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Bryci Selfshot Ride


Bryci Self Shot Ride

I love me some Bryci videos, they’re actually some of the best porn you will see on the internet but her pictures also are really great.  I am not allowed to post videos but I think this will due for most of you.  Bryci has a dildo that kind of sticks to anything and in this picture she is riding it in another one she has it stuck to the mirror and is giving it to herself doggystyle.  If there is a video attached to this picture gallery then I am going to be in heaven, if not I will survive, going to go check the members area right after this LOL.  She has such a nice pussy, shaven tight it’s everything you could ask for and more.  Then lets get to that big round ass of hers that is perfect fact, I won’t let anyone despute it.  The gallery has a lot of sexy images but you’re going to love the penetration so go on and check it out already!

Ashley Hairy Pussy


This is just a crazy site I have to say.  These white guys go over to a bunch of different Asian countries and find girls to fuck.  The real crazy part as you can see right here is that he doesn’t wrap his shit up.  Instead he is just raw doggying these Asian girls hairy pussies.  If that isn’t bad enough how about him cumming inside of these girls?  I mean he probably doesn’t give as hit because he just leaves after a week or something and will never see them again.  Anyways here is a girl named Ashley you don’t really get to see her face much just her super hairy pussy and then she is bent over and finished doggystyle.  The ending in this video is a mystery if you want to find out you’re just going to have to pony up and join their site.

Group Sex


X art orgy

Strap on your socks because this X Art update is about to knock them right off! It’s like a hardcore all-star game of hotness as Angelica, Susie and Heidi have a cocktail party with their two guy pals and of course with this much sexual tension in the air you just know it’s going to turn into something special…sure enough the clothes start melting off and this party turns into a sweet group sex orgy featuring three of the hottest girls on the planet! There are more perfect tits and tight asses here than you can shake your dick at, although you’re welcome to try…these guys are right to fistbump and high five after they finish fucking this trio of beauties. Dark haired Heidi acts as the bridge between two couples, sucking one guy’s dick as she gets fucked from behind by the other…the whole thing is glorious and we’ve got it all here for you!

Home From Shopping


Passion hd home from shopping

When Addison Avery came home from shopping she found her girlfriend Brooke Wylde lounging in bed, ready to get her pussy eaten out which Addison is more than happy to take care of! Their guy pal shows up and figures two beautiful naked ladies is the perfect opportunity to get his huge cock out and bang the pair of them…Addison and Brooke take turns getting their wet holes filled to the brim with hard man-meat…both girls are sexy and hot in different ways; Brooke has those huge tits and a big round juicy ass and Addison is more of a spinner, but they are both sexy as hell and look great getting fucked hard and deep by this lucky fella on Passion HD.

Rilynn Rae


Rilynn rae for massage girls 18

I just can’t get over those tits Rilynn Rae has! They’re big and full and completely fucking perfect but don’t look like a horrible fake boobjob like lots of pornstars are sporting nowadays. She’s the masseuse of the day at Massage Girls 18 and I’ve gotta say, I like her technique of climbing up on top of her client topless to rub him down! I wish some of the girls I get massages from would do that but I’m sure they’d have to triple the cost. Rilynn isn’t necessarily the best massage therapist around but that’s ok, that’s obviously not what this site is all about deep down…she is absolutely gorgeous with a body that would melt steel with its hotness and she gives this guy the rubdown of his life! By that I mean she sucks his cock and then rides his dick until he shoots his load all over her perfect round ass, of course.

Aidra Fox


Aidra fox on fucked hard 18

The guys at Fucked Hard 18 seem to have just a neverending stream of gorgeous girls ready to collect on a free nude massage offer! This update features Aidra Fox, a beautiful newcomer with an incredible body and even hotter face, who strips out of her little denim shorts and pink panties to hop up on the massage table ready to get all her worries rubbed away. She gets oiled up and once the masseuse gets a load of that perfect ass of hers he immediately pops wood, which Aida is more than happy to grab and suck! That’s basically the green light for this guy and he climbs up on the table to join her, fucking that sweet pussy from behind and getting her to mount him and go for a nice ride before shooting his load all over her pussy and stomach.

Snowy Hot Tub


Val midwest hot tub

It might officially be Spring now but that doesn’t mean it’s not still cold and snowy as hell in a few places…check out this photoshoot from Val Midwest as she goes for a steamy dip in the hot tub while snow falls all around her! She keeps her big fuzzy hat on but that’s about it as she strips out of her bikini to hang out naked in the bubbling water, standing up for a bit to masturbate for us with her vibrator in this hot scene from her own website! This girl is cute as hell with a great body and a fun personality, definitely worth a look if you ask me.

