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Hot Skinny Waitress


Hot Skinny Waitress

Watch This Girls Do Porn Video

The first thing you’ll probably notice about this hot 20 year old waitress is her eyes…she’s got beautiful seductive eyes with lashes for days, and she’s here making her very first adult video on Girls Do Porn! When their update time rolls around it’s always exciting, you can be 100% sure the girl in the update is going to be incredibly hot so it’s like opening a birthday present that you already know is going to be awesome! This girl is very open and personable, seems like she was pretty nervous earlier but was starting to calm down…she talked about her sexual experiences (including a bummer of a one-night stand a few days prior) and seems to have a really good head on her shoulders. Brains and beauty, always one hell of a combination! She also LOVES sex which is always a good thing, you know she’s gonna really get into it when she gets this guy’s big cock inside her. When she strips down this chick has absolutely perfect tits, with pierced nipples glinting in the light as she takes that cock in her hole…those boobs are almost mesmerizing, they are seriously above and beyond! This skinny hot waitress gets that wet horny pussy pounded, riding that cock and then sucking it before getting on her knees to take a deep hard doggystyle drilling with her long hair flowing and swinging…finally she’s on her knees and sucks a nice big load out, getting a huge facial that just about turns her into a pirate!

Perfect Chocolate


There are times when Round and Brown just kills it and this right here is one of those times.  They found a nice black girl with just an amazing body.  Look at that hour glass figure she has and that bubble butt.  A girl with a body like this shouldn’t have such amazing curves but Nadia Jay does.  I think you see it in black girls more then any other race hence the reason I always try to find some of these type of girls for you.  This scene is the only one I could find of this beautiful girl and if the trend continues like it has for a long time this will probably be the last.  Round and Brown does a really good job of finding hot amateurs like this.  I just think you rarely see these girls other places because there are just not many sites that shoot black girls.  Or are at least dedicated to black girls I can only think of a few.  This one from Reality Kings though is by far the best and if Nadia here doesn’t convince you of that just look around Blackz more and you will be convinced in short time.

Carter Cruise Make Em Sweat


Carter Cruise Teen Fidelity Make Em Sweat

Looks like Teen Fidelity is finally getting into the soccer spirit with this new scene called “Make ‘Em Sweat”.  The girl who is starring in the video is Carter Cruise a pretty famous starlet who has awesome pierced nipples and a nice athletic body.  What really sets this video apart from other videos you see of Carter is how much chemistry she has with Ryan.  You have to think Ryan is friends with all these girls he fucks or something because there is always great chemistry in his scene.  He really gives it to Carter and she cums like crazy.  He isn’t going to just cum on this girls face he wants to give her a creampie and he doesn’t stop until he does.  Towards the end of the video he is just pounding away in missionary trying to cum and Carter is loving it.  She is having intense orgasms so much so she isn’t breathing half the time.  I thought the video was going to end with Ryan cumming inside of her pussy and then having to give her mouth to mouth to get her alive again.  The video however ends with cum running out of her pussy and to wash it out Ryan picks her up and jumps in the pool with her.  Pretty funny actually, you can tell all this stuff he does is just off the cuff.

Big Breasted Babes


I think these photos are from Nuts magazine but am not 100% sure…what I do know for sure is that these are some gorgeous big breasted honeys who love showing off for the camera! Check out the brunette in particular…she doesn’t have the hugest tits of the bunch but I would say she’s got the hottest face and since she has both nipples pierced you can be pretty sure she’s down to get a little freaky in the sack which is always fun. I wonder if getting the nipples pierced makes those big boobs more or less sensitive than they would have been otherwise? Mysteries of the tit world, left forever unsolved…well until I search for the answer on the internet, but man that sounds like way too much work when I can just sit here and think about nipples.



If you’re a fan of the edgy alternative types of chicks then Gods Girls is gonna be right up your damn alley…they’ve got some of the hottest ones around! This girl doesn’t have a million tattoos like some of their girls do but she’s sporting some pretty hipster type glasses and she’s got a few piercings here and there, but more importantly she’s got some very nice big tits! Her name is Neely and in this photoshoot she’s playing around with a big pearl necklace, wrapping it around her boobs and sliding it between her pussy lips…looks like she’s ready for another kind of pearl necklace if you ask me.

