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So Delicious


Babes keisha grey so delicious

Sometimes when a site comes out with a scene they give it a title and you just can’t figure out how the hell they came up with it…there are a few sites in particular I can think of that try to come up with artsy names that are just meaningless and kind of ridiculous. With this scene from the Babes network though, you can tell exactly where it came from! The scene is called So Delicious and it features Keisha Grey and you just know that pussy of hers is a delectable treat…she and her lucky fella spend a fun afternoon together as she sits in his lap riding his big cock, sliding it deep inside that hole of hers as her big breast spill out of her bra into his hands! She looks amazing and you can tell they’re both having a blast as they fuck, grinning and staring into each others’ eyes until Keisha lays on her side to take his cock as deep as possible, which is when he finally busts his nut and shoots a creamy load all over her slit and inner thighs.

Brooke Wylde


Brooke wylde on zishy

Surely you’ve seen beautiful busty Brooke Wylde before but if not, take this opportunity to peruse her little archive right here. Once that’s finished (it’s basically a homework assignment) come on back and check out this Zishy photoshoot as she shows off that fun personality! On Zishy the girls don’t just get naked and spread their pussies wide open or whatever, they actually keep a little to the imagination which is a rarity in the industry these days but is hot as hell…plus the girls get to do things they enjoy and show a little personality for once and it’s always fun to see these hotties genuinely enjoying themselves. Brooke here is a good example of today’s youth, having fun exploring her sexuality and wearing whatever the hell she wants while she listens to EDM (in this photoshoot she’s got a sheer leotard on that shows off those big perfect tits very nicely!). Time to let this girl have fun and play and enjoy the pictures!

Fat Ass Maid Fucking


I wish I knew who this girl was but I just can’t recognize her. I mean with a ass like this I am pretty sure I would just know her if she was a well known pornstar or something. It’s definitely a European scene because I think most of the girls that are on Joybear are from Europe. This is a really cool site because their porn scenes all have complex story lines and are just not Gonzo scenes. This is one of those erotica sites that you see so much nowadays but it’s a newer one so make sure to check it out because odds are that you haven’t seen it before. This video is pretty long but the sad thing is you don’t get to see how it ends! The guy is just pounded this girl pussy from behind and it looks like he’s about to cum inside it but we will never know another good option would be putting it on that fat ass of hers. She is a really thick girl who just loves to grind on a cock, she isn’t much of a rider more of a grinder but you don’t get a big butt like this but working a ton LOL!



Aubrey on ecg

The guy from Exploited College Girls says this girl Aubrey might just be the hottest one he’s ever had on the site, I don’t know if I agree with that but hey I guess he would probably know better than I would with his firsthand experience and Aubrey is undeniably sexy as hell! I guess part of it is her personality, she seems like fun and man oh man she gets into some dirty talk like you wouldn’t believe…I’m surprised this guy didn’t shoot his load all over her the instant she opened her mouth and started begging him to fuck her in the ass! He does so of course, so if you’re an anal fan this update will stir your pot but good…actually if you’re pretty much any kind of fan of hotness this girl will tickle your fancy, she’s got some tricks up her sleeves and has a body like you dream about with her big firm breasts and an incredible ass! I don’t know if she’s ever been on the receiving end of a deep-dicking like this, the ECG cameraman goes above and beyond the call of duty as he he pounds her face and ass and pussy, making her cum multiple times before he finally shoots his load deep in her hole for a nice creampie! Aubrey gets a 10 out of 10 for sure, I’m not sure if she’s looking to branch out in the adult industry or not but if so I’m sure she’ll be a big hit wherever the hell she goes…I just hope we’re invited along for the ride, so to speak!

Stella Ann A New Toy


Stella ann povd

Welcome newcomer Stella Ann to POVD as she plays with her beautiful body, slipping her hands down her top to grab her big tits before getting into some fun with a new toy that her man brings home! It’s a small thing but I guess it packs a whallop because she starts moaning immediately as she buzzes her pussy with it! I love that she keeps her striped tube socks on as she plays with her new vibrator, and apparently it got her pretty turned on because soon she was sucking and fucking her man’s huge cock! Since the hook for POVD is that you get to watch in first person perspective it’s basically your cock doing the work as you fuck this hot tight pornstar…she has a great body for it too, I’m glad she’s on this site because with such high quality in the videos you get to see every detail of those big bouncy breasts and her sweet round ass as she gets drilled! In case you’re thinking that booty of hers is big and round but kinda flabby, you are dead wrong my friend because she gets it spanked a little in this video and it looks tight and firm and hot as hell. It’s a good thing you get to watch the sex like this instead of actually being the guy in the room because with a reaction like this you’d be tempted to buy Stella a new toy every damn day and trust me that shit racks up on the ol’ bank bills pretty fast.

Ecstatic Vaginal Massage


Noma massaged hegre art

It’s been a little while since I’ve given you guys a massage scene from Hegre Art, so I figured it was high time and that you’d suffered enough withdrawal, it’s time to get your relax on and take a load off. Join Noma here as she gets her perfect body taken to the heights of pleasure, courtesy of the skillful hands of the Hegre masseuse! Some sites you’ll see do massage scenes that look about as real as a video of Bigfoot waterskiing but not here, Hegre has the real jam and their masseuses obviously legitimately know what they’re doing! I’m not sure which masseuse is doing the work in this ecstatic vaginal massage but Noma looks like she’s being taken to a whole other plane of existence as she gets her tight pussy gently fingered and rubbed and expertly pleasured until she has an incredible earth-shaking orgasm (or five)! Keep an eye on her face as she gets taken to the heights of physical joy, it’s pretty amazing.

