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Bailey Is Back!


Bailey Blue Returns To Mr Anal

Bailey Blue is making her return to Mr. Anal because well she is a anal freak.  There are girls who just like it up the butt and Bailey is one of them.  She has a great looking ass too doesn’t she?  Nice meaty pussy that is hard to pass up but Mr. Anal never has a problem with that.  It’s funny because Bang Bros has a lot of Mr. Anal’s but I always refer to it as if it’s like one guy.  Like I said Bailey is back so that means she has been on once before instead of making you look for her first scene on our site I will just give you a link.  She has changed a little since the first time she was on the site she is a little more punk rock now then she was.  The video I have for you guys is really really long.  I thought because I am so behind with these Mr. Anal scenes I should at least give you guys long videos to kind of make up for it.  The first two minutes of the video are of Bailey using this big dildo to kind of loosen up her asshole.  Then the guy treats her to some even more relaxing ass licking to really get her ready and then she shoves his dick into that big butt no problem.  He pounds away at it and unlike other anal sex scenes you guys see there is much less gaping the those.  I hate the gaping and I cannot be the only one who thinks that.  This guy just straight up pounds away and Bailey until he is about to cum and then sprays her beautiful ass with it.

Summer Brielle PAWG


Summer Brielle PAWG

The voluptuous Summer Brielle isn’t just being loved for her tits in this gallery from Bang Bros she is also being loved for that nice round ass of hers.  This scene was shot for PAWG one of their ass sites.  She is a girl that I really like and I know that some of you just had this plastic look but there is something about a girl that just looks like a pornstar that does it for me.  You see Summer Brielle and you know this girl is going to be a freak in the bedroom and sure enough she is.  This guy thinks he is about to 69 with Summer but she just takes control and straight up sits on his face and gets her meaty pussy licked on.  The video last a long time because this guy is just having to much fun with Summer.  There are so many good parts of this video I would just suggest not even watching the one I have and going straight to Bang Bros to join.  I mean they’re constantly running awesome deals so I would just see what it’s going to cost and buy a membership for a little bit.  All of their videos are downloadable and who wouldn’t want to keep this video for life?  The video ends with Summer sucking him off and taking his load in her mouth.  She swallows to fast for the camera but the guy is able to drip out a couple more drops of cum on her tongue for the ending pictures.  I also like a girl who’s first instinct when cum is in her mouth is just to swallow, that’s my type of chick!

Pawnshop Confession


Xxx pawnshop confession on xxxpawn

This chick rolled into the wrong damn pawnshop trying to unload what she swore up and down was an authentic civil war horn that her grandfather proudly bore when he fought for the North or South or wherever she decided he was from! This is XXX Pawn and after the guy called her out on her bullshit it turned out she had stolen the thing from the wall of a restaurant that had given her some walking papers earlier that day. At that point she had admitted to stealing on camera and was stuck, the guy gave her the option of either getting reported to the cops or else heading to the back room to help take care of his raging hardon and get $200 out of the deal as well! Guess which one she picked…well after she unzipped his pants and whipped out his dick she was pretty impressed, that was a major league piece of meat there that she gave a nice going-over with her hands and then her mouth after a little urging. Once this big breasted MILF had that huge cock in her mouth it was all gravy from there, she got her juicy round ass out and her big tits and ended up getting bent over the desk and had her tight pussy pounded! Keep an eye out for when he’s railing her from behind and starts tooting the trumpet, it’s fucking hilarious. The name of this update is Pawnshop Confession and this busty hottie ends up with a nice big facial of cum!

Ella Woods Jean Fucking 4


Ella woods jeans fucking 4 teen fidelity

If cute blonde teen Ella Woods was thinking she was just showing up at Teen Fidelity mansion and show off her perfect tight little butt in a pair of jeans she’s got another think coming, that’s for sure! This is Part 4 of the Jean Fucking series, if you missed out on the previous installments I’ve got you covered good buddy: part1 part2 and part3 are linked for you right there. In this update Ella takes a shower and then puts on her tight white jeans with no panties, they’re nearly sheer which makes them easy for Ryan Madison to rip open and fuck that sweet tight pussy of hers from behind and on top, pinning her to the bed and holding her head down by the throat while he drilled her hole!  Ella gets a nice pounding and takes that big hard cock in her mouth as well before Ryan blasts off inside her, shooting a big load of cum for a creampie finish that makes her moan and squeal with pleasure! Man…if you saw a chick as cute as Ella wearing these jeans with no panties on walking around this hardcore fuck scene is probably just what you’d be fantasizing about…that ass of hers is tight as a drum!

Just Relax


I’m not sure which model this is but she’s pretty cute despite the fact that someone apparently stole her neck…she’s got nice tits and a nice ass and a great pussy as she masturbates, fingering her hole in this photoshoot called Just Relax, but yeah sh eneeds to stop smushing her head down onto her shoulders if you ask me, it looks like she’s a linebacker or something. If you just ignore the neck part and concentrate on those big boobs of hers though she knocks it out of the park! Nothing wrong with a little relaxing masturbation session in the middle of the afternoon…it’s a great way to wind down and get some perspective on life, I guess that’s why this chick looks so happy in some of these shots.

