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Mary Jane


Mary jane on net video girls

It’s all about the seduction on Net Video Girls…they get these gorgeous amateur chicks to show up and ‘try out’ for a calendar shoot to see if they’ve got the right stuff…but of course there IS no calendar, they’re in reality just getting naked and getting fucked on camera for Net Video Girls! It’s pretty amazing seeing and hearing the Maestro (as he is known) talk these girls into being comfortable and relaxed and then slowly losing their clothing, even if they’re reluctant and shy at first. Before the girl knows it she’s balls-deep on this guy’s big hard cock and then it’s off to the races! Beautiful Mary Jane here is a perfect example…she’s smokin hot with a mighty fine body, is a little hesitant at first to start shedding clothes but once she takes her shorts off to show her little black panties she gets much more comfortable. Mary Jane ends up unleashing those perky little boobies and giving a fantastic blowjob, then laying back to get her tight wet pussy pounded! Apparently she’s got a thing for feet, she licks and sucks her own toes while she gets fucked and also gives the guy’s feet a little toe-sucking attention too before going back to his dick and riding him to orgasm, taking his load of cum right into her mouth to swallow down.

Friendly Threesome


Friendly threesome on gf revenge

Buckle up your seatbelts and undo your pants belts ladies and gentlemen because I’ve got my dirty little hands on what might possibly be the hottest lesbian scene ever to come out of GF Revenge! These girls were rolling around in the car and decided to drop by their sexy redhead friend Dee Dee Lynn‘s house, she was getting married soon and they figured this was the perfect time to take care of some ‘unfinished business’ so to speak. They brought their video camera along as they all headed over to this chick’s house, and before you know it they were all making out and grabbing each others titties and showing off some perfect tight asses! Keep an eye out for Dee Dee’s ass, by the way, it’s fucking stunning! All three of these girls are cunning linguists apparently, they get down to some serious Sapphic sex as they get naked and start playing around, licking and kissing each other and using vibrators and dildos to fuck those tight wet pussies…all three of them are absolutely hot as hell, they made a pact afterwards that nobody else would ever get to see this video but apparently one of them got mad at the others or something because they sent it in to GF Revenge and they turned it into this update called Friendly Threesome!



Candice on exploited college girls

When I picture a chick leaving a trailer park to get into the porn industry I’ve gotta admit, I think of a girl a whole lot like Candice here. She’s 21 years old, is a big fan of big black dick, is blonde and sassy and has a butt you’ll be dropping your jaw over! There’s no doubt about it, Exploited College Girls has featured plenty of girls hotter than Candice here but she’s got a fantastic personality and way of speaking…she’s a hood rat with a fun body and in this scene she does her best to make Jay bust a nut just from her blowjob! This isn’t his first rodeo though, that’s for sure, and he takes that suck job just fine…he couldn’t shoot a wad before getting a chance to tag that pussy from behind and sure enough, he spun Candice around and started pounding her doggystyle, slapping against that juicy round ass and making Candice’s titties bounce and jiggle! She takes a big facial load to finish things off, hoping for a shortcut into the adult industry but apart from that she just plain loves getting a load of cum shot on her face from the looks of things.

Hope Harper


Hope harper for teen fidelity

This chick Hope Harper was just tooling around on her bicycle through the neighborhood and realized she really, REALLY had to take a leak! She was too shy to head to the bushes so she stopped at a house to ask if she could use their facilities…and wouldn’t you know it, she picked Ryan Madison’s house! He was hanging out in his bathrobe and was more than willing to let this cutie in, and after she was done with business he just barged right into the bathroom and whipped out his big hard dick! She was a little taken aback at first of course but soon she got in the swing of things, grabbing that big dick and licking and sucking him til he was rock hard, slapping his meat against her perky teen boobies! This Teen Fidelity update is part 3 of the Break My Hymen series, so I guess Hope was a virgin before getting her snatch rocked by Ryan and his dick…we get brought along for the ride in this hot hardcore scene, watching Hope get that tight wet pussy of hers plumbed and then turning over with her cute teen ass in the air to get her hole fucked doggystyle, taking a load of cum inside for a nice creampie!

Wifey Gives Handjob


Those big natural tits right there belong to the hottest MILF I know of Wifey’s World, you can just call her Wifey.  In this episode from her personal site that she makes with her husband they are once again doing some role playing.  In this situation Wifey here is broken down on the side of the road and her husband here is a good samaritan.  He isn’t exactly good though because he doesn’t just want to drive this wife into town for free he wants something.  So he asks for something small he just wants to see her tits.  Well the tits turns into him in the back seat with his pants down and Wifey here giving him a handjob.  She gives one mean handjob look how she strokes his cock and massages his balls at the same time.  It’s weird to be good a handjobs but Wifey’s husband seems to love them so they do it all the time.  The scene ends with her jerking him off to climax and he just comes everywhere, good luck cleaning up that mess.

Geri Burgess Is Back


Geri burgess make it last on zish

The one and only Geri Burgess is back on her favorite site Zishy and is looking sexier than ever! If you missed out, her last shoot for Zishy is right here but you’ll have to do your own homework if you want to see the others. Here’s a hint, type her name into the search box up at the top right here on and hey presto you’ve found them! Anyway, this time she’s in a shoot called Make It Last and is showing off her sexy sheer little panties as she teases with that tight perfect butt of hers, putting on some makeup and playing with her perky titties…I think the backstory was that her roommates always wanted to go out and party but Geri was trying to settle down a little and was on the cusp between being a party girl and being a ‘good girl’ so to speak. All I know for sure is that she’s looking sexy as hell, she’s got that girl-next-door look like a babysitter who you caught playing around in her underwear one night when you came home early from the movies or whatever. She’s got a pretty face, nice tits and a downright amazing butt, as I’m sure you already agree! I don’t really know what good that itty bitty little stool she’s standing on is, though; maybe Geri is just tiny in general apart from being a skinny spinner and needs a little stepstool to get books off the top shelves and stuff.

