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Remy Lacroix Third Time


Remy lacroix back on mr anal

Remember last time Remy Lacroix was on the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal? Remember how excited you were to see this hottie return? Well buckle up your fuckbelts there little Skippy because Remy is back for a third round of hotness with that perfect ass of hers! She heads inside after a nice poolside afternoon in her bikini, then hops up on the couch to have a little fun! She lifts her knees up to her ears, getting her pussy fingered and stroked until she was dripping wet and ready to fuck…and as it turns out there’s a big-dicked dude nearby who has the same thought, so he dips his cock in her mouth and then pounds her nice wet hole! A pussy-penetration isn’t all that Remy’s after, she takes his cock and slides him into her tight ass for some hard anal action, getting her butt fucked until she gets a good cream facial to finish off the day.

Whitney Westgate Wet


Zishy whitney westgate bathtub

Sweet sexy Whitney Westgate is back on Zishy, I guess she just can’t get enough and they can’t get enough of her! She’s been feeling a bit dirty lately so she decides to hop in the bubble bath, looking like a dream with the foamy suds just barely covering her nipples as she splashes around! Lots of girls would rather punch themselves in the face before doing a photoshoot with no makeup on and wet hair, but not Whitney…she’s all natural and freckled as she shows off those big tits in this update called The Late Soup! I’m not really sure where they got that photoshoot title but hey who cares because Whitney is looking stunning. Zishy is always great at showing the personality of the models and if there’s a girl whose personality shines through like a beacon it’s Whitney Westgate. Wouldn’t you love hopping in the tub with this naked hottie as she teases with those boobs and her sweet tight pussy?



Ashlynn on ecg

There’s something magical about this frizzy amateur blonde Ashlynn on Exploited College Girls, maybe it’s her beautiful face on that sexy body of hers or maybe it’s just some kind of aura of sexual energy and fun approachable personality that’s doing it but this girl is just magnificent! She looks kind of like Daryl Hannah in that mermaid movie so if you ever had a fantasy about seeing that chick get naked and get fucked this is your chance to live it out pretty much. Nice perky titties, long gorgeous legs and a butt that will make you cream your jeans, not to mention being super excited to strip out of her clothes and get down to it! She gives a fucking incredible blowjob, taking her time to lick and kiss and caress her way up and down Jay’s cock before he slides it into that tight pussy of hers. She loves getting that sweet perfect hole pounded and closes her eyes as she smiles and giggles her way to orgasm, then grins up at Jay as he rewards her with a massive cum facial to finish things off! She even licks his cock clean and thanks him for the good time…this chick is just a sexual angel, definitely brightens up a gloomy day.

Farrah Flower


Farrah flower on tlhc

If you’ve ever seen this gorgeous curvy redhead before you’ll recognize instantly that it’s Farrah Flower rocking the house for Teens Love Huge Cocks! She’s definitely got a unique look to her…I mean horny gorgeous gingers aren’t exactly a dime a dozen but there are a good few of them out there, however there’s no mistaking Farrah here with those gorgeous eyes of hers and of course her big tits and juicy fat ass! She gets her big juicy titties out and is soon joined by her lucky stunt cock, who fingers her pussy and licks her slit until she’s dripping wet and ready to get drilled by that huge crank of his. She looks a little intimidated by that big dick for just a second or two before she goes for it, taking him in her throat as deep as she can before spreading her creamy thighs to get that pussy spelunked. You get plenty of looks at every side of that body of hers, but especially her round beautiful butt as she rides the guy’s dick to orgasm before he blasts her with a facial that leaves her dripping and grinning from ear to ear!



Nikki on brcc

Ready for a real-deal cowgirl in little daisy dukes trying her hand at the porn industry? She’s got little cowgirl boots on and used to have some horses and whatnot before she moved, so even though she doesn’t have an accent she’s the real thing. She’s also an actual teen, not a MILF trying to pass herself off…this amateur cutie is 18 and has the paperwork to prove it! In her Backroom Casting Couch introduction she seems pretty relaxed, almost a little bored…when the action starts up it’s pretty evident why too, I don’t want to say this chick Nikki is a slut but she’s no stranger to having a cock buried in her ass that’s for sure. Most girls at least show some kind of discomfort or reluctance but not Nikki, she’s like well okay shove it on in there and in it goes, no pain no fuss! She ends up getting an anal creampie when the guy blasts his load in her ass, and she seems pretty ok with it…she might be 18 years old but she definitely loves the D!

Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson is one of those celebrities that I always knew the name of but like given a bunch of pictures of similar looking people there’s no way I’d pick her out with any certainty. She’s pretty I guess but I don’t think I’ve seen more than maybe one of her movies…I was just looking at a little list of what she’s been in and I was gonna say I hadn’t seen a single one but I guess I did see You Me and Dupree, that was pretty funny. I don’t remember her at all though, I guess that says something. Anyway this is a couple of pictures of Kate walking down the street in a little gray top that shows off her perky pokies popping through…I mean those nipples of hers must be like pebbles if they’re shoving their way through a bra/bikini and then showing through her top too!

Mariah Carey


Do you guys remember that music video of Mariah Carey roller skating around in itty bitty little daisy dukes looking like a fucking dream? Well she doesn’t exactly look quite that hot anymore but she’s still pretty foxy and her titties have gotten incredible, just look at these red carpet shots and see what I mean! Can you imaging that incredible cleavage shoved into your face? I sure can. She’s gone from being a red hot sex symbol to being a gorgeous busty MILF and I guess that’s a great way to do things, I mean time marches on for all of us am I right? Mariah is still bringing the sexy, that’s for sure, not so sure about the robocop gloves though.

