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Lady Gaga Nude


I don’t think she’s having her day in the sun quite so much anymore now that a new girl has come along and taken the megastar sex symbol trophy away (cough Miley cough) but Lady Gaga still has some gas in her tank and she’s experimenting more and more with her sexuality like in these photos shen she’s bound and suspended in the nude! Hopefully she’ll release a book of sexy photos just like Madonna did.

Eve and Anissa


It’s always a dose of pure hotness to see a couple of sexy horny lesbians going at it on the DDF network and this photoshoot featuring Eve Angel and Anissa Kate is no exception! These ladies are hot as hell with big tits, nice round asses and pussies just made for licking and fingering and fucking. Watch these two play around with each other using their favorite toys that look kinda like popsicles…man that would be cold.

Asian Amateur


This amateur Asian cutie looks like a girl you’d just run across on the beach and stare at, wondering just what she looks like naked…well thanks to this crop of totally nsfw photos we get to satisfy that curiosity and more! Watch this hottie strip down out of her sexy lingerie and suck cock, taking a big creamy facial all over her lips and up to the hairline.

Tasha Reign


Well if you’re a big fan of porn you very well might be heading to Las Vegas this weekend for the AVN Awards to see your favorite pornstars and maybe shake a few hands and get your picture taken with the stars..well if that’s the case you’re in for a hell of a weekend because it turns out is sending Tasha Reign to go meet the fans! This gorgeous blonde with the incredible ass has her own site but really this is all about getting to meet the girl herself…do yourself a favor and pick up that plane ticket, head out to the desert and see some fucking tits!

Jayden Starr


I got a nice big fat black ass for you guys.  This girls name is Jayden Starr and she has been on a couple of times now.  this was when she was on Round and Brown with another girl.  This time she is on the world famous Ass Parade a site that has a lot less black girls then you would think!  I mean bang bros has a PAWG site for Perfect Ass White Girls they have Brown Bunnies for black girls so Ass Parade should really just be a mix of both but it isn’t.  Maybe they’re getting to that right now and Jayden is the first in a long line of exotic girls that will be on the site.  She comes on and they oil up that ass like they do with every big booty hoe that comes on.  She shakes it for them but gets a little tired out in the heat and asks if she can just go inside and get her fuck on already.  The guy who fucked Jayden here was a total loser, he couldn’t keep that dick hard to save his life this tight pussy and big black ass must of scared him.  He was able to get a nut off though limp dick and all.  Jayden though wasn’t done and she just sat their and shaked her ass telling the camera she was ready for another dick.  Bet you dollars to donuts she got some dick from the camera guy after her put it down!



I haven’t posted many galleries from Mom XXX that’s just because most of you don’t click on the galleries when I do.  I am going to try again though and this time I am cheating because this MILF has amazing big natural tits and if you look low enough you can see that perfect I mean perfect pussy that she has.  This girl and this guy came home from a wedding and they were quite horny because they didn’t even make it to a couch or even a bed instead they just go down on the floor and banged one out there.  I will let you know a little secret when it comes to how a porn scene is going to end.  If the girl has amazing tits like this chick 9 times out of 10 you’re going to see her take a cumshot on the chest, this is from years of experience here guys!  if you guys wanted to know the name of this model it’s Stacy and the episode title is “Busty Wife At A Wedding”.

Satin Bloom Fireplace


Satin Bloom has always been one of my favorite European pornstars you like how specific that is?  I would absolutely love her if I could understand her language but I can’t.  For all those who can you’re some lucky bitches.  In this new video from 21 Naturals you get to see her and some lucky ass guy fucking near the fireplace.  The guy at first looks like a girl just because of his totally awesome long hair.  I bed he loves to smoke the weed, all people with long hair do.  Satin Bloom gets him hard buy sucking his dick and once he is ready to go she makes him wait a little longer instead she swings her hips over his head and sits on his face.  Takes it for a little bit of a ride before she gives up that tight pussy of hers.  He fucks her really good and the video ends with her just as you see in this image, jerking him off until he cums.