Mya Ross


Check out this nice thick 19 year old from Teeny Black.  Her name is Mya Ross and she is like the epitome of thick.  With those big plump pierced tits of hers and then a bubble butt that you always like to see a black girl.  The videos from Teeny Black are always really entertaining.  There isn’t really a black site out there with porn as quality as this.  I like what they’re doing but I guess not enough to make my own galleries for it LOL!  Just go to my buddies site and he always has them.  Anyways hope you lik what you see because it’s a long video and it’s going to take you a while to watch it all!

Rachel Roxxx Housewife


Rachel Roxxx is playing the part of a housewife in this new Naughty America video.  She is just vacuuming away in a skimpy little outfit with her headphones on without a care in the world.  Her husband comes home a little early from work and see’s his wife just doing work herself.  He doesn’t want her working on the house though he wants her in the bedroom riding his dick!  So he makes his presence know and these two fuck like they just recently started having sex.  It’s probably because you have to be excited when you’re fucking a girl who you know is really really good in bed!  Rachel fucks him every which way and the scene ends with him fucking her in this missionary position and then when he is about to cum his wife drops to her knees and takes a mouthful of his cum.  I guess he his on his own for dinner now.

Brandy Aniston


Brandy Aniston Porn Fidelity

Brandy Aniston is kind of a alternative chick she has a couple of tattoo’s the pierced nipples.  When it comes to sex she is a little alternative as well.  She likes it rough and loves being dominated.  You can tell she is at her best when she is sucking this guys cock because she loves to be subservient.  That being said when she is in a more dominate position like riding Ryan’s cock she does a great job as well. This isn’t your typical creampie scene that you see a lot of on Porn Fidelity instead Ryan wanted Brandy to swallow his cum and she does so very happiness.  Ryan is able to make Brandy cum while he has a leg pinned up by her face and he is like scissoring her I don’t know how else to explain it but once you get to that part in the video you will know what I’m talking about.  I think anytime a girl cums during sex it’s an amazing porn scene and you actually get that a lot when you watch Porn Fidelity’s scenes so head on over to their site and check it out.

Pierced Nipples, Great Ass


Reverse Cowgirls Girls Do Porn

When does Girls Do Porn ever disappoint?  They don’t that’s the answer there is no two ways about it they always deliver!  Here they are once again with a hot ass (pun intended) girl.  She not only has a great derrière but she also has a cute perky pair of tits that are pierced!  She is one of those down to earth pretty cool chicks who is just looking to get fucked better then she has in her personal life.  This is only the 5th  guy she has ever slept with and now I think a pretty high bar has been set.  You can tell she isn’t used to this kind of sex because about 5 minutes into giving this guy head she turns to the camera and asks if he is about to cum.  Silly girl!  This is fucking Girls Do Porn you have like another hour of getting your pussy pounded.  It’s just been engrained into her probably that 5 minutes of head makes a guy cum.  She sure has given a lot of head though because during her interview she reveals that she hasn’t slept with a lot of guys yea but she does invite guys over to eat her out / play with her pussy.  She does it so much she says she doesn’t even masturbate!  I would be pissed as fuck if I came over and ate this chick out and she didn’t fuck me.  She does say she returns the favor so I guess she isn’t such a bitch, but either way you the camera guy said it best she is kind of a prude.

Red Sunglasses


What’s that, you say? You want to see a gorgeous girl with perfect tits wearing nothing but a smile and a pair of sunglasses? Well my friend you must be part psychic because I’ve got a hot photoshoot featuring beautiful Hailey Leigh showing off those incredible pierced titties of hers in a gallery from her own site. I don’t know why she decided to keep her shades on for every shot but hey, with a face that pretty and a nude body that hot who’s going to argue?

