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Ashley for casting couch hd

Sexy amateur Ashley here started things off on the wrong foot when she showed up at her Casting Couch HD audition like 3 hours late, maybe that’s why she looked so apologetic throughout this whole update! It probably also worked out in favor of the fake casting director because Ashley was willing to show she was sorry for being so unprofessional and had to make up for lost ground so to speak, so talking her out of her clothes and onto the guy’s big thick black dick was a snap! She had been auditioning for a dancer gig in a hiphop video but once her clothes came off she was basically auditioning to be this guy’s cock-warmer for the afternoon…this platinum blonde has a hell of a body with pierced nipples on her perky titties and a fantastic ass, so the dude takes his time fucking that pussy from behind so we can get a nice view of her sexy round booty! Ashley did a great job getting fucked, she looks like a lot of fun, and ended up taking the guy’s big load of cum in her mouth to swallow down to finish off this update. By the end of her session she might realize the hiphop video thing was a red herring but who knows? Sometimes the ladies love the deep dicking they get so much that they come back again to help show a new girl the ropes, so to speak! Hopefully Ashley will be back, I know we’d all love to see that ass again.

Anal MILF Swinger


Anal milf swinger mom pov

We’ve got a true MILF here today…she’s 51 years old, significantly older than most of the women on the site, but this woman is beautiful and open and sexually adventurous, not to mention horny as hell! She’s a good friend of the Leggy MILF Swinger we shows you not long ago from Mom POV, and hopefully they’ll be into doing a set together sometime! For now though this 51 year old beauty is on her own…she introduces herself and talks about some of the things she’s into, such as living in the Swinger lifestyle and having fun with rope bondage (she brought her handcuffs with her to the shoot!) and just talking about some of the sexy things she likes to do. Soon though it’s time to get down to business so she strips down, showing off a pair of surprisingly perky breasts and a nice round juicy ass as she drops to her knees, giving that big dick a nice blowjob! I don’t think she gets her handcuffs involved but it’s a red hot hardcore fuck session as she gets that nicely trimmed pussy of hers fingered and pounded before oiling up her ass and taking the guy’s dick in her back door for a hard anal pounding as well! Mom POV is the perfect site for this swinging hottie and I can’t wait til she comes back for more fun.

The Crush


Aries crush on black gfs

This curvy ebony hottie Aries was just hanging out on the bed working on some homework or something with her titties bouncing around in her tank top…she looked cute as hell and I guess her boyfriend thought so too because he grabbed his video recorder and started begging her to do a sextape with him! Aries wasn’t interested at first but he kept persisting, complimenting her on her hotness and of course on her tits, asking for just a peek at those boobs and her big round sweet ass…after flashing a little for the camera she started getting into the idea and soon she was getting that shaved black pussy of hers pounded with her juicy boundy titties dancing around with every thrust of his hard cock! The footage got sent in to Black GFs for this update called The Crush, either he just had the bright idea to send it in for fun or she got off on the idea of the public watching her get naked and get fucked, I guess either way is equally likely. She took his cock between those big soft breasts and eventually he busted his nut all over her tits, can’t say I blame him for that one!

AJ Applegate


Aj applegate look inside in the crack

Have you ever wanted to get a nice closeup look inside the pussy of a beautiful horny pornstar like AJ Applegate? Well in this photoshoot for In The Crack she’s inviting you to get in sniffing distance of that sweet gash of hers, spreading her legs and using a speculum to give you a glimpse where the sun don’t shine! First she gives that pussy of hers a workout though, penetrating herself on a free-standing dildo attached to a floor cushion thing…it has a spot for her knees so she can just kneel over it, lowing that tight pink vagina up and down on the dick! She loves to masturbate and loves an audience, so getting close up and personal to that cunt of hers is turning her on pretty strong…AJ has a dream of a body with those nice small perky breasts and her round juicy booty that she gets up in the air for us! Every inch of that beautiful nude body of hers is on display here as she fucks herself and just relaxes on the kitchen counter…she looks like she’d like nothing better than to have someone under that snatch, licking her clit as she goes for a moustache ride!



Ecg angela

I don’t know what it is but that combination you see above is just unspeakably sexy…I know most women prefer to have a matching set of bra and panties but if you ask me, a little mix-and-match like Angela here is sporting is way hotter. Anyway, Angela is ready to make a bit of extra cash here on Exploited College Girls as she strips down and lets out her inner cumslut! She’s a midwestern blonde 21 year old hottie with cute perky a-cup titties and a butt you could bounce pocket change off of and she looks innocent and inexperienced at first glance but once she starts deepthroating this dude’s big dick you’ll see her true form! Angela just plain loves getting pounded and is already wet in her pussy when she strips down naked on the bed for Jay to play with her snooch. Soon he’s got her cumming all over the place by way of his fingers and some toys and that’s before he even gives her hole a pounding! This cute petite blonde is fucking adorable and sexy as hell, and I think the dude doing the fucking in this ECG update kinda fell for her a bit. Are those wedding bells I hear? It’s hard to tell over the sound of Angela having these massive moaning orgasms.