Spreading Cheeks


Danielle is spreading her big round asscheeks and playing with her pussy in this Bang Bros clip for us…it’s intended for mobile viewing so checking it out on your desktop computer might be a little funny, so try heading over on your phone! You know this chick best as Danielle FTV but she’s been doing stuff for Bang Bros as well…it’s nice to have another outlet for those big full titties and that sexy bouncy ass of hers, and her libido is so high she just has to have a constant influx of toys and cocks to keep her pussy busy. If you’re in the mood for a sexy horny busty blonde with a big juicy booty, look no further because Danielle will rock your world from here to last thursday!



Lara here was making some coffee but needed a little cream and what better way to get some cream than by sucking and fucking it out of her man’s hard cock! He might not be the most dinosaur-hung guy in the industry but he gets a great blowjob and fucks this hot skinny blonde right on the kitchen floor in this Joymii update called Creamy Coffee so I guess he’s doing alright for himself. Lara is a skinny blonde spinner with big tits for her small frame (they’re actually pretty medium sized I think but her small body makes them look bigger by comparison) and a great ass, and she loves a nice spontaneous deep-dicking I guess!

Siriously Big Tits


I always think of Siri as a blonde but holy crap she looks incredible as a redhead too apparently! Get ready for some Siri-ously big tits as this goddess gets naked and shows off in the board room for the executives in a hot Brazzers scene, sucking cock and getting fucked on the meeting table while those enormous breasts bounce left right and center. This girl is one of the hottest around, make sure you check this out…I wouldn’t steer you wrong! Siri is absolutely gorgoeus and has incredible tits, not to mention a nice round juicy ass that looks great as she bounces up and down on these lucky cocks.

African Blowjob


This guy from the site African Fuck Tour has a thing for African whores so he hires one to head to his hotel room and suck his big white cock and films the whole thing for us! This chocolate queen has nice perky tits and smooth dark skin and gives a mighty fine blowjob performance here as she works his balls, uses her hands to tease and tickle his cock while she sucks, and puts her throat to the test as she takes him nice and deep! She doesn’t seem to mind being filmed as she takes his meat in her mouth, as long as he forks over the cash at the end.

Lesbian Threesome


Brazzers presents this hot lesbian threesome as Summer Brielle and Breanne Benson take advantage of their friend Romi Rain, tearing off her dress and dipping their hands into her panties…Romi perpetrates like she’s not into it at first but then her hands start cupping her big tits and she starts licking her lips and it’s on from there! She gets panties stuffed in her mouth and has her pussy licked, sucked, fingered and fucked with toys until she cums all over the place in this hot scene, and then trades places with her friends so everyone gets to share in the orgasm fun!

Nikki Benz Beach Ride


Nikki Benz is riding all sorts of things in this new video from Bang Bros clips.  I used to think I knew what Bang Bros was doing with that site but I am just completely lost now.  This is pretty much just a straight up porn scene it’s more real life the anything.  It just looks like a Bang Bros guy wanted to hang out with Nikki Benz and fuck her or something. I think they’re in Miami and they’re just riding around on watercraft having fun.  Then they go to this deserted island I guess, or maybe it’s not even deserted I would just assume if you’re going to fuck a girl on a beach you’re pretty much alone.  So they have sex, it’s all shot in POV and Nikki is looking really good.  She must have a fake ass or something because I know those tits are fake and they’re awesome but her butt looks almost too perfect too.  Who knows I like a MILF that tries to keep it young and Nikki is definitely doing that.  You can’t argue though that pussy of hers is real and man is it pretty, I like the little landing strip she is keeping too, very classy Nikki.

Alina Li Casted


This is kind of a weird site from Nubiles Porn.  It’s called Nubiles Casting but you may as well just join Nubiles Porn because then you can get access to everything.  The reason I am posting this is well because Alina Li is in it and this girl is hot.  She has such a cute little body and that small round ass of hers is just the best isn’t it?  Holly Michaels is the one “seducing” her in this video.  I am not sure if they’re trying to pass this off as real or not but it doesn’t matter all porn is fake anyways.  Alina Li does a little strip show for Holly and I have to say Holly is really liking Alina you can tell she just wants to eat that perfect little pussy of hers.  She has Tyler come in as the stunt cock and she kind of coaches Alina through some things and then also makes some comments.  Holly is filming the whole time and I just wished she would have jumped in a little more, I mean a threesome with Alina Li is what everyone wanted I think.  Holly is naked in the background and she lends a helping hand every once in a while making Alina have a really hard orgasm and one of the longest squirting orgasms I have ever seen.  If you want to see the squirting it happens at about the 4 minute mark so just fastforward there.  In the end Tyler pulls out and cums right in Alina asshole, really hot scene you guys are going to love this one!

