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Aria anal on brcc

Sometimes you know at a glance that a girl will have a particular specialty when it comes to fucking and in this Backroom Casting Couch update as soon as sexy teen Aria takes off her clothes and shows off that big juicy booty you know it’s going to be all about the ass in this update, especially because the ‘casting director’ is so crazy about anal sex! As it turns out, Aria is a big fan of the backdoor love as well so she gets her pucker pounded by fingers and toys and cock in this scene and loves every second of it…a lot of the time the girls that try anal on this site end up wincing or crying or just plain grossed out but not this horny 19 year old hottie, she loves getting poked in that ass and goes crazy for it! She ends up with a nice creampie to finish off the day as the guy busts nut inside her pussy, not sure if she’s thrilled about that but she definitely seems like she’s stoked to be a part of the adult industry. With an ass like that it would be hard for her to go wrong! She could probably stand to run around the block a couple times but man she better not lose that booty.

Luvv In The Nude


Hd love sara luvv in the nude

When you think of girls you’d like to see in amazingly high quality video masturbating and getting fucked I sure as hell hope Sara Luvv is up near the top of your list because she certainly should be! And in this HD Love update called Luvv In The Nude that’s just what you get, she starts things off right by spending a little me-time in bed fingering her hole until she’s nice and wet, which is the perfect time for her man to stroll into the bedroom and introduce her to his little friend in his pants…she takes his cock in her hands and mouth and starts sucking him, still masturbating of course, until he’s hard as a rock and ready to bone! HD Love always has the hottest girls looking sexy as hell and this is a shining example of that, Sara is fucking magnificent and looks great getting her sweet little pussy pounded before taking a big creamy facial cumshot at the end.

World Cup Team USA


Brooke marks world cup

The World Cup is starting and basically everywhere in the world except for the USA is flipping their shit…once again people in the US couldn’t care less, for the most part. However, Brooke Marks is taking it upon herself to change that single-handedly by doing this Team USA themed soccer shoot for her own website, getting naked and getting bodypainted to look like she’s got a soccer uniform on! I’d have a hard time thinking of a girl I’d rather see bodypainted like this, Brooke’s body is totally smokin hot from head to toe and she loves to show off so it was a natural fit…in these photos she grabs a soccerball and heads outside to do some kicks, showing off that perfect tight ass as she lifts up her knees before heading inside for a little seventh-inning stretch! I know I know that’s a baseball term but hell, she’s stretching out like she’s about to get fucked doggystyle so whatever. Also, one nice thing is that if you want to get to the uncensored version of these photos you don’t even have to sign up as a member on her site or anything, they’re available just as a standalone zip file so you can pick it up for a couple bucks and have it forever!

Lucy Li


When I saw the title of this photoshoot I thought they were talking about Lucy Liu and was like WHAAT but nope, it’s this chick Lucy Li instead…so tricky. She’s no slouch though if you dig a little bit of extra cushion for the pushin, for one thing she has fucking magnificent big boobs and she’s got a pretty face as well (who wouldn’t want to pinch those cheeks?) with a sort of innocent look that belies her horniness. This girl is no angel, she slips her panties down her legs and starts fingering herself in this hot masturbation scene for the ol Nubile Films!



There’s a reason they call this site Brutal Dildos, fellas…this isn’t some cute little toy that a girl uses to buzz her clit to masturbate, these are fucking huge dildos that look like they’d just about split most girls in half! Aspen here isn’t shook though, she goes right in taking a massive dildo in her ass and then fucking her own face with it…with those perky little tits and tight frame you wouldn’t expect her to be into getting fucked by something on this scale but hey I guess Aspen is full of surprises (not to mention dildos)!



This lovely and very sweaty creature is Katya and she’s showing off her tight nubile body in this Femjoy photoshoot as she relaxes in a sauna, letting the heat soak into her bones and letting her pores open up as well as her pussy! She gets all slick with sweat and looks amazing, which juust isn’t even fair if you ask me…usually when I get naked and sweat the last fucking thing you want to do is take pictures. Anyway Katya does not share that problem, she looks great head to toe and from the looks of things she’s getting nice and relaxed! Soon it’ll be time to hit a nice cool shower afterwards, hopefully she’ll take some shots of that too.

Importance of Cuddling


Yep, the dreaded C-word…cuddling. Apparently it’s the key to great sex according to some eggheads in Toronto, they say it’s not just something that women are interested in after they get fucked but something that’s important to pretty much everybody! You can read the whole article but basically the idea is that after you and your significant other (be that a man or woman or what have you) fuck each other it’s important to just sort of hang out and enjoy each others’ company for awhile instead of just going to sleep. Not exactly rocket science but hey, what is…besides actual rocket science I mean. At any rate you get to check out the photo of two gorgeous lesbians snuggling up, so everyone comes out a winner regardless!