Alyssa Arce


I’m not really sure what these photos of Alyssa Arce are for, if it’s a book or for a magazine or something, they’re high quality and very artistic so they could be for Cosmo or something but damn they’re sexy as hell…Alyssa is showing off those perky perfect boobies as she goes on a pleasure cruise with some hunky fellas and a couple of gorgeous girlfriends, looking incredible of course and frolicking around in a swimsuit and completely naked! If somebody figures out what these pictures are from or what project they’re for let me know, I might have to get a subscription to whatever magazine they end up in!

Michelle H


I don’t know what Cirine means but it’s apparently the name of this Met Art photoshoot featuring gorgeous redhead Michelle H looking absolutely fucking stunning. Maybe they meant to say serene and didn’t have a spellchecker handy or were just trying to be clever with it or something? Who knows, all I know is that Michelle looks incredible with that lovely face and big perfect tits and ass. Can you just imagine waking up in the morning next to a beautiful ginger like this naked in bed next to you? Like a dream cum true, I tell you what. From the way this freckled hottie is spreading her legs and lifting her knees up with a devilish smile it makes me think she’s a hell of a lot of fun too!

Busty Katie


It’s always interesting to see a chick who’s in the adult entertainment business but probably hasn’t been around for all that long, and isn’t exactly 100% comfortable with it…that’s the feeling I’m getting from cute busty Katie here in this Cosmid photoshoot, she’s looking hot as hell but there’s something slightly uncomfortable about her smile like it’s a little forced. At least at first…it seems like as the photoshoot went on she got more into the groove and opened up a bit and just got hotter and hotter as she showed off a great pair of big tits and a stunning cute ass. Hopefully she sticks around in the industry, she’s hot as hell when she loosens up a little!

Carla Cox


What’s hotter than a cute blonde with a nice body showing off for the camera? Well, how about that same cute blonde (in this case, Carla Cox) showing off and then fingering her pussy and ass for us, masturbating in this photoshoot for Desk Babes! Pretty sure that’s the winner…Carla’s got nice perky titties and a great ass, not to mention blonde hair that’s just the right length for grabbing as you fuck her sweet wet hole from behind. The way she’s bending over doggystyle to spread her pussy lips makes me think that’s probably her favorite position, but there’s only one way to find out! Actually I guess there’s a bunch of ways to find out, and they all sound pretty awesome.

Sunny Hart POV Life


I am all about having all types of woman on our site here so I wanted to hook you guys up with a bigger girl named Sunny Hart.  I mean she isn’t a BBW in my opinion some of you might think she is she is more “thick”.  She has awesome big natural tits and if she lost any weight I am sure she would lose them and that would be sad.  She is in her second Team Skeet scene the other one was for their titty themed site called Titty Attack, you can see .  This scene is just shot in a hotel room but it is done in a POV style.  Team Skeet seems to kind of change it up on this site sometimes it’s the guy holding the camera POV other times it’s the video where the camera is like strapped to the guys head or something.  This one was actually shot 3rd  person but he kind of gets in there and gives you shots of what it would like fucking this beautiful girl.  I haven’t seen Sunny on any other sites before so I thought I would introduce you to her and plus fill that need of “bigger” type of girls as I mentioned eariler enjoy!

Gracie Glam


Pf gracie glam

This sexy seductive stunner named Gracie Glam was on the site Teen Fidelity a while back and got a nice cute fucking but now that she’s a little older and is on Porn Fidelity in the White Room, Ryan Madison isn’t holding back at all! It’s a good thing she’s got a massive libido and a ton of endurance because he gives her hole a magnificent pummeling with his big hard dick…Gracie was definitely up to the challenge though, she rode him and took every inch of that dick as he rabbit-fucked her hole, then shot his load of cum deep inside for a creampie! Gracie got to play with her sheer nylon stockings a bit too, sliding them around on her nice round ass and then tearing them off as he gave her a nice hard rough fuck on every piece of furniture in the infamous white room of the Porn Fidelity mansion. I don’t know if she thought it was a masquerade party or something at first but she had some kind of crazy mask on, I guess it was just for fun because Ryan didn’t have a costume unless you count being dressed up as a skeleton, because of his raging boner. Get it?

Emily Kay


Emily kay blacked

Gorgeous blonde real estate agent Emily Kay was trying to sell a house to these two guys but they seemed more interested in something else…when they pulled up her skirt and gave that round ass of hers a spank she got so turned on she about creamed her panties right there! She had never had sex with two black guys before but that was about to change as they tag teamed her in this Blacked update, fucking her throat and her tight wet pussy at the same time with their big black cocks. Emily doesn’t exactly have huge tracts of land in her portfolio if you catch my drift (and if you don’t, I mean she doesn’t have big tits) but she is hot as hell and that ass of hers is a thing of beauty for sure so it’s no wonder the guys wanted to bend her over and fuck her from behind before they both unloaded their creamy loads all over her lips for a nice facial finish.

