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Elicia Solis Loves Money


This is a new gallery and also a new girl for us her name is Elicia Solis.  She is British of some kind and well so is Danny D so he probably found her.  She has a great looking pussy that is peaking out in this image doesn’t she guys?  Not to mention her heart shaped ass she is fucking smoking hot.  She is a MILF and she loves getting dickd own by Danny’s fat cock.  In this episode called All or Nothing from Brazzers she quits her day job as a cop and breaks out a criminal who is of course played by Danny here.  She holds him at gun point until he produces the money he promised for breaking him out.  Once she gets that she is so turned on she decides to give him a little parting gift.  She gets down on her knees to give him a blowjob and when he whips out his cock she decides to stay a little longer.  She was just going to suck him off but a dick this big she just has to have it in her tight little shaven pussy.

Dress Up


Passion hd dress up

Some girls never quite seem to grow out of playing Dress Up, and that includes Chloe Amour and Giselle Mari here in this Passion HD update! They’re trying on each others’ clothes, putting on a little fashion show for each other and are taking every opportunity to cop a feel…these girls are hot as hell and both love having their pussies eaten out so they keep fingering each other and kissing and licking twat as they get changed until they’re both just sitting there completely naked, which is when their guy pal luckily shows up! He gets to fuck both of those perfect pussies, pounding these exotic hotties one after the other until he shoots his load inside Giselle’s wet pussy for a nice creampie finish. If you ever wanted to see a sexy threesome with two exotic beautiful babes this is a perfect opportunity, they don’t get much hotter in this world than Chloe Amour and Giselle Mari!

More Than A Mouthful


Fantasy hd corrine blake

Sexy blonde hottie Corrine Blake headed in for a nice warm oil massage in this Fantasy HD scene but when she stripped down nude the masseuse realized her tits were more than a handful and she soon realized his cock was more than a mouthful as he slid his meat down her throat! Soon they were fucking like maniacs right there on the massage table with those big bouncy breasts of hers doing the Lindy Hop as he pounded away at her sweet pussy…check out how her skin glistens in the ligth from the oil as she gets fucked, it must be amazing to make love to a woman this gorgeous when she’s all oiled up like that. Man, masseuses have it made from what I’ve seen…although I guess it’s probably a lot different in real life, I’m sure the number of times a guy gets to massage a woman as stunning and stacked as Corrine Blake is right around zero in all likelihood! That’s where Fantasy HD comes into play though, making those dreams cum to life as we watch a gorgeous girl like this get pounded and take a nice big facial that drips all over her huge tits.

Dani Daniels


First interracial dani daniels blacked

If you’ll remember we gave you a little teaser of this update a few weeks back right here but I know you’re not satisfied with just a taste, you want the whole damn thing! Well I’m pleased to inform you that I’ve got the full set of Dani Daniels doing her very first interracial scene now so here you go, don’t say I never did nothin for you guys. Dani looks amazing as she poses in her sexy sheer lingerie at the beginning of this Blacked update before this guy shows up and feeds her his huge cock, filling up her mouth before bending her over and fucking that perfect pussy from behind and making her moan with every thrust! Dani loves her some big dick and this guy definitely makes the cut so to speak as he pounds her pussy over and over before shooting his load of cream inside her hole for a creampie finish. I get the feeling this is just the first of many interracial scenes for Dani now, she’s got a taste and has to have more!

Dept of Water And Power


It always cracks me up to see how Ernie’s House of Whoopass always manages to slip in a little tits and pussy when they’re talking about something completely unrelated…for instance in the update for today they’re talking about roadwork being done by the LA department of water and power and the image they linked is this grinning brunette hottie spreading her pussy as she relaxed in the back of a pickup truck looking sexy as hell! The connection is that there are some roadwork signs in the background so yeah technically this is a picture of the roadwork being done or at least the area it’s in. If you haven’t seen Ernie’s before they do like a daily digest of random stuff going on around the world, so if you don’t trust the big news sources like Fox News or NBC or whatever (and I wouldn’t blame you) this is a fine choice especially if you like a little surprise coochie now and again.

Excited Amateur Hottie


Excited amateur hottie girls do porn

Usually when girls show up at Girls Do Porn to make their very first adult video they’re pretty nervous but this girl is an exception, her first words in this update are FUCK YEAH and you know what that means, you’re in for a hell of a scene! Plus she says she likes it rough, she’s into choking and being pinned and having her hair pulled, and if that’s not enough to drive you nuts she’s got a few super hot friends who are interested in heading back if things went well, so stay tuned! One of the first things you’ll notice about this girl is her smile…I mean obviously she’s hot as hell and has a smokin body but her smile is just open and natural and 100% real, and that carries into her personality as she does her introductory interview. Sometimes on other sites you’ll see girls come in who are just trying to hard or put on a pornstar type persona or something and it just feels unnatural, but on Girls Do Porn these chicks are just being themselves whether they’re admitting their nervousness or, like this amateur knockout, just plain excited and stoked about the whole thing! This college girl strips down and gives a great blowjob, taking that big dick down her throat and then dropping her flowery skirt to show off that tight bubble butt as she hops onto the guy’s crank for a ride! She gets the nice rough pounding she was craving, especially when she has her face buried in the sheets and her booty in the air getting drilled doggystyle and loving it. You’ll be loving it too as you see this horny hottie get fucked and then take a nice big cream facial before scampering off, hopefully soon to return with some of her friends!

