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Sexy Selfies


Passion hd sexy selfies

I guess taking selfies is still quite a popular thing…Natasha White here wanted to take things to a hotter level though so she made some sexy selfies, flashing those perky boobies cand snapping pictures of herself, then roping her boyfriend in to help out! I guess they’re no longer selfies at that point, it’s more like a hardcore sex tape at that point because he’s feeding his cock into her mouth while he films the whole thing. Passion HD brings you this update and Natasha has never looked hotter, sucking dick and wrapping her legs around her man’s head to take his cock deep into her shaved pussy, then riding his dick until he shoots a huge load of cum all over her face and hair! I think most girls would be furious to get a bunch of jizz in their hair but not Natasha, I guess she loves anything sexual and this certainly qualifies. Keep an eye out for when she rides that cock while facing the guy, we get a nice look at her sweet tight little ass as she slides her pussy up and down on his prong!

Be With Me


X art be with me

You can’t have too many gorgeous horny brunettes with perfect bodies if you ask me, and nobody knows that better than X Art! They’ve brought yet another beautiful model onto the site, her name is Carrol and this is her debut set…this Czech beauty meets up with her man in the bedroom before they head out on the town for dinner or whatever, but first they’ve got to work up an appetite by making sweet passionate love! She peels her panties off, sliding them down her legs while her man helps her out of her dress to show off those perfect perky boobies…Carrol gives a great blowjob and has great tits but what she’s really proud of is her ass! She has every reason to be, too; that butt is fantastic and looks great as she gets pinned to the bed and fucked from above, spreading her legs to let that cock slide deep into her wet hole before going for a ride on top…I guess her man couldn’t keep up with that level of sexiness for long because soon he blasts a load that goes halfway up her back! He’s a gentleman though so instead of just leaving her to it and bailing, he slides down to tongue her pussy and bring Carrol to her own orgasm…everyone cums out a winner in this hot scene called Be With Me! Welcome aboard Carrol, can’t wait to see more.

Sexy Samantha Rone


Sexy samantha rone hd love

Some women just have an undefinable air of utter sexiness about them…you might have seen more beautiful women out there but man some girls just have an aura that makes them just irresistable! That’s the case with Sexy Samantha Rone here, who turns up the heat as she slips out of her sheer camisole and underwear, slowly easing into a nice warm bath and getting all nice and glistening wet as she relaxes. After she gets out she’s just a beacon of hotness and her man does not fail to notice, his cock getting stiff as he kneels down to pay homage to that sweet tight pussy of hers. She gives him a great blowjob while staring up at him with those beautiful eyes of hers, licking his cock up and down before spreading her legs to get penetrated to the hilt! I like this trend of girls taking more time and care with the oral, they don’t just stick their face on a cock and bob it around…at least girls like Samantha don’t. She takes her time, using her hands and her eyes as well as her mouth and tongue to drive her man crazy! She finishes off this HD Love update by taking a huge facial that drips from her chin as she flashes that adorable grin at us.

Dee Dee Lynn


Dee dee lynn on teen fideity

When you’re a famous pinup model you have to get used to the limelight a bit, always having eyes on you and being judged…sometimes it can get a little too much to handle though, and that’s when Dee Dee Lynn has to step back a bit and ground herself! That’s what she does in this Teen Fidelity update, part 2 of the Pinup Doll series, with the help of his big hard cock…she meets him in the bungalow and joins him naked on the floor, showing those big perfect tits and grabbing his dick with a hungry look. Soon she has him buried in her pussy and has her eyes closed and head thrown back, enjoying the sensation of him sliding in and out of that sweet hole of hers, until he shoots his load deep inside for a nice creampie finish! I guess a load of Ryan jizz in her slit was just what Dee Dee was craving because she left with a big smile on her face, still not wearing any panties as she headed off to her next photoshoot…the photographers there will be none the wiser that there’s a big creamy load inside her pussy as they snap away, it’ll be Dee Dee’s little sticky secret! If you missed Pinup Doll part 1, I’ve got it right here for you to enjoy, make sure you take a peek because it’s lava-hot!



Violet on ftv girls

Let’s hear a nice rousing Happy Birthday for lovely Violet here! She just turned 19 and was celebrating by doing her first adult shoot at FTV Girls, joined by her best friend Holly. Holly didn’t really do any actual shooting but was around to assist, holding the camera and just sort of lending a hand whenever she needed to…it’s kind of a shame that she didn’t get more ‘involved’ so to speak because she’s got huge beautiful tits that she teases us with a little! Violet the birthday girl is the spotlight here though and she has a great time, getting naked and masturbating in public (an FTV staple) and fingering her ass in private, dancing around and shaking that tight little teen butt…she even has some ice cream at an outdoor patio type place and then sticks the ice cream spoon in her sweet little pussy, making it even sweeter! This girl is what FTV Girls is all about, she’s a hot and horny teen ready to push her boundaries a little and have a blast doing it, and it’s all brought to you in super high quality photography and videos…I know for a lot of sites it’s all about the videos now but I appreciate how much work FTV puts into the still images…I mean how are you going to print out a video and tape it to the back of the bathroom door? Not that I do that with still images either. No way.