Sheer Red Panties


Red sheer panties nikki sims

Stunning and busty hottie Nikki Sims always wows us with her photoshoots on her own website and this one is no exception! She’s got on her sheer red panties and bra and is hanging out in the bathroom, doing a little teasing before she gets naked and hops into the tub to get all wet and slippery. She crooks a finger to beckon us closer and those big full bouncy breasts of hers just pop right out of her bra, it’s like the best magic trick in the world or something! It’s obviously hot as hell to see a woman completely naked but sometimes the process of undressing can be even sexier, like when Nikki has her bra hanging over one shoulder and her panties sliding down her long legs…she knows it too, giving us a seductive sexy little grin! Check out the video too, you get to see what she likes to do once she gets into the actual tub!

Bailey Rayne


Bailey rayne on zishy

Well the World Cup is over but if you’ve still got that ol’ soccer fever you might want to do yourself a favor and check out this hot Zishy photoshoot called Copa Dream featuring the gorgeous redhead Bailey Rayne! She’s fit as a fiddle and is showing her skills dribbling a soccerball and kicking a few goals in, demonstrating her athletic prowess and of course teasing us with that perfect firm tight ass and her sweet perky boobies! She’s hot as lava and doesn’t mind an audience so when the guys at the other end of the field were whistling and hooting during this photoshoot it only got her more turned on! Zishy always loves to show a girl’s personality in their photosets and they definitely did so here with Bailey…this is actually Part 1 and Part 2 of this set combined, I made a sort of greatest hits compilation for you guys to enjoy, I hope you appreciate it.

Table Time


Briana lee extreme busty with a bust

Gorgeous exotic honey Briana Lee is hanging out near a statue of somebody’s head and shoulders in this photoshoot from her site Briana Lee Extreme that I like to call Busty With A Bust! See, the statue is a bust of the guy and Briana’s tits are…well, you get the idea. Actually I think on the site they call it Table Time, which is a lot less clever if you ask me…anyway she is looking fucking gorgeous in this photoset as she takes off her white top that was straining to rein in those huge boobs, showing off her lacy black bra before going all out and giving those titties some air as she bends over, letting her skirt slide up over her big round ass to show off her pussy as she gets on her hands and knees, just waiting for a big hard cock to fuck her doggystyle! Briana has a naughty streak in her a mile wide and that’s what her Extreme site is all about…if you’ve only ever seen her tamer sets you’ll be blown away when she gets going Extreme style! This one is actually quite a bit tamer than some of her other sets on the site, where she fucks herself in the ass with a dildo and things like that. It’s still hot as hell though, don’t get me wrong!

Sabrina Banks Returns


Povd crawling to his cokc

Beautiful raven-haired hottie Sabrina Banks returns for her second POVD scene, this time turning up the kinky factor a little as she wears a leash put on her by her man, getting on her hands and knees and crawling to his cock for a nice blowjob as she pulls off her bra and sheer black panties! Actually it might be a bikini, I’m not really sure…what I do know is that she looks smoking hot as she sucks your cock in first-person perspective, especially because POVD uses incredibly high resolution video to transport you right into the room so you’re in the driver’s seat as you lick and fuck that sweet tight pussy of hers! When Sabrina got on her hands and knees with her tight perfect ass in the air I thought for sure she was going to get an anal drilling but I guess her Master thought better of it and ended up just fucking her tight wet pussy before coating her with a nice facial cumshot that dripped down onto those sweet perky titties of hers! If you missed out on Sabrina’s first POVD scene it’s right here, enjoy.



Brcc tatumn

Amateur wannabe pornstar Tatumn here might have some pretty wack tattoos and a face you just want to stick your dick in to wipe that smirk off, but she’s ready willing and able to do what she has to to make it into the business with her casting video! Too bad this isn’t a real casting call and there won’t be any callbacks, since this is Backroom Casting Couch…this horny hopeful just strips down and gets naked, sucks cock and gets fucked for a dream. Well, at least she gets to have some fun! Watch Tatumn show off her tattoos as well as those bouncy jiggly titties and her admittedly nice ass as she starts things off with a little masturbation, rubbing her clit and bringing her knees up by her ears as she gets more and more wet…soon she’s in the mood for a blowjob so she takes the casting director’s cock in her mouth, sucking him off and then getting bent over the table to get her pussy fucked from behind! She seems like a rebellious teen all grown up and figured a porn career might be her best bet for a little extra spending cash…well she might get a few jobs here and there with those blowjob skills and that ass, but I hope she isn’t sitting by the phone waiting for a job offer from BRCC…she’ll just have to content with the massive cream facial she gets at the end of this hardcore fuck session!

Tear It Off


Passion hd tear it off

Blonde hottie Taylor Whyte and her girlfriend Aidra Fox were out doing a little shopping but as the day went on their playful flirting got a little more serious and soon they were staring at each other with burning eyes, so they rushed home and ran up to the bedroom to strip each other naked and start making out! This Passion HD update called Tear It Off stars these two hotties in their first scene together…as a matter of fact it’s Aidra’s first Passion HD episode entirely! The two lesbian lovers are joined by some lucky guy who whipped out his big dick and got to fuck both of those tight wet pussies, taking turns fucking each of them until he shot his load into Aidra’s mouth…she didn’t want to be greedy though so she shared it with Taylor, letting it drip down into her waiting mouth! These two cum-hungry sluts love eating muff and also love getting their pussies filled up with hard cock so this threeway works out for the best all around…it certainly doesn’t seem like any of them are about to complain!