Nadia Styles


I don’t know entirely what’s going on in this Brazzers update but since it’s called A Mother Knows Best I’m going to guess there’s something mighty naughty going on between hot MILF Nadia Styles and her stepson, evidenced by the fact that about ten seconds after they’re in a room alone together she’s got his huge cock in her mouth for a blowjob and is that fucking his brains out with her tight wet pussy and then taking him in the ass for some anal pounding too! I don’t know if I’d be able to resist if this hottie was my stepmom either, would you guys? With those sweet titties and that perfect tight ass of hers Nadia would draw stares any time she was in the room…she even looks good with a big load of cum all over her face apparently!

Amateur Pussy


I don’t know if anybody spilled the beans to this hot amateur blonde or if she just somehow knew right off the bat but that look of high heels and a skirt with no panties on is pretty much one of the hottest looks a girl can have if you ask me. She’s showing off that shaved clam as she bends over to ‘look for something’, and apparently has to grab her ass cheek for balance and spread her butt and pussy wide for us to stare at! One question though, in that last picture what the hell is plugged into the power strip? It’s like a power cord going to one half of a pair of headphones or something, what a mystery.

Luna Sauvage


This beautiful piece of brunette ass goes by the name of Luna Sauvage and she’s rocking the house for a Playboy photoshoot…that’s right, Playboy got a model who is very pretty and has a smokin hot nude body, who would have ever imagined such a thing could happen? Oh wait, everyone on fucking Earth, they get pretty much the cream of the crop. Anyway Luna looks incredible in her little white panties as she strips out of her shirt and bra on the couch, showing those nice big round titties and a sweet tight pussy with a landing strip of pubes above it. Pointing the way to glory, is what that’s doing!

Lela Star Is Back


I mean how long has it been since you have seen a new Lela Star scene?  It’s been a really long time for me and I look at porn sites all day long basically.  Brazzers has been looking to get her back for some time and they finally ponied up the money to get her to do a scene and they didn’t miss spend it!  They had her do a creampie scene, that for those of you who don’t know is like one of the hardest things to get a pornstar to do so you can imagine what it took.  Lela Star here has a fake butt I mean she has to, it’s just too damn big for her little petite body.  You know she went into a plastic surgeon and told him she wanted that Kim Kardashain ass and man did he deliver… This video shows off her giant butt perfectly and the video even highlights some of the positions that are best when viewing a beautiful butt like this.  I hope that Lela is like fully back in porn and not just doing this one scene I could really use her back in the rotation on all the big sites.  This is definitely a video you’re going to want to watch so stop reading and get to watching!



I can’t really decide if I am going to be posting this site or not.  It’s called Real Girls Play and it’s pretty much just exclusively a masturbation site.  It reminds me a lot of FTV Girls of course… The only reason I wouldn’t promote it is it’s just so hard to find content of it.  I found a site that has a few of their videos and they’re really good so I will send you guys there and see how you like it.  This girl Cassidy not only has big natural tits but she has a great looking pussy too.  She is completely bald down there and it’s just smooth as all hell.  The video has a little interview with her and the whole reason she is doing this is straight up money.  She is a mix of all type of stuff but to say the least she is exotic and she was bless with huge natural tits.  She is a little alternative because she does have the weird lip piercing and some tattoos.  The guy has her drop her shirt and give herself a boob massage which really doesn’t do it for me the good stuff is when she starts to masturbate which happens around the 4:20 mark (he he weed).

Kelsi Monroe and Victoria Webb


This is a threesome gallery but I am posting Kelsi Monroe’s ass because this is what is going to get you guys to click on it and watch the video HAHA!  She is with a friend named Victoria Webb.  Victoria also has a nice ass but she has some big floppy titties as well, Kelsi Monroe definitely wins the ass battle but Victoria makes it up in the boobs.  The two of them are dressed up super sexy in lingerie.  Victoria is in the red and Kelsi is in the black.  The have lesbian sex together before the have a threesome and that’s hot.  Kelsi is a little freak and licks the hell out of Victoria’s asshole and of course Victoria returns the favor.  There was a lot of cheek to remove when she was going for it though!  After the two of them are done licking each other they invite the guy over and one of them mounts him while the other sits on his face and gets their pussy eaten out some more.  Anytime you have some true pornstars in a threesome you know it’s going to be good and tehse two are definitely pros.

Breanne Bensons #1 Fan


There are times I post a gallery just because there is a good image I want you guys to see.  I mean I started a site called after all.  This is the picture I wanted you guys to see of Breanne Benson.  It looks like she is back to do porn and that’s good news for us because there is nothing better then seeing this woman naked.  The plot of this Brazzers scene is that Breanne’s number one fan is getting the oppertunity to give her a rub down.  While he is rubbing her down he notices that she is just laying his fingers go wherever they want.  So He ventures to her pussy and sure enough she wants him to slip those in there.  He finger bangs that amazing pussy that we all know Breanne has until she cums, her pussy literally cums like white stuff is oozing out.  Then at that point she is so horny she is going to fuck her #1 fan and fuck him she does!  Look at this right here that looks like sex bliss a girl with a perfect ass riding up and down on your cock, it is just an amazing site!