Ohh Noelle


Ohh noelle easton hd love

Well it’s certainly easy to tell where the title of this HD Love update came from…I would bet cash money that the first words out of pretty much any guy’s mouth when he walks into the bedroom and sees Noelle Easton laying there naked and masturbating like in this update would be “Ohh Noelle”! She’s squeezing those big soft perfect tits together and playing with her clit but when her man shows up he’s more than willing to take over with his tongue, fingers and cock. Soon she’s got his dick down her throat, between her tits, and balls-deep in her sweet tight wet hole…I don’t remember the last time I saw a pussy so perfect to be honest, just look at that smooth vag! Noelle is gorgeous, this is I think her first time on HD Love but I’m sure we can expect plenty more hotness from this busty beauty.

Janice Griffith


Janice griffith on casting couch x

I’ve gotta admit, I don’t really know this Janice Griffith chick very well but man after her Casting Couch X update that’s about to change! She’s a gorgeous 18 year old from a New York suburb with a beautiful face and fantastic tight little body and she’s down to try her luck at the adult industry! She certainly loves getting poked, whether it’s by a big hard cock or by a piercing needle, apparently! She’s got her ears done of course, but also some surface piercings on her hips, a nose ring, and even has her gums pierced from the looks of things! The real stars of the show are her bouncy soft titties, that nice tight little butt and her shaved pussy…she seems to love being fucked from the sounds she’s making and after getting a huge creamy facial that glues her eyes shut she gives a huge grin and two big thumbs up. Can’t wait to see more of Janice in the future!

Bonnie Rotten


Bonnie rotten on mr anal

Man the girl in this update from Mr Anal looks super familiar but I just can’t place her…if only she had some kind of distinguishing mark that I could use to identify her! OH WAIT she’s fucking covered with tattoos, including some spiderwebs around her nipples on those big bouncy titties…obviously this chick is Bonnie Rotten and she’s putting that ass of hers up for grabs on the Bang Bros network! Usually on Mr Anal they go for girls with big round juicy plump butts but Bonnie was just so horny she insisted on being part of the site so she could get that backdoor knocked in with some huge toys and big thick dick…I mean who’s gonna stop her? She looks like she’d pull out a shiv on you! I’m not sure how that tight butt of hers can handle being pounded by this guy’s big thick dick, but she certainly seems to love it, riding his cock to the hilt before going ass to mouth on it! I’m not sure about the mouse ear hairdo though, it looks a little odd if you ask me. Don’t tell Bonnie I said that, OK?

Mischa Brooks Cliffside


Mischa brooks on in the crack

We’ve seen the body of sexy pornstar Mischa Brooks up close and personal on In The Crack before, if you’ll remember, but she’s looking hotter than ever in this newer photoshoot at a cliffside resort! The view of the ocean waves below is great but doesn’t hold a candle to the closeup views of Mischa’s tight wet pussy as she slides some of her favorite toys in and out, masturbating right in front of our noses…but if that’s just not close enough don’t worry, she brought a speculum so you get to see all the way inside her hole!

Lauren Clare LA Winter


Zishy la winter lauren clare

If the snow is falling all around and your eyeballs are in danger of turning into ice cubes and cracking in half as soon as you step outside into the blizzard, relax and enjoy an LA winter with Lauren Clare on Zishy! It might even drop below 80 once in awhile if things go really nuts there…Lauren has her cute pink stretchy leotard and in this photoshoot she’s just goofing around and having fun, grabbing her butt and rubbing her perky boobies with her other hand as she tries on different costumes! She’s cute as hell and has a great ass, not to mention a fun personality.



Ftv girls mary

Before she became known as Marry Lynn, this girl was just simply Mary…what you’re seeing here on FTV Girls is the introduction of a beautiful Colorado chick into the wild world of adult entertainment! What a start, too…this girl looks fantastic and obviously loves being naked in public so she’s right up FTV’s alley. She flashes her perky titties, pulls off her running shorts to show off her perfect butt, even fingers and masturbates in public and just looks gorgeous the whole time! This update has a little of everything, if you’re into some light kink she uses a glass plug to show the insides of her vagina, if you’re into glamour she looks magnificent in an elegant blue dress, and of course if you’re into public nudity she’s got more flashing than you can shake your dick at! Hopefully she comes  back for round2 at FTV, she seemed to really love posing for those guys!