Fuck Me Four Ways


X art fuck me four ways

I hope you have some tarps to lay around on the floor because you’re about to need a little cleanup after you see what X Art has in store for you today! This update is called Fuck Me Four Ways and features four of the most gorgeous girls on a site known for having some of the most gorgeous girls in the world, so you’re really getting the cream of the cream of the crop here. Anjelica, Keira, The Red Fox and Caprice all are incredible just on their own but get them together and subtract all their clothes and you’ve got a quadratic sexquation so to speak for this amazing lesbian orgy! Just imagine being on this hotel bed with these four incredible beauties getting naked and making out and fingering each other and licking pussy and fucking with a toy and you’ll get just a general idea of how how this is…you say you’re a redhead fan? Got it covered. You say you dig brunettes with sexy round asses? Keira’s all over it. You say you love beautiful lesbians who love to munch box? Boy oh boy have I got some great news for you my friend.



Net video girls paola

I have the feeling you’re going to have the same initial reaction as I did to this girl Paola showing up at the Net Video Girls studios…she strolls in with her blue dress on for a calendar shoot audition and man oh man right off the bat all eyes go to those legs of hers! I think she’s Brazilian, those legs go for miles and she has a supermodel caliber face as well, just an absolute knockout. She is miles beyond hot with a body that will already have your pants tight before she even starts ‘auditioning’…and if you’re not familiar with the way Net Video Girls rolls, they bring in gorgeous amateur babes like Paola here, ostensibly to try out for a shoot of some kind or other but really they’re just getting talked out of their clothes and onto a cock while the Maestro films the whole thing! Paola doesn’t take a whole lot of convincing before she has her big tits out and is sucking cock, but really I think we’re all waiting with our fingers crossed to see if she gets naked and gets fucked! Well I’m pleased to report that not only does she get her pussy pounded, she does so with that perfect round ass facing us as she gets drilled. Paola is an incredible girl, I hope she doesn’t get too disappointed when she figures out there was no calendar shoot to audition for!

Hot Bath For Two


Xart hot bath for two

Summer is officially over now and Autumn is breezing its way in, and that means cooler temperatures all around…it also means the season for having a nice hot bath for two is right around the corner and Ivy from X Art is keen to break in her new tub for this steamy hot update! She strips down and relaxes into a bubble bath, soaping up her perky breasts and sighing with pleasure as she feels the weariness seep from her bones. Soon her man joins her and they get into a hot lovemaking session right there in the water, which isn’t really a great idea if you ask me and I guess they agreed because they quickly got out of the tub and toweled off before continuing their fuck-discussion with the guy’s hard cock buried deep in her sweet pussy! Ivy has a magnificent ass by the way, just a callipygian beauty…that’s a good word to learn by the way, it just means having a great ass in Greek I think. Ivy definitely fits the bill with that sweet booty of hers as she gets fucked in this sexy scene!

Janet Mason Gets Black Dick


Janet Mason is getting a big dick to pleasure her pussy in this new Brazzers scene entitled “Stepmom Loves Morning Wood”.  Janet is making breakfast for her husband and stepson and she tells him to put away his phone.  In true stepson fashion he of course doesn’t listen to her because well he just came into his life like 2 months ago who the fuck does she think she is right?  So when she comes over and grabs his phone and see’s he is looking at some naked pictures she just can’t believe it.  She is sick and tired of him not listening to her so she tries a reward system for him.  She grabs on his big black cock and tells him if he is good and listens to her there is going to be something in it for him.  So he starts to listen and Janet gets down on her knees and starts to blow him all while her husband is sitting there reading the paper.  When he leaves to go to work she throws everything off the kitchen table and lets that huge black dick that her stepson has bang the shit out of her hairy pussy.

Alice Green


Casting couch x alice green

I saw this girl Alice Green had done an update on Casting Couch X and was so excited to show you guys! She’s a gorgeous 18 year old redhead from California with an absolutely incredible body…I’ve seen her on a couple of other sites now but she got her start doing updates like this to get into the industry so it’s great to see where a girl this hot got her start. Apparently her boyfriend loves seeing her get fucked by other guys so he’s gotta be jizzing in his pants to see this hottie on internet porn sites getting that sweet teen pussy rocked! Alice gives the casting director a nice blowjob before hopping into his lap and going for a ride, then gets bent over the table to get pounded doggystyle before taking a big facial shot of cum that leaves her with a drippy dangler hanging off her chin…hell of a hot girl. She’s got that sort of innocent expression on her face that is a little at odds with how sexually adventurous she is, so don’t be fooled by that cute angelic expression!

