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Up Close and Personal


X art up close and personal

I don’t know if this counts as voyeurism or just hot sex or what but Jake and Leony let you get up close and personal with the action as they fuck on top of the aquarium table, which acts as a sort of glass bottom boat! We get to watch from below as gorgeous Leony gets penetrated from behind, Jake’s hard cock sliding into her wet pussy as they almost float above us. It seems almost unearthly but is undeniably hot as hell…leave it to X-art to come up with a creative, artistic and downright sexy hardcore scene like this!

Bad Schoolgirls


Bad schoolgirls fantasy hd

Show me a heterosexual guy who says he’s never had a fantasy about fucking two chicks dressed up as schoolgirls and I’ll show you a damn terrible liar…there’s just something irresistably hot about a hot girl (of legal age of course) in a schoolgirl outfit, I don’t know if it’s the idea of innocence or what but naughty schoolgirls are always in style! That’s where Natalie Heart and Heather Night come into play in this Fantasy HD update entitled, of course, Bad Schoolgirls! The girls are in pigtails and Heather has these thigh high tube socks on that will blow your mind as well as your load. Watch them both suck and fuck this lucky guy in a hot hardcore update that will hopefully bring some of your own fantasies to life!

Round and Brown


This guy is getting almost more chocolate booty than he can handle…almost! Cocoa and Destiny Dymes strip out of their skimpy bikinis and show off those juicy ebony booties in this hot update from the Reality Kings site Round and Brown! They’re all oiled up and ready to rock and so is this lucky dude, getting his big hard cock out and sliding them up and down on his shaft one after the other in a hot interracial threesome. If you’re a fan of big round bouncy black asses you have GOT to take a look at this, believe me.

Pamela stripes


I was trying to decide whether to make a joke about Pamela’s striped black and white shirt looking like a zebra or a referee or a convict or a Foot Locker employee but man I got a good look at her and it all went out the window! She’s just plain smokin hot whether she’s got a wacky striped shirt on or not, although personally I’m glad she stripped out of it to show off those perky little boobies because it was starting to mess with my eyes and brain.



Candace is definitely an Alluring Vixen as she shows off her huge tits and sexy hips in her polka dot panties and bra in this photoshoot! She’s hot from head to to and she looks like she’s giving an invitation to come sit down in that antique loveseat with her…it doesn’t look very comfortable but man if Candace asked I’m sure almost any guy would be willing to sit on whatever the hell she pointed out as long as she joined him and her big breasts were popping out like this!

Cindy Starfall


Watch exotic babe Cindy Starfall hit you with that juicy bouncy bodacious booty with a grin and a twinkle in her eye in this photoshoot from In The Crack, bringing you closer than you ever thought possible to that tight sexy pink pussy and her very fuckable ass as she pulls off her panties and masturbates! She’s hot as hell and knows it, but doesn’t seem arrogant about it she just wants to fuck and suck and have a damn good time, and who can argue with that?



Kimber fucked hard 18

Ringlet-haired Kimber loves a good rubdown and nobody brings more satisfaction than the horny masseuses of Fucked Hard 18! It must be nice to have a ‘hot horny teens only’ rule at your massage parlor…you get girls like Kimber here, getting her perfect titties out and getting oiled up before grabbing the masseuse’s hard dick in her mouth and then getting fucked right on the massage table. This horny teen will be back with a ‘sore back’ pretty soon I bet dollars to donuts!

Blonde Rachel


Rachel massage girls 18

Ever see Stormshadow, the ninja all dressed in white from GI Joe? Well that’s kinda what Rachel here looks like when she’s all dressed up in her white getup on Massage Girls 18 but luckily the clothes don’t stick around too long…soon she’s peeling out of them as well as her lacy black panties and bra, getting those perky titties out to help with her unorthodox massage technique. Instead of just using her hands she likes to use her mouth and pussy as well, giving the guy the full service rubdown and earning a hell of a tip I’m sure! She’s got a great ass and must have been a fun time on that massage bed because the guy busts nut all over her cute chest to finish this hardcore fuck scene off!

