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Cum Fest


Colette jenna ross cum fest

I love the slightly surprised look on the face of beautiful Jenna Ross in that thumbnail…it looks like she was fucking the one guy and looked over and was like ‘WHOAH another cock! better suck it!’. This is another hot update from the new site Colette, Jenna’s done a few updates for them already and they’re all hot as hell…she’s got those perfect perky breasts, round firm ass and tight shaved pussy and she gets every inch of that beautiful body worked in this hardcore threesome! Jenna gets a little fingercuff action in this update, taking one of the guys deep in her sweet tight shaved pussy while simultaneously licking and deepthroating the other guy…all they need to do is high-five to complete the Eiffel Tower move but from what I saw they never pull the trigger on that one for some reason. I don’t know about you guys but I just can’t get enough of Jenna Ross so if you agree take a look at that link, it’s a little collection of her hotness. Colette has tons of gorgeous women getting into some red-hot hardcore fucking…do yourself a favor and check out the site, it’s a nice time to get in on the ground floor so to speak! They have some neat membership perks too, like being able to private-message the models and let them know how hot you think they are.

Kimberly Kendall TripleD


Kimberly Kendall Exotic4K Triple-D

I got you guys a nice long video for New Years guys, hopefully most of you guys will be out getting drunk tonight but if you’re coming back early bookmark this video.  It’s of a gorgeous curvy black woman named Kimberly Kendall who you guys have seen on Porn Fidelity (here).  I think she looks sexier in that Porn Fidelity scene but that’s kind of expected because it is one of the best porn sites out.  Exotic4K is for those of you who like high quality porn but don’t really care about story lines and stuff like that.  I mean the video you basically get to see her dressed up in a sexy little gold bathing suit and she is shaking that ass to some music and then next thing you know she is giving a sloppy blowjob.  They fuck like rabbits and this guy and keep up with how good Kimberly here can fuck.  I bet she got on top and thought that she was about to crack that nut but he holds on to his liquid and waits until she is in missionary to cum.  He doesn’t cum inside of her wouldn’t want her to get pregnant now would he?  He pulls out and does what we all want to do and that’s nut on a girls face, that’s when you know you can do just about anything with a chick.

East Meets West


X art east meets west

What guy around college age hasn’t dreamed about trekking across Europe, seeing the sights and staying in hostels and maybe meeting up with beautiful local girls along the way? That’s what’s happening in this X Art update called East Meets West as gorgeous brunette Maria joins this dude in a bright white hotel room, showing her sweet perky breasts and that perfect tight ass as she takes his cock in her mouth. From the way she’s dropping her towel at the beginning of this update it seems like they just got back to the room from the spa, kind of like that movie Hostel but with 100% less horror and a ton more hardcore penetration! Maria is a drop dead beautiful Czech babe who always loves a nice hard pounding so when she met up with this handsome hunky horny dude on his European trip she was more than happy to show him a few of the lesser-known sights of the area, such as between her thighs. She gets a nice deep dicking as she rides that cock, bouncing up and down on his meat until he blasted a load up her back!

Smell The Rose


Smell the rose on gfr

Beautiful babe Rose was lazing around in bed, relaxing and trying to snooze the day away but her boyfriend knew she had an interview she had to get ready for! He also knew there was only one way to get her to wake up and hit the world and that was to pester her mercilessly…he came into the bedroom with his video camera and kept bugging her til she got up to take a shower, so I guess that worked out pretty well. Once she got up though and he caught a glimpse of that sweet booty he changed his tune, he wanted to make a sex video with her and the interview went out the window as he helped Rose out of her clothes and onto his cock! This girl is fucking gorgeous, lean and tall with nice tits and a sweet perfect ass, and she loves sucking cock too! We get a great view of the blowjob in this GF Revenge update called Smell The Rose, not to mention a perfect viewpoint for watching her get that tight wet pussy drilled. I don’t know what she did later on to make him send the footage in to GF Revenge, maybe her ‘interview’ was actually code for her going off to fuck his best friend!