Tease In Yellow


Sexy pattycake yellow suit

Holy crap…I don’t know if this is really what Sexy Pattycake is referencing here with this photoshoot from her own website but that yellow suit thing she’s wearing looks quite a bit like the outfit the guys are wearing towards the end of Revenge of the Nerds when they do the big talent show rap! If that’s seriously what she’s dressing up as here on purpose I think I’m in love, that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. Otherwise she still looks utterly sexy as hell but it’s just not as epic as I was hoping…gorgeous redhead Pattycake is always up for some fun though so who knows what she had in mind, she just loves to dress up and strip down and that’s just what she does here! That perfect round ass and those big tits of hers are just so much fun to tease with apparently, Patty always takes her time and does it up right when she does a striptease like this.

August Ames Seashells


August ames seashells zish

I’m sure you remember seeing August Ames on Zishy before, if not here’s her first scene…remember now? Yeah, the absolute fucking stunner with the big natural perfect tits, that’s her. Anyway she’s back and since she had never done much public play she decided to give it a whirl, showing off that perfect ass in her sexy little black thong panties out on the street one bright sunny day! Can you imagine driving down the street and seeing a girl as hot as August showing off her butt like that? I’m pretty sure 99% of us would just plow right into the next parked car and not even notice. She might look super glamorous but this chick is down to earth and sometimes downright goofy, for instance check out the pictures of her playing with some seashells she had lying around…in the full photoshoot she even pretends to be a dog taking a leak on a fire hydrant! Now that’s the kind of girl who would be fun to hang out with, not all stuck up and fancy like so many of the girls with those caliber looks. If you fell in love with August after checking out these shots, and I can’t say I blame you if that’s the case, check out plenty more of her stuff right here!

Black Girl Needs Money


Xxxpawn gym rat

This fit chick walked into the XXX Pawn shop one day hoping to sell a piece of gym equipment, I guess she was a personal trainer who had fallen on some hard times or something like that because she really needed the cash. Well the pawnshop owner is always on the lookout for a sweet deal so he asked her to demonstrate how the thing was used, I think he just wanted to get a look at that sweet ass of hers though! My theory got confirmed when he offered her a little extra cut of cash to do the demonstration in the nude…he was going to film it because there was no instruction manual and can you imagine how much more they’d get for the thing in the shop if it came with a demo tape featuring this hottie in the nude showing how the thing works? Well the shop owner got a huge boner watching her exercise like that and soon she had his cock in her mouth and then was getting her pussy pounded with that big meat before getting a huge facial.

Awakening The Senses Massage


Hegre art awakening the senses

At its core a good massage is all about awakening the senses as well as relaxing and comforting sore muscles, and in this Hegre Art update we get to see a beautiful woman getting her mind and body aligned and awakened! It’s a joy to behold too because this girl is absolutely incredibly gorgeous with a perfect body as she lies there nude on the massage table, getting oil rubbed into her skin and having her senses tickled and tantalized by Bara’s skilled hands. Seeing this girl Katia in all her glory with those perfect breasts and equally perfect ass getting rubbed and oiled and squeezed and caressed is unspeakably sensual and at the same time relaxing, just the way the massage itself should be! Turn the lights down a bit and grab a glass of wine and just enjoy this soothing and also incredibly hot lesbian massage, courtesy of Hegre Art…they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to body pleasure.

Femdom Fetish


Busty buffy femdom

Gorgeous topheavy teen Busty Buffy gets to explore her kinky side a little in this update from her own website as she shows off some of her FemDom skills, making her sub slave bitch do anything and everything she wants…he has to wear a gimp mask as she leads him around by the neck with a collar and chain, luckily there’s a mouth-hole so he gets to eat out that sweet tight pussy of hers while she plays with her huge 32G natural tits! Buffy’s got her thigh high pink latex boots on and he has to lick them up and down before she rewards him for his obedience by sucking his cock til he’s hard, then pulling on his chain to force that dick into her pussy from behind as she bends over doggystyle. She doesn’t want to hear his bitch ass moaning and gasping though so she sticks a ballgag in his mouth, he’s pretty much at her mercy throughout this hot hardcore update! Buffy’s big boobs are of course on full display as well, it wouldn’t be a Busty Buffy update without those huge breasts bouncing all over the place.

Whoopass for the Day


Take a look at that picture up above of that naked amateur hanging out in the yard. What do you notice right off the bat? Probably those sweet titties of hers, followed by her cute butt and maybe those dorky sunglasses she’s sporting, right? Well did you notice the retractable awning up in the top-right of the picture? Of fucking course you didn’t, because you’re not Ernie’s House of Whoopass. Not only did they notice the awning but they wrote up a little informational paragraph about it with a helpful picture link that goes to this hottie…pretty hilarious if you ask me. Ernie’s House of Whoopass is like a daily digest of some of the wacky shit that goes on all around the world on the internet, for instance in this update there’s a chick in Russia who rides around on her motorcycle and dishes out some swift retribution when people litter, by throwing their shit back into their car windows or taping an empty bottle to this one chump’s mirror, pretty funny. You never know what you’re going to find out or read about but hey that’s just how life is sometimes, so enjoy it.

