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Ashley Fires


Ashley fires on porn fidelity

Everybody knows that Ryan Madison has an eye out for the booty at all times…so when he and blonde newcomer Ashley Fires spent the day together having a picnic in the park and she was doing cartwheels and fooling around in her tiny little red shorts, he couldn’t keep his eyes off that ass of hers! You might say she’s ASS-tastic, in fact; that’s the name of this Porn Fidelity update! Ashley and Ryan quickly eat their lunch and run back indoors to get naked and get freaky, and Ashley rides that big hard cock of his like a bucking bronco before taking a nice creampie blast of cum deep in that wet pussy. This girl’s got a cute face, nice tits, and an ass for days and is flexible enough to keep up with Ryan’s insatiable cock in this hot hardcore fuck scene, working up a sweat as she gets her twat pistoned! This is her very first time on Porn Fidelity but after having a go at that poontang I bet Ryan is keen to invite her back so he can fuck that big round juicy ass until she begs for mercy. We’ll see.



This sexy MILF, yes the one with the big tits there, hailed a cab and got a ride across town in London…how was she to know it wasn’t a real cab, it was a Fake Taxi ready to record whatever went down! After this busty hottie read a text message saying her best friend had been fucking her bf she decided to get back at him by fucking the cabbie right there in the back seat! Hopefully you dig an English accent because this girl is straight up Londoner and she’s ready to get a little sweet revenge on her ex, and with those huge tits of hers out he’s more than willing to do the deed too and give her the taxi lift for free! I mean it’s the least he could do after slamming that top shelf pussy and getting his cock sucked…looks like he should be the one tipping her!

Emma Ohara


Youv’e gotta give this guy props for his technique of talking his girlfriend, sexy redhead Emma Ohara, into some anal in this hot scene…they were painting a room together and just like in the movies they started playing around, dabbing paint on each other and giggling and whatever, and decided it was high time to make a little love happen so they got naked and he started working her pussy over. He wanted to give her some backdoor loving but she was reluctant so he slipped a tiny paintbrush in, and she was like ‘hey thats not so bad’ and bent over for him, then he unleashed his big cock and tore that ass up! It’s the ol’ bait-and-switch technique and it worked out well for him here…I don’t know if they’ll ever finish painting that room though!

Niki Skyler


Check out this girl Niki Skyler in her little checkered bra…in some of these shots she looks like she’d be right at home on the wall of a hot rod garage on calendar page or something, she’s got that sexy sultry look and knows how to give good face along with that tight sexy body of hers! She pulls off her panties and her top to show off those nic round breasts and her firm little ass before slipping her fingers in her pussy, masturbating and fingering herself and spreading her long legs wide open so we get a perfect view of the proceedings. Niki loves how her body looks and she damn well knows we all love it too, and she doesn’t mind being watched while she plays with herself so hey it looks like it’s a win all around!

Inga Tan Lines


How about a little throwback to the recently departed summer with this photoshoot from Domai featuring the lovely Inga with her sweet tan lines? She’s hanging out in the forest, it looks like she’s leaning against a rocky cliff and one can only hope that she’s out in the open so any hiker lucky enough to be walking below could look up and see this naked hottie up against the rocks. She’s got that long dark hair, nice perky boobies and a deep glowing tan that sets off her pale tanlines, I guess Inga’s been doing some sunbathing on the beach in her bikini this summer from the looks of things! As the cold wet Autumn weather starts up it’s nice to look back at scenes like this to remember what the summer was like, hopefully you had a good one.

Spring Cleaning In July


Zishy spring cleaning

I wasn’t sure if I was going to put this photoshoot up since it’s not exactly in the normal Zishy format, but once I got a look at some of these pictures I knew I pretty much had to! The photographer did a little Spring Cleaning so to speak (even though it was Summer at the time), putting up a bunch of pictures that were either outtakes or shoots that were too short to be a full update or who knows what. You’ve got gorgeous girls here like Tilly Hannon, Jessie Andrews, Taylor Salem, Staci Silverstone, Madison Luvv and a few other hotties, so do yourself a favor and take a stroll through these b-sides and see what you think! Zishy is great at doing photoshoots that really let the models’ personality shine through and you definitely get that from these, and of course the girls are incredibly hot and love to tease with their sweet perfect tits and asses in public and in private, all the while leaving a little something to the imagination. I love em and I bet you will too!

Baby Oil


Nikki baby oil

What could be hotter than Nikki Sims looking all sexy and showing off those big full titties of hers? How about if she’s doing it while pouring baby oil on her skin and getting those same tittays all shined up! In this photoshoot from her own site she’s got on a tiny little white tanktop and a pair of itty bitty pink shorts that cling to that sweet ass of hers and ride up in front til she has a nice camel toe going, but all that is forgotten when she pours the baby oil on herself and soaks her shirt to transparent and soaks her shorts at the same time! She might not be the most adept at oil-pouring in the world but Nikki Sims is looking smokin hot in this set…hopefully she doesn’t try to stand up in that tub she’s laying in or she’ll be slipping all over the damn place! With those big breasts, perfect round ass and her gorgeous face Nikki always pleases but this time she’s gone the extra mile.