Karlie Montana


Porn fidelity karlie montana

If you caught a glimpse of just the face of Karlie Montana you might think she’s angelic, but don’t be fooled…this is one wicked vixen! She’s meeting up with Father Ryan Madison in this Porn Fidelity update called The Devil’s Whore to talk about her fetish for the dark side; her pussy only really gets wet when she’s thinking about Lucifer and her wicked presence ends up overcoming Ryan’s spiritual defenses, driving him wild with lust! Soon he’s grabbing those huge perfect tits of hers, lifting up her schoolgirl plaid skirt and fucking that sweet pussy nice and hard until he shoots his load of cum all over her face for her to swallow down…looks like Ryan is about to trade in his cassock for a pair of devil horns if you ask me! From her beautiful face to those big boobs, her leather corset and that sexy skirt that lets her round gorgeous ass peek out, it would be mighty hard to resist the wiles of Karlie if she started putting on the moves.

Sabrina Banks Jean Fucking 3


Sabrina banks teen fidelity

Welcome to the third part of the Teen Fidelity Jean Fucking series! If you missed episodes one and two, I’ve got your back and they’re right here: scene1 and scene2. The first couple starred Emma Stoned and then Aidra Fox, and now they’ve got gorgeous tight spinner Sabrina Banks rocking the house! And by house I mean Ryan Madison’s hard cock. Sabrina is having fun scampering around in the sunshine in her tight jeans and a bikini top with her bikini bottoms showing like a whale-tail….Ryan Madison just can’t resist that tight ass of hers in those bluejeans so he took her inside and started ripping them right off her, pulling her panties or bikini bottons aside and fucking that sweet tight little pussy! Sabrina didn’t even bother taking the jeans all the way off, she just rode his hard cock until he shot a nice creamy load of cum straight up into her pussy for a creampie finish. Hopefully she headed right back outside with her cute butt poking out of her pants for some more fun, flashing at any cars driving by or lucky passersby!

Lesbian Couple


Lesbian Couple Pawn Their Pussy

There is a lot of WTF moments in this new XXX Pawn update the first one being that these two girls are trying to sell a Moose head I shit you not.  I guess from the sound of the guy who runs this pawn shop they’re from the south somewhere so okay they love their hunting and guns down there.  The other thing that had me all confused is that these two are a couple!  The girl on the right there not riding the dick is a full on lesbian who has never ever been with a man before.  When he tells the girls that he isn’t going to be paying the $1500 they need for the moose head but he would if the two of them wanted to get with him.  He has never been with a lesbian couple before and wants to have a first.  The girl on the right though had the bigger first because she hasn’t been fucked before, sucked a dick or anything.  She has been munching on pussy since the beginning.  She tries to keep it that way but when the guy from XXX Pawn tells her she has to suck on his dick and fuck too or there is no money she goes with it.  She does a pretty good job at blowing a guy for never doing it before and if you are a member of XXX Pawn you can watch the full video and see her being fucked.  The girl might do this more often because she did like that dick inside of her.  These two probably aren’t going to last because the blonde here riding was really enjoying it.  She was like into it tell him to fuck her harder and what not.  Then when she gets on top and rides him she actually has a orgasm!  I bet her parter was so jealous LOL!

Tommie Jo


When most people think about pool time in the summer they imagine diving into the water, splashing around, maybe floating on a raft in the sun or something. For Tommie Jo though, it means getting her sexiest bikini and a mesh top on and hanging out by the poolside, showing off those huge beautiful tits of hers and looking sexy as hell! I guess if the sun gets too hot she might deign to dip a toe in the water but you won’t see her diving in anytime soon, it might mess up those long luxurious dark locks of hers and get her bikini wet which is obviously unthinkable. Nice ass on this girl too, she’s just plain hot as hell from head to toe!

Samia Duarte


Sexy Samia Duarte looks great in lingerie and she knows it but since this is a Brazzers update you know that little flimsy fabric isn’t going to last long! Soon she’s totally naked, or at least just wearing her stockings as she gets her ass drilled by some dude’s huge hard dong! Samia loves anal but a cock this big is almost too much, she’s basically hanging on for dear life as the guy rams his massive meat into her backdoor until he shoots his load inside for an anal creampie…Brazzers doesn’t mess around I guess, they go straight for the hardcore! That big round juicy booty of hers is irresistable, can’t say I blame the guy for wanting to fuck her butt.

Amateur Fuck


It’s always a shame when you see a collection of photos like this of some amateur chick with a smokin hot body getting her pussy pounded but you can’t see her face, but hey I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles here. At least we get to check out that sweet ass of hers as she pulls her blue starry night panties aside before taking her boyfriend’s cock in her mouth and getting fucked! This chick has a nice pussy, a fantastic ass, and a pair of nice big tits, I just hope she has a pretty face to go along with it but I guess we’ll never know.

Form Fitting Dress


Now that’s what I call a Form Fitting Dress! This FTV Girls beauty has a tiny slinky little dress on that clings to every curve of that gorgeous body…in some of the later pictures it fits her so well it looks like she’s wearing nothing at all! Actually wait, I guess she IS wearing nothing at all, and has that perfect ass in the air, showing off every inch of her sexy nude body! The photo quality on FTV is always incredible and the women are always stunning so you know you’re in for a treat when one of these galleries pops up.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


I took one look at this absolute goddess and thought ‘that’s a Victorias Secret model if I ever saw one’. Well it looks like I owe myself a cookie because I was dead on, this is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and she’s a well known model (mostly in the UK but I’m sure all over the world) and is looking incredible at the Cannes film festival in a flowing yellow gown that lets her poky nipples show right through! No wonder the five billion photographers behind the fence are taking dozens of pictures of her, they’re basically guaranteed to come out amazing with a subject like this! Just look at those lips, can you imagine what those could do? I was thinking about how good of a whistler she must be, I don’t know about you perverts.