Misha Cross


Misha cross on amateur allure

At the time this update was shot for Amateur Allure this chick Misha Cross was pretty much brand new fresh out of the wrapper in the adult industry…but she was definitely rarin to go, you could tell right off the bat this girl was gonna hit it big when she showed up at the studio and started talking about a fantasy she had of fucking two guys at once! If you’ve seen Amateur Allure before you know they’re not gonna duck away from an invitation like that and soon Misha was doing her cross-country ski pole imitation as she grabbed one dick in each hand, going back and forth sucking and licking those cocks before hiking up her skirt to unleash that ass on the world! She loves getting a dick in the mouth and in the pussy at the same time and she was stoked to get these two prongs going simultaneously…it makes for one red hot update I’ll tell you what! With those pretty blue eyes staring up while she gulps down a couple of cocks this girl is hot as hell…watch while she gets fucked and swallows down a couple of loads, it’s quite the ‘hello’ for a girl getting her start in the porn world! Pretty face, nice tight sexy body, great ass, thirst for cock that can’t be satisfied with just a single one, this girl seems pretty much ideal for the industry if you ask me.

Sex Workout


Brookes playhouse sex workout

I’ve always heard that having sex is like a great aerobic workout and burns so-and-so number of calories and all that, which sounds great to me and a whole lot more fun than spending a bunch of time at the gym! Unless you’re having sex at the gym, in which case make damn sure you wipe down your equipment afterwards or you are one rude son of a bitch. Anyway beautiful brunette Brooke here buys into the idea of a sex workout, that’s for sure! In this update from her own solo website called Brookes Playhouse she and her boyfriend have finished lifting some weights and are ready for a little cardio as they start making out, with the guy grabbing those big perfect breasts of hers and then tugging her little stretchy shorts and thong panties off to reveal a gorgeous nude body as she gets on her knees, sucks his cock until it’s nice and hard, then went for a hard wild ride on his dick! She’s got a phenomenal body with a perfect round ass and those big boobs and of course her supermodel caliber face as she gets fucked, spreading her long legs and playing with her tits as he pounded away at that tight little hole.

Bella Danger


Bella danger fucking machines

Sometimes a girl just can’t be satisfied with a human cock…beautiful Latina honey Bella Danger for instance has ‘graduated’ from dick and now is on Fucking Machines getting her hole worked over by a robot! She’s all kinked up and fetished out too in this out fucking standing site debut, she gets clothespins on her nipples and her pussy lips and gets ballgagged and tied up as she takes this robo-dong in her mouth and of course in her dripping wet pussy! This mechanized prong is merciless as it pistons in and out of her face and then in and out of her cunt, making Bella moan and scream around her ballgag…she was struggling against her bonds but after she got untied it turned out she wasn’t trying to escape, she just wanted to work her clit with a magic wand vibrator while she got her pussy drilled! This girl loves a deep hard pounding and it doesn’t get much deeper or harder than an automatic fucking machine. I just don’t know if a human guy will be able to slake her thirst for sex after this pussy pounding she takes here….you know what they say, once you go mech you never go bech! Or something along those lines.

Do Not Disderp


Brooke marks hotel maid

If you were staying at this hotel with Brooke Marks doing the housekeeping, I’d think it’s more likely to put up the ‘do not disturb’ sign AFTER she comes into the room! She’s looking sexy as hell in this photoshoot from her own site, she’s got her little bra and her little apron on with a thong and that’s about it which gives us a perfect view of that sweet tight ass of hers while she dusts or wipes down the counter or whatever she’s doing with her hands…she might as well be juggling puppies or something, nobody would ever notice because we’re all too busy staring at her round titties and that nice tanned butt! The name of this photoshoot is Do Not Disderp which I guess is because when you get a look at this sexy maid you won’t be able to form real words for a few minutes…she’s looking absolutely fantastic and just seems to be unable to keep her clothes on, she keeps losing her underwear and clothes until she’s just standing there pretty much nude, covering up her boobs and that pussy with her hands.

Jamie Jackson Returns


Jamie jackson on pawg

Welcome back one of the cutest babes on the Bang Bros network site PAWG (which stands, if you didn’t already know, for Phat Ass White Girl), the lovely Jamie Jackson! She’s got a fun bubbly personality, an all-natural body (a rarity in the porn industry nowadays) and of course a big round juicy ass that looks great when she oils it up and even better when she gets this guy’s big fat cock buried in her pussy from behind. This girl pulls off her shorts and her little red panties before getting on her knees, taking that big dick for a ride in her mouth to get him rock hard and throbbing and then she bent over to get a nice hard pounding! That big round booty jiggled as he slammed into her nice wet pussy, moaning and bouncing up and down and back and forth to take every inch of his meat in her hole. Fans of big round juicy asses will be losing their minds over this hot update, Jamie’s got a hell of a nice badonkadonk and loves a nice deep mortar-and-pestle action, finishing this guy off into her mouth to savor every drop of cum! By the way if you missed out on her previous PAWG scene check it out right here: scene 1 and see what you think, I would say this newer one is even hotter.

Sexy Teen Pharmacist


Sexy teen pharmacist on girls do porn

She’s 19 years young, she’s hot as hell and she’s ready to shoot her very first adult video in this update from Girls Do Porn! Once again the GDP guys have knocked it out of the park, bringing in a gorgeous horny beautiful real teen having her real first adult shoot. I never know how they find all these hotties but I hope to hell they keep doing so because it’s an update I look forward to every single week and I know you guys do too! She’s got a nice head on her shoulders too besides just being cute; she’s studying to be a pharmacist and is also tending bar, so you just know she gets hit on like every single night…and with those legs she’s got I bet she gets tipped like crazy! I love the smoky eye effect she used with her eye makeup; she already has amazing eyes and having them framed by that dark shadow looks sexy as hell, especially when she’s looking up at you with a mouth full of cock! This girl gives a great blowjob, then strips down to show off her perky titties and an absolutely perfect teen ass…I guess the Girls Do Porn guy loved the looks of that butt too because right off the bat he started fucking her on her hands and knees, railing that sweet tight little pussy doggystyle! This girl looks great in every position she gets in as she takes that dick, moaning and gasping and holding onto a couple handfuls of the sheets as she gets pounded before taking a nice big facial on her knees. The cameraman even notes that it’s a mighty big load of cum she took, this girl must have been one hell of a fuck!

