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Rose Monroe Shows Up


This guy was at a costume party and he was commenting on how hot all the ladies were looking and then Rose Monroe walked in and just stole the show.  This “Super Doctor” wanted nothing more then to take her into the back examining room and have that perfect round ass of hers bounce on his cock.  He had no idea that his dreams where about to come true.  Rose is a gorgeous Latin pornstar with a ton of different videos for different sites.  If you want to see all that we have posted of her just click on that link. There is just something about a girl in a nurse outfit isn’t there?  It’s like the red and the white makes a girl look so sexual, it’s also a real plus when you have a perfect hour glass figure like Rose here.  All in all a really great scene but that’s what I have come to expect from Brazzers in all honesty.

Sara Luvv


Sara luvv for massage girls 18

How could anyone show up for a rubdown and not pop wood if the masseuse was anywhere near as cute as adorable Sara Luvv in this Massage Girls 18 update? She is absolutely gorgeous with those pretty eyes and friendly smile, not to mention her perky bouncy boobies and that perfect ass. She starts out topless which is a good sign, rubbing the guy and enjoying herself as his cock gets harder under the sheet…soon she has it in her mouth and is giving him a nice blowjob as he grabs her butt, and I think you can imagine where things go from there! Actually I take it back you don’t have to imagine it, just watch for yourself as she climbs up onto the massage table and fucks the guy, riding his dick in all kinds of different positions and spreading her legs on her back to take his cock as far into her wet hole as he can push it. I’m sure she earned a hell of a tip as he pulls out and shoots his load all over her gorgeous face, it looks like this whole rubdown was one big happy ending to me!



Tucker on fucked hard 18

Teen hottie Tucker gets sore from working out and from cheerleader practice so when she was offered a free professional rubdown she was more than happy to accept! Thing is, this rubdown comes courtesy of Fucked Hard 18 so there’s a little more to it than meets the eye…once the guy starts squeezing and oiling up those big beautiful tits of hers and sliding his hands over her cute butt I think Tucker got the picture pretty quick and she sure didn’t seem put out by it. Speaking of putting out, she got that tight shaved pussy pounded good and hard in this update, going for a ride and throwing her head back with a moan as she took the guy’s prong deep inside her hole! After getting a facial which dripped down onto those big boobs she looked a little uncertain about the whole thing but hey, at that point it’s a little too late for second thoughts, sorry Tucker!



Backroom casting couch eva

Amateur Israeli girl Eva wanted to take a stab at the adult entertainment world she she headed to the Backroom Casting Couch but the office was closed for the day, so they had to conduct the ‘interview’ at a local hotel. She’s not a big fan of swallowing or anal but hey if she wants to make it in this biz she has to be adaptable so the guy makes sure to put her through the paces! He gets a nice long slow blowjob before pumping her tight pussy and shooting his load into her mouth, which she doesn’t particularly appreciate. She’s got a cute little tight butt and he’s got a hankering for some anal so he just has to fuck that backdoor (or maybe he just didn’t want to stare at those chicklet teeth anymore), squeezing his cock in and making her whimper a little…he slides in and out of that ass until he shoots another load, this time giving her an anal creampie and sending her on her way.

Natures Beauty


Teen fidelity ariana marie

Life must certainly have been a lot simpler when we all lived off the land, deep in nature’s beauty…no ipads, no smartphones always ringing and alerting, no tv clogging up our brains, just trying to stay alive and enjoy life! That’s what Ariana Marie and Ryan Madison are trying to do in this Teen Fidelity update as Ariana chops up firewood and scrubs some clothes…when the chores are over they head inside and get down to some serious fucking! Ariana is gorgeous and has just a killer body with perky titties, a great ass and a shaved pussy that looks perfect for a good hard fuck. That’s just what she gets here, with Ryan pounding that hole until he shoots his load inside for a nice creampie finish!