Fucking Ballerinas


X art fucking ballerinas jessica

Fucking ballerinas should be left to the experts, such as dudes who are also dancers…they’re the only ones with the strength and endurance to handle these women! Jessica here is a gorgeous example of what I’m talking about…she’s beautiful, flexible and supple and I would think that any normal dude would get fucked into the ground if he tried to make love with this hottie! This X Art update brings you along when Jessica and her man go on a little staycation, hanging out at the house with little or no clothing involved as they make love in basically every room of their house. Check it out as Jessica hangs out by the pool at sunset, slinging water out of her hair and arching her back as she dances around the pool, silhouetted by the setting sun! After their swimming pool fun they headed to the bedroom to make love, passionately kissing as the X Art cameras rolled…and did I mention Jessica ends up taking a load of cum in her pussy for a creampie finish? Well now I HAVE mentioned it!

Samantha Hayes


Povd nice rack samantha hayes

Now THAT is a nice rack! I’m talking about the pool balls of course, they got racked nice and tight and made for a good break for Samantha Hayes and her man when they played a few games. Alright alright I’m just kidding, I was actually talking about those sweet perfect titties of hers! She was trying to line up a shot when her man lifted up her dress to reveal that tight firm little ass in her thong panties…soon she was up on the table getting her tight pussy licked and tongued, then taking her man’s big thick dick in her mouth for a nice blowjob! This is a POVD update too so it’s all in first person perspective, and man Samantha is perfect for the site…she’s gorgeous for one thing and has a body made out of dreams and smiles as she gets her pussy pounded in this hot hardcore fuck scene! I thought at first they were playing for high stakes so to speak but from the looks of things they didn’t even finish their game, the guy just got too distracted by that ass and Samantha got too distracted by his huge thick dick and just had to get it in her hole. The guy pounded her deep and hard on the table and on the couch before giving her a nice facial, getting most of it in her mouth for her to swallow down and finish off her first POVD hardcore scene. Now if she would just put a little clearasil on that ass of hers…

Valerie Cormier


If you’re already sick of the cold wet Winter weather you might want to pay extra close attention to this photoshoot featuring the lovely busty Valerie Cormier…it’ll bring back plenty of hot Summer memories and for a few minutes maybe make you forget that it’s icy and shitty outside! Valerie is hanging out by the pool on a rocky waterfall ledge, letting the warm water cascade over those perfect big tits as she gets her top soaked in a one-woman wet tshirt contest that she already won before she even started. Those big breasts of hers are incredible and she knows it, and loves teasing as she pulls the sheer white fabric tight over her nipples as they try to bust out into the open! This girl just loves getting wet and enjoying a beautiful warm sunny day, and we’re all invited along for the fun.



Meet Bianka, a gorgeous sexy Latina babe who barely speaks a lick of English but is ready to hit it big in the adult world! She says she doesn’t just have sex in her scenes she makes love, and from the looks of things that’s pretty accurate…she’s on Bang Bros here though and they’re not exactly the most gentle of lovers if you know what I mean! Bianka has those huge perfect breasts and a face that would stop traffic, and she loves getting her ass played with and penetrated while she gets her clit licked up and down! She also of course gives a magnificent blowjob, I don’t know where she learned her techniques but it was probably south of the border if you know what I mean…get it? Anyway, enjoy this scene of Bianka getting fucked by this dude’s big hard cock and having her pussy eaten out!

Cassidy Banks


Stunning babe Cassidy Banks stars in this Brazzers shoot showing off those big perfect tits of hers in her burgundy bra…her sister in law was having a fight with her husband and Cassidy didn’t help matters any by coming out of the shower with a towel around her waist flashing those titties at him! Soon Cassidy had the guy’s cock in her mouth while her sister took a nap, and sucked him off before going for a ride on that big hard dick…this girl looks incredible in clothes and even better naked and even better than THAT naked with a dick buried in her sweet wet pussy or between her big full breasts!

Big Amateur Tits


You might think this chick has no chance in a wet tshirt contest but man when that shirt comes off you’ll see why she got to the final round of judging! Big juicy natural breasts on a cute amateur girl, can’t go wrong there…I mean personally I’d give the nod to the cute blonde chick in red panties next to her but this curvy girl’s big boobs are definitely for the win. Looks like I’ve been going to all the wrong bars apparently, that’s the other thing I picked up from this photoshoot…I don’t think the bars I frequent EVER have wet tshirt contests and there are some regulars there with some magnificent titties, I tell you what. Well, at least in my mind’s eye they’re magnificent, maybe once they’re unleashed they just look like a rotten grapefruit with a slice of bologna on it.

Capri Cavanni


Man I just can’t get over the body that Capri Cavanni is packing…every photoshoot and every video she’s in she looks amazing and this photoset here is no exception! Capri has on a set of sexy black lingerie that sort of straps in a spiderweb around her waist for the garter belt and her big round perfect titties are barely held in check by her sexy black bra…at least at first! Soon she can’t resist letting those big boobs out to play, grabbing and squeezing them together as she slowly undresses until she’s just wearing a pair of sheer black nylon thigh high stockings, spreading her legs wide open to give a nice good look at that tight pink perfect pussy. She even fingers herself a bit in this shoot, I guess all this nudity is turning her on but fierce!

Tori Taylor Brown Bunnies


I thick errr… THINK you guys are going to like what I got for you here.  It’s a beautiful black woman named Tori Taylor and I was looking at her Bang Bros profile and this girl has done a BUNCH of different scenes for them you can .  I got to say she looks better then she did in past Bang Bros scenes.  It looks like she has lost a little bit of weight but she kept that huge black ass of hers.  She also has some big natural titties that are flapping as she is fucked by this guys big black dick.  The scene was shot for Brown Bunnies a Bang Bros site that is dedicated to black girls only so if you like black chicks you got yourself a site that you just need to see.  Her hair is looking better I mean everything is so you can check out her old scenes but this one is way better then those.

