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Steak and Blowjob Day


Well you missed it by a couple weeks if you’re only just now reading about Steak and Blowjob day here for the first time, but hey I figured better late than never and at this point it’s just considered research for next year. So Steak & BJ Day is on March 14th, mark it on your calendars for next year…if your girlfriend or wife or whatever isn’t too keen on sucking cock take a look at this sex dot com article, it gives some handy hints and tips on how to gently convince your main squeeze to give her knees a workout! Get ready for next year and you’ll be munching on a porterhouse while getting your knob gobbled in no time. Well, maybe a little time.

Sha Rizel


Scoreland has plenty of girls with big tits and sweet juicy round asses but Sha Rizel here is one of the hottest of the herd if you ask me! I don’t know if it’s just those huge boobs or what, this girl also has a sweet beautiful face with dick-sucking lips and lovely eyes, not to mention long flowing dark hair. In this photoshoot she’s hanging out in the kitchen, pulling off her top and squeezing her tits inside her purple bra that is just barely holding those melons in check. Sha loves stripping and of course loves all the attention she gets when she starts showing off that beautiful body of hers…can’t wait to see more of her on this site, I don’t remember seeing her on any others but hey who knows. If you find any, let me know!

Lea Lexis Anal Play


Nice ass all wrapped up in a bow for you guys.  This booty beongs to a hot girl named Lea Lexis.  Lea is pretty exotic looking in my opinion.  She  has a nice fit body with cute little small titties, her ass of course is the real draw with her.  In this scene she delivers because she knows that the Nutabu members want to see her take something up the ass so she uses a bunch of different toys including this big dildo you see here and puts them up her butt.  She has on some black stockings and just black lingerie in general and she has that pussy of hers perfectly shaven so you have something really nice to look at as she bangs her own ass with all sorts of toys.

Paula Shy Poolside Fuck


I have a girl that I love to post whenever I see her, her name is Paula Shy.  This scene is actually from a site I doubt I have ever had on my site before it’s called 18 Only Girls.  I tend to stay away from sites that are so specific like this but 18 Only Girls doesn’t just have 18 year olds because I can tell you Paula Shy is definitely older then that.  She has been around a while in porn and with a body like she has she will around for a lot longer I suspect.  She has perfect full natural tits and then you move down to her pussy and it’s even better.  It’s completely shaven (usually) and it’s just really really tight.  Now Paula definitely looks Asian to me but she is actually from the Czech Republic which I find weird.  I am still going to put her in my Asian category I am a badass like that.  So the video is mostly just Paula enjoying oral sex in the 69 position in this gallery but you do get a little video of her riding on some dick.

Shae and India Summer


I don’t know what it is with porn companies but any time two pornstars have similar names you can just count on the fact that they will do a video together at some point.  This one is a really good one with Shae Summers and India Summer.  It’ s not exactly the same last name but damn near close enough.  You would think this would be another Moms Bang Teens scene with India but instead it was shot for another one of Reality Kings website called MILF Hunter.  I mean it’s a pretty famous one, if not the most famous.  The reason it is on MILF Hunter is because well the guy who is behind those big tits that Shae has is Levy the guy who plays the MILF Hunter now.  So Shae loses to Levy in a game of tennis and part of his winnings is he gets to see her big natural tits and he gets a kiss from her.  Shae during their time together confeses she has a crush on her step mother who is played by India Summer.  Levy goes back to their house and he lets India know about her step daughters little crush and she is quite receptive to that because she knows her step daughter is fucking hot.  So when Levy gets Shae to pay up on this kiss she closes her eyes and instead of Levy kissing her India is and that’s enough to start this really amazing threesome that they had.

Ava Addams Fucks Sons Friend


In this Naughty America scene Ava Addams was caught by her sons friends kissing a guy who was not her husband goodbye.  Ava thinks on her feet and tells Tyler to meet her at her house and they can talk about it there. When he shows up to the house Ava answers the door wearing panties and her bra and is of course looking really really good. She tells Tyler that they can do this the hard way or the easy way. The hard way is Tyler snitches on her infidelity to her son and her husband and she looses everything. Or Tyler can just have some fun with her and have sex with her right here right now. Tyler of course chooses the later because no man is passing up a chance to fuck a MILF like this. They bang and Ava loves it and it ends with Ava getting cum squirted right in her face, Tyler after all gets to do whatever he wants cause he has dirt on her.