Nina James


You may have seen Nina James before here and there and if so I hope you buckled up your seatbelts because you know what’s coming…if you’re new to this hottie, her tits are about to make your head pop off and your pants unbuckle of their own accord! Well maybe not quite that but cmon, those are some great boobs. She’s showing off her tits and ass and pussy in this photoshoot, taking off her lacy black lingerie and panties and spreading her legs on a chair to give you the full view before spreading her pink labia and fingering her hole from behind!

Brandi Aniston Cookin


I have no clue why Brandi Aniston has on the chef hat and is riding cock on the prep table because well Digital Playground just cut out the whole story line in this clip and just gave us what we wanted to see.  At first I thought Brandy was Selena Rose a model who is exclusive to Digital Playground.  Then those tattoos came out and it started to ring a bell and I figure it out for you guys.  It took me way longer then it needed too but I try to be thorough in my porn posts.  I don’t really know what else to say about this scene, hot chick getting banged it’s from a great site.  I do hate the hat the she kept on I am sure all you do as well but that’s about all I got.

Locked Out


Passion hd locked out

I’ve gotta say, I’m not entirely sure why this Passion HD update is called Locked Out…usually they’re pretty obvious in terms of where the title came from but not this time. It stars beautiful brunette Veronica Radke who was just lounging in bed, relaxing and letting her hands drift all over her body (like she does), and masturbating until this dude showed up to lend a helping hand or helping tongue as the case may be! He licks her pussy through her thin panties to make her moan before stripping her nude and giving her clit a nice tongueboxing…she’s not about to let that deed go unrewarded so she drops to her knees, taking his cock in her mouth and licking him hard before getting her sweet pussy fucked! The only thing I can think of is maybe the guy is the next door neighbor who got locked out of his house and came over to use Veronica’s phone, but if that’s the case and this is how that ended up I’d imagine the guy ‘loses’ his keys an awful lot!

Introducing Kim


Xart introducing kim

I think X Art should really hand out welder helmets or at least put up some kind of health & safety warning or something on updates like this, because if you happen to glance into Kim‘s eyes you’ll probably never look away ever again, you’ll need someone with a blindfold on to grab you and wrench you away from your screen! That’s my way of saying this blonde 20 year old Czech hottie has some amazing eyes, by the way, if that wasn’t clear. This update is called Introducing Kim and is her first solo update for the site, and it’s a nice leisurely walk through the park of beauty that is her nude nubile body! She strips out of her top and panties on the bed, showing off her incredible ass in the process by the way, arching her back and stretching out before sliding her fingers down between her thighs to masturbate and the whole time she keeps throwing these glances over that are like uppercuts with those sexy eyes of hers.

Babes In Bikinis


Gf revenge babes in bikinis

I mean we’ve pretty much all been there I’m sure…you’re dating a girl and you’re totally into her but man her friends are sexy as hell so you take any excuse to see them hanging out, and if you’re as lucky as this guy you get to watch your girl hanging out with her friends while they’re all in bikinis! Just that would be enough but once these chicks get a couple of drinks in them they start going wild, losing their bikinis and making out and licking each others pussies, getting naked in public and swirling around on a stripper pole in some dude’s bar! He seems a little taken aback by the whole situation but gets talked into it, I guess it would be pretty fuckin hard to say no to that many fine titties and sweet round asses prancing around. This guy doing the filming is about to explode when the girls start eating each other out like lesbians, and from the fact that the footage made it to GF Revenge I’m guessing he pushed things a little too far at some point and fucked one of his girl’s besties…too bad they didn’t film that part too!

Joy Ride


Black gfs joy ride

Get ready to strap in and head out on the town with this hot ebony babe who decided to make a little video for her man while he was out of town! She calls it going for a joy ride and I can see where she gets the name; she drives around in public with no pants or panties on and her tits out, sliding her hand down between her smooth chocolate thighs to finger and tickle her pussy, masturbating for us before heading back home to where her guy was waiting! After he saw that hot little scene she filmed for him he was ready to work that sweet pussy, getting his big black cock out so she could suck him and then spread her legs to take his cock deep inside! Her clit was all pink and glistening and poking out as he worked her hole with that big dark stick, flipping her over to drill her doggystyle before shooting his load all over her big round spankable ass in this hot Black GFs scene!

Hot Mess


Dare dorm episode hot mess

If you’ve gone through college already I’m sure you know at least one or two people who acted as sort of the party catalysts…you know the type, someone’s trying to sleep or study and that person shows up and somehow or other everyone is instantly in party mode! That’s what happens in this Dare Dorm submission, this quiet evening in bed turned into a hot hardcore party as these horny college girls started making out and pouring chocolate all over each other, then licking it off! There were some guys (or at least one lucky-ass guy) at the party and when he whipped his cock out the girls poured chocolate on it and started licking and sucking him, and luckily for him the whole thing was caught on film or nobody would ever believe him! He ends up fucking the hell out of one of these gorgeous college babes, I don’t envy the cleanup these chumps are going to have to do the next morning after this messy party but hell it looks like a good time.