Shannyn Xo In Her Teddy


So this is actually a brand new site that came out and it’s of a girl named Shannyn Xo.  She is one of those blonde babes with just the perfect body.  I am not sure if this girl is running a non nude site, or if the promo material that I am given doesn’t do any nudity.  So there is a lot that we have to gather from these pictures and the first being whether her tits are real or fake…  I am leaning towards fake with just this picture right here.  It could be that bra holding up those titties to look fake but man just from the looks.  She has a very nice body and in this scene she is in a teddy and some sheer panties.  You can see just the top of her pussy in this image but other then that she isn’t giving up much, guess you guys are just going to have to become a member.



Paris for net video girls

I’m always a little disappointed when Net Video Girls has an update that skips the introduction…sometimes that can be pretty interesting, seeing how the guy skilfully convinces these amateur hotties that they’re at the studio auditioning for a calendar shoot or whatever instead of what they’re actually doing, which is getting naked and getting fucked on camera for the site! Paris here is an example, the first we see of her she’s already at the panties-flashing stage, but hey I’ll let it slide this time because this girl is sexy as hell! She’s got a gorgeous face, nice big juicy titties and a VERY nice ass and she puts them all to work here on Net Video Girls to show she’s got what it takes to shoot that ol’ calendar. I assume that once she was naked and the cameraman was whipping out his dick she started to suspect that the calendar might not be quite on the up and up but hey, she was horny as hell and figured she might as well get that wet pussy pounded! We may or may not see this hottie back again for another hot fuck session but just remember, we’ll always have Paris. Get it? If not, go watch some movies until you do.

College Student Banged


College student banged xxx pawn

It can be pretty tough managing bills and the cost of living as a broke-ass college student, especially if you’re living away from home for the first time and are just figuring out how damn much every little thing can cost! That’s the case for this hot college student who came into the XXX Pawn shop to try and hock her books, but unfortunately it turns out the book market isn’t red hot right now and she was only offered a hundred bucks. She didn’t know what to do but the guy made her a better offer, putting $500 on the table if she was willing to give up that nice round sexy ass of hers! She was reluctant but times are tough so she was at least willing to think about it, and when she got a look at his huge hard cock she was a little more willing if you catch my drift! This girl is cute as hell too as she takes that big cock in her mouth, sucking him off before sitting on his lap and going for a ride…she got her tight sexy nubile body worked, taking a deep hard pounding in that tight pussy before getting on her knees for a big cream facial! Good thing she was wearing her glasses, she avoided taking a shot in the eye.

Sporty Girl


Kelly diamond on gf revenge

This guy was lucky enough to be dating sporty girl Kelly Diamond and when he showed up at her house she was stretching out getting ready for a run…she had on her tiny little sexy shorts but didn’t have her sports bra on yet, she had a shirt tied up in a knot and was looking fucking incredible! He had his video recorder and convinced Kelly that they should make a sort of home sextape, and Kelly got naked to basically dive face-first onto his big dick! She gave him a great blowjob, slowly stripping more and more naked before spreading those long legs to get her tight perfect pussy pounded hard and deep! She got fucked nice and hard until the guy pulled out, busting a big load of cum all over her tight stomach. Kelly is one of the hottest girls I think I’ve seen on GF Revenge, which means she must have done something pretty messed up for her boyfriend to dump her and send this footage in for all of us to enjoy! One look at those perky little titties and her perfect sweet round ass and you’ll fall in lust with this girl, I can almost guarantee it.

Fountain Fun


Crazy college gfs fountain funm

Sexy blonde Brooke Summers was spending the day with her boyfriend, they were just hanging out and seeing the sights of their city…Brooke had on her tiny little booty shorts and her man couldn’t stop staring at her ass, can’t say I blame him for that! He made a wish tossing some coins into a fountain and it soon came true in this Crazy College GFs update called Fountain Fun as Brooke gave him a blowjob right out in public and then bent over with her perfect round ass in the air to get fucked next to a chainlink fence, right out where just about anybody could see them. I guess Brooke just loves getting a nice deep dicking and she doesn’t care who sees it, and obviously her boyfriend doesn’t mind being seen in public fucking a sexy horny beautiful blonde! That ass of Brooke’s is a thing of beauty by the way, seeing her get fucked doggystyle like this is like a dream cum true.

Just A Peek


Black gfs just a peek

This guy’s girlfriend Danielle was in the bathroom getting ready for a night out on the town and he was going crazy horny thinking about her wet ebony pussy…he grabbed the video camera and begged for just a peek at those big floppy titties, she teased him a little but eventually ended up caving in and flashing her tits as she slipped on some panties. She got pretty turned on herself by all the attention, dropping to her knees and giving this guy a sweet long blowjob and grabbing her bouncy breasts…her pussy got wetter and wetter and soon she forgot all about leaving the house, bending over to get that perfect round badonkadonk butt in the air for the guy to pound her doggystyle in this Black GFs update! If you like black chicks with wet meaty pussies and big juicy titties that bounce all over when the chick gets fucked this one is for you my friend…I’m not sure about Danielle’s choice of hair color but hey, if she wants to be a redhead who’s gonna stop her?