Celeste on cchd

We’ve got a new site here called Casting Couch HD, if you’ve seen the site Net Video Girls this is a pretty similar idea…they put out a casting call for amateur girls to come try out for a dancing part in a hiphop music video so the girls show up and right as they come thru the door the cameras are already rolling. Little do they realize there’s no music video at all, the dude just wants them to get naked and show they’ve got what it takes by sucking and fucking his big black dick while he records the whole thing! They never get a callback for the ‘job’ but the footage does get put up on Casting Couch HD for all of us to enjoy…Celeste here is a hot Latina babe with an incredible big juicy round booty (no wonder she wanted to be in a hiphop video, her body is perfect for it) and doesn’t take much convincing to get naked and give this guy a blowjob, even licking his ass before bending over to get her sweet amateur pussy pounded!

Sklar Green BLACKED


I for once got a longer BLACKED scene for you guys it’s of a really petite girl named Skylar Green and she is loving this big black cock she is getting.  It’s the first time she has ever done a interracial scene and from the amount of orgasms she got during this video I suspect it will not be her last.  She played it smart I must say.  She got Blacked to give her one of those hitachi vibrators to use during her sex scene.  So she would have this guy pounding away at her pussy which looks very very small and she would hold the hitachi on her pussy and she would just cum over and over again.  Blacked does an amazing job with their porn I like they they niched out this erotica type of porn we are seeing everywhere now-a-days.  Like I said the video is very long and you get to see some of her interview and then of course a lot of fucking.  Skylar has only done one scene with these guys but like I said I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back for another one.  From the looks of it if a girl comes back to their site they usually do a threesome.  I am not talking two girls here but two guys.  I haven’t yet scene a girl DP these big dicks but you know sooner or later it’s going to happen.  Skylar here isn’t that girl though she is just too damn petite.  She would break if two guys tried to go in fill up her holes at once.

Brandi Love Diary of a MILF


I thought I knew all the sites you got access to when you joined Naughty America but apparently that is untrue.  This is a new site for me it’s called Diary Of A Milf.  They basically have a MILF like Brandi Love here talking about a time they had sex.  This one is about a server at a restaurant that a MILF had been yearning for.  She went to this restaurant and ate the shitty food time and time again just because she wanted to flirt with the waiter.  Well today is the day that she no longer waits for him to ask her out she does the asking.  She invites him over to her house to pick her up for a date.  They don’t actually make it out of the door because Brandi tells him how she has basically been setting this up the whole time.  He asks if she just wants to skip the dinner part and get straight to the desert.  She agrees and undresses in from of him.  She is a woman who knows what she likes so she doesn’t even ask when she mount his face and has him licking on that meaty pussy of hers while he strokes himself hard.  They 69 for a bit after that and they this guy pounds away at the first MILF pussy he has ever fucked.

Darcie Belle


Darcie belle povd

Nothing more relaxing than a nice nooner by the pool, especially when it’s with a hottie like blonde newcomer Darcie Belle! This sexy babe waltzed over to get some sunscreen rubbed on her back but soon she’s in your lap in first-person perspective for this POVD update, sucking cock and thne getting fucked on a deckchair on a hot summer’s day! This chick is doing her first scene for POVD here, and when you get a look at that sexy body of hers I think you’ll join me in hoping that it’s not gonna be her last! She looks great getting face-fucked and even better when she’s riding your cock in a hot first person perspective, sliding her tight shaved pussy up and down on your cock…and since this is POVD, you know you’ll be getting all this action in super high resolution video and pictures to bring this scene to life! I love the movement towards POV scenes nowadays, it really does make a big difference in the immersion, and POVD really does it right with their high quality movies and of course all the sexy horny pornstars they have on the site!

Emily Grey Reflections


Emily grey povd reflection

I pose you a conundrum…when you watch porn you get the advantage of seeing the action from all kinds of angles, but at the same time it sort of removes you from the scene. In a first-person perspective you get up close and personal with the model like she’s sucking and fucking your cock, but then you’re limited to just that angle…the question is, how to get the best of both worlds? Well there’s this new thing you might have heard of, it’s called a mirror, and in this POVD update with Emily Grey they put one to good use as she drops down to the floor in front of it, getting naked and showing off that perfect body, sucking and fucking your big dick! She gets facefucked and you can watch that sweet round ass of hers in the mirror, then she spins around doggystyle and you can fuck her wet pussy from behind while still getting a nice look at that beautiful face of hers and her perky little boobies. Maybe those people with mirrors on the ceiling in their bedrooms have the right idea after all! This is Emily Grey’s second update on POVD, if you missed out on her debut I’ve got it right here and trust me it’s hot as hell. Actually you don’t even have to trust me, just use your own damn eyes and see for yourself!

Jenna Ross


Tiny4k jenna ross

Get ready for a hot wet workout with Jenna Ross in this Tiny4k update! As you probably already know by now, Tiny4k brings you the hottest little spinners getting their pussies filled up with huge hard cocks, in beautiful ultra HD video…this time Jenna throws in a little something extra, but we’ll get to that! She starts out doing some yoga in her stretchy workout clothes, but when her man rolls into the room and sees that perfect ass he can’t help but strip her down and give her a hand in her stretches….well, he stretches her legs up and licks that sweet tight pussy of hers! Soon he’s got his mammoth cock sliding down her throat as she does some back-bends, and they try out a couple of new sexual positions like the wheelbarrow…Jenna’s more of a traditionalist that way though, she prefers to get fucked doggystyle and since her ass is downright perfect the dude is happy to oblige, fucking her from behind while she’s on her hands and knees until she busts out a huge squirting orgasm! I think that’s a first on Tiny4k, I don’t remember seeing any squirters on the site before but man I hope it’s not the last. Jenna ends up with the guy’s big creamy load all over her ass and pussy and is ready to hit the showers!

