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Silvie Delux


This of course is the well-known Euro model SIlvie Delux, doing a photoshoot for Wow Girls in her neon green bra and panties that she thankfully strips out of right off the bat to just hang around by the pool naked except for her sheer white thigh-high stockings. She’s got some kind of waterproof outdoor lounge chair that she’s all over in this hot set, grabbing those perky titties and masturbating as she stretches across both arms! Wouldn’t it be a shame if that chair toppled over and dunked Silvie into the water, getting every inch of that gorgeous body all sleek and dripping wet?



I don’t recall offhand seeing this girl Tara before but man oh man consider me a fan right off the bat! She’s gorgeous for one thing and has a fantastic body for another…in this photoshoot from MPL Studios she peels out of her little green tubetop and shows some nice perky little boobies before tugging off her panties (it’s been a day for neon green underwear, hasn’t it) and hanging out in the nude! Often a girl this hot with nice boobs has a horrible ass or some other physical thing going on but not this girl…Tara is fit as a fiddle and hot as blazes from head to toe.

Jayden Taylores


Jayden Taylores (or Tayloress or Taylor if you will) looks great in a pair of those cute thigh-high tube socks that are pretty popular nowadays in this photoshoot for ALS Scan, but she’s not content just spreading those long legs and showing off her pussy…she’s just gotta play and she has two vibrators ready to go! She doublefists it, buzzing her clit and spreading her pussy open with both toys at the same time as she masturbates in this hot photoshoot. From the look on her face she’s ready for more too, maybe she needs a third hand or something!

Callie Calypso


Callie Calypso on Teens Love Huge Cocks

The dramatic angles that Teens Love Huge Cocks are able to get is pretty amazing don’t you think?  I mean there is no way this guys dick is actually as big as it looks.  If it is he couldn’t fucking wear underwear.  That ass that Callie Calypso has is definitely nice and round but man that thing looks huge in this picture doesn’t it?  Teens Love Huge Cocks is a really awesome site with some of the newest pornstars that come into porn valley.  Callie Calypso isn’t a novice by any means I mean she has had anal sex already, that’s when you know a girl is pro.  She had no urge to put this one in her dick though she just wanted to have him stay in that nice meaty pussy of hers and pound away.  You can just tell when a girl is being given the dicking that she wants and Callie here enjoyed every moment of this sex scene.  I bet she was quite disappointed that he didn’t last another hour.  If you like girls getting a real hard pounding then this site is definitely one you need to check out!

Keisha Nailin The Part


I don’t really understand what is going on in this Brazzers scene, what I hope is going on is that Veronica Avluv is teaching the hotness that is Keisha Grey a couple of tips.  As good as Keisha is at having sex I am sure Veronica has to be better.  She is a MILF who has been in the business for a very long time and she is just a straight up freak once you get her turned on.  This video is from Brazzers and the episode is entitled “Nailing The Part”.  I am sure it has something to do with them fucking the producer to get the part, but are they going after the same part or what?  I don’t care enough to find out I just visit this gallery to enjoy the long video that they have.  Plus if you like the gorgeous Keish Grey these guys have a ton of her galleries that you can check out too.  I realize our site doesn’t have everything that’s why I always post other peoples galleries so you can see more.  You must always come back and visit though, that’s the rules!

Megan Maze WCP Club


Here is another video from Real Black Housewives of LA 2 a DVD you get access to when you join the premium black porn site WCP Club.  In this scene a guy is going over to visit his girlfriend when her hot best friend catches him as he walks in.  She was told by his girlfriend to try and seduce him and if she succeeds she doesn’t care if she actually fucks him.  She knows that her man can fuck good so her best friend may as well enjoy it before they break it off.  So sure enough this guy just couldn’t turn down that banging ass that Megan Maze has and he pounds her home to a orgasm.  His girlfriend comes downstairs to see what is happening and is shocked but not surprised to see her man cheated, well time to move on to the next guy I guess!



Krissy Lynn, Nikki Delano Rose Monroe

When I first was making this gallery I thought that Krissy Lynn wont that Triassathlon just because in the pictures for this update from Brazzers in the end when all the girls are covered in cum only Krissy has a metal on.  Then I looked a little harder and they all look like they have one, oops.  Well everyone is a winner in this scene I should have known that but the real winner is the guy that got to fuck these perfect bubble butts.  Yep, that’s right he doesn’t touch their perfect pussies instead he gets in those butts and gives them the anal sex they want.  Each girl is representing a country in this episode and I actually don’t know which flag is which so I will let you figure that out.  I do know the girls names so that’s something, you have Nikki Delano over there to the right the flag might be Puerto Rico.  Then you have Krissy Lynn in the middle who is wearing the , maybe?  Then you have Rose Monroe who is wearing the Colombian flag that one I got right for sure!