Exotic MILF Outside


Alaya on mom pov

Get ready for something a little (OK, well, a lot) different in this update from Mom POV! Variety is the spice of life though, so get ready to shake a little spice on your soup because I’ve got a hot mature honey here by the name of Alaya! Usually on Mom POV when a woman shows up they get fucked in the hotel room but Alaya was down to take a ramble around, so they get into all kinds of naughty situations all over the place! They go down the stairs for her to do a little flashing in the stairwell, showing off that nice tight ass, then out into the open to get some sunshine on her skin. She had some fun flashing her titties and sliding her panties down while they sat at a table in public before getting completely nude and fucking in the woods! Alaya obviously loves to suck cock and she got plenty of that in her first adult video shoot…she sadly isn’t down with anal but I don’t think you’ll mind when you watch this Mom POV shoot as this exotic babe gets fucked in all kinds of positions and ends up swallowing a nice big load of cum!

Breakfast At Eve’s


X art breakfast at eves

If you ever get invited to Breakfast At Eve’s house I highly recommend you accept the invitation! This guy did and he’s thanking his lucky stars as he finds the gorgeous blonde getting some coffee ready in her white tank top and skimpy little panties. She gets her perky petite boobies out and hops up on the kitchen counter to get her pussy licked and fingered, then props up one leg to get penetrated from behind by her man’s hard cock! Eve A has only been in one other X Art scene so far and it was a group scene so this new one is her first solo hardcore action, and I think it’s a winner…if you missed out on her previous scene it’s called Thunderstorm Love, make sure you check that out too because it’s hot as hell! So yeah she’s pretty new on the X Art scene still but if Eve keeps up with scenes like this one I think she’s got a mighty bright future ahead of her.



Bonnie cchd

Bonnie rolls up to the Casting Couch HD ‘studio’ (well, hotel room) in a sexy little black and white dress looking hot as hell and a little taken aback by the fact that this dude Chris has a camera rolling right off the bat, but that’s pretty par for the course. The way this site works is they put out a casting call advertisement for an audition to be a backup dancer in a hiphop video…some of the girls can dance and some can’t, Bonnie here fits pretty much into the second category! She’s got a smokin hot body though and that’s where the real magic of the site comes into play…to grease the wheels so to speak they end up getting naked and fucking the casting director on camera but of course it’s all a scam, there’s no video and the chicks are just providing some hot amateur hardcore footage for Casting Couch HD! Bonnie here is more than happy to do what it takes to get the part, getting that big gorgeous bouncy ass out and showing off her tight hairy 20 year old pussy before getting fucked by Chris’s huge black cock!

First Time Butt Plug & Creampie


Hottie With A Perfect Body Girls Do Porn

You guys should recognize this chick I know I always commit all Girls Do Porn models to memory.  She was on once before and I thought she was a little shy well that is definitely not the case in this new video from Girls Do Porn.  This girl came back on the site because she wanted a good fucking and that’s exactly what she got.  She seems so sweet and innocent but man you get this girl in a hotel room and all she wants is her pussy to be fucked harder.  She got a couple of new things done to her in this video that you guys are going to like.  The first one is you get to see her trying out anal.  Well it’s not like dick in ass anal it’s more of a butt plug but still this is something she obviously hasn’t tried before.  He is able to get the butt plug it and it’s vibrating in her ass while she is being fucked in her pussy and she is liking it.  See this shit eating grin she has right now it’s the same smile she had when she was being double penetrated.  It was pretty funny when the Girls Do Porn guy said she was getting double penetrated she said “that sounds dirty”, well my dear that’s because it is.  Anyways the other thing she hasn’t ever done before is getting her pussy filled up with cum.  She likes most college girls don’t want to get knocked up so they make the guys cum other places well Girls Do Porn probably paid out the nose but they got her to spread her legs up and take a huge cum deposit deep inside of her pussy.  She is so exhausted by the end of this scene that I think she just went to sleep with the cum in her pussy and worried about it in the morning.  I think the guy from who fucks all these girls always gives them quite the pounding but he must have drank some extra Redbull before this shoot because he just destroyed this girls pussy.  I mean I haven’t seen a girl getting fucked so hard in my life.  She wasn’t mad about it either, I think these guys found a girl who can keep up with them.  She isn’t just any girl either I mean she is fucking super hot isn’t she?  Just the perfect body on her and I like that she got some tan lines going on this time around.  Those big natural tits of hers are to die for, I mean all in all great scene and definitely a reason you should join Girls Do Porn.  If that’s not enough how about the fact that I can get your ?

Connie Carter Slippery Sweet


Slippery Sweet Connie Carter Passion HD

As you can see from this picture Connie Carter is getting inseminated.  This scene is her second one that she has ever done for Passion HD.  It’s called “Slippery Sweet” the last one she was in was quite long ago and was called “Skinny Dipping”.  This one starts off with her out on the balcony stretching it out getting stretched out before her massage.  She then goes in and gets a full body naked rub down.  Her massages every part of her at just watching that was enough for me.  I love a girl with a perfect body and Connie Carter has that perfect body.  From her big natural tits to that super tight pussy of hers I just love this girl.  She was exclusive to Joymii for some time but it looks like the contract is finally up because I have seen her on other sites now were before I would just see new stuff coming from them.