Staci Returns


Staci returns to ftv girls

The wait is over ladies and gentlemen, the incredibly gorgeous blonde Staci has returned! This is her second shoot for FTV Girls and if it’s at all possible this might be even hotter than her first time around on the site. I linked her first update right there by the way so if you were unfortunate enough to have missed it the first time ’round make sure you check that out because man oh man is this chick smokin hot. Staci loves getting naked in public and that’s FTV Girls’ bread and butter so to speak, so they give her pretty much free rein and just follow along for the ride as she strips down out of her running pants and tight stretchy top in the park, doing cartwheels and interrupting some guys’ golf game as she scampered around in the nude! The guys didn’t exactly seem super put out by that; they were a little surprised at first but when they got a good look at the situation and saw that Staci is an absolute fucking hottie they were A-OK with having her run around in the buff. After tiring herself out this sporty hottie headed back inside to give her pussy some much-needed attention, gaping and fingering her hole and fucking herself with a shoe heel and a banana and even having some double penetration fun…this girl loves getting a little kinky and looks red hot every step of the way in this FTV Girls shoot, and of course it’s all caught in their high quality photographs and videos!

Naked Bliss


Passion hd naked bliss

If you’ve ever wondered how a gorgeous little spinner like Sabrina Banks keeps her skinny fit lean figure, check out this Passion HD update called Naked Bliss and see for yourself! She starts off doing a little yoga in the nude, stretching out and loosening up those muscles of hers…all that stretching and circulation got her pretty turned on, either that or she just couldn’t resist when she got a look at her own sexy nude body (and I cant say I’d blame her for that) and started rubbing her pussy right there on the floor on her yoga mat, masturbating and exploring her body with her fingers! Her man came by and saw her unique form of yoga, joining in to slide his big fat cock in her mouth for a blowjob and then banging that tight little pussy of hers too! Sabrina got into some fun positions, she loves getting fucked doggystyle and riding a big thick dick but also showed some advanced maneuvers in this update like the piledriver with her head on the floor and her legs in the air and her pussy penetrated deep by that cock! It doesn’t look like the most comfortable position in the world but hey Sabrina is hot as hell so it’s nice to see her fucked any way she takes it! She ended up staying on the floor when the guy pulled out to bust his load, taking a huge facial load of cum all over her chin and lips as she looked up with a grin.

Wife Addicted


I don’t usually post that many homemade videos just because they’re always so low quality and it seems that all you guys like high quality stuff.  Today I am making a exception though because well it’s Monday so let’s do it differently.  This is a scene from Wife Bucket and the guy who shared it with the community claims that is wife is addicted to anal sex.  The woman’s pussy looks like she used one of those suction type device before the filming started because her pussy just looked “puffy”  I have no other way to explain it.  Anyways the video starts off with anal and it’s that way throughout.  The girl likes to rub on her clit as he fucks in the ass pretty typical stuff really.

Losing Her Ass


In this episode from Brazzers Jada Stevens here was dressed up as a sexy cocktail waitress showing off her perfect round butt while her husband and his buddies played poker.  Keiran here did his best to keep his eyes of his buddies wife and tired to just win at poker and in fact he did a pretty good job.  So good of a job in fact when Jada’s husband needed more money to cover the pot he offered up his wife as the extra money.  Jada looked over at him to make sure he had it to win and he gave her the nod.  Well it turns out Kerian had the better hand and won Jada for the night.  The husband stormed off but Jada stayed behind to pay her debt.  She was lucky because this guy was a butt freak and started by licking her asshole.  Anytime Jada gets her butt licked she just starts feeling like anal so she decides to not let this ranom guy fuck her pussy instead he can only have that bubble butt.  Good thing though because all he wanted was that ass so he fucked her really good in the ass and then came on her face.

Stephanie Moretti


Pure mature private lap dance stephanie

This chick Stephanie Moretti is making her Pure Mature debut here, looking sexy as hell…this Italian beauty has magnificent tits, a spectacular ass and a lovely face and is giving this lucky dude a private lap dance in the comfort of his own home! She strips down and teases him with that bouncy butt in his face, shaking her ass and doing a seductive little dance as she shimmied out of her little thong panties, then got down to real business! She got her sweet pussy penetrated with a big toy and sucked the guy’s cock, then went for a nice hard ride in his lap. If this lapdance is a birthday present or something it’s a hell of a nice way to celebrate, he gets to fuck this exotic hottie and make her moan with those firm fake titties bouncing in his face as she rode his cock…Stephanie started moaning as she slipped her pussy up and down, fucking him harder and harder until finally he couldn’t take the heat anymore so to speak and busted a nut in her hole for a creampie! I tell you what if you’re getting a lapdance and end up shooting a load into the dancer’s pussy you my friend had better tip heavy. Hopefully Stephanie cums back for plenty more updates on Pure Mature, she lit the screen on fire with this one!

Loving Skills Mea Melone


Hdlove loving skills mea melone

Some women in the adult industry, let’s be honest, tend to just sort of go through the motions when it comes to getting fucked on camera…the real gems, though, are the women like Mea Melone here who get really into things and genuinely enjoy themselves! Mea’s starring in this HD Love update called Loving Skills, going through her morning yoga routine to stretch out and keep her muscles and limbs nice and supple…soon we see the good that it’s doing as her man shows up and gives that sweet tight pussy of hers a nice hard pounding, putting Mea in all kinds of weird and fun positions! She loves getting every hole filled up with cock and this guy was more than willing to slide his big hard dick into her mouth and wet pussy and tight ass for a triple-threat…Mea’s lucky she already had her yoga mat out on the floor, it made things a bit more comfortable as she got her legs wrapped around her own head as her man pounded her holes deep and hard before shooting a load of cum onto her lips for a facial finish! HD Love always has super high quality videos too, make sure you check that out…it’s nice seeing a hottie like Mea Melone in high resolution as she gets her lips wrapped around that dick and then gets her sweet pussy fucked. When I first looked through the image gallery I thought her pubes wrapped around her hip all the way to her ass and was like WHAT but calm down, it’s just a tattoo on the side.