Petite With A Tight Pussy


What A Surprise From Girls Do Porn

This girl is quite the surprise when you watch her video you’re going to think she is going to be like super quiet during her sex scene and not really into it.  No, that is not the case at all…  She wasn’t too stoked to be talking on camera but once she got naked that’s when she got comfortable.  This girl has a banging petite body, she has to not even weigh 100LBS and she knows it.  When she watches porn she specifically looks for petite girls like herself so she can imagine herself in the scene.  Well not any longer she can just watch her video, that might get a little weird.  So as I mentioned the interview she wasn’t to into it and I was looking at her when she was naked and was like “how is this going to work”.  This girls pussy looks so small I just didn’t think she was going to be able to take the Girls Do Porn guy.  I thought for sure it would be the first “walk out” in GDP history.  To my surprise though not only didn’t she take this guys dick but she let him face fuck her, she was screaming with pleasure throughout the video and she even liked it when he was banging her doggystyle and rubbing on her asshole, this girl is a straight up freak in the sheets and I just would have never guessed it.  Thought for sure she was just going to be one of those girls that is trying to make a quick buck.  Anyways, you guys are going to like this so get on to watching it already!

Cosima Knight


Cosima knight on ftv girls

This beautiful leggy babe you see before you is Cosima, a first timer getting her porn career started on the right foot for FTV Girls! It’s the perfect site to bring girls into the industry with fresh faces, perfect bodies and all kinds of fun while keeping a comfortable atmosphere that has the girls acting natural and relaxing and being themselves. That’s part of the allure of FTV, they get to really show the girls’ personalities as well as their beauty…and this girl Cosima has plenty of both! She starts out at a busy mall and quickly gets into some public naughtiness as she tries on some outfits and ‘accidentally’ flashes those titties at a bunch of people. FTV loves public nudity and Cosima seems to as well, doing naked cartwheels in the park and dancing around with no bra or panties…back at the house though things heat way up as Cosima explores her tight pussy, fingering herself and bringing herself to orgasm with the help of a magic wand vibrator! After a little more time to unwind she really gets into the swing of things, ending up fisting herself in public and fucking herself with a big thick cucumber, even pounding herself with the huge FTV Monster Toy! This girl is gonna be big in the porn world (she’s known as Cosima Knight now) but she’s already lighting things up in her first experiences in this red hot update from FTV Girls.

Close Shave


Sammie daniels passion hd close shave

Man at this point I think Passion HD needs to just make a Close Shave series because this is like the 3rd  or 4th  update they used that tite for! For instance, check out Close Shave with Cassie Laine and Kiera Winters and Close Shave with Lexi Davis if you don’t believe me. Also I expected cute blonde doe-eyed spinner Sammie Daniels to get her pussy shaved in this scene to make the title fit but nope, they turned it on its head so to speak! She was giving her man a hand shaving his cheeks (but leaving his goatee and whatnot) but when his cock started getting hard she gave him a hand with that instead, taking his dick in her mouth and sucking him off before spreading those skinny legs to get that sweet tight bald pussy pounded! With her perky little boobies and tight small ass she’s not exactly a busty bombshell but if you like thin blondes with pretty eyes and tight pussies Sammie is going to knock your socks off. She gets that hole of hers fucked in this hot hardcore scene until the guy blasts her down with a nice big facial and somehow she still has that cute innocent expression on her face like she can’t believe what just happened!



Sexy Susie here can wear the HELL out of a pair of thigh high stockings, that’s for sure! She doesn’t have the longest legs in the world but she looks absolutely stunning in her high heels and nylons in this photoshoot, bending over with that perfect tight butt in the air looking like she would like nothing more than a big hard cock to slide into her wet hole from behind. Susie is beautiful, flexible and from the looks of things horny as hell and all that is a pretty spectacular combination platter of hotness if you ask me! Some girls lose a little something when they start getting naked but you can see that Susie is just stunning in any state of dress (or undress as the case may be). Sweet perky boobies and a nice shaved pink pussy too, man oh man this girl is quite the package.



Sexy brunette CarrieAnn here loves playing with her pussy but her boyfriend’s cock isn’t exactly dragging on the ground if you know what I mean so in this photoshoot she got the deep dicking she was craving, by using a couple of huge thick dildos to fuck herself with her legs spread wide open for us! It’s a tight fit to even get a little bit of those toys in her wet hole but she was so horny she managed, sliding that thing in and out and filling herself to the brim…she might not be walking right for a few days after this hot masturbation session but it’s all caught on film so we get to enjoy it time and time again! Those big full tits of hers look great too as she pleasures herself, this chick is just sexy as hell and knew what she had to do to satisfy her lustful desires.



This chick Calie seems a little unsure of herself at the beginning of this hardcore fuck scene but once she gets that big round booty in the air and starts getting her puffy pussy worked she’s all in! She peeled off those purple panties to unleash an amazing ass on the world and her big tits are mighty fine as well! In fact this chick is just fucking hot from head to toe, she’s got nothing to be ashamed about that’s for damn sure…this guy takes his time licking and teasing her clit with his tongue, making her moan and grab fistfuls of the sheets before he gives her a nice hard pounding! Well at least I assume that’s what happens, we mostly get to see Calie teasing and rolling around in the bed and the dude eating out her snatch.

