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Taylor Whyte Vacation


I have to say this new ATK Girlfriends site is pretty good.  They take a different approach to shooting amateur porn then most people.  They do what everone else does in that they get pornstars but ATK makes it so they go on like a vacation with the guy behind the camera.  So the guy literally like hangs out with them for days on end and they really create some chemistry in the bedroom.  I mean you have to imagine these two hang out and do stuff all day and then they go home and fuck every single day, they’re going to figure out what the other one likes.  So in this one Taylor gets fucked 8 different times, and this video kind of gives you a taste of a couple of them.  By no means do you get to see everything but you get to see her like giving him a footjob and other stuff, he finds that she likes her clit rubbed while she is riding because it makes her cum, so he does that over and over again and you really get to see Taylor Whye here having some pretty crazy orgasms on his dick.

Desire5k Just Impressed


I just think you can be impressed when a girl can do this.  I mean Desire5k isn’t exactly a petite girl in fact she is thick.  She has the most beautiful black ass you could ever find and she knows how to use it.  The video is just straight forward really she is getting banged doggystyle against the couch and then at one point she just gets in this positions and it’s really hitting the spot for her so she just stays.  If you want to join this girls site don’t worry about how amateur it looks, it’s a legit site with a really awesome members area.  She has tons of real amateur hardcore porn in her members area the only real downside to her site is that you never get to see her face straight up.  She is always trying to hide it somehow some way just because she doesn’t want to be a famous pornstar, she just likes to share her sex life with the world.

Kelly Gives Long Head


This was a video that was released in April as you can probably tell from the bunny outfit but I thought you guys still might want to check it out.  It’s one of those homemade videos from a MILF with her own website.  There is a couple of sites like these but Housewife Kelly is definitely one of my favorites.  She fucks around on her husband well I guess he knows about it so they’re more swingers or something.  Kelly is in her little costume and her man gets the camera rolling and I think he is wanting to fuck her but Kelly lets him know that she is looking to only suck his dick.  When has that ever happened in real life, I think never.  If it has happened to you hold on to that woman she is special, very special.

New Wife Gives Anal


This wife took a different route then all the other conservative wives out there that saves themselves for marriage.  This woman did save herself but she saved her butt for man for their honeymoon.  She didn’t want him to forget it so she let him film it.  The thing is it looks like she likes it so he is probably still banging away at that ass even after all this time.  This is the original moment though that she had anal sex and her husband was quite please, surprised and all that.  He gives it to her nice and soft and the video ends with them standing up and he is fucking her in the ass against the wall.  Once he is about to cum like a good wife she gets on the floor and gets ready to take the facial.  The scene as I mentioned was a personal sex tape but this couple is part of a community called Wife Bucket where they share all their sex tapes.  You can be a member too and you don’t have to share your sex tapes if you don’t want to.  You will just be one of the thousands of “voyeur” members.

Desire5k Rides Anywhere


I think I could make a Dr. Seuss rhyme about all the places that Desire5k can ride a dick.  She can do it on a chair, she can do it in the air she can do it anywhere, dammit I did it anyways.   She looks like she lost a little weight in this video which is just fine by me because unlike most girls when she loses a couple LBS it doesn’t come off the important parts her ass and her titties!  She is giving her man her patented ride but this time she is doing it on a chair.  If you want to see her that you see behind them, well she has rode his dick there as well LOL!  I wonder if they just go through their house and try to find new places to fuck.  They have pretty much done it everywhere at this point, but don’t worry I will keep checking back on this black beauty and see if she can come up with anything new!

Jean Swing Anal Creampie


I found a new “homemade” site for you guys it’s called Jean Swing.  It’s this chick who has been a swing for a long long time and likes all things sex.  Just check out this little picture here of her getting fucked in the ass her husbands small little cock and using the vibrator so she can at least get some pleasure LOL!  From the looks of her site it looks straight out of the 1990’s or whenever the Internet was first born but I assure you she is still going strong and making new porn videos with her husband and of course all the other guys she fucks, she is a swinger after all.  If you didn’t get that from the Jean Swing thing then I don’t know what I can do for you.  This isn’t just a anal sex scene in fact once she orgasms from her little toy their she gets on top of her man with his dick in her butthole and she rides him until he cums inside of her.  Anal Creampie, regular creampie, facials Jean really just does it all from the looks of her site.