Samantha Rone Fucking By The Pool


Povd samantha rone

It was only a matter of time before the lovely Samantha Rone headed over to POVD to get those perfect tits and ass out and get her sweet pussy fucked in super high resolution first person perspective! The update is called Fucking By The Pool but she seems to be getting fucked all over the damn place…I mean sure she starts out in her black bikini shaking her round ass but she and her man head inside before the fucking begins! I’m not exactly about to complain though because blonde Samantha looks incredible and she’s getting her pussy taken care of in top shelf fashion by this guy and his big fat hard cock…she works it with both hands to get that creamy load out and all over her face, drenching her from chin to hairline! This girl isn’t afraid to take a facial, that’s for sure…she gets soaked in jizz and goes back for more, taking that big hard slab of man meat back in her mouth. If you haven’t seen Samantha strut her stuff already, this is a great introduction…can’t wait to see more from her, she has just a natural sort of sexiness that’s hard to put your finger on but easy to put your cock in!

POV Blowjob


Ariel rebel pov blowjob

If you’ve got a thing for Ariel Rebel (and let’s face it, we all fucking do) you won’t want to miss out on this, it’s a video clip from her website as she gives her man a blowjob! It’s partially in POV perspective which is awful nice, but after awhile he puts the camera down and gets into the action a bit more. Ariel licks and sucks his big cock, then kisses him passionately as she tugs his cock, and from the looks of things he’s about to either fuck her sweet tight wet pussy or else just plain shoot his creamy load all over her face and titties! He even gives her boobs a slap with his cock which is a little on the rude side but hey, if Ariel doesn’t mind then neither do I. This girl is always fucking gorgeous, I don’t know how she does it but she just seems to keep getting hotter…I don’t know if it’s those perfect boobs or her perfect ass or her lovely face or a combo platter of all of the above but whatever it is, I hope she keeps doing it!

Red Stockings


I don’t know if this photoshoot from W4B is more of a sexy thing or an artistic thing, either way it’s beautiful and a lot of fun to look at! This girl is a hot blonde with fantastic titties and a nice tight pussy who is hanging out in high heels and a pair of thigh high red stockings…she takes the stockings off after a minute or two but puts the high heels back on, which is an interesting choice. She’s sitting on one of the floating steps (you’ll see what I’m talking about) spreading her legs and looking like a dream come true…if anyone has the name of this blonde hottie (of her phone number, for that matter) let me know.

Tessa Flowers


I seem to think I’ve posted this Pinup Files gallery before but hell with it, it’s featuring Tessa Flowers and any day of the year I’ll take any excuse I can find to post those huge perfect tits of hers. Tessa is relaxing in her natural habitat, which is in a bikini by the pool with high heels on, and is looking of course fucking incredible. She takes off her top to let those big breasts out to play and gives her own nipples a bit of a squeeze, then relaxes in the sun for awhile. She’d better watch out, redheads aren’t exactly known for their tanning compatibility! Although I guess Tessa probably isn’t a natural redhead so that sort of works out.

Cute Katrinne


Check out this Domai photoshoot of cute Katrinne hanging out naked in the forest like some kind of wood nymph or something! She’s cute as hell too with a pretty face, nice perky boobies and a sweet sexy little butt that looks great as she scampers around in the foliage, posing and picking flowers to put in her hair and whatnot. For some reason she’s got an inflatable raft or something that she uses as a mattress when she gets tired of capering around, and plops down to relax and show off her ass and pussy a little…actually now that I look at it, that inflatable thing is a great idea, can you imagine a mid-afternoon fuck on it with a girl like Katrinne out in the woods?

Bikini Heat


Man this chick is just plain going for it…on a hot golden late spring day she’s walking around in public wearing what can loosely be described as a bikini, only it’s missing the bits that cover the nipples and the bottoms are tugged over so her pussy is peeking right out! And speaking of pussies, big labia lovers rejoice because this girl is sporting a massive snatch that blooms like a flower when she spreads her lips! I didn’t know girls could have this much of an ‘outie’ so to speak, but hey it’s all good. This hottie doesn’t seem too self-conscious about it either as she spreads her legs wide open in public in this Bikini Heat photoshoot!



Since this photoshoot is coming your way from Only Tease you know you won’t be getting fist-deep in anyone’s pussy or anything like that…however what you will be getting is some very sexy photos of a seductive and damn hot babe like Keleigh here! Her name might be spelled funny but the rest of her is awesome with those perky titties and a very nice ass that shows right through her sheer stretchy tights as she poses topless in the living room, pulling them up to make her butt show through even clearer. These pictures are hot to begin with but if you’re a fan of nylons or teasing, things like that, it’ll really float your boat!

