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Julia Ann


Julia Ann and Kelly Madison Porn Fidelity

Julia Ann is surprisingly enough making her first appearance on Porn Fidelity. I could have swore she had been on before but I can’t find a scene before this one.  So this one is called “Hollywood Hook-Up” and like last week with Valentina Nappi Kelly Madison is once again joining in on the fun!  She and Julia Ann are fucking her husband of course and both of these girls have big tits are are some of the hottest MILFs I can think of.  The scene starts in the bathroom with both girls in lingerie sitting on the counter getting their pussies licked by Ryan.  They then take it to the bed where they share Ryan cock and his cum.  You know he is always cumming multiple times and in this update he is covering both of these girls tits.  For the final cumshot he has his dick fucking both of these girls titties waiting to see which lucky one is going to get a pearl necklace!

Emily Grey


Rachel for ftv girls

She may have gone by the name of Rachel for her FTV Girls update but we know her better by now as Emily Grey…I’m not sure why the subterfuge, maybe she shot with them when she was still deciding on her industry name or whatever you want to call it, but all I know is that she looks absolutely phenomenal in her shoot. I mean cmon, you’ve got one of the hottest new pornstars in the industry here and she shot for FTV Girls, who has photo quality like you’d read about in the newspaper, how could it not be a match made in heaven! She flashes her perky titties in public (even doing some naked cartwheels, an FTV signature move) and then heads back inside to get down to business with some big thick dildos and buzzing vibrators so she could bring herself to some massive orgasms for us! This girl is just amazing, it’s great that she shot for a site that can put her looks on such a pedestal of photo and video quality and let her play around a bit rather than have things going according to some kind of script like a lot of sites do. It’s always nice to see a girl this beautiful in settings that let some of her personality shine through, it’s so easy to just get dazzled by her beauty and forget that she’s got attitude! Especially when she has a perfect fucking ass like Emily does.

Horny Perky MILF


Horny perky milf on mom pov

When I saw this blonde MILF on Mom POV I thought to myself ‘there is no way this chick is 50 years old’ but apparently it’s true! She’s still gorgeous, she must have been a mindblower when she was younger…as she got a few years under her belt she picked up plenty of experience along the way and now she’s making her very first adult video! If you’re into hot mature blondes you have seriously got to check this chick out, she might just be your dreams brought to life as she gets naked and gets fucked. Most of the MILFs on this site have big full titties but this chick has smaller and still perky boobies with nipples that look like they could cut through sheet metal if she’s not careful! She rides htis guy nice and deep and then lays back to lift up her legs and get pounded until the guy shoots his load in her cargo hold for a creampie finish!



Farrah for ecg

You might remember seeing a small update with this hot redhead Farrah here not too long ago, she was pretty sore from getting fucked like the day before her shoot and I suspect it might have been this Exploited College Girls shoot that did it! Once she gtets naked here and shows those bouncy titties and that sexy curvy ass of hers all bets are off, she’s on her back cumming like a freight train with a banshee in it and the cameraman is mentally high fiving himself for having what must be just about the greatest job in the world as he fucks her hard and deep! Farrah looks fantastic getting that pink pussy penetrated in this hot update but all good things must cum to an end and this guy shot a big creamy load all over her face and in her hair to finish things off.

Fun For Three


X art fun for three

I bet Heidi is thanking her lucky stars for being bisexual because she pretty much struck the lottery when she met hot couple Angelica and Ben in this X Art update called Fun For Three! From the title you’ve probably already guessed that this is a threesome and yes it is but man don’t be all like ‘oh another threeway I’ve seen a billion of these’. Both Angelica and Heidi are utterly fucking gorgeous on a site that is already well known for having some of the most gorgeous girls in the industry and these two love to play around together! A total of four perfect breasts and two perfect asses are in play and this guy Ben is lucky enough to get to pound both of these beauties in a hot passionate scene. Angelica is far from being the jealous type so she’s happy to share her man with her girlfirend, especially if she can be in on the fun like in this update! They take turns sucking and fucking his big dick and kissing and eating each other out as well until he finally busts his nut, which they suck out and lick up!