Pleasing Jillian


Pleasing jillian on hd love

Think you’re unhappy with your job? This poor guy has the awful, terrible job of pleasing Jillian whenever her pussy is feeling neglected…can you just imagine how horrible –  wait. Ugh I hate this guy now. Best job in the world candidate right there…Jillian looks amazing of course in this HD Love update with her round juicy ass and those awesome tits as she saunters into the room in her baby blue panties and bra, climbing up on a couch table type thing to spread her legs and get her pussy licked and fingered. Soon she’s got her guy’s cock sliding down her throat, looking up at him with those beautiful eyes of hers, can you imagine seeing those eyes looking up at you while you’re getting a blowjob? Naturally this guy has just gotta get his dick in that hole after that, so he bends her over and fucks her pussy but she’s really in the mood for some anal so he obliges of course, pounding on her back door until shooting his load all over her!

Kristine Returns


Kristine returns to amateur allure

I hope you were able to check out the debut of Kristine Kahill on Amateur Allure because it was hot as hell…tons of people were banging on the doors begging for more of this sexy brunette and now she’s back for round 2! She showed up in her black and blue striped dress and immediately started working the camera, pulling her dress up to show that perfect pert butt before dropping to her knees and sucking the cameraman’s cock for this POV scene, licking and sucking until he was hard as granite. If you’ve seen this site before though you know that a blowjob is just the start of things, and soon Kristine was bent over with her ass in the air getting her tight little pussy pounded before the guy gave her a nice facial to remember things by! She is just as hot in this return update as the first time, in fact probably even hotter because she’s learned a few tips and tricks in the adult world to try out. Can’t wait for round 3!

Playing Dressup


X art playing dressup

If there are two girls on this planet I’d rather see playing dressup than Izzy and Caprice from X-art, I don’t know who they are…these chicks are spectacularly hot, each in their own way! Blonde Izzy has those nice perky little titties and looks stunning in her thigh high sheer stockings and of course Caprice is…well, Caprice! The two lovely ladies try on some different lingerie to start out this update, playfully kissing and caressing each other but then things start getting a little more serious and the hands start drifting down to touch each other between the thighs as these two lesbians start making out in earnest. Their guy friend Marcus happens to come by and of course he joins in the fun, getting his cock licked and sucked by both of these girls before taking turns fucking them each. Two perfect asses, two perfect pussies, four perfect breasts, this guy must have been loving it as he pounded Izzy from behind before sliding into Caprice’s hole, which felt so nice he shot his load inside for a creampie finish to this hardcore threesome!

Lilly Banks


Lily for massage girls 18

It truly never does get old…a beautiful blonde with perky breasts getting naked and showing her skills pleasuring a hard cock is just timeless! Meet Lilly Banks, a gorgeous blonde who straps on her utility belt and prepares to give masseusery a whirl in this update from Massage Girls 18 as she strips down to her thong panties and slides her hands up and down her client’s body. His cock stirs and she notices, giving him a helping hand and then a helping mouth as she removes the sheet and starts sucking him off! He loves a good blowjob so soon he’s hard as a rock and Lilly climbs on top, riding his dick and taking him deep in her sweet tight teen pussy. She’s got a fantastic ass so keep an eye out for when she rides him backwards (reverse cowgirl I think, right?) which gives him the opportunity to grab and squeeze those cheeks while she slides up and down his shaft.



Nikki on net video girls

The girls just keep showing up to these fake hiphop music video dancer auditions, not that I’m complaining! Net Video Girls has a pretty good thing going here and they’ve been around for quite a while so they’ve got their technique down pat…the girl shows up for an audition, they get them all excited for it and then break the news that to have a shot they’ve gotta get naked and show their stuff. Once they’re naked it’s a short hop to sucking the cameraman’s cock and then getting fucked and it’s all on camera! They already agreed to be filmed so it’s not like the site can’t use the footage…watch horny blonde Nikki here do her thing, for instance. She’s a little hesitant at first (most of the girls are) but once she gets naked she’s pretty much game for anything! She blows the camera guy’s big black dick and then spreads her legs to get her shaved pussy filled up with cock, dropping to her knees with a devilish expression to take a nice creamy facial.