Stretching Chloe and Nickey


Phd stretching chloe and nickey

It’s always nice to have a friend when it’s time to work out, and that goes double for yoga, at least when you’re a horny hottie like Chloe Amour or Nickey Huntsman! These two love to work out together because when their heartrates go up they cool down by making out and licking pussy like lesbians, and that’s just what happens in this Passion HD update called Stretching Chloe and Nicky! Their guy pal shows up to give them a little yoga instruction but ends up fucking both of them since they had already stripped each other nude and were passionately kissing when he showed up. This is Nickey’s first showing on Passion HD but she looks fucking amazing so I’m sure it won’t be her last…Chloe of course basically has her own apartment set up next to the PassionHD headquarters, she’s done a ton of updates for them but it’s always great to see that exotic sweetheart showing off and getting pounded again.

Alexa Grace


Alexa grace for casting couch x

Apparently the boyfriend of this 19 year old blonde hottie named Alexa Grace thinks she’s doing some actual runway modeling on this little trip but man has he got a surprise in store for him if he ever heads over to Casting Couch X! This beautiful teen has an active lifestyle what with doing martial arts and being a cheerleader so you know that body is tight as a drum and she gives what the casting director describes as a ‘flawless’ casting as she sucks his cock and then gets her sweet tight little pussy hammered! Alexa seems to love every minute of it, too, she seems like one of those girls that just loves to fuck and doesn’t give a rat’s ass who knows it…and I’m sure the money isn’t exactly a turnoff either. As far as I know this is her first adult hardcore (or softcore for that matter) scene but after a casting like this I bet sites will be beating down her door to come work for them, so keep your eyes peeled for this sweet innocent-looking cutie in the months to cum. Speaking of cum, she takes a big facial at the end of her fuck session, by the way!

Rose Monroe


Rose monroe for mr naal

Beautiful Latina babe Rose Monroe has been on the Bang Bros network site Ass Parade about a billion times so you know she knows she’s got a sweet round ass and loves having it played with, so it’s only natural that she’d show up for the site Mr Anal! She gets her purple lingerie yanked off and gets that fat juicy booty of hers pounded until she’s screaming and moaning with pleasure…before she takes that dude’s cock though she had to stretch out a bit, it’s kind of like stretching your legs before running a race or something but instead of trying to beat her previous lap time Rose is trying to work a big creamy load of cum out of this guy’s big fat cock in record time! With that bouncy badonkadonk I’d be surprised if this dude holds out for more than a few seconds…more often than not the guys on this site give facials but I guess he couldn’t even manage that, Rose made him cum so hard he just had to shoot his load on her ass cheeks!

Franceska Jaimes


Pawg franceska jaimes

Beautiful Franceska Jaimes makes a hell of a PAWG in this update from the Bang Bros network…I mean they have plenty of chicks come onto the site with nice round juicy asses but this girl is fucking incredible! Her ass is like a dream as she pulls off her black and white striped dress and hangs out on a barstool, but that’s nothing compared to when she starts fucking herself with a dildo and massaging her clit with a big magic wand vibrator at the same time! That’s all just warmup for when her guy pal shows up and starts fucking her from behind, bending Franceska over to pound that perfect pussy doggystyle as she spreads her glorious gorgeous butt wide open. PAWG stands for Phat Ass White Girl so this girl doesn’t exactly fit the bill precisely but hell it’s close enough and there’s no such site as PALG where the L is for Latina…at least as far as I know. Sounds to me like it’s time to make a new website, there are plenty of Latina hotties out there with big round juicy asses!

Carmen Caliente


Carmen caliente on amateur creampie

If you’ve seen the site Amateur Creampies before you know they have some of the hottest pornstars before they got big, getting fucked and taking loads in their sweet pussies…and knowing that, just think of some of the chicks you’d love to see on that site and you’ll probably put Carmen Caliente pretty high up on that list! At least I hope so because that’s who’s featured in this update, so if she’s not in your top10 or whatever just play along ok? Anyway she fires things off with that sweet sexy big smile she loves to flash, and speaking of flashing she soon has her perky boobies out! It wouldn’t be Amateur Creampies without the fucking and the creampie though, now would it, so the guy pulls off Carmen’s little white shorts and gives her sweet tight pussy a nice deep dicking, pulling her stripey panties aside to pound her wet Latina hole before filling her up with cum, shooting his load into her snatch!