Olivia Blu


Olivia blu porn fidelity

This beautiful newcomer is Olivia Blu and she’s getting the royal welcome to porn as she takes a trip to the Porn Fidelity house to ‘learn the ropes’ as Ryan Madison put it! He doesn’t exactly use ropes on her but he does meet up with her out in the yard and before she even gets to go inside the house she’s stripped naked and is fucking him in broad daylight, propping herself up against the furniture and holding on for dear life as he pounds that tight wet pussy, making her huge natural titties bounce and swing with each thrust! She’s a hot newbie with a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of sex appeal, not to mention a lot of cum in her pussy as Ryan shoots a nice creampie into that hole to finish this inaugural photo and video shoot off.

Sara Sexy Nudes


I love when In The Crack is able to get a hold of girls like Sara Luvv because they always look so much better on their site.  I don’t know what it is but Sara Luvv look so damn hot in this scene I almost wish I still had my In The Crack membership so I could view the video.  Awww, fuck it I am just going to join again how am I suppose to recommend a site and not be a member of it right!  The scene starts off with Sara in a skimpy little white dress, I would say it’s more lingerie then anything but you know chicks these days they sometimes will straight up just wear lingerie to a club and what not.  She doesn’t have any panties on so it’s quite easy just to pull it up so you can get a look at that shaved tight pussy of hers.  She then is given a hitachi vibrator and as you guys know girls can’t help but cum when they put one of these on their clit!

Desire5k Can Ride!


What a perfect angle to see Desire5k riding a dick!  She is really really good at it.  What makes her really good though is probably just the simple fact that she has one of the best asses you ever did see.  She rides up and down on this guy her husband or boyfriend whoever he is he is lucky.  You might think I talk about her riding dick to much but honestly I have watched a ton of her videos and she spends most of her time riding dick, or maybe getting fucked doggystyle if the guy is feeling not lazy.  She can ride it fast she can ride it slow and can you imagine how much of a work out it is to be squating up and down like this!  No wonder she has such a perfect ass she does like 500 squats every single day when she is riding her man.

Kitty Fake Agent


I saw this picture and just knew I had to get the video for you guys!  It looks almost exactly like the girl from X Art’s After Hours, but I am not 100% sure.  To be honest I think she looks the best in this very amateur video from Fake Agent.  This is pretty much a rip off of Backroom Casting Couch, they all are really.  They at least are doing it a little different as it’s all shot over in Europe somewhere.  It works out good for me because you can’t really TELL that’s it’s fake because it’s all sub titled for me.  I bet if you speak this language it’s like the worst acting job other, but for me speaking English it’s as real as ever.  The name of the girl after a little research is Kitty Jane and you will see some other galleries that has of her over on the left… There isn’t many but usually with girls this hot you don’t get that much porn before they go away.

Rub You the Right Way


Ariana holly nubile films

When Ariana Marie and her guy pal went to the Nubile Films house for a little massage they had no idea it would be so hot…but when gorgeous Holly Michaels wandered into the room wearing her little white top and panties I think they got the picture pretty quick! She rubbed them both up and down and somehow lost her panties…but that works out because then everybody was nude and all over each other, licking and sucking and fucking their hearts out in this sexy threeway! The guy fucked Holly and Ariana one after the other as they kissed, sliding his huge cock into those perfect holes until he finally shot his load onto Ariana’s tummy for Holly to lick up. The update is called ‘rub you the right way’ and I have no doubt you’ll see why!

Victoria Lynn


Victoria lynn promenade zishy

I don’t know if Promenade is the name of a city or like a streetfair or holiday or what, so if any of you guys know drop me a line or something. This Zishy gallery features Victoria Lynn visiting Promenade, is why I bring that up…but man who cares what it means when Victoria is looking this foxy! She’s got a tiny little schoolgirl type pleated skirt on that barely covers her sexy round ass as she walks around…she’s sexy from head to toe with her red hair and slightly nerdy glasses and those lovely legs…be careful that your heart doesn’t stop when she looks at you with that piercing gaze, because you’ll miss her flashing her white panties in the upskirt shots from this photoshoot! Zishy loves having gorgeous women just hanging out and being naturally beautiful and nobody shows that off better than Victoria if you ask me.