Wifey’s Porn Audition


It’s always weird when Wifey’s World does these little acting skits but I think it’s more weird to me then other people.  You guys love to see some plot with your porn I guess so Wifey and her Hubby gives it to their members.  In this update you get to see Wifey doing a porn audtion.  It’s exactly what it sounds like she gets a interview and then she has sex with the “casting director”.  There actually isn’t much sex going on in the video that is over at this site actually none at all you just get to see Wifey blowing a cock as well as jerking it off.  The husband eats out her pussy doggystyle and gives that ass of hers a little lick too.  It’s a okay scene but I would rather just see Wifey get fucked.  Seeing big tits bouncing all over the place is always a favorite of mine.  You guys should definitely check out her site though just because she has been around for so long and it’s kind of funny all the different looks she has had since like 2000 when she opened this site.  One thing stayed the same though and that is that Wifey is fucking hot!



Chloe on fucked hard 18

Sigh…another hot blonde chick named Chloe getting her beautiful nude body oiled up and massaged and then getting her pussy pounded on Fucked Hard 18. Wait, what am I saying, this is awesome! Seriously, pretty blondes with big tits getting naked and getting fucked just never seems to go out of style, does it. Chloe here loves having those big boobs squeezed and rubbed with oil until they’re nice and shiny, spreading her legs with a grin and moaning as she go her hole worked by the masseuse’s big hard cock! She raises her knees up to get filled up with dick before the guy pulls out and shoots his load all over her stomach and legs! I guess that sexy smooth nude body was a little more than he could handle for too long, which I guess I can understand.

Gabriella Paltrova Returns


Gabriella patronova on mr anal

It’s always nice to see a new face on a site like Mr Anal where you already know they’re going to be taking a huge cock in the ass, maybe a girl who rarely does anal but is willing to give it a whirl as opposed to some of the chicks who totally love it and want to be on the site as often as possible. Sometimes though it’s nice to have repeat customers! For instance, sexy Gabriella Patronova, better known as Gabriella Paltrova, a sexy brunette with a nice round ass and some big bouncy titties! She loves gaping and stuffing her pussy and booty and in this update from the Bang Bros network she gets plenty of opportunity to do just that. Some girls are afraid of taking it in the butt and some just love it, I guess Gabriella is among the latter because she’s grinning away as she spreads her cheeks and gets her back door plowed by some toys as well as by a huge hard cock, which fucks her hard and deep curling her toes before she goes ass to mouth and takes a load down her throat! If you haven’t gotten your fill of Gabriella taking it up the ass I’ve got a few other Mr Anal scenes for you to check out, here you go: scene1 and scene2

Teanna Trump


Casting couch x teanna trump

The first thing you might notice about Teanna Trump is that she looks like she could kick your ass…this girl is fit! She’s got strong legs, strong arms, and a pussy so tight she could break your dick in half with a backflip or something. In fact this girl might just be a superhero with a secret identity as a porn star! At least she hopes to be a pornstar, and after her performance in this Casting Couch X update I think she’s got a mighty bright future. Watch those big bouncy round titties bounce as she gets her wet pussy slammed, sliding her cunt up and down as she rides the guy! I just realized I haven’t really mentioned her butt yet…man oh man has this girl got an ass. Just look at that thumbnail above to get an idea of her sexy bubble butt, but you’ve really gotta see it in motion!

Adventurous Teen Brunette


Adventurous teen brunette on girls do porn

This 18 year old hottie seems like the kind of girl who’s down to try pretty much anything at least once, even if (maybe especially if) she gets nervous about it! She rates her nervousness as a 9 on a 1–10 scale for doing a hardcore scene with Girls Do Porn but man she rocks it anyway…she must be a sight to behold when she’s comfortable and calm! This girl is absolutely smokin hot, a teen dream with big perfect breasts and a fantastic butt…she gives a decent blowjob from the looks of things, not sure if it’s great but hey she has plenty of time and opportunity to work on it. Watch this girl get her hair pulled and her mouth pushed down onto this guy’s big dick before she goes for a ride, making those amazing big tits bounce with the rhythm! Girls Do Porn has had plenty of hotties come and go but this one is definitely among the top shelf if you ask me. Hopefully she decides to come back and do more, it would be hard to get enough of her.