Addison Returns


Addison returns to ftv girls

If this perfect body seems a little familiar don’t worry, you’re not imagining things…well actually you probably are imagining plenty of things when you see Addison here in her return visit to FTV Girls! She set the site on fire in her first scene and is looking hotter than ever in her return visit…I was always curious about her nationality, and this time around she revealed a little more about herself, turns out she’s half Spanish and half Indian (well, Native American if you’re politically correct). I don’t know what the magic recipe is between those two but if science can perfect it we’re all in trouble because Addison is fucking incredibly gorgeous! She’s got nice big perfect tits, a perfect ass and a perfect face…in fact if I go through her entire body bit by bit I’d get tired of using the word perfect! Addison runs around naked in public, masturbates her tight pussy where all the world can see, and when she gets back in private she fucks herself with a huge cucumber! Sounds like quite a time, hopefully she’ll be back for round 3 because this girl is seriously something special.

Team Spirit


Crazy college gfs episode team spirit

Now this is what I call a tailgate party! These college kids were celebrating their team with a nice big party at the park, grilling up some food and having plenty of drinks and the girls showed off their titties to get team spirit in full effect. In the middle of the party this chick Tara snuck off with her guy pal and when some guys with a video camera headed out to see where he went they found the two out on one side of the cars with the guy balls-deep in Tara’s mouth! They recorded the blowjob and then the guy turned Tara over to fuck her from behind on the hood of a car, pounding that sweet tight amateur pussy in this Crazy College GFs episode before busting his load of cum all over her! If you’re in the mood for hot horny college girls showing off their perky tits you’re in luck because these girls love being watched and have the bodies to back it up…and if you’ve got a hankering for hot hardcore fucking and sucking action Tara took care of that for you too!

Thunderstorm Love


X art thunderstorm love

When you’ve got two horny beautiful lesbians like Ivy and newcomer Eve A, it’s like a force of nature! I guess that’s why they called this hot X Art update Thunderstorm Love…Ivy and Eve spent the afternoon on the couch together kissing and making out, slipping their hands into each others shorts, and Eve just couldn’t seem to keep from kissing and licking and biting those perky little nipples on Ivy’s boobies! Soon they had moved to fingering and licking and eating out each others pussies and I guess all the moaning drew the attention of Jake, who showed up and proceeded to rock both of those gorgeous chicks with his big hard cock. It takes a certain kind of man to be able to satisfy two horny hotties like Ivy and Eve but I guess Jake was up to the challenge because he brought both of them to orgasm as they took turns riding his dick until he shot his load of cum all over Eve’s pussy tight stomach!

Gabbys Fan


Gabbys fan on porn goes pro

Sometimes a guy just fixates on a particular girl and keeps persisting until he gets what he’s after…that’s pretty much what happens in this Porn Goes Pro update where Gabby’s Fan gets a big fistful of cash together and summons her from the agency for a hot hardcore afternoon at his hotel room! Gorgeous Gabby Quinteros is a Latina cougar with a nice round ass and a mouth made for blowjobs and she puts them both to work in this update as she sucks and fucks her biggest fan, making him even bigger if you know what I mean. Her ass looks like it’s taken more than a few cocks but that’s just the look this guy is after, fucking her pussy from behind before he feeds her a nice big load of his cum! She made sure to change into her sexy lingerie before fucking him, driving him crazy with that garter belt and her thigh high stockings

Samantha Rone


Sammy rone for ftv girls

They call her Sammy but we know her better now as the one and only Samantha Rone! She headed to FTV Girls when she was just 19 years old and made this hot update, giving us a window into that bubbly fun personality and of course her permanent horniness! She’s got a sex drive that will blow you away, she was all over the FTV Girls photographer but he kept things professional somehow. I don’t know that I’d be able to resist a girl this hot if she was being this flirty…I mean juts look at those big bouncy breasts and that perfect round ass as she gets naked in public, running around and improving the day of some random golfers as well as people on the road as she flashes that butt and does some naked cartwheels and stuff! Samantha even masturbates in public, rubbing her clit with her fingers and a toy and moaning her way to orgasm, not caring who might see or hear her. She doesn’t limit herself to just her pussy either, she fingers and penetrates her ass with a couple dildos, fantasizing about taking a big hard cock in her holes! I’ve gotta say she’s one of the sexiest girls that’s been on FTV in awhile and that’s certainly saying something, the site is chock full of incredibly hot women and it’s all in top-shelf quality photography and videography!

Halle Von


Teen fidelity halle von

Ever watch those teen beauty pageant contestant reality shows and wish you could see those spoiled princesses getting their tight little pussies rocked? Well say hello to horny little beauty pageant princess Halle Von, who they call the Queen Of Everything, as she introduces herself and her Georgia accent…this Teen Fidelity update is filmed as if it’s a reality show and we see the aftermath when Halle somehow doesn’t win her pageant! She gets dropped off at home and storms inside where her stepdad, the one and only Ryan Madison, meets her and brings her in to show her that she’s still #1 in his book. She gets that tight teen pussy pounded like only Ryan can do as she moans and squeals, getting filled up with big hard cock in all kinds of positions until he blasts a big load of cum deep in her hole for a creampie finish! What’s more, she keeps her hair all gussied up with a tiara and whatnot like she just got off stage from her pageant…better luck next time, Halle! Maybe if she fucked the judges as hard as she fucks Ryan here she’d win every time.