Anissa Kate


Anissa kate for blacked

Sometimes when I see these massive cocks these guys have it amazes me that these chicks can somehow cram them into their pussies, much less their ass! Anissa Kate for instance took this guy’s huge black cock down her throat in this Blacked update, sucking him hard and then taking his meatbat between her big tits, deep in her wet pussy, and then guided it right into her tight backdoor for a nice hard anal fuck! It was a tight fit to say the least but Anissa took that big meat like a champ, spreading her legs to let him slide deep inside and staring up at him with those beautiful seductive eyes of hers until he shot his load all over her face. This gorgeous exotic babe loves a nice hard fuck but tiny cocks need not apply, she needs a hefty hunk of dick to really cum to the peaks of ecstasy like this…this shoot isn’t all hardcore fucking either, there are some very sensual shots of Anissa relaxing by the window in her white panties and unbuttoning her top to let those perfect breasts peek through…just plain hot from beginning to that facial finish.

Porn Breaks The Brain


Did you read that right? Porn Breaks The Brain? Well apparently there was a study done where people who watch porn tend to have less activity in certain areas of the brain. Sounds like a load of hokum to me, I watch porn all the time and my brain is…uh…what was I saying? Something about tits? Oh man I love tits, so much fun to watch and grab and squeeze! Oh right the study…well like I was saying, there’s no idea about cause and effect of porn, whether it’s the porn that tends to cause this lack of brain activity or if it’s just a predisposition or what, who knows. I do find it funny though that the title of this article is Watching Porn Might Breaking Your Brain, from the sounds of things their brains are breaking already, at least the grammar parts of them. In the meantime, let’s just keep watching them fine-ass titties.

Daisy Romance


I’m not really sure if Daisy Romance is this chick’s full name or if it’s just Daisy but man she looks phenomenal posing and dancing around in her lingerie for this MC Nudes photoshoot! Those big tits of hers are amazing and her butt is nice and round and looks like it would be an incredible sight if you were fucking this girl doggystyle. Add to that a beautiful face with upturned seductive eyes and an easy smile and Daisy here is a winner and a half! That sheer fabric looks great on her but I’ve gotta say I prefer her completely naked…maybe it just makes her feel sexier having that thin fabric brush across her perky nipples or something, maybe it’s the act of slowly untying it so it slips off her shoulders, who knows, but she looks like she’s having a great time and that goes for us too!



Man I love summer, and I bet you guys do too…when else do hot honeys like Angeli here get naked and go for a swim in the river, letting the water flow around her perfect ass as she brushes her hair back (showing off those perfect tits at the same time)! This is a Domai photoshoot if you hadn’t already guessed, they have a pretty distinctive style if you ask me and have so many gorgeous chicks I lost count a long time ago. If this doesn’t make you want to go for a little skinnydipping expedition in the woods I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. Angeli sure seems like she’d be game for it!

Ruby And Friends


In this update from We Live Together we get to see Ruby and her two gorgeous girlfriends showing how they like to have fun in the evenings when their boyfriends aren’t around! They’ve all got perfect bodies so it’s hard to pick a favorite from the three of them, especially when they get naked and start making out and licking pussy and fucking each other with toys! There’s no such thing as a quiet night in for these hot horny lesbians, there’s just too much twat to be had! For that matter, they don’t even need their boyfriends to come over, they’ve got things pretty much covered on their own. I guess it would make things a little awkward if their landlord came by to fix the gutters or something and saw them all nose-deep in pussy, maybe they’d get a break on rent who knows!

Rahyndee James


Care to watch as Rahyndee James gets a little crazy? I thought you might…this girl is gorgeous and horny as hell, so she takes off her top and pulls aside those sheer black panties to show off her sweet round tits and that tight shaved pussy, not to mention her fine ass! Digital Desire is who to thank for this hot photoshoot as this sexy babe rolls around in bed, getting her knees in the air to show off her sweet pink bits, then letting a sheer white curtain flow around her with the afternoon breeze like a dream…Rahyndee just loves everything about being naked and isn’t afraid to show it off I guess!

Luna Star Ass Masterpiece


I know that most porn viewers always want to just see the video but pictures still do it for me.  I mean I am posting this gallery only because of this picture no other reason.  It’s so hot I think it by itself is good.  I know that’s not how everyone thinks, that’s why I changed to have videos too instead of just pictures.  This isn’t a gallery I made and the gallery does have a video it’s of the beautiful Luna Star.  That girl has a perfect ass doesn’t she and I love seeing her picked up and fucked like this.  It’s a gallery from Naughty America and it’s from their ass fetish site called Ass Masterpiece.  They basically just find girls with perfect butts and they put them on that site, Luna here definitely qualifies.  The gallery is a short video but as I mentioned the pictures are where it is at he has a ton and there are so many good ones.  This of course is the best, trust me I am a expert when it comes to great images.