Money Talks wings


We all love eating wings but it just gets so messy, so when these hot lesbians decided to have a wing-eating contest on the Reality Kings site Money Talks they figured that the best way to keep from getting all sloppy was to strip down nude! I don’t know who won the contest but we get to see these hot chicks topless getting down on some wings, and that’s always fun.

Rachel’s Good Service


Rachel Roxxx Good Service

Rachel Roxxx is sitting in between her mans lags just sucking his dick while he sits back and enjoys some football and beer on TV.  Pure Mature called this scene good service but I think they should have called it “The Life”.  He can’t just sit back and not give Rachel any pleasure though so once he gets close to cumming he lays her back and starts to eat her pussy out.  Then the sex happens and like ever Rachel Roxxx scene you have seen before it’s really really good.  What I wouldn’t do to get inside of this pornstar!  She has been one of my favorite pornstars for some time and it’s a little weird seeing her on a MILF site but I guess everyone has to get older…



Lyanna FTV Girls

I wanted to just show you guys how cute this chick is before you get locked on her tits and can’t see anything else… She is all natural and on top of that she pierced her nipples so it’s pretty distracting I must say.  FTV Girls gets you away from looking at Lyanna breasts a couple of times and that’s when she is fucking her pussy with a dildo or using a vibrator to give herself a real orgasm.  This girl is like a classy alternative girl if you know what I am saying.  She can cover up all those tattoo’s and look like the innocent girl next door.  Or she can show them off and you can be like that’s one badass chick.

Creampie Time!


Creampie Time Girls Do Porn

You might remember this girl from this gallery that I posted earlier in the year.  She has a really great body with full pierced tits that are just too perfect for words.  You know Girls Do Porn doesn’t do the same thing twice when they have a model back on their site.  So this time it was kind of dealers choice kind of thing.  He could either fuck her in the ass or give her a creampie.  I think he just wanted to go at this perfect pussy with no condom because he chose to give her a creampie.  The girl is a absolute screamer and she is really good at riding dick.  She is also too good though.  I mean this guy is well hung but she is still riding him so hard that at times he falls out, that’s some crazy shit.

Janessa Brazil orange tease


There aren’t many women in this world hotter than Janessa Brazil if you ask me…I think it’s those eyes that really do it. She’s got huge beautiful boobs and an incredible ass, but it’s those seductive eyes that really push a guy over the edge. In this update from her own site she’s giving a sexy sensual striptease as she gets nude in the bedroom and shows off every inch of her hot body!

Rachel and Miss Rican


Miss Rican is getting some very good sex lessons from one of the best girls to ever do it Rachel Starr!  Rachel and Miss Rican share one thing in common and that’s there perfect round ass so Bang Bros thought it would be a good idea to get them together for a Ass Parade scene.  I don’t think this was meant to be a learning lesson for Miss Rican but it just turned out that way from Rachel showing her how to eat a girl out to how to ride a dick better then 98% of all other girls on the planet.



Bella Backroom Casting Couch

You guys owe me!  I finally figured out the sugar daddy dating site that Rick from Backroom Casting Couch uses!  After I saw this girl Bella I was like I just have to find this site.  You can check it out , I already join it’s free don’t worry.  Back to this new video of a girl named Bella.  She is super hot as you can see and she has pierced nipples.  She tries anal sex for the first time because she wanted to “go the extra mile”.  What girls will do to make $1,000 to $5,000 dollars a day right?  It was pretty genius of Rick to join a sugar daddy site because all these girls want is money!  He has a little bit of trouble in this video trying not to cum super fast.  Bella is giving him head and he pops a little bit and you would too, Bella can suck a mean cock!  He then fucks her doggystyle same problem.  To calm his nerves he eats her out and then he is back to pounding the pussy and then having some anal sex.  The scene ends with a deep creampie.  So deep in fact that he couldn’t even get in cum to drip out of her pussy!  Once again Rick finds himself giving a girl a creampie that isn’t on birth control.  This girl claims that it’s impossible for her to get knocked up and she has proof.  I would just make her take that plan b Rick, you can’t be a dad!