Spunky Teen Is Back!


Spunky Teen Is Back

The spunky teen is back and looking better then ever I would say!  She couldn’t even stay away from that Girls Do Porn cock for more then a month!  She is looking hotter then ever and her story for being back is that she crashed her car and broke up with her boyfriend.  I don’t really give a shit why she is back I am just glad she is!  It should be like a self esteem boaster for girls who get to come back on Girls Do Porn.  That’s when you know your hot, you can put that on your resume.  Your boss won’t even be mad he will just be impressed I promise girls.  I can never tell with videos and pictures but to me this girl looks pretty tall, she has a banging body.  Nice hour glass figure, a ass to die for and nice full titties.  I don’t see how a guy would ever break up with a girl like this.  Oh right, when she did a porn behind your back.  Not saying that happened just saying that probably happened.  You guys know the drill by now, if you’re not a Girls Do Porn member you’re a dick, you should be stop being cheap.  Other then that I have some news, I was prowling the internet for Girls Do Porn stuff and I heard a little rumor that they’re starting a new site called .  Pretty stoked for that, hopefully the guys who run this site will hurry the fuck up, yea I’m talking to you.

Zoey Monroe Anal on TLHC


Zoey Monroe on Teens Love Huge Cocks

I got a nice big booty girl wearing some tight jeans pants and getting fucked in the ass.  This is a butt lovers dream right here and it’s not even from a anal site.  It’s from Teens Love Huge Cocks a site that finds petite girls and matches them up with one monster dick.  It’s very rare that you see a girl doing anal with a big cock because well that hurts.  Zoey Monroe however prefers to have that butt of hers plugged up as much as possible.  She does take the dick for a spin in her shaven little pussy but quickly just puts it back in her ass.  They have everything oiled up real nice so it’s just slipping in and out of there like a wet pussy.  This is the first time that they have actually ever done anal on their site.  It’s nice to know they’re not opposed to going against the grain, they’re always looking to please their members!  You really get a little bit of everything in this not so short video I have for you guys.  She starts off sucking this guys cock, he puts it in her pussy and then slips it in her ass.  When he see’s how much she likes it he goes the entire time just fucking that big plump butt of hers.



Summer Exploited College Girls

I saw this girl over at Exploited College Girls and was pretty fucking stoked!  I was down to see a real deal college girl that is super hot fucked but the thing is this girl didn’t want to be there like at all.  Summer was pretty wack during the parts where she was getting fucked I mean she literally just laid their and let Steve get after that puffed up pussy of hers.  Oh, I almost forgot you guys remember Steve from like the really early Exploited College Girls scenes?  Well is he made a return for this girl probably because of how hot she was.  I bet he wasn’t to happy afterwards!  So supposedly this girl agreed to do this scene but she wanted to limited the amount of sex in the video seriously.  She was okay with sucking dick I mean she actually looked happy there.  When she was being fucked though is was sad Panda the entire time.  She also licked Steve’s ass and I am not saying like for 30 seconds or whatever but for minutes and minutes I mean she was a ass licking machine.  So weird to be against getting fucked a bunch but sure I will eat this random’s guys ass this is fun.  Another thing I don’t get why would a girl even do this if she didn’t want to be there?  Sure she could really need the money but why not make the best of it instead of being a sour puss.  I mean no matter what your friends are going to see this wouldn’t you rather have them see you just banging a guy super good vs being a dead fish during sex?  Anyways, I am still posting the video because well it’s bad, it’s good at the same time so enjoy!



Jamie Net Video Girls

This girl is really freaking cute her name is Jamie and she is trying to get on a rap video in this new update from Net Video Girls.  The girl is all kinds of weirded out by the fact that she is in some guys condo but the smooth talking Net Video Girls guy has no problem lying to her and telling her that they usually meet up with girls at the office on Hollywood BLVD.  This girl is asking all kinds of questions and you think she would figure out it’s all a ruse but she doesn’t.  She just wants to believe that she is going to be in a rap video more then she believes this is all fake.  Well this guy talks to her for a long time but finally gets her into a mind set that if she fucks him he will her the job.  She hasn’t even fucked a black guy before so that pussy of hers has a very hard time getting pounded by him.  At one point she is riding him and she does such a good job he almost cums inside of her so he throws her off and that’s when she tells him she can no longer take that dick.  No problem Jamie, you can just get your face fucked instead LOL!  That’s exactly what he did.  This girl is a natural redhead and she has some nice big perky tits I think most of you will like.  She is thick, I wouldn’t say chubby or anything like that, it’s a nice body for sure and seeing her fuck is really fuck so go on and check out the gallery already!