Sweet Shay


If you’ve ever checked out Roc and Shay you know they just plain love to fuck…I mean who wouldn’t want to nail that sweet ebony pussy from behind with her big perfect round ass jiggling in front of you! In this sexy hardcore fuck scene you get basically a first person view, or at least a view from above the action as Roc holds up a Go Pro while he rails sweet Shay. That big round black ass of hers is incredible…when he fucks her, it jiggles and bounces with the movement of his thrusts like an ocean current, and you can hear Shay moaning away as he stuffs that huge thick dick of his in her wet pussy! It’s a great perspective of some mighty hot hardcore action that only ends when the dude blasts a load of pearly white cum all over her ass as she gets a mouthful of pillow.

Stripping Backwards


I’m sure you’ve seen strip clubs or just porn photoshoots where a girl starts out with her clothes on and gradually gets more and more naked…well this shoot turns that on its head, this hot brunette babe starts out in the buff and starts Stripping Backwards hence the name of the set! Really I guess it’s just a fancy way of saying she’s getting dressed, or else they just put the photos in reverse order or something but hey, why not say she’s a reverse stripper to make it unique! This chick has some nice tits and a fantastic butt, she looks great naked and looks great in her lacy little black panties and thigh high stockings…basically she’s sexy from beginning to end, or from end to beginning depending on your perspective I guess!



Pen for casting couch hd

Redhead teen Pen here (her full name is Penelope but apparently she goes by Pen) might look like she’s trying out for a flapper costume contest with her old-school hairstyle but this is Casting Couch HD so she’s auditioning for a role as a dancer in a hiphop video..or at least that’s what she thinks she’s doing! In reality she’s just getting hooked into taking off her clothes on camera and man oh man wait til you get a look at those big juicy titties of hers…Pen has a fucking amazing chest and her ass is even hotter if that’s possible! Nothing sexier than a teen redhead, am I right? She gets into the swing of things, I guess she thinks she’s showing what she’d be willing to do for a hiphop star when she takes the cameraman’s big thick black dick in her mouth, sucking him off and licking his asshole before he pounds that sweet wet teen pussy of hers! Pen looks incredible in this hot update, she’s got a body like a dream and flawless fair skin, and she gets horny as hell when she gets fucked…she got a taste for rimming and goes back for the guy’s balloon knot, tongueing him from beneat before he fucked her sweet pussy some more and then gave her a nice mouthful of cum to swallow down.

Rachael Madori


Rachael madori for teens love huge cocks

This mohawked punk chick is Rachael Madori and she’s got her sights set on taking a big thick dick in her teen hole for this update from Teens Love Huge Cocks called Ready And Ripe, it’s part of the Reality Kings network of sites so you know you’re in store for somethin special! Rachael is hot as hell and has a very cool style about her, not to mention nice perky breasts and a perfect round beautiful ass that she loves to get up in the air…I have the feeling that her favorite sexual position is doggystyle, from the way she wiggles her teen butt and takes that huge hard cock to the hilt! Teens Love Huge Cocks always has sexy young pornstars getting pounded nice and deep by big hard meatsticks but Rachael here is something special…maybe it’s her edgy mohawk or maybe it’s just that sexy bodacious butt of hers but this is one of my favorite updates they’ve done! After stripping out of her red pants and black thong she sucks her man off and gets her pussy and ass licked before he pounds her sweet tight pussy, then holds her down by the throat to shoot a big creamy load on her face…some of it gets in her mouth to swallow down!

AJ Applegate Third Time


Pawg aj applegate third time

When a girl shows up on the Bang Bros network site PAWG for a third time you know she’s got something special going on with her booty…they only have the cream of the crop so to speak and bringing girls back for repeat visits means they’re red hot! AJ Applegate here has a butt you’ll be dreaming about for days and this time around she pushes her envelope a little as she takes on two big fat cocks at once for some double penetration fun! She loves a nice deep anal pounding and of course loves getting her pussy drilled deep and hard so why not combine the two? She gives these two big dicks a workout as she sucks and fucks them both at the same time, putting on a clinic for PAWG and shaking that big round gorgeous ass of hers until they both bust nuts into her mouth for her to swallow! It sure doesn’t hurt matters that she’s hot as hell, either…this blonde beauty is sexy all over and once she’s oiled up she’s ready to rock and roll here in her third PAWG scene!

Candice Dare


Candice dare on in the crack

Gird your loins and prepare for another hot photoshoot from In The Crack, taking you right up close and personal to a beautiful pornstar’s most private areas! This time it’s Candice Dare, a sexy and relatively new model in the adult industry who strips out of her one-piece lingerie type thing and shows off her big round perfect ass, getting her long legs in the air and then incorporating a big thick toy into the mix! She loves getting fucked but there’s no guys around to fill that need so she makes do, masturbating with a nice big purple dildo and sliding it in and out of that tight wet hole of hers…Candice keeps her high heels on the whole time as she gives her pussy a nice workout, then busts out a little strand of anal beads to tease and play with her even-tighter backdoor! All this would be hot to begin with but since it’s In The Crack you know you’re going to be zooming up to basically nose-distance away from that nice wet pussy and cute pucker.