FTV Whitney


Whitney westgate for ftv girls

Perfect body? Check. Beautiful face? Check. Getting naked in public and masturbating to orgasm and getting into a little light kink? Chiggity check! Must be an FTV Girls update, and man oh man it’s a doozie. Gorgeous Whitney Westgate was taking some of her first steps into the world of adult entertainment and she sure made them count, blowing us away with a fantastic FTV update! Those huge natural perfect breasts of hers are always a welcome sight and she loves to get em out, grabbing her tits and shaking them while giving us that cute grin and flashing those piercing blue eyes as she hangs out and plays in public and in private while the cameras click away. She wanted to try a few new things for the occasion so she did some panty stuffing and a few other fetish type things, but I mean honestly she could just sit there reading a math textbook and it would be fascinating, she’s just that damn sexy…and the fact that she’s on a site with some of the best photography in the biz is a nice bonus!

Bodies Entwined


Passion hd bodies entwined ariana marie marina angel

What starts out as a friendly game of Twister for two good friends quickly becomes a hot lesbian scene as they get closer and closer to each others’ bodies with every move of the spinner…I don’t know if ‘mouth on pussy’ is on the official board but that’s the move both Ariana Marie and Marina Angel make! When their guy friend shows up and finds these hotties with their bodies entwined he takes the opportunity to make his own fantasy come true, fucking each of them in turn even as they’re still licking and fingering each others’ pussy! Both of these hotties get to go for a ride on that hard cock in this hot Passion HD threesome…things finish off with a big facial as the guy shoots his load right into Ariana’s open mouth. I’m not sure who won the game of Twister so I’ll just go ahead and declare it a tie, hopefully these girls will come back for a tiebreaker round!

Jaimie Alexander


I am all for celebrities wearing revealing clothing on the red carpet, especially if they’re as gorgeous as Jaimie Alexander here! She’s going to be the new Wonder Woman apparently but there’s no more wondering about her pussy because she straight up showed it off at this red carpet affair, thanks to a very cooperative black dress! It’s got a sheer strip of fabric that goes all the way down her body and it just so happened to match up perfectly so we could see that bare snatch of hers…not often that you get to see a hot celebrity’s pussy but here you go! Maybe next time Jaimie will wear panties, but hopefully not.



Remember how hot the lifeguard chicks on Baywatch used to be? Let your mind drift back to those years as you check out this photoshoot from Simon Scans featuring lovely busty Ava…she’s in the same kind of red swimsuit as they wore on that show, the only difference is that she’s getting her huge tits out and showing off completely nude instead of just teasing! I guess she usually wears a bikini though, if those tan lines are any indication…she keeps her pussy nice and trimmed though!

Natasha Anastasia


She’s got more than her fair share of A’s in her name and definitely more than her fair share of good looks! Say hi to Natasha Anatasia in this photoshoot from Playboy, showing this blonde beauty in a Union Jack top and blue bikini bottoms that hug her perfect backside beautifully. This girl is seriously smokin hot and knows how to pose to show off her body to its best advantage…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we won’t ever get tired of Playboy shoots featuring stunning blondes with great tits and great butts!

Charlie Webster


Say hi to Charlie Webster, and if you live in the US you probably don’t know who she is…she’s on TV as a presenter in the UK pretty frequently and most recently she was at the COD: Ghosts release red carpet party and made the admirable decision to wear a thin black top with no bra underneath. I don’t know when celebrities will ever learn that a sheer black dress or top will show right through when the flashes start up! In this red carpet photo Charlie’s nipples are showing through as clear as day, and since she’s hot as hell this is most definitely a good thing. The game sounds fun too, might have to give that one a whirl.

Phoenix Return Business


That big ass and perfect pussy that Phoenix Marie has is quite popular on Tonight’s Girlfriend.  She has had a couple of video on that site now I don’t even know the count.  I do know however that the guy fucking her in this video is a return customer.  He has banged this pussy before but he shared it with someone else so this time he saved up the money it takes to rent Phoenix’s pussy for the night and gave himself a very special treat.  She knows once you get a guy coming back for seconds it’s quite easy to get 3rds and 4ths and that’s when you’re making a shit ton of money.  Her body is tip top shape right now, I always love her round ass but sometimes she can be a little too thick, this update though she is just perfect.  As I mention her pussy is amazing I love looking at it like in this pictures, just looks so tight and always so moist.