Girlfriends 4 Ever


Girlfriends 4 Ever

I was debating whether or not to post this I mean it’s shemales and I have never posted shemales before.  I decided there is a first for everything so we will start off with some shemale toon porn.  I know this isn’t called Hentai but it’s going in that category because I am just not making a whole other section for 3D porn unless you guys really start liking this shit.  So this scene is Girlfriends 4 Ever and is like a video game or something?  I don’t really know and don’t plan on investigating it more.  However, if you like this then go ahead and tell me what it’s all about after you bought the game.  This isn’t just the first girlfriends that has been released I do believe it’s the 4th  hence why they call it Girlfriends 4 Ever.

Olga Sorokina


Everytime I am over at Taxi Driver’s site I always see celebrities I have no idea who they are. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that this chick with big floppy tits just isn’t that famous. her name is Olga Sorokina and if you want to check out her to find out more go ahead. She is some kind of Belarusian model I don’t even know what that means. She had a big mishap on the red carpet as you can see those big tits of hers sneaked out of her jacket. I mean those things are quite saggy but I think if she took off the whole jacket I would like them.

Girl Next Door Nice Naturals


I have no idea what this girls name is but man she has a great great. I love natural big boobs that hang like this on a girl. It’s kind of a voyeur view you’re getting in this gallery. The guy is like peaking over a balcony at her or something. The other pictures are professionally done and in all of them she is wearing this little black dress, or I think it’s probably more lingerie. If a girl wore this to the club I think they wouldn’t let her it it’s that sexy.

Jayde Nicole


Jayde Nicole has to be famous or something she is just way too hot! Once again Playboy is the site that gets to her naked every day I have to thank these guys for getting girls this hot in the nude. I said I think she is famous because as you guys SHOULD know Playboy does a lot of celebrity nudes, I imagine they have to have the most out of any other site on the Internet. I mean on at one point that’s a pretty big celebrity, I do realize that of her but still pretty big.

Sara Luvv 8th Street Latinas


Sara Luvv is on 8th Street Latinas. It’s a really really good scene and I am a dick for not posting this earlier because it’s been out for a long time now. Sometimes things like this just slipt through the cracks. 8th Street Latina’s is a site I don’t really post much, it’s dedication to only Latina girls and is part of the Reality Kings network of sites. Anytime you can join a site plus get access to 38 other sites that right there is a good deal and you shouldn’t pass it up. Sara is so petite and in this scene she is fucking a guy who has a dick as big as her arm. You wouldn’t believe how deep he is able to go and how much Sara loves fucking this guy. When she got into porn she only fucked her boyfriend but I bet after seeing all the big dicks in porn she decided that she needed to dump her man and try out one of these other dicks.

Emily Grey


Emily Grey on Casting Couch X

It looks like Sara Luvv isn’t the only one who brings their boyfriend to a casting couch interview!  Here is yet another very unique scene from Casting Couch X with a new girl Emily Grey.  She brought her boyfriend to the set because this is the only guy she wants to fuck during her porn career.  You realize if she did that and ended up marrying him would she still be considered slutty.  I mean she has probably slept with less guys then most girls have, she just happens to let people in on her sex life.  That’s probably a whole nother subject with a whole different audience you guys just want to see the porn!  Emily Grey is brand new girl she is Asian of some kind, watch I am going to be wrong about that some how.  The guy who is her talent agent who usually fucks the girls does the interview with the couple and the filming as well.  At first I thought he finally showed his face when I was watching the preview but then I got the whole story behind it.