Fun Times


Nubile films fun times

If there are two girls out there who love fun times, it’s Dillion Harper and Veronica Radke! In this Nubile Films update they’ve met up at their guy friend’s house for a panties party and right off the bat they’re hand-in-hand, giggling and talking like schoolgirls and as soon as they get to the bedroom the bras and panties come off and the fun times begin! These gorgeous lesbians love to make out and eat out each others pussy, but they also both love the cock so when their guy friend heads into the bedroom and starts eating out Dillion’s sweet tight pussy from behind it’s a welcome addition to the fun! The fact that he has a dinosaur cock doesn’t hurt either I’m sure…both of these beauties take turns sucking and fucking that huge slab of man meat, one of them riding his cock while the other grinds her pussy on his lips until he shoots his creamy sticky load all over Dillion’s gorgeous face. She’s got a fantastic grin, even when there’s jizz dripping from her lips…she just always looks happy as a pig in mud!

Jillian Janson


Sexy Jillian Janson here starts out in this Babes photoshoot with a striped sweater and a pair of white panties but from the look on her face you already know those are heading straight to the floor in about 3 seconds flat. She’s got fantastic tits and loves to show em off so the sweater is the first thing to go, sliding back over those boobs as she lets her long wavy dark hair cascade down over her chest! It’s already pretty hot so when she starts masturbating and getting that sweet ass in the air it’s pretty much off the charts…Jillian just wants everyone to be feeling as good as she’s feeling in these photos, and she’s doing everything she can to make that happen from the looks of things!

Emma Rachael


This girl Emma Rachael looked a little bummed out I thought at first, but I think that’s just her ‘seductive’ expression…she’s pretty new, she has time to work on it. In this photoshoot from the site Spinchix she’s got this tiny little bikini top on with removable breast panels, and a pair of sexy sheer nylons that look amazing as she tugs them down over her pretty fantastic ass! The hook for the site is that the girls spin around and give you a 360* view, doesn’t exactly seem revolutionary (haha get it, revolution as in rotation) but hey who doesn’t like seeing a girl’s tits and ass in the same photoshoot.



The site MC Nudes presents these pictures of perennial favorite Miriam, a gorgeous MILF with huge natural perfect tits, relaxing in a soaker tub and running her hands all over her nude body…I mean who could resist cupping and squeezing those breasts and running their hands down those long legs to touch that pussy? Not Miriam, that’s for sure, she’s just as susceptible to her charms as the rest of us are apparently! She gets into some sloshing as she rolls around in the water while her bath fills, fantasizing about having her legs spread open and a big dick slid into her hole. It’s not often that you get even dirter in a tub than you were outside of it, but Miriam here is putting on a clinic with these gyrations!



It’s always nice to see a girl with beautiful long dark hair…in a day and age where short haircuts are so popular it’s unusual but the sight of that long flowing hair as a girl tosses her head is like looking at a waterfall, nice and relaxing! Monika here has butt-length hair (and what a butt it is!) and sweet perky titties as she poses in this photoshoot from Glamour…she could stand to eat a cheeseburger or three if you ask me but she’s utterly gorgeous and has that seductive smoldering stare that can drive a guy so wild. It’s too bad she keeps her panties on for this shoot, maybe next time she’ll bare all!

Stefanie Knight


Meet Stefanie Knight, a Playboy cybergirl with a penchant for getting all wet and wild…and she’s certainly got the body for it! Watch this chick undress and hop in the shower, letting the water get that long dark hair wet down her back as she runs her hands over those big perfect breasts…she must live in Seattle or something, it doesn’t look like the sun has toasted that creamy skin of hers in a very long time! Stefanie is an unearthly beauty and once again Playboy has done us all the favor of hunting down one of the hottest girls on the planet (well, you know what I mean) and getting them naked for us. And I haven’t even mentioned her perfect ass yet!

Ariana Marie Fucks Her John


This Bang Bros Clips site is confusing me guys.  For a while they were posting a lot of MILFs teaching teens type of stuff and then this weeks update is with Ariana Marie and it’s a lot like a Tonight’s Girlfriend video.  Well not even a lot like it is pretty much just like it.  Bang Bros looks like they’re just testing the waters to see what people want to see.  They got me with this scene because I always want to see Ariana Marie fucking especially when she is giving a completely amateur like this John the fuck of his life.  He paid her a big mound of cash that he put in a envelope and left in the bathroom for her “donation” for the night.  She went in there checked the cash and then got into her favorite fuck outfit.  These nice striped stockings with black high heels and a little two piece lingerie set.  She keeps on the stocks and high heels thorough out the video which I love, it just makes her that much hotter I think.  Ariana has an amazing body, nice fit ass and those perfect perky tits of hers are to die for.