Keisha & Mischa


Keisha Grey and Mischa Brooks Blacked

The newest update for Blacked this week is a hot threesome with two girls who have definitely fucked black cock before.  The one on the left is Keisha Grey and she obviously has because she has already been .  The other one is Mischa Brooks and she has been in porn for so long you know she has to have done it before.  These two however have never been together in a scene before and so we do have a first!  I am always looking for those firsts.  They both have similar body types nice and thick from the waist down.  Mischa has small titties Keisha has those amazing beautiful naturals.  The two of them take take turns sucking on and fucking this big black cock and in the end he drops a massive load on both of their faces.  I don’t know what it is but this male stunt cock ALWAYS wears a brace on his knee like what the fuck?  It’s not even like a nice brace or anything it’s one of those like $9.99 braces at Walgreens or something.  I don’t get it, it’s like his style statement or something, I digress.  Anyways I will be keeping you guys in the loop with Blacked it’s one of my new favorite sites and you guys are definitely diggin on it so keep posted on their category.

Bryci Dominates


Bryci Dominates Her Man

The beautiful Bryci is all dressed up in her leathers and getting ready to give her man a sex session he is going to want over and over again.  She has her whip so at first I think this is going to be some real freaky shit but she puts it down and gives him a lap dance instead.  She kind of just has her way with him, she lays him back and takes care of everything else.  She is so good at riding it’s not even funny, my favorite part of this video is when she is reverse cowgirl riding him, I mean the shit is amazing.  Plus the fact that she is all dressed up in these leathers, the thigh high stockings the tits hanging out of the straps, it’s just all so hot.  The video ends with her being a little more submissive.  She gets on her knees and swallows his load.  This guy needs to put a ring on it because it just doesn’t get any better this Bryci now does it?

Phoenix Marie Breakfast In Bed


Phoenix Marie Breakfast In Bed Pure Mature

Pure Mature needs to start thinking of some better names for their episode, or maybe a bigger variety or something because this is the third “Breakfast In Bed” scene from their site.  This one though is starring a new model and if you can recognize her from that thick body of hers it’s Phoenix Marie.  She walks in wearing a sexy little bra and panties set.  She puts her breakfast to the side and slowly wakes up her man by rubbing his stomach and dick.  She doesn’t go straight to giving him a blowjob though instead she sits that fat round ass of hers on his face and he starts to lick her asshole and pussy.  She stays on his face eating her breakfast while he eats her and she is loving it.  Then she decides not to be so mean and goes down on him taking his balls into her mouth and of course his dick.  I haven’t really scene Phoenix Marie ever have a real orgasm before until today that is.  This trailer shows a couple of times where she is on top grinding on his cock and she has a orgasm.  Her eyes roll into the back of her head and she looks a little weird but hey nothing better then a girl looking weird from a real orgasm am I right or what?

Pussy Weggie


Kelly Diamond Pussy Weggie Passion HD

What is it with petite girls like Kelly Diamond having this big giant asses?  I mean at least it looks big to me, not saying that’s bad at all I think it’s great.  This is a new Passion HD scene with her it’s called Pussy Weggie.  It’s kind of a weird scene I mean it has a weird name after all.  The video has her in these sheet white stocks and she gives herself well a pussy weggie.  Then she starts to jerk this guy off and get him hard, once he is ready to go though he throws her on the bed rips open her stockings so he can get access to that pussy and starts to eat her out doggystyle.  He then fucks her and he fucks her in a bunch of different positions.  Don’t like the big ass fool you she is super petite so he can pick her up and fuck her and she can get into all kinds of flexible positions.  I am not sure if the guy has the foot fetish or Kelly does but she kept putting her feet near his face, and in sexy positions so it has a little bit of a foot fetish element to it.  In the end he pulls out of her sweet little pussy and stands up and then just covers her in cum, he must have been saving up for her for a week or something!

Cindy Starfall Squirting


Cindy Starfall Fucking Machines

Pretty hot Asian girl huh guys?  Her name is Cindy Starfall you guys have seen her a lot trust me.  This scene though I think she is doing something that she hasn’t done before and that’s having a squirting orgasm.  Fucking Machines seems to be able to give girls orgasms that they just never have had before.  I can understand that because these machines are well unhuman.  They’re able to fuck these girls as just the perfect tempo without missing a beat and they can last forever.  So when Cindy here gets in a position she likes she just has to hold it and let the machine doing the work allowing her to have intense all body orgasms including a couple of squirting ones.  There is so much water have this scene I am pretty sure Cindy here lot a couple of pounds just from water weight!  She doesn’t just get fucked by a machine though she also sits on the sybian and has a couple of orgasms that way.  I am surprised she was able to keep going because usually a girl cums one time and they just are too sensitive to keep on going.  Cindy here though can just go orgasm for orgasm, she might be addicted to them after this session with Fucking Machines.

Tellula Rose


Tellula Rose Casting Couch X

The new girl that Casting Couch X found this week is whiter then white is white.  I mean she is more translucent isn’t she?  Not saying that’s a bad thing at all I bet there are a couple people watching this video here pretty soon that are going to love it.  Blacked she get this girl on their site, that would be quite the contrast wouldn’t it?  Anyways, she is a real deal 18 year old from San Diego and she is pretty stoked to be starring in her first porn.  She is a sexual person who is down for just about anything.  Just look at , she just aims to please I guess right?  The video is has Tellula Rose trying out a bunch of different positions just so this guy can show other sites once he tries to get her jobs in porn.  He is a talent agent second, first he making this porn site, at least I assume that he makes more money doing this then the talent agent thing.  I am a little behind on my updates right now for Casting Couch X but stay tuned because I will rip off a few in a row to get back on track.