Mandy Muse


Mandy muse on hard x

Man I love seeing updates from the site Hard X, they get some of the most gorgeous girls in the world and have them start out with a little glamour shoot, then head inside to get rocked and rolled by a big hard cock! Mandy Muse here is a perfect example, she’s fucking gorgeous and has an amazing ass, relaxing out in the sun in her purple bikini and getting a little sun on her skin…after flashing those nice perky boobies and round perfect butt she heads inside and gets her pussy and ass pounded! Mandy gets into some massive anal action here, that butt of hers is just phenomenal and she gets it slammed as this guy spreads her long legs and fucks her holes…she doesn’t mind going ass to mouth apparently, taking his dick in her lips and sucking a nice big load of cum out to finish off this hot hardcore fuck session as she swallows down every drop! As a side note, check out those stripper heels that Mandy’s sporting in the glamour section of this update as she sticks her legs in the air…the shoes have like a glass platform bottom, I wish she had some fish in them though that would be classy as hell!

Scarlet Red


Scarlet red on teens love huge cocks

She was the head cheerleader so Scarlet Red was always on the field and on the court admiring the physique of some of the players, and she knew some of them were packing some serious heat in their shorts! That’s why she took the chance to head to the Reality Kings network site Teens Love Huge Cocks, she had the chance to meet up with the star basketball player and see if he was as endowed as his swinging shorts led her to believe! Turns out he was everything she was hoping for and more, unleashing a massive black dick as she stripped down and slipped off her little panties…Scarlet gets her mouth filled up with dick and then bends over to get that tight teen pussy drilled, holding her legs up as her tight cunt was stretched to its limits! You’d think with a name like Scarlet Red this chick would be a ginger but nope, she’s got blonde hair and hopefully that’s a little joke she’s playing on the industry. She gets her pussy absolutely worked here, bending over and getting her ass toyed with by this guy’s thumb as he impaled her snatch with that dark meat of his, fucking her sweet wet hole before getting a facial and swallowing down everything she could get into her mouth!

Vanda Deep Into The Darkness


Deep into the darkness wow porn vanda

Beautiful blonde Vanda was at this luxurious hotel with her boyfriend but she had hit it off pretty hard with this guy earlier in the day…he was there with his girlfriend so it was quite the sticky situation so to speak! Vanda and the guy waited until the middle of the night and snuck out of their respective rooms, meeting up by the pool for a steamy romantic tryst in this Wow Porn update called Into The Darkness! This girl has an absolutely magnificent tight spinner body, it’s no wonder this guy fell for her right off the bat…Vanda lay back on the towel on the wooden diving board, spreading her long sexy legs to get that tight pussy licked up and down, trying to keep her gasps and moans at a minimum volume so as not to wake up the other hotel guests or get in trouble with the management or, worse yet, with their respective significant others! It was pretty hard for Vanda to keep it down once she got on her hands and knees and got that perfect wet pussy fucked from behind but by then she wasn’t really thinking straight, she could focus on nothing but that big hard dick sliding in and out of her hole!

Bella Bellz


Bella bellz anal on brazzers

I know you guys have been missing that fat round ass of hers but rejoice because Bella Bellz is back on Brazzers, and what’s more she’s back doing anal again! She started out in a sexy little black outfit that looks like a supervillain’s costume in a movie or something, then she gets that huge juicy ass oiled up and glistening…Bella knows that fat ass of hers is pretty much her biggest asset, so to speak, and isn’t exactly shy about showing it off in this Brazzers scene! If you’ve got a thing for big fat butts, for edgy girls with mohawks and huge tattoos or just plain love seeing chicks take it in the ass this one’s for you my friend! Bella has the kind of butt you could just dive in and curl up with a good book in for a few weeks and gets her tight balloon knot eased up a bit with a buttplug before taking on this big hard dick. Bella keeps those sexy kinky boots on as she gets pounded, riding this guy and then lifting up her legs and hooking her arms around them to get that ass penetrated as deep as the guy could manage!

Stairway Candy


Sexy pattycake stairway candy cane

When you’ve got a sweet tooth like the one beautiful redhead Sexy Pattycake has, sometimes you just can’t control when and where a snack attack will strike! In this photoshoot from her own website she’s on the stairway eating a candy cane, licking it up and down and sucking the flavor out, showing off those big perfect boobs and her nice round juicy booty in her red bikini! She looks like she’s getting ready for summer with a sexy new bikini but this is a pretty winter-holiday-themed shoot if you ask me with the candycane and the snowflakes on her bikini. Patty has a blast year-round though and doesn’t seem to give a rats ass what the calendar says; if she gets a hankering to put on a bikini it could be the middle of July or the middle of December, she doesn’t care she just loves to have a good time! Luckily for us she’s always down to share her sexy alone-times with the world, setting up a camera and getting plenty of photos and videos.

Another Satisfied Customer


Cello girl on xxx pawn shop

This sexy Brazilian babe came into the XXX Pawn shop trying to sell a cello…she told the guy it belonged to her stepdaughter but the pawn shop owner’s no dummy, he checked the thing out and determined it actually belonged to a musical instrument rental company! The chick knew she was caught red handed and begged the dude not to call the cops, he relented but on one condition…that she come to the back room with him and give a naked cello recital! She stripped down and started working that bow, playing some beautiful music before the guy whipped his huge cock out and fed it to her right there on his desk. She hadn’t been getting much action at home and immediately started blowing the guy, taking that big dick deep in her throat for a nice long suck job before bending over the desk with her juicy Latina ass in the air to get her pussy pounded from behind! She got that snatch worked nice and hard, propping a leg up on the guy’s shoulder as he penetrated her dripping wet hole before blasting a load into her mouth and onto her face, handing her a wad of cash and sending another satisfied customer on her way!