Anya on ftv girls

The first thing you’ll notice about Anya here is that she’s fucking gorgeous, of course…absolutely beautiful, tall, blue-eyed babe who is doing her very first adult scene and it’s on FTV Girls so you know you’ll be getting top notch photography and video quality of the occasion! Anyway I got distracted for a second, sorry about that. Anya is gorgeous with long legs, big perfect 34D boobs and an amazing ass, but buckle up your seatbelts parters because that’s not all this girl has going on, she’s got a sexy secret tucked away that she’s about to let you in on…as it turns out, Anya is a squirter! And not just any squirter, she absolutely drenches a park bench when she masturbates in public and then gives the floor a good spraying down when she heads back inside and whips out the vibraking toy! Anya is about to blow you away, I don’t know where FTV finds all these beautiful first timers but man they just keep delivering week after week, it’s pretty amazing if you ask me. You get to see Anya flashing her big perfect tits in public, posing with a supercar, fucking herself with a cucumber, fisting, and of course squirting as she hits orgasm after orgasm in what I personally think is one of the best and hottest FTV Girls updates in a long time, and I don’t say that lightly!

Serving Seduction


Serving seduction on x art

It’s like a fantasy come to life…this dude got home from a long hard day at the office and just wanted to relax with a drink and a cigar, which by itself would be a pretty relaxing and nice evening but the drink is brought to him by gorgeous half-Japanese stunner Marica in her sexy black lingerie so you know things are going to be hot as hell! This Asian knockout hands the guy his drink and he repays her kindness with a puff of smoke in the face, pretty cold business but I guess since these two are just doing some roleplaying it’s cool…X Art always has the hottest girls and Marica is smokin with her perfect perky breasts as she strips out of her lingerie and starts sucking the guy’s uncut cock, licking him up and down before going for a ride on his dick for this update called Serving Seduction! She certainly looks seductive as she slides that sweet shaved pussy up and down his shaft, then guides him into her ass for a little anal pounding as well…the guy tries to hold out but that perfect butt is just irresistable and soon he pulls out and shoots his load all over that lovely face of hers!

Dani and James


Dani Daniels and James Deen

Dani Daniels is looking pretty fuckable in this picture isn’t she?  She is actually done fucking at this point James Deen has already beat that perfect tight pussy of hers up threeways from Sunday.  Whatever that saying means… The two of them apparently are friends or something because this has a feel of like a fuck buddy situation.  They’re in some random hotel room and the video has a lot of talking about the bible of all things.  James starts off by eating out her pussy and fingering her and then when he fucks her he gives it to her very rough.  I imagine it’s the type of sex that Dani likes in her personal life and that’s why he is giving it to her like this.  She liked it though because after she had swallowed his load James asked if she wanted to do like a “real” video next time and she said no way she likes this way better.  This is the type if porn you will see on James’ site it’s way different then anything else.

Tea Time


Alright folks, time for another installment of Ernie’s House of Whoopass! Each and every day (well as often as I’ve checked, at least) Ernie busts out a daily digest of news and interesting general shit, and sprinkled into the mix is a dose of tits and ass so your brain and your dick are both entertained, who can ask for more than that. The pictures of ladies such as the blonde amateur above with the big juicy ass are like a treasure hunt in themselves as to how they fit in with what’s being talked about in the article…for instance can you find the reference in the thumbnail up there to Teekanne? I could, you blind bastards…look tear your eyes from that ass and look just west of the girl’s tits and you’ll find your little tea-Waldo. Ernie knows how to keep a guy’s attention as he clues you in on things like new motorcycle models, football, all kinds of random whatever that he runs across and gussies up for us. Keep fighting the good fight, Ernie, we’ll keep checking it out.

No Holes Left


Lorraine mack no holes left

Now cmon, if you saw a hardcore porn scene that had the title No Holes Left what would you think the content would be like? There would be a chick who got her mouth, pussy and ass all fucked right? That’s what I would think too but apparently Passion HD thinks otherwise because that doesn’t seem to be what happens with Lorraine Mack here…she gets a dick in the mouth and then in her wet tight pussy, but no anal that I saw and that’s just misleading if you ask me. Passion HD has so many hot scenes though and this girl Lorraine is smokin hot so I guess I’ll let it slide this time, but they need to stop playing with my emotions like this. Lorraine gets her panties slipped off by her man in the bathroom who proceeds to lick her up and down before leading her to the bed to finish the job, giving her pussy a nice thorough tongue-bath while she sucks his big fat cock and then bending her over to fuck that pussy from behind as he slaps against her sweet round ass! This girl is seriously smokin hot with a great body, and she gets fucked nice and hard in this shaved wet hole…they change position a few times, I think they enjoy it most when Lorraine is on her side in kind of a sideways doggystyle, then the guy pounds away before blasting a load that frosts her from pussy to neck to finish this hot scene off!