Jessica Swan Handle With Care


Jessica Swan is the girl dangling between these two guys in case you were wondering.  I have to say I never seen anything like this before, it’s like acrobatic sex.  This scene comes from a very well established porn site called Nubiles Porn.  They’re the same guys that bought you Nubiles but now they’ve added some other sites so they give you access to everything this this portal.  I don’t actually have this exact part of the video for you guys to view you’re just going to have to join the site to see that.  But I do have a longer video with both cumshots.  The guy with getting head cums first and he drops it all on her face while she is riding the other guys dick.  She rides him until he cums, he pulls out in time and puts it in that petite little ass of hers.  There is no DP in this scene, or anal she is way to petite for that!

Anal Ride


I usually don’t like to post a gallery if I don’t know the name of the girl in the scene.  There are exceptions to every rule and here is a exception.  This girl looks like she is a European chick of some kind and looking at the Perfect Gonzo website it looks like a of their models are from over there.  So I had no idea what “gonzo” meant so I went ahead and looked it up.  it’s a style of  porn that places us the viewer in the porn.  It has a lot less of the “plot” that you see on other sites, it’s just down and dirty get straight to the sex type of porn.  This girl who is getting fucked in the ass is quite the champ isn’t she.  She has a great looking ass and anytime a girl can get on top and ride like this you know she is a anal lover.  The video has a weird watermark and that’s just because you get access to this site “tamedteens” when you join the Perfect Gonzo network of sites.  I have to say for this being a tube video it’s pretty high quality I wonder how good it is in the members area I bet it’s crazy good.

AJ Applegate Bullzeye


AJ Applegate is turning through some anal sex scene’s.  She just put out one for Monster Curves and now she is on a Naughty America site called My Friends Hot Girl.  So Johnny here is at his buddies house hanging out with his girlfriend.  They playing darts and Johnny is talking about how good he is at them.  Then he makes a bet with AJ that if he gets a bullzeye he gets to fuck her in the ass.  When he actually does it AJ doesn’t have a problem paying up because she knows she is a slut and she really just loves to be fucked in her butt.  AJ Applegate is the best girl to watch having anal because her ass is so nice.  It’s one of those big fat juicy ones.  When you have a nice ass like this it’s just a matter of time before some porn company gets you to take it in the butt and AJ just came into porn already willing to do it because she did it so much in her personal life.  Naughty America has some really good sites and I always like their porn make sure to click through if you’re actually going to join Naughty America because you will get a discount, 40% to be exact.

Jennifer Dark


Jennifer dark on porn goes pro

So you’ve been working like a dog for months on a project and it finally came to fruition, you got that promotion and a big fat bonus! What to spend it on? Why not hire gorgeous pornstar Jennifer Dark from the Porn Goes Pro agency to come by your hotel room and fuck your brains out! Sounds like a great idea to me…and hey while she’s there why not have her dress up for the occasion in a cheerleader uniform and fulfill like six fantasies at once! Jennifer looks great in her little skirt and top that shows off those big bouncy titties, especially when she lets them poke out the top and bounce around while she gets fucked in this hot first-person scene. Porn Goes Pro always stuns with the caliber of models they have getting naked and getting fucked and Jennifer here is a perfect example of that. Just goes to show, a big fat fistful of cash goes a long way towards making dreams cum true!

Tawny Henderson


Tawny henderson zishy

Stunning Tawny Henderson doesn’t usually get naked or show off that gorgeous body which is a damn shame if you ask me, but luckily she was approached by Zishy and once she took a look at the kind of photos they shoot she was all for it! You won’t be getting any fully nude gratuitous scenes with these guys but what you do get is a slew of gorgeous girls like Tawny showing their personality and teasing the hell out of us with some barely-clothed pics like these! Tawny here is wandering the town in her high-waisted shorts (since when did those come back anyway, I always thought they were totally unflattering and awful) before heading indoors to the library where she reads some books on anxiety and strips down to her thong, lying on the kitchen counter and looking fucking sexy as hell! Maybe she had been anxious about showing a little skin and that book convinced her to face her fears…if so I’d like to send a thank-you letter to the author.

Eva Lovia Red Lingerie


Eva lovia in red lingerie

If you know miss Eva Lovia you know she always and I mean always looks absolutely stunning but I’d say in this photoshoot from her own site she went the extra mile for us! She’s hanging out in the bathroom in her sexy red lingerie sitting on the edge of the soaking tub, grinning and teasing us with those full breasts and of course her incredible round ass, then slowly starts to strip down naked and play with herself before she goes into the bath! She loves touching her pussy and we always love seeing her masturbate for us so it’s pretty much a win-win situation right here. I can’t get enough of those freckles of hers, she’s just a mind-blower from head to toe!

