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Full Effect And Fucking


Full Effect And Fucking

Click to see on Dancing Bear!

The guys are in full effect in this Dancing Bear update…they also pound these horny amateur chicks partying which I guess is why they called this scene In Full Effect And Fucking! These chicks are here for a bachelorette party or maybe just a girls’ night out, it’s hard to say, but they’re all fully clothed (at least at first) while these hunky hung dudes are dancing around naked swinging their dicks around! Once the first girl grabs a cock and starts giving the guy a blowjob it’s like the floodgates opening, and soon it’s like a race to see who can suck and fuck the most cock before the night is up! Dancing Bear is pretty much at the top of the game in terms of CFNM action, and that means clothed female naked male if you didn’t know.

Bachelorette Party


Dancing bear bach party

This chick had one heck of a bachelorette party from the looks of things! A ton of her friends came out to usher her from the party life to being lawfully married but she was down to have one last night of debauchery and that’s where Dancing Bear came in. These guys love to dance and these chicks love dick, and since the guys are dancing with their big thick cocks swinging all over the damn place like an orchestra conductor with his baton, everyone cums out a winner! The bride-to-be of course got the main treatment but there was plenty of cock available for whoever wanted a quick tug or suck, the guys were there to make everyone happy and did a damn fine job from the looks of things. These horny amateur babes had a blast sucking every dick that came in their vicinity, and the lucky bride got to go double duty on a couple of studs at the same time! Keep an eye out for the cute redhead with the huge tits, by the way, she gives a great blowjob and those big boobs are pretty magnificent too! This party went crazy for the Bear, I’d have to say this horny hottie is ready to get married now that she’s had one last big party night with the girls here…I’m just glad it was all caught on film!

Out Doing Each Other


This scene from Dancing Bear just came out and you get to see two chick that are just trying to out do each other.  This girl things she has it won by sitting there and sucking on this male strippers cock that is until the other girl takes off her panties, hikes up her skirt and gives this cowgirl a fucking ride!  The craziest things happenw hen you have horny woman, in a male strip club amoung their friends.  The best part of this video though is probably around like the 6 minute mark I think .  He picks up this hot asian girl and lays her on her back and then puts her ankles behind her head then pile drivers her on the stage while all these chicks look on.  It’s pretty crazy and if you think this one is crazy thing you’re going to watn to see all the scene that Dancing Bear has done.  This is one of my favorite sites if you like real amateurs sucking dick.  You don’t get to see a lot of fucking but when you do it’s always good.

Secretaries Suck Dick


Dancing bear secretary party

Ever wanted to watch a bunch of secretaries suck dick and get fucked? Well now’s your chance because they’re having an office party and someone had the bright idea to invite the Dancing Bear crew to come by and make that party jump! The hunky dudes shake what they’ve got and get their cocks sucked by every horny amateur honey within reach…the office manager tried to maintain order at first but eventually she got in on the fun, sucking cock and getting so turned on that she whipped off her skirt and got her pussy licked and fucked while her coworkers cheered her on for this hot update, taking a big facial load of cum all over her face and glasses!

VIP Cock Party


Cock party db

Time to join the cock party! It’s a big get-together of a bunch of chicks and they’ve gotten the Dancing Bear guys to come dance the night away and make this party jump. The ratio of chicks to dicks is off the charts so you get blowjob after blowjob as these guys go from lady to lady and do their best to satisfy everyone with those big bouncing meatbats they’ve got between their legs! It looks like fun but it must be hard work to get your dick sucked all night long with whipped cream and handjobs and titties galore…HARD work, get it? Anway this is yet another successful shindig thanks to the Dancing Bear guys, so if you’ve got an itch for horny amateur hotties sucking cock and taking facials you’ve cum to the right place my friend.

Party Animals


Party animals on dancing bear

Welcome back Dancing Bear! There’s a swingin’ bachelorette party going on and that’s just what the Bear lives for…these girls got busy with the hunky dancers, grabbing whatever cocks were nearby to suck and lick to celebrate their huge night out! These amateur babes are hot, the titties are big, the blowjobs are wild and the facials are out of control. I mean what guy could handle getting sucked off by this many beautiful women and not bust nut all over their faces? These girls are party animals to the core and they are definitely getting their suck on so come check this out. Maybe it’ll inspire you to do a little dancing of your own!