Asian Sin With Alina Li


Alina Li Evil Angel Asian Sin

This is a awesome new Evil Angel scene starring one of my favorite new pornstars Alina Li.  Alina has such a nice tight pussy, I mean it’s perfect.  That big fat ass of hers on her petite little body don’t know how you can’t like this girl.  She is one of the hottest Asian pornstars out right now and I love her cute little accent.  She has done some amazing scene probably my favorite though would be the one she did for Teen Fidelity.  This one is good too don’t get me wrong I like that she is wearing these fishnet stockings and is all dolled up.  The video doesn’t have much fucking though because the guy kept complaining about almost cumming as soon as he put his dick in that tight little hole.  I mean you can see he is trying not to blow his load he keeps pulling out after like 3 puts.  Alina Li has sone a bunch of scene for Evil Angel all of them part DVD’s they put out.  That reminds me I need to tell you guys how much of a deal you’re getting by joining Evil Angels site.  You know usually a DVD cost like $59.99 well you can join Evil Angel for $29.95 a month or $7.95 a month if you pay for a full years membership up front.  That’s one hell of a savings I would say.  Alright now the other DVD’s that Alina Li has been on are: Slurpy Throatsluts 2, Strap Some Boyz 2, Brand New Girls Scene #3, Santa’s Little Helper, Asian Fuck Faces 3.

Katie Banks Terminators Dick


Katie Banks Terminators Cock

When I think of a “Babe” this is the first girl that pops into my head.  Her name is Katie Banks and if you visit our site enough you know that she has been just posing nude for all the years she has done her site.  She has never actually masturbated, maybe in her cam shows but I have never caught one of those before.  Well, it looks like now the cat is out of the bed and we are going to get to see this babe of babes fucking her pussy and using vibrators on her clit like every other girl in the free world.  In this scene she is fucking “terminators cock” you get it the silver dildo, terminator is silver… Anyways… She is dressed up in sexy purple lingerie, I wonder just how much lingerie she has every single update she does she is in a different set.  She poses naked showing those tits and then she starts to give the dildo a blowjob.  I had the dildo blowjob I don’t know why it just doesn’t do it for me but almost every girl does it that is masturbating.  There are some guys with a better imagination then me I suppose.

Bryci Head In Pigtails


Bryci Head In Pigtails

Hopefully one day I can show you guys a video of Bryci having sex or giving head like in this gallery but for now that is against the rules so you will just have to do with picture galleries.  I am fact a member of Bryci’s site because I like to support a site that I think is well done and Bryci is probably one of the best solo girl sites out there right now.  I will admit mostly I think that because she is super hot and she does hardcore, but that means a lot to most of us I think.  Bryci starts off in some a set of panties and bra that matches she fingers herself while her boyfriend takes some pictures.  I guess seeing his girl fingering her tight little pussy turn him on and Bryci decided to be a good girlfriend (when is she not) and get rid of that boner for him.

Talia Shepard Shower Dildo


Talia Shepard Shower Dildo

The busty and always beautiful Talia Shepard has a couple new galleries I will be going through.  The first is her in the shower doing a strip tease / wet t-shirt thing for her members.  She didn’t come into the shower alone  she actually brings in a glass dildo that is ribbed so she can give that pussy a little loving while she is in there.  I also wanted to mention do you guys see that her tattoo’s are almost gone?  That’s pretty amazing I must say, I guess that whole lazer thing really does work.  Talia has had her own site for some time and she is kind of a freak inside the members area.  She has a face like she should be a good girl, the tits obviously make you question that though.  Inside the members area though you see her masturbating, anal play all types of stuff you just have to join this amazing girls site!

Veronica Radke


Veronica radke on povd

Coming straight at your lucky little eyeballs in ultra high definition video and 3d audio, Veronica Radke and her dude are playing a little game of Strip Checkers in this POVD update! Veronica’s not all too good at the game but she does love showing off those huge tits of hers, so as she loses pieces she’s more than happy to lose clothing at the same time, stripping down with a smile and a giggle. Soon she’s totally naked, getting her big boobs sucked and then giving a nice blowjob before laying back on the couch to get her pussy filledu p with cock! The whole scene is in first person perspective and switches back and forth from the guy to Veronica so you get to see that gorgeous body of hers from multiple angles as she gets pounded, working a big creamy load out of her man’s big cock. It’s basically the next best thing to actually being there and sticking your dick in a beautiful pornstar, so hey thanks POVD!

FTV Farrah and Natasha


Farrah on ftv girls

You wanted it and you got it! Natasha White is back for round two on FTV Girls, but this update is a sort of duo of both her and new model, curvy redhead Farrah. They’re not like in a girl-girl update together or anything, they’re both sort of short updates so FTV decided to do both at once I guess. Anyway you already know Natasha, with that tight little ass and perky tits of hers, and this bonus update has footage of her naked in public and fucking herself with cucumbers or something. The new girl Farrah is beautiful, enthusiastic and has a fucking smokin hot body with nice big bouncy titties, not to mention a fantastic butt! She doesn’t mind getting naked in public, doing nude cartwheels on a golf course and scampering around wearing nothing but a big ol grin, having just the time of her life shooting for one of the best sites out there in my opinion.