Bella for exploited college girls

This girl Bella looks like she headed straight from her job at Hot Topic and headed directly over to this Exploited College Girls interview! She’s a Cali girl from head to toe, from her wild dyed hair to her tattoos and tan to her piercings this chick is a trip! She’s got tons of energy and is already getting wet and frisky when Jay starts tickling and teasing her pussy with a vibrator. As soon as she drops to her knees and starts going to town on his cock we can see what she does with all that energy Bella’s got cooped up inside, she gives a fantastic blowjob and the dude very nearly busts a nut then and there! He holds on though, lucky for us (it would have been a mighty short update otherwise) and starts pounding that sweet tight little 18 year old pussy of hers while she plays with her clit…Jay couldn’t resist the sensation of that teen snatch for long and soon he was giving Bella a big cream facial to finish off her ECG update. Next time you’re at the mall and see a cute 18 year old scene girl with tattoos and piercings all over and her hair dyed who-knows-what color, think back to Bella here and in your mind’s eye imagine seeing them getting naked and getting drilled!

Adrianna Knight


Check out the booty on this girl Adrianna Knight in this video clip! It’s round and brown and sexy as hell as she slips out of her swimsuit or whatever that is she’s got on at the beginning, rubbing her pussy and then oiling up her ass before getting on her hands and knees to get that pussy drilled from behind! Adrianna loves getting fucked doggystyle and this guy loves the feeling of slapping into that juicy round ass as he fucks her hole from behind…but the action doesn’t really heat up until she gets in his lap, riding that guy’s big cock and slamming that big booty up and down! Her boobs are mighty fine too as they get bounced all around from the force of the guy’s thrusts but honestly they do get a little overshadowed by her big badonkadonk butt. Basically this chick is smokin hot from head to toe and is getting a royal pounding in this video!

Harley Rose


I wonder how sick Harley Rose here gets of people calling her Red as she walks down the street…I mean really it looks like her head is on fire, that’s how bright her dyed hair is! She also happens to have nice big tits and a sweet sexy juicy round ass to go along with that beautiful face of hers…piercing eyes, sexy red lingerie, big bouncy titties, this girl is a knockout! She’s got womanly curves and looks sexy as hell in these pictures, teasing with that sexy butt and looking like she would love nothing better than a guy to come along with a big hard cock to bang that pussy from behind, slamming into that sexy booty! Harley rubbed that sweet tight pussy through her lingerie, having a good time just hanging out on her own, at least for now.

Skirt Cutie


I’m not even sure what the name of this dark haired cutie is, but she looks mighty fine in her little skirt as she lounges on a big chair with her sexy legs kicked out and her top slipping down to reveal those perky little petite boobies! She spreads her legs a bit, showing off her tight shaved pussy, relaxing in the chair and letting her hands drift up and down her legs…she’s got kind of a smug little smile going on but hey she’s got a lot to be smug about, can’t deny her that! She’s got a great body, a cute face and this aura of sexuality as she flashes and teases and just has a fun afternoon relaxing at the house while the cameras clicked away.

Riley Reid


If this sunny photoshoot doesn’t get you in the mood for summer weather I don’t know what will! Riley Reid here heard she needed to have more fruit and vegetable intake so she decided to skip the whole ‘chewing and swallowing’ thing and went straight for the direct route, stuffing bananas and zucchinis in her sweet tight pussy! I don’t know how much of the nutrients she was able to get that way but hey, it looked sexy as hell and she lookes like she’s sure enjoying it as she lays on her blanket in the back yard in the nude. Perky little titties, a nice firm spankable ass and a pussy that loves to get fingered or tickled or, apparently, fucked by a big fat banana! With a girl like Riley Reid you just never know what she’ll get up to but you can bet your ass it’s gonna be naughty and fun.

Amateur Cutie


Apparently this guy hired this chick from an online ad to come by for a ‘private’ modeling session…she showed up and was hot as hell with nice perky tits, an incredibly tight sweet pussy and a nice ass too, not to mention a cute slightly chubby face! She was down to do a little modeling for the guy as long as what he recorded stayed just between the two of them…his idea of modeling was to get her naked, suck her titties and start tickling and fingering her pussy, she was a little reluctant for a minute but soon she got into the swing of things, taking his big hard cock in her mouth and licking him up and down, sucking him off and staring up at him with those pretty eyes of hers! Too bad for her he had no intentions of keeping anything about their little tryst private, but at least now we all get to watch.

Brunettes Have More Fun


Megan rain brunettes more fun passion hd

I’m sure you guys have all heard the old saying that blondes have more fun, but Megan Rain is ready to disprove it in this Passion HD update! It’s called, fittingly, Brunettes Have More Fun and she’s enjoying a bouquet of flowers at the beginning as she sniffs the blossoms and rubs them on her pert nipples before her man shows up and starts grabbing her from behind, kissing her neck and sliding his hands over those perky titties and down to her pussy! Megan takes his big thick cock in her mouth and then gets her tight little cunt drilled…this girl is hot as hell and her nipples are about to carve her initials into the tabletop, if you’re a fan of pert perky breasts and nice tight asses Megan is goign to blow you away. This is her second time on Passion HD, if you missed out on the first one you can check it out right here and after getting a look at this girl you’re gonna want to get your hands on whatever scenes of hers you can! Megan finishes things off here as she drops to her knees, pumping a nice load of cum out of that cock for a big creamy facial as she looks up at him with those beautiful piercing blue eyes!

Double Your Fun


Allie rae fantasy hd double your fund

Blonde cutie Alli Rae decided to have twice the party as she invited two of her guy friends over at the same time, making out with both of them and then getting naked and rubbing her pussy while looking back and forth as if they didn’t already know what she had in mind! Alli looks amazing and is horny as hell, which is one heck of a combination…she’s had a fantasy about fucking two guys at once for awhile now and Fantasy HD is the perfect place to make that dream cum true! She gets those perky titties out and takes turns sucking one big dick after the other, then getting penetrated at both ends as she gets on her hands and knees, sucking one cock and getting that sweet wet pussy fucked from behind at the same time. The name of this update is Double Your Fun and Alli definitely seems to be having at least twice as much fun as she would have if she was just fucking one dude!