Mouths Full of Dicks


Dancing bear amateur mouths full of dicks

It’s been awhile since we’ve been graced by the presence of the Dancing Bear but it’s party time once again for a bevy of lucky amateur babes! They headed out for a friend’s birthday and man, what a night it ended up being…the party got started when the Dancing Bear and his pals showed up and started doing their thing, shaking those asses and big hard cocks around while the ladies cheered and got drunk and had the time of their lives. The birthday girl got the seat of honor, and once she got her hands on one of those big dicks she just couldn’t stop! She ended up sucking three guys at once, down on her knees and loving every minute of it. Looks like the girls were making too much noise though because a cop showed up to break up the party…luckily he was part of the crew and ripped his uniform off to add one more meatmace to the suck-party! These amateurs love sucking dick and they give more blowjobs in this update than you can shake your stick at…looks like this party was a big success, Dancing Bear style!

House Full of Cock


Dancing bear house full of cock

It’s good to be the bear! These amateur hotties have gone from a boring bachelorette party to a house full of cock as the Dancing Bear crew shows up and turns the party meter up to 11. These ladies are hungry for a facial meat injection so when the dudes started dancing around in the nude these girls were falling all over each other to give a blowjob. If you’re a fan of CFNM (clothed female nude male) photoshoots you’ve gotta check out Dancing Bear, they always make it a party! Check out the brunette in the picture right up above this blog, she’s clapping her hands but you can tell she’s getting pretty jealous that the hot chick in the blue skirt is getting all the attention and not her. Well not to worry, she gets a big hard dick in the mouth too so everyone around is all smiles by the end, a few facials later!

Room Full Of Dick Suckers


Room Full of Dick Suckers

I saw the episode title for this new Dancing Bear scene, it’s called “Room Full of Dick Suckers”.  So I thought I would be clever and actually count how many girls sucked dick in this update.  Well I will save you guys the trouble literally ever single girl put a dick in her mouth so you can just count those bitches up and that’s your number.  I want to know how all these chicks know each other, it looks like they’re in a office building or something so they might work together.  I doubt it though they had to rent it cause can you imagine what the company is going to think when the find out about this!  There are some hotties in this gallery and that’s what makes Dancing Bear so awesome is that all the girls you see in their videos are amateurs.  It’s also in a niche that many of you might not know you like but you do and that niche is CFNM or Clothed Female Naked Male.  It usually always has the girls sucking dick or just sliding their panties aside to get fucked, it’s that kind of thing.

Hair Salon Dick Party


Dancing Bear Hair Salon

This is one way to keep the woman that go to your salon coming back… You can invite the Dancing Bear guys over and get them to suck some dick on camera and I am sure they’re never want that secret out.  Little do they know when they sign the contract for Dancing Bear they end up getting rights to the video as well as the person who threw the party.  So now we get to see all these hot ass woman sucking on some big male stripper cock.  I saw this chick and I for sure thought she would be one of the ones who kind of keeps herself back from doing anything crazy.  For the longest time she just sat and watch the male stripper but after a little bit she finally gave in and started sucking on this black guys dick.  What a lucky bastard because she didn’t just stop sucking his dick after a while she committe to making him cum!

House Party


Dancing bear house party

It’s crazy how ladies that are quiet and reserved on an individual basis can just completely flip their shit when they get together in a group and get a few drinks flowing! That’s what happens on these parties that the Bang Bros site Dancing Bear likes to go visit with their cameras, like this house party from their latest update! These babes are ready to party and brought their favorite dick-sucking lipsticks as they shout and hoot and cheer each other on to see who can give the best deepthroat suck job on these musclebound hunky dancers from the Dancing Bear stables.

Fuck That Pussy!


Fuck That Pussy Dancing Bear

That’s right this Dancing Bear party got a little crazier the most!  Sure there were a bunch of girls sucking on these male strippers cocks but then two of them decided to one up everyone and get fucked by the male strippers!  The crop of girls in this update is pretty good, their all 21 –  30 years old and they’re pretty much down for whatever!  I mean the male strippers were fucking throats, titties, pussies everything in site!  This group is also nice because you get a nice variety of girls not just white girls like a lot of other videos that Dancing Bear has.  White girls love male strippers and when these huge black cocks come out they seriously just go ape shit.  A lot of the time it’s a bachelorette party or something like that so it’s their last big Hurrah until they’re lock down forever.  I think that most of these girls end up cheating though, you do know girls cheat more then guys right? They just never get caught is the problem, we are too stupid or something.