Tory & Dillion


Dillion Harper and Tory Lane

Dillion Harper the girl masturbating, and Tory Lane the girl getting fucked out of frame are starring in a video together from Wicked Pictures.  This comes from a naughty nanny series they have.  The plot in this one is that Tory and her husband are off for dinner and a movie.  They come back and catch Dillion in the act of masturbating.  Instead of getting all mad at her they get down with her!  They’re quite the horny couple and swingers, so Dillion masturbates to orgasm as they fuck and then takes her turn fucking the husband while Tory watching and joins in every once in a while.

Amber Cox Orgasms


Amber Cox Porn Star Spa

This is the first Porn Star Spa scene I have seen where the masseuse brings over a sex toy.  This guy wanted to make sure that Amber Cox had a happy ending I guess!  He massages her body and then breaks out a vibrator and puts it right on that clit until Amber screams in ecstasy.  Amber is one of the girls who just look good all around and as you see from this picture especially from behind.  My favorite body part of Amber has to be her tits though.  They are big and natural and I love the fact that they’re pierced.  I used to not like the pierced nipples and now I just laugh at the old me, what a sucker.

Rachel Back For More!


Rachel Roxxx Mr. Anal

Rachel Roxxx is back for more anal sex on Mr. Anal!  This time she is fucking this guy with a huge dick and taking it in her ass no problem.  She teaches all you girls who are not good at anal how to enjoy it.  Rachel’s first little tip is to walk around with a butt plug for a day, the day you will be taking it up the ass.  It helps to loosen you up and you can even get bigger and bigger butt plugs if your man is a really big like this guy.  She then breaks out the anal beads for a little more stretching and then she is ready to fuck!  If you want anal sex where you can pound that ass like a pussy then you need to add some oil and a whole lot of it!  The odds of your girl fucking you like Rachel Roxxx does are pretty much slim to none, this girl can fuck.  Your girl however can get better and watching this new scene Rachel did is definitely a step in the right direction.

Rachel Roxxx’s first time on Mr. Anal

Rachel Starr Brazzers


Rachel Starr doesn’t want just any old guy in tight jeans and a white belt listening to the latest indie bands, she wants a real man! That’s just what she found when she got her huge tits out in the restaurant in this Brazzers update, getting the attention of the local sheriff and getting fucked right there in the booth.

Heart Lingerie


Susan Wayland Heart Lingerie

Big tits that are pierced too!  It does it for me every time, that’s why I love to post Susan Wayland here.  She actually personally runs two sites one is dedicated to all those people that like latex the other is a more convential solo site.  I like both to be honest but there is only so much variety you can get out of the latex stuff so I tend to like the Sexy Sway site a little better.  Here she is wearing this see through heart lingerie.  She takes a little swim in it so you can see her private parts even better.  She is just a drop dead gorgeous girl and I am a sucker for a busty blonde, I can’t help it!

Amber Takes It On


In this new Monsters Of Cock update you get to see the lovely Amber Cox doing a interracial scene and probably fucking the biggest cock she has ever fucked in her life.  Bang Bros has always been known for this site because they find the biggest cocks in the world and them hire them to be on the site.  It’s a pretty dope scene especially because Amber is so new to the industry so you get honest shock on her face when she first lays eyes on this dick that she is going to be fucking.  After this scene though I don’t think a average guy is ever going to please her again.

Rachel Massaged


Here is a brand new massage sex scene with Rachel Starr.  It’s from Brazzers part of their Dirty Masseur line.  The name of the scene is called Stranger Danger because Rachel requested that she get a girl to come and rub her down but Keiran knew about this hottie so he showed up and gave her the massage of her life.  Being a masseuse you know how to get a girl all kinds of horny and if you watch this video you might be able to make it happen in your real life!  Rachel Starr has one amazing ass and this video definitely features that booty so check it out today!