Zoe Monroe


Zoe monroe anal on blacked

Beautiful Zoe Monroe stopped by her girlfriend’s place since she really needed a shower and didn’t have time to head home, and also her friend’s shower was amazing! It was like one of those huge waterfall showers and Zoe took her time getting all dripping wet and luxuriating in the feeling as she ran her hands all over that tight gorgeous body. Her friend’s boyfriend happened to come home and he had planned to take a shower as well, and when he walked into the bathroom naked he met up with Zoe and, well, sparks were flying if you catch my drift! Soon he was sliding that huge thick dick of his in her mouth, getting a nice blowjob before fucking her sweet tight wet pussy for this BLACKED update. She was in the mood for even more though and somehow she managed to fit that big black cock in her ass, taking a nice deep hard anal pounding that’ll leave her walking funny for days. Zoe loves taking on a big fat cock and she meets her match in this hardcore fuck scene for sure, gasping as he pounds those tight holes of hers and then drenches Zoe with a massive cum facial!

Let Me In


Nubile films let me in lindsey woods

Incredibly beautiful exotic hottie Lindsey Woods headed over to her boyfriend’s house in her cute little tiny skirt, but found the door locked and nobody answering! She was a little annoyed but when she got around to the back door she found her guy pal inside taking a nap…she knocked on the door, mouthing ‘let me in’ and he was more than happy to do so in this red hot Nubile Films update! He wasted no time before kissing her neck and sliding his hands all over her perfect tight sexy skinny body, grabbing those perky tits and her perfect tight little ass before they both lost their clothes and headed to the bedroom for a little fun! Lindsey took his cock in her mouth, licking and sucking his meat before bending over with that vice-grip of a pussy in the air for him to pound doggystyle…this girl is an absolute knockout, from her beautiful face down that lean teen body all the way to her cute little feet! She was on Nubile Films once before giving a world class blowjob and now she’s back getting her perfect pussy fucked nice and hard before pumping out a nice load of cum that she takes all over her fashion model face and into her mouth for a nice facial finish!

Arrow Head


Kelly madison bath time

I got a look at sexy busy babe Kelly Madison taking a bath and having a blast and was like what is wrong with her, nobody likes having a bath THAT much! But the more I thought about it the more sense it made…I mean I certainly don’t have a pair of natural 34FF titties to soap up and play with in the water like she does, so I would think that makes a hell of a big difference! You’ve probably seen Kelly on sites like Porn Fidelity before with her husband but this photoshoot called Arrow Head is from her own website, it’s all Kelly all the time here and that’s just the way she likes it! With those huge tits you know she’s used to getting plenty of attention and apparently has become addicted to it, so any opportunity she has to flash those magnificent big natural breasts she takes it, and I know we couldn’t be happier about the situation. Check out the fun as this MILF splashes around getting clean in the tub, playing with her tits and getting all dripping wet from head to toe and everywhere in between!



Kim on exploited college girls

Lovers of perky, erect nipples rejoice because Kim is here to blow your mind on Exploited College Girls! She’s a fit, exotic amateur with round firm titties (with the aforementioned eraser-head nipples that could take an eye out if you’re not careful) and a raging libido who is ready to make her first adult hardcore shoot…Kim whips off her clothes, grabs that big hard cock and goes to town on it, sucking the guy and licking it up and down and taking it between her boobs for a little tittyfucking before going for a ride in the guy’s lap. I think Kim is a Filipina, that’s my best guess…she’s also got a bit of a double-standard, she says she doesn’t particularly like sex toys or makeup because she doesn’t like ‘fake things’ but hey at the same time she’s sitting there with a pair of pretty damn fake titties hanging off her chest! Anyway, she gets that pussy spread open and fingerbanged and licked and fucked, taking Kim to the peaks of ecstasy in a massive shuddering screaming orgasm. She sucks Jay’s cock, giving him a mighty fine blowjob before going for a ride in his lap with some cowgirl fun (she’s from the south so I guess they figured she’d naturally dig on some cowgirl action), getting her pussy jackhammered until she came all over it! Jay follows suit blasting a big facial on her, spraying cum all over her face and those fake titties to finish things off here.

Perfect Ass White Girl BTS


Pawg gdp bts

I know you guys love, and I mean LOVE, Girls Do Porn and hey who can blame you? They’ve got the hottest girls on the damn planet getting naked and getting fucked doing their very first adult videos, and now they even have a brand spankin new members area for you to check out! I’ve got a little extra treat for you guys today since you’ve been behaving yourselves…one of the things you get access to as a member is the BTS section, with behind the scenes interviews and outtakes and other stuff like that which didn’t go onto the actual updates but is just as blazing hot. In this BTS scene for instance, remember this girl from a while back that we called the Perfect Ass White Girl? Well if she slipped your mind check out that link, or if you need a little something to jog your memory just watch when this cutie slips her little skirt up to show off that absolutely incredible butt of hers. From those sweet perky little boobies and her beautiful smiling face (she even has a nose ring that looks cute on her), this girl is somethin special and I just knew I had to hook you guys up with some of this behind-the-scenes stuff. Besides getting to check out that smokin hot body again you also get a little glimpse into this chick’s personality, which is always fun…she talks about her shyness and about her preconceptions about how she thought the shoot was going to go. Take a little of that and mix in some great footage of her masturbating and sucking cock and showering and you’ve got a fun sexy supplement to enjoy! Girls Do Porn is seriously one of the hottest sites on the net, these amateur chicks are just knockout gorgeous week after week…I don’t know how they keep finding girls of this caliber but I love that they do!