Gorgeous Exotic MILF


Gorgeous exotic milf on mom pov

Mom POV always has horny mature babes on the site but damn, this chick Cynthia is one of the hottest I’ve seen! She’s gorgeous and has a slightly exotic look and man when she starts talking she’s got this low-pitched seductive quiet voice, she could be a phone sex-line operator…and apparently she’s got an 18 year old daughter, can you fucking believe how hot it would be to date that 18 year old and have this gorgeous MILF walking around the house too? She’s never made an adult film before but she gets really into it, sucking cock and getting her wet pussy pounded for this hot hardcore scene! I think the hottest part is when she starts finger-fucking her ass while the guy is sliding into her pussy from behind. Maybe she’ll be back for round two and get into some anal!



Rhianna on exploited college girls

Say hello to Rhianna, the latest girl to show up at Exploited College Girls to try and pocket a little extra cash and maybe make a name for herself in the porn industry at the same time! This ebony babe has a jacked up grill there’s no denying that but she more than makes up for her skeletor mouth with a perfect pair of tits and a nice tight ass…she had never masturbated with a toy before this shoot so she was in for a good time from the get-go as the guy buzzed her clit and made her tingle! Soon she had his cock deep in her throat and was giving him a fantastic blowjob before he fucked her nice and hard, finally shooting a load all over her that she rubbed into her skin like lotion.

Ebony Busty Amateur


Once again Real Girls Gone Bad brings us a winner…they get sexy amateurs, usually with big tits, to get drunk and get naked in a nightclub as they hose them down and take photos! Sounds pretty sweet right? Well hang on because this time they’ve got a beautiful ebony babe with fucking huge boobs shaking what she’s got as they soak her down! She doesn’t quite get naked in this photoshoot which is a shame but she dances in her lingerie and there are plenty of other chicks with big tits out to tide you over.

Miley Cyrus Tits


Alright, no foolin around, no beating around the bush, no hand-bras or implied nudes, no wrecking balls. This is gazillionaire girl-of-the-moment Miley Cyrus and she’s showing her perfect fucking tits. I don’t care if she’s an attention whore, I don’t care if her music sucks, she’s absolutely smoking hot and she has a great pair of boobs and I for one am overjoyed that this celebrity goddess is so willing to show em off for us! Maybe next it’ll be an ass shot or, oh man please, a sex tape! Can you imagine the mayhem that would ensue?

Emma Watson Bikini


Now, I’ve never been much of a Harry Potter fan but I know there’s a whole thing about people falling in love with Hermione, aka Emma Watson…sounds a little weird to me because wasn’t she super young at first? Well now she’s all grown up and legal so it’s ok to drool over these photos of her in a bikini scampering around on the beach with her fella. Speaking of which, I like how he keeps sucking in his gut when the camera is on him…we don’t give a rat’s ass about your abs buddy, just get out of the way so we can take a good long hard look at Emma’s juicy booty! Well juicy in relation to the rest of her body, that is. She’s pretty thin.

Kimber on Glamour Show


You know some chicks are so smokin hot but just at a glance you can tell that they’d be a handful of trouble? That’s exactly the impression I get from Kimber in this photoshoot from Glamour Show…she’s gorgeous obviously and has big full tits and nice legs but man, that little pout just speaks volumes! She looks about as high-maintenance as they come, and from the looks of those abs she spends about 90% of her time at the gym which means she won’t spend much time hanging out and playing video games and drinking beer which is basically a requirement of mine. So, she’s all yours fellas! Just make sure you post pictures of her naked.

True Voyeur


True voyeur with holly michaels passion hd

In this Passion HD update called True Voyeur you get to look in on an intimate afternoon with Holly Michaels and her man…they start out just relaxing on the couch with the guy idly brushing his hand over her thigh and between her legs to play with her bush a little, but they don’t stay relaxed for long! Once Holly’s libido gets fired up there’s no stopping her and soon those big tits of hers are swinging to the rhythm of her man’s big hard cock plowing her wet pussy from behind…I always thought Holly was one of the hottest girls on Passion HD and this update certainly isn’t changing my mind about it…take a look at just a few of her other updates and see what you think for yourself! Here’s scene1 and scene2 and let’s not forget scene3. Enjoy!