Spring Cleaning


Alexa grace passion hd spring cleaning

I guess gorgeous blonde newcomer Alexa Grace didn’t want to get her clothes messed up while she did a little Spring Cleaning for this Passion HD update so she stripped down to her panties and a little top, spraying down some shelves and dusting anything within reach. As clean as the shelves and tabletops might be I’m pretty sure Alexa Grace is stirring up an awful lot of dirty thoughts, for instance in the mind of her boyfriend who was sitting there watching her! His cock got stiffer and stiffer in his underwear and Alexa definitely noticed, dropping to her knees to lick and suck him hard before bending over and offering up that sweet tight wet pussy of hers! This girl is stunning from her long blonde hair all the way down to her cute toes and she knows how to please a hard cock, that’s for sure…she gets that round smooth ass in the air and takes the guy’s dick deep inside, moaning as he pounded away until he couldn’t take anymore pleasure and just had to bust a nut all over her face for her to lick up and swallow down!

Sandy Sweet


It’s easy to see where Sandy Sweet got her stage name, this girl looks just adorable but hey don’t be fooled, she’s no innocent sweet little angel! In this photoshoot she and her boyfriend are enjoying an afternoon indoors, with Sandy pulling her dress up to show that cute tight little ass and her sweet pussy that he’s more than happy to stick his dick in! Sandy looks amazing as she gets fucked in this hardcore scene, riding him on his lap and then getting laid down on a table with one leg in the air so he can fuck that tight hole nice and deep. After getting a look at those perky titties of hers who wouldn’t want to fuck Sandy Sweet like this?



Ignore the horrible couch and the fact that this chick’s name is Yani and you’ll thoroughly enjoy this Femjoy photoshoot as this hottie slips off her little white panties and shows her perfect nude body for us! Nice round perky full breasts, a great ass and even a couple of tanlines just to add a little something extra to these hot photos and you’ve got an update worth printing out and framing up on your wall. Yani looks like a cat as she poses in the sunshine, rolling around on the couch and getting that cute butt in the air as she daydreams about her boyfriend coming by and making sweet love all afternoon long!

Melena Tara


I was going to try and figure out what the name of those pretty purple flowers are that are growing in the background of this photoshoot but then came to my senses as I realized they were just distracting me from the hotness that is Melena Tara (I think that’s her name)! Melena is naked as the day she was born, hanging out in the back yard and playing with a couple of toys including a vibrator that she inserts in her pussy, her cunt being so tight it just holds it right in there, and a set of anal beads that she delicately pops into her cute butt! Not a bad way to enjoy a sunny afternoon, from the looks of things…well, not a bad way for HER to spend the afternoon, that is.



Meet Melissa, a gorgeous Latina babe with long dark hair and incredible tits as she poses for this Alluring Vixens photoshoot, teasing us mercilessly with that mostly-ripped-up white top of hers. It looks like something a spider fetish chick would wear and it looks magnificent on those nice big breasts of hers…she never quite takes it all the way off, she prefers to tease…well either that or her tits are actually hideous when she gets naked but realistically I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. I hereby volunteer myself to find out though and let you guys know, for scientific purposes.



There’s nothing in this world hotter than a beautiful redhead with big perfect tits if you ask me…well I mean if you throw in a pair of sexy thigh high black sheer stockings and a garter belt maybe you can increase the hotness but c’mon, when will that ever happen? Oh yeah, right fucking here! Ulya here has those stockings on and some elbow length gloves to match and looks like an absolute dream come true…sleek, sexy, busty and ginger are some of my favorite words when they’re all talking about the same chick, especially when she’s getting naked and showing off like this.

Janice Gets Caught


It’s kind of the same thing when it comes to Moms Bang Teens it’s always the “teen” getting caught be the MILF fucking her boyfriend or what not.  They should probably think of some more scenario’s but for right now it’s still working so they need not worry.  In this episode from them entitled “The Tickler” you get to see Janice Griffith who think she is all home alone with her boyfriend telling him just how horny she is.  She gets turning him on too by sucking his dick but she just can’t deep throat him at all.  She tries and tries but just keeps gagging on it and all while she is doing this her stepmom is still there watching her.  She gets really mad at them and tells them how she can’t believe that they’re doing this in her house while she was out.  Then she walks around the couch and see’s just how big Janice’s boyfriend dick really is.  The MILF in her is awaken and she just can’t think of anything else but getting fucked by that big dick.  So instead of being the evil stepmom she decides to play the good stepmom and Dana Vespoli goes ahead and teaches Janice how to deep throat a dick and fuck properly.

Sample For Sample


Check out Kayla Kayden giving a sample of her pussy for a sample of this guys cum.  They have come to him because he is suppose to find them a sperm donor but this couple decided that he was the perfect donor.  The doctor is like no fucking way is he going to be a donor that is until he found out that he would get to fuck this guys wife in order to get that cum out.  She didn’t just jerk him off she let him have his way with her fucking her big fake titties and fucking that amazing pussy of hers.  As you guys know, Kayla here is a exclusive girl to the Brazzers brand in fact she is a former Playboy model.  However they loaned her out to a good friend of their Digital Playground and she did a scene called .  That’s a little bonus for those of you who read my blog.  Those who don’t are still getting a awesome scene in this Brazzers episode but what is better then one Kayla Kayden gallery?  Two of course!