Cali on ecg

I’m not entirely sure why there’s such a big move towards skinny-ass bony chicks in the media and whatnot, when girls like Cali here who have just the right amount of curve bring the sexy so hard it’s almost unstoppable! This girl does have a terrible bleach-job on her hair but hey she’s got a fantastic ass, is enthusiastic, and of course she is a fucking demon when it comes to blowjobs. Plus apparently this teen hottie can squirt but sadly that doesn’t ever come about in this Exploited College Girls update…don’t be too glum about that though, she more than makes up for it if you ask me with the clinic she puts on in terms of cocksucking, giving this lucky dude the sucking of a lifetime! Somehow he doesn’t shoot his load right into her mouth though, laying her down on the bed to give her the ol’ ECG going-over…doggystyle, pinned to the bed, cowgirl, the works! She has a couple of huge orgasms and then the guy joins her, shooting his load into that sweet teen pussy for a nice creampie…it is too bad that she doesn’t squirt like she had been talking about but hey I guess you can’t have everything all at once.

Kelly Diamond


Kelly diamond sweet and salty for povd

Sexy brunette pornstar stunner Kelly Diamond and her man were going to make some popcorn because Kelly said she wanted something sweet and salty, but then she showed him what she really had in mind! She stripped out of her blue panties and shook those perky boobies at him to drive him even crazier, then proceeded to fuck his brains out on the living room sofa for this POVD update. Did I just say POVD? You heard me right fellas, and that means you’ll be watching the action in super high quality video and will have a driver’s seat view…first–person perspective as you watch Kelly Diamond suck and then ride a big hard cock, what could be better than that? How about shooting your load onto Kelly’s face and into her mouth for a nice drippy facial finish like we get in this update? Now that’s Sweet & Salty, Kelly Diamond style!

Helping Hand


Nikki sims pov helping hand

You’ve seen beautiful Nikki Sims naked and showing off her sweet body before but never like this, I’d bet…this is a first-hand, first-person perspective of her lucky dude getting his hands all over her beautiful titties and tugging off her panties! She’s looking sexy as hell in her nice blue panties as she gets slowly undressed…you’ve seen Nikki from a distance but this is a whole new ballgame my friend, and by that I mean she wants to play with your balls. That’s what she considers a ball-game. It’s always interesting to get a different perspective with a girl like this, she’s done a billion photoshoots but always manages to keep things fresh which is quite an accomplishment, and this is a good example of how she keeps a guy interested! I mean her having a wicked nice body doesn’t hurt matters either, those tits are fucking legendary, but my point still stands I think.

Remy Lacroix Hot Yoga


I have a couple of Naughty America scenes I want you to check out today but my favorite of course Remy LaCroix she just has a ideal body in my opinion with that nice round ass and that petite body of hers.  This episode has a guy getting a private one on one session with Remy and he wants to learn about her hot yoga.  Remy can tell he wants her special release package so when he does a stretch she puts a hand down his shorts to let him know she will give him what he wants.  She goes down on him and sucks him until he is hard and then Remy lays him on the yoga mat and goes to work making him cum.  It’s always nice to see Remy in this position right here she really knows how to ride a dick and her body just look incredible doing it.  This scene was shot for Naughty Athletics just one of a bunch of different sites you can get when you join Naughty America.  The other scene I want you to see that are not my “featured” post is with Jada Stevens she is doing anal in it so that’s for all you anal freaks out there. Then .  She goes over to do some tanning at her friends house be ends up fucking her husband, what a bitch right? Then last but not least Naughty America has together in a video where Kendra is teaching this couple how to fuck, in a real deal classroom!



Passion hd shaving emily grey

I just don’t know that I’ll ever get tired of seeing Emily Grey and her perfect ass…she is absolutely fucking gorgeous with a body from a dream and she loves to show off! In this Passion HD update for instance she was just wandering around the house in her tight white yoga pants when she decided it was time to do a little housekeeping down south, so she headed to the bathroom to whip out the razor and do some pussy shaving. Her man wandered in right as she was finishing up so he got the chance to admire that freshly bald pussy right off the bat…in fact he wanted to get up close and personal to take it for a test drive, so to speak! Watch this beauty get her sweet hole licked and fingered before her man slides his big hard dick inside for a nice fuck session…Emily has those perky little boobies but the real star of the show is her perfect round ass as she bends over to get pounded doggystyle, taking that cock as deep as she could before double-fisting a load out all over her gorgeous face! Look at that mischievous little grin she has after getting that facial…this girl loves knowing she can work a huge load out of any guy, anytime she wants!

Bubble Bath


Fantasy hd bubble bath

Gorgeous newcomer to the site Jade Jantzen was having a good time playing with her hula hoop for awhile in this Fantasy HD update, but I guess she worked up a sweat because she figured it was a fine time to hop in the bubble bath! I don’t know if this was the fantasy of her man to walk in on Jade having a bath or if it was Jade’s fantasy of taking a bath and having a man walk in on her but either way, this exotic beauty has an incredible body and looked great showing it off, but even better with a cock in her mouth! She sucked this guy’s dick while still sitting in the tub, giving him a nice blowjob before drying off and heading to the bedroom with him to continue the ‘discussion’. She made some good points as she took his cock deep in her pussy with her little nipples getting all perky and erect, getting her hole pounded until the guy frosted her with a creamy facial that she licked up, smiling at the taste! This is Jade’s first Fantasy HD scene and hopefully it’s just the first of many, she fucks like a dream and that body is hot as hell.