Jewels Jade Anal Ride


I swear I have probably posted this gallery like 10 times but I can’t find it anywhere on the site like WTF!  So here we go again this is a older Jewels Jade gallery from Bang Bros.  She hasn’t done many scenes for them only two to be exact the was MILF Lessons.  So this scene kind of starts off right in the action with her panties pulled to the side and she has her ass all oiled up and she starts to ride this guys big cock.  She is taking it in her pussy at first but after the guy rubs her little asshole she is all for taking it up her big ass.  Jewels Jade is a MILF that doesn’t let her body slack this girl is in the gym, I mean she is the only MILF I know of that could ride like this for 10 mintues and not even break a sweat.  There is one other MILF that could do it Brandi Love that girl works out a ton too.  This gallery is great if you like anal riding a big round ass, it was shot for Bang Bros MILF site called MILF Soup, one of the best Jewels Jade videos you will ever see and that’s just a fact.

Kelly Diamond


Kelly diamond for ccx

Sweet 21 year old Kelly Diamond has lived all over the US but most recently in Denver Colorado, which if I remember right is near the top of the list for fittest US cities so it’s no surprise that Kelly’s sweet body is so tight and firm and fit as hell! She’s giving a fine introductory update here on Casting Couch X, going through the gamut of sucking cock and getting fucked and even licking some ass, I guess she doesn’t mind rimming! She says she’d be down to do this sort of thing every single day and if she really means it I guess she’ll go pretty far in this industry…she fucks well and looks incredible doing it, and takes a nice big facial to see her out the door at the end of this update! I’ve seen Kelly a couple different places since she did this CCX shoot but I think the only one I have here on is this scene from Fantasy HD, so if this update gets you in the mood to check out more of Kelly getting her sweet tight pussy pounded that link I just gave you will be just what the doctor ordered. Man, if I had a doctor who prescribed porn for anything I think I’d have a new favorite doctor! Maybe not if I had like a broken leg or something like that, though.

Sexy Mail Carrier


Sexy pattycake mailwoman

Looks like Sexy Pattycake here is branching out a bit into the mail carrying biz! She’s the sexiest mailwoman I’ve ever seen, and that’s even before she starts stripping out of her blue top and skirt to make a special delivery of hotness…just look at that sweet round ass as she bends over and slips her panties down her legs, she looks like she really knows how to handle a package if you know what I’m saying. Patty always looks great, she’s got this unique look to her…maybe it’s the eyebrows that are just as yellow and fine as her hair, I’m not sure. I’d do a little more investigation but I just keep getting distracted by those big perfect tits of hers!

In My Living Room


X art in my living room

Many of the models on X Art are from Eastern Europe but there are a few girls like Jenna from the USA and it makes things extra hot to see them mixing it up like in this update called In My Living Room! Jenna is joined by Lisa, a beautiful Czech babe, and Kaylee who hails from Romania…there was a bit of a language barrier at first but hey when you’ve got three horny beautiful women sitting together without a stitch of clothing between them I guess words aren’t even really needed! These girls speak the language of love and lust just fine and soon they’re kissing passionately in this sexy scene…they had all taken a trip together to Brazil and I guess they had all gotten pretty close because the sexual tension could be cut with a knife here! It’s a good thing they were all down for a little fun…watch these hotties lick pussy and make out, getting into a steamy lesbian threeway that bridges international divides…all three of these girls are beautiful in different ways so get ready for some perfect tits, perfect asses and horny pussies courtesy of X Art!



Lola foxx nubile films

This guy was understandably Lovestruck when he got a good look at Lola Foxx, I can’t say I blame him…she’s mighty picky about her men but luckily for this guy he’s packing a huge cock in his pants so she was willing to let him have his way with her in this Nubile Films update! She was showing her love of flowers here, with one in her hair and a few on the table and a tattoo of a flower on her hip as she stripped down and showed off her perky little breasts and sweet round lickable fuckable ass and pussy! She gets her holes licked from behind by this guy before he impales her on his massive meat and I think by the time she finishes fucking him she’s a bit lovestruck herself. Actually remember a little earlier when I said she was picky with her men? In retrospect I might have to take that back, I looked at some of the places she’s gone and some of the men she’s had in her holes and she might not be quite so picky after all if you catch what I’m saying. If you’re curious you can take a look at our little archive of her fuck-scenes right here, enjoy!

Lola Luscious


Lola luscious on erotic snap

Beautiful blonde Lola Luscious certainly lives up to her name in this Erotic Snap photoshoot…I started flipping through the images in the set to see what I could talk about and without even meaning to the words ‘holy shit’ escaped my lips! She’s got a perfect pair of tits, a very nice pink pussy and a face that could have gotten her a job on that Deal or No Deal show as one of the briefcase girls, she’s that smokin hot! Someone she took a time machine fifty years to the future and brought back one of their chairs, that is the only explanation I can come up with for the space-age cushions she’s relaxing on as she dips her fingers down into her sweet pussy to masturbate for us! Fingers just aren’t enough for Lola though apparently, she whips out a toy and is ready to spend the afternoon giving herself mind-blowing orgasms which is a hell of a way to spend a day if you ask me.