Sweet Meeting


Porn goes pro allison moore

Don’t even try to tell me you’d be able to resist a girl as hot as Allison Moore showing up at your place in this sexy lingerie, showing off that soft round juicy booty as she bends over like she’s doing in this Porn Goes Pro update entitled Sweet Meeting! It’s your chance to get a POV look at what it’s like to fuck a horny, voluptuous pornstar with huge tits and an insatiable appetite for dick. She rides his (your) dick like a pro in this video update because, well, because she’s a pro! If you haven’t seen Allison before do yourself a favor and check out some of her other galleries…she’s hot as hell and knows how to work that pussy to make a man basically explode with lust.

Rachel Car Wash


Rachel Starr along with 3 other friends Monique Alexander, Kirsten Price and Madison Ivy are doing a little car wash for Brazzers.  The cars they are washing aren’t Honda’s that’s for sure but when you have 4 pornstars shooting a scene together these are the only cars you can have because that shit is ballin!  This picture right here is probably the best pictur ein this gallery because well Rachel Starr is just hot as fuck and look at that perfect ass of hers.  The video is super sexy it kind of reminds me of that one with Paris Hilton.  Except in this one we get to see all the girls fuck of course!  There is only one guy and 4 girls so he takes a turn in each ones pussy and of course these girls are real deal pornstars so they just don’t sit around and wait to get fucked they’re eating each other out and doing all kinds of things, because they’re trying to get a orgasm too!

Alyssa Arce


I just don’t get to post super hot babes like this that often!  Here is your July 2013 Playmate of the month.  Her name is Alyssa Arce and I have actually two galleries for you I have this one you see here just click on the picture to see it.  Then I have that has a video on it so you might want to check that out.  As you can see Alyssa has just a banging body with perfect natural tits and look at that pussy.  Tight as all hell and perfectly shaved, or photoshopped whatever it is I don’t care!  Playboy is probably the biggest site in the world so I don’t really need to explain what’s going on that but as you probably know by know if you visit our site when you’re a member of their site you don’t just get hot nude babes you get all types of porn!  Just check out our Playboy category for proof of that!

Housewife Kelly Swallows


You just had to know that Housewife Kelly swallowed.  I mean she is just a good wife isn’t she!  This is a site that’s really done by the couple you see in the videos so it has that real homemade fell to it hence the really grainy picture I have here.  The whole video I have for you is just Kelly on her knees giving her husband a blowjob and then swallowing his loud.  Nothing to fancy but it’s still very very hot.

Insane Ass


I have posted pretty much every gallery that Bang Bros has done with Natalie so I thought why not stop now.  I didn’t make my own gallery because I found this one first and I just didn’t feel like it.  Here she is again a scene called “Insane Colombian Booty” they got that title spot on right?  It’s the same Bang Bros guy that has been in Colombia for a while now it seems and he keeps coming back to this gorgeous girl Natalie.  He has fucked her 4 times now and I bet there will be more then that!  I mean she is really good at what she does and if you’re a ass man it just doesn’t get much better then this bubble butt!

Kiara Knight


Kiara knight on casting couch x

Oh, those Southern girls…Kiara Knight here is a gorgeous 20 year old blonde from Alabama with an adorable accent and of course a fantastic body and has flown out to try her hand in the adult biz! Her first stop is Casting Couch X and she’s being eased into the industry in this update. She was born and raised in Birmingham and I’m not going to say she’s a little sheltered but this was her first time on an airplane so draw your own conclusions. She’s got a nice personality but let’s be honest, what we really want to see is that sexy ass of hers and man she certainly doesn’t disappoint. She shimmies out of her jeans and is off to the races, showing off an incredible body with nice perky little boobies and a great smile. Kiara gives a nice blowjob and isn’t shy about making noise when she gets bent over and has her pussy worked from behind…I think she gets off on having her hair pulled while she’s fucked, which is always hot. She even does well with getting a facial and swallowing jizz, so that’s a leg up if you ask me!

Anal Play


Briana lee extreme anal fun

Exotic hottie Briana from Briana Lee Extreme just can’t seem to keep her hands off her own ass! Not that I can blame her…she’s got a nice sexy round booty and after trying anal sex Briana found out how good it can feel to have her tight back door played with. So, she found a vibrator and proceeded to slide that toy inside her pucker, moaning as she fucked herself in the ass with it! Did I mention that she’s got her cute white thigh high stockings on while she masturbates? Well, now I did.