Im In The Mood


Xart im in the mood

When a woman like Caprice (aka Little Caprice of course) tells you “I’m In The Mood” you damn well better listen! Her real-life boyfriend knows that well and in this X-art photoshoot we get to see what happens next. We’ve watched this girl blossom over the years from a beautiful teen cutie to a full-fledged woman and she has only grown hotter, not to mention more experienced in the sack! With that in mind, she’s pulling out some winners from her bag of tricks for this update, riding her man and spreading her ass to take his big cock as deep in her pussy as she can as she bucks her hips, moaning as he brushes against her g-spot until they both cum together, the guy shooting his load in her hole for a nice wet creampie finish.

Summer Brielle Gets Revenge


You have to think that Brazzers has to have a room full of writers to think of some of these crazy sex scenes that they make.  I rarely give them any mind at all but for a woman like Summer Brielle here I made sure to study every angle of this video.  Summer is a gorgeous busty blonde bombshell MILF who is going to get revenge on her husband one way or another for cheating on her.  You have to be a special kind of douchebag to cheat on a babe like this girl right here.  The thing is that her husband is now dead and she is just now figuring out that he cheated on her.  So how are you to get back at a dead man?  Well Summer Brielle found the #1 medium in the world and invited him over.  She answers the door in her bra and panties and at this point the guy knows he is in for a special session. So once he summons her ex husband into the room that’s when Summer puts on the moves and by puts on the moves I mean she got on her knees and started to blow the physic.  The sex continues from there he forgets the poltergyst is even ther banging away at the hottest MILF he has ever seen, can’t blame him there.

A Little Time For Myself


Kenzie a little time on x art

Beautiful blonde Kenzie takes a little time out from getting fucked to spend some quality alone time in this X-art update called A Little Time For Myself…it’s important to know when you should be alone and Kenzie certainly seems to enjoy it. She spreads those long legs and runs her hands over her perfect body, cupping her breasts and sliding down between her thighs to masturbate, her fair skin flushing as she gets closer and closer to orgasm before finally reaching that pinnacle of pleasure, and man it’s a site to behold. This girl looks just fucking amazing just lying around naked in bed, so imagine what she must look like bringing herself to a huge shuddering climax! Actually fuck it, don’t even bother imagining it because we’ve got the video of exactly that right here…just saving you a little time and brainpower, that’s what I’m doin.

Sabrina Banks


Sabrina banks for ccx

18 year old Sabrina Banks is excited to get into the adult industry and what better place to make her debut than by getting on Casting Couch X and getting fucked on camera! This teen hottie knows what she wants and with this tight body of hers she knows how to get it…you can tell she won’t mind getting some extra cash but I have the feeling that this girl is a fame-seeker, she wants her name out there and wants guys everywhere to drool when they hear the words Sabrina Banks. After watching her strip down, suck cock and get fucked in this hardcore casting video I’m gonna have to say that she’s got a damn fine chance of making that dream cum true! She has a great ass and a beautiful face, perfect tits and one thing I really appreciate is that she doesn’t sound like she’s trying to make porn noises she’s just reacting very naturally to the deep-dicking she’s getting! She takes a huge creamy facial to wind things down and I’ll bet dollars to donuts she’s gonna be on more than a few sites real soon.

Pretty Pink


Gf revenge pretty pink

When this guy tried to talk his girlfriend Chrystal into getting naked and having a little fun while he filmed it on his camera she demurred, turning him down again and again…that is, until he mentioned maybe getting her roommate Molly into the equation! Molly is a gorgeous blonde with a great body and obviously Chrystal had been thinking about getting her in bed because she was immediately down for a threesome. Soon both of these chicks were naked and kissing and eating each others pussy before the guy took turns fucking them one after the other! Maybe he started getting together with the sexy blonde afterwards because the footage ended up at GF Revenge for us to enjoy in this update called Pretty Pink…can’t say I’d blame him to be honest, the brunette is pretty cute but man that blonde is a hottie.