Brazilian Love Affair


Brazilian Love Affair With Sammy

This gallery from X Art is kind of two galleries in one.  First you get a lesbian sex scene with Kaylee and Jenna J. Ross and then you get a hardcore scene with Sammy here.  The story with these gallery is that Sammy was about to go home but she decided to stay with X-Art for one more day in Brazil and they made the most of it.  She was waiting with the guy she was going to fuck in a hotel room when they got a knock at the door and it was Jenna and Kaylee.  The two of there were dressed in sexy lingerie and they were there purely for these two enjoyment.  Kaylee sat on the edge of a little table and Jenna got under her and started eating her pussy out while Sammy and Jake just watched and got hornier and hornier.  Once they got to the point where they just couldn’t take it anymore they sent Jenna and Kaylee packing and got to work fucking each other.  The sex was very intense or Sammy is a really good actor because she looked to be having the time of her life while she was being fucked by Jake.  He gave it to her soft and hard and as you can see from this picture here Sammy enjoys getting choked while she is fucked, that is always hot.  I love the pale skin the Sammy has and the fact that she is wearing those red high heels she looks like a old school pinup model doesn’t she?

Emily Grey Dirty Laundry


Emily Grey POVD

I didn’t know that Emily Grey had such a badonka donk!  I mean look at that size of that ass of hers.  She is so petite too I have to think this fisheye lens that POVD uses.  It isn’t that big of a distortion though so I mean I think she just has a bubble butt. Emily Grey has a unique look to her nice small titties and I am not even going to try and guess what ethnicity she is.  In this update she comes into the living room in nothing but her panties and dumps a load of laundry on the floor like we all do to start folding.  Her man starts helping her fold and one thing leads to another and she doing a little strip tease for him.  He starts to suck on her nipples and that gets her pussy wet so she goes on her knees and the two of them start to fuck.  You get to see what it’s like to fuck Emily Grey, a experience you just won’t get on any other website and as soon as you watch a video from POVD you will understand what I mean.  I have been posting a lot of Emily Grey galleries recently but one of my favorites of course is the one she did for FTV Girls.  I just like seeing girls masturbating because they know what they like and real orgasms are just always the best.  If you want hardcore though nothing is going to beat this scene because POVD is my favorite hardcore site right now, for pornstars that is.

Nikki Sims White Dress


Nikki Sims White Dress and Masturbating

I think you guys who visit this site enough know I rarely have a gallery that doesn’t match.  I do that because it’s hard for people to find what they want if a video and a picture gallery isn’t matching.  I say this because well I am going to make it hard for you guys LOL.  I am posting a Nikki Sims gallery where she is wearing just a white see through dress with no bra on.  Her big natural tits can be seen quite clearly through it and this picture in particular is really hot.  I love how her boobs are squeezed and what not.  The video however is completely different she is just wearing a black top and has no panties on.  She has one of her favorite vibrators on her clit and she is masturbating to a orgasm.  I personally think this gallery is all about this awesome video, but I know how some people still like picture… Surprisingly enough I don’t get these people but I do run a site called so it only makes sense that I still post this old school pornography.

Ava Addams Shower Fuck


Ava Addams is once again on Bang Bros this time for their site Big Tits, Round Asses.  This isn’t her first time by far on Big Tits, Round Asses and as for Bang Bros she might have the most amount of scenes with Bang Bros or at least she is in the top 20.  In this video you’re going to get to see a lot because the gallery I am sending you to has a long video.  Pretty much all the videos on this guys site are nice and long.  In the start you get to see her jumping on a trampoline naked.  Something I didn’t expect I would really care for but in the end I watched that entire part HA!  Then once the camera gets enough of her amazing body she goes in the shower and starts to wash up and that’s when this lucky ass guy walks into the shower and starts to eat that meaty MILF pussy of hers.  I like Ava holding his head there she knows what she wants as she has been fucking in adult for a long time now so she just gets it, even if that means holding his head.  Once she cums from her oral sex she gives up that pussy of hers and lets him have her anyway he wants.

Wet Panties


Cherie DeVille in Wet Panties

Cherie DeVille is in yet another Pure Mature scene this one is called Wet Panties.  If you want to see some of her other Pure mature videos she has done you can check out Breakfast in Bed and Sexy Morning both excellent scenes.  I mean there are always risks when you’re fucking a MILF because they’re just way freakier then other types of models but this one right there we should all fear.  Getting you face sat on and she wants you to lick her ass I mean you’re in a bad spot there.  Cherie DeVille is a very horny MILF and one of the best things about her is just how much she loves to be fucked I mean she really enjoys it.  She gets a little cock crazy during some of her sex scenes but I have seen other MILFs kind of go into this frenzy.  The video isn’t just straight up sex there is a lot of kinkier stuff especially if you have some kind of foot fetish.  Cherie and this guy both lick on each others feet and Cherie also demonstrates I am sure one of her many skills and that was giving a footjob.  Hope you like what you see and don’t forget to click on the link at the bottom of the video if you want a discount.

Taybre and Khaleesi


Brcc khaleesi taybre

With a couple of names like Taybre and Khaleesi you know you’re in for a treat or a terror…well I’m happy to report that this Backroom Casting Couch update is much more of a treat with these two horny curly-haired amateur blondes! I guess only one of them really sucks cock and gets fucked but hey, her girlfriend came along for the experience and ended up getting roped into doing some camerawork while her friend got a face, pussy and ass full of the casting director’s hard dick! She doesn’t seem too fazed by seeing her pal get an anal ramming, in fact it seems to turn her on! Taybre is the horny busty MILF getting pounded and Khaleesi is the friend…she at least gets naked throughout and shows off her own big tits which are just as nice (if not nicer) as her Taybre’s boobies, which go for a nice bouncy ride when the guy starts pounding that pussy and tight ass from behind for this hot update. Khaleesi doesn’t join in on the hardcore action (apart from kissing Taybre a bit) but she does get into the mix at the very end, laying on her back next to her friend so the guy can shoot his load onto both of them, creaming up all four of those huge breasts!