Morning Shower Honey Demon


Honey Demon Morning Shower

I do believe this Honey Demon gil has fake tits, at first I thought they were real but upon further observation they’re totally fake, dammit.  I also think she is a European model because I just haven’t seen her before and that usually is a sure fire sign that a girl is from Europe.  She is in the shower rubbing one out like most girls do but she had a thought pop into her mind that is a little better then just a finger.  She gets out of the shower and her man is waiting for her.  So she gets on her knees and gets him hard because she wants a big dick in her pussy vs one of her little fingers.  The two of them fuck and Honey here knows how to fuck I mean look at this picture!  She is riding him with some authority in this video.  The scene ends with him giving her a pretty big facial.  In that position where he kind of jerks off over her while she licks his balls from underneath.  I am sure you guys have seen it a 1000 times but that’s the best I can do to explain it.  This is her first time on Fantasy HD and hopefully not her last.  This isn’t the first time though that they have had a episode entitled Morning Shower.  They seem to do that quite a bit having two scenes named the same.  If for some reason you were looking for the other video titled that you can see that here, it’s starring Kiera Winters.

Nice & Slow


X Art Nice and Slow With Lily

X Art has brought back a girl which they always do her name is Lily.  You guys will remember her from Summertime Lunch a hot creampie scene that takes place in the kitchen.  She is a petite girl with a banging body.  The tits are the best part to me I love how puffy they are, I have no other way to explain it.  I think this guy likes her pussy the best and I can’t blame him for that.  Nothing better then a shaven pussy really.  She is asleep in her sheer panties when she is woken up by her man.  He doesn’t waste much time and is eating her pussy to get her in the mood.  Once she can no longer take his licking because her clit is too sensitive she goes and returns the favor giving him a sensual blowjob.  She isn’t very experienced at it you can just tell but nevertheless we would all like to have our dick in this girls mouth.  She gets him hard and then as you can see from this picture here she takes it for a ride.  You don’t see many girls who will start off in reverse cowgirl but that’s how she likes to ride maybe it hits her g-spot better or something.

Faces Loaded


Faces Loaded Jules Jordan

This is the new one I am going to post Jules Jordan galleries.  It’s just going to be like a super large update with a long video and a bunch of pictures for each “release” he puts out on his site.  This one is called Faces Loaded and the girl you see picture in this image is Kennedy Leigh.  I haven’t seen a new gallery of hers in so long I just had to post this scene.  The other models who are in this gallery are:  Jada Stevens, Skin Diamond, Riley Reid, Allie Haze, Aleksa Nicole, Lia Lor and Belle Noire.  This is pretty much a blowjob only type of update the girls are laying on their backs getting face fucked or on their knees giving head that you will only get from a pornstar.  Once the guy is about to cum he tilts their face back and just covers them in cum.  Kennedy here is trying to get some in her mouth, better then it just pooling up in her eye.  You guys ever notice how much girls hate to get cum in their eye and it seems every time they get a facial it ends up in there LOL!  Probably the best facial of the group is Riley Reid’s and those pictures are all the way at the bottom.  The video just kind of goes over every girls scene so it’s just a couple of minutes per girl.  If it’s something you like though just join on up, Jules Jordan is a very trusted name in porn.

Foutain Of Youth


Mom POV Fountain Of Youth

This big ass MILF is a girl that you guys can actually fuck.  Mom POV let it be known that she works in a brothel in Nevada somewhere so you just kind of have to find the right one.  She has never done a porn before but she has had plenty of dick in her day, I mean she is 55 and still selling her pussy.  There are enough guys out there that like a older woman like herself and after you watch this video I am pretty sure you will want a piece of that tight pussy of hers.  She talks about sex being what keeps her young and I have a feeling that definitely plays a role in it.  The plastic surgery probably helps too LOL!  She knows what a guy likes from all that practice, she talks dirty while being fucked and she just really loves having sex.  She was most excited about today just for the mere fact that she knew that she was getting laid today.  That doesn’t always happen when you’re 55 and I imagine she doesn’t hook every single day.  She is still stripping in Vegas somewhere too and I wonder how many guys she picks up at the club and brings home to fulfill her insatiable appetite for cock.

Pussy Cumming


Breanne Benson Pussy Cumming

It’s pretty awesome that In The Crack is able to keep getting Breanne Benson to come back.  They must really be a cool site to shoot for.  I mean when I look at all their galleries they do take these models to some exotic places.  I have no idea where Breanne Benson is here but it’s a place I would love to go!  She is in her little black bikni stripping down to show off her perfect hour glass figure.  The best part of the gallery though is the last picture where you can see her squirting orgasm she had and her pussy oozing cum out of it.  I know most of you don’t read my blog but for those of you that do I want you to know that the video on this gallery is just a trailer.  We are not allowed to post videos from In The Crack so I just want to show you that they do have videos that match almost ever picture set.  Take a look at that there is video of Breanne masturbating.  Someday I am sure they’re going to allow us to post some video but until then all you have to do is pay for a membership and you can see some of the best masturbation videos there are.

Bailey Is Back!