Bella Danger and Keisha Grey


Bella danger and keisha grey on blacked

We’ve seen Bella Danger on Blacked before right here getting that sweet pussy rocked and she had a taste for dark meat so she headed back over to the guy’s house, this time bringing her girlfriend Keisah Grey along for the fun! Bella knew that there was no way this guy could resist a couple of big round juicy asses like she and Keisha were packing so they just snuck in and hung out on his couch, and sure enough when he got home and found them there he immediately dropped trow and whipped out that massive black cock of his! The girls jumped right on his meat, licking and sucking him before peeling off their red and blue tights, unleashing those perfect round butts on this dude. Keisha had never experienced anything like it and she just couldn’t keep from cumming all over the guy’s cock as she rode him, her big soft titties bouncing and jiggling as Bella kissed her…these girls are hot as hell and this guy has a blast taking turns fucking each of them in turn, letting the other ride his face at the same time. All good things must cum to an end though and soon the dude’s balls were ready to pop, and the lucky recipient of his big load of cum was Bella! She took it in her sweet wet pussy for a nice creampie finish…I’d imagine both of these girls will be back for more soon enough!

Horny Nursing Student


Girls do porn horny nursing student

I hope you guys have had a great holiday season so far and have room for at least one more present because this new chick on Girls Do Porn is a gift to the entire world! She’s doing her very first adult video here and is pretty much doing it for the adventure, although I’m sure the money helps too. From the sound of things it’s a new guy doing the camerawork, sounds like an Australian accent behind the lens as the dude interviews this girl, getting to know her before she strips down…he does a fine job though and this girl seems comfortable around him which is always important and it’s always way hotter to see a chick who’s relaxed and having fun am I right? This girl is a 20 year old student who’s looking at becoming a nurse…but I have the feeling she’d be causing more heart attacks than treating them, she’s hot as hell! We get up close and personal with every inch of that perfect body of hers too in this update, and she definitely loves a nice hard deep dicking! Watch her eyes roll back into her head as she takes this guy’s big cock, her perky sweet breasts bouncing as he pounds her! Always nice to see a chick who really loves sex and gets way into it, moaning and gasping and loving every second of the action as she gets fucked forwards, backwards and side to side. I don’t know how many times this girl came during the whole shoot but it’s gotta be in the double digits from the way she’s moaning…hot as hell, especially when she gets that sweet tight little ass in the air! Finally dropping to her knees for a facial, this horny nursing student apparently had been starving for a nice hard fuck and got her holiday wishes granted in this sexy hardcore Girls Do Porn update.

Nadia Jay


Porn fidelity night in the dark

After a nice romantic dinner and night out on the town, beautiful ebony babe Nadia Jay and Ryan Madison were enjoying the cool evening as they kissed playfully on the street…they had been getting more and more antsy in the restaurant as the night went on, and when they started making out the temperature rose even more! Soon Nadia had her huge round breasts out and Ryan about lost his mind…they rushed to the house and ripped each others clothes off, kissing passionately before Nadia dropped to her knees to take that big hard cock in her mouth! This girl is finer than a frog’s hair split four ways as she gives Ryan this blowjob, her big tits bouncing as she bobbed her head up and down on his meat. Check out those pierced nipples, they give a nice contrast to her dark smooth skin and from the looks of things Nadia is down for a little kinky fun! In this Porn Fidelity update called A Night In The Dark though she rocks Ryan’s cock straight up, riding him and getting that sweet wet pussy pounded hard and deep before taking his cum in her hole for a nice creampie finish.

Adele Taylor


Sometimes it’s a little confusing to figure out a model’s name from the way the site displays their titles and stuff but I’m guessing this chick’s name is Adele Taylor…I guess it could be Abe but that doesn’t sound super likely. Anyway she’s hanging out in her green bra and panties on the patio, and I guess she’s a little annoyed about the way her name is shown on the photoshoot too because she looks pretty intense and a little grumpy in a few of the shots! Maybe that’s just her sexy-face though, everyone has a different one and sometimes a chick just looks a little mean when she intends to look horny and sensual. Grimace aside, Adele is hot as hell with nice round breasts and a sweet smooth tight little ass as she strips down and gets naked, maybe she’s going to take an evening swim in the pool or something…maybe she wants some company?