Jade Jantzen Loves Money


This is a “reality” site from Team Skeet called Teens Love Money but I just have a hard time pretending it’s real when the girl is totally a pornstar we all know and love here.  It’s Jade Jantzen and that beautiful round ass of hers I could recognize just about anywhere.  She has two tattoo’s on her but lower back that also help you recognize her, her identification marks if you will.  This is a long tube video like most of the videos that are on this free site.  I actually watched the video and found out something I have been dying to know and that’s what ethnicity Jade is.  She is Brazilian and Russian, you just don’t see anything like that do you.  She starts off sucking this guys cock in the car.  He offers her a 1000 bucks but you know Team Skeet is paying her way more then that.  It’s a unique camera angel they got going on in this video, it’s like he is wearing a go pro or something like that.  She is scared of getting caught in the parking lot that she is blowing him in but after him telling her it’s okay she forgets she is basically in public and sucks away.  If you want to get away from just the blowjob stuff you’re going need to skip to like the 2:48 mark and you will see her bent over and being fucked doggystyle.  It’s a really good video and the fact that it’s long is what really makes it great.

Misha Cross


Misha cross porn fidelity

Are you in the mood for a slow, sensual lovemaking session? Well keep on moving there Skippy because this is Porn Fidelity…slow and sensual is, to put it simply, not what they do. Gorgeous edgy babe Misha Cross gets her pussy absolutely pummelled by Ryan Madison’s big hard insatiable cock! She heads to the infamous Porn Fidelity white room and gets that tight cunt pounded forwards and backwards, getting tied up with chains and choked and slapped and spanked as Ryan shoves his cock so far into her hole I’m surprised it doesn’t poke out of her mouth when she screams and moans. This horny pornstar loves every second of it though, clinging onto Ryan as he fucks her until finally he shoots a huge load all over her face! If you’ve seen Ryan Madison before though you know that one facial isn’t going to be the end of things and he finishes off this update by dragging Misha off to another room for some more fun…I have the feeling she’ll be sitting on a pillow for a few days after this!

Afternoon Anal


Passion hd foxi di afternoon anal

Sweet sexy teen Foxi Di was relaxing outside in the nude getting a little sun when she started drifting off, fantasizing about her boyfriend coming by and whipping out his big hard cock…she loves taking that big dick in her pussy but she wanted a little afternoon anal in this Passion HD update, taking every inch of that cock in her back door! She’s got an amazing tight little body and looks fantastic getting fucked, and the fact that this horny teen wanted to get her ass pounded like this makes it even hotter. This lucky dude fucked her and made her moan until he pulled out and shot his load all over her ass and pussy…I get the feeling Foxi won’t be walking right for awhile but she looks like she had a blast! This girl’s butt is pretty fucking amazing I’ve gotta admit…I can’t say I blame her guy pal for wanting to fuck her from behind! She’s tight as a drum from head to toe and obviously loves to explore her own sexuality, it’s just mighty considerate of her to invite us along for the ride!

Lick Lick


Ccgfs lick lick kimmy lee

Best friends Kimmy Lee and Bree were going to make a dance video to put on some social media site or whatever but the video they ended up making in this Crazy College GFs submission called Lick Lick was way more fun! Kimmy had always had a bit of a lust-crush on her friend and seeing her tight body moving and bouncing around was driving her crazy…soon she couldn’t take any more and decided to go for it, popping her big juicy titties out of her top and daring her friend to follow suit! Of course Bree did and soon the girls were making out like they’d been lesbian lovers for years, kissing and caressing each other and then taking turns licking each others wet pussy! These two both have sexy tight bodies with nice round asses and shaved lickable pussies, and Kimmy has those big bouncy titties going on as well…Bree’s tits are nice but aren’t quite so big, so I guess you get a good little variety here from CCGFs! These coeds just couldn’t resist licking slit, and since the camera was already rolling we’re in luck! Or should I say in lick?

Carlee Delima Returns


Carlee delima zishy

Man oh man would you get a load of those sexy hips? Beautiful befreckled college girl Carlee Lima is back for another hot Zishy photoshoot and she’s looking somehow better than ever! If you missed out on her update before, check it out right here and then head back quick…the name of this photoshoot is Frat Slayer and I’m sure if this sorority girl wanted to she could decimate a frat, breaking hearts member by member until she stood triumphant! She seems pretty nice and studious though as she takes off her glasses and peels out of her tight black yoga stretch pants to show that tight ass (with some sexy tan lines no less), teasing us with a glimpse or three of her pussy as she plays with her little panties. Carlee is just a stunner from head to toe with her tight lean teen body…she obviously takes good care of herself with yoga and exercise but she doesn’t let her mind stagnate either, excelling in class and just having a blast throughout her whole college experience!