This video isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you are to interested not to click don’t worry it’s not that long of a video.  This is a very amateur scene of some fat ass BBW MILF taking a black did for a ride.  This lady her whole life has always wanted to do this and she is taking full advantage of her opportunity.  She is riding him fast and hard like she NEEDS it you know.  I am not even sure he wants to be there look how he is just laying back arms spread eagle.  He is probably imagining he is being banged by something a lot different then this beast LOL!  It’s surprising how many videos you see of white MILFs like this fucking a black guy why they’re husbands watch on.  It’s a whole thing, I don’t know if there is a name for it or not but I tell you it’s a thing for sure.

She Likes It Hard


I have for you a nice little homemade video with a black couple.  This round ass black girl loves to be fucked but she wants it harder and harder.  He starts off by eating that sweet pussy and then they get to fucking. It’s a short video that doesn’t really have a ending so many of you are going to hate this shit but I think it’s worth a watch.  Plus you guys get exposed to this site that is a really good for finding homemade / amateur black porn.

Big Booty Rides Dick


Here is one thick ass black girl getting fucked in a homemade video.  She has some tiny little boobies that you can see while she is being fucked doggstyle so if you’re a tit man this isn’t going to do it for you.  If you like a big black ass then you’re going to be in love with this thick sista.  She lets this guy have his way with her for a bit and then she takes control getting on top and riding him until he cums right in that wet pussy of hers.  I jsut found this site for you guys, it’s pretty much all amateur porn.  So if you like it join the community and start uploading your porn today, the name of the site is .

Desire5k Emo Ride


Here is a hot little scene with Desire5k where she is dressed up in her “emo” costume if youw ill and is riding her boyfriends cock.  He is just laying on the ground trying not to cum and damn that looks hard!  I have watched a lot of videos of this girl and she rides dick in almost every single video.  I know she is good at it and all but come on Desire5k show us some different positions and shit!  I think the real reason they do it like this so much is they’re trying to hide their identity… So it easiest way to not show her face but just show that ass bouncing up and down on a cock.  I mean she wears these wigs a lot too and it’s all just so people who know her in real life don’t recognize her porn videos she makes.

Fuckin Thick Hoe


This might be a real deal hooker after watching a little bit of it.  She is kind of all business with this thug.  She asks if he has a condom tells him he can lay back and enjoy if he wants.  When he picks up his phone she is like put the phone down.  Not saying, just saying ya know!  She is on the BBW side and seems to be a little lazy for a real deal hoe, being that he puts in all the world on top pounding that pussy of hers in doggystyle and missionary.  This video comes from a black site called Private Black Couples, it’s a community where people upload videos of themselves so people can enjoy real homemade porn.

Black Coed Fucks


Here is a pretty fucking hot amateur sex scene for you guys.  It’s this light skinned black girl and she has just a fucking banging body.  It’s crazy how hot sex in a chair can be.  These guys are just banging in the dorm room and it’s a nice long fuck session.  Especially for how good this round ass black girl can ride a dick.  I mean she is right him fast and hard she is just good.  It ends with her kneeing over the chair kind of and he goes at her doggystyle fucking her until he cums in that sweet little pussy of hers.  The video then cuts off and you get to see them back at it but this time over in her dorm room, he doesn’t last as long but hey two sex tapes in one!

College Couple Fuck


Here is a nice college sex tape with a round ass black girl and her white boyfriend.  They’re in the dorm room getting their bang on and they look ready for it!  I mean you see the towel on the bed ready for cleanup after he busts.  They are kind of a weird sex tape couple because she will just sit on his dick not riding him or anything while he like fingers her ass or licks her nipples.  I don’t know if she is doing that because he is about to cum or what… I didn’t watch the video with volume so if you guys really want to know then turn it up and then let me know!  All I know is this black girl is fucking hot and it’s a homemade sex tape what more could you ask for!

Round Ass MILF Rides


Here is a homemade sex tape for you guys from Wife Bucket.  They’re a community of exhibitionist if you will who like to share there sex tapes with each other.  There is of course a lot of lurkers and you can be one too if you really want.  This video is pretty simple is a hot MILF with some tan lines and a great plump ass.  She rides this guy really good and he cums in her pussy and the screenshot you see right here is after he is done nutting and they sit there and kiss.  That right there is proof that this is a real porn and not some fake shit.

Big Ass MILF Rides


Here is one nice round ass for you guys riding a guys dick super proper.  You can tell that this MILF has been needing a good dick down for a while now and so she found some young dude who is willing to give it to her.  She even allows him to film their sex session and what a film it was!  He ended up submitting it to Wife Bucket so everyone coudl share this the beauty of this big fat ass.  The video ends with her spreading her legs super fair apart almost spread eagle as he pounds her doggystyle and just leaves his load right in that pussy.