Horny Black Nurse


Horny black nurse on girls do porn

This beautiful black teen is a little nervous doing her very first adult video courtesy of Girls Do Porn…usually the girls are more nervous before they show up at the hotel room and then calm down a bit but this chick is still pretty scared. She deals with it though and is ready to rock…this girl is a 19 year old nursing student so she knows a thing or three about taking care of a guy’s body, and she hasn’t had sex in months so she’s horny as hell! Add to that the fact that the only time she and her exboyfriend tried to make a sex tape it turned out about 30 seconds long and I’d be willing to bet this girl is long overdue for a good hard deep fuck. Luckily for her she came to the right place and is doing her part to make it a winner of an update, dropping to her knees and giving a nice blowjob before dropping her panties and showing off a pretty amazing ass! She gets bent over and fucked from behind and goes for a ride on this guy’s dick, eyes closed and mouth open in pleasure as it looks like she’s trying to make up for months of bad sex (or no sex at all). I wouldn’t exactly call Girls Do Porn a public service but in cases like this they’re doing good for the world at large by giving hot horny girls the deep hard fucking they’ve been needing, one chick at a time.

Dillion Harper


Povd dillion harper

Beautiful Dillion Harper is back again on POVD, this time hopping into the shower and soaping up that perfect body while we get a view from the top of her head…soon she’s joined by her man and the perspective shifts and we see what it’s like to lick and fuck a sexy stunner of a pornstar! This update is called Waterproof Sex and we get even more looks at Dillion’s sexy body…she’s hot but makes some weird faces sometimes there’s no disputing that but honestly it usually just makes her even sexier, it gives her some character not making the standard pornstar faces. It could just be that body of hers though, her tits are absolutely perfect as is her round ass as she gets bent over and pounded for this steamy hardcore action. If you missed out on Dillion getting pounded on POVD before, here is her solo update and don’t miss out on this threesome with Sara Luvv! As always, the quality of video in these updates is second to none, it’s like really being there in the room licking and fingering and fucking some of the hottest pornstars in the industry.

Fucking To The Beat


Passion hd fucking to the beat

I don’t know if Passion HD was experimenting with a different lighting setup or something with this latest update but if you ask me it makes everything look like it’s underwater or something…kinda weird. Anyway, this update features blonde hottie Lexi Davis in her first scene on the site, rocking her way around the house in her bra and panties with a pair of headphones on. It’s adorable and also pretty damn sexy and her man thought so too because soon he had her on the bed and got her fucking to the beat! Her face is beautiful and her body is incredible with nice big tits and an absolutely smokin hot ass, and from what I understand she’s nearly six feet tall so she’s just a vision of hotness if you ask me.

Sara Luvv


Sara luvv on in the crack

If you’re already a fan of Sara Luvv I doubt you’ve ever taken a journey up this close and personal to her beautiful body…and if you’re not already a fan I’d say this is a hell of a great way to introduce you to this tight spinner hottie! You’re invited to join Sara as she strips down on a backyard balcony in the Hollywood hills, spreading her legs and masturbating that perfect pussy with a vibrator! She is absolutely beautiful and knows how to work every inch of her sexy figure and since this photoshoot is from In The Crack you’ll be basically nose-to-pussy in some of these shots. Great pictures of a beautiful girl getting naked and playing with herself, can’t go too wrong with that.

Foot Fantasy


Fhd lexi davis

Fans of feet might be a little disappointed by this Fantasy HD update featuring Lexi Davis…they call the episode Foot Fantasy but the involvement of feet is actually pretty minimal. Lexi starts out after her dance rehearsal rubbing her feet and fantasizing that some hunky horny guy would show up and take over…since this is Fantasy HD, that’s exactly what happens! He gives her feet and toes a nice slow massage, working out all the tension she had built up, then works his way up her legs until he’s caressing her sweet pussy and making her moan with desire! She puts her dance expertise to work as she writhes and rides his cock, taking him deep in her hole forwards and backwards until he shoots his load into her mouth and onto her chin for a facial. Don’t get me wrong it’s a smokin hot update with a gorgeous pornstar, but the name is a little misleading so if you’re expecting a bunch of foot fetish material here you might be a little crestfallen not to mention dickfallen.

Carlee Delima


Carlee delima on zishy

I’m always amazed at the caliber of girls they get on Zishy to show off and hang out in public (and in private)! I think part of the appeal for the models is that they’re not really required to play a character like they would be on most hardcore sites or anything like they, they just do what they love to do and get to show their personality as well as those spectacular bodies. For instance Carlee Delima here in this photoshoot is absolutely stunning and is just relaxing on her college campus wandering the grounds and teasing the hell out of us with that perfect ass of hers. She looks like she might be part Asian but it’s hard to tell, all I know is that she’s completely beautiful and has some freckles and a great body, and knows how to tease with it! Hopefully she’ll be back for more scenes on this site, I get the feeling that she loves showing off almost as much as we love watching her.