Touchy Feely Mia


Mia touchy feely on black gfs

Some girls are just able to pop right out of bed and immediately look fucking gorgeous, and horny ebony babe Mia is definitely one of em…she tosses off the covers and starts talking to the camera that she had set up for her boyfriend while he was out of town. Wearing just her panties and a goony happyface cut-off shirt she told him how much she missed him, then gets all touchy feely running her hands over her perky tight body with a beautiful smile and pulling out some of her favorite toys to show her guy just what she was thinking about while he was on the road for work! She spread those long legs and tossed her bouncy shoulder-length hair around as she buzzed her clit, bringing herself to a knee-shaking orgasm in a very hot solo shoot for Black GFs. Great perky little boobies, perfect shaved pussy and a fantastic ass, not to mention a beautiful face and of course the libido to want to masturbate on camera, this girl Mia is hot as hell!

Natasha White POVD


Natasha White POVD

Well my new favorite site has a new episode and if you guys don’t check this out I hate you.  POVD is making the coolest porn right now and that’s a down right fact.  This camera Angle they have is so fucking cool, you guys just need to check it out.  This video I have for you is super small in length but it’s like really high quality.  I think it’s only 1 minute long but almost 60mb, that’s huge.  That’s something you guys should know if you join POVD you will be downloading 4GB files from the members area, that’s no joke.  Of course they have a bunch of lower resolution videos but who wants to see those when you can get the seriously high definition one.  The girl you see in this episode is Natasha White.  She has a super nice round ass and just a pretty face too I think.  I like the curly hair and I like those kind of small boobies she has.  So I guess I like everything about her, that’s pretty much par for the course though because I personally can appreciate every girls body type.  The video is like nothing you have ever seen and it really allows you to pretend like you’re actually fucking these girls.

Mia Lelani Anal Sex


Mia Lelani Anal Sex Pure mature

The MILF superstar Mia Lelani is getting her butt filled with a dick in this new anal sex scene from Pure Mature.  It’s a episode called Breaking In The New Place.  I think all guys would be moving as often as they could if they got to have anal sex in the new place.  It’s a great tradition that all woman should probably start.  This is her very first time on Pure Mature and it’s quite a way to start you have to admit.  They start off on the couch with Mia between his legs sucking on his balls and then deep throating that cock.  I wanted to see her take his whole dick in her mouth and then go after the balls.  That’s something that would blow my mind.  I haven’t seen it often but from how easily Mia was able to deep throat this guy I think she could have done it.

Carmen Caliente


Carmen Caliente POV Life

You have to give it to this model she gave herself a really good porn name!  Her name is Carmen Caliente and she is getting banged in first person on a great site from Team Skeet called POV Life.  If you guys haven’t checked out Team Skeet in a whilte I suggest you guys do that because they are making some really hot porn on their sites.  I think they’re up to 18 different sites that you get access to when you join their network.  Some of the other once you might know are like Innocent High, or maybe Teen Pies.  This girl Carmen Caliente has really only been in a few sites and that big ass of hers always looks good but let me tell you it looks really good in first person and that’s what POV Life is giving you.  The wonderful experience of pretending like YOU are having sex with this gorgeous Latin pornstar.

Dawn Likes Doggystyle


Dawn Avril Fucked Doggystyle

Dawn Avril is used to this position because after all it is her favorite sex position.  She is used to getting fucked by this guy too, it’ s her ex-boyfriend but when you need dick that’s the best place to go right!  He doesn’t have to treat her so nice that they are not together he gets after that pussy however he wants.  he does give her something she likes too, I must say I have never seen this before.  It’s like some kind of spine stimulation thing.  It’s like a spur from a cowboy and he just runs it up and down her spine as he bangs her.  It probably gives her chills or something and that feels good with something in your pussy I guess.  I won’t know until I google it, but just not feeling up to it.

Geri Burgess Working Out


Geri Burgess Working out on Zishy

Zishy has another gallery of the beautiful Geri Burgess for us.  I will not like the first two galleries of her are hotter in my opinion (1,2).  I think that’s just because she is kind of just all natural in this gallery.  The other two scenes are more refined, this is more of a behind the scenes type of gallery.  She is wearing white yoga pants and I have to say I am a sucker for some white yoga pants!  She is literally working out in this gallery but as you can see she teases the camera any chance she gets.  There were other people in the workout room so she has to be really really low key about it.  Zishy is just all about finding cute spunky girls and getting them in sexy poses and outfits.  If the girl wants to she can get naked too but that doesn’t happen most of the time to be honest.  The great thing about this is Zishy is able to get stunning models that nobody else can becaue the girls don’t have to get naked!  I think Geri Burgess here is one of those girls for sure!