Club Sucking


Club Sucking Dancing Bear

This girl is about to get fucked ladies and gentlemen!  That doesn’t happen much on Dancing Bear just because the girls usually didn’t even expect to be doing this.  Many of them will touch the male strippers cock, lots of them will suck their dick as you will see in this video but rarely does a girl fuck them.  This girl got egged on by her friends so she got up on stage and showed these girls how to fuck a guy.  She has a great set of natural tits, they’re what I like to say are coners.  Just the way the nipples kind of point up that’s why I call them that.  Other people will just say she has “puffy breasts” so whatever you want to call it they’re great.  The name of this scene is Club Sucking if you wanted to try to find some more video of it go ahead!  Or you can just not be cheap and join their site for a $1, serious.

For The Bride To Be


Dancing Bear Dicksucking Orgy

I really do hope that the bride-to-be in this Dancing Bear video is the girl wearing those red dick glasses because then at least there is a chance her husband will never find out.  If it’s not though someday one of his buddies is going to show him something he doesn’t want to see.  His wife sucking on some male strippers dick.  Or maybe she was one of the couple of girls who didn’t even touch the male strippers cock.  I doubt it though, it looks like every single girl got in on the action.  There was even one who straight up showed off all her goods by lifting up her skirt.  She wasn’t wearing panties, which means she was very prepared to have a night full of booze and strippers.

Cake Cum


Dancing Bear Cum Cake

The Dancing Bear is getting a little of his own medicine here by a hot busty girl.  She has big perfect tits the only problem is that crazy hair of hers I would say.  She probably just did it so that everyone wouldn’t recognize her if one of her friends took a picture or something.  The room of girls in this video isn’t exactly fucking hot but these sluts do some pretty crazy stuff.  The craziest though is that they get a cum cake…  If you don’t know what that is well you are going to have a hard life because it’s exactly what it sounds like.  Cake with cum on it and these girls eat it!  It’s like they want to prove to the other girls just how much of a freak they really are.

Birthday Cock


Birthday Cock Dancing Bear

This floppy tit birthday girl knew what she was doing when she schedule Dancing Bear to come and dance at her birthday party.  I have a feeling that she hasn’t been laid in a while and is that girl who always wants to be the center of attention.  I bet she planned to fuck a male stripper but probably not in front of her friends.  The problem though is she just had to one up everyone because she wasn’t the only one who was sucking these strippers cocks as they danced around.  I don’t know what it is about a guy dancing naked but all the video I have watched these girls can’t help but put a cock in their mouth.  Maybe the dick just like hypnotizes they or something.

Crashing the Club


Dancing bear crashing club

The folks at Dancing Bear take over the town, crashing the club as they send their gaggle of musclebound guys to dance nude for the ladies’ entertainment! These babes can’t wait to wrap their lips around those big cocks as they go dancing by their tables, even spreading a little whipped cream on the knob to liven things up with a little messiness. It’s a hot club night dancing bear style as the party jumps til the sun comes up, and speaking of coming some of these ladies get a nice facial to remember the party by!

Cum Shots In The Club


Dancing Bear Cumshots In The Club

I got a nice little gallery from Dancing Bear called Cum Shots In The Club!  If your girl every goes to a strip club please state the obvious the cumshots are not allowed.  In the male stripper world a cumshot is a dick stuffed in your mouth with some whip cream.  Not quite as bad as you would think right.  Well as you can see this girl wanted the real thing and she got it.  I personally would have put it on those huge natural tits of hers but hey I am not a male stripper for a reason.  I find it funny that this girl is just laughing it up “So funny I have cum on my face, look friends”  like in what world does this girl live you know?

House Party


Dancing Bear House Party

This Dancing Bear house party is off the hook!  You get to see a male stripper try so damn hard to get his dick in a wet pussy that he even eats a girl out for like a solid 15 minutes trying to get her horny to fuck!  This girl is a gangster though because she gets her orgasm from the guy and tells him to fuck off she isn’t letting him fuck her she got hers and that’s all she wanted!  There is a lot of slutty girls in this video but if you’re having male strippers at a house party you are probably a really horny chick.  I didn’t catch if it was a birthday party or anything maybe these girls just go together to get some dick.