I take it this chick’s name is Veselin which is pretty weird if you ask me,but hey who knows, maybe that’s a common name wherever this girl comes from. What I do know is that she’s cute as hell and apparently loves hanging out on the beach in her bikini, hence her tan lines on those perky boobies! Veselin has sweet petite titties, a perfect tight little ass and a nice shaved pussy that we get to check out nice up close and personal in this photoshoot as she hops up on the table in her hallway with her knees by her ears. She’s got a nice natural cute smile and looks like she’d be fun to just hang out with, apart from being totally nude and sexy as hell! It’s always nice to see a sweet natural smile on a girl, just makes things way hotter if you can tell the chick is comfortable and enjoying herself if you ask me.

Amber Sym


Get your mind ready to blow, not to mention your load, because this girl Amber Sym is drop dead gorgeous…huge perfect tits, sweet tight fuckable pussy, stunning face, great ass, this girl has got it all! She’s got thigh high white stockings on and looks sexy as hell as she slowly strips down and shows off every inch of that perfect body…there must be something interesting happening off to the left because Amber keeps staring over there, maybe there’s a TV on or something. I do know that if there was a choice between watching some reruns and checking out this hot naked babe I’d sure save a lot of money on electricity and cable bills! Amber is a stunner, there’s no doubt about it, but from the looks of things she has some trouble keeping her attention on one thing at a time.

Amanda Sucks Cock


This blonde hottie Amanda is ready to make her first forays into the world of big black dick in this video, getting those perky little boobies out and flashing her nice tight ass as the guy busted out a dinky little camera and started going through the motions of taking some photos with it. He was far more interested in the experience than capturing it on film though and when Amanda got naked the guy wasted no time before whipping his cock out, recording in first person perspective as she gave him a fantastic blowjob! Amanda loves sucking cock and took her time licking and sucking that dick of his…I get the feeling the shoot didn’t end there but we’ll just have to wait for part 2 to see where things headed from here! This blonde is hot as hell and obviously has a taste for dark meat, her pussy is dripping wet and she looks like she’s definitely DTF.

Shay Anal


If you’ve got a thing for black chicks with big round juicy booties this one is for you…it stars Shay and she starts things off getting her pussy pounded from behind but soon that’s just not enough, she’s gotta have her man’s big black cock in her ass! Shay goes anal so I thought for sure this video clip would be called Shaynal but apparently I’m the only clever one around here. Oh well. It does however have this ebony hottie staring up at her man as she buzzes her clit with a toy, taking her man’s cock in her ass for a nice hard anal pounding! If you like ebony hardcore, big round butts, anal sex or just plain hot chicks you’re going to love this scene…the guy pulls up short of giving her an anal creampie though, or should I say pulls OUT. He shoots his load all over that wet pussy of hers to finish things off, not sure how he managed to not blast cum inside that ass but I guess he just has more discipline than most guys would.

Jezabel is Back


This is the second time that Bang Bros has had her on their “Brown Bunnies” site.  This one is call better then the first because you can just tell she was totally new to the porn business.  She wasn’t really into the sex and was just doing it for the money you can tell.  In this video though it looks like she has figured out the game and is really working the camera now.  The best part of the video is when you see this dark black girl on top of this light skin guy and she really goes after it more then she ever has before.  He is spanking her round black ass while she goes up and down and rides him like a cowgirl.  The video is really good, it’s really long and really what more is there to want!  I almost forgot to mention the girls name HAHA.  Her name is Jezabel Vessir if you guys want to search around the world wide web for more videos of her.

Franceska Public Anal


You guys are in for a nice little treat this day as you’re going to get Franceska Jaimes here getting fucked in the ass!  It’s in public as you can maybe tell from this picture right here.  A couple of weird guys are standing around watching this guy just give Franceska’s booty hell.  She doesn’t just get it straight in the ass the whole time though she gets her meaty pussy fucked a little bit as well.  She does like anal sex though if you ever go through and look at all her videos a lot of them are of her having anal sex.  I mean she has a squirting orgasm while she is being fucked in her butt, that right there is crazy.  I don’t think I have ever seen someone having a squirting orgasm from anal until Franceska here.  This porntsar is actually really hot she is one of those girls i am always shocked about how hardcore her scenes are.  She has a really nice body with just a perfect round ass the only problem may be her face, but it’s not even that bad.