Tight White Pants


White Pants Girls Do Porn

This girl comes on Girls Do Porn in this hot pink shirt and these white pants and I think any guy in his right mind would want to fuck her.  She is so damn hot and those natural tits of hers are just so perky and they’re a fucking D Cup!  I can’t even believe how perfect they are.  She has a tight vagina and amazing tan lines I really just can’t find anything wrong with this girl.  When she gives head she is like attacking the cock I mean straight up getting after it if you know what I’m saying!  The scene ends with her getting a facial I have a feel this isn’t her first time just from her interview I know she is quite a sexual girl.  I mean not many chicks can say they have had sex with two guys multiple times but she can!

Amber Creampie


You would be quite right if you think that is Amber Cox who has cum coming out of her pussy!  This is a scene from Big Tit Creampie a site you get access to if you are part of Bang Bros so that’s why this site is sending you there.  This is one of those model dedicated blogs I always send you guys to because I think if you like the model then you can spend some time looking at her other scenes.  This is the second one she has done for Bang Bros if you missed her scene you can check that out as it’s her first one with them.

Rachel Starr


I knew it was going to happen the most famous ass I can think of Rachel Starr is finally on PAWG!  This gallery has Rachel doing a lot of booty shaking and because she has been in porn for so long and been known for her ass she can do it very well.  She can even shake her ass while fucking, that’s how skilled this gorgeous pornstar is.  The site is from Bang Bros so when you join their site and get in the members area you can view their “mini” sites, sites like PAWG here.

Embry on FTV Girls


Ftv girls blonde embry

Embry is a super fit blonde hottie with pierced nipples who is making her first voyage into the world of adult entertainment with this hot update from FTV Girls! She is going out for a jog and takes off her top to let those big breasts bounce before stripping down nude and streaking for a bit, letting the sun shine on her awesome ass and that lovely pussy of hers.

Jessica & Porschea


Jessica and Porchea Casting Couch X

When Casting Couch X first came out they came out with a lot of scenes and I just didn’t have time to put them all on the site so I am slowly updating our category with the older scenes that I missed.  One of those scenes is this one with two friends named Jessica and Porschea.  They had never eaten each other out before this video but they wanted to impress the guy who was going to be finding them jobs in porn.  Porschea is the blonde girl with pierced nipples and Jessica is the cute brunette.  They fuck this guys taking turns who gets to be fucked.  The scene ends with Jessica riding his cock and right when he is about to cum he cuts it off pulls out his dick and Porschea is right there to cover it with her mouth and swallow his cum without ever even showing it to the camera!  This is definitely her first time seeing a porn or doing one because any professional knows you have to show the camera the cumshot!



Mali Massage Girls 18

I have another scene from this super hot chick named Mali.  She is giving a guy a massage and then a happy ending for a episode from a website called Massage Girls 18.  It’s the sister site to Fucked Hard 18 and they have the same background / massage table but the real difference is that Mali is giving the massage in this video.  The other big difference is that Mali starts off this video dressed in some super sexy clothes, I like that a lot because a girl in sexy clothes just sets the mood I think.

Rachel MILF Soup


The beautiful and always sexy Rachel Starr is on another scene of MILF Soup and it once again is a stunning scene.  I can’t believe we consider Rachel Starr a MILF now but I guess she has been in porn long enough that eventually she has to be.  Rachel still stays in the gym though because that ass of hers hasn’t lost a beat.  This gallery is extra nice because there is a ton of sexy pictures of her as well as a nice long video where you get to enjoy seeing her pussy given a seriously pounding.  I mean SERIOUS!

Jessica Jaymes


Jessica Jaymes Passion HD

I would like you guys to welcome the newest MILF to appear on Pure Mature and that lady is Jessica Jaymes.  She is a gorgeous babe that just oozes sexuality.  The video is a little disturbing at the start I will agree but once you get to the sex it makes it all better I promise.  It looks like Pure Mature has started getting a new crop of MILFs to be on their site because this is the third girl in a row that is all new to the site.  What usually happens is they get like 5 or 6 girls and then just update with multiple scene of each.  I know that Jessica has a titty job but they actually look really good in this video and when she gets her pussy eaten you will see her orgasm like most girls with a clit piercing.