FTV Girls Bethany

This is the exact picture I saw when I first laid eyes on Bethany from FTV Girls.  I thought she has a nice rack but it was fake and that is not the case.  This skinny redhead has a nice big set of natural tits that you’re just going to love.  There is a lot about this girl you will actually like from her perfect body to her cool personality she is definitely a girl I would like.  Girls like this is why I am a member of FTV Girls because they just find some really really hot amateurs that nobody else gets.  Bethany here is actually able to have squirting orgasms and I have hooked you guys up with a video of one of the squirting orgasms she has while using the “VibraKing”.  FTV has her using all kinds of toys besides the vibrators including one rather large vibrator.  The first part of the video is kind of a trailer and gives you an idea of what goes on through all the video she did for FTV.  If you even care I took the time to see how many she actually did and she did 12 videos in total!

Taking Just The Tip


18 Year Old Girls Do Porn Just The Tip

Alright so let’s start off by saying this girl is 18 years old, like the real 18 years old not the I am in a porn scene I will say I am 18 kind of thing.  Girls Do Porn doesn’t need to lie about that shit I mean the girl is hot and that’s all the really care about.  She is doing her first sex scene and well it’s okay but she is inexperienced so it’s what you would expect!  I mean we go from last weeks girl who could just get face fucked and like it to this girl who can only take like the tip of this guys cock in her mouth.  It was the weirdest blowjob I have ever seen it’s like she stuck his dick in her mouth and then just moved her head all around, you just have to see it.  She has a super small body with matching small tits and of course the best part of a small chick that small pussy.  It gets fucked nice and hard in a bunch of different positions including her favorite one doggstyle.  I am going to start keep track of all the girls who come on this site and say that’s their favorite it has to be like 92% or something like that.  I have a feeling they’re just saying it cause they think that’s what we want to hear, which I do hahah!

Best Birthday Ever


Nicole Aniston Best Birthday Ever

This probably would be the best birthday ever for just about anyone on this planet.  Nicole Aniston brings her man a birthday cake to start it off, nice we all get that.  She then goes and brings him outside to show him the new car she bought him.  Okay, we all don’t get new cars pretty cool.  Then she has him sit in the drivers seat while she gives him head!  As if that is not enough later on in the day they have this amazing sex session.  I would have came on her face or something but her man just wanted to drop it in her pussy, maybe that’s something special for them or something.  Nicole Aniston is making her second appearance on Pure Mature the first one was called .

Foursome S5E3


Foursome Season 5 Episode 3

This is just a nice video all around.  We have humor from the Russian guy and then three really hot girls.  I don’t know how hot “the blonde Jenny” is here to you guys but to me there is something off about her.  She does have those big fake titties which I definitely would want to titty fuck.  She seems like she would be one big slut but as you will see towards the end of this Playboy TV video he doesn’t get any action from her!  She just tries to shove a huge vibrating dildo up her ass, I shit you not.  I have posted a couple of these Foursome videos now and you can see them all in our Playboy section if you want.  The video I have for you is nice and high quality so you can get an idea of the quality of video you get when you join this site.

Group Of Crazy Coeds Friends


Group of Crazy College Coeds

This is a submission with 5 college girls who thought it would be a good idea to make some money off of College Rules.  They submitted this tape to them they called it “Crazy College Orgy” and I mean it’s pretty crazy and the girls are hot and everything.  I just want to know if these girls split the $10,000 dollars 5 ways.  I mean that’s only 2 thousand dollars each!  You can’t even pay for a quarter in college with that shit.  I would totally just get a group of my friends together and try to get them to do this for free.  From the way these girls were getting after the cock in this video I bet you could have done that.  I did notice that this College Rules video has the same model that is in this Haze Her video.  Check out these two pictures here and here and if you really care to see what girl I am talking about.  At least in this video you get to see her getting fucked and not just eating pussy and masturbating!  Would be really funny if a group of girls submitted tapes to both of these sites that would make a lot more sense because then they would be walking away with like 50k!