Girlfriend Seduction


Lexi povd

Usually POVD brings a hot and already established pornstar to the site for a sexy first person fuck session but this time I’ve gotta admit, I don’t recognize the girl! She is sexy as hell though in this scene called Girlfriend Seduction with big juicy bouncy titties and a pretty face as she gets drilled, lifting her legs in the air with those sexy knee high tube socks on…she sucks cock well and as I mentioned she looks amazing riding dick forwards and backwards, and since this is POVD you know you’ll be seeing every second of the action in amazing super high resolution. Lexi ends up with a mouthful of cum and also gets those big boobs creamed on, and looks pretty smug about it to tell you the truth. I can’t say I recognize the girl right off the bat but after a performance like this I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her.

Emma Stoned


Fh18 emma stoned

Ever since I saw this girl Emma Stoned in this update I’ve been keeping an eye out for her on other sites; I knew there was no way she’d be a one-off, she was way too hot! Sure enough, here she is on the site Fucked Hard 18 getting that sweet tight spinner body oiled up and rubbed down before she spreads her legs to get that pink pussy filled up with cock. She loves getting fucked, especially doggystyle, so when she got on her hands and knees on the massage table she was loving every second of the action and every inch of that dick! She got that sweet hole fucked hard and fast before the guy shot his load all over her perky little titties and onto her face as well.

Emily Grey


Massage girls 18 emily grey

This absolutely beautiful spinner is Emily Grey, you may have seen her on a couple of other sites before like this update but here on Massage Girls 18 she’s being a masseuse for the day, rubbing this guy up and down a little before going for his cock with her hands and mouth! She gives him a great blowjob before getting completely nude with that spectacular ass in the air. When this guy gets a look at that butt of hers he just couldn’t resist grabbing it, fucking that sweet pussy of hers from behind with that perfect round ass bouncing up and down! Emily is incredibly gorgeous in clothes and even hotter out of them, I get the feeling she’s just getting started in this industry and is gonna make quite a splash. Speaking of splashes the guy shoots his load all over her ass after fucking her, and she scoops it up to get a little taste!

Hannah Kinney


Hannah kinney back on zishy

A lot of girls get super self conscious about having pictures taken of them while they eat, but Hannah Kinney here knows she’s hot and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, she loves a good juicy burger and isn’t afraid to enjoy one while the Zishy cameras clicked! This isn’t the first time she’s been on the site and just like before she is sexy as hell in these shots, with just the right amount of curves to her hips and ass and tits. Watch Hannah enjoy a juicy burger and some dessert as she relaxes in the park, giving us some upskirt views and then flashing that perfect round ass at us, not to mention teasing with her nice big tits!

Sensual Jane Anal


Sensual Jane HD Love Anal

I have really failed you guys by not getting you this gallery sooner!  It’s a scene from HD Love with the beautiful Sensual Jane.  As you can see from this image I posted it’s not just a normal sex scene you get to see Sensual Jane fucked in the ass!  That’s something I just wouldn’t expect to ever see I mean Sensual Jane is so hot I am surprised we even get to see her having sex let alone having anal sex! I like how a natural big titty girl looks when she is laying on her side like this, and her tits are spilling over to one side. Then another thing I like is a girl in white lingerie. I am a stickler for color on lingerie, it has to be white or black but if I had to choose white would be it. I don’t know what it is but girls in white lingerie just look extra good in my humble opinion. My opinions are almost always right by the way. This gallery is actually pretty old I have forgotten about one of my favorite erotica sites HD Love until today! I will make sure they’re back in the rotation and I will catch up with their latest updates I promise for now though just enjoy this nice long scene of Sensual.