Payton Simmons


Payton Simmons Teens Love Huge Cocks

I have a new Payton Simmons gallery for you guys this time it’s from Teens Love Huge Cocks.  The name of this episode is called “Payton Pussy” and it’s fucking hot.  As you guys know Payton has a nice big ass and in this video she is rubbing her ass and pussy and turns to the camera and says “I hope the stunt cock is close, cause I am horny”.  Lucky for her he was watching her the whole time and she was just minutes away from getting fucked.  He comes over and she does her best to deep throat his cock.  Then she got on top and got to fucking him she loves a dick deep inside of her that’s what she kept saying to him.  She just wants it deeper and deeper.  This video isn’t super long and because of that I will hook you up with a of this video for those of you who actually read our little blogs that’s a little perk.  The video ends with him kind of on the side of her plugging away at her pussy and then he pulls out and straddles her and cums all over her face and chest.  Payton has that girl next door look to me, like you wouldn’t expect this girl to be in porn and maybe that’s why I like seeing her fuck so much.

Jenna Ivory


Jenna ivory teen fidelity

If you’ve got a thing for rockabilly or pinup chicks, have I got an update for you…this gorgeous blonde Pinup Doll is named Jenna Ivory, and this is her first appearance on Teen Fidelity! Actually as far as I know it’s her first appearance on too, I guess she’s brand spankin new but with that gorgeous face I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more from Jenna. In this update though she shows off her classy pinup style, letting her big fur coat slip over her bare shoulders to reveal those nice perky breasts and taking her little pink dog for a walk…wait did I say pink dog? That’s right, this chick dyed her dog pink with koolaid or something, pretty funny lookin. She meets up with Ryan Madison who looks more goofy than rockabilly in his vest and white sunglasses, but soon he gets naked anyway so who cares what his outfit is am I right? Jenna takes his big cock in her mouth, sucking him hard and then getting her tight teen pussy absolutely slammed as she rides him deep and hard on the bed! This blonde hottie looks sexy as hell from every angle as she gets fucked doggystyle, has her ass fingered and ends up with a pussy full of Ryan’s cum as he creampies her!

Highrise Rendezvous


Highrise rendezvous x art

They call this blonde babe Sammy on X Art but they have a funny way of calling their models whatever they want…they can’t slip the wool over my eyes though, I know Samantha Rone when I see her! And man oh man do we get to see her in this hot photoshoot called Highrise Rendezvous! She was in her apartment getting a little work done on her laptop when her man Jake swung by, grabbing her big tits as they embraced and dropping to his knees to pull her panties down and lick that sweet tight pussy until it was dripping wet! Samantha is pretty much perpetually horny and doesn’t even bother taking her glasses off before she licks and sucks Jake’s cock hard, then hops up on the chair to get her pussy fucked from behind. Sammy loves to fuck and she does it up right in this update, riding Jake’s big stick and hooking a leg over his shoulder to take him nice and deep…hopefully her work wasn’t on a tight deadline or something because it looks like her afternoon is pretty much filled up now, and so is her pussy!

Katia De Lys Returns


Itc katia de lys stockings

We just can’t get enough of Katia De Lys and apparently neither can In The Crack! This is I think her 4th  shoot on the site and when she shows off that perfect round tight ass you’ll want her to do four more I bet. Speaking of which, if you missed her previous episodes you can see them here: scene1, scene2 and scene3. In this one she’s wearing nothing but stockings and heels, posing in front of a mirror and admiring her own gorgeous body (can you blame her?) as she arches her back and sticks that incredible booty out before laying down on one of the cushions and spreading her legs wide open, masturbating and fucking herself with a vibrator and bringing us nice up and close the way In The Crack loves to do! You can almost taste that wet horny pussy as Katia slips her toy in and out of her slit, moaning as the vibrator does its work…can’t wait to see this horny exotic honey come back, I’m sure it won’t be long until we see round 5!

Geri Burgess Returns


Geri burgess docks zishy

We’ve seen this hottie Geri Burgess on Zishy before and it’s always a treat to have her back…this time she’s looking sexy at the harbor, flashing that perfect butt as she walks down to the waterfront and hops up on some rocks to let the cool bayside breeze ruffle her long hair…this looks like an early morning shoot or something, the fog and clouds are rolling over and there doesn’t look like a lot of foot traffic yet. Geri’s got her tight striped stretch pants on and looks like a million bucks as she lounges on a rock like a siren ready to lure some sailors to their doom as they crash their ships trying to reach her! Geri loves to flash those sweet perky tits of hers, we don’t get much of a look at them naked in this photoshoot but she does have a very tight white top on that shows those nipples poking against the fabric! This is what, her 5th  time on the site? Something like that…if you’d like to check out her previous appearances you can get to em right here: scene1 scene2 scene3 and scene4!

Yours Forever


Xart yours forever with lisa

This girl Lisa just radiates pure sexual energy…they describe her on the X Art site as a ‘rare, wild flower’ and I’m not really sure what they mean by that, maybe she smells good? Maybe they want to press her between the pages of a book? I don’t really know but what I do know is that Lisa is fucking stunning and has an incredible body with nice perky breasts, a sweet perfect ass and a nice tight pussy! She not only looks incredible, she also just plain loves sex so she really gets into it in this X Art update called Yours Forever, riding her man’s dick and getting pounded doggystyle after pulling off her little white thong. She gives a nice blowjob too by the way, this girl is just well rounded in terms of rocking cock! Sometimes on a hardcore adult site when people fuck it’s like they are just going through the motions or something, but not Lisa…it feels real, it feels passionate, she loves to fuck and her man obviously loves to fuck her! She ends up pounding this guy until he can’t take the perfection of her sweet pussy anymore and shoots a big load of cum all over himself.