Bailey Blue Returns To Mr Anal

Bailey Blue is making her return to Mr. Anal because well she is a anal freak.  There are girls who just like it up the butt and Bailey is one of them.  She has a great looking ass too doesn’t she?  Nice meaty pussy that is hard to pass up but Mr. Anal never has a problem with that.  It’s funny because Bang Bros has a lot of Mr. Anal’s but I always refer to it as if it’s like one guy.  Like I said Bailey is back so that means she has been on once before instead of making you look for her first scene on our site I will just give you a link.  She has changed a little since the first time she was on the site she is a little more punk rock now then she was.  The video I have for you guys is really really long.  I thought because I am so behind with these Mr. Anal scenes I should at least give you guys long videos to kind of make up for it.  The first two minutes of the video are of Bailey using this big dildo to kind of loosen up her asshole.  Then the guy treats her to some even more relaxing ass licking to really get her ready and then she shoves his dick into that big butt no problem.  He pounds away at it and unlike other anal sex scenes you guys see there is much less gaping the those.  I hate the gaping and I cannot be the only one who thinks that.  This guy just straight up pounds away and Bailey until he is about to cum and then sprays her beautiful ass with it.

Summer Brielle PAWG


Summer Brielle PAWG

The voluptuous Summer Brielle isn’t just being loved for her tits in this gallery from Bang Bros she is also being loved for that nice round ass of hers.  This scene was shot for PAWG one of their ass sites.  She is a girl that I really like and I know that some of you just had this plastic look but there is something about a girl that just looks like a pornstar that does it for me.  You see Summer Brielle and you know this girl is going to be a freak in the bedroom and sure enough she is.  This guy thinks he is about to 69 with Summer but she just takes control and straight up sits on his face and gets her meaty pussy licked on.  The video last a long time because this guy is just having to much fun with Summer.  There are so many good parts of this video I would just suggest not even watching the one I have and going straight to Bang Bros to join.  I mean they’re constantly running awesome deals so I would just see what it’s going to cost and buy a membership for a little bit.  All of their videos are downloadable and who wouldn’t want to keep this video for life?  The video ends with Summer sucking him off and taking his load in her mouth.  She swallows to fast for the camera but the guy is able to drip out a couple more drops of cum on her tongue for the ending pictures.  I also like a girl who’s first instinct when cum is in her mouth is just to swallow, that’s my type of chick!

Pawnshop Confession


Xxx pawnshop confession on xxxpawn

This chick rolled into the wrong damn pawnshop trying to unload what she swore up and down was an authentic civil war horn that her grandfather proudly bore when he fought for the North or South or wherever she decided he was from! This is XXX Pawn and after the guy called her out on her bullshit it turned out she had stolen the thing from the wall of a restaurant that had given her some walking papers earlier that day. At that point she had admitted to stealing on camera and was stuck, the guy gave her the option of either getting reported to the cops or else heading to the back room to help take care of his raging hardon and get $200 out of the deal as well! Guess which one she picked…well after she unzipped his pants and whipped out his dick she was pretty impressed, that was a major league piece of meat there that she gave a nice going-over with her hands and then her mouth after a little urging. Once this big breasted MILF had that huge cock in her mouth it was all gravy from there, she got her juicy round ass out and her big tits and ended up getting bent over the desk and had her tight pussy pounded! Keep an eye out for when he’s railing her from behind and starts tooting the trumpet, it’s fucking hilarious. The name of this update is Pawnshop Confession and this busty hottie ends up with a nice big facial of cum!

Ella Woods Jean Fucking 4


Ella woods jeans fucking 4 teen fidelity

If cute blonde teen Ella Woods was thinking she was just showing up at Teen Fidelity mansion and show off her perfect tight little butt in a pair of jeans she’s got another think coming, that’s for sure! This is Part 4 of the Jean Fucking series, if you missed out on the previous installments I’ve got you covered good buddy: part1 part2 and part3 are linked for you right there. In this update Ella takes a shower and then puts on her tight white jeans with no panties, they’re nearly sheer which makes them easy for Ryan Madison to rip open and fuck that sweet tight pussy of hers from behind and on top, pinning her to the bed and holding her head down by the throat while he drilled her hole!  Ella gets a nice pounding and takes that big hard cock in her mouth as well before Ryan blasts off inside her, shooting a big load of cum for a creampie finish that makes her moan and squeal with pleasure! Man…if you saw a chick as cute as Ella wearing these jeans with no panties on walking around this hardcore fuck scene is probably just what you’d be fantasizing about…that ass of hers is tight as a drum!

Just Relax


I’m not sure which model this is but she’s pretty cute despite the fact that someone apparently stole her neck…she’s got nice tits and a nice ass and a great pussy as she masturbates, fingering her hole in this photoshoot called Just Relax, but yeah sh eneeds to stop smushing her head down onto her shoulders if you ask me, it looks like she’s a linebacker or something. If you just ignore the neck part and concentrate on those big boobs of hers though she knocks it out of the park! Nothing wrong with a little relaxing masturbation session in the middle of the afternoon…it’s a great way to wind down and get some perspective on life, I guess that’s why this chick looks so happy in some of these shots.

Alyssa Arce


I’m not really sure what these photos of Alyssa Arce are for, if it’s a book or for a magazine or something, they’re high quality and very artistic so they could be for Cosmo or something but damn they’re sexy as hell…Alyssa is showing off those perky perfect boobies as she goes on a pleasure cruise with some hunky fellas and a couple of gorgeous girlfriends, looking incredible of course and frolicking around in a swimsuit and completely naked! If somebody figures out what these pictures are from or what project they’re for let me know, I might have to get a subscription to whatever magazine they end up in!