Lola Foxx Something Special


Lola Foxx on Teens Love Huge Cocks

I try and get these Teens Love Huge Cock videos out to you guys as soon as I a make them and I have to say today is pretty fast.  It’s a Saturday and I got this thing up pretty fast big pat on my back.  I thought Lola Foxx was looking so hot and on top of that I saw  and I thought to myself those are similar names I wonder if they have ever done a porn scene together and sure enough I found it.  The Foxes have been on Sex and Submission together if you guys want to check that out it’s pretty hardcore but if you’re into bondage you’re going to love it.  Alright back to this scene that is the main focus of today.  Lola is getting to fuck a big black cock but not before she sits on his face and covers it with that big ass of hers.  I think she is Latin of some kind but I don’t want to go on record with that.  I like how Teens Love Huge Cocks always puts their girls in some kind of hoodie, what’s the deal with that?  They have them wear crazy hats too.  I don’t mind too much because they’re videos are unusually hot maybe I like girls in funny hats and hoodies I will reflect on that later.  So once she gets her sweet pussy licked she gets to the main course this guys big dick just pounding away and her tight little pussy.  She is a really good dick rider as you will see in pictures – anytime a girls squats like that you’re in for a good time.

Winter Marie


Winter marie on ecg

Keeping a story straight can be pretty tough, and hot bisexual 22 year old blonde Winter Marie proves it in this update from Exploited College Girls! She can’t quite keep her home state story straight but apparently she’s from the midwest (somewhere)…according to Winter she has never seen porn (uh huh) and has never used a toy (mm hmmm) but she does love to eat pussy and suck cock. Quite a combo eh? Well if you can suspend your disbelief a little this girl is hot as hell with nice tits and a nice ass, not to mention a mouth and twat that can provide hours of entertainment! She gets a little worn out by the end of this fuckfest but finishes in fine fashion with a fantastic facial cumshot that gets in her mouth and drips right down her chin. A very cute girl with a great body, if she can make up a fake story and stick to it I think she could go places!

Bare Necessities


Fantasy hd bare necessities

Stunning exotic brunette August Ames is getting down to the bare necessities in this Fantasy HD update…she saunters into the living room where her man is busy working on some quarterly reports or something and starts stripping out of her little shorts and bra, beckoning him up the stairs! He is neither dead nor blind so he is more than happy to head up to join her in the bedroom, fucking that sweet pussy and making those perfect big boobs bounce as she rides him! It’s not only a hot hardcore fuck scene but is also a life lesson…work is great and important but hey sometimes you’ve gotta realize what’s really important in your life, like a beautiful naked woman who wants to get pounded.

Hair Cum


Ha haha at first I thought this photoshoot was taken on April Fools Day and the guy had said he was going to pull out and finish onto the floor or something…this chick is absolutely covered in jizz but from the looks of things she loves it! On closer inspection this isn’t just one load, it’s like 5 different days or at least five different fuck sessions that ended with the girl getting frosted up like a birthday cake. She doesn’t even look upset that in some of them that creamy spunk is all up in her hair, which she’ll have a hell of a time combing oiut I would guess…it takes different strokes for different folks I guess and this chick loves to stroke (and suck) cock until the guy busts nut all over her face and hair!

Taylor Vixen


The beautiful Taylor Vixen proves there’s little in this world more dangerous than big boobs in a red dress…she looks absolutely stunning in this photoshoot from Puba. I’m not too familiar with the site but wasn’t that the name of one of the Thundercats? Anyway, Taylor Vixen is relaxing on a black leather couch just giggling away as she gets her huge perfect breasts out and then pulls up her dress to masturbate…that pink pussy of hers is quivering with excitement as she buzzes her clit with her toy!

Lauren in Leather


The leather pants on this chick are sexy enough but when you couple that with that seductive little smile and smoldering gaze she’s shooting your way (not to mention a fucking incredible butt) you’ve got a recipe for hotness! The site these shots are from is called Nextdoor Models but man if I had a girl living next door that looked anything close to this I’d never bother leaving home, at least not if I had a window facing her bedroom window! She doesn’t have big tits though so if you’re a fan of big boobs Lauren won’t be for you I”m afraid…if you like perky little boobies and a great butt though, have I got some good news for you.

Edessa G


I don’t know if the Huge Fucking Metal Ring is an olympic sport now or not but I tell you what I would watch this event a hell of a lot more closely than anything I saw from the winter olympics this year, or at least I would if the girls in the competition were anywhere near as hot as Edessa G in this Femjoy shoot! She’s got those nice perky little titties and a sweet ass, not to mention a great pair of hips…Edessa is swinging around a little on the ring which, if she wasn’t naked, would get her like a max score of about 6 in the olympic finals.