AJ Applegate


Aj applegate on monster curves

Not only does horny blonde pornstar AJ Applegate have some Monster Curves, she also likes taking a big thick dick deep in her ass! That’s right, this update from the Reality Kings network of sites will grant that anal hardcore action you’ve been hankering for…if you’ve got a thing for blondes in glasses you’re in for an extra special treat. She starts things out wearing a tiny pink hoodie, some kind of wacky blue swimsuit and a pair of geeky red spectacles…usually when a pornstar wears glasses it’s because she’s fixing to take a facial and doesn’t want to be blinded, but in this case AJ gets fucked in that sweet round juicy butt of hers until the guy shoots his load all over her ass, and then dives back in to pound her hole a little more! She loves licking up his cum to finish things off and looks mighty happy with herself…I guess some girls just can’t get enough hard ass pounding.

Afternoon Tease


Pure mature afternoon tease

Some people like to fuck in the morning, some people like to fuck in the evening, but for people like Lisa Ann the entire day is fair game…in this Pure Mature scene she’s giving her man an afternoon tease, giving him the old ‘yoo hoo’ frrom above on the balcony and dropping her bra to show him those huge bouncy titties of hers. He had been laying down for a nap but when he saw those big melons he about tore a hole in the stairs from going up them so fast! The afternoon tease quickly turned into a hardcore afternoon fuckfest as he pounded that MILF pussy with his big dick, laying her back on the couch and spreading her long legs to penetrate her hole as deep as he could. I think a lot of women would just lay back and hold on for dear life with a pounding like that but not this lady! Lisa Ann got that predatory look on her face and pulled him even deeper, and I didn’t have m headphones on but I could see her lips moving and I think she was saying some mighty dirty shit to this guy as he gave her a deep-dicking. She ends up with a mouthful of cum, but I would imagine that with tits that big her facial probably dripped right down onto them as well.



Aspen on brcc

You can tell this girl Aspen used to be quite the hotness, she’s a mother now and is sort of hovering between MILF status and non…it all depends on how she holds herself. Like in the thumbnail up above she’s got that sort of weird hot thing like the kooky Breakfast Club chick has, but sometimes in the video she’ll speak a certain way and you can see the years. She’s got a lot of enthusiasm though which goes a long way, not to mention the fact that she’s willing to take a cock in the ass and if you’ve been to Backroom Casting Couch anytime previously you’ll know that this guy is a big fan of anal! Aspen here gets naked and gets her pussy and ass fucked nice and hard and finishes things off with a great two-handed blowjob, taking a big load of cream in the mouth and swallowing it down. Maybe she can get some work with some of the MILF sites out there, who knows!



Sexy schoolgirl Maya loves pleasing herself and she does it with style in these shots from Young Legal Porn! She’s got the traditional schoolgirl style uniform on with the red plaid skirt and necktie and a white button-down top and I guess all her lessons and homework have gotten her pretty stir crazy because Maya just can’t stop grabbing her big tits and playing with her pussy! You get some nice shots of this hottie fingering herself and then plunging a big glass dildo deep in her hole, moaning as she fucks herself to orgasm…it’s almost as if being in a rigidly controlled institution contributes in some way to a girl’s repressed sexual feelings coming out in a big way but haha no that’s crazy-talk, right?



Suicide Girls is still on top of their game in terms of bringing you the hottest tattooed and pierced and otherwise outside-the-normal-scope girls on the internet and getting incredibly sexy photos of them. Tangerine here has an amazing body and looks like a dream come to life as she poses in a sunny mid-morning room, taking off her red checkered bra and tiny denim shorts to show off a body that is second to none. Tattoos have gotten a lot more acceptable in society over the last decade or two but they still give an edge of excitement and rebellion…especially on a girl this hot.



Spring is in full swing wherever Yulya is in these shots from Domai! She looks amazing just hanging out in the nude in the great outdoors, not worried about any special props or outfits or throwing any badass attitude, just having fun and looking incredible while doing it. You can almost feel the cool breeze rushing through the tall grass in some of these pictures, they really capture the feeling of being in that setting and relaxing with a stunning nude girl who just happens to have perfect tits and a perfect ass.