Bridget Blonde


Bridget on ecg

I don’t know if this girl Bridget just got dumped or something and has something to prove or if she’s just this fucking sexy all the time but as soon as the clothes start coming off for this Exploited College Girls update she is rocking this guy’s world! If she did get dumped her ex is a fucking idiot, because this girl can rock a cock like nobody’s business…watch her suck the cameraman’s dick, deepthroating him until she gags, before showing off that beautiful tight little butt and getting fucked from behind while she tickles her clit with her fingers! She’s got tons of girl-next-door sexuality and has a great time getting fucked, not just going through the motions or whatever, and man does it make a difference. She ends up getting rewarded with a huge cumshot to the mouth, but I think my favorite part is when the guy has his foot on her face while he’s pounding her pussy, just cracks me up and Bridget loves it! She already picked out a porn name in case she gets into the adult industry, so keep an eye and a dick out for Bridget Blonde.



When you go outside and it’s still like almost freezing it’s a little hard to believe it’s springtime now…well, turn that right around on its ass with this photoshoot from Met Art featuring Viola, an absolutely stunning and quite top-heavy babe with a smile and a penchant for hanging out naked outdoors! She shows off those huge perfect breasts as she strips out of her bikini by the poolside, ready for a nice relaxing day of sunbathing and fun. It might not exactly be summertime weather yet but things are starting to heat up if you ask me!

Hayley Coppin


This long-haired blonde is Hayley Marie Coppin and in this photoshoot from her website Hayleys Secrets she’s not leaving much to the imagnation! I’m not sure what’s left to be a secret, she’s hanging out completely naked on a glass chair showing off pretty much every inch of that body so she’s pretty much letting any secrets out into the open if you ask me. She does have great tits though…when she’s sitting on a chair like this it’s hard to say if she has a nice butt or not but from the looks of things it’s not terrible at least, that’s about all I can say. Great tits though, let me reiterate that!

Tiana Nicole


Man, what can’t a great pair of tits and a spectacular ass do…it doesn’t matter how shitty your day might be, or how crappy the weather is outside or how unstable the economy is, as soon as a nice pair of tits and a sweet tight ass pop on the screen it’s like sunshine and happiness come shooting into your eyes! Tiana Nicole is the guest of honor in this Playboy update as she lounges in her thigh high striped tube socks, showing off those perky boobs and especially that butt of hers.

Joey and Friends


Joey and her two sexy girlfriends get into some seriously hot antics when they’re at the house all alone, and now thanks to the site We Live Together we get invited along for the fun! These three strip each other down and make out, shaking those perfect tits and shaking their butts before getting down to it, eating out each others pussies and maybe even pulling out a strapon to fuck each other with! Three hot lesbians all in one house getting naked and fucking, what wouldn’t you give to be the next door neighbor to this house with a window facing them am I right!

Charlotte Springer


I like how Charlotte Springer goes through a little range of emotions in this photoshoot from her own website…she’s stripping out of her frilly bikini by the river and when she gets those big tits out finally looks up and notices we’re watching! She gets surprised, then realizes she loves the attention and gets that sexy seductive look in her eyes, grabbing her huge boobs and giving us that supermodel pose she does so well. This girl is an absolute stunner with perfect boobs and a great bouncy juicy booty too, and looks just as good in a bikini as she does out of it!

Panty Pops August Ames


When you have a porn site you find the weirdest fetishes and this one is weird but not that weird.  I have never actually heard of it before and Evil Angel is on DVD #9 with it.  It’s called Panty Pops and I think it’s basically girls in sexy underwear rubbing their asses on a guy until he cums.  So it’s like a lap dance of some kind… I am not really sure the video of it is not very long but you know Evil Angel doesn’t give away anything for free these guys are as professional as it gets.  The real reason I am hooking you guys up with this is because August Ames is starring in this Panty Pop and I fucking love this girl.  She has one amazing body and she just seems like a cool ass chick.