Before Creamy


Izzy creamy on x art

Some girls enjoy putting lotion on their bodies but blonde cutie Izzy here takes it to a whole other level of hotness for this X-art update called Before Creamy! She slides her hands all over her body, exploring and caressing her perky boobies and the rest of her smooth skin and of course dipping her hands between her thighs to masturbate for us! She loves touching herself and loves being watched…I wonder what she’s thinking about as she tickles her clit, tilting her head back with eyes closed? Just kidding, I know she’s thinking about me, I just didn’t want to hurt you guys’ feelings by rubbing it in. Rubbing it in, get it, like the lotion? I keep pitchin em and you guys keep missing em. Anyway Izzy is an exclusive model on the site, she hasn’t done a bunch of shoots yet but she had a hot solo debut and then was in the sexy lesbian orgy Christmas special so make sure you check those out!

Kelly Divine PAWG


Kelly divine for pawg on bang bros

She’s baaaack! Redheaded horndog Kelly Divine is back on the Bang Bros network site PAWG (Phat Ass White Girls) and is looking hotter than ever. She says she’s ready for any dick in the house and this guy is fixing to put her to the test with his enormous man-rod. She starts out sliding off her stretchy white leotard or whatever, letting those huge tits and big bouncy booty out to play as she sucks his cock and stuffs his face between her ass cheeks. Soon he’s drilling her from behind, slamming into that round ghetto booty as he rearranges her insides and she’s loving every second of it! This big booty redhead has been on PAWG a few times already, taking it in the pussy and also doing anal, so if you haven’t seen that you’ve gotta check it out. I also have a little confession for you guys and you’re not going to like it. I am all kinds of behind on our PAWG section and for that I am really really site but I am going to make it up to you right now. This is especially good for those people who read our blogs because this is the only place you’re going to find the galleries we are missing here we go! These are ALL THE GALLERIES we missed in order from NEWEST to OLDEST: Lilith Lust, Jillian Janson, Maddy O’Reilly, Valentina Nappi and last but not least Nikki Lavay.



Veronica ftv girls

Cute Virginia first timer Veronica is a catch and a half for FTV Girls…for one thing she’s downright gorgeous with a beautiful face, great tits and an ass to die for, but for another thing she’s enthusiastic and experimental and horny as hell, not to mention shameless in public! She cartwheels nude through the park, parades right past some guys who are just jawdropped, and gets a little kinky back at the house with some veggies and big toys and all kinds of fun stuff. FTV always has great quality pictures and videos and whatnot, but when the girl has personality and looks to match it’s really somethin you’ve gotta see. Hopefully this chick comes back, the girls who really hit it off tend to be repeat visitors and I know we’d all love to see what else Veronica can do!

Happy Holidays


Amateur allure christmas specila

Tis (still) the season for pleasin’! Christmas may have come and gone but we still have some holiday action from a few sites to tide us over til next year…this update comes from Amateur Allure and features not one, not two, but three of the hottest girls the site has to offer, namely Kennedy Leigh, Samantha Rone and newcomer Tara! I guess Ray and Thomas (the site’s cameramen) were on Santa’s good list this year because the three hot little helpers are jingling their bells but good…watch these beautiful girls kneel down and suck cock, getting all three mouths on one dick at once, then pull their panties aside to get fucked while the other guy still has his dick in their mouth for a little fingercuff action. As the Amateur Allure guys say, looks like it was a white Christmas after all!

Big Tits Massage


Fantasy hd big tits massage

Quick, off the top of your head name the best job in the world. If you didn’t say something along the lines of “Natalia Starr‘s personal breast masseuse” what the hell are you even doing with your life. This girl is absolutely stunning…there are very few truly perfect asses and breasts in this business but Natalia might just be the proud owner of both (or all three, however you want to look at it). In this Fantasy HD update called Big Tits Massage she’s, well, getting her big tits massaged. This guy oils those boobs up and starts a-squeezin, and I guess she gets pretty turned on by it because next thing you know she’s got his cock down her throat! She turns over and gets fucked doggystyle on the massage table and goes for a nice hard deep ride on his meat, sliding her wet pussy up and down like a carousel horse. He shoots his load onto her face, onto her tits, just every damn where and she loves every second of it! If somehow you haven’t seen Natalia Starr do what she does best before, do yourself a favor and take a look at scene1 and scene2, not to mention scene3!