Well Dominika here looks like she’s hot as hell but if you click on any of the links to check out the photos from this MC Nudes photoshoot it’s a little hard to tell because the resolution is so damn high you can zoom into individual pores on her skin, pretty much. Judging from the thumbnails though she’s looking sexy in her lacy black thigh high stockings, showing off her nice boobs and of course that sweet fuckable pussy and ass!

Alena Croft The Dominatrix


How hot is this picture?  It’s a model I haven’t posted much of her name is Alena Croft.  This image got me so good that I skipped post this Wifey’s World handjob scene from iMILFs and instead posted this gallery.  As you can see I did steal that video though and made my own LOL.  The Alena Croft video though is from Brazzers and is called The Dominatrix.  This isn’t the first time I have watched a scene like this where the wife is like a goodie two shoes while her husband is home but once he leaves she is a hardcore dominatrix.  So in this Brazzers scene you get to see her playing the housewife and once he leaves she puts on her leathers and waits for her first client to come.  This cocky bastards comes to her house and she puts him in his place real fast making him eat her ass and licking her pussy until she is satisfied.  Once that happens she doesn’t let him fuck her, no Alena does the fucking squatting on his dick and taking him for a ride he will always remember.

Stella Ann


Stella ann on casting couch x

Say hi to Stella Ann, a gorgeous teen from Minnesota who is part African American and part Native American, which is why she has that sexy exotic look to her. She watches porn and likes boy-girl scenes in particular, I guess she must have learned a thing or two from them because she pulls out some nice tricks in this Casting Couch X update as she lays on her back to deepthroat the director’s cock before bending over to get that tight teen pussy pounded! Plenty of pornstars have gotten their start on this site and with a body as bangin as Stella’s I’m sure she’ll be going places. Big beautiful tits, a gorgeous and exotic face, great ass and she loves cock? Sounds like a winner to me!

Floating Emotions


X art floating emotions with caprice

When gorgeous little Caprice shows up in an update on X-art you always know it’s going to be a hell of a time! She starts this scene called Floating Emotions laid out on the bed relaxing in her masquerade mask and nothing else and is joined by her man who descends gracefully from the ceiling suspended by a ribbon of fabric…it’s like watching a sensual circus act as he floats down but I’ve never seen a circus this hot! He slides his cock into Caprice’s mouth and then trades positions with her, lifting her up onto the ribbons and using them as a swing as he lowers her perfect pussy onto his meat! Those perky famous breasts of hers look amazing as she has that wet hole penetrated, finally taking his creamy load all over that spectacular tight little butt.

Pearls and Pussy


Passion hd pearls and pussy

Incredible babe Dillion Harper was getting dressed when her man slipped a necklace of pearls around her neck…diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but pearls work pretty damn well too from the looks of things! Dillion gets carried to the bed where she has her pussy and ass licked and fingered before getting on her hands and knees to be penetrated from behind. Those tits of hers look absolutely perfect as she gets pounded in this Passion HD scene, getting tittyfucked and just bouncing around and, well, at any other time too! She finishes things off by getting another pearl necklace, consisting of her man shooting his creamy load all over her neck and chest…she rolls her new jewelry around in the cum and then licks it clean, which is as good a way of claiming it as her own as I’ve ever heard of.

Gianna Nicole


Latina sex tapes gianna nicole

It was only a matter of time before lovely exotic Gianna Nicole was featured on the Mofos network site Latina Sex Tape…she’s got that sweet round tight latina ass and nice bouncy titties, not to mention her beautiful face! In this update she shows off her curves in her tight pink leggings before her guy pal rips them open to get at that nice juicy booty and her shaved pussy. Gianna spreads her legs to take his meat deep in her hole but I’d have to say the best part is when she gets on her hands and knees with her butt in the air to get pounded doggystyle, what do you think?

Selfie Masturbation


Bryci selfie

There are selfies and then there are some SELFIES! Guess which category these photos from Bryci fall under? She found a couple of facing mirrors to use and sat down on the floor between them, taking a photo with her phone with those big perfect tits out and her panties pulled up into her pussy for a cameltoe…but it doesn’t stop there, soon she’s got her fingers sliding into her hole and getting all juicy as she masturbates with some nice closeup shots, then fucks hersrelf with a pink dildo! This chick just never ceases to amaze…hot as hell and horny to boot, can’t beat that combination.