Madison Exploited College Girls

I would say this is two weeks in a row now that Exploited College Girls has themselves a perfect 10 out of 10 amateur college girl!  This time its a girl named Madison.  Madison has a banging body nice and think with full natural tits.  She just pierced her tittes like one week ago so that’s a added bonus.  She loves to have sex and the reason she wanted to do this scene is because her friend just got done shooting her first sex scene with these guys so she thought why not do it too!  She loves sex and loves money even more it’s a win win!  The friend who basically helped make this shoot happen because she did is first was last weeks gorgeous girl Mandy.

Katt Dylan & Rio


Katt Dylan Reality Kings

This is a scene from a site called Moms Bang Teens it’s basically hot “step moms” teaching their step daughters how to fuck.  In this case Katt Dylan is walked in on by the gorgeous Rio Lee who isn’t even mad that her step daughter is fucking she is just mad at the piss poor job she is doing!  So Rio gets in there and tells her that she is going to be fucking her boyfriend not because she wants to but because it’s a lesson that she needs to learn.  From this picture right here I would say Katt definitely knows how to have a threesome, sucking on his balls while he is fucking the MILF pretty awesome for him.

Rachel & Alexis


If you’re not fluent in Espanol you most likely haven’t headed in to the site Culioneros which is a shame, because they have gallery updates like this one featuring sexy Rachel Starr and hot MILF Alexis Fawx getting naked, eating each others pussy out and then getting fucked! It’s a hot hardcore time all around and it helps break the language barrier so head on in.

Submissive Love


Passion HD Cameron Dee

This is a new model I just found and she’s on one of my favorite sites Passion HD.  The name of the scene is Submissive Love and the models name is Cameron Dee.  I didn’t post a picture of her face because I wanted to show you guys these awesome natural tits and then the fact that she is tied up.  This is a erotic scene with a little bit of a twist because the model is tied up.  Bondage isn’t usually known for being very erotic but Passion HD has made it so and once you watch this scene you will be a fan of erotic bondage I do believe.

Yoga Pants


Hailey Leigh Grey Yoga Pants

I mean I know this isn’t extra super duper sexy or anything but man Hailey Leigh definitely looks great in these yoga pants.  I wish she would have given herself a camel toe or something that would make it really good.  If she wouldn’t have worn panties she wouldn’t even have to give herself a camel toe it would have just happened naturally.  You probably could even see her pierced clit through those pants.  Anyways I have a picture gallery with a matching video and I think you will enjoy it because Hailey Leigh gets naked and I mean what more could you ask for!

Titty Pong


Dare Dorm Titty Pong

I made probably one of the biggest Dare Dorm galleries I have ever made before but that was just because there was so many good picture that I had to share with you guys.  This girl that is picture here is actually very hot I just couldn’t find a screen capture that showed that banging body of hers and her face.  She is one of the girls who fucks her boyfriend on camera after playing a couple of rounds of Titty Pong.  This is a new game that these college students made up while having a party in their dorm.  It’s basically beer pong but you get naked during it and you’re so wasted after a couple of games fucking on film is no big deal.

Hailey Leigh


Hailey Leigh Webcam

You guys know how much I love to give you new stuff so I want to share with you a new model named Hailey Leigh.  She is damn hot wouldn’t you say?  This gallery is actually just screen captures from a webcam video she did.  In the video you’re going to get to see her bouncing her big round ass off a glass door.  Hailey is all natural with big tits that you guys are just going to love and to make things even better she has a pierced pussy and tits!

Rachel 2nd Time


Rachel Roxxx Porn Star Spa

Now isn’t that a beautiful picture!  It’s Rachel Roxxx getting fucked in yet another Porn Star Spa scene!  If you missed her first one your definitely going to want to see it because she does anal in that first one.  In this one though she just gets fucked in that magically little pussy of hers.  My favorite part of the whole video is the one you see picture here where she rides him up and down on the massage table.  Rachel is just so good a riding dick you have to feel envious of this guy.