Noelle Easton


Noelle easton for povd

Stick em up! Beautiful busty brunette Noelle Easton is featured in this POVD update as she and her man had a little nerf gun war…they battled it out fiercely until Noelle offered a peace treaty, giving up her pussy in exchange for peace! The guy was more than happy to take that deal, ripping her shirt open to let those huge beautiful titties fall out…Noelle put those breasts to work slapping her man in the face with em, playing with her pussy and then sucking his big hard cock in this hot first person scene! She gives him a great blowjob before getting her big round ass in the air to get that pussy pounded from behind…Noelle got a good deep-dicking before taking a nice big facial as he shot his cum onto her lips and since this is POVD it’s all in ultra high definition video and high quality pictures! If you like a little immersion with your hardcore fuck scenes POVD will be right up your alley…and with the first person perspective it’s like you’re right there in the room pounding away at this gorgeous horny pornstar!

Anal Love


Busty buffy ass fuck

Man this guy hit a homerun in the girlfriend department…he’s dating beautiful Busty Buffy and gets to sample those magnificent huge natural tits of hers, sucking her nipples as he slid his cock into her sweet tight wet teen pussy! That wasn’t quite enough for what Buffy had in mind though and after getting her pussy worked for a while she guided his cock into her ass and took a nice anal pounding! She’s got a sweet round juicy booty so it’s no wonder the guy wanted to pound her pucker from behind…it’s just a shame he wasn’t able to get those big boobs in his face again as he fucked her, but Buffy’s pretty resourceful, I’m sure she can figure out some fun positions! Her boyfriend pounds that butt for awhile, fucking her doggystyle until finally shooting a nice big load of cum on her breasts…they’re an easy target I suppose, you don’t exactly have to be a sharpshooter to drop a load on those tits!

Moms Gonna Love It


Teen fidelity moms gonna love it

You knew that Teen Fidelity would have something special up their sleeves for the holidays…beautiful Samantha Hayes stars in this update called Moms Gonna Love It as she and her stepdad Ryan Madison showed up with a nice Christmas tree anticipating how much Samantha’s mom was going to dig it. They started trimming the tree and Ryan got a look at that beautiful tight little ass of hers and couldn’t resist grabbing her from behind, sliding his hands up that tight teen body of hers and grabbing her shirt off to jam his big dick in her mouth, making it a Teen Fidelity style holiday as Samantha sucked that cock before getting her sweet tight pussy drilled! This girl is red-hot with a perfect body and that’s just how Ryan likes his girls, railing that sweet little hole of hers from behind and making her perky titties dance to the rhythm! Hopefully the mom doesn’t come home anytime soon because the name of this update Mom’s Gonna Love It might not end up being true if she saw her daughter getting fucked like a little teen slut, screaming her way to orgasm and getting a big cream facial that she swallowed down!



Have you ever tried one of those showers that is basically an entire room where you can just hang out and chill on a tile bench while the nice hot water cascades down on you? That’s what Chandler here is rocking in this hot photoshoot…she had her swimsuit on or something but soon she stripped it off to hang out in her crazy little chain get-up, feeling the water spray down on those nice big breasts and that sweet perfect ass! This redhead is amazing from head to those long legs to those cute feet…she looks a lot like Rogue from the X-men with that red hair and the light highlights, take a look and see what I mean. If you’re into comics at all that will make this scene ten times hotter but if not it’s already super sexy!

Carmen Capri


In this scene from Reality Kings the always-beautiful Carmen Capri was just relaxing in the morning sunshine on a swing, her big round booty barely held in check by a pair of sexy black thong panties when this guy came walking along! He couldn’t resist that sweet bouncy juicy ass and soon he had his cock buried in her mouth and then had her bent over to pound that pussy from behind so he could watch her butt jiggle with every stroke! Capri has those sultry bedroom eyes and she used them to drive the guy crazy, gazing up at him whilc she sucked and licked his cock hard before giving up that sweet fuckhole, her big titties bouncing to the rhythm of his thrusts…she got that pussy worked nice and deep and ended up with a load of cum all over those big boobs!