Stacy Cream


What is it with black girls and their terrible porn names.  This girl came up with “Stacy Cream” I hate it, I hate it a lot.  I will forgive her though because she has a fucking great ass doesn’t she?  This is why Round and Brown was made right here.  The site Round and Brown is actually part of the Reality Kings network so no only every week do you get a new hot ebony babe having sex but you also get 2 to 3 updates everyday from the 38 different sites that Bang Bros has.  Stacy here comes over to this guys house in her skimpy little bikini and she wants to get in the shower and get herself wet.  Well the guy in fact wants to get Stacy wet but not water wet, so he starts to let his fingers wonder and finally hits the right spot where Stacy just wants to fuck.  She is nice and thick with a great set of natural tits and a perfect little shaved pussy.  This guy loves grabbing on to that big black ass while she rides him and he almost cums in her pussy while fucking her but pulls out just in time to cover that beautiful vagina of hers.



Val midwest bathtime

When gorgeous tight little honey Val Midwest has bathtime she always means to just wash up and get clean but when she’s naked and all wet like this she just can’t help but get turned on! Usually she gives in to the temptation just like in this update from her own website, grabbing her tiny vibrator and buzzing that sweet little clit, masturbating for the camera! Watch this sweet wet hottie playing with that fantastic body of hers, grabbing her tits and massaging her tight little pussy and having a ball the whole time.

Showing Off The Goods


Veronica Radke Showing Off The Goods POVD

Is it too soon to post another video from POVD starring Veronica Radke?  That’s a rhetorical question because there is never enough POVD porn and same goes for Veronica Radke too.  This new video that just came out this beautiful Thursday is called Showing Off The Goods.  If you missed her other scene that came out about a week ago called Strip Checkers make sure to click on that and enjoy it too.  This time Veronica isn’t fucking on a couch instead she has a whole bed to go around and get fucked in different positions.  I like when a girl is bent over like this and is grabbing the bed for support, that’s when you know she is really digging it.  This scene I wasn’t able to score any pictures because they didn’t have it up, so you’re just going to have to watch the video I know poor you.  The video isn’t very long but with these type of galleries I post I sometimes go and update the video with a longer one once I find the time to get it.  So you’re best bet is just to check in on it every so often to see if I have done it.  POVD really is one of the best new sites out there I mean just the video alone amazes me every time I watch one, if you haven’t spend the time yet to look please do it’s just incredible.

Calling In Late With Ava Taylor


Ava Taylor Calling In Late

We have been seeing a lot of this Ava Taylor girl recently haven’t we?  The two latest ones I can think of off the top of my head are from Teens Loves Huge Cocks and the POVD one she did.  She once again is on a brand new site and I can’t believe it’s named Passion HD this long to get her I knew it was just a matter of time though.  This scene is called Calling In Late because the guy here was about to go to work before Ava no so subletly let him know that she was looking to get laid.  When you have a girl like this you have to please her or she might just move on to the next cock.  So he gets to eating out her pussy and he is even bold enough to lick her ass which Ava just loves, she can’t help but let out a scream when he does it.  Then they have really good sex you get to see a master at work when Ava is on a dick riding him especially when she was doing it reverse cowgirl.  The video is really high quality but if you think this is good wait until you’re a member of Passion HD then you will see what REAL hd looks like it’s beyond words.

Anonymous Sex Date


Brandi Love Anonymous Sex Date

Brandi Love is doing something that MILFs have done for ages and ages now.  It’s called a anonymous sex date and it’s basically where a horny woman goes on lines and finds a young guy to come over to her house and fuck.  Brandi is pretty specific with hers though she doesn’t want the guy to say anything, she just wants him eating her pussy,licking her ass and then fucking her to orgasm simple as that right?  With the Internet now you can find all types of sites for this type of thing the best one I know of is but you can find your own if you want.  I forgot to mention that this scene is from Pure Mature but you guys should just know that by now.  I mean they are the only high quality MILF site that exisits.  I am serious the ONLY one.  If you like older woman this is the site for you hands down.  Brandi Love has been on their site a bunch of times along with a lot of other really high profile MILFs.  I think you will like what you see but you first have to see it so click on a banner and check out the tour please.