Michelle H


I don’t know what Cirine means but it’s apparently the name of this Met Art photoshoot featuring gorgeous redhead Michelle H looking absolutely fucking stunning. Maybe they meant to say serene and didn’t have a spellchecker handy or were just trying to be clever with it or something? Who knows, all I know is that Michelle looks incredible with that lovely face and big perfect tits and ass. Can you just imagine waking up in the morning next to a beautiful ginger like this naked in bed next to you? Like a dream cum true, I tell you what. From the way this freckled hottie is spreading her legs and lifting her knees up with a devilish smile it makes me think she’s a hell of a lot of fun too!

Busty Katie


It’s always interesting to see a chick who’s in the adult entertainment business but probably hasn’t been around for all that long, and isn’t exactly 100% comfortable with it…that’s the feeling I’m getting from cute busty Katie here in this Cosmid photoshoot, she’s looking hot as hell but there’s something slightly uncomfortable about her smile like it’s a little forced. At least at first…it seems like as the photoshoot went on she got more into the groove and opened up a bit and just got hotter and hotter as she showed off a great pair of big tits and a stunning cute ass. Hopefully she sticks around in the industry, she’s hot as hell when she loosens up a little!

Carla Cox


What’s hotter than a cute blonde with a nice body showing off for the camera? Well, how about that same cute blonde (in this case, Carla Cox) showing off and then fingering her pussy and ass for us, masturbating in this photoshoot for Desk Babes! Pretty sure that’s the winner…Carla’s got nice perky titties and a great ass, not to mention blonde hair that’s just the right length for grabbing as you fuck her sweet wet hole from behind. The way she’s bending over doggystyle to spread her pussy lips makes me think that’s probably her favorite position, but there’s only one way to find out! Actually I guess there’s a bunch of ways to find out, and they all sound pretty awesome.

Sunny Hart POV Life


I am all about having all types of woman on our site here so I wanted to hook you guys up with a bigger girl named Sunny Hart.  I mean she isn’t a BBW in my opinion some of you might think she is she is more “thick”.  She has awesome big natural tits and if she lost any weight I am sure she would lose them and that would be sad.  She is in her second Team Skeet scene the other one was for their titty themed site called Titty Attack, you can see .  This scene is just shot in a hotel room but it is done in a POV style.  Team Skeet seems to kind of change it up on this site sometimes it’s the guy holding the camera POV other times it’s the video where the camera is like strapped to the guys head or something.  This one was actually shot 3rd  person but he kind of gets in there and gives you shots of what it would like fucking this beautiful girl.  I haven’t seen Sunny on any other sites before so I thought I would introduce you to her and plus fill that need of “bigger” type of girls as I mentioned eariler enjoy!

Gracie Glam


Pf gracie glam

This sexy seductive stunner named Gracie Glam was on the site Teen Fidelity a while back and got a nice cute fucking but now that she’s a little older and is on Porn Fidelity in the White Room, Ryan Madison isn’t holding back at all! It’s a good thing she’s got a massive libido and a ton of endurance because he gives her hole a magnificent pummeling with his big hard dick…Gracie was definitely up to the challenge though, she rode him and took every inch of that dick as he rabbit-fucked her hole, then shot his load of cum deep inside for a creampie! Gracie got to play with her sheer nylon stockings a bit too, sliding them around on her nice round ass and then tearing them off as he gave her a nice hard rough fuck on every piece of furniture in the infamous white room of the Porn Fidelity mansion. I don’t know if she thought it was a masquerade party or something at first but she had some kind of crazy mask on, I guess it was just for fun because Ryan didn’t have a costume unless you count being dressed up as a skeleton, because of his raging boner. Get it?

Emily Kay


Emily kay blacked

Gorgeous blonde real estate agent Emily Kay was trying to sell a house to these two guys but they seemed more interested in something else…when they pulled up her skirt and gave that round ass of hers a spank she got so turned on she about creamed her panties right there! She had never had sex with two black guys before but that was about to change as they tag teamed her in this Blacked update, fucking her throat and her tight wet pussy at the same time with their big black cocks. Emily doesn’t exactly have huge tracts of land in her portfolio if you catch my drift (and if you don’t, I mean she doesn’t have big tits) but she is hot as hell and that ass of hers is a thing of beauty for sure so it’s no wonder the guys wanted to bend her over and fuck her from behind before they both unloaded their creamy loads all over her lips for a nice facial finish.

Sheer Red Panties


Red sheer panties nikki sims

Stunning and busty hottie Nikki Sims always wows us with her photoshoots on her own website and this one is no exception! She’s got on her sheer red panties and bra and is hanging out in the bathroom, doing a little teasing before she gets naked and hops into the tub to get all wet and slippery. She crooks a finger to beckon us closer and those big full bouncy breasts of hers just pop right out of her bra, it’s like the best magic trick in the world or something! It’s obviously hot as hell to see a woman completely naked but sometimes the process of undressing can be even sexier, like when Nikki has her bra hanging over one shoulder and her panties sliding down her long legs…she knows it too, giving us a seductive sexy little grin! Check out the video too, you get to see what she likes to do once she gets into the actual tub!