Samantha Rone


Samantha rone on tlhc

I hope you’re not tired of seeing sexy nerdy blonde teen Samantha Rone doing her thing! Ha ha just kidding, I don’t even think that’s possible…what I’ve got here for your hungry eyes is a photo and video shoot from the site Teens Love Huge Cocks and if there’s a teen out there who loves to get her pussy pounded on pretty much an hourly basis it’s Samantha Rone! She keeps her cute glasses on as she strips out of her red panties, showing off those perfect perky titties and her nice tight pussy, but of course probably the main attraction is that incredible round juicy booty of hers. She gets a look at her guy pal’s huge hard cock and is immediately dripping wet, imagining it sliding deep into her hole…well she doesn’t need to imagine it for long because soon the guy is giving her a good hard deep fucking, making her moan as those nice big breasts bounce in his face! Some girls wear glasses in hardcore shoots so that when they get a facial it doesn’t get in their eyes but not Samantha, she actually takes her glasses OFF in order to get blasted with cum! She grins as it drips down her chin to finish off this hot scene…can’t wait to see what this gorgeous nympho gets up to next!

Candice Dare


Candice dare on blacked

I don’t recall ever seeing this girl Candice Dare before but man she is a stunner! Big brown eyes, gorgeous round juicy booty, nice perky boobies and a lust for big black cock! This update from the site Blacked shows Candice getting her wish fulfilled, meeting up with this guy who provides the big black dick she’s been craving…she gets her pussy filled up before taking things to the next step, spreading her ass to take the guy’s chocolate thunderstick anally! It’s hard to believe she can fit that massive thing in her butt, but there’s no stopping Candice when she’s got her eyes on the prize so to speak. It’s no wonder the guy wanted to fuck that fat ass of hers, it’s all oiled up and shiny as she gets on her hands and knees…he pounds her from behind and she rides him from on top before he shoots a big creamy facial all over her! Can’t wait to see this hot horny babe on some other sites, she’s fucking gorgeous and is obviously down for having some fun.

Inside Queens V


Bgfs inside queens v

This hot ebony babe is named Queen, fittingly enough…she was working out at home one night in her tight blue spandex leotard or whatever you call them and some sexy thigh high tube socks when her horny boyfriend showed up with his video camera to try and talk her into making a sex tape with him! He started flattering her, talking about how hot she looked stretching out those long gorgeous legs and how sexy her ass was when she bent over to touch the ground and I guess it worked because she started getting pretty turned on herself! Soon she was getting those big full titties and that juicy booty grabbed by her boyfriend and was dropping to her knees to suck him off while the camera rolled, giving him a hell of a blowjob before bending over to get her wet pussy pounded doggystyle! It’s her favorite sexual position and I can’t imagine the guy was complaining either with that sweet round badonkadonk in front of his face bouncing around as he fucked her…Queen took him hard and deep before flipping over to spread her legs and take him to the hilt, orgasming as he thrusted into her hole before shooting his load inside for a nice creampie! They sent the footage in to Black GFs for us to enjoy, the update is called Inside Queens V and that’s exactly where his cum ended up for this hot hardcore fuck scene.

Sabrina Banks


Sabrina banks on tiny4k

There’s nothing more refreshing and summer-feeling on a hot July day than a nice cool piece of watermelon…gorgeous Sabrina Banks here takes that one step further as she gets the watermelon rubbed all over her perky titties and that sweet tight pussy of hers in her Tiny4k debut! She loves eating fruit but loves getting eaten out herself even more so she has her man lick that pussy before stretching it out with his huge thick cock! The name of the update is It’s Too Big but Sabrina seems to be handling herself ok, taking every inch of that big hard dick in her tight little hole and moaning like crazy! It’s a surprise that she doesn’t just split in half, this petite hottie looks like she’s in just about equal amounts of pleasure and pain but I guess the pleasure side won out because she kept on fucking that dick until the guy frosted her from chin to hairline with a huge creamy facial to end things up! Her wet little pussy got a nice hard pounding for sure, I don’t think she’ll be walking right for a few days, but that’s what Tiny4k is all about…cute little spinners getting ravaged by huge dicks, and it’s all in super high resolution video so it’s like looking through a window directly at the hot hardcore fucking going on!

Cheerleader Hottie


Sexy pattycake as cheerleader

When I first saw this Sexy Pattycake photoshoot I was like no way, there is NO WAY she hasn’t done a photoset as a sexy cheerleader already! Well color me wrong because I took a peek through and couldn’t find one, so say hello to one of the hottest cheerleaders in the land! She’s not for a school in particular by the way, she’s got a USA logo on her top so apparently she’s representing the entire country as she shakes her poms! You couldn’t ask for a better cheerleader though, she looks hot as hell with those sweet big perfect tits and that amazing ass of hers…watch her slip her panties down, teasing us with some upskirt views and looking just plain smokin hot. I thought her eyebrows were MIA at first but I think they’re just so blonde they’re almost invisible, giving her a slightly alien look that somehow works in her favor and makes her even sexier! Maybe that’s just me though, hard to say…what I do know is that Sexy Pattycake always has a blast with her shoots on her own site and always looks lava-hot, so make sure you check this out.



Have you ever seen a more perfect tight little pussy in your life? This hot skinny teen is Ennu and she’s scattering flower petals on her nude body as if she needed decoration to look sexy as hell…with those perfect perky boobies and tight little butt she’s already hot as hell but when she slips her fingers inside that tight wet hole of hers it’s pretty mind-bendingly sexy. I like her two-handed masturbation technique but it’s when she flips over on her hands and knees with her ass in the air that she reaches her maximum power level (over 9000!) and looks just amazing. The flower petals match her shirt color-wise pretty well too I guess, maybe that’s why she did it, but it seems almost unneccessary to me, she’s just a fucking vision of hotness to begin with!