Elena Gilbert Tries Anal


Looks like Let’s Try Anal is going international on you bitches.  They have a full on anal sex scene from Elena Gilbert and it’s something you’re not going to miss.  She is just getting fucked regulary when the guy pulls the old want to try anal on her.  She of course isn’t too sure about it because like every girl in the world she hears that it hurts.  This is a slut though that will do anything to keep this big dick fucking her so she lets him have at it.  In the end I definitely think it hurt because I mean just look at her face here but she was a trooper and gave him all he could handle.  I mean anytime a girl will get on top and ride with it in her ass you usually think she is liking it.  Elena here though I think just got up there and kind of took it if you know what I mean.  They did find a benefit to having anal though he didn’t have to worry about not cumming inside of her.  In this sex scene he just cums right in that asshole of hers and lets it drip out.  Anal sex the best form of birth control, so I hear.  Or if you remember Jen from Exploited College Girls says Mormons do it so they can still be “virgins” when they’re married, I like both of these excuses to tell you the truth. 

Sammie Daniels


Ccx sammie daniesl

Adorable blonde Kentucky girl Sammie Daniels is a 20 year old hottie who is apparently a big fan of double penetration! It’s a bit of a dream of hers, and that’s the kind of porn she tends to watch on her own…you’re going to love seeing this chick get fucked on Casting Couch X, she’s got that tight little spinner body and perky little petite boobies and a fantastic tight ass, and she’s small enough that the casting director guy can just straight up pick her up in his arms and fuck her like she’s a condom with arms and legs! Sammie gets her tight little hole pounded nice and hard in this update, no DP like she was hoping for but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of that in store because this girl is going to have one hell of a porn career with a face and body like that, especially because spinners are so popular right now.

Amirah Adara


In the crack amirah adara

I don’t recall seeing Amarah Adara before and I’m pretty sure I’d remember, because this chick is hot as hell with a sexy exotic sort of look to her and a smokin hot body…in fact in some pictures like the one I chose for the thumbnail right above she looks a little like Britney Spears back in the day, doesn’t she? Maybe it’s the purple eyeshadow or something but there’s something about her face that is totally old-school Britney and cmon that’s fucking hot I don’t care how batshit crazy she ended up. Amirah takes us nice close up and personal to her sweet puffy pussy as she reveals her crotchless panties in this In The Crack photoshoot, spreading her long tan legs after shimmying out of her sexy little black dress, then lying on the bed to finger her ass, buzz her clit with a magic wand toy and then slide a vibrator up her butt! I guess she’s a fan of the ol’ anal pleasure, from the looks of things.

Watching Him Shower


Pure mature watching him shower

Usually in a hardcore porn scene if someone is being watched in the shower it’s the chick but not this time…newcomer Shaylene Ray is keeping an eye on her man as he soaps up, especially that big dick of his as it slowly swells up! This horny hottie is a MILF with a thirst for cock and she starts stripping down and masturbating right there in the bathroom, watching him shower and making that big dick of his get stiffer as he watched her watching him. With all that watching and building you know you’re gonna get some passionate fucking and soon that’s just what goes down as Shaylene gets that sweet pussy pounded with her gorgeous round smooth ass in the air for this Pure Mature update…this MILF has some sweet soft womanly curves, especially that juicy booty, and she definitely knows how to put them to work to drive this guy crazy and keep his dick hard in her hole until finally he shoots a nice big facial all over her lips and chin!

Gianna Nicole


Gianna nicole on tlhc

You might have seen naughty girl Gianna Nicole before but did you know she goes absolutely buck wild for a big fat dick? I mean don’t get me wrong she loves to fuck no matter what size the meat but she definitely gets a little more into the swing of things when there’s a swing to that dingaling, know what I ming? Mean, whatever, it rhymed better the other way. Anyway in this scene from the Reality Kings network site Teens Love Huge Cocks this 19 year old hottie puts that sweet perfect pussy to work as she gets impaled by this dude’s massive dong, getting her perfect ass up in the air to get licked and get her pussy pounded fucked from behind, taking off her red top to reveal those nice perky breasts as she gets a hot beef injection for the ages. This girl is an absolute stunner with a gorgeous sexy body and we get to see every inch of it here, I wasn’t sure if Gianna was actually a teen or not but I looked it up and sure enough, this girl is a legit 19 year old!

Lexi Belle and Belle Noire


Belle noire lexi aa

Now that’s what I call a full-service hotel! This guy showed up at his suite and was escorted in by gorgeous babe Lexi Belle, who proceeded to suck his cock and bend over to impale her pussy on his dick with that perfect ass in his face…Lexi fucked the guy nice and hard until he shot his load into her mouth for her to swallow down, I guess that was considered her tip! The next morning the guy woke up in his comfy bed when the maid came into the room but this was no ordinary maid, this was beautiful brunette Belle Noire there to take care of his morning wood with a nice long wet blowjob that ended up with another load of cum swallowed down. I like when Amateur Allure does a ‘fantasy’ update like this one, it’s a bit of a change of pace from their normal scenes and a little variety is always welcomed. Especially when that variety comes in the form of two absolutely stunning brunettes sucking and fucking the guy’s crank!