Ivana E


I’m sure she gets this all the time but with that little smirk and her glossy lips, not to mention her skinny sexy body, this chick Ivana E reminds me a lot of a redheaded Paris Hilton! This girl is probably not a megamillionairess though, so that’s too bad…other than that she seems superior in every way! Ivana is hanging around in the nude outside on the patio in this Femjoy shoot, spreading her long lean legs and bending over to spread her ass and show us every inch of that hot tight body.



Have you ever seen an underwear or lingerie ad featuring a beautiful woman and been like “hmm well, it’s pretty good but man if she was naked it would be amazing!”? Well, now’s your chance because this beautiful Hungarian chick Szandra looks like she stepped right off the set of a lingerie shoot and immediately popped her top off to give us a look at those big perfect breasts the way they were meant to be seen! Playboy brings us these photos of course, I mean you wouldn’t expect anything less from those guys.



I’m not sure if this is an old-school photoshoot or if it was just shot recently but intended to look old-school, whichever one it was it is totally working! This set from Domai features Juliet, a beautiful girl with some of the nicest breasts I’ve seen in awhile…she looks like an Australian outback wanderer from those tanlines and her big leather hat…I know I’d love to down under with her, that’s for sure. This girl is beautiful, has a great body and a gorgeous and honest smile…I know it’s a little cliche but a great smile is just game-over when it comes to winning a guy’s heart (and cock)!

Christy Kee


At first I didn’t know whether to be turned on or horrified by this photoshoot on the Black Alley, but when I looked a little closer and saw that it was gorgeous Asian hottie Christy Kee that tipped the scales. As pretty as they are, being covered with softly fluttering butterflies sounds pretty weird…this girl must be part fairy though because she has them all over her big perfect breasts and also tickling her vagina with their wings. I guess she likes it, she certainly doesn’t seem to be creeped out!

Jana Defi


If you’re into huge tits and gorgeous women and you’re not in the know about Pinup Files, I don’t even think we can be friends anymore. I’ll let it slide just this once, but get your butt in there! Here’s a sampling of why they’re so hot…they have beautiful girls like Jana Defi here with enormous breasts! Need I say more? She’s all hippie style in this hot photoshoot with her colorful bandana, maybe she’s down with the free love movement. With tits like those I don’t think she’d have much problem finding a willing guy…or two…or ten!

Kelly Strips For Dick


I don’t post that many Kelly Madison galleries and I am filled with shame because of it.  I will try to make it up to you with this new gallery from her site.  It’s a scene in which she is dressed in a super sexy dress.  A dress that any normal woman could wear and you could go out to a nice fancy dinner in it.  Kelly however it’s just too damn sexy.  Her huge tits are just spilling out of it showing all kinds of cleavage.  If you are thinking to yourself that Kelly here isn’t a all natural MILF that you’re so wrong.  The gallery is HARDCORE as I said earlier it’s just the pictures and the starting image for the video are not so you might be a little fooled.  Just click play sit back and relax and watch Ryan (her husband) fuck her real good.

Nice Package


Sexy pattycake ups packages

Ready to get your package handled? Gorgeous busty blonde Sexy Pattycake is in her brown delivery uniform (I’m not going to mention the company name because hey who wants to get sued) and has a pile of boxes ready for you to dive into face-first. Or maybe it’s those big juicy titties you want to dive into face-first…can’t say I blame you. At any rate, Patty is stripping out of her uniform and showing off her sexy little lacy see-through panties and bra, looking sexy as hell in pigtails and just having a ball teasing us mercilessly! This girl always looks like she’s having a good time, inviting you to join her in Sexy Pattycake world for just a little while and leave all the shit behind.



I usually send you guys off to just like one gallery but today I am going to play it a little different.  You’re going to go to section of this hot ass Asian model named KT So.  If you want to find this picture then just search for “Taking A Shower”.  Other then that though just look around and enjoy her wearing nothing and next to nothing.  She is probably one of the most underrated solo models I can think of.  She has been around for damn near ever and is still going.  Check out her site for all the amazing updates she has done, I mean they’re REALLY good!