Blonde In The Woods


This hot blonde loves hanging out in the woods in her birthday suit, she must be part tree nymph or something because in this Amour Angels photoshoot she’s dancing around, showing off those perky breasts and her tight shaved pussy as she frolics…it doesn’t look like she gets a whole lot of sun on her skin judging from her pale complexion, so any excuse for her to hang out naked under the sky is OK by me. Her nipples look like they could slice through plate steel, they’re so perky it’s ridiculous! She looks like a lot of fun to hang out with too, I get the feeling she gets naked pretty often and from the look in her eyes she’s used to having some company while she does so…



It’s a beautiful sunny summer’s day and Nadina is hanging out on the boat, stripping out of her bikini and hanging out completely nude in this Femjoy photoshoot…and just so you know, the pictures that are linked from the thumbnails are fucking enormous so I hope you are ready to do some scrolling. It brings you to within inches of those big perfect titties and that shaved pussy though, not to mention her beautiful exotic face! Enjoy the day with this hottie as she sunbathes and goes for a swim in the nude…before you know it the weather will be turning cold and the women will be putting on more and more clothes so enjoy it while the gettin’s good!

Jessica Double Fuck


I don’t know what kind of stripclub this is because not only is sexy stripper Jessica giving these guys both a private dance at the same time, she’s also throwing the no-hands rule out the window and fucking both of them at once! The music starts and she takes their cocks in her mouth, making them have a swordfight in her throat before she mounts up and takes one of them in her tight pussy wihle sucking off the other one, all the while wearing this crazy spiderweb looking lingerie number! I don’t know what it’s supposed to be but with a body this smokin hot I’m not about to complain about it and neither are these two dudes fucking her brains out.

Sarah Randall


For a minute or two I thought Sarah Randall finally found a bra that can withstand the awesome power that is her massive full bouncy breasts, but then boom! Out came the titties and the bra fell in disgrace. It gave its best try though and Sarah put it right back on but I have yet to see the underwear that can handle those breasts for long. It’s a good thing we all love seeing Sarah’s tits out in all their glory, huh? Wellp, this isn’t exactly the most exciting of photoshoots because it’s basically like 20 pictures of her in a bra and panties and two of her tits out, but hey Sarah looks great either way so check it out!

Cherie DeVille & Lucy Tyler


Cherie DeVille and Lucy Tyler on Moms Bang Teens

This is quite the gallery ladies and gentlemen (mostly gentlemen).  The girls you see here are teaming up to fuck this lucky guy taking a shower it’s a little kinkier then that though.  That perfect ass on the left there belongs to Lucy Tyler and the guy in the shower is her boyfriend.  The fit girl with the round ass on the right is actually a MILF you guys all know and love her name is Cherie DeVille.  So the two of them show up while he is taking a shower and are naked.  He is quite confused because Cherie is Lucy’s step mother and can’t believe what is happening to him.  Little does he know is that Lucy and Cherie have a understand between each other.  They always take care of each others needs when they can’t get it from their partners.  So basically they have been eating each other out and licking each others assholes for some time now.  Well today Cherie just met Lucy’s boyfriend and she wants to be pleasured in all ways imaginable and Lucy here just wants to learn from Cherie.  Under her stewardship she is able to have a really crazy orgasm that you don’t exactly get to see in this video for that you can watch the trailer or just join Moms Bang teens.  I think right now through my relationship with these guys you can get a trail membership for just $1.

Chanell Heart


You don’t see a Emo black girl every day now do you guys.  Well Teeny Blacks round one and her name is Chanell Heart.  She went to some hotel room to make her first sex tape and what a good one it is.  This dick riding picture doesn’t even give her justice because she is a pro when she is on top.  Once you go through to the gallery you will see a start image that look more like a girl that knows what she is doing.  The girl has a great black ass and and I think she is kind of cute with her thick black framed glasses.  She doesn’t want to get them covered in cum which I think usually happens in every single porn that has a girl wearing glasses instead Chanell here just sucking on this guys cock until he came inside of her mouth.  She doesn’t swallow though she just lets it dribble out of her mouth.  It’s better then her sitting their gagging though right?

Pearls And Paperwork


Pearls and paperwork on pure mature

If you’ll remember you’ve seen gorgeous blonde MILF Nina Elle once before on Pure Mature in an episode called Cougar Seduction, and now she’s back for round two in this scene titled Pearls And Paperwork! Alright, introductions are done, let’s get down to brass tacks…this hottie has huge full breasts, a lovely face and a sweet round ass and she knows how to use all of the above to drive her man crazy (not to mention us)! She was getting a little work done one night at the office and her coworker was there…she had always had eyes on him and figured it was high time she got a taste of that big dick he was packing in his pants, and when Nina has her eyes on something she pretty much always gets it! She gets her pussy filled up with cock and fingers her own ass as he fucks her from behind, then goes for a ride on his dick before dropping to the floor and sucking a load out to get a nice big facial. Can’t wait for round 3 from this hot horny mature stunner!