Cock Party


Dancing Bear Cock Party

You have to have one hell of a group of single friends to pull off one of these parties that Dancing Bear went to.  It’s called a cock party and it’s literally a bunch of girls who just want to drink and play with male strippers.  There is a whole bunch of girls who wanted to do a little more then play with the strippers!  There was a couple of girls who you know where just trying to fuck these guys so they thought they would suck them off a little bit and entice the guy enough so he would fuck them.  These guys are not amateurs though ladies they are used to this kind of shit so much so that they bring a camera around with them and get video of all these horny sluts sucking their cocks for free and getting paid for it at the same time!

Last Night For Dick


Dancing Bear Last Night For Dick

Look at this girl I bed she is sitting there like “do I really want to take this load of cum on my face”, well she does I don’t know if to impress her girlfriends or she just wants to have a really crazy bachelor party.  Let’s hope that this girls new husband doesn’t like watching more and happen to turn up this gallery.  I mean alls he has to do is see one of her friends and then it’s over.  This girls get down those lots of them sucking dick or at least touching one’s.  It’s not their fault those this is just what Dancing Bear does to girls.

Loft Party


Dancing Bear Loft Party

In this Bachelorette Loft Party this girl wanted to out do all of her friends so she did the splits while giving this male stripper some head.  It got to this because all these girls have been drinking and when they see a big black dick swinging around they just can’t help but put it in their mouth.  Dancing Bear just does seems to do this to a lot of girls and judging from all the episodes I have seen from their sites I would never let my girl go to a party with male strippers.

Dick For The Masses


Dancing Bear Dick For The Masses

The guys from Dancing Bear are bringing Dick to the masses in this update for their site. As you can see in the video a lot of the girls are all wearing the same shirt and that’s because it a bachelorette party. This girl must have a lot of friends and even more impressive is how many of her friends are total freaks! There is one girl though that outdid all of her friends because she fucked a stripper in front of everyone unlike everyone else who just sucked a dick for a second or two.

Party, Party, Party!


Party Party Party Dancing Bear

This is the new scene from Dancing Bear this week called Party, Party Party!  The girls here get a lot of dick and the girl on the right here even gets her pussy eaten out.  The male stripper didn’t just lick her pussy he spent a good 10 minutes giving her a orgasm while she just sat on his face.  There is also some full on hardcore fucking at the end of the scene when a girl was tired of just giving some she took off her panties and had the stripper her fuck her nice and good.

Round and Round They Go


Round and Round Dancing Bear

This is the new Dancing Bear scene called Round and Round They Go and they say that because at one point the girls guy in a circle around a male stripper and he just went round and round getting his dick sucked.  In the girls mind though they where having a competition with one another seeing who could get him to nut first.

Swing Batter


Swing Batter Dancing Bear

When I was watching this video I don’t remember what kind of party it was but it’s held at a banquet all so it must be something important.  That really doesn’t matter though because you get to see real amateur girls going crazy over some Dancing Bear male strippers.  These girls get so turned on I would say like 50% of them sucked dick or at least touched one during this party which Dancing Bear calls Swing Batter.

Celebrate Bitches!


Dancing Bear Celebrate

I wonder how many of these girls who show up on a Dancing Bear episode totally regret what they did.  I mean they are drinking booze they see these big dicks flying around their face how can they not give it a suck or in some cases a fuck!  This is the new update from Dancing Bear called Celebrate and these girls throw down like you have never seen before.  I think i saw 10 different woman giving head in this update, that means 10 people waking up the next morning hoping that it was just a dream LOL!

Birthday Party


Birthday Party Dancing Bear

This is a hotel room party that a friend threw her best friend and she invited Dancing Bear to it to provide the male strippers and a experience they would never forget.  I have a feeling that seeing all her friend sucking dick is something she will soon not forget!  This is a amazing scene in which you get to see super horny girls just fighting over these male strippers big dicks, it’s pretty funny.