Now that is one sexy woman…check out Josephine here as she hangs out by the rocky cliffs at the oceanside, letting her sweater hang open to show those huge perfect breasts of hers and of course those sexy hips! Josephine is perfection from head to toe if you ask me…I guess it’s just personal preference but man she is just undeniably smokin hot, that’s just science fact right there. She’s even got a cute butt and nice long legs, it’s like she was formed from the collective dreams of mankind to appear on the earth and drive everybody crazy with desire! She’s just hanging out in nature completely nude and unabashed, relaxing on some sandstone and feeling the ocean breeze brush through her hair and tickle her skin with the crash of the waves in the background. Just plain beautiful.



If you ask me this chick Siyane is a little too far into the skinny territory but hey maybe you’re into that…if you like the idea of fucking a chick who looks like she’s made out of bones and paper feel free! Although she does have some very nice titties…who knows if they’re store-bought or not, if they are she made a fine choice because they’re not too big for her body and they’re very nicely shaped. She also has a great ass…you know what I take it back, Siyane is hot as hell! She just needs to be taken out for a few cheeseburgers and brought up to a healthy weight I guess…just imagine those long legs of hers wrapped around you and I think you’ll be on board!



Now this is just plain adorable, there’s no denying it. Beautiful cute-as-a-button Euphemia here is the sexiest cat burglar ever, as long as you’re into hot chicks with piercings and dyed hair and big perfect breasts! She pops off her hood and unleashes those big titties, her pierced nipples glinting in the sunlight as she runs her hands over that beautiful smooth skin…this girl is an absolute stunner and looks like she’d be fun to not only fuck like crazy but also just to hang out with. She’s even got a cute smile and some nice tattoos to explore with your eyes and fingers and tongue…Euphemia here is a Suicide Girl apparently, which I guess you probably could have guessed from the lip-ring and ink and electric blue hair.

Eva & India


Usually guys I make a gallery when it comes to Moms Bang Teens just because it’s such a great site I couldn’t endorse it anymore.  Well today I am still in the Holiday mood so that means i am doing the bare minimum.  Another reason is this video is really long and I know how much you guys love the long videos.  So this video is about Eva Lovia and her step mother India Summer.  They think they have the whole day together after Eva’s tutor has left.  They get comfortable in Eva’s bedroom and India begins to eat her out something the two of them do quite often.  The thing is though is that Eva’s tutor has forgot his keys at the house so when he walks back in to get them he sees these two going at it.  It’s so kinky he just has to take some video of it so he can jerk off to it later.  The problem is he is quite stupid and ends up getting caught but it’s the best thing to ever happen to him.  That’s because Eva and India think the only way to keep their sorted affair secret is to bring this guy in on the secret.  So the two of them give him a blowjob and then let him take turns fucking their pussy.  You can tell India is trying to teach Eva how to have good a threesome throughout the video.  When Eva is getting fucked India is almost always licking her asshole or sucking on the guys balls.  You can’t say the same for Eva when India is getting fucked though.  As you guys know Eva has just started doing hardcore porn and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite pornstars ever!  I think pretty soon though she is going to become the Digital Playground contract girl, she seems like the clear favorite to me.

Stocking Stuffers


Passion hd stocking stuffers rone ryan

I hope you guys had a good time over the holidays…although from the looks of things nobody had more fun that beautiful blondes Samantha Rone and Cassidy Ryan if this Passion HD update called Stocking Stuffers is any indication! One tip though, you might want to have your finger ready by the mute button because that jingly little tune they have in this video clip isn’t exactly the best thing ever. These chicks getting together and getting naked IS basically the best thing ever though, they go full-on lesbian at first scissoring and making out and even getting a double-ended dildo into the mix before their guy friend showed up and took turns fucking both of those hotties one after the other! I’m not sure which girl ended up with the lucky pussy but one of them got a nice deep creampie that the other chick scooped out with a finger, letting that cum ooze on out as the girls moaned. I know what (or, more accurately, who) I’m asking for in next year’s letter to Santa!