In The Blind


X art in the blind with caprice

Man oh man…when I took a look at this gallery and saw just a handful of the photos I was blown away and figured this was some new X Art model who was about to light the world on fire, but then I realized it was gorgeous little Caprice! Just stands to reason, though; she’s one of the hottest girls in the world if you ask me and consistently busts out the sexiest hardcore scenes on a site known for having smokin hot girls. This time she’s joined by not one but two lucky dudes in a scene called In The Blind, having been blindfolded and tied up first by her boyfriend…she thought it was just his talented fingers and tongue sliding up and down and tickling her perfect tight pussy, but soon there were four hands at once and she knew something was up! The blindfold came off and she saw lucky Jake there with his big hard cock out smiling at her, and she about came right then and there…soon she had one big dick in her mouth and one in her pussy at the same time, moaning her head off! She fucked both of the guys one after the other, until her boyfriend shot a load into her pussy for a creampie and Jake gave her a nice facial to remember this hot hardcore threesome with.

Eva Saldana


Povd eva saldana

See, this is a perfect example of how the porn industry can get a little weird…if you ran across exotic newcomer Eva Saldana on the street or in a club or whatever she would be a smokin hot 10 but on a site like POVD which has some of the hottest pornstars around, she gets kinda left behind. And speaking of behinds, she could use a good exfoliating scrub on that ass, it would do wonders for her complexion. Anyway she’s doing some yoga at the beginning of this scene, stretching out and keeping her body toned and fit, when her man walks outside and finds her face-down ass-up and since that’s the way he likes to fuck he pulls off her stretchy workout shorts and gives her tight shaved cunt a good pounding! She has tight muscles and an even tighter pussy in her POVD debut, not saying much but letting her moans do the talking as her man gets her naked and fucks her hard and deep until he gives her a big cream facial. If this girl takes care of her acne and keeps up with the yoga she’ll be a winner, right now she’s an up-and-comer and has to work her way towards the front of the pack…we’ll see if she makes it!

Chloe Amour


Chloe amour for in the crack

You probably know already that Chloe Amour has a perfect tight pink pussy but now you get the chance to verify that for yourself, moving it from the realm of theory to the realm of facts, as she gets naked and shows off for In The Crack! If you’re familiar with the site you’ll know they love to bring you right up close and personal to some of the hottest pornstars in the industry and checking out the goods…Chloe is doing her first photoshoot for the site and is showing off every inch of her pussy, rubbing herself with oil to make her skin nice and shiny and masturbating right in front of our very eyes! I mean you could pretty much take pictures with a cellphone and it would look amazing but when you have high quality photos like this it really makes her shine. And the shine isn’t just from the oil, I assure you…this exotic hottie has blown your mind and your load before and now you get to see that pussy right up close!

Sexy Stella May


Sexy stella on gfrevenge

Beautiful brunette Stella May was minding her own business doing her homework and stuff when her boyfriend strolled into the room toting his new video recorder…she was looking hot as hell and he had a hankering to record some naughty footage! Sexy Stella took a little convincing but soon she was into the idea, pulling off her shirt to show off her perky little boobies and pulling off her shorts and panties to masturbate! She loves slipping her fingers into her pussy and as it turns out loves to be watched, I guess she has a bit of an exhibitionist streak to her because that camera made her horny as hell! I guess it worked for her boyfriend too because soon he was slipping his cock into her mouth while she rubbed her clit, getting him hard as hell before he fucked that sweet wet little pink pussy of hers. Apparently things went sour for these two at some point because the footage ended up on GF Revenge, but who knows what happened!



Ecg morgan

If you’re a fan of blowjobs this Exploited College Girls update is one you’re just plain gotta check out…20 year old Morgan here gives a blowjob for the ages, so hot that the guy edited in a sort of side-by-side replay as she licked and sucked his cock, looking up at him with those big brown eyes of hers. She gets fucked nice and hard too, it’s not just about the suckjob…that ass of hers is just incredible! She rides his cock with that wet pussy of hers, rocking her hips as her hole slides up and down on his shaft and moaning her way to orgasm…the guy cums at the same time, shooting his load into her tight pussy for a nice creampie finish! Morgan’s cunt and ass are amazing but man that blowjob really gets the spotlight in this hot update I’d say.

Sasha Pain


Who doesn’t love a gorgeous horny redhead? There’s just something about a fiery head of hair that drives a fella crazy, and Sasha Pain here has a fucking incredible body to back up her good looks! She’s hanging out in the kitchen in what looks like some kind of apron lingerie cross, sitting on a chair to spread her legs and finger her pussy, then turning around to unleash an amazing round smooth creamy ass on the world! Sasha’s got plenty of tattoos, plenty of attitude and plenty of sexiness in this hot photoshoot as she masturbates, fucking herself with a spatula handle! Best home economics class ever, apparently.

Natalie Vegas


Here’s something new and fresh for the adult industry, a hot blonde with big fake tits MASTURBATING! I know, can you believe such a thing? Meet Natalie Vegas, she’s sexy as hell in her pink lingerie as she tugs off her skimpy little panties and spreads her pussy with her fingers, buzzing her clit with a vibrator. She has a hard time keeping her hands off of those huge boobs, can’t blame her for that, and I guess she loves to be watched because man just look at that grin she’s got as she spreads her legs wide open for us as she masturbates!

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