Alexis Adams and Lacey Johnson


Aa lacye and alexis

Get your pants ready for a double schoolgirl update from Amateur Allure as Alexis Adams and newcomer Lacey Johnson each do a mini-shoot in this one update (they’re not in the room at the same time which is a damn shame if you ask me but hey it’s still mighty hot) in their schoolgirl uniforms. This isn’t the first time they’ve done a double update like this with schoolgirls, so if you’re in the mood for more you’re in luck! Back to this update though, Alexis has been around the block a few times and knows how to work a cock so we already expect her to be a bundle of hotness but the new girl is always a wildcard…luckily blonde Lacey is not only beautiful but also mighty skilled in the cocksucking and fucking departments! I’d even say she outshines the mighty Alexis in this update but maybe that’s just the allure (get it? because of the site this is from? never mind) of a new and pretty much unknown girl. Lacey kicks things off a little nervous but once she starts spreading her legs and lifting up her plaid skirt to show off those panties, pulling them aside to play with her pussy a bit, she’s good to go and almost dives onto the guy’s cock to suck him off before fucking him and swallowing a load! Alexis bats cleanup here, and if you’ve seen her updates before you know she’s always good for a hot suck and fuck and that’s exactly what you get here. The schoolgirl pigtails look never fails to entertain and sure enough it works its magic here once again!

Boob Tube


Phd boob tube

Carmen Caliente just can’t get enough hot threesome action on Passion HD apparently…we’ve already seen her get down and dirty with her girlfriend Marina in this scene and now she’s getting her tongue wet between the thighs of lovely Lexi in a hot update called The Boob Tube! Lexi had called in a guy to check on the TV since it wouldn’t turn on and he walked in right as Carmen showed up and started kissing her! Nobody can withstand an opportunity like that of course so soon the girls were taking turns riding his face and his cock. For a second it looked like Carmen was a deer caught in the headlights (and the guy’s eyes were like dinnerplates too) but hey I guess everyone figured why the hell not, once that ice was broken. I always wondered where the term ‘boob tube’ came from, but after checking out this scene I’m pretty sure I have a good idea about the origins…if this isn’t actually how being a TV maintenance man works please don’t let me know, I’d rather remain in blissful and jealous ignorance.

Aidra Fox


Aidra Fox on Teens Love Huge Cocks

Anytime I have a pornstar that ends in the ‘x’ letter I almost always put out ‘xxx’.  I have just been running this site too long I think. With that being said I can’t tell you how hard it is to type Aidra Fox right now LOL! Anyways, this is her new Reality Kings scene this time for a site I really love called Teens Love Huge Cocks. I don’t really know why they named it that because honestly these girls are always 20+ but hey I bet they had no problem registering that domain. Aidra has been on Reality Kings once before in a We Live Together video called . That one was good but let’s be honest we didn’t really want to see her eating out Dani Jensen we wanted to see her having a threesome with Dani. Well that’s not happening but you are seeing a hardcore scene with her and man is she fucking hot. She has a nice round ass and some tits that just sit on body perfectly. The video definitely has the look that Teens Loves Huge Cocks always does something I can’t even put into words what it is. It’s just one of those sites that I can spot from a picture because it’s so unique. I guess some other Reality Kings scenes look like it, likes the last Monster Curves scene they put out. The video starts off a little different from the other videos I have posted. I like to usually just get straight to the action but today I am giving you a little bit of Aidra personality because she is just a really cute and fun girl, I think it will make you enjoy seeing her fucked just that much more.

Rendezvous With Kristine


Amateur allure kristine

It’s time for a little something different from Amateur Allure…instead of having the girl show up at the studio, the studio comes to them! The cameraman took a vacation to San Francisco for a little rendezvous with Kristine Kahill here, a gorgeous brunette with a spectacular ass and some very nice blowjob skills that she puts to work almost immediately when he shows up at the hotel room. We’ve seen Kristine on the site a couple times already and each time she is just fucking hot as hell…if you missed out on the first two times, check them out here: scene1 and scene2. It’s a little weird having such a different photography and videography style in this new update but I kind of like it, it feels a little warmer and more intimate, which goes well with Kristine’s beautiful face and sweet seductive body. There are plenty of pretty women in the adult industry with nice butts and nice tits but there are far fewer who have what I would describe as a perfect pussy…but I’ve gotta say, Kristine Kahill here has just such a twat! Lovely pink pussy lips that have a slight outward curl like flower petals, nice soft labia, just hot and irresistably fuckable and that’s just what this guy does with it. She spreads her legs and gets impaled on his dick, sliding the entire length into her hole with a moan…the guy fucks her in a few different positions before shooting his load into her mouth for her to swallow down!