Jazmyn Perfect Tits


I can’t believe how hot Jazmyn is looking here.  I have to give it to Bang Bros because they find a hot girl and they get her to come back again and again.  This is the 16th  scene that she has done for Bang Bros and I don’t even have half that many on my site.  I am ashamed but lucky for you guys I am not scared to send you other places you just have to promise to come back.  So if you want more of Jazmyn here then go over to her .  In this update she is first getting a tan on the beach when the camera asks her to take off her top.  She doesn’t have a problem showing off her breasts I mean the only problem with it is all the jealous faces she gets from other woamn.  Jazmyn struts her stuff around the beach and all the way back to the house where she gets fucked but a big black dick right on the kitchen counter.

Shae and Tessa


This is a rather large gallery at least picture wise from my buddy over at  Can’t blame him though because We Live Together just came out with a hot new video of Shae Summers.  She is the girl getting her face sat on in this picture right here.  As you can see Shae has a perfect set of big natural tits and look how perfect that pussy is?  If that isn’t enough then go to the gallery and see her face I mean the girl is a perfect 10.  She has been on We Live Together once before in a episode called Girlie Grind with Abigail Mac.  This one is with a girl I have never heard of before but with the tattoo’s she has she will be easy to find from now on!  Her name is Tessa Arias and her and Shae are all dressed up in school girl uniforms going to Shae’s house because her parents are out of town.   They get inside the house and waste no time starting to have lesbian sex, both girls having black stockings on because of the uniform and they keep them on throughout the video.  The video that you’re actually going to see in this gallery is of what is pictured above Tessa grinding her pussy of Shae’s face.

All About Anna


X art all about amy

When Anna Morna is feeling a little frisky she doesn’t particularly care if there’s another person in the bed with her or not, she’s going to have a great time regardless! This X-art update is all about Anna as she spends some quality alone-time on her bed, taking pictures of herself and pleasuring that perfect tight pussy with her fingers and her little pink toy until she orgasms! Some girls in this industry have things of horror between their thighs, looking like a bulldog that just ate some mayonnaise down there, but Anna does in fact have a perfect pussy. There’s no disputing facts here.



Net video girls sabrina

You saw her just recently get introduced to the way Net Video Girls does things by sexy Ashley in the Ashley Attacks update, so there’s no beating around the bush this time as Sabrina returns to have her very own hardcore scene! She gets down to business quickly, dropping to her knees to get the cameraman’s big hard cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob, then spinning around to show off that round juicy booty and get fucked from behind nice and deep! This girl’s got a great body and is rocking the hell out of it in this update, riding cock and working that sweet tight shaved pussy up and down on his meat until he fulfills her wish from the last episode and dumps a load right into her mouth and all over her face!

Buttplug Fun


Briana lee extreme buttplug fun

As a fan of the back door, Briana Lee knows how she likes to pleasure her own ass! In this photoshoot from her own site Briana Lee Extreme, she’s got a new buttplug and is showing us what she likes to do with it as she poses in front of a window in what looks like St Louis, if that arch outside the window is any indication! I’m like Sherlock Holmes here but without the English accent. It’s no mystery what makes Briana so hot though; besides her beautiful exotic face she’s got those scrumptious big titties and a very nice ass, and it’s great to see that she loves playing with that booty, maybe she’ll be down for some hardcore anal sometime!

Workbench Beauty


Sexy pattycake workbench

Sexy Pattycake is at her workbench ready to do some erecting in this photoshoot from her own site! The picture quality isn’t the best, it looks like these are screencaps from a video or something but hey, any chance to see those glorious huge tits of hers is an opportunity worth grabbing! Watch Patty strip down out of her ‘work uniform’ to get down to business in her sexy red lingerie, looking like she’d love to get down to some serious hammering and screwing! Are there any more workbench puns i can sling out or are you ready to watch this hot blonde shake her stuff? Thought so.

Hottie in the Woods


Nikki sims in the woods

We’ve seen her showing off that sexy body plenty of times indoors but an outdoor set featuring the lovely Nikki Sims is a rare pleasure! She’s got her pink flannel and blue panties so she’s not exactly camouflaged as she kicks around the woodpile, grabbing her big boobs and playing with her nipples before shaking that sexy butt of hers to drive us crazy! I’m sure the logs on the ground aren’t the only hard wood around after a photoshoot like this…ok that was a terrible joke, sorry about that. Nikki does look hot as hell though, so just concentrate on that instead of on my bad puns.