Real House Wife Hottie


Pure mature real housewife hottie

So I did the math and figured out that this is the ten thousandth Pure Mature scene for sexy blonde MILF Phoenix Marie, so let’s hear a nice big round of applause for reaching that milestone. Seriously they do have a nice little archive of her on the site, so if you’ve got a hankering for more of this real house wife hottie just go here and peruse the day away! In this update Phoenix is at home alone just relaxing on the couch one sunny morning with her hands all over her wet pussy, so basically the same as every morning for this babe…she’s there rubbing her clit and just waiting for her hunky horny neighbor to come by, which he does, and proceeds to lick and fuck that cunt of hers hard and deep and loud! This MILF loves a good deep dicking and she certainly gets that here, rocking and rolling with this hung fella and even sticking her legs behind her head to give him as much penetration as he can handle before he shoots his load all over her pussy!

Self Loving Massage


Hegre self loving massage

Come along for the journey as incredibly gorgoeus babe Charlotta takes some time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to get to know herself better in this Hegre Art video called Self Loving Massage! Charlotta is completely nude and lays on a yoga mat type table or something, exploring every inch of her body with her fingers and finding spots she didn’t even know she had that thrilled her with chills and shudders of pleasure…but that was nothing compared to the sensations she had with her favorite toy, the magic wand vibrator! Her eyes fluttered closed and her back arched as she moaned and brought herself to some huge orgasms, bringing us along with her to the peaks of pleasure as she made her clit sing. Figuratively speaking. This girl is incredibly beautiful with a perfect body, there’s just no other words for it…stunning from head to toe and without a hint of self-consciousness or shame about masturbating in front of us, it’s a beautiful scene and definitely worth checking out!



Amateur creampies cosima

Stunning blonde California chick Cosima looks absolutely gorgeous in this Amateur Creampies scene, and looks even taller than she actually is because of those long lovely legs…she’s got the look of a superstar and is ready to make a splash in the industry as she shimmies out of her little denim shorts, showing off that firm juicy ass and her lack of panties as she starts touching herself, masturbating her wet sweet pink pussy before the guy slides his cock inside! She masturbates pretty often but really what she loves is a good hard fuck so she’s pretty happy when this guy is ready to give her a nice pounding but first she’s gotta suck him off, taking that hard cock in her mouth and pulling her shirt up to let those nice titties out to play! Soon it’s time for the main event and Cosima is even hotter getting fucked than she was in her clothes…the guy slides deep into that pink wet hole and pounds away before shooting his load inside, giving her the creampie she’d been craving all day long!

Twenty Year Old Trouble


Gdp twenty year old trouble

Right off the bat this girl flashes her big beautiful smile and congratulations, you’re all in love. She’s 20 years young, and as the Girls Do Porn videographer says, she looks like trouble! She doesn’t exactly argue with that assessment either…soon we see just how much trouble she is as she strips down and unleashes a perfect tight beautiful body on the world in her very first adult video! She’s got those beautiful big 36C breasts that she apparently loves to play with as she gets fucked…watch her grab and cup those boobs as she rides on top of the guy in reverse cowgirl, it’s hot as hell. In fact just about everything about this girl is just stunning, but that’s what you get when you roll with Girls Do Porn! They don’t have any clunkers or off-weeks, it’s just incredible gorgeous amateurs with every update, I don’t even know how they manage to find all these hotties…every inch of this girl is sexy as hell but that smile of hers just pushes it over the edge, especially when her pretty eyes look up at us! Do yourself a favor and watch this hottie get her tight pussy pounded, you’ll thank me later.

Alli Rae


Allie rae for blacked

Sexy blonde knockout Alli Rae has been thinking about doing an interracial hardcore scene for awhile but hasn’t gotten up the gumption…until now! This sweet blonde hottie has a hankering for some big black dick and this guy is ready to make her wildest dreams cum true as he gives that pussy of hers the rocking of a lifetime in this Blacked scene! He fucks that tight wet pussy deep and hard and makes Alli orgasm right there on the couch…I mean who wouldn’t want to give that sweet pussy a pounding, Alli is fucking gorgeous and has a body you’ll be dreaming about for days! From the moment she starts walking around wearing just her skimpy little thong with that perfect ass moving back and forth you know it’s going to be a hell of a scene, and when this dude gets a look at that perfect nude body of hers as she swims in the pool he is already stiff and ready to fuck. Alli comes inside the house and drops her towel and gets every inch of her body quivering with anticipation and lust before giving in to the sensation of that big fat dick mortar-and-pestling her wet coochie while her big tits bounce with the rhythm until the guy blasts a big creamy load onto her for a nice facial finish!



Lexi for exg

Some girls just know how to present themselves…does that make sense? I mean like some chicks are just kinda meh, they’re hot or they’re not, but some girls have a kind of natural elegance and just hold themselves differently; they could be shoveling dogshit into a bucket and still look good somehow. That’s pretty much how Lexi here is, she’s tall and slender and elegant and just hot as hell from toe to tip even while she’s getting pounded doggystyle in this Exploited College Girls update. Long dark hair, long smooth sexy legs, sweet bouncy bubble butt and perky little petite titties, she could be a supermodel or something if she wasn’t busy getting her pussy tapped! Her vagina is already wet as the guy tugs off her panties and he wastes no time before slipping his cock into her mouth and then giving her a pussy pounding she won’t soon forget, and neither will we! She gets fucked nice and hard before getting a cumshot that sprays all over those small breasts and also onto her face, which she’s a little put out about I think because of her makeup and stuff…but hey, sometimes a facial is just in the cards and this is one of those times!