Kate on backroom casting couch

Amateur cutie Kate here is a fitness fanatic, no doubt about it…plenty of girls like to work out to keep slim and trim and feeling fit but Kate goes above and beyond, even bringing her own homemade meals to her Backroom Casting Couch studio so she wouldn’t throw off her diet regime before a fitness competition of some kind or other! Given that you can probably guess that this chick has a pretty fantastic body and you’d be right, she’s also a ton of fun both personality-wise and fun to fuck and you get to see plenty of that in this hot update. Kate even agrees to try anal, getting that tight firm ass of hers fucked…she digs it a bit more than most of the anal newbies on BRCC, holding onto the desk as she bent over to get that hard cock in her back door. So this girl does anal, she’s got great tits, she’s fit as a fiddle, cute as hell and even has Batman and Joker tattoos, sounds like a winner all around if you ask me! Kate ends up taking a facial but is definitely not a big fan of that, it’s her first cum facial and she looks like a kid in a sprinkler trying to keep her face from getting sprayed down…better deal with it, Kate!

Fantasy Girls


This is a lesbian sex scene and the girl pictured here is Vanessa Veracruz and she is eating the pussy of Chloe Amour and Jenna Sativa.  The name of this episode is Fantasy Girls and well all these girls are fucking hot as hell.  The guys at Reality Kings have them all dressed up in lingerie and Jenna and Vanessa are laying in bed together.  Vanessa is speaking Spanish throughout the video and tells Jenna she wants to invite over Chloe.  They do that and it was a good decision for Chloe because these two girls teamed up on her making sure to give her a really intense orgasm.  Once Chloe got hers though the girls started taking turns sitting on Chloe’s face and getting their pussy licked by the “new” girl.  Then there is of course some scissoring that goes on and all your typical lesbian stuff.  We Live Together is the best site you could join if you want lesbian sex it’s as simple as that so check out this gallery and see what you think.

Rachel James


Rachel james on casting couch x

One of the nice things about a site like Casting Couch X is that you never really know what you’re gonna get…sometimes the girl will have huge tits and a nice round ass, and sometimes you get a girl like Rachel James here with her small titties and tight teen pussy! She’s a 19 year old cutie from Mississippi who works as a timeshare salesperson…she loves selling things and is really good at it, you can tell by the way she’s selling that tight nubile body of hers as she strips down in this hot hardcore update from CCX! She’s got a magnificent tight little ass and gets it up in the air here, shaking her tight teen pussy around before taking on this guy’s cock…and did I mention she’s hot as hell? This girl is a winner from head to toe, she sucks cock and gives this guy a rimjob and then gets her tight little cunt drilled in a red hot casting session…I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Rachel on a few other sites since this Casting Couch X scene, so she’s already making a name for herself in the industry. You can tell she loves to have fun and is a motivated self-starter, which will serve her well in the porn world if you ask me! Rachel’s a tight horny smokin hot cutie taking her first steps into this new career and makes one hell of an update, ending up with a nice big facial to remember her pounding by.

Dillion Harper Excited Little Slut


Tiny4k dillion excited little slut

If you’re a fan of cute, tiny girls getting railed by big fat cocks then boy oh boy have I got the site for you. Tiny4k excels at just that, and what’s more they have some of the most gorgeous little spinners in the business! For instance, take excited little slut Dillion Harper here…she’s one of those girls that just seems to have a blast every moment of every day, I can imagine her waking up and just popping out of bed like a jack-in-the-box ready to enjoy whatever adventures lay in store…meanwhile, people like you or I are about ready to murder someone if we don’t get our coffee. Anyway, Dillion shows off her incredible body in this sexy scene, it’s her fourth time on the site and just keeps getting hotter with that wet pussy, perfect bouncy soft titties, beautiful face and amazing ass…she seems like a ton of fun to fuck and this guy gives her the deep dicking she was hoping for, pounding that tight little cunt of hers nice and hard with her perfect butt in the air, then finally blasting off with a huge cumshot that Dillion takes all over her cheeks for a nice facial and then licks the rest off while looking up with those adorable eyes of hers!

Blondie Has Back


Blondie Fesser has one of those asses that makes you say damn.  This is the ass that Sir Mix-A-Lot sang about in baby got back I am almost positive.  The only other video I have seen with Blondie here was when which is also a Bang Bros site.  So right now it looks like she has only done Bang Bros.  That is not a bad thing because Bang Bros is definitely one of the best porn sites on the Internet and you can join their site for cheap.  This scene was shot for Big Tits Round Asses though but to be honest it could also be Public Bang again because to me it looks like she is fucking out in public.  Then again she could just be fucking in someones big ass back yard.  The guy who is filming it is loving on that giant ass of hers and he just can’t believe that she is all natural.  He makes sure to give it the hand test and it all checks out.  So if you like a nice thick MILF and a babe that has “back” this Blondie Fesser chick is going to do it for you!

Karmen Karma Returns


Karmen karma returns to pawg

We’ve seen this hottie Karmen Karma at least once before on the Bang Bros network site PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl, if you’ve been living under a rock for awhile), if you want to check it out I’ve got it right here for you so take your time, we’ll all wait. OK, welcome back! Anyway, Karmen is back for another go-round in this hot PAWG update, showing off some of her favorite yoga moves and getting that big juicy booty in the air as she stretched out…Karmen pulls her shorts and panties down over that gorgeous round ass of hers as she kicks her legs back, giving us a nice view of that crack and then getting joined by a lucky dude with a big thick dick! He gets his face sat on, enjoying the view as Karmen grinds her ass and pussy on his tongue, before sliding his big dick down her throat and eating her pussy out! You know she’s not gonna stop there, though, and sure enough she bends over and shakes that booty to let the guy know just how she wants to be pounded, and he’s more than happy to oblige as he fucks her doggystyle to make her moan! Her ass is all oiled up and looks fantastic as she bounces up and down on that big dick, making a hell of a hot return scene on PAWG for us!