Sucking Tits and Licking Pussy


Haze Her Sucking Tits and Licking Pussy

Nice group of asses I must say.  It’s 4 college students all trying to get into a sorority in this video from Haze Her.  This episode is entitled Sucking Tits and Licking Pussy and I don’t think I need to explain why it’s called that!  This sorority is making them get in this skimpy little workout outfit and then run around campus.  They don’t get to stop until they’re all really sweaty.  These pledges have heard what goes down in hazing so they probably think they’re going to have to eat out each others sweaty pussies well lucky for them the sorority isn’t that mean!  There was probably a couple of girls who wanted to do it that way but they decided to be “nice”.  They sorority girl still make them finger each other, and lick each others pussy and nipples but at least they let them get clean first.  I forgot to mention how they allowed them to get clean.  They didn’t just let them shower, nope they took them out back of the house and got some the hose as well all know has super cold water and sprayed them down with that.  Then gave them a couple of buckets like they’re washing a car or something LOL!

Audrey Fucks A Fan


Audrey Bitoni Tonight's Girlfriend

This isn’t the first time, or even the second time, or even the that Audrey Bitoni has been on Tonight’s Girlfriend but it’s the Fourth!  In this scene she is dressed from head to heels in sexy lingerie and she is fucking a long time fan.  He is way nervous to finally be banging this girl he has seen in so many films but Audrey makes him very very comfortable.  Just seeing her get ready for this guy was hot because you get to see her change into her lingerie and just get to enjoy this amazing body that she has.  Sure the tits are fake but have you seen how nice her pussy looks?  Shaven nice and tight you couldn’t ask for a better pussy to fuck!  He paid s shit load of money for this night with Audrey so he makes it worth while having her fuck him in a bunch of different positions and he is grabbing tits and ass like he is trying to steal them!  Tonight’s Girlfriend is such an amazing site and if you have never given it a chance I suggest you watch this video and the reconsider.

Fuck To Be The Next Star


Life Selector The Next Big Thing

I want to warn you guys that you’re about to see some of the worst acting ever.  So if you want to skip right to the sex I would understand it starts at the 1:47 minute mark of the video.  This scene is from a really unique site called Life Selector.  It’s really hard to explain but if you would you will get what it’s all about.  In this video this girl is trying to be the next big singer.  That shit is not going to happen for multiple reason the best one being that she is terrible at singing but she is really good at fucking.  The guy who is doing the fake casting says that she needs to do a little more then what she is doing and this girl know exactly what he is talking about.  She gets on her knees and starts to blow them and then the sex scene begins!  He fucks this tight pussy ever which way and then when he is about to cum he shoots it in her mouth and she swallows as much as she can!

Molly Bang Bros 18


Bang Bros Molly

Look who I found over at Bang Bros!  Mandy From Exploited College Girls(1,2) but she isn’t going by Mandy in this gallery she is going by Molly.  He wasn’t lying when he said she needed money I mean she is in the real deal porn leagues now being on Bang Bros.  She finds herself fucking a really big cock.  It doesn’t look that big but she is sure pretending like a fucking horse sized cock is trying to fuck her.  The video I have just kind of skips through all the plot of why this sex session start and what not because basically I didn’t really care about it I just wanted to show you where Mandy or Molly or whatever you want to call her is at now…

Lyla Storm Mr. Anal


Lyla Storm Mr. Anal

Lyla Storm is almost scary when she is being fucked in the ass.  She is just talk talk talkin up a storm while being fucked in the ass.  Welcome to the newest Mr. Anal video from Bang Bros.  I have a nice and exotic looking model for you and she has a awesome plump ass as you can see in this picture.  Look at that nice hip to waist ratio it’s like perfect!  There is some pretty cool pictures in this one as well because they have some toys I just have literally never seen before.  I mean they have one toy that really could be a “toy” but Lyla is fishing in her pussy for it, check out picture 8 to see what I am talking about.  Hope you enjoy the video I know that I did!

Selma goes Anal


Selma on backroom casting couch

Sometimes they show up and figure out what the scoop is and just walk right out the door…adorable Dominican spinner Selma here almost got up and left when she heard she was expected to do a hardcore fuck scene on camera, but the promise of a big chunk of change was just too seductive to bail on. Once the cameraman flashed a fistful of benjamins she was hornier than a nun in a dildo factory and quickly got her perky little titties out to play! Selma turned out to be quick the cockhound in this Backroom Casting Couch update, getting her tight pussy wrecked and even getting into some hot anal action for a few extra bucks…I do believe it was her first butt-sex experience and she took it like a champ!