Sweet Sinner


So the name of this photoshoot is Sweet Sinner, I’m not sure if that’s just a description or if it’s the name of this hottie…I really hope it’s her name because it certainly describes her well, she has a very sweet look but if you catch a glimpse of those eyes you can tell she’s done some mighty naughty things and has plans to do plenty more! She slips out of her little black dress and shows off an incredible ass, not to mention a very nice pair of big boobs as she leans against a railing, fixing you with those seductively coy eyes before stripping completely naked and giving you a glimpse of thoat moderately hairy pussy! This girl has some incredibly sexy curves to her, nice round hips and of course a stunning face…she’s a sweet sinner for sure.

Brandy Smile


No don’t worry you haven’t eaten any brown acid or anything like that, it’s just Brandy Smile wearing her mind-boggling little hippy dress…it looks like Jackson Pollack and Dale Chihuly had a secret lovechild who got turned into a dress or something but soon Brandy slips it off and gets down to business for this hot photoshoot! She’s a horny blonde hottie with nice perky titties and a sweet little pink pussy that looks so tight you could make diamonds if you had a bag of charcoal and she’s masturbating for us in this set of photos, slipping a little vibrator in and out of that wet hole and driving herself crazy in the dining room right on the table! Can’t go wrong with a hot blonde fucking herself with a toy, especially when she’s got a nice firm ass like Brandy’s packing…

Franchesca Colucci


I’m pretty sure it’s a typo but apparently this Italian hottie’s name is Franchesca Colucci…I would have guessed Francesca but hey what do I know. I do know that it doesn’t matter a good goddamn what her name is when she’s got a body like this, that’s for sure! Franchesca here is in her sexy white lingerie complete with garter belt and sheer thigh high nylons and she’s looking hot as lava as she slowly strips down by the window until she has just her little panties on…maybe she’s showing off for a horny voyeur neighbor or something, flashing those sweet full titties and that nice round juicy ass to drive them crazy from afar, or maybe she just enjoys having us in the room watching as she takes off all her undies!

Aspen Rae


Aspen Rae…a beautiful name for a beautiful woman! In this photoshoot Aspen has come over for a little afternoon fun, and she brought her sexy black lingerie along with her! Her body looks incredible in those lacy black panties and bra and thigh high sheer nylon stockings but just you wait until she starts stripping down nude, showing off a perfect ass and spreading her tight pink pussy as she masturbates for us! Aspen loves a good hard fuck but when there’s no dick around she goes for the next best thing, namely herself…watch her finger that tight wet hole as she closes her eyes in ecstasy, fantasizing about some lucky dude coming by and giving her sweet pussy the pounding she’s been after! Keep an eye out for when she rolls over onto her stomach with her ass up, looking over the shoulder with a look that says ‘get your ass in here and fuck me doggystyle’!

Busty MILF Blowjob


I’m not sure what the name of this horny redhead MILF is but she definitely earns the MILF title as she shows off those long sexy legs and her huge bouncy titties in a tiny tight little white dress as this guy watches! Soon she invites him to join her for some fun and drops to her knees, getting those big boobs out before licking and sucking his cock in a nice blowjob. Who knows where the day took these two, all we get to see is the oral sex but hey with her titties out and one hand between her thighs and the guy’s hard cock in her hands I’d imagine they had plenty of fun throughout the afternoon! If you’re into sexy mature babes this ginger is a win all around, especially if you’ve got a soft spot for huge breasts. Basically if you’ve got two eyes and a dick you’re going to be all about this photoshoot, is what I’m trying to say here.

Samantha Gets Some


So Samantha Saint here went on vacation and was expecting to get laid.  She just couldn’t get any dick when she was away and you can imagine she wasn’t very happy about this.  So when she comes back to the office and see’s that her employee is just sitting around playing fake drums pretty much doing nothing.  She isn’t impressed with him at all and he see’s that something is definitely up his bosses ass because she is being a complete bitch.  She ends up telling him that well she didn’t get laid of vacation.  So he jokingly said that he fix that problem for her.  She thought about it for a second and then she was like yea, you can help me with that.  So she opens up her legs and tells him to get to work licking on her pussy.  She enjoys the head but she is there for the dick so she bends over and lets her employee getting drill her until he cums.  This scene is from Naughty Office a site you get access to through Naughty America.



Cchd lexi

I read somewhere that redheads are getting more and more scarce and that since it’s a recessive gene it’s basically inevitable that at some point there will be none left! That’s a damn shame if you ask me because then we won’t have any sexy gingers like Lexi here running around…well I guess some girls dye their hair red but that’s just not the same. Anyway this chick shows up at the door for Casting Couch HD to try out for a role as a backup dancer in a hiphop music video and either she’s gullible as all hell or else she saw right through the ruse because it didn’t take a lot of convincing to get Lexi to strip down and start giving the cameraman a nice blowjob! She sucked his cock before bending over with that perfect ass in the air to get her pussy filled up with big black cock, but he wasn’t satisfied with just that juicy vag, he wanted that booty! He gave her a bit of an anal pounding but having that huge dick in her ass was just too much I guess because soon she had him back in her twat to continue rearranging her insides before he shot his creamy load all over those freckles for a facial finish.