Chelsea Waltzer


Chelsea waltzer on zishy

If you’re a fan of the photography on Zishy but wished they feature more girls with a bit more curve to their swerve so to speak, this update is for you! It features Chelsea Waltzer, a sexy bubbly blonde with a big round juicy ass and some nice soft womanly curves…she spent the day with the Zishy guy, wandering around town and showing off her sweet booty whenever she gets the chance! Chelsea poses on the hood of the car, letting her skirt ride up to flash her panties while the wind blew her hair all over the place…she gave plenty of people an upskirt peek that day from the looks of things…she hung out on the stairs with her skirt flapping up, got on her hands and knees with that round ass in the air, making the day a whole lot hotter for anyone in the park who happened to look over! Eventually she even pulled off her clothes entirely, grabbing her soft squishy breasts and flashing her pussy too. Chelsea is big, curvy, loud and opinionated, a true force of nature having a good time with life and it’s awesome to see these sexy shots of her in the wild!

Delilah Blue


Delilah blue for teen fidelity

Kelly Madison knows that her husband Ryan has certain needs that have to be filled or else he’ll basically explode pants-first…that’s why when she had to head out of town for the night she invited gorgeous horny teen Delilah Blue over to ‘housesit’ so to speak! Delilah was certainly up for the task and couldn’t wait to get her hands and lips on Ryan’s big hard cock in this Teen Fidelity update called Fuck My Husband…when Ryan got to the house they hit it off instantly and couldn’t even manage to get through the front door before he was banging away at that tight wet cunt of hers. Ryan’s big dick is insatiable, there’s no doubt about it…I can see why Kelly was a little concerned about his health, if he didn’t have a pussy nearby to fuck there’s no telling what he would have gotten up to! Delilah takes care of that little problem though, getting her pink stockings ripped open and getting her nice round ass in the air so Ryan could pound that little pussy of hers. I guess technically she’s not a Teen since she’s 20 years old but hey close enough I reckon. She does a great job here on Teen Fidelity taking on that big throbbing cock, fucking him and then sucking out a big load so she could swallow every drop!

To The Beat


Passion hd to the beat

Pretty much nobody actually LIKES cleaning house but hey everyone knows it’s gotta get done, so why not make the best of a bad situation? Gorgeous blonde honeypot Brooke Wylde was doing a little dusting and was making things a little more fun by shaking that sweet ass to the beat of her music, bopping around the room! Her man was watching and didn’t exactly help out, he preferred sitting there watching Brooke and getting a boner…she got about ten seconds of dusting done before she noticed his cock getting hard and in two shakes of a pair of tits she was on his face, getting her pussy eaten out and moaning away! This is a red hot Passion HD update with this beautiful blonde putting those big lovely breasts and that sexy round ass to work as she moved from his face to his cock, riding that dick and getting on her knees to take him to the hilt in her tight wet horny pussy. After a fucking like that she wanted to return the favor, sucking and pumping his big hard dick until he shot a nice big load onto her lips and into her mouth to swallow down and finish off this steamy hardcore scene! Now maybe they can get a little more cleaning done…this is a mighty fine way to motivate a guy to pick up around the house!

Leigh Rose


Povd leigh rose dressed to impress

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this chick Leigh Rose before in the adult industry but man oh man she’s got a hell of a body! After her shower she headed to the bedroom to get dressed in this POVD scene but her man wasn’t about to let her just throw on some clothes and head out the door! She put on some cute little shorts and a tight top that showed off those big soft sexy titties, before straddling her man’s face and stripping down again to get her sweet pussy licked and then fucked! Leigh keeps her knee high socks on as she gets that pussy railed, bouncing up and down and making those big juicy titties go for a nice jiggly dance…she’s got something tattooed down her spine but it’s a little hard to see what it is as she’s bouncing around on this guy’s cock! This is POVD so it’s all filmed in first person perspective, and it’s amazing to see what it’s like to fuck a gorgeous jiggly bouncy fun babe like Leigh from the driver’s seat of the action, getting that perfect round ass up in front of us while the guy slides his big dick into her hole! Leigh’s debut scene on POVD called Dressed to Impress is hot as hell, a great introduction to this cutie, and ends up with her getting a nice big facial that she lets drip down and rubs all over those sweet boobs.

Super Wet


Carrie brooks gf revenge

This gorgeous amateur Latina babe named Carrie Brooks was excited to start out her modeling career and her boyfriend was pretty excited too because he was gonna get to be her photographer! In this video clip we see these two heading to the location of the shoot, wiht the boyfriend recording her already with his video camera just to ‘practice’ a little. She had on a sexy bathing suit and was ready to show it off, taking those little shorts off to reveal that her swimsuit was crotchless! I didn’t even know that was a thing, but man what a way for a girl to start her modeling career…Carrie poured water over her big tits, letting it get her super wet as her boyfriend enjoyed capturing every second of the action. As she ran her hands up and down over her tight body she apparently got pretty turned on, letting her fingers linger on that sweet tight little snatch to play with herself a bit every few seconds…I guess her bf noticed too because he whipped his cock out for Carrie to suck! Her inaugural modeling session turned into a hardcore sextape as she stripped nude, licking his dick up and down before bending over with that cute butt in the air to get her pussy pounded. I don’t know if they broke up or what but the guy sent the footage in to GF Revenge and I’m glad he did because now we get to enjoy watching this amateur hottie get fucked!

Ravishing In Red


Sexy pattycake ravishing in red

Our favorite nutty hottie Sexy Pattycake is back and is looking ravishing in red in a nice photoshoot from her own website! She’s in her shoe closet here, playing dressup with some of the gifts her members sent her…she has a cute red dress and underneath that, bright-ass red sheer panties and bra or is it just a one-piece, it’s hard to tell! All I know is that Patty looks amazing in it, her big juicy titties look great in the top section of her lingerie with the nipples showing through, and of course when she spins around and grabs her ankles her perfect firm round spankable ass is on full view! Patty just has a blast every day of her life, having fun doing anything she wants to do and she loves dressing up and showing off. For Patty, whenever someone is happy she’s happy and she knows that flashing her tits and ass makes a whoooole lot of people thrilled! She’s a fiery redhead with red lingerie and a red dress but you certainly won’t be seeing red when you check out these hot sexy pics.

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