Satin in Risky Bloom


Risky bloom hd love

Man I bet Satin Bloom makes a hell of a lot of tips as a massage therapist…she doesn’t just use her hands to massage her clients you see, she also gives them a dick massage using her mouth and the inside of her pussy! Check out this HD Love update entitled Risky Bloom as she strips down and gets those big round breasts out, playing with her trimmed pussy before getting her ass licked and her pussy fucked. If that’s not enough, she even gets into some hot anal action as she gets fucked in the back door before taking a nice creamy facial! Now that’s one hell of a happy ending if you ask me.

Courtney Stodden


This busty blonde is bad shit crazy if you don’t know her she is the girl that married .  She recently I think got some huge breasts installed and if she doesn’t show them within the year I am going to be straight up shocked, I mean SHOCKED!  I am going to say this out loud because I can barely believe she is 18 but she in fact is I mean I looked at her she looks nowhere near that.  She is pushing 30 in real life years or something.  She is only 18 for a little over a month, maybe for her 19th  birthday she will release a sex tape already I mean it’s literally just a matter of time.

Jordan Stars and Stripes


I really wish America could claim Jordan Carver as our own but that’s just not the case.  She is playing it up for us though probably for the 4th  of July that has already came and went.  I didn’t see this gallery when it first came out or I totally would have posted it.  I saw it over at my buddies site and that’s where I am going to be sending you. She is on a beach or something more then likely she is in a studio because it just looks perfect but I will pretend she is on the beach.  She takes a couple of pictures in her skimpy bikini and then she takes off the top and gives herself some hand bras.

Lisa Ann and Casey Calvert


I had a feeling you guys would want to see this as soon as you could.  It’s a scene from Bang Bros starring the one and only Lisa Ann.  Lisa is teaching how to have great anal sex to the young starlet Casey Calvert.  When Lisa Ann was 18 years old Casey was just fucking born can you believe that!  Here we are 18 years later and Casey is licking her MILF crush asshole getting her ready for a big dick.  Lisa of course returns the favor as she is just a sweet woman.  Then both of these get fucked in the ass for probably the best MILF Soup scene that has ever been filmed on Bang Bros what do you guys think?

Noelle Easton


Looks like Naughty Bookworms a Naughty America site has found themselves a really hot busty model!  Her name is Noelle Easton and she is getting fucked by her college professor in this gallery.  He is not only her teacher but it’s also her first black dick!  She has a hard time fitting that thing in her pussy but once she starts her pussy juices make it easier and easier until she is practically cumming all over this guys cock.  The gallery isn’t just pictures it also has a nice little video for you guys so please head on over and give it a look!

Emily Addison


Emily Addison looks like she was born to wear a bikini…with those long smooth legs, huge round titties and a tight tummy she would look great in any swimsuit but man it’s the bikini that really sets her off in this photoshoot! It’s tiny, it’s red and it clings to every little bit of flesh that it covers…in fact I’m pretty sure there are public beaches where this getup might just be illegal. Good thing she’s relaxing in the back yard near the pool in this Bikini Riot photoshoot as she strips down completely nude!

Kate Upton


I’m not really sure what magazine or company this photoshoot is for but they’re featuring Kate Upton so I guess it’s not like some podunk little mom&pop shop. Kate looks of course stupendous in these artistic black and white photos with her gorgeous face and naturally her cleavage takes center stage! Those tits are a thing of legend and I guess in these photos you can easily see why…she’s sort of the embodiment of the beautiful all-American blonde babe

Charlee Monroe


Blonde stunner Charlee Monroe knows just what guys want to see in this photoshoot from the Babes network as she rips off her plaid shirt and grabs her titties, spreading her long legs and licking her lips like she’s imagining taking a big cock right in the mouth before getting fucked hard! Watch this sexy vixen masturbate in a hot collection of photos in front of a blue wall.