Remy LaCroix


Remy lacroix sex boss pov

Feast your eyes on the wonder that is the perfect butt of Remy LaCroix…behold, mortal, and tremble! Or just unzip and whack off or something, same thing. This is another hot update from Sex Boss POV as Remy goes to town on herself in front of a background straight out of middle-school class picture day, flashing her perky titties and turning around to give us a taste of that amazing oiled up ass and her tight pink pussy. She lets you know exactly what she wants done to her and then demonstrates, going for a ride on this big fake dick until she has a shuddering moaning orgasm! Since this is SBPOV it’s really intended for mobile and tablet devices, so make sure you take a look on your phone if you want to get the full effect…just imagine bringing a naked horny masturbating Remy LaCroix along in your pocket to that next big board meeting! Just don’t let the CEO see it, he’ll be pissed. Or worse, super horny.

Likes 12 Inches


This girl could only get dick really in one place and that’s porn.  In the interview she did with Bang Bros she was asked what size she preferred.  The balls on this girl, she prefers a 12 inch dick.  She wants a fucking ruler fucking her.  Well this guy is hung but still not 12 inches, but I am pretty sure she liked what she was getting.  Sarai here is a beautiful black chick with some nice full tits.  I don’t really think they’re huge or anything but you have to admit they are pretty big tits for the petite little body she has.  She is all shaved on her pussy and she has a pretty cute face too.  She has that attitude like she is innocent and not a real deal slut but as soon as a dick is in her that’s what she flips the switch.  She was it hard and deep and she isn’t afraid to let the guy know.  The two of them fuck in a bunch of different positions that you are going to like.  This scene actually comes from Bang Bros and it’s part of a new site that they are putting out called Ho In Headlights.  I guess it suppose to be like their “first timer” site.  The girls who are just starting in porn they get the ho in headlights look when they camera’s first come on.

Cant Let Go with Miu


Miu x art cant let go

Well, X Art has done it yet again…they brought in another gorgeous Czech babe to blow you away with her sexiness, this time it’s lovely Miu doing the honors in this introductory photoshoot called Can’t Let Go! Apparently Miu means ‘Beautiful Feather’, not sure what language that’s in but hey, it’s a pretty name and she’s definitely a pretty woman…in this photoshoot she’s relaxing on the couch in what is in my opinion the sexiest outfit a woman can wear, namely a white tank top and a pair of white panties! Nothing fancy, just simple and easy to remove and fucking hot as hell especially when the girl has a body as smokin hot as Miu does…check out those nice perky titties of hers, not to mention that perfect ass as she rolls around on the couch slowly getting more and more naked! This girl is a stunner and I’m already looking forward to seeing more of her from X Art, and I bet you guys are too am I right?

Naughty And Nice


Nikki belle dare dorm sweater party

Well, to be honest, checking out this Dare Dorm submission I saw a whole lot of naughty and not much nice…but that works out pretty well if you ask me! These college kids are having an Ugly Xmas Sweater party and some of the girls look damn hot in them…of course that might just be because all they’re wearing is the sweaters, no pants or panties down south! Soon everyone starts making out and this one naughty elf gets the bright idea of giving Santa a blowjob and at that point man all bets are off…luckily one of the people at the party had the cameras rolling so we get to watch all the college girl tits and asses all over the place and this sexy brunette Nikki Bell sucking and fucking this dude dressed up as Santa (who hopefully gets some little blue pills in his christmas stocking if you know what I mean)…I bet she’s his favorite present to unwrap!

Angel Allwood and Dakota James


Angelallwood mbt

After Angel Allwood dropped off her husband at the airport it was time to get into some trouble as she teamed up with her stepdaughter Dakota James in this hot update from the Reality Kings network site Moms Bang Teens! These two have seduced many a man with their combined forces and have it down to a science…they stalked their prey and then pounced and this poor chump had no chance as they brought him back to the house and took turns sucking and fucking him all night long! These two are like Voltron when they get together, they’re stronger than the sum of the parts as they take this guy’s dick in their mouths, play with each others’ big tits, and even lick each others pussy like lesbians while the dude pounds away at whoever has her perfect ass in the air! Two blonde troublemakers ready to get whatever guy they want into the bedroom and fuck his brains out…man oh man. The name of this update is Sexual Attraction and you’ll be feeling plenty of that as Angel and Dakota get naked and get fucked!