Neighborly Advice


Monique Alexander just broke up with her boyfriend and she goes over to her neighbors house for a little neighborly advice.  She must have been a huge Tool Time fan or something because this shit isn’t normal LOL!  Anyways she goes over there and tells him all about the break up and then she goes on and on about how she wants to find a good guy like him.  So instead of finding one like him she just decides to have him.  She knows she is way hotter then his wife and what guy can turn down a hot girl on her knees ready to suck on your cock.  The two of them fuck right there in the living room before he has to go off to work.  It’s going to be the start of a wonderful neighbor affair I think!  A girl like this you know she is going to not be happy being #2 for long though, so you better get as much sex as you can before she starts trying to make you end your marriage!

Lovers at Home


X art lovers at home angelica

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen an X-art gallery featuring the incredibly beautiful Angelica, but the wait is over! She’s hanging out with her boyfriend and we’re all invited to come watch these lovers at home as they get naked and make passionate love. Angelica has such an incredible body it’s hard to believe she’s real and not some kind of CGI elf! Watch her get that tight pussy and lovely little butt eaten out before her lucky guy pal slips his hard cock into her wetness and fucks her deep and slow. Angelica loves lifting her legs in the air and getting her pussy filled as deep as that cock can go, moaning with delight and enjoying every second of this hardcore scene…all good things must cum to and end sometime though and this guy makes the best of it, pinning her to the bed and fucking her from above before shooting his load all over that perfect pert ass!



Gf revenge playthings

Most of the videos that are submitted to GF Revenge are because one or the other of the couple cheated and the other one decided to get a little revenge, but this update is a little different. The couple involved were making a sex tape and knew it was going to be sent out for everyone to enjoy, they just get off on having strangers watch them fuck…when the girl doing the filming gets involved though it turns into a hot hardcore threesome! Both the girls are gorgeous and have tight nubile bodies that they use to rock this guy’s world. Can you imagine fucking your hot girlfriend and then having her equally sexy friend join in and provide another tight wet pussy to slam? This guy about hit the jackpot, it’s no wonder he wanted everyone to see how lucky he got by sending the footage in to GF Revenge. What’s more, the chick with the perfect perky titties has a rebel alliance tattoo from Star Wars so you know she’s got a geeky streak in her too!

Yurizans Fan


Porn goes pro yurizans fan

You’ve got quite a thing for hot Latina babes and sexy pornstar Yurizan Beltran is a perfect example! Gorgeous face, soft pillowy lips, long thick hair, sexy round ass and eyes that could make a man cum before she even got undressed…and she’s all yours in this POV scene from Porn Goes Pro called Yurizan’s Fan! Yurizan shows up at your hotel room and gets changed, looking incredibly sexy which increases tenfold when she drops to her knees to suck your cock…this is a great hardcore fuck session with one of the hottest Latina babes around and she’s loving every second of it as you fuck her with that big cock before shooting your load all over her face to finish this ‘date’ off right!

Queen of Dreams


Zishy alyson grey queen of dreams

This little slice of loveliness is Alyson Grey in a Zishy photoshoot entitled Queen of Dreams! She’s getting ready to hit the hay for the evening and has put on her sheer nightie…I’ve gotta say, this is about as close as I’ve seen for nudity in a Zishy gallery, her sexy breasts show right through that flimsy sheer fabric and by the end of the shoot she has her nightgown pulled up to expose her ass as she bends over a chair! From the looks of things she’s got a hankering for a good hard fuck before bed, I guess it helps her get to sleep faster if she’s had that tight pussy pounded just beforehand. Zishy loves showing gorgeous real girls without a ton of makeup or fancy settings, just showing their natural beauty with great photography…enjoy!

Do Me Good


Black gfs do me good

Sexy chocolate skinned Mya was getting ready to head to the gym for a workout but her guy had a better idea in mind…he got her on the bed and stripped her little top and tight workout stretch pants off to reveal her gorgeous titties and that round sexy ass! She said ‘do me good’ and who can turn down a challenge like that? Watch in this POV Black GFs update as he slides his huge black cock into her wet pussy, fucking her from behind and sliding every inch of that tool deep inside to make her gasp and moan with pleasure. She got a nice aerobic workout at least, that’s for sure! With her long brown hair, sexy smooth dark skin and bangin body, anybody would love to fuck Mya and now thanks to the magic of video cameras we all can share the fun! Too bad the guy told her the footage would never get out…whoopsadaisy.