Tess Lyndon


Tess Lyndon has a very tight asshole and decided to work it out a little for this In The Crack photoshoot, sliding a slender toy up that puckered back door! Her pussy doesn’t get neglected either, don’t worry…this gorgeous brunette knows how to take care of every inch of that sexy lean body.

Nensi Steampunk


I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Met Art do a photoshoot like this before but here’s Russian babe Nensi all dressed up in a steampunk outfit completely with ridiculously huge top hat! If you’re into the steampunk aesthetic at all this will really spin your gears, so to speak…Nensi has a fantastic ass and a nice shaved pussy that she loves to show off and she pulls up that big voluminous skirt to give you a peek at her Victorian Vagina.

Voyeur Threesome


Voyeur threesome passion hd

What a couple of naughty girls! Ariana Marie and Giselle Mari (a little confusing I know) wanted to peek on their guy friend as he took a shower…they had both heard he had a big dick and wanted to get a look for themselves! After getting an eyeful of his big prong as he took a shower, Giselle started touching her friend all over that tight body of hers…I mean who can resist Ariana’s perfect titties right? Apparently Giselle cannot because she grabs those breasts and starts making out with her before they head to the bedroom to continue their little ‘conversation’. Soon they’re both naked and are licking each other up and down, getting more and more turned on with every second which is when our showering fella walks into the room! They take turns sucking him off and getting those pussies fucked while they keep making out like lesbians, until finally Giselle takes a nice big creampie cumshot deep inside her pink hole to finish off this Passion HD episode entitled Voyeur Threesome.

Cum Swapping Duo


Nubile films threesome

I’m not even sure how to pronounce Ksenija’s name but she’s so pale that sticking your dick in her would be like fucking Casper the Friendly Ghost! Not to say I wouldn’t do it…she’s hot as hell, as is her bisexual girlfriend Blue Angel. In this Nubile Films photoshoot these cum swapping beauties get together with their guy friend for a nice threeway, fucking his lights out and licking each others pussies at the same time! Blue Angel has those sexy puffy nipples and she loves rubbing cum all over them so after she takes a shot in the mouth and swaps it with Ksenija she gives her titties a nice creamy protein treatment.

Shy Lana


Exploited college girls lana

Welcome Lana, a cute and very shy college girl with slightly sad eyes who wants to become a porn starlet but has to get over her shyness first I think! She’s so self-conscious that she doesn’t really want her tits to be on camera, but unlike most girls who are chest-shy she doesn’t have weird looking boobs or anything…in fact she’s got quite a nice set if you ask me! She’s just nervous, but I think this guy from Exploited College Girls may have helped that out a bit as he pins her down and ravages that tight pink hole, fucking her hard from behind, fingering her ass but not going full-on anal with her. Finally he busts a big load all over that cute face and sends her on her way.

Reena Thick Ass to Fuck


Reena sky bang bros pawg

Some girls are just the perfect candidate for certain websites…PAWG for instance seems like it was custom made for girls like Reena Sky! This chick has a nice pair of tits, a lovely face but what really sets her apart is that big juicy booty of hers. When the Bang Bros crew saw that sexy round ass they knew she was a Phat Ass White Girl to the core and couldn’t wait to oil her up and get her fucked on camera for the site. Since the weather is nice now she was hanging out in her bikini outdoors and its a short transition from bikini to bare-ass naked, making it easy for her to get fucked in that sexy pussy of hers.

Perfect Maxx


Perfect Maxx gf revenge

Check out Rissa Maxxx, a hot and horny teen babe who used to have a boyfriend but according to him she was kind of immature and not very responsible, which I get. It’s no fun to have to babysit somebody around your own age no matter how you look at it…on the other hand, this girl is sexy as hell and has a tight little body that would be hard to set aside so this guy must have been really sick of her ish to submit this hardcore footage of them fucking to GF Revenge! If you can ignore that raspberry on her face she’s definitely a cutie who gives a great blowjob and has a fantastic ass!