Corinne on photodromm

I have a hard time describing a woman as having a perfect body but man oh man Corinne here is putting that to the test in this Photodromm picture set! She starts out wearing just a little pair of boyshorts but quickly gets completely naked as she hangs out in a pool getting water thrown onto her or sprayed from a hose or something. Either way she looks like an absolute dream as she gets nice and wet, water cascading down over her big perfect breasts and that sweet sexy round fuckable ass! She’s got a gorgeous face and the above mentioned tits and butt but let’s not forget about those sexy hips of hers…this chick is just the whole damn package! In my humble opinion. Not that I’m very humble.

Gianna Nicole


Gianna nicole for povd

The view from the top floor is pretty breathtaking, especially when you’re looking from the top of Gianna Nicole‘s head like in the beginning of this POVD update called Highrise Hookup! That’s because not only do you get to see the view of the street below, you also get to look down at her big squeezable titties! She wanders inside to the bathroom where her guy pal is taking a shower and the perspective goes back and forth from hers to his, making you feel like you’re right there in the room fucking Gianna (or that you are Gianna sucking cock and getting fucked if that’s your jam). The video resolution on this site is incredible, I know I mention it like every time for POVD sets but it’s true, it has to be seen to be believed. When I first saw this scene from POVD I thought I had already posted it before but in fact I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was thinking of the scene she did for POV Life. It is good but come on nothing can beat POVD!

Emma Stoned


Emma for exploited college girls

This stunning piece of coed ass is Emma, and I’m just gonna come out and say she is absolutely fucking hot from head to toe. Perfect tight little spinner body as she strips down for this Exploited College Girls update, perky b-cup boobies with nipples like eraserheads, a face you could imagine on the cover of a magazine, and the sexual skills of a hollywood streetwalker! Well maybe not QUITE that last one but damn, this chick knows her stuff…she deepthroats this guy and gets him hard as a rock, then lays on her back and suggests he facefucks her which he’s more than happy to do before slipping into that sweet little pussy and fucking her to multiple orgasms. She’s got her glasses on and I guess that’s because she knew she’d be getting a nice big facial and didn’t want it getting all over her eyes! I seriously would not be suprised if this chick gets into the adult industry, she says she has a name picked out already and everything. It’s Emma Stoned, in case you’re wondering or wanna write it down for future reference!

Games We Play


Passion hd games we play

Sexy starlet Alexis Adams might suck at Jenga but she sure knows how to work those huge tits of hers and have a little fun outside of the gaming table, as you can see in this Passion HD update called Games We Play! She’s knocked over her tower of blocks but is ready to start a new game as her guy comes downstairs, scooping her up in his arms to kiss her passionately. Soon she’s on her knees sucking his cock and then getting fucked, and the guy looks like he’s having way more fun doing that than whatever the hell he was fooling around with upstairs! I guess he was playing pool or something but he’s getting a lot more enjoyment with a stick and balls by pounding Alexis’s wet pussy and giving her a facial than by knocking a stripe into the corner pocket.

Anissa Kate


I can just imagine this guy and his wife going through the brochure at a housecleaning agency looking for maids and Anissa Kate’s profile came up and the guy was like OHH THIS ONE PLEASE PLEASE! I guess his wife would have had to know that he’d want to fuck the maid when her agency profile photo was a nude, so apparently she was A-OK with things! What a service she provides, too…not only does she keep the kitchen counters clean, she bends over them to get fucked in that sweet round ass! She loves a good anal session and that’s just what she’s getting in this hot hardcore scene after sucking off her employer and getting him hard as a rock.

Kelly Cabo San Lucas


Kelly Madison and her husband Ryan Madison have been out vacationing recently at least according to her personal website.  This scene right here was filmed in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas.  The porn couple went out on the town and had a couple of libations before coming home and fucking until they fell asleep.  This couple is serious when it comes to vacation because they didn’t leave home without their vibrator.  It’s not one of those small ones either this thing is like a plug into the wall type of vibrator and I even imagine they brought a extenstion cord with them LOL!  Kelly Madison does like her orgasms as you will see multiple times in this video.  The couple uses the sex toy throughout the video.  Kelly rides some dick and then is thrown on her back where Ryan pounds his wifes pussy until he cums inside of it.