Rainy Daze With Ava Addams


Ava addams porn fidelity rainy daze

It was a wet and blustery day outside and this gorgeous brunette MILF, the inimitable Ava Addams, was spending the afternoon playing in the rain wearing a purple bikini and carrying an umbrella! She loves splashing around in the puddles and seeing the expressions of people driving around as she plays. After awhile though she gets tired and heads inside to warm up and dry out but when she meets up with Ryan Madison it looks like she’s getting just as wet as she was in the downpour! This Porn Fidelity update called Rainy Daze has one of the hottest busty chicks in the business doing what she does best…watch Ava suck cock and spread those long legs with her hands behind her back, getting fucked and making those huge tits bounce until he finally shoots a load in her cunt for a creampie finish!

High Maintenance Lust


Passion hd high maintenance lust

There’s a drawback of having such high ceilings, and that’s having to call in a handyman anytime something needs to be done up there! Lily Love wanted a new ventilation shaft put when her favorite handyman climbed that ladder she figured she could take care of his own shaft! In a case of High-Maintenance Lust (get it?) this beautiful babe stripped down nude and oh man…every time I think I’ve seen the perfect body Lily comes along and just blows them away. Speaking of blowing things, once she’s nude and slips on the guy’s utility belt she saunters that perfect ass on over and sucks his huge cock while he works! Soon the work was done and he came down the ladder to take care of one or two other things, such as Lily’s wet pussy that was just begging for a good hard fuck in this Passion HD update. If you’re in the mood to take a trip down memory lane with Lily, here are a few of her other scenes on this same site. She looks absolutely stellar in every one of them, so don’t worry about clicking the ‘wrong one’! Scene1 and Scene2 are both hot as hell…there are other sites she’s been on but I don’t want to ruin your pants and carpet right off the bat. You’ll just have to make do with this little pornucopia for now.

Whitney Westgate


Free spirited teen whitney westgate teen fidelity

After spending the afternoon at the park relaxing in the sun and talking and getting to know each other better, Ryan Madison and adorable busty teen Whitney Westgate were starting to feel the sparks fly…they kissed and fondled each other in public but after a bit they figured it would be a good idea to head back inside for a little more privacy! Whitney stripped down nude to get those big breasts out, spreading her long lean legs to get that tight wet teen pussy licked before sucking cock and finally making her fantasy come true of having Ryan’s big thick dick buried to the hilt in her cunt! She rode him and got on her hands and knees to take him as deep as she could in this Teen Fidelity update called Free Spirited Teen. Whitney is getting more and more popular and when you look at that stunning face and her tight bangin body it’s easy to see why!

Seirra Santos Big Naturals


My boys over at have Sierra Santos on lock down!  I mean this video just came out today and it’s already on their site.  They only of her but let’s be honest she is brand new to the business!  In this gallery she is once again on Big Naturals, at least I think it’s her second time he doesn’t label his shit right so I have no idea.  Anyways she starts off outside and the guys start playing with her amazing natural tits.  It’s a site dedicated to girls with big tits so they spend their time resting them in her arms, in a hoola hoop all kinds of weird stuff but never the less it’s still pretty hot.  Then JMac takes her inside so he can get his big dick deep in that tight black pussy of hers.  Sierra isn’t exactly outgoing but once she gets in dick pleasing that pussy she kind of comes out of her shell.



At the end of the day guys I just go around the Internet world and try to find you guys some chicks you may like.  This girl Kristel I think you’re going to like!  She is from a site called Cosmid and they’re a really amateur site.  They don’t usually have girls masturbating just getting naked but the real good thing about them is they always find girls that other people just don’t.  This is the second gallery I have seen of Kristel the other one is .  She has a very pretty face I think but let’s not worry about that for now lets just take a look at her amazing natural tits!  I love a nice big titty babe don’t you guys?

Jynx Maze Latin Adultry


It’s good to see Jynx Maze back in the saddle (see what I did there).  She was gone for a while but Naughty America has her in a couple new scenes none better then this one from Latin Adultry.  She goes to her husbands friends house where they basically drink and smoke all day.  Both of them are un happy but her husband friend can’t see why his buddy is unhappy, Jynx is fucking hot!  He loves that big booty of her and once she starts complaining about not getting laid he makes his move.  He isn’t getting any pussy from his wife, she isn’t getting any dick it only makes sense right? So they start to fuck in a bar stole and once Jynx gets her orgasm she asks to go to the couch where she rides his dick.  She might be the best dick rider since Abella Anderson!

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