Kaily on casting couch hd

When I first saw Kaily here as she strolled into the studio at Casting Couch HD I honestly thought she was a little touched in the head…just something about her eyes and the way she smiled upside-down or something, or maybe just the way she breathes through her mouth while she’s thinking. She’s a tall drink of water with some nice curves to her, big tits and a round juicy ass that she loves to show off…she showed up in a tight little stretchy dress that clung to every curve on that sweet body. If you’ve ever heard the term ‘butterface’ it’s pretty applicable here, but hey once she’s face down on the couch getting that pussy pounded from behind by the Casting Couch HD guy’s big black cock it’s all good! Kaily loves to suck dick and she sweetens the pot a little by sliding his cock between her titties, but I think the guy is holding out until that juicy ass of hers is deployed, can’t say I blame him!

Sexy Yoga Instructor


Sexy yoga instructor mom pov

She’s 32 years old, she’s never done an adult video before, she’s a yoga instructor and she’s absolutely fucking gorgeous! This sexy MILF is a bit of an exhibitionist and says she has a bit of a kinky side, so you know you’re in for a nice treat in this Mom POV update. In her introductory interview she says she fantasizes about going to a bar, picking up some random dude without even getting his name, taking him home and riding his cock all night long…I get the feeling the bars near her house are going to be packed from now on just in case! The yoga is doing wonders for her ass by the way, this girl is tight and fit and sexy as hell…once she starts stripping down you get to really appreciate how hot her body is, and she gives a great deepthroat blowjob too! The real test though is when a women starts getting fucked and I’m pleased to report that this girl remains hot for the duration, riding the guy’s dick and getting her shaved pussy pounded from behind with her nice round ass all oiled up and looking sexy as hell. She ends up on her knees taking a big creamy facial that blasts across her eyes, making it a little tough to find her way to the bathroom but hey it makes for a great finish to a great update!

Waltz With Me


I noticed that Sex Art wasn’t putting out a lot of videos recently but it looks like they have but somehow I am missing them.  Here is a great little series they put out called Waltz With Me.  I am sending you to Autumn because well it’s the first one I saw and I clicked on it over at this site.  The girls name is Alexis Brill and she is really cute.  One of those girl next door type of chicks and I definitely have not seen her on any other website beside Sex Art here.  The other galleries that are in this series is obviously , and of course .  The other three are actually all threesomes two girl / girl and one boy / girl / boy.  So some of you may think those are a little better but I just like this couple action here.  The video is extremly high quality but not very long.  It’s a true erotica site so they spend a lot of time making you believe that they’re in love.  Since you guys are loyal followers of our site I also want to make sure that you take the chance to get .  You do have to click on that link and click one more time but I think paying basically $8 bucks for this site is a pretty damn good deal.

Kayla West


Kayla west on porn fidelity

The Porn Fidelity house has become almost legendary among pornstars…they always hear about what goes on in the mansion and some have the guts to show up and find out for themselves, and then there are girls like Kayla West here who basically feel right at home there! Kayla got an invitation from Ryan Madison to come over and spend the evening and of course she took him up on it, dressing in her sexy black dress, thigh high stockings and a garter belt just knowing that as soon as she showed up her clothes would probably get torn off! That’s just what happens in this update called Welcome Home…they’ve barely made it through the doorway before she’s got Ryan’s cock in her mouth, sucking him and getting those big juicy titties out to bounce around as he pounds her hole from behind! Ryan’s definitely got a thing for sultry brunettes and Kayla has a body that speaks volumes, especially that nice round ass of hers as she gets plowed doggystyle before taking his cum inside her for a nice creampie. I don’t know how many girls Ryan has shot his jizz inside by this point, it’s gotta be a ton…thank goodness for modern medicine, if you know what I mean!

Booty Rock


Bgfs booty rock ricki

Sexy ebony hottie Ricki is incredibly attractive no matter how you slice it, but really you don’t get the full effect of her hotness until she turns around and reveals that incredible round ass of hers! This Black GFs update is called Booty Rock and I’m sure her boyfriend is always down to rock that booty, especially in her tight little stretchpants like she’s wearing at the beginning of this update! Ricki loves twerking and shaking that ass and her man loves filming it, and this time her little impromptu dance-off turned into a hardcore fuckfest and we get to enjoy the footage! Ricki stripped out of her pants and that little yellow thong as she sucked her bf’s cock until it was good and hard, then hopped up on top of him and started working her pussy on his stick with those big tits in his face. If that was enough, she finished him off by bending over and getting pounded doggystyle, he turned into a rabbit in heat as he pounded away at her hole until he shot his load all over her for a nice facial finish!



Mackenzie on brcc

The latest update on Backroom Casting Couch is this hottie named Mackenzie, who has a bit of a diva attitude about the whole thing…with those huge fake tits of hers and her gorgeous face she seems like the kind of girl who wouldn’t give a normal guy the time of day but hey, the promise of some easy cash certainly does wonders! She’s at the casting couch hoping to make a grand entrance into the world of porn, probably dreaming about paying off those tits and maybe buying a Bentley or something, but if that’s the case she’s at the wrong studio because this isn’t even a real casting call, just some horny dude with a website who fucks hot amateur chicks and puts the footage up for us! Mackenzie gets those big boobs out and masturbates a bit before giving this guy a blowjob, then bends over and agrees to take his cock up her ass because ‘thats what porn studios look for’! After her anal pounding the guy blasts a load of cum into her pussy, I don’t know what excuse he gave for that one but it’s a nice creampie so enjoy! Mackenzie here might be a diva but hell, she’s got the body and face to back it up so nobody’s gonna be too picky I’m sure.