Bryci Blowjob


Bryci Giving Valentines Head

Bryci is letting her man enjoy a Valentines Day blowjob.  I am a little late posting this but to be honest Bryci was late posting it for us too so it’s not just my fault!  She is dressed up in some sexy lingerie and it looks like they were just doing a photoshoot for Valentines day for her site.  One thing leads to another and Bryci is on her knees giving a grade A blowjob.  The two of them probably end up boning a lot like this.  I mean how can you take pictures of a hot ass girl like Bryci and not pop a boner, especially when she is already your girlfriend!  I am really high on Bryci’s site right now ever since she started doing hardcore basically.  It just makes it so that you can join her site and get everything you want.  Before you could only join if you like naked babes, and girls masturbating but now you get it all.  So if you didn’t think about joining Bryci’s site in the past you might want to take the tour and make that descision again.



Zoi Net Video Girls

This is a very hot Italian girl named Zoi, that you guys are going to want to see.  Warning though, if you don’t like awkward conversations you shouldn’t be watching Net Video Girls because some of this stuff just gets weird not going to fib.  This girl doesn’t just look Italian she has the look and the cute little accent as well.  She comes over to some random guys apartment to be part of a calendar.  Well one thing leads to another and these two guys talk her into taking off her clothes.  Then they talk her into just talking dirty to the video camera for these guys who subscribe to this “online” calendar.  Anyways as you can see she ends up getting real naughty and fucking the producer of the calendar.  She has a pretty cute face, a nice thick body and that pussy she has is beautiful.  Shaved perfectly, really smooth and I bet it rides like a Cadillac.

Just The Three Of Us


X art just the three of us

Whenever I talk about threesomes it’s always “this girl, this girl, and some dude”. For instance today on X-art in an update called Just The Three Of Us, we get to watch Angelica, Susie and some dude get it on…see how it works? Poor guys never get any recognition but hey don’t feel too bad for them, they get to fuck some of the hottest women in the world! At least this guy does…Angelica is fucking perfect of course but Susie is no slouch either with a great ass, great tits and a nice tight wet pussy that looks fantastic as she takes turns eating twat and getting pounded before she and Angelica share a nice double facial cumshot.

Bath And Massage


Phd sara luv bath and massage

Being a hot and horny pornstar isn’t all wine and roses, sometimes you need to take a little breather, even if that breather turns into a hardcore fuck session! That’s just what happens to Sara Luvv in this Passion HD update called Bath & Massage and she, well, has a bath and massage to relax those sore muscles and keep her skin smooth and healthy. She looks incredible as she lays on the bed, closing her eyes in pleasure as the masseuse oils up and squeezes those perfect breasts before flipping her over and rubbing down her back, ass, and legs. As her pussy gets brushed by his fingertips she moans a little and he takes the opportunity to tickle her clit, getting her pussy nice and wet…after she sucks his stiffening cock to rock-hard throbbingness he impales her, sliding deep in that tight wet hole! Sara loves a nice rubdown but loves a good hard fuck even more so she gets the best of both worlds in this sexy scene.

Blake Lovely


Blake lovely on ecg

Most girls trying to bust their way into the porn biz have big dreams of mansions, Ferraris, and champagne showers…on the other hand there are girls like this big breasted blonde Blake Lovely who just wants a used Nissan that runs! Since I’ve seen her on other sites already getting fucked left right and center I’m gonna go ahead and guess that she’s made her ‘dream’ come true in a big way! WHen she shot this Exploited College Girls scene, though, she was just a college sophomore ready to get fucked on camera for some extra cash…she’s already got a big advantage in this industry, well actually two big advantages and those are her left and right titties, respectively! She’s hot as hell but man she could use some lessons in shaving that pussy, she’s got a bunch of razorburn going on but hey it’s still fun to see this happy hottie get plowed and take a big messy facial.

Desirae Spencer


Desirae Spencer gets naughty at home in this hot video clip, talking dirty as she pulls her top down and grabs those big round squeezable titties. She’s got a cute face but looks like she’s gotten a couple good knocks to the head that made her slightly crosseyed or something, maybe she banged her head on the wall while getting fucked who knows. She loves talking dirty but loves DOING dirty even more so she sits on this lucky guy’s cock and rubs her big boobs while she rides him, then takes a nice big facial that she licks right up!