Red Dress Blonde


Red dress blonde for girls do porn

I don’t know the name of this pretty blonde in a red orange dress but hey who gives a shit am I right? She’s just that red dress blonde and man she’s a looker…Girls Do Porn gets beautiful girls in there on the reg but a classy looking blonde teen amateur like this is just what the doctor ordered. She lounges on the bed with her long blonde hair cascading over her shoulder as she describes her sexual tastes, then pops her dress off and drops to her knees to show off those blowjob skills! It’s when she goes for a nice hard ride that she really shines though, her ass is out of this fucking world and that tight body of hers is moving in all the right places as she impales her wet pussy on that cockspike before the guy pulls out and whips up a nice creamy facial for her to enjoy.

Blindfold Me Pt 2


Blindfold me part 2 x art

I know you guys have probably been on the edge of your seats waiting for the next installment of this little series or whatever you want to call it from X-art, and here it is! Blindfold Me Part 2 stars Scarlet and the new girl Jayden again as they continue their light bondage and lesbian romp (here’s a link to Part 1 if you somehow missed it before) but this time they’re joined by James who turns things into a hot hardcore threeway as he takes turns fucking both of these sexy ladies! Scarlet and Jayden might be lesbians when they’re together alone but once a hard cock comes into play they both basically dive face–  and pussy-first onto it one after the other for this steamy scene. It makes me wish there was a part 3 upcoming but hey I’m sure the site has plenty of other hotness up their sleeves!

Coralie Roccia


I’m still not sure why they have an extra R in their name but man you gotta hand it to Errotica Archives, they certainly bring it when it comes to picture resolution! These photos of Coralie Roccia are ginormous, I hope you have a pretty beefy bandwidth line to download em but once you do, oh man. You can see every detail of this beautiful girl’s nude body as she relaxes on the beach, hanging out naked by a rock wall like a mermaid without the fish tail…she’s got delectably big boobs, great legs and a sexy ass, not to mention a beautiful smile!

Torrie Wilson


Wellp, they’ve done it again…Playboy has blasted you right in the eyeballs and brain and dick with another gorgeous, stacked blonde with an amazing body and a pretty face. Torrie Wilson does tend to do that weird modeling pose where she like sucks her head down to her collarbones and looks kind of like a turtle but in the shots where she’s not doing that she’s just gorgeous. And in the shots where she IS doing that, you can just stare at her tits and not bother with the turtlehead bit and all is well! Nothing wrong with a beautiful blonde in bikinis and lingerie, even if she never does quite show off those big tits in the buff.

Bryiana Noelle


I can’t help but think either this gallery has a typo in her name or else she messed up when she filled out the forms but say hello to Bryiana Noelle, an absolutely stunning Latina babe with nice big boobies, a great ass and a smile that will leave smoke coming out of your ears like in a cartoon! This long legged beauty is showing off her amazing body for Playboy and is working the hell out of the fancy staircase she’s hanging out on. I hope you enjoy it as much as Bryianayana does…and let’s start a petition to get her name changed, shall we?

Alice Romain


If you can get beyond the sheets without going into an epileptic fit you’ll be rewarded in this photoshoot with a hot lesbian gallery featuring Alice Romain and her equally cute girlfriend getting naked and getting frisky in bed together wtih tongues, fingers and of course some toys! They love to scissor and love sharing a toy so they grab a double-ended dildo and are joined at the pussy as they fuck each other in this ALS Scans gallery. I love seeing girls licking ass by the way, not a whole lot of them will do it but it seems like usually the ones who do REALLY enjoy it!

PAC 12 Girls


I always loved the college girl series that Playboy does each year…for instance here we have their ‘girls of the PAC 12’ shoot and man, some of these girls are just stunners! My particular favorite is the tall brunette with little mesh shorts and a big red flag, she is absolutely beautiful and sexy as hell with big tits, long legs and a face to die for. All the women in these shots are hot though and they’ll probably make you regret going to whatever school you went to…at least that’s what happened for me!