Alaina’s Fiesta


Alaina's Fiesta

This is a nice little birthday party because Dancing Bear was invited to come and strip for these girls.  The name of the episode is Alaina’s Fiesta and I think this is Alaina I have pictured here I could be wrong.  I love when Dancing Bear gets one of the girls to fuck like in this episode the party is done and what not but the camera goes back to a office where a male stripper is banging out one of the girls at the party and man does she love it.

Remy’s Fiesta Party


Remys Bachelorette Fiesta Dancing Bear

I feel like I have been seeing this hot ass chick in a bunch of Dancing Bear galleries and here she is yet again on a scene called Remy’s Bachelorette Fiesta.  I don’t know if this girl just jams around as the Dancing Bear DJ or what but she was definitely in last weeks episode.  I don’t really care that much though because well we get to see tons of other real amateurs chicks sucking dick in this awesome new update from the leaders in CFNM porn Dancing Bear!

Divorcerette Party


Dancing Bear Divorcerette Party

I do think that Dancing Bear made up a new word with this update they call Jordan’s Divorcerette Party, however what else would you call it.  This girl right here who is getting her pussy eaten by a male striper just divorced some guy and it is all final and everything so she threw a party in his old house.  The male strippers go around the room to all the hot MILFs and have them suck their dicks.  Then this male stripper takes it a littler further and brings Jordan in to the kitchen and fucks her like her old husband never could.

Christie’s Party


Christies Dancing Bear

The name of this scene is Christie’s Unforgettable Bachelorette Party and you are probably like dang these brides maids are getting down with the male strippers.  This check right here riding some dick though isn’t a brides maid she is the mother fucking bride!  The girl is super cute probably too young to be getting married anyways, but after her husband to be see’s this crazy Dancing Bear scene I don’t think he is going to be too happy!

Office Party


Office Party Cock Massacare Dancing Bear

This is one crazy office party and you get to see hot girls like this sucking dick of random male strippers!  The guys at Dancing Bear got called to do a office party and they decided to bring along the camera and I am glad they did because this one is off the hook!  There is tons of hot girls and they all get horny enough to get some dick one way or another.

In The VIP Room


Dancing Bear Sex In The VIP

I think it was Chris Rock who said there is no sex in the champagne room, well at a male strip club the girls do have sex in there because I have video evidence of it!  This bride to be went a little to far at her bachelorette party and the shitty thing for her is that it was all caught on tape.  The girls rented out the VIP room and had a blast playing with the Dancing Bear male strippers.  The bride got a little too drunk and a little too horny because she ends up fucking on the stage, and none of her “friends” even stopped her what a bunch of bitches!

In The House!


Dancing Bear In The House

This is the brand new scene from Dancing Bear it’s not even up on their tour yet as I am posting this.  Its a scene they call The Bear In The House and its a house party that a group of girl throws and man to things get hot and heavy fast.  There are a bunch of girls who suck the male strippers dick a one girl who lets this guy stick his dick in her for a hot second.  If you have never seen these crazy party videos that are on Dancing Bear website do it, because at some point your girl is going to tell you she is going to a party with all girls you can say no and show her the site for your reason why!

Pool Party


Dancing Bear Pool Party

A group of girls throws a Pool Party and invite some male strippers over because its one of the girls birthdays.  Well booze and horny chicks is a lethal combo because these male strippers get these girls doing some crazy things.  Take this girl for example sure any chick will want their pussy eaten out but what does she do once she has a orgasm?  She returns the favor and eats this guys asshole out!  On Dancing Bear you guys are going to find all kinds of crazy things and everything is real!

Ashleys Bachelorette Party


Dancing Bear Ashleys Bachlorette Party

I mean I have seen bachelorette parties come into bars and they seem really crazy and all but does it really get this crazy!  I have never seen girls with male strippers before because well I don’t go to all female parties or male strip clubs.  If this is what its like though I might start a new exotic dancing career!  Things get so crazy in this new scene from Dancing Bear that Ashley here ends up sucking off a male stripper and she is the bride to be!

Pin The Junk


Pin The Junk on the Hunk

This girl is super cute and you get to see her having a little 69 sex with a male stripper as well playing with another guys cock.  This scene is from Dancing Bear and it’s called Pin The Junk on The Hunk.  The reason they call it that is because the girls from this birthday party hired the male strippers to play this game, never heard of it before never seen anything like it before but I also haven’t ever been invited to a all girls party were male strippers are involved.