Valentina Nappi


Valentina Nappi Joymii

The beautiful Valentina Nappi is making her first appearance on Joymii.  This scene is called Voluptuous Girl and I have pictures and video for you.  The video isn’t long but Joymii never provides the good shit they want you to be a member and for the quality they are giving I would say you guys should think about it.  This scene is starts off with Valentina in nothing but her stockings and her shirt.  She is one of those girls who likes to be in charge as you will see from her mounting this guys face at the very start of the video.  Valentina has a gorgeous big round ass and seeing her riding is really hot because of that as well as watching her fucked doggystyle because that big ass just ripples as she is pounding. S he really has it all big ass big tits part of the reason we have posted so many galleries of her on our site.

Private Sex Tape


Chloe Amour Private Sex Tape

Chloe Amour is either trying to squeeze some cum out of this guys balls or she is trying to make it so he doesn’t cum.  It looks like it could hurt and feel good at the same time, I am so confused.  This awesome picture comes from a new video that she has done for Passion HD.  This is the 7th  time this beauty has been on their site and I think it’s time for a little recap of the other videos she has done for them.  I am not going to explain them or anything just going to link them for you starting from the newest to the oldest: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, you’re welcome by the way!  Alright back to this scene that she just came out with today.  The guy finds her he is like sweet my girl is making a sex tape for me how about we make a real one instead.  So he starts to eat out Chloe and she is down to keep the camera rolling and they make sweet sweet love.  Different positions different levels of lust, sometimes he is fucking her hard sometimes he is giving her that sensual sex.  In the end it ends how we have seen it so many other times with Chloe amour and is with her face full of white cum.

Nikki Dances Naked


Nikki Sims In Just Fishnets

I don’t think we can consider Nikki Sims a non nude model anymore.  Especially after watching this video you get to see pretty much everything you want and more.  The scene starts off with Nikki in some FCK Authority gear I guess it’s a .  Then once she has promoted those guys enough she gets out of the gear and gets into just her fishnet stockings.  You get a perfect view of her tits through the little floss cover that the fishnets provide.  You also get a view of her landing strip going to that perfect pussy of hers.  In the video she keeps on her panties but gives you a god dance, it’s like a virtual lapdance you’re going to love it!

Insanely Gorgeous


Susie and Angelica Insanely Hot

I don’t want to get your hopes up here Angelica is not getting fucked in this scene she is having lesbian sex with Susie in a scene from X Art called Insanely Gorgeous.  I don’t know why you would rather see her getting fucked by a cock instead of licked down by another gorgeous model but hey that’s just me.  In fact if you want to see these girls fucking then you’re lucky because X Art not only has hardcore scenes of them by themselves but they also have two different scenes of them having a threesome.  You can see Just The Three Of Us and Group Sex if you want to see those threesomes.  I would suggest you just check out this new video though because seeing Angelica pleased like this doesn’t happen with her pussy getting filled with cock you need to lick that pussy to get pleasure from her.  I like when lesbians do the doggystyle pussy eating and that’s the part of the video I have for you guys where Angelica is laying on her stomach and Susie is eating her out from behind and even giving that tight little ass some licks.

Tiffany Tyler


Tiffany tyler on porn fidelity

Girls like Tiffany Tyler like to live fast and live hard, and if you want to get with a chick like this you better be ready to cut loose! She’s all punked out in this Porn Fidelity update and so is Ryan Madison…after a wild show they head back to the house for even wilder sex! Tiffany’s tights get ripped open and her clothes get ripped off as she’s popped up onto the countertops for Ryan to lick and finger that pussy, driving her crazy with desire. She doublefists his cock into her mouth, bobbing up and down as she sucks and licks him hard as a rock, then gets her sweet tight pussy fucked hard and fast! I guess she’s a fan of choking because Ryan holds her down by the throat as he shoots his load in her hole…the house might be trashed but these two are happy as pigs in mud!