Cleopatra Hendrix


I hate to always be posting Bang Bros stuff but damn they have some good porn. This is a new favorite of mine from my boys over at .  They have a round ass black girl riding some seriously white cock.  This guy is like a damn ghost isn’t he?  He must just stay inside and fuck all day.  Look at that pussy of Cleopatra’s just creaming up from riding him reverse cowgirl.  She has a really nice ass and there is no denying that!  I wish I could show you guys more videos of hers but this is seriously all I can find.  A lot of times it happens to Bang Bros where they get hottie like this and she just does one scene and then she is all done.

Nikki’s 5th Time on Ass Parade


This right here is one super round ass!  So much so that I had to do a little investigating it seems ass implants are becoming more and more popular so I thought that maybe Nikki Delano had one done because this thing is just crazy!  Sure enough she did… Check out and tell me that she didn’t get a implant!  Or maybe she just started eating a special diet that only went to her ass!  In all honesty though who really cares, I just didn’t want to think that I spent all that time trying to figure it out for nothing.  This is the 5th  time that Nikki has been on Ass Parade if you just check out her section you will find the rest of those if you wanted to see them as well as all the video and pictures she has done for other sites.  Nikki not only has a great ass but you see that pussy poking through that right there is a grade a top notch pussy that I give my perfect pussy stamp of approval on.

Serena Swallows


Would you by chance want to see this girl sucking on a dick, fucking it and then swallowing a mouthful of cum.  Well you’re in luck because that’s what you’re about to watch thanks to Big Mouthfuls and Bang Bros!  She is brand new to the porn industry and judging from this site it’s only the 4th  scene she has ever done!  She has the most beautiful face and just a sexy little petite body, I am not sure what more you could ask for.  What I could ask for is that she stays around and doesn’t just do these four scenes and then call it quits.  The pictures on this one are good just because she is so damn good looking and then the video starts off right with her sucking some mean dick, then going for a ride on it and she is quite good at that I might add.  You get no cumshot here but just knowing that it’s for big mouthfuls you know she is swallowing.

Three Times The Booty


I have for you three super hot MILFs that are all getting fucked in the ass!  This is a scene from Brazzers it’s called “Three Times The Booty”.  Starting from the bottom of this picture and working to the top we have Bridgette B, Kelly Divine and Phoenix Marie.  If these three woman having perfect asses isn’t enough how about the each one of them has that perfect pussy we all love to see as well.  The video is super hot and the two guys that get to take turns fucking these gorgeous pornstars should consider this the best day of their life.  The girls are all oiled up and each get a turn riding a dick with it in their ass and then they all get on their knees and get their faces covered in cum.

Walk Into Sex


Passion hd holly michaels walk into sex

She does a lot of shoots for Passion HD but I don’t think anyone could get tired of seeing beautiful Holly Michaels getting naked and getting fucked, do you? She has a beautiful face, a nice round juicy ass and of course those big perfect tits that swing back and forth as she gets her pussy pounded! This update is called Walk Into Sex and things start out with Holly oversleeping for her workout, lying in bed with that perfect ass in full view…her trainer wonders where she is and comes to her house, and when her nude on the bed he can’t help but pounce! Holly gets her hole filled with the guy’s huge hard cock so I guess she got her workout in today after all…at least the aerobic part of it! She finishes things off with a nice tittyfuck that leads right into a good creamy facial.

Lily on the Bus


Bang bus with lily love

Man, the Bang Bus is like a lottery jackpot on wheels for this update, these lucky dudes picked the right fucking day to get into a van with strangers! Lily Love stars as the cock-hungry backseat passenger as they pick up a few random guys off the street and let her at them…she’s already got her clothes off and is playing with her absolutely perfect tits so the guys have no qualms about letting her rip their pants off and dive face-first onto their dicks before fucking that gorgeous pornstar! She gets three or four guys on the bus and then gets them off in more ways than one, mounting up and going for a ride as the bus drives around the city past a ton of unsuspecting rubes on the street! Her favorite seems to be straddling the guys and riding them cowgirl style so those big boobs of hers are bouncing up and down right in their face…I don’t know how these guys could even handle that much hotness without busting a nut in like 2 seconds. Lily loves getting a creamy load on her face and tits and she gets a few great facials in this hot update!