Bailey Rayne


Bailey rayne on zishy

Well the World Cup is over but if you’ve still got that ol’ soccer fever you might want to do yourself a favor and check out this hot Zishy photoshoot called Copa Dream featuring the gorgeous redhead Bailey Rayne! She’s fit as a fiddle and is showing her skills dribbling a soccerball and kicking a few goals in, demonstrating her athletic prowess and of course teasing us with that perfect firm tight ass and her sweet perky boobies! She’s hot as lava and doesn’t mind an audience so when the guys at the other end of the field were whistling and hooting during this photoshoot it only got her more turned on! Zishy always loves to show a girl’s personality in their photosets and they definitely did so here with Bailey…this is actually Part 1 and Part 2 of this set combined, I made a sort of greatest hits compilation for you guys to enjoy, I hope you appreciate it.

Table Time


Briana lee extreme busty with a bust

Gorgeous exotic honey Briana Lee is hanging out near a statue of somebody’s head and shoulders in this photoshoot from her site Briana Lee Extreme that I like to call Busty With A Bust! See, the statue is a bust of the guy and Briana’s tits are…well, you get the idea. Actually I think on the site they call it Table Time, which is a lot less clever if you ask me…anyway she is looking fucking gorgeous in this photoset as she takes off her white top that was straining to rein in those huge boobs, showing off her lacy black bra before going all out and giving those titties some air as she bends over, letting her skirt slide up over her big round ass to show off her pussy as she gets on her hands and knees, just waiting for a big hard cock to fuck her doggystyle! Briana has a naughty streak in her a mile wide and that’s what her Extreme site is all about…if you’ve only ever seen her tamer sets you’ll be blown away when she gets going Extreme style! This one is actually quite a bit tamer than some of her other sets on the site, where she fucks herself in the ass with a dildo and things like that. It’s still hot as hell though, don’t get me wrong!

Sabrina Banks Returns


Povd crawling to his cokc

Beautiful raven-haired hottie Sabrina Banks returns for her second POVD scene, this time turning up the kinky factor a little as she wears a leash put on her by her man, getting on her hands and knees and crawling to his cock for a nice blowjob as she pulls off her bra and sheer black panties! Actually it might be a bikini, I’m not really sure…what I do know is that she looks smoking hot as she sucks your cock in first-person perspective, especially because POVD uses incredibly high resolution video to transport you right into the room so you’re in the driver’s seat as you lick and fuck that sweet tight pussy of hers! When Sabrina got on her hands and knees with her tight perfect ass in the air I thought for sure she was going to get an anal drilling but I guess her Master thought better of it and ended up just fucking her tight wet pussy before coating her with a nice facial cumshot that dripped down onto those sweet perky titties of hers! If you missed out on Sabrina’s first POVD scene it’s right here, enjoy.



Brcc tatumn

Amateur wannabe pornstar Tatumn here might have some pretty wack tattoos and a face you just want to stick your dick in to wipe that smirk off, but she’s ready willing and able to do what she has to to make it into the business with her casting video! Too bad this isn’t a real casting call and there won’t be any callbacks, since this is Backroom Casting Couch…this horny hopeful just strips down and gets naked, sucks cock and gets fucked for a dream. Well, at least she gets to have some fun! Watch Tatumn show off her tattoos as well as those bouncy jiggly titties and her admittedly nice ass as she starts things off with a little masturbation, rubbing her clit and bringing her knees up by her ears as she gets more and more wet…soon she’s in the mood for a blowjob so she takes the casting director’s cock in her mouth, sucking him off and then getting bent over the table to get her pussy fucked from behind! She seems like a rebellious teen all grown up and figured a porn career might be her best bet for a little extra spending cash…well she might get a few jobs here and there with those blowjob skills and that ass, but I hope she isn’t sitting by the phone waiting for a job offer from BRCC…she’ll just have to content with the massive cream facial she gets at the end of this hardcore fuck session!

Tear It Off


Passion hd tear it off

Blonde hottie Taylor Whyte and her girlfriend Aidra Fox were out doing a little shopping but as the day went on their playful flirting got a little more serious and soon they were staring at each other with burning eyes, so they rushed home and ran up to the bedroom to strip each other naked and start making out! This Passion HD update called Tear It Off stars these two hotties in their first scene together…as a matter of fact it’s Aidra’s first Passion HD episode entirely! The two lesbian lovers are joined by some lucky guy who whipped out his big dick and got to fuck both of those tight wet pussies, taking turns fucking each of them until he shot his load into Aidra’s mouth…she didn’t want to be greedy though so she shared it with Taylor, letting it drip down into her waiting mouth! These two cum-hungry sluts love eating muff and also love getting their pussies filled up with hard cock so this threeway works out for the best all around…it certainly doesn’t seem like any of them are about to complain!

Addison Returns


Addison returns to ftv girls

If this perfect body seems a little familiar don’t worry, you’re not imagining things…well actually you probably are imagining plenty of things when you see Addison here in her return visit to FTV Girls! She set the site on fire in her first scene and is looking hotter than ever in her return visit…I was always curious about her nationality, and this time around she revealed a little more about herself, turns out she’s half Spanish and half Indian (well, Native American if you’re politically correct). I don’t know what the magic recipe is between those two but if science can perfect it we’re all in trouble because Addison is fucking incredibly gorgeous! She’s got nice big perfect tits, a perfect ass and a perfect face…in fact if I go through her entire body bit by bit I’d get tired of using the word perfect! Addison runs around naked in public, masturbates her tight pussy where all the world can see, and when she gets back in private she fucks herself with a huge cucumber! Sounds like quite a time, hopefully she’ll be back for round 3 because this girl is seriously something special.

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