Beer Can Bingo


Welcome to another installment of Ernie’s House of Whoopass as you get your daily fix of the news with a few pictures of sexy amateurs thrown in for good measure! As always Ernie talks about the beer in the photo above instead of talking about that big round sexy ass in our face, but hey that’s what I’m here for. She also apparently sticks her cigarette in her can tab which is pretty gross if you ask me, what if you forget it’s there and just straight up stick your lit cigarette in your eye when you try to take a sip? Especially after eight or nine of those beers and double-especially if there’s a hot blonde around showing off her badonkadonk like there is in this picture. Anyway Ernie always talks about some fun stuff, not just useless celebrity gossip like most sites but about shit that is actually worth reading about, it’s a fun time and it’s out like every day so if you have your phone and are sitting on the toilet or something it’s perfect…just don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.

Video Vixen Sabrina Banks


Phd sabrina banks video vixen

Unbuckle those pants and get ready for the return of smokin hot honey Sabrina Banks on Passion HD! She’s dipping her hand into her own jeans at the beginning of this update, masturbating while her man records it on his DSLR…remember when you used to have to have a huge VCR tape recorder on your shoulder to take those kinds of movies? Anyway, Sabrina looks hot as hell with those perky titties as she heads upstairs, grabbing her man’s stiff cock and sucking him like his dick was a straw in a delicious milkshake. She went for a ride on that cock with a finger up her ass, she loves having all her holes played with at the same time…this Passion HD scene is called Video Vixen and Sabrina definitely looks great on film, and I’m sure even better in person with that perfect tight ass in the air moaning as she orgasms from getting her pussy pounded before getting a nice big facial to put a happy end on her home video extravaganza.

Sofia Rivera


Sexy MILF Sofia Rivera knows a thing or two about taking care of a big thick dick, so when her stepdaughter was having some relationship problems Sofia was more than happy to lend a helping hand! And a helping pussy! She gives her stepdaughter a couple lessons in how to suck and lick and deepthroat a big fat dick before hopping up on board and riding that dick nice and hard. This is from a site on the Bang Bros network, it’s called Stepmom Videos and hey if you’re a fan of hot horny MILF babes sucking and fucking dick and teaching their stepdaughters how to please a man, this is gonna be right up your alley!



Sexy Corinne here has a body that is made out of dreams and unicorn giggles, from the looks of things…she’s got big perfect breasts, a nice perfect ass, sexy hips and legs, and a supermodel knockout face! She’s got some nice hardwood floors in the house which don’t look all that comfortable if you ask me but Corinne gets around that by, well, by putting a towel down or something. I don’t really see how that would help the comfort levels but hey, Corinne seems to know what she’s doing so to hell with it! Nobody’s going to argue with this hottie, if she wants to lay on the damn floor she can do it all day long especially if she’s totally naked like she is here in this photoset.

Angie C


Get ready for a pair of incredible tits…Angie C here is hanging out in bed in her lacy black lingerie flashing that sexy smile of hers! She’s got an incredible body and knows it, shaking her big round titties around and flashing her sweet tight butt as she lifts her legs up in the air. The look in those eyes isn’t something that can ever be taught, she’s just got some kind of natural hotness…and of course her big boobs don’t hurt either! Great butt, great boobs, stunning face, long glossy dark hair, Angie is just incredible from head to toe.

Jess Davies


Sexy Jess Davies loves being outside in nature but also loves putting on her kinky fetish outfit with a corset and thigh high stockings and tiny black thong, so in this photoshoot from this is Glamour she combined the two, showing off her goods right outside the house on the driveway! This blonde hottie is sexy and sultry as hell and looks like she knows her way around a whip, maybe either end of it…only one way to find out, if you’ve got the guts! Man those big tits of hers are pretty stunning, not to mention her badonkadonk booty and those sexy hips…what a hottie. The house looks like it’s out in the middle of nowhere but how would you like to be her neighbor and see this horny blonde honey out in the driveway looking like this?

Katie Banks


Sometimes a girl’s just gotta do what she’s gotta do, regardless of where it happens to be! That’s what happens with Katie Banks here, she just got incredible horny while walking down the street and decided hell with it, time to masturbate and she didnt care who saw her doing it. She just sat on the curb, pulled up her skirt, tugged off her little thong panties and went to town on her pussy, fingering and tickling and then fucking herself with the emergency vibrator she always keeps in her purse! She even got those big tits of hers out, which I’m sure brightened up some days as guys drove by on their way to work. Katie is just insatiable and apparently doesn’t mind being watched in public as she sweetens her pie!

Teen Thigh Gap


Emily grey fantasy hd thigh gap

Can you imagine seeing Emily Grey shaking that perfect ass right in your face and grinding her pussy on your lap? Well make your fantasies come true in this update from the site that excels in doing just that, Fantasy HD! Emily has that Teen Thigh Gap between her legs that is like a magic portal of sexiness…add to that the fact that she’s got her sexy black sheer thigh high nylon stockings on and you’re about to get a lesson in hotness you’ll never forget. Watch this stunner get her pussy licked and pounded, her lucky boyfriend slamming into her tight wet hole from behind again and again to make her moan and arch her back and buck her hips…finally she takes the guy’s load of jizz in her mouth, then lets it spill out like a cum cascade! That ending is a little weird or unexpected I guess, so I figured I’d mention it so you don’t get skeeved out when she starts splooshing man-cream out of her mouth. This is Emily’s second time on the site and she looks just incredible again…I’ve gotta admit, I think she’s one of the hottest models on Fantasy HD but that’s just my opinion, even if it happens to be a scientific fact!