Studious Sluts


Passion hd studious sluts

Sexy schoolgirls Natalie Monroe and Ava Taylor were busy doing their homework or at least writing in their notebooks or drawing pictures or something when their mutual guy-pal came home and made them some popcorn. Soon this study session turned into a fun little impromptu party Passion HD style as the girls started tossing popcorn around, then things heated up as Natalie and Ava made out and started exploring each others bodies with their hands while the guy watched! Watching sometimes isn’t enough though so he got into the action, letting the girls take turns licking and sucking his big thick cock until he was rock-hard and fucking them both. I don’t remember pretty much any of my study sessions in college going like this, that’s for damn sure…these studious sluts look fantastic with those sweet round asses in the air and those perky boobies bouncing as they both got their pussies pounded, then took a nice double facial to wind things down! Unless this was an anatomy lesson I don’t know that the girls are gonna do very well on their test tomorrow, although they seem to be pretty good at cramming….well, at least at cramming a dick into their tight holes!

Student Seduction


Pure mature student seduction

You’ve heard of the song ‘hot for teacher’ right? Well this dude sure has, he’s got the major hots for his college professor Nikki Daniels and luckily for him she’s got her eyes on him as well! Maybe she heard the girls in class talking about how huge and thick his cock was and wanted to give it a whirl for herself, who knows…what I do know is that this weekend this mature hottie met up with the guy and is giving him a sensual striptease, showing off those perfect tits and her nice round ass to drive him crazy! Pure Mature brings us this hot set called Student Seduction as Nikki takes that big cock in her mouth, giving him a blowjob (or at least fitting as much of that thing in her mouth as she can) before getting her pussy licked from behind and then fucked doggystyle, but I think her favorite bit was when she got on top of his lap and rode his cock while facing him with those sweet titties bouncing up and down right in his face…I suspect maybe that was his favorite bit too! The guy fucks her nice wet pussy until he shot his load inside for a creampie finish that she squeezed right back out…hot as hell.

Carter Cruise Make Em Sweat


Carter Cruise Teen Fidelity Make Em Sweat

Looks like Teen Fidelity is finally getting into the soccer spirit with this new scene called “Make ‘Em Sweat”.  The girl who is starring in the video is Carter Cruise a pretty famous starlet who has awesome pierced nipples and a nice athletic body.  What really sets this video apart from other videos you see of Carter is how much chemistry she has with Ryan.  You have to think Ryan is friends with all these girls he fucks or something because there is always great chemistry in his scene.  He really gives it to Carter and she cums like crazy.  He isn’t going to just cum on this girls face he wants to give her a creampie and he doesn’t stop until he does.  Towards the end of the video he is just pounding away in missionary trying to cum and Carter is loving it.  She is having intense orgasms so much so she isn’t breathing half the time.  I thought the video was going to end with Ryan cumming inside of her pussy and then having to give her mouth to mouth to get her alive again.  The video however ends with cum running out of her pussy and to wash it out Ryan picks her up and jumps in the pool with her.  Pretty funny actually, you can tell all this stuff he does is just off the cuff.

Porn Store Employee Anal


I think the guy who runs Public Pickups was getting tired of trying to get a girl to fuck on tape so he went to the easiest place to bang a girl the porn store.  There is almost always a girl working in one of those shops and sure enough he found on and this girl was freaking cute.  He starts off just by buying some DVD’s and then gives her a “tip”.  He only asks that she flash him some nipples or something and once she does that he just keep throwing money at her until he has his big dick in her tight little asshole.  They shut down the store of course before they start fucking behind the register and the way anal came about is he asked her what she liked and she told him she likes it up the butt.  They of course had all kinds of anal lube and stuff at the store some it was quite easy to get into.

Ava Mendas Innocent High


Here is a little history lesson for you guys, did you know that Team Skeet’s first website they ever opened was Innocent High.  It was around for years before they even started their mega site Team Skeet.  It’s still going strong updating every single week and this week they have a new girl named Ava Mendes.  You guys should remember her I just posted a Passion HD scene of her and a Fantasy HD one.  None of those videos are as long as this Team Skeet one though.  These guys have no problem sharing 8 to 12 minute videos with everyone for free because they have nothing to hide their porn is straight up awesome.  The video has a story line, I didn’t take the time to see it because I just wanted to fast forward to Ava getting fucked.  If one of you takes the time though go head and send me a email and tell me what its about, sike.  Hopefully Team Skeet will get Ava on some of their other sites, Innocent High is kind of boring to me the school girl thing is just out dated now I think.

Capri Cavanni Dirty Wives Club


I am not really sure why this guy is sending you guys to the Dirty Wives Club because I am pretty sure you can join Naughty America and get access to this site.  Alright, I officially checked and it’s true so you guys should probably just do that LOL!  Oh, I just clicked on the link and yea he is doing it right, well I am going to leave all this because some of you might have the same question.  Anyways no lets actually talk about this gallery.  This nice little ass you see here belongs to Capri Cavanni.  I feel old seeing her on a MILF site because I feel like I remember seeing her when she first came out.  She left her credit card at a restaurant and the waiter was a family friend.  Her husband leaves her for months at a time and right now she is on a dry spell she just has to break.  So when he comes by to drop off her card just like she thought he would.  She goes into her closet and puts on some sexy white lingerie and comes out to greet him.  He doesn’t know what to say but Capri does.  She says nothing more then lick my pussy and Tyler here gets after it.  I didn’t realize how amazing Capri’s pussy is but it’s tight as fuck isn’t it?  He doesn’t just lick her pussy he goes after her ass too and that just turns Capri on even more.  She gets a hard fucking she has been aching for and then gets her tits and face covered in Tyler’s cum.