Miranda Attacks Angelina


Miranda attacks angelina on nvg

You might remember gorgeous Miranda from her previous experience on Net Video Girls if you’ve been around on their site for awhile…they shot her way back in 2009 but now she’s back, with a different hair color sure but the same insatiable libido and now she’s in on the ‘secret’ of Net Video Girls (the secret being that there is no calendar shoot which is what they tell the girls who show up they’re auditioning for) and is ready to take part in the action as part of the Attack series! In this update Miranda attacks Angelina so to speak, acting as assistant for the preliminary shoot to send to the producer, or at least that’s what they tell Angelina! In reality Miranda is there to help the chick out of her clothes and to eat out her pussy, grabbing those big bouncy titties of hers and grinding her own cunt on Angelina’s face, and by the end of the shoot I don’t think it’s so much of an Attack anymore but just a lesbian fuckfest! Since you guys are in my alright-book I’m going to share a little tip with you, I’ve got an exclusive discount code for the site to get half off of the membership cost!  so just click there and redeem it, I don’t know how long we’ll be able to keep that going before they pull the code, so now’s your chance if you’ve been on the fence about joining.



Chanel on ecg

Meet Chanel, a beautiful girl with a permanent grin and an ass you will be dreaming about for weeks to cum after you check out this Exploited College Girls update! This gorgeous teen starts out strong with a nice blowjob as she gets naked and the hits just keep coming as she spreads her legs to get her pussy penetrated, then flips over to unleash that incredible round booty on the world!  Chanel’s ass is round and smooth and she knows just how to shake it to drive a guy wild…watch this ebony hottie get her teen pussy fucked doggystyle with her long dark hair flowing in her face and her bouncy titties going for a ride with every thrust of the guy’s hard cock. Chanel wanted to make a little extra spending cash so she headed to the studio to make this hardcore fuck session but she sure seems to be enjoying herself, maybe she’ll make this her full-time career after she sees the checks start coming in! I figure hey if you like getting fucked and you’re as hot as Chanel here why not make some quick easy money on the internet!

Nothing But Heat


What’s that you say? You’ve never seen any of the updates from the Reality Kings network site We Live Together? Well my friend you are about to blow your load all over your screen because they’ve got some of the hottest lesbian scenes you’ll ever fucking see, like this one which brings Nothing But Heat! Two gorgeous bikini babes on the beach with perfect bodies making out and then licking pussy and tongueing ass and fingering each other and just looking absolutely fucking amazing the entire time…sounds pretty sweet right? Well it’s not like this is a one-time deal, We Live Together brings this caliber of hotness every time they update! All the lesbian action you can shake your stick at, come together in one place…it’s like winning the lottery on your birthday.

Karlie Montana


At first glance in this Brazzers scene it seems like Karlie Montana is living the dream life…she’s married to the mayor and is pretty much set up for the rest of her life, but once he heads to work her secret side comes out! Karlie heads to the bad part of town and finds some random chumps living in squalor and just fucks their brains out…she likes the excitement and danger and thrill of fucking a stranger like this and wiht that round perfect ass and her beautiful face she doesn’t exactly have much trouble finding a willing dude to slide his big dick into her wet horny pussy! She even lets the guy shoot his load into her hole for the ultimate thrill, a creampie from some random dude!

Michaela Isizzu


This girl is just a stunner, there’s no ifs ands or buts about it. There is a butt about it though, fortunately it’s Michaela Isizzu’s butt and her ass is a thing of beauty! She’s rolling around on the bed in this photoshoot, gradually losing her lacy white lingerie bodysuit and getting completely naked, sliding her hands down over that smooth skin and playing with her ass and pussy while she looks up at us with that longing glance she does so well! Fantastic ass, great tits, beautiful supermodel caliber face, Michaela Isizzu is like a dream come true and I mean honestly that bed looks really fucking comfy right about now so there are about fifty things in this photoshoot that I’m crazy about.



A strange outfit for a strangely named woman…Magali here is sporting some kind of crazy body net in this photoshoot and I mean it’s certainly hot as hell because her perky titties are showing and you can see right through it, it just makes me wonder what the point is since it’s basically not there at all! You could fuck this girl without even having to move anything aside. Oh well, to each their own…Magali seems to be enjoying herself and that’s good enough for me! This girl has a very sweet face too, I just noticed after staring at her tits for the last ten minutes…beautiful features and nice long flowing hair, she’s a looker for sure no matter what she wears.



Summer is just about over but hey that doesn’t mean you can’t keep enjoying the warmth and sunshine, not as long as you have Camille here around doing photoshoots for Photodromm! With that fat juicy ass of hers this redhead is hot as hell even before she turns around, but as it turns out she’s got a gorgoeus face and some nice perky titties too! She’s just the whole package and she’s hanging out on a dock or something by a lake, relaxing in the sun and listening to the water lap up against the wooden pilings. What could be more summery than that?