Close Shave and Deep Throat


Passion hd lexi davis close shae

When beautiful blonde Lexi Davis wandered into the bathroom and found her man in there shaving his face she realized she had a bit of a fetish for that! Sometimes you just figure these things out on the fly I guess…Lexi dropped to her knees and gave him a fantastic deep blowjob, licking and sucking his cock and tickling his balls with her chin before leading him to the bedroom for a little more comfortable of a place to lay down and do some work. They hopped up on the bed and she spun around, not only to make it easier to take his man-meat down her throat but also to give him some tongue-access to that sweet pussy of hers for a little 69 action! Passion HD is who to thank for this hot hardcore update called Close Shave and Deep Throat as Lexi gets her face filled up with dick. Man cannot live on blowjobs alone though so soon he gave her slit a nice hard pounding, fucking her from above and pinning her to the bed before she swapped positions with him and rode his cock hard and deep! A little more sucking and hand action and he finally shot his load onto her gorgeous face.

Vine Porn


I’m not even sure if this petition is still going since it’s been a couple months now but hey, I figured it was important enough to pass the information along! Have you ever used Vine, which is basically the video version of Twitter with 6-second clips? Well there used to be a good amount of porn and nudity but now the terms of service have been changed and it’s no longer allowed…this petition is to fight for the personal freedom where folks can be nude if they want and post naked videos if they damn well want to! If they had forbidden nudity from the beginning I guess it would be a bit different but to allow it for awhile and then all of a sudden say NOPE is a bit of a slap in the face. Who doesn’t like 6-second naked clips of a hot horny babe?



I’ve got to admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for a hot girl in glasses…I know it’s become a Thing now for girls to be ‘geeky’ which usually means they just put on some nerdy glasses and call it good (true geek girls are few and far between, believe you me), but hell it’s working on me! Minnie here for instance is fucking gorgeous with her perky little boobies and sweet round ass and…what’s this? A buttplug? That naughty vixen! She’s been walking around all day with a buttplug in her ass just behind those stretchpants, no wonder she’s got that flirtatious and slightly mischievous smile on her face the whole time! These pictures are coming your way from Simonscans, I think you’ll dig em.

Miley Cyrus Lookalike


Usually when there’s a popular celebrity and a ‘lookalike’ appears on a website or whatever the resemblance is fleeting at best…in this case though it’s pretty spot-on! This girl from Playboy is a Miley Cyrus lookalike and dammit she does look just like Miley, even down to the shaved sides of the head! She’s got her hair dyed red though and doesn’t have the same tattoos so yeah it’s not actually Miley. You can let your fantasies play out here though, this girl is a dead ringer and is getting completely nude…and her body is fucking smokin hot from head to toe regardless of who she looks like in the face! Great ass, nice perky boobies, sexy hips, beautiful face…I approve.



Spring is warming up towards summer already and Susann is out in the woods enjoying it! Check out these Femjoy photos of this beautiful and naturally busty babe hanging out completely nude by the riverside, grabbing her big tits while the breeze rustles through the canopy overhead and makes her long kinky hair wave and flow. She’s got a body that is absolutely stunning, I mean I can’t even really express how fucking how hot it is you’ve got to just take a look for yourself. Big tits, great ass, beautiful face, what’s not to like? This Femjoy photoshoot will have you heading to the woods to commune with nature, or at least to hope to run across a nymph like Susann sunning herself stark naked on the rocks!

Evita Lima


Springtime means more people are flocking towards the oceans and lakes, so we’re in store for more hot photoshoot like this one from Met-Art featuring the lovely Evita Lima! She’s hanging out completely naked out front of her beach-house, kicking up some sand as she plays with the life preserver and poses on the deck chair to show off those huge tits, nice round ass and sweet pussy! She even has a little pubic hair which is unusual in this day and age it seems…she’s not like overgrown forest down there but there is a little something and I’ve gotta say it’s pretty nice. In fact this girl is just plain hot all over, it’s nice to see her getting naked and enjoying the sand between her toes!

Lily and Marina Return


Povd lily and marina

No, you’re not having deja vu, this is indeed another POVD update featuring the lovely and sexy duo of Lily Love and Marina Angel! You might remember the last one a while back, but if you’ve forgotten it you’re in luck because I have the link right here. This time the girls star in an update called Slippery When Wet as they meet up in the bathroom and help each other get naked and get all cleaned up in the tub and shower, while also making out and licking each others tits and pussy to get all turned on and ready for the hot threesome to cum! You get the perspective from all around as these two meet up with their guy pal…see what it’s like from Marina’s viewpoint as she gets her pussy licked by Lily while Lily herself is getting pounded from behind, for instance! And, since this is POVD, you can be sure the whole thing will be in incredibly high resolution video with 3d audio so it’ll feel like you’re right there in the mix.

Cassie My Love


X art cassie my love

Gorgeous spinner Cassie is a relative newcomer to X Art but I’m pretty sure that after a single look at that tight little body of hers you’ll be fully supportive of any and everything she does! This update is a solo masturbation scene called Cassie My Love and she seems totally comfortable with exploring her perfect tight little nude body as the cameras roll! From those perky perfect round boobies to her sexy firm ass and that tight pink pussy she is hot as lava from hair to toenails as she sensually strips out of her lingerie (there might be a name for it, it looks like a tan one-piece bodysuit but is all lacy and semi sheer and sexy) and lays back on the outdoor patio chair cushions to have a little quality alone-time. As she looks over her shoulder behind her with that spankable butt in the air it’s pretty apparent that she’s thinking about getting her hole filled up with cock! Hopefully after she gets a little more comfortable with the idea of being naked online she’ll be down to do some hardcore fuck sessions…can’t wait for that.