Pink Raver


I don’t know if rave parties are, well as much of a rave as they were in the mid to late 90s but I guess the scene is still alive if girls like this are keepign it real! I don’t know what her name is but this pink haired cutie is looking hot as hell as she poses in front of a graffiti covered wall wearing only her thigh highs, thong panties and a pair of boots. Great ass and a nice perky little pair of tits on this hottie, and I bet she knows where all the good parties are going down! The photoshoot is from a site called Erotic BPM that I don’t know a lot about, might be worth checking out.

Blonde Grace


This Wow Girls site always has hot chicks on it so the fact that blonde cutie Grace is a model for them is no surprise at all. She’s hot as hell wtih her ringlets and perfect perky boobies, and in this photoshoot she’s taking off her sheer pink…uh…tutu? and her candystriped panties to masturbate, fucking herself with a big vibrator as she tickles her clit. A hot horny blonde with great tits, a great ass and a nice wet pussy is just what the cocktor ordered on a cold winter’s Friday!

Jayden Taylor


Beautiful Jayden Taylor stars in this update from Nutabu as she relaxes on the couch, giving her pussy the old in-out treatment with her huge veiny dildo. It’s playtime at Venice Beach as she penetrates her wet pussy…the way this scene is shot helps with the mysterious and seductive mood too, I don’t know what exactly it is, maybe the overall blueish greenish cast to the pictures? Whatever it is, it seems like scenes from the hottest music video ever or something as this girl pinches and pulls her perky nipples while she masturbates.

Janice Griffith


I think these pictures are from the ATK network but I’m not 100% sure…what I do know is that Janice Griffith is one of the hottest up-and-coming pornstars out there right now and in this photoshoot you see why! Just look at those perfect full perky breasts…not too big, not too small, and they go well with her beautiful face and that sexy smile. I don’t really get the dermal piercings that she has at like her hips but hey, it gives her a little big of an edginess and that’s always sexy so I’ll give it a pass! Watch Janice strip down and play with herself as she poses on a chair…a simple idea, a simple photoshoot, but the girl makes it smokin hot.

Nicole Returns


Nicole vday ftvgirls

Consider this your lucky day my friends because one of the most popular girls from recent history on FTV Girls is back for a second go-round as a Valentines Day Special! There’s not a whole lot overtly Valentiney about the photoshoots or anything but hell, who cares when the girl is as hot as Nicole is here…she’s got those pouty lips and perfect tits and an ass that is perfect for a little spanking and she loves exploring her sexuality so FTV Girls has been a perfect site for her. If you somehow missed her debut, I’ll throw you a bone (or a boner more like) and link it for you right here so check it out. This is a cornucopia of cuteness, a plethora of pleasing pictures, a slew of sexiness if you will, featuring one of the hottest girls the site has to offer! If you don’t find your heartrate increasing after checking out these photos I’ll send my condolences to your family because it means you’re probably dead. Also keep in mind there are TONS of shots of this girl in the members area of the site so you’re missing out on a lot, trust me.

Chloe Amour Harvest Moon


Chloe amour wicked pictures harvest moon

There’s just something about a harvest moon that does funny things to the brain…we’ve already seen part of this set from Wicked Pictures with Remy Lacroix but now we’re ready to step up the hotness a bit (in my opinion) with gorgeous exotic honey Chloe Amour! She’s feeling that old harvest moon as she hangs out on the porch with her guy pal and soon they’re both naked and fucking right out in the open. She’s got her cute little panties on and they hug her butt just right but man she is one of those chicks that just gets hotter the less clothes she has on, and she gives a hell of a blowjob so already she’s got some big checkmarks in the win column as far as I’m concerned. As you probably already know (being big fans of Chloe Amour as I’m sure you must be) this girl seriously knows how to fuck and man she looks good doing it! Watch those perky tits go for a bouncy ride as she gets pounded…her man even gives them a nice slap for effect and she loves it!