Sauna Ice


When I first saw the thumbnails for these shots I didn’t know what the hell Hayley-Marie Coppin and Candice Collyer were doing or what they were holding, but then I realized they’re in a sauna and are running ice cubes all over each others bodies! Is that sexy or what…can you imagine what that must feel like, having that cold ice dripping down onto your naked skin while you relax in the sauna? These girls love the sensation and get so turned on they have to make out right there, even pressing their big tits together to share a single cube of ice balanced on their perky nipples! It’s a hot and very sensual lesbian photoshoot from Hayley’s Secrets, and I get the feeling they have plenty more in store for us!

Jen Selter


Remember Jen Selter? She was the chick with the amazing ass who got boosted to stardom by, well, by taking Instragram photos of her amazing ass! If you do a search for her name and see that incredible perrfect booty in yoga pants you’ll recognize her I think. Anyway, the magazing Vanity Fair has done a shoot with her but there’s something slightly off-kilter I gotta say…maybe becoming a fitness instructor and working out so much has taken the edge off that butt or maybe the VF shoot just didn’t take full advantage of a perfect ass but the photos ended up slightly meh. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but take a look and see what you think. All I know is that seeing these makes me nostalgic for those phone-camera shots of her on the stairmaster in her tight yoga pants with that bubble butt working its magic…man oh man.

Megan Vaughn Gets A Creampie


I have had the beautiful Megan Vaughn on the site a couple of times now.  She is one of my favorite ebony pornstars and this video you’re going to see here is a older Bang Bros scene she has done.  It’ was actually the very first video she shot for them and was for their Big Tit Cream Pie site.  Kind of hard to believe that a girls first time in porn she allows the stunt cock just to cum right in her pussy.  That right there is betting it heavy!  She has such a nice round ass and that’s definitely the best thing about her.  They say she has “big tits” but I wouldn’t say they’re all that big.  They’re kind of big for her body but in general they’re more just full and perky tits.  She has a cute face and the way she fucks is just incredible but black girls just know how to ride a cock, it’s built into them or something.

Michelle It’s About Time


I think this is “The Red Fox” the sexy redhead on X-Art but I am not 100% on that, they sure look a lot alike.  This is a scene from another erotica site that I like a lot but just don’t post enough of.  Today I am not even making my own gallery of this because my buddy has a good video that I just can’t beat.  This is from a scene called “It’s About Time” and Michelle, that’s what Wow Girls calls her is getting fucked on a ottoman.  She pretty much takes it from behind the entire that is after she gets her pussy eaten out and fucked missionary at the very beginning.  The video doesn’t include a cumshot so we have no idea about that, they do that just so you will join the site.  Which you should if you like it, because this kind of high quality porn doesn’t exactly cost nothing.  I am going to be a dick here and tell you guys that if you do want to join this site you shouldn’t click on any of those guys Wow Girls links because you can get if you just click two time there, I’m always looking out for you chumps.

Massage Student


Phd alexis massage student

Sexy legend Alexis Adams is a massage student interested in taking the next step in her career but before she can give pleasure she has to learn to receive it, so she stripped down and set up the portable massage table, hopping up on it as her massage instructor taught her some of the finer points of the gig in this Passion HD update! She got that perfect body oiled up and caressed from head to toe, spreading her legs to get her teacher’s skilled fingers sliding up between her pussy lips and moaning as she got her clit tickled! Soon she had his cock in her hands and in her mouth, sucking him and then riding his cock! With a body like that no man could last for long and sure enough, after just a few minutes of fucking her pussy and fingering her tight ass the guy shot his load all over her for a facial finish. Looks like Alexis learned how to dish out some happy endings!

Ass Flasher


Ass flasher on ccgfs

This would have been a hell of a day to skip class…this gorgeous college babe walked up to the professor’s desk and tugged her panties down, pulling her skirt up and flashing her perfect ass for the whole class to see! Everyone pulled out their cellphones and tablets and whatever else they had handy to capture the moment! She has an amazing butt and a very nice looking pussy and you just know she’s going to fuck pretty much every classmate in there at some point or other! That’s just how this chick rolls and is how she got on Crazy College GFs…and there were plenty of photos from all her classmates, not to mention video, to send in as a submission for the site! I guess this girl is just an exhibitionist to the core, she loves it when her friends see that round juicy peach of an ass and loves the thrill she gets knowing her teacher is none the wiser as he talks to her about her crappy homework.