Elegant August Ames


August ames returns to zishy

I’m sure you remember beautiful August Ames and her big perfect breasts from her first couple of Zishy shoots but just in case, here’s scene 1 and scene 2 from the site. She’s back for a third round and I know we all couldn’t be happier about it…this is one incredible woman and she just has an aura of elegance about her at all times! In this photoshoot she’s relaxing poolside in a white top and panties, enjoying the fresh breeze and letting those big tits fall out into the daylight…at first she’s a little shy about showing them off but soon she gives in to the temptation and gives us some nice peeks at her breasts and that sweet ass of hers too! August is just a cut above the rest, she’s a stately incredible beauty and the fact that she does hardcore shoots is icing on the cake. I just hope she keeps doing shoots for sites like Zishy too, it’s nice to see her just relaxing and showing off her natural beauty!



Alexa Backroom Casting Couch

I do think you’re going to like this new Backroom Casting Couch scene.  This girl actually has a really pretty face the rest of her body is a little ummm chunky.  So let’s just focus on her face and the fact that she is a exotic looking college girl.  She is going through college and really probably just wants to get laid so she answered an ad and she is sitting on the casting couch.  She doesn’t watch much porn so she doesn’t know she is on the legendary Backroom Casting Couch.  The guy who has been running this site for years now can’t believe how innocent this girl is.  She has only slept with four guys in her entire life and when he goes over what she will be doing in porn she hasn’t done any of it.  I mean no swallowing, never been with a girl and it just goes on and on.  The girl does knock off one of the “haven’t done it” things on her list and she does anal!  She not only does it she kind of likes it, she just stands bent over her desk and gets pummeled from behind anally.  Rick here doesn’t really want to have to worry if Alexa is on birth control or not so when he is about to cum he just stays in her butt and gives her an anal creampie.  She doesn’t even care, something new to her obviously and it was easy to clean up.  All in all pretty good video, hope you guys like it as much as I did.

Shyla Is Back!


Shyla Jennings FTV Girls Returns

Shyla Jenning is looking great in her new FTV Girls scene.  If you are like “oh I have seen this before” well you’re wrong!  Because this one is brand new and you are right that she has been on the site before but this one just came out.  Shyla came into FTV sporting a nice hairy pussy of hers and she even shaves it bald for them in one of the videos.  I don’t know if you guys know this or not but anytime you see a update from FTV the video inside the members area is like 12 or 15 each update!  That shit is crazy, 12 to 15 different video nobody gives you more then that.  So in this update it seems that FTV is having Shyla doing a lot of fisting.   I don’t really get that shit at all but apparently people want to see it or something.  I just like to see Shyla’s pictures because they really do a great job with her images.  She does a lot of masturbation videos, having real orgasms she isn’t really faking any of them because FTV just won’t allow that.  Then they go out in public where at one point Shyla takes a flashlight a big one at that and put it inside of her pussy, it’s just like wow.   My favorite picture set that Shyla did is this one that I gave you a preview of it.  When she is in these glasses with her hair pulled back I just think she is looking sexy as hell!  Not usually into that nerdy shit but man Shlya is doing it for me today.

Sexy Teen Diver


Sexy teen diver on gdp

This gorgeous 18 year old is ready to make her very first adult video on Girls Do Porn, she wants to become a dive instructor and needs a little cash to help the school bills. 18 years young and hot as hell in her little dress, flashing her panties to the camera during her introductory interview…apparently she even called up her mom before the shoot started, and her mom thinks she’s out on a scuba diving trip or something. This hottie has only had sex with one guy and so far she has never had a good hard fuck! I mean really Girls Do Porn is doing the universe a favor here because if anyone deserves great sex it’s this girl…absolutely gorgeous, obviously no dummy, and her body is amazing. As soon as I heard her talking about her boyfriend being her only real sexual experience I was like ‘oh man here we go’ and knew we were about to be in for a treat. It’s almost unfair though, it’s like someone who has never been out to a restaurant going to a 5-star steakhouse, you know they’re going to be spoiled from then on for every other experience! This sexy teen diver gets the full treatment as she drops to her knees to give a nice little blowjob before hopping on the bed and wrapping those long lean legs around the guy. All that swimming and diving seems to be doing the trick by the way in terms of keeping her in good shape, especially that incredible ass of hers! She’s got a downright phenomenal ass, she gives it a little shake before getting that tight wet teen pussy rocked by this dude’s big hard cock. She’s got great perky teen boobies and nice long legs to go along with her beautiful face and man this chick takes a good hard deep dicking before he unloads a nice facial on her! I know you guys are crazy about Girls Do Porn and I think we all look forward to their updates every week…they have some of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen each and every time they update, it’s nuts.