Sunrise Sweetheart


Fantasy hd sunshine

If you’re not already a morning person this Fantasy HD update called Sunrise Sweetheart might just change your mind! It features adorable blonde cutie Chloe Foster as she and her man wake up to enjoy the first rays of sunshine on a brand new day, celebrating by spreading her skinny legs and having the guy lick and tickle her clit with his tongue! He doesn’t get left out of course, she grabs his big dick and does her best to deepthroat him but she’s so petite it’s a bit of a tough challenge. Chloe is nothing if not determined though so after sucking him a bit she takes him to the hilt in her tight little pussy! She might not have the throat for his man-meat but she definitely has the cunt for it. Talk about the early bird getting the worm…Chloe is having orgasm after orgasm while most of us are still asleep, dreaming of things just like this! She’s only been on FantasyHD once before that I know of in a scene called BFF Babysitters with Natalie Heart and man if you haven’t seen that one, it’s definitely worth a peek.

Katerina Kay Big Tits, Round Asses


I was looking over the new updates on Bang Bros and I saw they had this busty beauty on their site.  I know her well because I have my favorite Katerina Hartlova site that I always go to.  So I went over there and sure enough they already had the update up.  This is the very first time that Katerina has been on Bang Bros before, I couldn’t really believe that but it’s true.  She is on Big Tits, Round Asses she had to start on that one or maybe Big Naturals I bet it was a toss of up for them.  She as always is fucking the same lucky bastard in this video that she has in all the rest.  I really wish they would just break up so they we could feel like we have a chance.  Maybe they’re married or something.  I hear sometimes pornstars just fuck the same guy over and over again so that when they’re done with porn they’re not at like 1000 guys that they have fucked, in Katerina’s case it will just be +1 to her number and that’s it!

Blake Lovely


Blake lovely for teen fidelity

Beautiful blonde Blake Lovely is aptly named…she looks fantastic hanging out at a public parking lot with those big juicy titties hanging out, leaning against a metal pole like it was in a stripclub and giving a huge grin! She was grinning like that because she knew that soon Ryan Madison would be by and he was going to take her home and pop her hardcore girl-guy scene cherry for Teen Fidelity! Before they headed out though he dropped his pants and she went to work on his big dick, licking and sucking him before sitting on his lap for a little fuck before they left to go home. Once inside is when the real fun started going down…big breasted Blake got tittyfucked and then spread her legs to get her hole drilled for the first time on camera, and from the sounds she’s making and the way she’s arching her back I’m going to hazard a guess that it won’t be the last! This scene is called Young & Lovely and Blake certainly fills both of those categories.

Romi Rain


Romi rain on porn goes pro

When you have tons of pornstars to choose from, who do you call up to come by your hotel room and rock your world all night long in exchange for a fat chunk of change? Why, Romi Rain of course! She shows up in her plumber suit as you requested, claiming she was there to help with your leaky pipes…sound like the beginning of a bad porn? Well apart from the ‘bad’ part you’re right on the money! Romi strips down and shows off those huge titties, bobbing her head on your cock in POV fashion before spreading those long smooth legs and getting her pussy pounded good and hard…you get to fuck this horny starlet in every position you can think of and she’s an expert in each and every one of them! I guess that’s why they call this update Romi’s Gift, she has a knack for knockin’ the boots on Porn Goes Pro.

Teanna Trump


Teanna trump exploited college girls

This 18 year old cutie Teanna Trump might not exactly be a college girl but after you watch her suck dick and get fucked you won’t care either…from what I understand she started doing porn as soon as she hit 18 and it was quickly picked up on social media, her high school principal found out about it and I guess she was pretty publicly outed, so to speak. I don’t get the feeling Teanna gives a rat’s ass, she loves the money and loves the sex and that works out just fine for Exploited College Girls! This chick has a fucking fantastic body, I guess she’s a cheerleader so that makes sense, and it’s great to see it in action as she sucks and fucks her way through this hot hardcore update. She begs for the guy to cum on her face and he obliges, frosting that pretty face of hers and getting her perky titties all creamed up at the same time! Since she’s already doing porn she’s not quite an amateur like the site usually has but once again, when you see how hot she is I think you’ll give it a pass. Much like Teanna’s principal and teachers did for her classes, I bet! If you want to see what other kinds of stuff Teanna has been up to, we’ve got it right here for ya. You’re welcome.

Jynx Maze


Jynx maze on pawg

When I saw who the guest of honor was for this PAWG update I had to do a doubletake…what the hell do you mean Jynx Maze has never been on PAWG before?? She’s a phat ass white girl if ever there was one (well actually I guess she’s half Latina and half white), I don’t know what the Bang Bros network was thinking for holding back on her for so damn long…well she’s on the site now and it’ll never be the same is my guess. She’s been on their Mr Anal site a bunch of times so we already know what that round ghettoblaster is capable of and she definitely doesn’t disappoint! Jynx keeps her baby blue top on as she oils up that bouncy round butt and goes for a ride on this lucky dude’s huge cock, taking him to the hilt and bouncing with the rhythm in what must be one of the hottest updates they’ve done for this site.

