matters


Melissa Matters Fuckedhard18

You guys remember Melissa Matters at all?  She still has a solo site with her where she is now doing hardcore on it and what not.  It looks like she is venturing out and doing scenes for other sites and I found one of them!  It’s from my favorite massage site Fucked Hard 18.  Melissa doesn’t just get fucked hard in this video but she also gets a creampie!  You don’t even see her boyfriend giving her a creampie on her site!  I don’t know if the guy from FuckedHard18 even asked if he could cum in her pussy or he just did it either way I don’t really care because it happened!  Melissa doesn’t seem pissed about it but she is just on a high from having so many orgasms I think.

Clean Start


Karlie Montana Dillion Harper Passion HD

Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone!  If for some reason you are not watching the big game then you can watch this awesome threesome from Passion HD.  It’s called Clean Start and it features Karlie Montana and Dillion Harper.  Both girls get a turn fucking this lucky ass guy and while the other one is not getting the cock she is licking pussy or balls as you see in this picture with Dillion between Karlie’s legs licking her clit.  Passion HD has the best porn in the entire world starring all your favorite pornstars so make sure to check them out please!

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