Payton Simmons


Payton on mg18

Gorgeous blonde Payton Simmons is the latest masseuse to join the workforce at the Massage Girls 18 studio, pulling off her denim shorts and tugging off her white tank top to get those big sexy tits out and putting on her utility belt before rubbing down her first client, caressing his stiffening cock and then sucking him off before popping a condom on his prong and riding him nice and hard! She knows she’s got a hell of an ass so she makes very sure to get on her hands and knees to shake her round booty, getting pounded from behind and then summoning the next guy in line into the room to suck him at the same time she’s getting pounded! She’s determined to give both clients a happy ending at the same time and is doing a damn good job of it.

Honeymoon Suite


Bryci wedding masturbation

Imagine you’ve just tied the knot with gorgeous big breasted beauty Bryci and have finally escaped the reception and headed to the honeymoon suite…or just check out these photos as she brings that scene to life on her own site, keeping her wedding veil on as she climbs onto the bed and pulls off her little panties to pleasure that perfect pussy with her glass toy! She shows some of her favorite positions to get fucked, spreading her legs on her back and then rolling over on her hands and knees to sliding her toy in and out of her sweet tight hole in this hot scene…she’s not exactly a blushing bride but she does look fucking fantastic in her sheer wedding shift and veil and garter!

Perfect Everything


Perfect Model on Girls Do Porn

This girl is nervous about doing her very first adult video but she’s ready willing and able to have a little fun…she’s a cute 19 year old who just broke up with her boyfriend a few weeks back. She already had some rebound sex with a friend and says it was way better than with her boyfriend, maybe that’s why she’s here on Girls Do Porn to do an adult video! It’s a good thing she did too, otherwise we might never have gotten to see those huge perfect tits of hers…now we can enjoy them whenever we want as we watch her suck this guy’s cock and get fucked in a very hot amateur scene. She has a hard time trying to deepthroat but maybe that just comes with practice…I don’t get the feeling the guy was disappointed though, those big boobs of hers are fucking perfect and he knew he’d get a chance to make them swing soon enough! This beautiful teen is more than just a hot pair of breasts though, she’s also got a great bouncy ass and looks like a blast to fuck! Enjoy this update with one of the hottest bodies I’ve seen on this site in a long damn time.

Mimi Faust Sex Tape


Mimi Faust Love and Hip Hop Sex Tape

Alright it looks like Vivid has convinced another reality star to release a sex tape this time it’s a sexy ebony girl named Mimi Faust.  She started on a show called .  That made her famous but she is hoping to be the next Kim Kardashian with this sex tape.  It’s a pretty good one and I don’t know if these two have multiple “sex tapes” within this video that Vivid has or it’s just one long sex tape.  Because there looks like there is two different sex tapes one where they’re fucking out in the hotel room and then another one where they’re in the shower.  Hopefully Mimi Faust isn’t going to pull the old Farrah Abraham and try to say this sex tape was stolen.  Because if it was stolen then why the fuck was someone else filming the whole thing.  It’s shot in third person so this was definitely planned.  It’s nice that it’s in third person so you don’t have to deal with the super shit POV that most of these celebrities shoot their sex tapes in.  One last awesome thing about buying this sex tape is that you’re going to get access to too, and if you have never seen that girl fucking you truly haven’t lived.

Nickey Huntsman


Nickey huntsman tf

The Adventures of Teddy series continues with part 3 here on Teen Fidelity and this time it’s Nickey Huntsman in the spotlight as she goes to the county fair in her cutest pink princess dress and blue bow…she doesn’t have a date for the day but that’s not going to stop her from having a good time and she even gets a teddy bear as a gift to carry around! Little does she know that teddy has a secret, namely a camera in it’s head so when she meets up with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Ryan Madison and heads to his creepy ass van for a little fuck session the bear is recording the whole thing! Ryan is able to see everywhere she goes for a voyeuristic thrill but really I’d have to say that once he has her riding his cock in the back of his van that becomes more the focus than spying on her riding the carousel at the fair or whatever. If you missed the first couple of parts from this series here is Part 1 and here’s Part 2, I think there is one more coming down the pipe soon so stay tuned!

Valentina Nappi


Porn fidelity bridge between lovers

Kelly Madison seems to have this magical magnetism that just generates raw sexuality, attracting both men and women to her bosom (and what a bosom it is!). In this Porn Fidelity update Valentina Nappi is yet another woman unable to resist that siren song and there is a crazy hot chemistry between these two…they’ve spent the morning making out and playing with each others pussy but now it’s time to introduce another element, a bridge between lovers if you will! Ryan Madison is just the right material for that bridge, getting his big hard cock into the mix and fucking both of these hotties as they while away a fun afternoon in the bedroom. Valentina gets that hole of hers licked and fingered and fucked and has his cock slipped between her tits, and when she’s not getting fucked she’s getting her hole licked by Kelly! It’s a very hot threesome and it finishes in style with a big cumshot deep in Valentina’s hole for a passionate creampie!