AJ Anal Fanatic 6


Elegant Angel chose wisely for their cover girl in their latest release called Anal Fanatic 6.  That’s right if you like girls taking it up the butt Elegant Angel has a series that is 6 deep now.  From the looks of just this cover I can tell you that you’re going to want to see it!  AJ Applegate is the cover girl if you guys can’t read but she isn’t the only one of this DVD they ahve 3 other models with perfect round butts too.  First they have Gabriella Paltrova then a cute black girl named Skin Diamond and one of my personal favorites Mischa Brooks.  I didn’t even know that Mischa was doing anal now.  When you have a bubble butt like hers and you’re in porn it’s just a matter of time before you do it though.  I mean all your fans want to see it, the longer you wait though the bigger the payday so I am sure Mischa got paid a shit ton, pun intended.  Anyways instead of buying the DVD I would suggest you just join Elegant Angel’s membership you can join for as low as $7.95 and that right there is like a sore dick you can’t beat it.

Sensual Jane Returns


Sensual jane back on reality kings

If you haven’t heard about Sensual Jane by now there’s almost no hope left for you…luckily you’ve got a pal like me here to clue you in on this big breasted hottie! This is the second time she’s been on the Reality Kings site Big Naturals, and I’d have to say it’s even hotter than the first! Jane has some of the finest huge natural breasts in the industry as far as I’ve seen…I mean there are plenty of store-bought tits that are bigger than these but there’s just something incredible about natural boobs that are just massive and bouncy and full! In this update she’s not just getting those big funbags out, she’s riding her man’s cock and taking it deep in her sweet pussy as she spreads her legs wide…it’s a hell of a sight to behold I promise you. Once your appetite is whetted by this and the first time she was on Big Naturals, make sure you check her out on a few other RK sites like Mikes Apartment and Euro Sex Parties too! You can thank me later.

Sex Ed


Dakota skye gf revenge

Incredibly sexy exotic blonde Dakota was getting a little studying done when her boyfriend wandered up with his camcorder, hoping to talk her into a little sweet sexytime…she demurred but hey when your girl looks this hot and is wearing a schoolgirl outfit you don’t give up right away! This guy persists and I guess Dakota was feeling pretty horny because she eventually gave in, letting him rub her pussy through her panties and then sucking his cock before giving up on her books and fucking his brains out! She’s got that amazing tight little spinner body with a perfect ass and nice perky boobies so of course the guy spun her around and fucked her from behind, keeping the camera rolling the whole time. I don’t know if they broke up over it or what but the footage got sent in to GF Revenge and now Dakota Skye is a budding pornstar, so take that as you will!

Sweet Surrender


X art sweet surrender

There’s quite a bit to be said for giving up control at some point, in a sexual situation especially! Blonde stunner Tiffany F and her girlfriend, the always sexy Clover, were playing around in bed one day and decided to bring a little submission and bondage into the mix! Clover gets her wrists wrapped up in a fabric strip and her eyes covered with a blindfold, giving up control to Tiffany who proceeds to kiss and lick every inch of that perfect body! Soon these two sexy lesbians trade spots, with Clover licking and fingering Tiffany’s tight hole until they’re both moaning with pleasure in this very hot X-art update. If you’re a fan of bondage or lesbians or perky boobies or pussy eating or just hot chicks in general, do yourself a favor and kick back to give this a watch.

Ashley Attacks Sabrina


Nvg ashley attacks sabrina

Generally in the Attack type videos on Net Video Girls the way it works is one of the girls who has been on the site before comes back and helps them out by basically acting as a decoy to get a new girl comfortable and get her to agree to get naked and get lesbian and then get fucked on camera. This time Ashley is the attacker but she’s the only one who gives a blowjob and gets fucked…the new girl Sabrina never did quite get pounded but as things progress it’s pretty apparent that she’s getting into it, rubbing her pussy and even helping out with the filming! She promises to come back and says that the camera guy (or guys) can cum in her mouth after fucking her! I guess this is more of a lead-in than an Attack…well, at least we get to enjoy sexy Ashley getting pounded.

Erica Fontes


Erica fontes on povd

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of huge fake tits but Erica Fontes is doing a pretty good job of changing my mind in this update from POVD! Maybe it’s the fact that the resolution of the video is so high that it’s like being right there in the room while this blonde hottie gets pounded…those big bouncy boobies of hers go for a nice dance as she gets her pussy filled up with dick in this first-person perspective, and when the guy cums he shoots his load all over her pussy and she rubs it into her clit like lube or something. Keep an eye out for the face she makes as she plays with the guy’s jizz, it’s fucking priceless. Other than that expression she’s smokin hot though so don’t be discouraged! The name of this update is Loft Fucking which isn’t exactly imaginative but hey it’s descriptive, she’s getting fucked in a loft so boom there ya go.

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