Touching Tali Dova


Tali dova tlhc

So it turns out that Teens Love Huge Cocks…I know, it sounds crazy but hear me out! Just check out Tali Dova here, a tall beautiful skinny teen with nice perk round titties and a pussy that begs to be filled up with big hard dick…she has been looking around for a nice long thick cock but every time she thinks she finds the right guy he turns out to be packing chapstick and that just won’t do! Well good news Tali, you came to the right place because this guy has a huge meat stick and he’s ready to fuck the hell out of her tight little pussy while we watch in this hot scene called Touching Tali! You’ll fall in love with those eyes of hers but you don’t stand a chance of getting in this chick’s pants unless you’re packing a cock the size of her forearm like this guy…well at least we get to watch, am I right?

Lets Get Physical


Phd lets get physical threesome

Alright guys and gals, let’s get physical! No don’t worry it’s not time to go sweat off those doritos at the gym, it’s time to enjoy a hot threesome update from Passion HD starring blonde cutie Alexa Grace and the incredible Dillion Harper! The girls were sharing a lollipop and letting their tongues touch just a bit before pouncing on each other, making out and licking pussy like starving lesbians but then their guy pal showed up and whipped out his cock to turn this sapphic scene into a hardcore threesome! The girls took turns fucking that big dick of his, making it a moanfest as he plunged into those two perfect pussies again and again until he finally shot his load in Alexa’s wet hole for a nice creampie! Dillion wasn’t about to miss out on the jizz though so she lapped it up right off of that pussy to finish off this hot scene.



Brielle on brcc

When you think of girls in porn you usually think immediately of whether they have nice tits, am I right? Well how about the smile…this girl Brielle showed up at the Backroom Casting Couch studios and was immediately flashing that beautiful open grin and just seeming like a total sweetheart…PLUS she’s got nice tits. And a cute tight butt, by the way…keep an eye out for that booty, it comes into play later on. Anyway this redhead hottie is 20, cute as hell, great body and a desire to make it in the adult industry so she strips down and shows off her perky titties before spreading her legs on the couch and rubbing her pussy, masturbating for the camera and stroking her breasts with the other hand. Already hot. Of course she has to show the blowjob skills so she sucks the guy’s cock for awhile before getting bent over the table and having her pussy pounded…somehow she continues to look cute and sexy as hell even bent over with a dick in her twat, it’s a rare talent if you ask me! The casting director has had an eye on that sweet butt of hers since she walked in though and soon he has her on her hands and knees getting lubed up so he can shove his cock into her ass for a nice anal pounding, giving her butt a workout before he shot his load inside for an anal creampie finish! And still Brielle has a smile on her face. Amazing girl.

Sofia Rivera Girl Worships Cock


Sofia rivers on povd

There are plenty of girls out there (especially in the adult industry) who love to get fucked, but there are definitely only a select few who truly love the dick…most will just sort of play with it and maybe suck it and fuck it but Sofia Rivera, now that girl worships cock! In this POVD scene she uses every inch of her sexy body to pleasure her man, from rubbing her big tits on his dick to licking and deepthoating and even using one of those toy sleeve things to pump up and down and make the guy go crazy with desire! It wouldn’t be a POVD scene without a hot first person fuck scene though and of course Sofia loves to get pounded so she spreads her legs here to get that hairy pussy drilled with a smile! I don’t think they put the high quality video on their trailers but man, the full members’ area vids are incredible…crystal clear with high quality 3d sound, it’s nuts. Turn the lights off and it’s seriously like you’re there in the room fucking Sofia Rivera, bending her over with that sexy round Latina ass in the air as you slide into her dripping wet fuck hole!

Dani Daniels and Anikka Albrite


Dani and anikka share a cock

Man oh man…once Dani Daniels got a taste of big black dick for the first time she dove right in, didn’t she! She’s done a couple of updates for Blacked now and is having a blast giving these huge dark dicks a roll in the hay…but she’s not greedy about it, there’s more than enough dick to go around and she’s definitely willing to share this guy with her sexy blonde girlfriend Anikka Albrite in this hot threesome hardcore scene! Anikka and Dani both help undress the guy and then take turns licking and sucking that massive man-meat, and when Anikka bends over to eat pussy like a lesbian the guy takes the opportunity to slide that big cock deep in her pussy and make her moan right into Dani’s cunt! Both of these ladies look amazing with perfect tits, perfect asses and raging libidos that demand the full attention of this guy’s prong…but it’s nice that they’re willing to share.