Briana OShea


Getting a little tired of seeing girls get a load of cum shot on their faces, ready to step things up a notch? Try the Team Skeet site Teen Pies, they’ve got a bunch of mega hot chicks on there with smokin hot bodies gettin naked, sucking cock, and getting fucked until the guy shoots his load into their hole! It’s a creampie extravaganza as Briana OShea here pulls up her tube top to show off those perky little boobies and whips off her little cutoff shorts to get that sweet tight hole filled up with cock and then filled up with cum, keeping her stripey tube socks on the whole time because why the hell not.

Chef Madison Ivy


This reality TV network heard that Chef Madison Ivy really knew how to handle meat so they invited her in for a cooking show, I just don’t know they realized how high she was gonna turn on the heat! She provided the ripe juicy melons for the main dish and had one of the show’s producers offer up some sausage as she laid on the counter wiht those huge tits out and got fucked hard and deep for this hilarious and hot Brazzers scene! Looks like Madison whipped up a special cream dessert as she sucks this guys load out onto her face and tits, too. I can guarantee that if this show aired on network TV the ratings would be through the roof…I don’t know how much cooking expertise would be learned but damn it would be entertaining!

Fine Ass African


I’m not sure what the name of this fine ass African babe is but she was horny as hell and was down to fuck this guy on their first date so he recorded it for us! She’s downright gorgeous too from what we can see of her face…most of this video clip is from behind so we get a perfect view of that tight ass as she sucks her man’s cock but I guess the guy has his own video recorder so we get a few double-angles. This guy’s got a huge cock and this chick was more than happy to take her time sucking it hard, turning around to a 69 position to give him some tongue access to that chocolate snatch too.

Kelly in Baja


Sometimes a gorgeous MILF like Kelly Madison just has to take a little time out for herself and go on vacation! Luckily she and her husband Ryan always bring cameras with them on their excursions because you never know what will pop up (actually it’s usually Ryan’s dick popping up). In this update from Kelly’s own personal site she’s in Baja at a resort by the sea, getting naked in an outdoor pool and showing off those huge full breasts as she soaks…in some of the photos it looks like she’s yelling with delight or something, can’t say I blame her because damn look at that view!

Deal with Lily


Reality Kings presents this video clip called A Deal With Lily as the guys meet up with this absolutely gorgeous girl and offer her a fat fistful of cash in exchange for escalating sexual favors…at first it’s just flashing those tits and her perfect pussy but then it turns into sucking the guy’s cock and finally getting her sweet hole pounded! Looks like everyone’s got a price and this guy had more than enough cold hard cash to meet Lily’s demands so everyone cums out a winner here. The video clip is formatted and intended to be viewed on a mobile device so it might look a little funny if you’re trying to get there on your PC…but hit it up on your phone and see how hot free mobile porn can be!

Anya Ivy Round and Brown


Round and Brown got themselves a girl who really fits their description.  This girl is really petite but just has a giant black booty.  They catch up with her on some Miami beach and she is wearing a sexy skimpy little bikini.  Her ass is in a thong and it looks really good as you can see in this picture.  They then take her back to the condom where she puts that ass to good use by riding the stunt cocks dick reverse cowgirl.  The thing is she has a really great ass and I suspect you ass guys are going to think that the best thing about her but she has big natural tits too and I think that’s probably the best thing about her.  There are not enough black pornstars out there and I sure hope that Anya Ivy becomes the next big thing because I could get used to watching this girl fuck.

Alexis Gets Happy Ending


Let’s talk about just how awesome Alexis Adams titties are.  I just love looking at these things they look so different compared to any other girl in porn.  They’re completely natural and they’re some of the most perky titties I have ever seen.  They’re like puffy or something you know?  In this gallery Alexis Adams is back on My Sister’s Hot Friend.  A mini site from Naughty America that is shot in the guys prospective, he is fucking his sisters best friend.  In this case this guy is going over to his sisters friends house to log some massage hours because he is going to school for this.  When he gets there though he see’s that Alexis isn’t to interested in actually getting a massage.  He finds that out when she gets completely naked in front of him without even batting a eye.  It’s hard to not want to fuck a girl when she looks like this when she is naked am I right or what?  He tries to just start the massage but once he has the oil on her and Alexis is asking him to massage her private area’s he gives and and goes muff diving on Alexis.  They then proceed to fuck right there on the massage table, not a lot of room to work with but they made it happen.

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