Whitney Westgate Returns


Whitney westgate on zishy

I’m just gonna say this here and now, never in all my days did I think I’d see a photoshoot where a girl giving herself a wedgie looked so damn sexy. Then again this is Whitney Westgate after all doing another Zishy shoot and we’ve already seen how smokin hot this girl can be when left to her own devices! That’s pretty much how they roll on that site, if you don’t already know…i’m sure the girls get some kind of guidance or whatever but for the most part they just seem to do whatever feels natural, whatever they’re comfortable with and it really shows in the pictures! These chicks are having a ball and doing things they enjoy doing so we get to not only see those sexy gorgeous bodies but we also get a nice little glimpse into their personalities. Whitney knows she’s got a great ass and in this shoot she puts that thing on display as she does splits and bends over in her panties and oh man you’ve just gotta take a peek for yourself. I particularly like image number 4.

Indoor Picnic


Passion hd indoor picnic

When skinny exotic cutie Janice Griffith and her guy pal planned out their big day together they were going to go to the park for lunch and walk around and all kinds of fun stuff but, as always seems to happen, the weather had other plans! It got all rainy and shitty outside so Janice very cleverly decided to turn things into an indoor picnic right there in the living room…she spread out a blanket and got some snacks and wine together and surprised her man with her resourcefulness, as well as the fact that she was wearing next to nothing! I don’t know what they were going to eat but I hope Janice had some because man those legs of hers are like twigs as she bounced up and down on her man’s thick dick, her hair flowing and brushing those round perky titties as she moaned and bucked her hips. They ended up in a 69 and she took a nice big facial to finish off this Passion HD update with a big cheesy grin!

Boobie 10k


Not many people realize how much work it is to write these things up every damn day but I wanted to reach out and congratulate the boobie blog for their ten thousandth post! Is that some crazy shit or what? Those guys have been busting out (get it busting out) tons of great posts with big tittied babes and are certainly worth checking out…for their 10,000th post they got some amateur chick to give them a congratulatory video and flash her titties, it’s not exactly a triumphant blowout but hey, tits are always welcome and you don’t even have to pay anything for it! I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you should go there INSTEAD of coming here for all your big breasted babe needs, but if you want a little supplemental from time to time it’s a pretty good bet.



If you’re a fan of the edgy alternative types of chicks then Gods Girls is gonna be right up your damn alley…they’ve got some of the hottest ones around! This girl doesn’t have a million tattoos like some of their girls do but she’s sporting some pretty hipster type glasses and she’s got a few piercings here and there, but more importantly she’s got some very nice big tits! Her name is Neely and in this photoshoot she’s playing around with a big pearl necklace, wrapping it around her boobs and sliding it between her pussy lips…looks like she’s ready for another kind of pearl necklace if you ask me.

Klaudia Badura


Before you ask, her name is Klaudia Badura and she’s 5’7” of pure get-down…this girl is absolutely gorgeous and to add a little icing on the cake of sexy she was born in London so she has an accent! Beautiful face, great tits, great ass, accent, I mean what more can you ask for…oh, long luxurious soft hair? Yep, Klaudia has that on lockdown too…I guess that’s why Playboy sought her out to shoot for them, she’s got that kind of perfection aura around her that they go for.

Marta La Croft


The Latin site Pornditos presents this photoshoot featuring gorgeous Marta La Croft getting those huge fake tits out and sucking cock, not to mention getting fucked and even having her ass plumbed with a glass dildo while she gets her clit sucked! This is part of the Culioneros network but don’t worry if you can’t speak Spanish, the language of fucking transcends cultural boundaries and lets the whole world cum together. Get what I did there? That’s called good writing. Anyway what are you doing reading this, get in there and take a gander at those big bouncy boobies that Marta paid good money for!

Catie and Whitney


Oh lesbians, will you ever get old? Everybody loves seeing beautiful women get naked and when two or more of them get together and do so, it makes it even better…Catie and Whitney here are both stunningly hot on their own but in this Digital Desire photoshoot when they get together and kiss and grab each others boobs and lick pussy and grind on each other it’s hotter than the sum of the parts! Great work on the photography too, it’s like you’re right up in the action and we get to see every lick and every caress from inches away…smokin hot from beginning to end.