Sexy Session


That is one fine hairy pussy that Abigail Mac is munching on in this image.  The girl who is lucky enough to get her pussy eaten out by this babe is Gabriella Paltrova.  This is the brand new We Live Together scene that just came out today and it’s a good one.  I don’t always give you guys lesbian sex scenes but when I do I mean damn I pick some good ones.  Alright enough tooting my own horn here let’s talk about these two babes.  Gabriella is in the black bikini and Abigail in the red.  Abigail has a nice set of perky fake tits and she too keeps her pussy a little fuzzy.  Abigail is the one that is lucky enough to get her pussy as ass licked first, I think it lets her know just how crazy this sex scene is going to be.  Abigail has done a bunch of We Live Together scenes by now and they’re all top notch.  I know most of you probably don’t just watch lesbian porn so that’s why it’s good to join this site.  You don’t just have to watch lesbian stuff because you’re joining the Reality Kings network of sites.  They have like 38 sites and most of them are hardcore.  You can expect a update a week though for We Live Together and they’re also this high of quality.

Ava Addams Yoga Woman


This is a pretty sexy gallery of Ava Addams but I literally don’t think she has ever made a ban porn video.  In this scene it’s just from Bang Bros Clips so it really doesn’t belong to any site.  The site just allows them to put up hot sex scenes without having to be part of a theme you know?  So Ava here loves to do yoga so they got her in a studio and watched her do some yoga moves naked.  The video is literally only 12 minutes long because this guy just couldn’t handle that pussy that Ava was giving him.  The 12 minutes doesn’t even include the first two which are all just Ava talking and doing those yoga moves I talked about naked.  They start to fuck and Ava’s really going after it like I mentioned but this guy is pounding away at her too.  I imagine everyone male pornstar has his favorite pussy and well Ava’s here looks like a second hom for his dick.  The two of them get into some great positions that really highlight Ava’s amazing big ass and of course those perfect titties of hers.  I love Ava’s scenes a lot and you can see she loves them too just look how hard her nipples get in all of her sex scenes.  This MILF is in the right profession because she just loves to be fucked.

P.S. I just found for you guys to check out if you want! It’s over at

Katrina Jade


Katrina jade on porn fidelity

This tattooed hottie with those big perfect tits is Katrina Jade and she’s been living the hard life on the streets…she’s gotten to the point where she’s advertising her pussy for a bite to eat, hoping to get pregnant so she can pull that welfare check! Not exactly living the dream but hey Ryan Madison knows a good deal when he sees one and soon he’s taking Katrina to the motel in this Porn Fidelity update…she asks him to take the condom off when he’s ready to fuck and sure enough off comes the rubber and he starts slamming into that sweet wet shaved pussy of hers! Ryan gives her hole the pounding you expect from a Porn Fidelity update, including his signature move that I call The Bridle…where he sticks his hands into the chicks mouth as he fucks her from behind, and pulls her cheeks sideways so her mouth opens wide! I don’t know what he gets out of the move but hey he does it often enough that I guess he digs it, and Katrina is down for pretty much whatever here as she spreads her legs and gets her cunt mortar-and-pestled until Ryan shoots his load deep inside for a creampie finish!

Fun Times


Crazy college gfs fun times

Imagine you’re at a party having some drinks and having a good time, you’ve been hitting on this sexy blonde girl all night and things seem like they’re going pretty well, you hit it off and have been talking and whatnot and as the party winds down it doesn’t look like she’s planning on going anywhere. People are starting to pass out all over the place but this girl is getting more and more into you and suddenly she looks around and asks if you want to have some fun! OK imagination time is over, that’s probably never happened to you and damn well never happened to me but it DID happen to this guy and luckily he videotaped the rest of the night! His blonde girlfriend got on her knees and gave him a nice blowjob right out in the open and then got more brave, bending over with that sexy ass in the air and inviting him to fuck her doggystyle right then and there until he shot his cum all over that sweet pussy of hers! This party girl is always up for some fun times and I’m glad the footage got sent in to Crazy College GFs so we could all check it out too.

Gabrielle Bradley


Gabrielle flag zihsy

I think this Zishy update was originally shot for Independence Day so I guess I missed the mark on that one a bit but hey, it’s still mighty hot so why not post it in September, is what I always say! Well, I said it this time. This photoshoot features Gabrielle Bradley as she spends the 4th  of July on the beach with the Zishy photographer, letting Old Glory fly in the breeze (although she does let the flag hit the ground, which is a no-no if you ask me) and lighting up some sparklers to celebrate. I guess the spirit moved her because soon she was peeling out of her bikini or panties or whatever those are and showing that nice round ass of hers, as well as a nice look at her perky boobies! It’s not too frequent that you get an all-out look at a model’s breasts on Zishy, usually they opt to do more of a tease by having her cover up with her hands and whatnot…I’m glad they decided to show Gabrielle’s titties in this photoshoot though because man they’re nice. She looks like a fun chick to spend an evening on the beach with, that’s for sure!

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