Desire5k Is Good


Desire5k is just too damn good at riding cock!  I mean check out this latest video I found over at my favorite black porn site.  I think most of the videos I have choosen to post of Desire5k show her riding cock and that’s because it’s what she is really good at.  It’s like me making a highlight video of Michael Jordan and not putting in the fadeaway jumper shit wouldn’t make sense.  All the video she does have that nice homemade look to them.  It’s a real life couple and I think this is going to be a marriage or relationship that last.  I bet Desire went through some guys in her pass.  She probably was able to make the cum so fast this is the first guy that can actually take a dick ride from her and not bust a nut.  It’s his super power I suspect I know 90% of us couldn’t handle this big black ass!

Wifey Swallows


There isn’t much hotter then a Wifey’s World scene.  This MILF Wifey really just has it all those big tits a banging body and I love the “homemade” way all her videos are filmed.  In this update called “The Big Pull out” her hubby and her are having a loving sex session.  It starts with Wifey’s legs up in the hair and her thighs pushed together so he can really lick those pussy lips.  They then get in the missionary position where he just bangs away and Wifey is underneath him in absolute ecstasy.  They move into a standing up position where her is just going to bang her for a while but that wet tight pussy of Wifey’s is a little to much and he starts to cum.  For some reason Wifey doesn’t like to have cum in her pussy she loves to swallow it, so she gets on her knees and he shoots the rest of his load on her face and in her mouth. 

Caught On Camera


In this gallery from Porn Pros you get to see a affair unfold!  This round ass, big titty MILF has a rich husband and he knew that something was going on.  So he went ahead and installed some security camera’s in his home and this is what he found!  The most fucked up thing about this is that the guy she is fucking is a friend of the husband!  Can’t blame this girl for cheating though because she was thouroughly enjoying this little bang session she was having.  When she was on top she was riding him so hard I am surprised his cock didn’t snap in to.  These two were going bareback too!  If you’re cheating on your husband at least use a condom and don’t go with the ole “Pull out” technique.

Wet Waitress


Here is a new video for you guys from Wifey’s World.  I am under the impression this amazing MILF is STILL updating her site with new content every month so if you are a fan of her I suggest you show your support and join her site.  In this episode you get to see Wifey keeping her sex life spicy with her husband.  She walks into the living room wearing one of his favorite little lingerie outfits a sexy waitress.  This waitress is looking for a really good tip so she shows him her perfect wet MILF pussy and he can’t help but want to fuck that.  They have sex right in the living room in different positions.  It’s all shot 3rd  person pretty much so you to view the sex at great angles and not the sometime fustrating camera angle of POV.  Though I have found a POV site I really like it’s called Porn Goes Pro you should check out those galleries to see if you agree with me.

4RealSwingers Swallow


Here is a MILF that just loves to suck cock.  She doesn’t even get fucked or anything she is giving her husband the full treatment in this homemade video.  She gets naked gets on her knees and gives him some amazing head.  No hands, tip to balls you couldn’t ask for it any better.  Well you could and she delivers on that too she swallows his huge load like all girls should.  The only problem with this video is the fucking techno music going on in the background I mean really who in their 30’s 40’s listens to that shit!  I thought they were going to break out some glow sticks or something LOL!

Housewife Kelly Vacation Sex



Housewife Kelly is probably getting fucked in her favorite room of any house and in this case it’s a house in Aruba.  Her and her husband went there on a little vacation and of course the film their sex session there.  I bet they didn’t film them all because let’s be honest when your on vacation you’re banging on the regular.  Housewife kelly gets bent over the kitchen counter and fucked doggystyle for a nice long time and then she lays on her back and gets fucked missionary so the guy could wrap of his orgasm.  He doesn’t just leave it in his wife pussy he pulls it out and splatters her pussy and stomach with his man juicy, you have to switch things up when you’re married!

Squeek Ass Bed


You are MOST DEFINITELY going to want to turn down your volume when you watch this video!  These two have the squeekiest bed I have ever heard I don’t even think I could enjoy my dick being rode with this noise going off.  You turn off the volume though and it turns into a really nice amateur scene.  The wife spends the whole time on top and then he just cums right in that old pussy because you know she can’t get knocked up at this age!  Famous last words right?