Abby Cross


Abby cross for in the crack

That fine round ass you see just above belongs to a hot little number named Abby Cross and from the fact that you’re basically nose-deep in her pussy you can probably deduce that this hot photoshoot is coming your way courtesy of the folks at In The Crack! Abby starts out in glasses and a sexy little red dress and ends up in just the glasses, peelign off her panties and sliding a crazy silver vibrator into that tight pink hole of hers and almost taking us with it! You can’t really get too much closer to these hotties than this without putting on a swimcap and greasing up your head, if you can put your imagination to work there. You won’t be finding any girls with busted-up private parts on In The Crack, because man oh man getting face to face with some of the vaginas in this industry is akin to taking your life in your hands…these pussies are all top shelf and look amazing from a distance as well as up close and these ladies don’t mind sharing the view!

Anya Ivy


Anya ivy on ccx

I love this trend of beautiful black babes showing up at Casting Couch X lately…we just had Vivica Johnson a few days ago and now we get to meet lovely Georgian ebony babe Anya Ivy! She’s been working as a waitress but is ready to head to the adult industry instead of finishing school! I guess the allure of easy money and some nice hard fuck sessions was too much to resist, and from the looks of things this chick is just horny as hell. She’s built for fucking too with huge perfect titties and a nice tight pussy that gets dripping wet when she’s all turned on…watch this hottie get her mouth filled up with cock and then get her hole slammed, making those big boobs bounce all over the place! The Casting Couch X cameraman gives her a nice going-over, finally shooting his load of cum onto her face and onto her tits, telling her she did a ‘pretty good job’ which seems a little underwhelming to me…I mean obviously we weren’t there doing the fucking but it seems like this chick did way better than ‘pretty good’ if you ask me! By the way if this got your fires burning and you’d like to see Anya Ivy getting her pussy fucked some more, take a look at I found for you…you’re welcome.



Bridget on brcc

Alright, you ready to delve into the dark side a little? This Backroom Casting Couch update features Bridget, a skinny scrawny tattooed chick who looks like she’s doing a scene to get some money for her meds, if you catch my drift…could just be my imagination though. I mean it’s a stone cold fact that this girl is bone-thin, she looks like she’d break if you fucked her hard enough, but she’s ready to do what it takes to make this scene a winner as she pulls off her dress and gets naked! The casting director takes one long look at her and asks her to put her dress right back on again, which is already pretty funny if you ask me, and then goes to town on her pussy. I don’t know if I’d dive in headfirst like that or fuck her without a condom but this guy gives her hole the business as he fucks her face and then her snatch before bending her over the table and introducing her to the fun that is anal sex the BRCC way. Spoiler alert, it turns out she wasn’t exactly expecting to be fucked in the ass if you catch my drift, and she DEFINITELY wasn’t expecting to take a fudge creampie! The weird thing is, as skinny and kind of off-putting as this girl Bridget is, she’s still kind of cute and sexy in a curious way. Huh.



Carlie on ftv girls

Meet Carlie, a 23 year old first timer with beautiful proportions and a whole lot of enthusiasm as she does her very first adult work in this update from FTV Girls! She’s got a sweet and innocent personality and look but as it so often happens, she’s got some very kinky surprises up her sleeves and she’ll be exploring a bunch of them in these high quality photos and video clips. She gets into the public nudity in a big way, hiking around on the trails with her perfect ass hanging out of her yoga pants, even masturbating and fingering her wet pussy on top of the mountain…I guess there’s just something thrilling about being naked out in the open where anyone could see her, feeling the sun on her skin and the wind in her hair as she touches herself. It’s already hot as hell seeing her fuck herself in the ass in public with a toy but once she gets back to the FTV house in private things get cranked up about ten notches, and we get to watch her fingering her ass and then almost fisting both her pussy and her ass! This girl is down for pushing her limits, that’s for damn sure! She plays with some of the biggest toys the site has to offer, fitting the large glass ball toy all the way into her butt…I don’t know if she’s a big fan of getting ass-fucked or if she’s just exploring anal a little but she sure seems to dig it and so do all of us I’m sure.