Cindy Starfall


Cindy starfall for in the crack

I’m not sure what nationality Cindy Starfall is but I’m guessing Pacific Islander…she’s exotic and beautiful and horny as hell in this photoshoot from In The Crack! She started out just going in her bikini for a little sunbathing at this tropical resort but once she saw the cameras were out she decided to make a nice show of it…watch this beautiful babe strip out of her swimsuit and spread her ass and pussy, giving us a nice close look at her naughty bits and then pouring a pitcher of water all over herself! Talk about a nice wet pink vagina…she’s taking it a little literally! With that beautiful smile of hers though I don’t think anyone will bother correcting her…just sit back and enjoy a lovely lady in a lovely setting getting naked and showing off her sexy body!

Big Night In


Monique alexander pure mature big night in

Sexy and seductive redhead Monique Alexander enjoys a big night in with her guy pal in this update from Pure Mature! When you’ve had a few years under your belt like this horny MILF you know that heading out to the bars and clubs just isn’t always the best thing to do…she had that tingling in her pussy that meant she just had to have some cock right then and there and this guy was more than willing to give up a night of drinking for some of that sweet pussy! He made those big boobs bounce as he licked and fucked her hole, giving her a nice pounding as she spread her long smooth legs wide open for him before he shot a huge creamy load all over her freshly fucked hole.

Riverside Fuck


Ann angel xxx by the river

I don’t know if this is the concept Ann was going for in this photoshoot from her hardcore site Ann Angel XXX but in these pictures it seems like she’s a seductive spy who got caught smuggling documents and is forced to do what she has to do in order not to be turned in! She opens her overcoat to show off a sexy lingerie set and her long black leather boots before pulling her panties aside and getting fucked in this hot outdoor scene. With that sexy body I bet Ann gets out of a lot of trouble, making her the perfect agent to snoop around behind enemy lines!

Bryci masturbating


Bryci hardcore masturbation

If you’ve been watching Bryci over the years you might not be prepared for the hotness that she’s starting to bring…I guess she got tired of just teasing us with those big full titties of hers and decided to go full beans, doing hardcore with her boyfriend and fucking herself with toys and showing every bit of the action! For instance check out this photoshoot as she slides a big purple dildo deep in her horny pussy, and even better yet she films the whole thing so the shoot is sort of half POV half not. Even better yet I’ve got a video clip for you guys of her getting fucked by her boyfriend James! You’ve seen how sexy her round ass can be, but man it’s ten times better when it’s bouncing up and down while she impales her twat on a big hard dick.



Carrie for net video girls

Mocha-skinned amateur Carrie here thought she was auditioning for a part in a rap music video when she showed up at the Net Video Girls studio and for once they found a girl who can actually dance! It’s just a bit of a bonus though because there’s no real video they’re auditioning for, they’re just trying to talk the girls into getting naked on camera and getting fucked…sometimes it doesn’t work and the girl walks off from feeling uncomfortable or creeped out, but more often than not the girl is easily persuaded by these skillful pickup artists and ends up getting her brains fucked out. Such is the case with Carrie as she bends over and gets that tight body pounded by the hung black cock of the videographer ‘casting director’ in this mostly POV scene! This girl might have a face that looks more than a little like Urkel but man she’s got a hell of a body as she gets naked and gets banged.

Pixie Samantha


Samantha halloween pixy

Happy Halloween from Amateur Allure! Adorable Samantha Rone surprised the cameraman by dropping by in her sexy Tinkerbell costume…isn’t that what Halloween is all about for adults, getting your sexy on? Well Samantha did a great job of it, becoming the cute pixie with a hardcore twist as she grabbed her perky tits and flipped up her skirt to pull her thong panties aside and finger her ass and pussy, masturbating until the dude was so turned on he just had to slip his cock in her mouth. She kept her fairy wings on as she sucked his cock, staring up at us with those beautiful eyes and maybe even flapping her wings a little…although that could just be my imagination. What’s not imagination though is that sexy tight ass of hers as she spins around and gets fucked from behind before taking a load of cream in the mouth! If you missed the first couple of times Samantha has been on the site you can take a look here and here…you’re welcome!