Brandi Love and Adolescence


Brandi Love in Porn Fidelity's Love and Adolescence

This video you guys would never guess is from Porn Fidelity because well Ryan Madison isn’t in it.  It’s the second week in a row but you can tell he is still making the videos because they’re just made too good to be anyone else.  This scene called Love and Adolescence stars a MILF who has been on this site the second most only to Kelly Madison and that’s Brandi Love.  Tyler here is back from college remembering the good old days when he was 18 and fucking this hot MILF.  He is sitting around just thinking about it when he decides to text Brandi and see if she is around.  She tells him her husband is out of town and that he should come over.  So when he comes over Brandi is looking hot as hell in her little black teddy and black panties.  This is the real Mrs. Robinson right here and the sex these two have is amazing.  If you just look at all of Brandi Love’s Porn Fidelity scenes you will see the sex she has for this time is 10x better then any other video she has been on.  That right there is a fact I don’t know who directs these but it’s her best work by far.

Aidra Fox Teen Fidelity


Aidra Fox Teen Fidelity

This is part of a new series that Teen Fidelity is coming out with it’s called Jean Fucking.  The first one was with Emma Stoned this one is with a girl I think is a little cuter her name is Aidra Fox.  I wouldn’t just say a little, but I know everyone has their own taste so I will just leave it at that.  This is the craziest sex scene I have ever seen Aidra in.  Usually she does like erotic stuff but in this one she is getting down right dirty.  I mean Ryan shoves his cock so deep in her throat that she has to gag and go over the sink if you know what I am sayiing.  She doesn’t just do it once either she lets Ryan do whatever he wants to her including cumming inside of her for yet another creampie ending from Teen Fidelity.  The video has Aidra wearing these jeans throughout her whole scene Ryan just rips them open and gets access to her pussy and that’s all he needs.  Aidra also does something new I would say beside the whole super hardcore part of this video she also does a lot of anal play with Ryan.  She lets him stick a finger in there and bang her for a little bit and through the video he gives her ass some love.  There is hard pussy pounding, choking just some really hard fucking in this scene so check it out and see if its something you like.  If it’s not don’t worry the videos on Teen Fidelity are so different all the time you will get something like this and then ext week you will get a super erotic film.

Nice And Slow


Hdlove nice and slow payton simmosn

There’s no one way to please every woman, as you may well know…some like to be fucked hard and deep and fast, and then there are women like blonde hottie Payton Simmons here who prefers getting her pussy worked Nice And Slow and that’s just what she gets in this HD Love update! Payton starts out in her sheer blue bra and panties before she starts stripping down, showing off her sweet full breasts and that nice round ass of hers, slipping her fingers down between her thighs to tickle her clit and drive her pussy crazy! Her man shows up and gives her a helping hand as well as a helping tongue and cock, getting a fantastic blowjob before bending Payton over and fucking her hole from behind with her sweet ass in the air. Since this is HD Love you know you’ll be getting top quality videos and photos, they don’t muck around there…some sites sort of look like they took most of the pictures and videos with their phones, but definitely not this one!

Angelica Means Angel


X-art angelica means angel

Prepare yoruself for one of the most beautiful women in the world…I’ve seen an awful lot of women in this industry and Angelica here is seriously one of the most smokin hot girls either in or out of the adult industry, and happily for all involved she’s showing off in the buff for X Art! It’s entitled Angelica Means Angel and in it she’s all by her lonesome, only she doesn’t exactly seem lonesome, it seems like she is all the company she needs as she shimmies out of her white top and gray panties and masturbates with one of her favorite dildos! I guess if you’re a fan of huge tits or curvy girls you might not agree with my estimation of her hotness but if you are down with thin girls with perky boobies and nice tight asses Angelica here is basically perfect from head to toe. She fucks herself with that toy until she cums, orgasming with a hip-bucking ferocity that lets you know just how fun she is to fuck!

Jodi Taylor


Jodi taylor on hard x

Gorgeous Jodi Taylor always looks like she’s having a blast in her scenes, she just has a super fun personality that meshes well with her fucking incredible body and that lovely freckled face of hers! This update comes from Hard X and she has apparently finished a dancing class or something because she’s got some pink legwarmers on, but soon she’s naked and riding her man’s cock on the couch but she doesn’t just want to get her pussy pounded, she takes him in her ass for a nice anal hardcore ride! She laughs and giggles as she gets her butt rammed by her man’s big hard dick, still wearing her legwarmers and then dropping to her knees to get a huge creamy facial! She doesn’t mind going ATM apparently…this girl is just a barrel of fun no matter how you look at it. Hard X loves bringing you these sexy anal scenes with some of the hottest pornstars in the industry!

Ava Addams Bikini


Hard x ava addams

If you haven’t heard of the site Hard X don’t even worry about it, you’re not out of the loop (or maybe you are, who knows) because this is a pretty new site, it’s already making some big waves though. If you’re wondering why, just take a look at this update featuring Ava Addams in a bikini and you’ll see for yourself! She pulls her bikini top aside to show off those magnificent huge boobs, looking like a MILF-dream come true as she poses on a grassy rooftop, letting the wind blow through her long glossy dark hair! Soon she’s entirely nude looking fucking fantastic, and speaking of fucking check out the video that goes along with this update as she gets her ass fucked in an anal hardcore session that will leave you breathless and leave Ava walking funny for days! This site has some of the hottest horniest women in the industry looking glamorous and beautiful and then getting drilled hard and deep by these lucky guys.