Dancing Romance


Dancing romance on x art

The last time or two that we’ve seen beautiful Kaylee on X Art it has been for a lesbian scene, like this one for example, so it’s nice to see her getting her perfect pussy taken care of by a cock as well like this update called Dancing Romance! Her guy pal isn’t going to win any male beauty pageants (if that is a thing that exists, I’ve never heard of it but hey I’m just saying the guy is no Brad Pitt) but he sure as shit gives hope to the rest of us, if this guy can land a chick as fucking stunning as Kaylee then it means we all have a chance! She kicks things off on a high note already at the beginning of this update, seeing as she’s wearing some skimpy black lingerie with thigh high stockings and no panties, and it only gets better from there…this guy is thanking his lucky stars as he watches her hike up the hem of her top, showing that perfect tight little ass and pussy that he dives into tongue-first before fucking her nice and hard and shooting his load into her hole for a creampie! She doesn’t even bother taking off her nylons or her high heels as he pins her down, fucking her from above before busting nut.

Hairy Busty Jessica


I hope you don’t mind a little pubic hair because this girl Jessica is utterly fucking gorgeous with huge perfect tits and a sweet girl-next-door type of face as she hangs out on the rooftop for this Cosmid shoot, pulling off her bikini and hanging out completely naked! She’s got a sizeable bush going on down south, is why I made that hairy remark a little bit ago…if you don’t mind picking some stray pubes out of your teeth this girl is an absolute dream come true! Without her tits she’d probably rate a 7 or so but man, with those beauties on her chest she shoots up to a 10 for sure. Cosmid always seems to track down these hot busty honeys, I don’t know how they do it but they definitely seem to have a knack for it!

Lyzette Byanco


With a name like Lyzette Byanco you know you’re about to meet an exotic babe with a whole lot of personality and that’s just what you get with this hottie! She looks like she’s been spending some time on the beach, probably hanging out naked, and here in this photoshoot from her own website she’s showing off the results as she peels out of her corset and panties and unveils those big round fake tits and sweet (but noticeably less round) ass! This woman looks like she was custom built to be the perfect fuckbuddy and she’s loving every minute of it, I guess that’s how she got her own website in the first place. Either that or she found a webmaster and just gave him a glance with those seductive smoldering eyes of hers and he just ran over to his keyboard.

Jessica Ashley


Her name is Jessica Ashley, I’m not sure how she managed to get two first names but I guess she’s hot as hell so she’s used to getting whatever the heck she wants. Jessica is showing off for Playboy here, tugging off her animal print bra and panties to show off a tight nubile sweet body! We don’t really get a good look at that pussy of hers in this photoshoot so it’s entirely possible she’s got a doozie of a coozie if you know what I’m saying, but if it’s anything like the rest of her body it’s fucking perfect. Jessica is a newcomer to showing off in the nude online but after a shoot like this I guess her confidence must be way up! Once her bra comes off and those perky perfect breasts come out you know she feels just invincible.

Charlotte Springer


When I first saw Charlotte Springer’s name I thought that sounded like a daytime TV talkshow host or something, but after seeing these photos from her own site she seems like more of a late-night type of lady. Charlotte is fucking gorgeous and looks great lounging around on her outdoor couch (or maybe it’s indoor with a huge window, it’s hard to say) in her sheer black stockings and nice animal print bra that holds her big titties back. I’m not really sure what else I can say a about this chick that I haven’t said before but she’s beautiful and nearly naked and has a great ass and a great pair of titties, and if that’s not enough I don’t know what’s wrong with your head.

Gina Rose


Beautiful busty Gina Rose is giving herself a little sensual striptease in this Cosmid photoshoot, sitting next to the mirror and slowly undressing from her blue lingerie, even kissing and licking the mirror a little! I guess she just can’t quite resist that beautiful face and sweet nude body, even if it’s her own. It’s hard to say if she is hotter up top with that lovely face and those nice sweet titties, or down low with her shaved pussy and nice round spankable ass…different strokes for different folk’s I suppose! And there will for sure be plenty of strokes going on after you guys check out this photoshoot. Gina might even join you, it looks like she finds herself pretty damn sexy!

Kelly Gives Long Head


This was a video that was released in April as you can probably tell from the bunny outfit but I thought you guys still might want to check it out.  It’s one of those homemade videos from a MILF with her own website.  There is a couple of sites like these but Housewife Kelly is definitely one of my favorites.  She fucks around on her husband well I guess he knows about it so they’re more swingers or something.  Kelly is in her little costume and her man gets the camera rolling and I think he is wanting to fuck her but Kelly lets him know that she is looking to only suck his dick.  When has that ever happened in real life, I think never.  If it has happened to you hold on to that woman she is special, very special.

Selena Rose


Selena Rose is riding up and down on this guys cock with some authority!  I mean look at that round ass of her rippling with force!  This is a scene from some Digital Desire DVD that was put out.  I don’t really know if Digital Desire still physically puts out DVD’s or they just still package them on their website like the do.  I mean who would buy a DVD when you could just join their site?  I know that Selena Rose is a exclusive model to them and so I am not even going to attempt to find out what site scene this one belongs too.  I imagine if you like this video you will like every scene that Selena is in and therefore there is only one site to join and that’s Digital Desire because they are the only ones that have her videos!