Nice Perky Tits


This girl has a pretty nice rack doesn’t she?  This isn’t even the star of the gallery in my opinion the video is.  The problem is it’s so low quality I just couldn’t get a good screen capture from it.  So I am leading off with the hot ebony girl here.  This gallery is from Watch MY GF and in the video you’re going to see a real deal homemade video of a hot Asian check getting fucked.  It’s like a 20 minute sex session but that’s for members only.  You’re going to have to deal with a little smaller video, but not that small!  As I said it’s now the highest of quality but who likes their real porn high quality not me, I like that shit pixelated and looking at least 20 years old!

Full Service Treatment


This MILF is giving her husband / lover whoever he is the special treatment.  She is all dressed up in her fine lingerie and she just throws him on the bed and has her way with him.  She slips out of the panties and then crawls on top of him for a nice little ride.  I am glad she never shows her face because I mean her body is banging and what if her face is ugly or something.  The way the video is now it’s a perfect!

Asian Housewife Fucked


I have for you a hot little Asian wife that is just getting mini jack hammered by her husband.  I mean he is Asian so he’s not very big but it seems like enough to fill his wife tiny little hole.  They don’t fuck in too many positions and it ends with him giving her a creampie just like you see here.  This is totally a home video and I would love to hear the story of why they ended up putting it out on the Internet wouldn’t you?

Huge Cock Fucked


I know that this is the worst picture you have ever seen but the video is really really low quality.  You guys just need to check it out though because it’s this petite little Asian thing riding one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen in my life.  She literally rides it for like 7 minutes she is going to be so sore it’s not even funny!

Black Girls Gets It


Here is a black girl with just a perfect round ass showing all you other chicks how to really ride a dick!  You have to love the fact to that her pussy is just creaming up so bad, or he might have ended up cumming super fast which I wouldn’t blame him that pussy looks top notch.  The site I am sending you too features a whole bunch of black porn, so if that’s your thing I suggest you look around.

Webcam Show With Sex


Totally NSFW always has some really good homemade sex tape and here is yet another one. It looks like this couple is in college or something because the room looks like a dorm room. It’s not really a homemade sex tape because this what all shot while they were camming on . If you guys have never been to a cam site before it’s usually just a bunch of hot girls being virtual strippers and sometimes you get couples on the site that will fuck once everyone contributes a certain amount of “gold”. Pretty cool video I must say this girl is smoking hot.

Military Guy Fucks Wife


Here is a little “Hidden Camera” sex tape for you guys over at a buddies house.  This military guy wanted to make sure he had something for the old spank bank so he went ahead and invited a friends wife over for a little fuck session.  I guess it’s just another way of proving to your buddy that his wife is a slut too.  He isn’t going to be too stoked that you’re the one banging her but at least he knows.  The girl doesn’t even have to suck this guys dick to get him hard she just goes on the bed gets in on all fours and is just like fuck me.  He does bangs that pussy and then they switch it up where she is on top riding him and that’s when he cums in that pussy of hers.

College Dude Fucks MILF


Here is a awesome gallery if you’re into MILFs.  This MILF likes herself a young guy so she goes out on the Internet and finds young college guys who want to learn a thing or two from a horny MILF.  This mature woman finds herself some skinny college dude who comes to a hotel room she setup and she films them fucking.  It’s pretty funny because this MILF is totally bigger then him but he still gets after it and I think the MILF like the sex she was getting.  She probably just likes any kind of fuck though to be honest.  When you’re on the Internet trying to find guys to fuck you, you might be addicted to sex LOL!

Vibrator and Dick


This girl has the best of all worlds happens right now.  She is getting fucked by her husband, has a strong vibrator on her clit.  What more could she possibly want!  The video doesn’t come from any in particular, it looks like it was uploaded by some random guy to one of my MILFs site that I visit.  The video is long so take your time fells, this MILF will come over and over for you if you just sit there and let her do her thing.

MILF Fucks Black Guy


Here is a video that was uploaded to a buddies site by this black guy supposidly.  He says he is fucking his friends mom and if that’s the case that’s some cold shit!  I mean the mom isn’t tha tbad looking for as old as she is, she has a perfect pussy and big natural tits fuckable I would say.  The cold part about thi sis not only fucking your friends mom but then posting it on the Internet, COLD SHIT BRO!  At least he used a condom on your mom…  He could have knocked her up and become his friends step dad LOL!

She Wanted Black Cock


I guess it’s not really cheating if you’re boyfriend is filming you getting fucked by a black cock.  I guess this is what white people do, the girls want to have a black cock and the husbands want to see them fucked by one.  I don’t think this girl is ever going to be the same after the fucking this guy gave her.  Her husband standing behind the camera was probably instantly regretting his decision to let her fuck this guy LOL!