Cock Attack


Dancing Bear Cock Attack

This is a Dancing Bear scene called Cock Attack because when the male strippers went to this birthday party the girls practically attacked them!  These male strippers are pretty lucky because every time they work they get blown by like 7 different girls that isn’t a bad job if you ask me.  In the end the girls who suck the guys off to orgasm is the best friend of the birthday girl and the birthday girl herself!

All Out


Dancing Bear All Out

These girls went All Out for a bachlorette party hiring the Dancing Bear guys to come strip at the club.  The guys make the girls go crazy and a lot of them suck some dick even in this gallery.  It seems like all of them when crazy when this guy came out showing off those huge dick of his just made it so all the girls wanted him.

Welcome To The Club


Dancing Bear Welcome To The Club

Sometimes on Dancing Bear there is a hot chick like this girl and they never actually touch any dick or anything like that.  So when I saw her I was like please don’t let her be one of those girls but she gets down and dirty when a male stripper comes her way.  The guy likes her so much he stays with her until he cums on that gorgeous face of hers.  I don’t think she appreciated that very much but its her fault she sucks a mean dick!  The name of this episode is Welcome To The Club and you should definitely chick out the full version by joining their website.

House Par-Tay


Dancing Bear House Party

I thought that guys knew how to throw parties but man I am starting to rethink that.  This is a Dancing Bear scene its called House Par-Tay and man did this group of girl get down.  I can’t believe this girl right here likes this male stripper tea bag her while her friends were just going crazy!  You have to check out all the crazy shit that goes down during these male strippers performances.

Lounging With Bears


Lounging With The Bear

I will admit the girl behind this chick isn’t the hottest piece of ass you will see, and her titties are quite sad but the girl in front is who I am after!  She has a great ass with nice big tits and you can see her doing some dirty stuff in this weeks episode of Dancing Bear called Lounging With The Bear.

Outta Control


Outta Control Chicks on Dancing Bear

This is probably the craziest Dancing Bear episode I have ever seen because every single girl gets some dick I think.  I mean someone in this room has to have a boyfriend or be married and every single one of them touched a dick at least.  There were a bunch of them or gave a male stripper a little blowjob and I think three different girls who actually fucked one!  The male strippers seduced a lot of the girls into opening up there legs and letting them eat them out for a bit that was hot and I imagine its hard for a girl to turn down.

Last Fuck & Suck


Dancing Bear One Last Fuck and Suck

This is a Dancing Bear scene for you guys with a bunch of hot women watching male strippers shake their cocks around.  Some of the girls get roped in to letting the guy lick there pussy like this chick here, and some of the girls even end up touching a guys cock or even sucking it!  In this party which is for someone that is getting married, the are more then enough girls willing to suck these male strippers cock.  There is even this really hot Asian chick who lets this black stripper fuck her silly and then cum all over her stomach its hot!

One Wild Party


Dancing Bear Crazy Party

Its been quite some time since I posted my last Dancing Bear gallery, this one is called “One Wild Party”.  The theme of Dancing Bear is CFNM and it involves strippers going to big events with chicks who sometimes will touch their cock, or like this girl actually suck them off.  The events are all real and man do these girls get horny with a huge dick swinging in their face.

Jenns Party


Jenns Bachlorete Party

This is a awesome Dancing Bear gallery for you guys its from a episode called Jenns Bachlorete Party.  You usually see the girls touching the guys dicks and jerking them off or sucking them off.  Its not everyday you see the male strippers get down and start eating out girls, but they felt a little spry during this gig I guess because there is a lot of pussy eating!

Full House


Dancing Bear Full House

The guys on Dancing Bear had to put in al ittle extra time and one of their more recent shows.  The showed up to a really packed houe and well they left without a single girl not having a great time.  The girls that come to these Dancing Bear parties just want a swinging dick in their face say they can touch it, suck it or fuck it thats just how it is on Dancing Bear!

Going Away Party


Dancing Bear Going Away

Here is a hot new Dancing Bear gallery for you guys.  The name of the Episode is called “Jasmines Going Away Party” and man is it a good one.  This girl in the sexy dress and high heels goes all the way with one of the male strippers, I don’t know if she is the one leaving but I sure hope so after she did this in front of all of her friends.

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