Hot Day with Natalia Starr


Natalia starr back on povd

It’s been a little bit (here’s a link to the first scene if you missed it) but we’re getting treated to another hot update featuring the one and only Natalia Starr doing her thing on POVD! She doesn’t waste much time getting down to business, this is a girl who knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it…she brings her man a little iced tea, then slips her foot into his lap and starts playing with her pussy to give him a very subtle hint as to how she wants the afternoon to go down. He catches on pretty quick and follows her inside and up the stairs, spanking her pretty ass on the way, and basically dives into bed with her! It was a hot day outside but even hotter indoors as Natalia gets naked, penetrating her pussy with his big hard cock and getting those juicy bouncy titties jiggling in his face as she rides him! She gets a good hard pounding, then finishes things off by getting a huge cumshot that sprays all over her tits and up to her face…the guy totally drenches her with jizz, it’s like a cum-on-my-tits and a cum-on-my-face situation at the same time, he should be very proud of himself. The best part is that it’s all filmed in incredibly high resolution and we get a first-person perspective on the hardcore action courtesy of the POVD cameras!

Dakota James


Mg18 dakota james

I think I’d be a little mesmerized by that tattoo on Dakota James‘s back if I was fucking her from behind like this Massage Girls 18 guy seems to enjoy…she’s got a star between her shoulder blades that is made out of a spiral and whoahhh man, trippy. Anyway she’s trying her hand as a massage therapist and I guess she’s doing a pretty good job because the dude starts popping wood like 5 seconds into his rubdown and she wastes no time in grabbing his cock and taking him in her mouth! She sucks him for awhile and then climbs up and gives him a nice ride, but what she really loves is getting fucked doggystyle so the guy is more than happy to bend Dakota over and pound that sweet hole from behind until he shoots his load all over her. I don’t think I’ve seen this girl on any other sites, at least not yet, but keep an eye out because I’ve got the feeling this won’t be the last we see of this blonde hottie!

Ember Stone


Ember stone fucked hard 18

I don’t know what it is about sexy hairy redhead Ember Stone but she just strikes me as someone who would trip over her own feet on the dance floor while walking towards her crush to ask him to dance with her or something. She is gorgeous and has a fantastic body, so this masseuse from Fucked Hard 18 must have been stoked beyond belief when she showed up to collect on her free rubdown, but she definitely has a loveably goofy energy about her. She strips down nude and hops up on the table, getting her body oiled up and rubbed down from her perky breasts down over her hairy pussy all the way down her long lean legs…soon she was getting that snatch fingered and tickled and then fucked, and from the sounds she’s making I’d say she’s loving every minute of it! She gets a good rubdown and then a nice pounding, bending over to get her hole fucked doggystyle until the guy shoots his cum all over her stomach and boobs! Ember loved her experience so much she did a handstand on the massage table, not something I’d expect to see but hey for this chick it just feels right.

Cooling Down For Hotter Sex


Chloe on passion hd

Sweet blonde spinner Chloe Foster stars in this Passion HD update called Cooling Down For Hotter Sex as she heads to the bathroom while her man was in the shower, teasing him through the glass as his cock stirred and then joining him in the cool water to have a little wet wild fun! She sucked his cock as the water cascaded down over both of them, then spread her legs to get that pussy licked and fucked as she rode him right there on the tile floor! He gave her a nice pounding as the water sprayed over them both, then did a little spraying of his own as he show his load into Chloe’s mouth for her to swallow down. It’s hard to tell if the water is heating up a little as they get more into the fucking or if it’s just turning into steam as it hits their burning passion as the guy pounds her sweet tight hole! It’s hard to think of a girl you’d rather have join you in the shower for a nice spontaneous fuck session on the bathroom floor, am I right or am I right? I mean there might be other pornstars you’d prefer but hell, it’s not like you’re gonna turn this girl down you know what I’m sayin?

Date Night


Pure mature date night

There’s no night better than Date Night for hot horny blonde MILF Riley Jenner, and in this Pure Mature update we get to see why that is! She gets her man’s cock in her mouth, licking and sucking him until he’s nice and hard and ready to fuck…I can’t imagine that took too long, this mature blonde hottie has huge beautiful boobs and a lovely face, not to mention a sexy juicy booty so having her give your knob a slobjob would be like a dream cum true! She’s not going to be satisfied just sucking cock though, she wants a nice hard pussy pounding and this guy is more than willing to oblige as he bends Riley over and takes her from behind, sliding into her wet hole doggystyle before turning her over to go for a ride on his lovestick, fucking that hottie and sliding his cock between her big breasts before busting his load all over her face. Riley has been waiting for a nice wet facial for days and is already looking forward to the next ‘date night’!

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