Daisy Haze


Teen fidelity high on haze

Lovers of hot hippy chicks and smoky rooms, this Teen Fidelity update is for you! It features beautiful horny hippy chick teen Daisy Haze as she and Ryan Madison burn a few trees, making the room thick with smoke as Daisy got more and more naked until finally she was just wearing her thigh high socks! With those sweet perky breasts and her tight pink teen pussy this girl was driving Ryan nuts and before you know it he’s tongue-deep in her snatch! She took his big hard dick in her mouth, sucking him off and then getting her horny little pussy drilled…if you know Teen Fidelity you know Ryan doesn’t mess around and sure enough, he sends those dreadlocks of hers flying as he gives her the pussy pounding she was begging for! Daisy doesn’t let a good doob go to waste though, she keeps hitting it while he keeps tagging her hole until he shoots his load deep inside for a nice creampie. I think Daisy is part Asian, either that or it’s just that tasty kush getting to her, either way she is drop dead gorgeous and obviously loves to have a good time partying, so let’s get High On Haze with Teen Fidelity! By the way I love the fact that she keeps her socks on throughout this hardcore fuck session, she’s got great legs but those socks just make the whole thing feel like a cold-ass winter’s day spent indoors keeping toasty and warm.

Lacy Rae


Lacy rae on amateur allure

This gorgeous 20 year old Chicago-born chick is Lacy Rae and I’m pretty sure the first thing you’ll notice are those stunning green eyes and her wide, beautiful smile! Hell of a way to make a first impression, she’s got a leg up already before she even gets the guy’s cock in her mouth in this Amateur Allure update…she’s ready to have a little adventure and put that sweet round ass to work so she sucks the guy hard, licking him up and down and then getting that tight pink little pussy delved! Lacy takes him like a champ, moaning as he pounded deeper and deeper inside her and taking her for a ride on his cock before busting a load in her mouth to swallow down. I’m always impressed with the hotness of the women they bring to table on Amateur Allure and this babe is no exception…I don’t think I’ve seen Lacy Rae anywhere else since this shoot was made so it might be an Amateur Allure exclusive, so if you like the looks of this girl make sure you get in touch with them and let ’em know so hopefully they’ll bring her back for round two!

Strawberry Morning


X art strawberry morning selena

Breakfast, they say, is the most important meal of the day…I don’t know about importance but when you’re hanging out with redhead newcomer Serena on X Art, it’s certainly among the sexiest meals of the day! In this update called Strawberry Morning she’s having a sunny breakfast with her man, serving up some fruit and then taking his banana in her mouth with those perky breasts peeking out of her robe! Soon she’s spreading those long creamy legs to get that perfect tight wet pussy pounded, the guy fucking her hole as she lay on the glass table moaning and her perky boobies bouncing with every thrust. Serena here has fiery red hair but don’t go thinking it’s store-bought, she’s got a firecrotch you’ll love as this guy licks and fucks her to orgasm before getting a load of cum pumped out of his dick and into her mouth to finish this hot hardcore episode off. I think this is Serena’s first update on X-Art but with that beautiful face and her sexy tight nubile body I’m sure it won’t be the last! Who doesn’t love a gorgeous horny redhead getting naked and getting fucked?

Two Girl Surprise


Passion hd 2 girl surprise

This guy thought he was just going to be meeting up with his girlfriend but in this Passion HD scene he’s getting a 2 Girl Surprise! His beautiful blonde gal pal Natalia Starr was at home making out with her girlfriend Naomi Kennedy, they were swapping panties and decided to swap kisses as well…the guy rolled in while both girls were nearly naked and wasted no time before giving them both a nice hard pounding! Passion HD loves getting a little group grope session together and this is one of the hottest threesomes they’ve had on there in a little while if you ask me…especially because Natalia is involved! She’s a total stunner and has an incredible body, not that Naomi is any kind of slouch either! They’re both hot as hell and are taking turns eating out each others pussies like lesbians and sucking and fucking this dude’s big thick dick until all three of them are orgasmic, with the guy finally shooting his load onto Naomi’s tight pussy and all over Natalia’s gorgeous face!

MILF Personal Trainer


Milf personal trainer

This 35 year old MILF hottie is tattooed, sexy as hell and is a personal trainer so you know she’s in good shape for her first adult video here on Mom POV! She’s also a natural for the camera, she doesn’t seem too shy when it comes to discussing herself or her sexual proclivities…she’s been fucked on a rooftop, been fucked in the woods, fucked in dark alleys, she just plain loves getting banged and of course in this update she gets plenty of that! Usually personal trainers have not much by way of breasts I think, right? Well this chick is an exception, she’s got massive soft full titties that bounce around like crazy as she gets fucked in this hot scene! I don’t know if she liked it better getting fucked on her back with her tanned legs spread open or when she was on her hands and knees getting drilled doggystyle with her ass all oiled up, she just seemed to enjoy the whole thing and got fucked nice and hard before taking a big cream facial. Also during her introductory interview there’s this crazy thing at the top of the screen with a woman’s eyes and stuff, I don’t know what the hell is up with that.



Daisy on exploited college girls

In her introductory interview, the guy behind the camera points out that Daisy here is one of those rare women who is just basically up for anything and enjoys it all! She’s 21 years old with a sweet body with those perky little titties and a nice juicy ass…she also has a ton of piercings, 22 if I remember right! Having more piercings than the number of years you’ve been alive seems like overkill to me but hey, Daisy enjoys them so who are we to judge. Daisy loves getting fucked, she loves sucking cock (watch the nice deepthroat blowjob she gives the guy here) and absolutely loves getting her ass pounded! Not many chicks really dig anal but Daisy here is one of the exceptions…watch as this hottie gets naked for Exploited College Girls and goes to work on that dick, sucking and fucking it and having multiple moaning orgasms! She takes his cock deep in her pussy and then turns around to get into some hot anal reverse cowgirl pounding before finally taking a nice big facial. Well it was SUPPOSED to be a facial, Daisy is just such a cumslut she couldn’t help but take as much as she could in her mouth and swallow it down! Basically if you only like chicks with huge tits you’re gonna be disappointed but basically that’s the only way this chick will be anything less than stellar.