Shae Summers 6th Time Big Naturals


Shae summers big naturals

Time to get your dicks out, America (or wherever else you might be surfing from on this big wild internet of ours), because Shae Summers is the guest of honor on this update from the Reality Kings network site Big Naturals! She just tuned 19 years young and has natural perfect 32DDD titties that look incredible as she lifts up her team jersey…I guess 21 is her lucky number even though she’s only 19 because she gets the deep dicking she was longing for! Just think about it…some lucky asshole got to feel up on those huge perfect boobs and slide his big dick into her mouth before fucking that sweet tight teen pussy of hers! Unless I’ve miscounted this update is the 6th, count em, 6th, time she’s been on Big Naturals so it’s pretty obvious she personifies the idea of the site…a beautiful young hottie with huge natural boobs who loves to get her shaved pussy pounded and take a load of cum on her tits. I’d list them all out here but it would probably be easier to just go to the Shae Summers archive here, you’ll see those updates as well as the other scenes she’s done so basically I hope your afternoon schedule is pretty open.

Jenna Leigh


Jenna leigh for tf

For some couples there’s a very fine line between love and hate, and if you want a good example of this just check out Jenna Leigh and Ryan Madison here! In this Teen Fidelity update they’re a couple who can’t stand to be with each other and just can’t seem to stand being apart for long either…the arguments are fierce and frequent but the make-up sex is hot as hell and we get to be privy to the best bits without having to uncomfortably sit through the screaming matches! Jenna is a cute teen with nice bouncy little boobies and a sweet ass, and of course plenty of attitude…I guess you have to have that if you’re going to date Ryan Madison. Maybe she found out he was married and that’s what they were fighting about, it’s hard to say…all that we can tell for sure is that they decided to make up at the end of the argument by fucking each others brains out outdoors by the pool, screwing on the patio couch and pushed up against a brick wall and just all over the damn place! I’d hate (or love) to see what happens if one of them overdrafts the debit card or something, it would be a fuckfest beyond imagining.



Mia on nvg

This gorgeous exotic honey is Mia and she’s the latest hottie to head to Net Video Girls for a modeling audition that turned pretty quickly into much more! She thought she was going to be part of a calendar but it’s all basically a ploy to get the girls to show off their sweet sexy nude bodies and get fucked on camera so NVG can use the footage on their site. Mia here was a little taken aback by the camera in her face when she opened the door to the studio but soon warmed up, charmed by the Maestro until she stripped down and got comfortable, showing off a perfect pair of breasts and an ass you’ll have to see to believe…she’s seriously hot as hell and gets into some naughty fun in this update, sucking the director’s cock and then getting her sweet tight pussy pounded until he cums on her face! There was some awkwardness going on with her agent or something, I didn’t quite catch it but at the end of the full video there’s a pretty hilarious phonecall you’ll just have to check out for yourself. It’s in the members section but hey sometimes these sorts of things are worth it!

Hot Massage For My Man


Phd massage for my man

The name of this Passion HD update is A Hot Massage For My Man but it sure looks to me like it’s gorgeous Sabrina Banks getting oiled up and rubbed down, not to mention fucked by her man’s big hard cock! Maybe that’s the massage they’re talking about as she massages his cock using the depths of her sweet tight pussy…pretty tricky, Passion HD. I approve. Anyway if you’re not familiar with Sabrina already you should sure as hell become so because this girl is a stunner with an incredible tight body and the skills to work a cock to the heights of ecstasy with her hands, lips, tongue and pussy! Looking at her you’d imagine she’d have itty bitty titties but they’re actually pretty medium sized, not too big for her skinny frame but not like nonexistent. Just plain hotness from head to toe…this is her first Passion HD shoot but she’s been on a few other sites, take a look at our little archive of her scenes here and take your pick, they’re all hot as hell!

Gemma Massey


Busty Pinup Files model Gemma Massey always looks incredible, and this photoshoot is no exception…she’s relaxing on the bed showing off her sweet pink lingerie and striped top that barely hold those enormous full bouncy breasts in check! No fabric that thin can withstand the power of those titties for long though so soon she takes them off, hanging out topless and just grinning her ass off…I can’t say I blame her for doing so, she’s gorgeous with huge boobs and a great ass, what’s not to be stoked about? I don’t know if this chick does any hardcore scenes but I think if I can track down some footage of her getting tittyfucked I’d be able to die a happy man. As it is we already get to enjoy these photos of her basically naked so it’s a fine start!

Victoria Blaze


I love the USA but sometimes I wish people would get the sticks out of their butts about public nudity…I mean if someone wants to run around naked in public who is it really harming, assuming they’re not like trying to attack someone? It’s photoshoots like this one from W4B featuring Victoria Blaze that make me think of that, she’s in Romania or something and is riding the tramway completely naked…there are other people on the train and they don’t give a rat’s ass if Victoria is hanging out naked or not, maybe it’s because she’s hot as hell but it seems like it’s just a case of personal freedom and open mindedness.