Xyla Attacks


Nvg xyla attacks orgy

Alright boys buckle up your seatbelt because this is quite possibly the hottest video Net Video Girls has ever released! I always dig the Attack series where they get a girl who’s been on the site before to come back and help ‘break in’ a new girl (or in this case, two girls). The idea of the site is that the girls are auditioning for a calendar photoshoot modeling job but first they’ve gotta prove they have what it takes, and of course that involves getting naked, showing off their bodies and sucking and fucking this dude’s big hard cock! There’s no actual modeling job but they don’t learn that til much later…Xyla here has been on the site before already so she knows the deal, but she and her two gorgeous girlfriends are ready to give the audition of a lifetime! Donna and Luna both look amazing…Luna has eyes that will be in your dreams tonight I guarantee and all three of these girls have incredible bodies. Donna has a perfect pussy, Luna loves to show her perky boobies and all three of them love to get pounded, so once the clothes come off it’s pretty much an instant orgy! These two newbies don’t take much convincing before they’re both naked and making out and licking pussy like lesbians while the other girl licks and sucks and gets pounded by that big dick. Then they all trade positions and the fun keeps on going! The fact that Donna is a dead ringer for Megan Fox doesn’t hurt matters either…

Massage Me Part 3


Keisha grey massage me 3

Teen Fidelity has been coming fast and furious with the Massage Me series lately, this is Part 3 and it features sexy brunette Keisha Grey…you might remember her from a previous update on the site and of course that one was hot as hell but Keisha really wanted to experience the famous Ryan Madison Massage so she got those big titties and that juicy ass out for him to oil up and rub down! Of course his cock is part of the deal too so after he got his hands on her big soft boobs he started poking his dick down her throat, she enjoyed that internal mouth massage quite a bit and then spread her legs to get that wet pink pussy fucked nice and deep! This is maybe my favorite of the Massage Me series so far but see for yourself, you can check out Part 1 and Part 2 to do a little ‘research’ on your own. Keisha looks fantastic and has a blast getting pounded by Ryan’s fuck-stick, moaning and grabbing her breasts and getting a nice big load shot inside for a creampie finish to this hot rubdown.

Kimberly Kendall


Kimberly kendall pf

Horny big breasted hottie Kimberly Kendall started out this Porn Fidelity update flashing those bouncy round boobs and that big juicy booty, but a little teasing isn’t going to do it for this chick…she’s a dirty girl for sure, and in fact this is Part 2 of the Porn Fidelity Dirty Girl series! Kimberly gets her big boobs grabbed by Ryan Madison and goes for a mouth-ride on his dick before hopping up and taking a nice hard ride on it! With her long dark hair and sweet sexy booty this girl is hot as hell and knows it, but I don’t know if she’s ever had a deep dicking like this one! Ryan Madison knows how to rock that sweet voluptuous body of hers, holding Kimberly down by the neck as he pounds away at her hole. After he shoots his load of cum inside her cunt for a nice creampie finish this hottie proves her Dirty Girl status by dipping a finger inside to sample the goods, closing her eyes in pleasure as she licked his cum off her fingertips!

Latina Euro Trip


Xpawn think mink

This hot Latina girl Amber showed up at the XXX Pawn shop to try to unload a coat, she needed cash with a quickness for a trip to Europe and figured hocking her grandma’s old coat was a good way to rake in some money. Unfortunately it turned out to be synthetic mink and was basically worthless! Fortunately the pawnshop guy had a ‘big heart’ so he offered her a different deal, he’d slide her some coin for her trip if she’d head to the back room with him to suck and fuck that big fat cock he’s got swinging in his pants! She was in a tight spot so of course she said yes, either that or she just has a soft spot for big dick…either way she made the trip to the back office and proceeded to rock that cock, bending over the desk with that cute Latina booty in the air to get her sweet tight college girl pussy pounded from behind before taking a facial! He made it rain money after making it rain cum on her, but this hottie definitely had to work for that plane ticket.

Jezabel Vessir Round and Brown


I think this girl Jezabel Vessir is like super hot, I mean big natural black titties like this how can you not love them?  I however have already watched a scene of and well she doesn’t put that much effort into her porn scenes.  She is kind of just like a dead fish and gives off that air that she doesn’t want to be there.  Well I am happy to report that this newest scene that she did for Round and Brown is much much better.  She still isn’t there yet but she is getting close.  If she can just get that pornstar attitude she could be the biggest black pornstar in the whole world don’t you think?  She has such a beautiful exotic look and I mean those titties of hers just couldn’t be any better.  In this scene you get to see her taking a bath massaging on her big naturals and then she dresses up into a really sexy hot pink net outfit.  It looks really good against her dark skin and she goes out into the living room where there is a big cock waiting to fuck her.

Franceska Jaimes With Toppings


Fucking with little pits of candy sprinkled on to syrup or chocolate sauce just seems dangerous to me and not even sexy.  If that gets in her pussy I mean it’s not going to make it sweeter it’s just going to be like fucking sand paper or pussy with pebbles in it that doesn’t sound good to me.  That’s what Bang Bros did in this scene though they put Franceska Jaimes in a whole bunch of toppings that would like go on a cake or something and then filmed a sex scene with her.  Maybe because they were doing a creampie ending they decided to dress her up like a creampie, that work?  Anyways if for some reason you have a food fetish you’re going to love this video, if you are just a normal porn watcher like the rest of us seeing Franceska getting cum inside of her pussy is the reason we’re watching it.  Bang Bros doesn’t always do creampie scenes but when they do man are they good.  The video just came out today so it’s as fresh as it gets, I hope you enjoy!

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