Getting First Black Pussy


This white guy wanted to capture the first time he got some black pussy so he put a video camera on the dresser and went to work.  He did a pretty good job fucking this hottie I mean she knows what she is doing and he was able to hold his liquid.  I guarantee that getting your dick ridden by a black girl is a little different then getting ridden by a white girl.  He ends up fucking her while she is laying down on her stomach and then when he is about to cum he pulls out and splatters her perfect black ass and back.

Sex at Work


Office Fuck

This couple just loves to share their sex with the world!  They like fucking in public places and they love the public to see them fucking, that’s why the submitted their tape to Wife Bucket.  I guess this place isn’t too public it looks like they’re banging at work in some kind of like clothing shop or something.  Or maybe they’re clothing designers that’s what I would guess but either could be right.  This is a real deal homemade sex tape so the quality is super shitty because people don’t have good video camcorder’s or something.  Do you notice that all the homemade stuff is always so shitty, I mean my cellphone can shoot better video then this.  I just have to think it’s all old 90’s footage or something.

Dick Tasting


GF Revenge Dick Tasting

This girl was pretty positive that people were going to see them fucking outside.  She was also concerned with the whole camera thing but her boyfriend claimed that he was going to give her the memory stick after they were done.  I am not sure what happened to that plan after they were done, he probably said that he wanted to watch it later or something and she agreed.  Well she should have taken the memory stick and burned that shit because now her boyfriend at the time has sold her sex tape to GF Revenge.  You get to see a nice round ass girl getting fucked in her bedroom in all kinds of positions.  GF Revenge is such a great site because they almost always have really high quality sex tapes, not those sex tapes that look like they were filmed in the 90’s or something.

Theater Sex


Theater Sex

This is a homemade sex tapes you don’t want to miss!  It’s was shot in a theater room either at someone’s super dope house or at one of those apartment complex theater rooms that people have.  I am going to say it’s a apartment complex because let’s be honest those are the type of people who are going to make a sex tape.  The video can be seen on Submitted Porno and it’s a video you do not want to miss!  The girl who is getting fucked has a great body nice rough booty and natural tits to die for!

Sexy Skater Girl


Sexy Skater Girl

I really think that the sport of skating should be dominated by girls like this.  The reason I think that is that they just don’t have the same fears that some of the guys have to deal with.  When your going on a Rail as a guy you got to make sure you don’t fuck it up or your nuts are going to get owned.  A girl has no such fear.  Anyways, that’s besides the point.  This is a GF Revenge scene with a sexy skater girl that’s the only reason I said that.  She really just doesn’t give a fuck about what people think because she is skating down the streets in nothing but this black g-string thong.  She then goes back to the house and uses that same camera that caught all her “awesome” skate tricks to film her and her boyfriend fucking.  It must not have been her camera because once they broke up the tape somehow found it’s way over to GF Revenge.  Enjoy this hot skater girl getting the business in this home made sex video.

Kira Sinn


Kira Sinn I Know That Girl

This looks like a real deal home video by I Know That Girl.  The only problem is that I would recognize these titties anywhere!  They’re just so unique, Kira Sinn is a girl I could spot from a mile away.  It doesn’t take away from hot good of a sex scene it is!  I just wish I could give you a even longer video then this one is!  I mean it’s long as it but the full video would be better wouldn’t it?  Kira Sinn is a super hot Asian girl with tattoo’s but what I really love are those tits as I mentioned earlier.  She has these big natural tits but they just look different then other girls tits I don’t know what it is but once you see them you will know what I am talking about.

Good Girl Gone Bad


Good Girl Gone Bad

This is a bookworm getting her tight Asian pussy pounded doggystyle in a home video while she was in college.  She was sitting there getting her study on when her boyfriend came in with a video camera and a idea.  He was horny and he knew his little Asian geek girlfriend would totally go for making a sex tape.  She wasn’t hard to convince being that the nympho she was according to the guy who submitted this sex tape GF Revenge.  It’s a nice long video and it gives you a great idea of the quality of home sex tapes you get to see on GF Revenge, it’s really incredible.