Jennifer Bliss Real Life 9


Jennifer bliss on teen fidelity

Jennifer Bliss is a cute young thing just starting to make her way into the porn industry and what better way to get introduced to the business than by Ryan Madison on Teen Fidelity! Jennifer keeps her hipster glasses and her crazy colorful socks on as she gets laid down on the sheets, her knees to her ears and her pussy filled up with Ryan’s huge hard cock. She takes him to the hilt and moans with ecstasy as he penetrates her again and again…and speaking of those glasses of hers, it’s a good thing she has them on because he shoots a huge facial onto her and those hipster spex are the only thing keeping her from getting two eyes full of hot man-cream! This is the 9th  part of the Real Life series on Teen Fidelity…they’re all definitely worth checking out, so work your way backwards and watch them all if you haven’t already. Here’s a link to part 8, you’re welcome!

Nina James


Ever wanted a window directly into your dreams? Well take a look at this photoshoot from Digital Desire and that’s basically what you’re getting! It features the lovely Nina James slowly removing her clothes and underwear, showing her incredible perfect perky big breasts and that nice tight little ass…this girl is seriously gorgeous, especially when she drops to her hands and knees with that perfect ass and pussy in the air ready to pound doggystyle! I’m not sure what she’s thinking about as she slips her panties down and runs her hands between her thighs but I hope she keeps it up.

Danielle Riley


Join gorgeous sultry redhead Danielle Riley as she pulls off her fishnet top in this Pinup Files photoshoot, showing off those huge beautiful soft boobs of hers! She’s obviously pretty proud of her big tits and man she’s right to be, those things are incredible. I’m not so sure about the shiny red shorts but they do make her ass look great so hey I’m not exactly gonna argue. I’m just not sure how a girl with a body like this even walks around in her day to day life without either snapping her spine or falling over on her face from the weight.

Jenni Lynn


Open the doors to another gorgeous blonde with big tits showing off for Playboy! Jenni Lynn here has a beautiful face and a body that dreams are made of…and since this is Playboy you know she’ll be showing off those tits and her nice round ass to their best advantage. With her glasses and white top and shiny satiny black skirt she looks like a sexy teacher or something before she strips down, which makes it even hotter if you ask me.

Kimberley Rogers


Penthouse presents these hot photos of Kimberley Rogers hanging out on the balcony overlooking a beautiful valley, showing off her gorgeous round ass…she looks back over her shoulder, peeking at us like she knows exactly what we’re thinking! A gorgeous girl with a smokin hot body relaxing in her sexy sheer lingerie. Most girls just slip their panties down but not Kimberley here, she just unties one side and flashes her pussy, letting her bra slide down a bit to let those sweet titties poke on out too!



Gorgeous MILF Miriam looks a little puzzled in these pictures from MC Nudes as she grabs her big breasts, squeezing them together as she pulls off her flimsy top and that sexy bra. She’s relaxing in the bedroom, leaning against the fancy wooden bed…well, relaxing might be a bit strong for someone who stands so stiffly. If she would just take it easy a little she’d be sexy as hell and you can see it in a few of these photos…it looks like when she grabs her own big tits she lets her guard down a little, just another example of the magic of boobs.

Miley’s Sex Tape


This isn’t a real Miley Cyrus sex tape and it’s not even the this is one done by Digital Playground.  The girl who is pulling off the Miley sure does look a lot like her, her name is Jessie Andrews, at least that’s who I think it is.  She has her hair all done up like Miley did or still does I don’t know I don’t keep up with her.  Only thing I know is she has that song and I hate myself for liking it, I mean just saying it out lot makes me sad.  Anyways back to this awesome imitation sex tape that Digital Playground did, it’s just a trailor but you get to see her walking in the front of the camera’s and she goes back stage where one of her boy toys comes in to see her.  She tells him to lick her pussy and of course he does cause that’s what groupies do.  Once she gets that pussy licked for as long as she needs she gets to spreading her legs open so she can get pounded nice and good.