Cherry Hilson


Exotic 4k every hole

Sit back and enjoy as beautiful babe Cherry Hilson gets those huge soft bouncy breasts out and does a sexy dance, shaking that ass and teasing with her voluptuous gorgeous body in her Exotic4k debut…soon she’s joined by her guy friend who whips out his big thick dick and gives every hole she has a nice workout! From getting a nice wet blowjob to fucking her sweet pussy to sliding deep into her ass for a nice anal pounding this guy has free reign over that body of hers, Cherry’s up for pretty much anything! She loves having plenty of naughty fun and is a bit on the kinky side, she’s got piercings in her cheeks and her nipples as well as her clit, and has tattoos so she’s obviously not afraid of a little pain when it comes to having pleasure! One look at this ebony hottie rubbing her clit as she bounces up and down on the guy’s cock getting her ass fucked and you’ll see what I mean…she finishes things up getting a nice big facial that also sprays onto those big beautiful breasts, it’s one hell of a first impression on this site! In the members area you get the full resolution video of this hardcore action, too, which looks absolutely incredible and crystal clear. There’s seriously no better way to get into the action apart from actually being there fucking this horny pornstar slut!

AJ Applegate


Butt lovers rejoice! Three gorgeous busty babes with big bouncy booties are here to make your anal dreams cum true…AJ Applegate, Alex Chance and Lea Lexis are teaming up in this update from Everything Butt as they strip down, spanking each other and then fucking each other in the ass with big toys and tongues and fingers and strapons and who knows what else! These ladies love backdoor action and they all get as much as they can handle here, and of course they all make out and grab each others’ tits and lick pussy like lesbians and all that as well. They’re just plain horny and are having a blast with each other, teaming up to make each other cum all over the place in a hot sapphic scene that will satisfy your anal cravings!

Lily Love


You know how some women look like hell when they try to put on glamourous makeup? Well my friends, Lily Love here is not one of those women. She looks absolutely fucking incredible in this photoshoot, her makeup artist should be getting highfives all day long for this job! Not that she looks non-stunning WITHOUT makeup either, she’s just plain gorgeous from head to toe no matter what! Her body is, in a word, perfect. Nice big perky breasts, flawless skin, tight pussy, this girl is just a stunner…in this photoshoot she’s hanging out in the living room…they call the shoot Country Paradise but I’m not sure where that’s coming from, there’s not much here that yells out ‘country’ to me. Maybe I’m just distracted by Lily Love, that could very well be what’s going on. Sorry, what was I saying?



This chick Nicole here has a body like a dream but apparently she’s been taking naps in a tanning booth or something, she seems kind of unnaturally tanned if you ask me. Maybe it’s the pink lipstick that makes it look strange, but don’t let it bother you…just check out those big round tits of hers and her nice sweet ass! They call her the Barbie girl in this photoshoot and with all the pink involved (her lipstick, her panties, her little top, her sheets, her pillowcases, her wall paint and so on) I can see why. Nicole is just relaxing on her bed playing with some of her toys and looking hot as hell as she bends over to show off that little pink thong that clings to her round juicy ass! I think a bedroom like this would make for quite an internal battle…there’s a stunning sexy naked blonde but there is more pink that you could possibly deal with, which will win?? As if I had to ask.



Brace your eyeballs so they don’t blast right out of your head like one of those toys you squeeze, because Staci here is an absolute stunner! We’ve all seen so many pretty blondes with nice bodies get naked that a chick’s really gotta be something special to merit much attention in the adult industry…well luckily for Staci, she is indeed something special! Absolutely perfect ass, incredibly stunning face and nice perky titties, this girl is a dream and a half. She’s posing here for FTV Girls in her short little dress and no panties, bending over to give us a peek at that tight perfect pussy and walking around totally nude letting the sun shine down on her butt! If there’s a woman out there who’s worth getting in trouble at work because you were looking at naked pictures of her, it’s Staci.

Taylor Vixen


So hey how’s the weather out where you are? Pretty shitty right? Yeah, here too. Well don’t fret, you can live it up like it’s summer with this photoshoot featuring the lovely Taylor Vixen in her bikini! She’s got her zebra print swimsuit on that is barely holding those big tits in check, and soon it’s not even doing that as she gets naked to take in a little sun! Taylor gets naked on her patio chair, kicking out those long smooth creamy legs and letting her hands wander down her torso between her thighs to touch her sweet tight pussy…looks like Taylor’s got her afternoon all figured out, so turn up the heat in your house and lay back and relax along with her!

Presley Hart


Presley hart on blacked

It was a lazy winter day out and Presley Hart was taking a little time to herself, relaxing in the tub and letting her hands slide all over that sexy tight body…when her man found her rubbing her pussy in the water he couldn’t help but unzip his pants, letting his huge black cock out for her to lick and suck before bringing Presley to the bedroom for a passionate afternoon for this Blacked update! Presley loves a big thick dick and this guy is hung like a rhino, filling up her mouth with cock and then letting her ride on top like a racing jockey. Presley had a blast in this hot hardcore scene, taking every inch of that big dick in her tight wet shaved pussy (or as much as she could manage, at least) before getting a big cream facial that dripped all over those perky tits off of her chin! Presley always looks amazing and doubly so here, especially when she gets that round perfect ass in the air to get her pussy railed doggystyle while she moaned into the sheets in pleasure and, I’m sure, a little bit of pain!