Brandi Love Banged


Brandi Love was sick and tired of her yard looking like shit so she was shopping around to find a yard guy.  Her loser son who lives in her house told her that he had a friend that was looking for work and was really really good at this kind of stuff.  So Brandi being the nice mom that she is hired him to do the job.  He came over and Brandi quickly learned that he had no idea what the fuck was going on. So instead of getting nothing for her money Brandi proposed that he give her some dick as payment.  She did indeed find what her sons friend was good at and that is pleasing a mature pussy.  I don’t think I have ever seen Brandi cumming so much in my life, such a great gallery and it’s from one of my favorite website Naughty America.

Strip Poke Her Game


Dare dorm poke her game

Sometimes these college girls on Dare Dorm get into some wacky new games but this time it’s an old classic…a nice game of strip poker! It’s all girls this time which is just fine if you ask me; these college chicks are all down to explore their lesbian side so when the cards start falling so do their clothes! Soon they’re all naked and are getting busy grabbing each others perky titties, kissing, and of course licking pussy. A casual game of strip poker (or strip poke her, if you will) quickly turns into a hot slit-licking orgy with these cute lesbians! Every one of them is hot as hell with an amazing body so they can stack up in a chain all they want.



Serena for net video girls

They don’t always succeed in finding a hot girl willing to go the whole way for their ‘calendar’ shoots but man when they do well, nobody does it better than Net Video Girls! They might come across as slightly creepster the way they talk to girls but apparently it’s a system that works…this time Serena came strolling through their door and wasn’t too hard to convince to take off her clothes and show off her tight sexy body, even going so far as to suck cock and finally get fucked on camera for these guys! Can’t argue with success, that’s for damn sure.



Amateur allure preauditions

They can’t just let any old girl onto Amateur Allure, they have to make sure the camera loves her and that she knows her way around a hard cock! That’s why they hold preauditions, and now we get to check out some of the footage as three sexy hopefuls show up and show their skills at sucking and, in the case of Alexis, fucking as well. Alexis, Jenna and Giselle all suck dick like they love every moment of it and I think all three of these chicks passed their preauditions with flying colors!

Yeah Baby


Yeah baby on x-art

Apparently in the X-art vision of the future, all furniture is made out of curved pieces of glass and everything is well lit, and all women are as hot as sexy blonde Baby. I for one am ready as hell for this future to hurry up and get here, even if that glass chair doesn’t look all that comfortable. Baby is lounging in her sexy dark bra and panties, letting her hands behave with a mind of their own as they run down her beautiful body, over her perky titties and down those long legs to masturbate…in the future though who knows how many people are watching? Yeah, Baby!

Short Shorts


Nikki sims short shorts

Who wears short shorts? Nikki Sims wears short shorts, that’s who. And she looks better in them than probably 99% of women in the world, although that statistic might be a little skewed because while she’s wearing them she’s also pulling up her shirt and grabbing those huge round boobs of hers. Dirty pool, Nikki…but I’ll let it slide this time. This photoshoot is from her own website and if you like to be teased by a blonde vixen with big soft titties you’re in luck, because that’s basically her bread and butter. Now if she would just lay off the eyeshadow a little bit…dial it back, girl!

Housewife Kelly Vacation Sex



Housewife Kelly is probably getting fucked in her favorite room of any house and in this case it’s a house in Aruba.  Her and her husband went there on a little vacation and of course the film their sex session there.  I bet they didn’t film them all because let’s be honest when your on vacation you’re banging on the regular.  Housewife kelly gets bent over the kitchen counter and fucked doggystyle for a nice long time and then she lays on her back and gets fucked missionary so the guy could wrap of his orgasm.  He doesn’t just leave it in his wife pussy he pulls it out and splatters her pussy and stomach with his man juicy, you have to switch things up when you’re married!

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There’s nothing in this world hotter or hornier than a girl who just got jilted in one way or other and is on a tear to have a hardcore rebound fuck! That’s when a girl really gives in and wants to go for it, determined to show her stupid ex what he’s missing and to prove that she doesn’t need him to have a good time. In this update from the Mofos site Pervs on Patrol, hot stunner Kiera Winters is seriously pissed at her bf for fucking some other chick and their mutual friend figured it was as good a time as any to make a play for that ass! He’s an opportunist thats for sure…and it definitely paid off as he gets to slide his big dick in her mouth and slam that tight wet pussy of hers and luckily the camera was rolling the whole damn time for a scene they called Rebound Gets Her Revenge!

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