Erica Fontes


Erica Fontes from Massage Girls 18

I have for you Erica Fontes and man does this girl have a body on her!  Erica Fontes is starring in a awesome new scene from Massage Girls 18 where you get to see her run her own little massage session.  Erica doesn’t spend a long time giving a massage she is more in it to get fucked.  She gets his dick hard then jumps on top and rides him until she is satisfied.  She flips over on her back and let’s him pound one out on that hot 18 year old pussy.



Ziba Backroom Casting Couch

Here is a girl named Ziba and she loves her some Ziba.  I mean she has a pretty banging body with a nice shapely ass and big fake titties that are pierced.  She is pretty sure that after she gets done with this interview with this agent she is going to make it big time.  The big problem here is that Ziba is interviewing with the guy from Backroom Casting Couch who is actually a fake agent.  He gets Ziba to successfully have anal sex, she has only done anal with a strap-on that her girlfriend was wearing.  Ziba is into dicks again though and she is looking to fuck as much as she can until she finds the one.  I think that’s a good plan Ziba you just need to find a real agent now.

Mali FTV Girls


Mali FTV Girls

Mali here had my head spinning because I knew I had scene her before somewhere but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. At first I thought she was Haileys Hideaway, and then I remembered! It was her hardcore scene on FuckedHard18 that was in my head! This girl has done only two scenes I have seen so far and in this FTV Girls one you get to see her masturbating to orgasm, as well as using anal beads which you see in this picture here. Mali has some a wonderful body just seeing her nude is a win for me, but for those of you who need video check it out and I think you will be happy too.

Morning Romance


Samantha Saint Pure Mature

I am not to sure if Samantha Saint belongs on a site with Mature in the title but I don’t really care to be honest.  Pure Mature makes such great porn I want every pornstar I like to be on that site!  This one is called Morning Romance where Samantha and her man make sweet sweet love in the bathroom.  Samantha spends a lot of time getting her pussy eaten before she is ready to take on the dick, she must not be a morning person or something.

Samantha Saint in Playing With Bubbles by Pure Mature

Rachel Is A Cowgirl


What a awesome gallery this new Ass Parade is!  It stars Marissa, Rachel Starr and Karen Fisher!  Rachel Starr’s ass is looking rounder then ever isn’t it just check out this picture!  You get to see all three of these lovely girls fucking and it’s all thanks to Bang Bros.  Bang Bros has had a good relationship with Rachel over the years you can just tell from all the scenes she has done with them.  If you want to check out some of those just browse the site I am sending you too it’s a Rachel Starr fan blog.



If you’ve got a hankering for the hot tattooed alt girls, you’re surely into Suicide Girls…this update from them features lovely sultry brunette Discoquette (clever name, I like it) wearing her ripped up stockings and a black thong and not much else…she tears off both and poses naked, showing off some great tattoos as well as a stupendous body and gorgeous face.

Oiled and Ready


Samantha Saint Passion HD

Doesn’t Samantha Saint just look elegant right here!  She is getting fucked too I don’t know what it is but she just puts off that vibe for me.  The scene is from Passion HD and it’s a good one (they never have a bad one).  They call it Oiled and Ready because Samantha here not only is getting a good fucking but before it even started she got a awesome naked massage.  The guy was able to make her cum pretty easy too but that’s because Samantha has her clit pierced and you know how easy girls with that piercing cum!

Heavy Black Latex


Susan Wayland Heavy Latex

Tell me this Latex outfit isn’t banging on Susan Wayland.  I love how the back of the outfit is cut open, it runs all the up to her hips.  Susan Wayland is big into the latex fetish and I would say she is like the Michael Jordan of that fetish because I know when I think of Latex the first model that jumps into my head is her.  In this gallery you do to see her pierced nipples as well and that tattoo that is right above her pussy.

Ines Cudna Leopard


Ines looks a little like a big-tittied version of Cameron Diaz in this gallery from DDF Busty as she hangs out in a cute leopard print bikini by the pool…and man those titties are indeed massive, check them out! They’re just swingin in the breeze and take a look at those piercings…they’re a doozy!

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