Freak Of The Week


Freak Of The Week

The freak of the week is a hot ass blonde with a nice juicy ass and look at that tight pussy just squeezing this guys cock.  The scene is from GF Revenge the best possible site if you like amateurs girls and homemade sex tapes.  The only problem I have with homemade stuff is it’s almost always POV you never get to see a good 3rd  person shot unless they put down the camera on a dresser or something like that.  This one like I said is all POV so you’re just going to have to deal and it’s not actually that hard.  It makes it easier when you get a nice body like this and a girl with a pretty face am I right?

Pussy Pump


GF Revenge Pussy Pump

It’s been a while since I posted my last little GF Revenge gallery and I have a very good one for you!  The name of the episode is Pussy Pump and it features this chick pumping gas in her sexy little bikini.   Before I watched the entire video I thought that they just fuck right there at the gas station but now that I have seen it they go off to some secluded area and get their fuck on there.  The girl just hopes over to the passengers seat and starts giving this guy some dope head.  Then as you can see he just leans back and she rides that shit until he cum, what a hot slut this is.  I would have never broke up with her but the guy that got this sex tape ended up breaking up because she couldn’t keep her legs shut.  She cheated on him and ending up getting pregnant by some other guy, lucky it wasn’t you buddy!

Bryci Hardcore


Bryci First Hardcore

You guys are in for quite the treat!  Bryci is actually doing hardcore now!  This is the first video she put up.  It might look like it’s really low quality or something but the lighting was funny that they shot under it was like a pink light or something.  I had to brighten it up a little bit so you could see that nice round ass of Bryci riding this lucky guys cock.  There will be other video don’t you doubt it and she said she wouldn’t have the weird mood light and what not.  I don’t really care what lighting it is in, if Bryci likes to have sex next to a pink like I say she does that until she gets tired of pink.

Loving Big Black Cock


My GF Loving Black Cock

You know the saying is once you go black you never go back and I wonder if that was the case for this girl.  The guy she is fucking in this homemade sex tape was her boyfriend at the time and she let him tape them getting their bang on.  Once she cheated on him though they broke up and part of the break up was him getting revenge on her by selling her tape to My GF.  The video is a lot of POV and at times they shoot them fucking through the mirror that’s kind of what you see here.  The good thing for the girl though is there isn’t a lot of clear pictures of her so she might remain anonymous for all time, the tattoo does give her away for all those who know about it though.

Natalie Heart


Natalie Heart Naughty Americans

I like when models have a little tattoo like Natalie Heart does (those lips) because then when they’re in amateur scenes like this one from Naughty Americans I can recognize them.  I never thought that’s why I would like tattoos on pornstars but hey I can’t lie.  This is a home sex tape shot by Natalie’s boyfriend she probably told him too but it turned out great.  They sold it to a new site that is open for business called Naughty Americans, I suggest you check it out.

Banging Farah


Banging Farah

This girl is so damn cute she is just laying out by the pool when her boyfriend comes out with a camera.  Farah doesn’t want to mess around just talking on the camera she tells her man to go to the house so they can play.  She gets down on the floor and spreads her legs open so he knows exactly what she is talking about.  They fuck right there and man does this black girl look good from behind!  You all would totally fuck this girl and now that this guy submitted his sex tape to Black GFs you can pretend to.

Black Guy Pounds Pussy


This cute ebony amateur is getting her pussy ravaged by a huge black guy with supposedly a huge cock…at least from the sounds she’s making I can only assume it’s massive! He’s got himself hilt deep in her tight pussy as she clings onto the mattress for dear life in this amateur hardcore sex video. I feel a little bad for her, I don’t think she’ll be walking right for days!

Does A Body Right


Does A Body Right GF Revenge

When you are dating a girl this hot you probably want to capture it on film because you don’t know if you’re ever going to achieve this level of hottness again.  The scene is from GF Revenge is a real homemade sex tape with a gorgeous exotic girl with a big juicy ass and nice fake tits.  She is outside getting her tan on because that’s just what hot girls do.  The guy brings out the camera just to see if he can get her to flash him some good.  This girl is a little more adventures then that though!  She wants to make a sex tape and well of course he does too so they do it right there on their deck.  He should have probably known that she would cheap on him just from the fact that she wanted to fuck on camera, that’s a whore move right there.

Vacation Pussy


Mygf Vacation Pussy

There is like laws when you go on vacation with a girlfriend of yours and that’s that you are getting laid!  It’s not the like everyday at home sex this is the special stuff and that’s exactly what you are seeing in this episode of MyGF.  The girl does just ride him as always she turns around and gives him a view of that perfect ass with a cute little g-string tanline.  She rides nice and good but that is actually after some of the best head she probably has ever given this guy, taking him balls deep and not even choking!

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