Leela on brcc

It’s always exciting when a girl on a site like Backroom Casting Couch takes a nice messy creampie to finish off the shoot, getting that load of cum shot deep in the pussy, but sometimes…well…sometimes the guy doesn’t exactly warn the chick that that’s what’s about to go down! Sexy Latina babe Leela here for instance had no idea that the fake casting director from BRCC was going to creampie her, and what’s more she’s not on birth control so she goes into a bit of a freakout when she feels that drippy creamy load oozing out…time for a little Plan B I guess! Before that though she’s super into the scene, she wants to make some cash with porn and is ready to push her personal envelopes a bit, like masturbating on camera with a toy for the first time, getting an anal pounding for the first time (which she wasn’t exactly thrilled about, but gave it the ol’ college try) and stuff like that! Watch this hottie get pounded and creamed…man she’s going to be pissed when she realizes there’s no actual casting call going on.

Sexy Blonde Teen


Sexy blonde teen on gdp

This blonde teen was super nervous at the beginning of this Girls Do Porn update but by the time they started filming she was just plain excited and into the idea of doing her very first adult video! There were quite a few firsts for this chick actually…it was her first airplane trip and actually her very first time outside of Iowa. I think you guys will be more than glad she did when you get a look at her, she’s gorgeous and sexual and has a great attitude about sex…when she talks about what kind of porn she digs she mentions MILF porn in particular which is kind of a surprise, when you think of a beautiful 18 year old you probably don’t imagine her watching MILF videos but hey, this chick is full of surprises. For instance, she’s on the skinny side but she has an incredible ass…most thin young hotties have just no butt but this sexy blonde teen puts ’em to shame, she’s got a sweet round booty and nice perky titties, plus she gives a mighty fine blowjob as well! After sucking cock for awhile she hops up on the bed completely naked and shows that beautiful body, ready to get her pussy rocked and already is dripping wet with anticipation…soon she gets her wish with this guy’s big hard cock sliding into her doggystyle, giving her a nice case of the moans before she hopped up onto his lap to go for a ride! This girl is a dream cum true and we get to see every inch of her tight body as she gets fucked, finishing off her Girls Do Porn debut with a nice big facial.

Tiffany Fox


Tiffany fox on tiny4k]

Sweet tight little newcomer Tiffany Fox is about to meet the biggest blackest dick she’s ever laid eyes on in this Tiny4k update called Thank God Fucking Friday! She keeps her cute little tube socks on as she lifts up her skinny legs and has her pussy licked before taking this fella’s massive slab of man-meat in her mouth, sucking him hard and then somehow fitting his enormous dick in her tight little pussy! That’s what this site Tiny4k is all about, small spinner girls getting their tight holes slammed by the biggest cocks they can find. Tiffany is a perfect example, she’s cute as hell and looks like she’d just about fit into your pocket! She loves getting fucked by a big ol’ dick though, normal guys just aren’t going to satisfy that pussy of hers…this guy has no such problem though, he pounds her with his big chocolate stick and makes her moan and sqeal as he slides in and out doggystyle and some other positions too…the doggystyle just stood out because she’s got such a tight cute little butt and it looks great up in the air as she gets her pussy worked. Eventually the guy blasts her with a facial cumshot that drips down her chin as she grins up at him…I get the feeling this won’t be the last we see of Tiffany on this site!

Connie Carter Close Shave


Fhd connie carter close shave

If you’ve got a thing for girls shaving their pussies you’re not alone…I mean look how turned on sexy newcomer Connie Carter gets after she shaves down her bush with a razor, she just starts rubbing her clit and grabbing her own huge tits in this Fantasy HD update called Close Shave! Her man finds her moaning and masturbating and isn’t about to let that opportunity go to waste, feeding her his cock and then spreading her legs to give her perfect pussy a nice hard fucking, making those sweet sexy round titties bounce and jiggle with every thrust. Connie has her eyes closed in ecstasy and I guess it’s a lucky thing because she gets a big cream facial, and she didnt’ want to get any in her eyes! She’d rather have it drip down onto her big breasts as she licks his dick clean. By the way this isn’t the first time Fantasy HD has had an update called Close Shave…the gorgeous Kelly Diamond starred in one a little while back, if you missed out you can check it right here!

Alina Li Learning


The busty MILF in the middle of this picture is Alyssa Lynn and then the super cute Asian girl you guys should know by now, her name is Alina Li.  In this episode from Stepmom Videos a Bang Bros site you get to see Alyssa Lynn catching her step son spying her.  He caught her masturbating in the shower and then cleaning the house naked.  She is super pissed at him but when she finds out that the reason he is doing it is because he is a virgin she feels bad for him.  Alyssa calls up a cute girl she knows and that girl is Alina Li and invites her over to the house.  She lets Alina know that her step son is very new to dating other girls and Alina admits she too doesn’t have much experience.  With that Alyssa has only one option she has to show these two how things are done.  So she makes her step son promise that he won’t tell his Dad and she shows Alina how to suck a dick and the guy how to fuck a pussy right.  The video ends with Alyssa having both Alina and herself on her knees taking a facial because after all that’s what guys like.

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