Sizzling Hot


Xart sizzling hot with veronica

If there’s a girl you’d describe as Sizzling Hot it would have to be luscious love Latina babe Veronica Rodriguez! She’s drop dead gorgeous, has a perfect pair of tits and a perfect ass, and is pretty much permanently horny! In this X Art update she’s naked on the couch having a little me-time, sliding her hands over her perky breasts and down her body to slip between her thighs and tickle her pussy, penetrating herself with her fingers with her long beautiful silky legs spread wide open. This girl is a complete stunner, she is the epitome of Latina hotness if you ask me and seeing her masturbate like this I think you’ll agree! You might think ‘oh it’s pictures of a chick by herself masturbating, big whoop’ and get ready to cue the snoring but man oh man this chick definitely knows how to keep your attention. I couldn’t find a video for this update unfortunately but keep an eye peeled because once it comes out I’ll see what I can do about updating! For now we get to just enjoy these hot photos of this beautiful exotic honey with her sweet tight little ass in the air as she dips her fingers in and out of her wet pussy, moaning and gasping as she brings herself to orgasm.

Kitchen Attention


Passion hd kitchen attention lexi dona

We just met beautiful Lexi Dona a few days ago on Passion HD, and she’s back already for round two with this update called Kitchen Attention! This hot and horny brunette honey was hanging out at the breakfast table but wasn’t getting enough attention from her man, he was too distracted by his magazine…when she tossed his mag aside and started kissing him though he got the idea mighty quick, peeling her shirt off to unleash those perky perfect breasts before propping her up on the counter to fuck that sweet tight pussy! I’m glad we got another chance to see this beautiful brunette getting her snatch rocked and rolled, she’s hot as hell and has an amazing body, and from the looks of things she loves getting her pussy filled up wtih dick! Lexi bends over on one of the kitchen chairs and gets fucked in her pussy before guiding that cock to her other hole, taking a nice anal pounding…that ass of hers looks tight as a vise, I’m surprised the guy still has a dick when she starts moaning her head off! Finally the guy pulls out and blasts a load of cum all over her ass and pussy, frosting that booty with his cream to finish things off. Already looking forward to her next shoot! If you missed out on her first shoot, check out this sexy oil rubdown from Lexi a few days ago, too.

Ashley Adams


Ashley adams for povd

This is her first time on POVD but Ashley Adams looks right as home getting her pussy pounded on camera! She just got a new bikini and wanted to show it off to her boyfriend, having him rub lotion all over her body and pounding that tight little pink pussy of hers! She’s got huge round tits that look great in her bikini and somehow even better when she unleashes them fully, and she looks amazing getting fucked. In particular, her ass is a thing of absolute beauty…watch her get that sweet round butt in the air, taking the guy’s huge thick dick in and out of her pussy and moaning with pleasure from his thrusting! Since this POVD all the action is in first person perspective so you can envision yourself in the room, pounding away at this beautiful busy new pornstar…the video, especially in the members’ area, is in incredibly high resolution and POVD uses 3d audio for a fully immersive experience! If you’ve got a thing for pretty women with huge tits and sweet booties getting pounded and swallowing down a big load of cum, Ashley Adams is about to make your fantasies come true.

Adorable Monster


Sexy pattycake monster

If I had to guess one adult model who would come out with a photoshoot on her own site of her in a brightly colored blue and pink and green monster costume, Sexy Pattycake would be the very first name I’d guess…and sure enough, Patty makes an adorable monster in this photoset! She’s just goofing around in her closet have a good time and man, from the looks of things in this update and her past stuff this girl just always has fun…she doesn’t care if anyone thinks she’s weird or funny or whatever, she just knows what she likes and does what she feels like doing, such as putting on a monster costume! She looks like a sexy Fraggle or something in her fishnets and fuzzy blue hat with monster paws attached…eventually she gets a little hot and takes off the hat and top, teasing us with those big perfect tits of hers! Patty is sexy as hell from head to toe, partially because of her busty body and partially because of her fun cute personality, and every photoshoot is an adventure with this chick.



Tara for backroom casting couch

This chick Tara teaches preschool but don’t let that fool you, she’s got a pussy hungry for cock and has the body and flexibility to back it up! She looks like your archetypal girl-next-door but man oh man when she opens up in her interview to talk about her sexual experience and the kinds of kinky things she digs, that innocent facade falls right away. She’s 26 which is a little on the old side for a girl who wants to get into the porn industry but Tara has a fantastic body with a great ass and nice perky titties and what’s more, she loves to finger her asshole while she masturbates because she says it makes her cum harder! If you’ve ever checked out Backroom Casting Couch before you’ll know the dude is nuts for buttsex, any excuse to give a girl a nice hard anal pounding is right up his alley (and right up HER alley if you catch my drift) so he gets pretty excited when Tara expresses her interest. She gets her pussy eaten out and sucks cock but you can tell the guy is just counting the moments until he can pound that sweet back door of hers…he fucks her secondary hole deep and makes her moan her way to orgasm and shoots his load inside for an anal creampie!

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