Connie Carter


Mirror Mirror in my hand, who’s the horniest in the land? I’d have to guess that’s what Connie Carter was saying at the beginning of this photoshoot as she gazed at her own beautiful reflection with a little hand mirror, then stripped down completely naked and masturbated with the mirror handle! This girl is beautiful, horny as hell, and obviously has a bit of a kinky streak to her…I guess she fucks herself so well she gets tired out because at the end of this photoshoot it looks like she’s fast asleep, still naked except for her pearl necklace with her long smooth legs spread wide open to give us a nice look at that sweet tight pussy of hers. I don’t know where Connie got her pearl necklace but I’m sure after a shoot like this she’ll have plenty of volunteers to add to the strand, so to speak!

A Warm Welcome


This Asian whose name I don’t know gets a warm welcome from the DDF network as she heads in to the massage studio and lays down on the table, getting her skin oiled up and rubbed down before her pussy gets fingered and teased by the masseuse! She giggles and squirms, wiggling her ass before rolling over and giving him a big kiss, grabbing his stiffening cock and then getting on her elbows and knees to give him a nice blowjob. After a warmup like that you know she’s going to get the hell fucked out of her and of course she does…personally I prefer the doggystyle fuck scenes, she’s got a bangin body with a great ass and perky little boobies but the face leaves a little to be desired if you ask me. The pigtails help but yeah I don’t know. Like I said though, great ass!



Layla on brc

Meet Layla, a cute young mom with a bang body and not much self confidence…some of the girls that show up on Backroom Casting Couch seem to be genuinely interested in getting into the adult industry as a career, but Layla here gives the impression that she just wants some validation and wants to cum hard! I guess her babydaddy isn’t exactly cashing her chips in, if you follow me…it’s a shame, too, because this girl has a pretty smokin hot body with a fantastic ass, cute face and some nice skills in the sack! She’s eager to please for this update, sucking cock well and masturbating her amateur pussy before getting the orgasm she was after. After she cums it’s time for the casting director to have some fun so he gives her the whole nine yards, fucking her pussy left right and center and then talking her into some anal…if you’ve been on BRCC before you know how much the guy loves to fuck a nice ass, so it’s pretty much expected when he saw Layla’s fine booty that he’d be giving it a nice deep dicking! She takes his load all over her chops for a nice facial and is sent packing, probably never to be seen again. But everybody got what they were after I think, so it seems like a win all around!

Spoonful of Sugar


Spoonful of sugar x art

She goes by Emilie on X Art but we know her better as Emily Grey…I think I’d recognize that perfect ass anywhere, even if we didn’t get to see her gorgeous face! This update is called A Spoonful of Sugar, I can’t say for sure that I know why they called it that but it looks like they were playing a game with some new sexual positions to try out, they have a deck of cards that show a bunch of poses and they basically shuffle it up and try some out! It’s always important to keep things fresh and spicy in the bedroom and these two definitely know how to keep the heat cranked up…Emily has basically a perfect body so it’s easy to see why her guy would be interested in keeping HER interested, if you follow me. This isn’t her first time on the site either, so if this photoshoot gets your blood pumped up (and I know it will) you should take a look at some of her other X Art updates, like this one and this one!

Whitney Westgate is Back


Zishy love you sun

Spring is in full swing and is well on its way towards summer…some places are hitting the 80’s, 90’s and even 100’s and it’s just barely into May! Everyone has their way of shaking off the winter doldrums and welcoming the warmth and light of spring, and Whitney Westgate is showing hers in this Zishy update called Love You Sun! She’s doing yoga outdoors in the morning rays of the sun, stretching out in her yoga pants (I didn’t even realize yoga pants were still a thing but man she looks fucking gorgeous in them) and doing a little impromptu photoshoot at the same time! This is what, her third time on the site I think, and she has looked gorgeous all three times now, we can always expect something new and top-shelf from this honey! If you somehow missed out on the previous ones, here is scene1 and scene2 from Zishy for you to enjoy…Whitney sure looks like she’s enjoying herself in them! I can’t wait to see what she gets up to this summer, I foresee plenty of hot sunbathing and bikini action in the works but that’s just a guess.

Sara Luvv


Sara luvv teen fidelity

So we’ve come to the end of the Teen Fidelity “Adventures of Teddy” series and honestly I couldn’t be happier…the fact that the chicks in this series are dressed up in like babydoll dresses as they get fucked is pretty disturbing if you ask me. The girls themselves are hot as hell though and Adventures of Teddy Part 4 features the gorgeous Sara Luvv, which is a hell of a way to go out! If you missed the previous episodes in this series or just want to check them out again, here they are: Part1, Part2, Part3. The idea is that the girls are given a teddybear and they hold on to it, not realizing that inside one of the eyes is a camera which lets Ryan Madison see where they are at all times, and when he seduces them it records all the hot fucking action! Sara Luvv here looks pretty goofy in her huge glasses but then heads inside with her new toy to take a nap, which is when Ryan takes the opportunity to head inside and start kissing her, sliding her little dress up to lick her ass and pussy while she sleeps…soon she’s awake and when she gets a look at that huge thick dick of his she knows right where she wants it, namely deep in her teen pussy! He gives her a nice deep dicking, sliding deep into her tight slit and then shooting his load into her mouth…she’s not quite satisfied yet though so she ends up masturbating, rubbing her swollen clit with her fingers while he chokes her a bit and kisses her! Teen Fidelity just doesn’t give a rat’s ass if you approve, they do what they want and I can respect that!

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