Skyla Paige Brazzers


This is a rare gallery right here, you know when Brazzers only has a girl on one time that she didn’t do many porn scenes in her short porn career.  Her name is Skyla Paige and she is pretty freaking cute and in this scene she is on “CockWatch” it’s like a Baywatch parody of a horny life guard who is constantly on the lookout for a nice big dick.  She finds a guy laying on the beach and she can tell he is packing so she rushes over and lets him know she needs to check him out.  Once she gets her hands on his big dick he is all for banging out this lifeguard on the beach.  I sure hope she didn’t get any sand in that tight little vagina of hers could you imagine?  It would be like fucking sand paper that just sounds terrible.  Maybe beach sex isn’t really a good idea, but every girl wants to have it because it’s so romantic, fucking a sandy pussy sounds like a punishment to me.

Emma Leigh Huge Tits


When did Emma Leigh gets tits this big!  I mean she always had full titties but this new Mikes Apartment scene has opened my eyes to her.  She is a natural redhead you can just tell from the light skin and all the freckles you can’t fake that.  She must have got a boob job or something, but they look so natural I am going back and forth here I just can’t decide.  I was looking at her other galleries and I mean her tits are just not this big, they have to be fake right?  Either way she is looking great and in this Mikes Apartment scene she gets fucked really good.  She is one of those girls who just has the full package because as much as I like her tits her tight perfect pussy is also worth a look, I couldn’t really pick between those tits and that pussy if you made me.  Reality Kings always does have great porn don’t think?  Here is just another example of that enjoy!

Fucking In The Backroom


This scene is pretty funny.  I think it’s a old old Mofos scene just because they’re porn doesn’t have such a manufactured look anymore.  Just watch how this video starts, it’s really funny.  It’s suppose to be a club scene but there is like 6 people dancing, and dancing terribly I might add.  Well this big titty black girl is wanting some dick doesn’t want to go all the way home.  So she brings the white guy she just met in the backroom and gets banged by him real good.  This chick looks like one of those “strong” chicks you know that actually might be in competitions.  She has a boob just and it’s actually a really good titty job.  I would know I see these things everyday and this one aint bad.

Emily Grey


Emily grey for zish

I’m not sure where the name Beetlebum came from for this Zishy update but since it stars the incredibly gorgeous Emily Grey (who used to be called Gabrielle Klein) I’m not too worried about it. If you don’t remember seeing Emily before, have a couple hardcore links right here and here! I’d be surprised if you forgot about her though; she’s got an ass that will be in your dreams for a long time! In this photoshoot she’s goofing around in somebody’s house, sliding down the bannister and playing with her perky little tits before flashing that perfect round ass at us and pulling her panties on and off. She even does a little contortionism, pulling her legs up over her head one at a time! Maybe it’s just her favorite sexual position or something, one can only hope.

Work Out Session


Riley reid for nubile films

When beautiful Riley Reid started working out using a yoga ball she thought it was a little ridiculous, but when her personal trainer came over and taught her some of the finer points of the thing she came around pretty fast! For instance, it’s perfect for her to lay on while she sucks his huge cock, and even better as a support for her while she gets fucked in that sweet tight little pussy! That little arrow of pubic hair points right where she wants to get fucked and the guy is more than willing to put his huge crank to work in this Nubile Films update called Work Out Session.

Shoe Freak


Sexy pattycake shoe freak

It’s a scientific fact that Sexy Pattycake is an absolute shoe freak…she just can’t resist trying on some of her gajillion pairs when she goes into her closet, playing around and showing off her big tits and gorgeous round ass at the same time! I don’t know what it is about women and shoes in general but Pattycake just thrives on slipping on a new pair of sexy boots…I guess it turns her on too because she starts pulling her little panties up into her pussy for a cameltoe in a few of these photos from her site! Soon she busts out a little…what is that? It’s either a vibrator or a lollipop or something like that, either way Patty is using it to masturbate by rubbing it against her pussy.

Hot Desire


Gf revenge hot desire

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a girl as stoked on masturbating as Katerina Kay in this GF Revenge update called Hot Desire! She hops on the bed and giggles her way to orgasm as she pulls off her tiny white panties and skimpy black and pink panties, rubbing her pussy with one vibrator while fucking herself with another one! After she cums all over the place she starts giggling even more, showing off her two favorite toys…Katerina is getting into the porn industry now, who knows if this masturbation session was what made her want to get into the business but I like to think so. All I know is that she’s no longer dating this guy and he sent the pictures he took of her masturbating in to GF Revenge, for which I thank him most heartily.

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