Leo on backroom casting couch

This girl Leo is a gorgeous, horny 18 year old fresh out of high school but already she’s got a pretty mature and down-to-earth personality and man does she love to get fucked! Between that libido and the allure of easy money it was a no-brainer for her to head to a site like Backroom Casting Couch to make her first steps into the porn world to see if she had what it takes to make it in the biz! Leo has a few pounds more on her than we usually see in this industry but it doesn’t make her look chubby so much as soft and sensual…she apparently has sucked a dick a time or three before as well because she gives a pretty nice blowjob for a teen! She gets that tight wet pussy pounded and then gives anal a try for the first time…she manages to take the guy’s hard cock in her ass all the way and fucks him for a few but I think the pain was a bit much because soon she convinced him to switch holes and fuck her pussy again, but his price for the switchover was that he shot his load inside her cunt for an ambush creampie to finish off this hot scene. Hopefully Leo sticks around in the industry, we can always use more young gorgeous redheads willing to take a dick in the ass for cash!

Close Encounter with Shae Summers


Shae summers close encounters hd love

We’ve seen her before on HD Love but Shae Summers is one of those girls who just gets hotter and hotter every time she appears! In this update she’s going in for a massage and when the masseuse unveils that incredible body he can’t help but pop wood, which is pretty understandable. Shae notices but keeps her cool as he oils her up and runs his strong hands all over her juicy round ass and those perfect big tits, but when he moves between her thighs and replaces his hands with his tongue and lips she can’t stifle her moans! The masseuse’s clothes drop to the floor and Shae gets a nice mouthful of dick, giving him a fantastic blowjob before spreading her legs to get that sweet wet pussy fucked. At one point she decides to turn the tables and has the guy lay down for a massage and she works his cock with her hands before riding him some more and then taking a huge facial cumshot to finish off this close encounter! If you missed her first scene on the site make sure you take a look, it’s fucking spectacular as well.

Nadine and Evi


Nadine and evi on aa

Naughty flight attendants Evi and Nadine are both in town at the same time and you know what that means…time for a little hot hardcore group grope action! They head to Ray’s house and his buddy Justin is already there, camera at the ready to capture all the hotness for Amateur Allure. These girls start the party by themselves, making out and grabbing each others titties, licking pussy and ass like natural born lesbians…they both have a soft spot for hard cock though so when the guys unzip and let their cranks out to play the girls are all about it, taking turns blowing one guy after the other until all four of them were in an all out fuckfest! It’s one hot messy orgy as the girls get those pussies slammed until the guys have shot their loads which they kiss between them for a little cum swapping before swallowing them down…I don’t even remember the last time we got an orgy scene from Amateur Allure but this one is more than making up for lost time!

Spencer Scott


There’s never a shortage of beautiful busty blondes in lingerie on the internet but then again the demand never goes down either so it’s a good thing there’s such a steady stream of hotties like Spencer Scott here showing off their big fake tits and nice round asses as they prance around in skimpy lingerie with thigh high stockings, garter belts and lacy bras. Spencer looks a little like the dragon chick in Game of Thrones doesn’t she? Daenerys or something like that right? Maybe it’s just me but she looks like a dead ringer to me and that makes this Twistys photoshoot even hotter.



Beautiful blonde Cody looks great in lingerie but once she takes it off it looks like her tits are trying to escape under her armpits, she has room for a third boob between them like that lady in Total Recall! Cody does have a great ass though and a nice pretty face, so a weird boob job isn’t exactly the end of the world and it certainly doesn’t mess up this photoshoot. Hell who knows, maybe that’s just the way her tits grew but that sure doesn’t look natural to me. Man she looks great masturbating though, her knees all pulled up as she sits in that chair…hot as hell!

Tessa Flowers


Cosmid just can’t get enough of beautiful busty auburn-haired Tessa Flowers and neither can we! If you love big soft bouncy beautiful tits attached to a stunningly cute girl, Tessa will be right up your alley. In this photoshoot she shows off the aforementioned boobs, peeling out of her top and taking her bra off to let those big melons out to play, then pulling off her ripped-up jeans to hang out in just her cute panties. With breasts this big I’d imagine Tessa gets a little sore standing up too long which is why she lays down on the couch and relaxes, looking sexy as hell!

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