Erotic Beauty Massage


Erotic beauty massage for hegre art

Blonde gorgeous Milena gets strapped into the special modified doctor’s chair and man I bet she wishes every trip to the doctor was like this! She gets her body brought to the peaks of physical pleasure and lets her mind roll with the flow as the skilled masseuse tantalizes and touches every inch of that sexy body, running her hands over Milena’s small perky beautiful boobies and down her smooth legs, traveling back up to caress and electrify that tight hairy pussy until she’s so wet she can barely take it! She holds on for dear life as the masseuse starts to tickle and stimulate her clit, bringing waves of pleasure until finally she has a nice orgasm and lets the thrills of ecstasy run through her body as she moans and bucks her hips! Hegre Art presents this hot lesbian update called Erotic Beauty Massage, I bet Milena can barely wait for her next ‘checkup’!

Painal for Page


Page for backroom casting couch

This long haired brunette named Page is a mother of two so she knows a thing or two about getting her pussy filled up with cum…she says right off the bat that she’s into rough hardcore porn which made me wince because I don’t think she knew what she was getting herself into on Backroom Casting Couch! She’s an odd duck for sure…she thinks she can squirt (but only when she has to pee, so it doesnt take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what’s going on there) and she thinks she can handle anal just fine (although she about cries for mommy when the guy jams his cock into her backdoor for a little painal). She wants to be a pornstar but man I just don’t think she’s got the goods…she’s sorta cute I guess but not stunning and that would probably be her only saving grace is if she was just mind-blowingly attractive. Well the guy fucks her face and fucks her pussy and fucks her ass before tossing a load inside for a little ambush creampie to make it a memorable experience before she hits the bricks.



Melody for exploited college girls

This girl Melody is an 18 year old senior in High School so I’m not sure she quite fits the title of the site but hey, she’s hot and horny and has a great body so I guess we can all bend the rules a little bit for her. She’s got a very pretty face and nice perky titties that look fantastic as she gets fucked in this POV scene for Exploited College Girls, and she cums like a freight train multiple times as she gets her tight little pussy pounded! I guess the high school boys don’t know how to use their dicks yet so when she met up with the ‘casting director’ here it was like a dream come true for her wet teen cunny. Melody gets fucked nice and hard and deep in a few different positions, it’s hard to tell what her favorite one was because she was having a great time throughout the shoot…it might have been when she was pinned down and drilled from above with her face buried into the pillow, tough call to make. She giggles when the guy busts his load all over her face, so she’s obviously not afraid of facials…can’t wait to see this girl around if she makes it to some other hardcore sites!

Courtney Stodden


So this is the chick who married the creepy Shawshank Redemption guy when she was 16, her name is Courtney Stodden. Apparently they’re super in love though so hey, age is just a number right? Anyway she’s at some kind of red carpet event and is showing off a pair of little metallic gold panties that are giving her a cameltoe, matched with a top that shows right through to some pretty sweet tits. Big ups to the Shawshank guy, who I also remember being a creepy dude in X-files, apparently he made a good choice and hopefully she actually digs him and isn’t just gold-digging.

Valeria Zebra


I don’t get the zebra striped rug in this Met Art update, maybe this chick Valeria likes to pretend she’s out on safari or some shit while she gets naked…well whatever it is I hope she keeps it up because this chick is hot! She has a long dark braid of hair that spills over her shoulder as she takes off her see-through bra and panties for this photoshoot, looking a little like Lara Croft with that sweet tight body and gorgeous titties, not to mention a beautiful face. Hot all around, is my expert opinion.

Gabriella Paltrova


Good fucking lord look at the size of that big black dick! You know that saying “once you go black you’ll never go back”? Well Gabriella Paltrova’s motto after she finished up this hardcore shoot at the Bang Bros network site Monsters of Cock was “Once you go huge, you’ll be walking funny for a fucking week”. It doesn’t quite rhyme as well but the feeling comes across…this chick gets absolutely impaled by that huge chocolate thunderstick. The thing is, she looks like she’s having the time of her life…I feel sorry for pretty much any guy that fucks her from now on, they’ll pretty much fall into that stretched-out pussy!

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