Dani Jensen Romantic Aggression


Dani Jensen Romantic Aggression II Porn Fidelity

You guys are really lucky because I saw this Dani Daniels scene on Porn Fidelity and I totally thought it was this one and just skipped over it.  Then I realized that it’s a totally different scene in fact this is for a very romantic series that Porn Fidelity has called Romantic Aggression.  I think you’re going to like it because Dani looks amazing of course and it has that really high quality look to it and the sex is just so damn sensual I don’t know how you can’t love it.  In fact that isn’t even the best part!  The best part is that you get to see Dani’s perfect hairy pussy filled up with cum.  Dani doesn’t just let any guy cum inside of her pussy she has to know them and her and Ryan have a good thing going with each other.  I am sure Ryan asks his wife every week if he can call up Dani and bang her because their chemistry is just too great to even deny.  I like that it’s by a fire and they’re just having intense sex.  No weird positions or anything like that in fact it’s a lot with just Dani on her back legs spread wide and Ryan pounding away.

Mrs Security Guard


Mrs Security Guard XXX Pawn

You guys are in for a mother fucking treat here! I got you a super hot Latina from XXX Pawn, she is a complete amateur because well this is a reality site. Basically what this guy does is he finds those desperate woman that are coming in to pawn something and tells them he will give them some money without having to sell anything. This chick is trying to sell her gun that she uses during work! I mean I am pretty sure you’re about to lose your job if you’re doing this but this chick is kind of short sided let’s be honest. The girl doesn’t speak much English I mean she is straight up Latina guys. She has that big fat round ass and she knows how to work it on this country bumpkins big dick. He takes her in the back and just gets her naked so he can look at her full titties and round ass and once she is naked you throw a little more money her way and she is totally down to suck his dick and fuck him. Even letting him film it isn’t a big deal because it’s for his “personal collection”.

Peta Jensen


Peta Jensen Porn Fidelity

We have our fourth installment of “Take Off The Condom” by Porn Fidelity and this time it stars a busty girl (hope you can see that) in Peta Jensen.  This is just a well done scene I mean you got to watch all these episode that he has done episode 1, episode 2 and episode 3.  So the whole setup of this is that Ryan is online and finds a ad that says the door is unlocked come upstairs and get laid condoms are provided.  Well Ryan goes up there and he see’s a gorgeous ass on all fours face down ass up with writing on her ass saying to fuck this hole.  Ryan puts on his condom uses the lube that is provided and is about to enter this amazing pussy when he decides he is going to get really risky.  He takes off the condom and then goes to town.   These two fuck in a bunch of different rooms and one point they end up in the bathroom and take a shower together.  Ryan no only doesn’t have a condom on but he is cumming in this girls pussy multiple times, creampie after creampie.  After he is done with her this horny girl Peta Jensen just cleans up her pussy, gets the cum out and then she gets down on all fours and waits for the next guy.

Melissa Pregnant


FTV Girls Melissa Pregnant

This is a little weird to through up on the old but hey I’m going to do it anyways.  This is a scene from FTV Girls and it’s of a girl you guys should know well especially if you like FTV.  She has been on a bunch of times and I have 4 different galleries I have posted of Melissa you can see those here 1,2,3,4.  Alright so as you can tell Melissa here is pregnant and well she is making some more porn for FTV Girls.  She gets naked and shows off her big buffy tits.  Then she opens up her legs and uses some toys on that nice super tight pussy.  She should be worried about how that is going to work because that pussy of hers is tight!  Her nipples are also big and puffy and if you’re into prego chicks I don’t think it gets better then this.  The video doesn’t let you into any of the masturbation FTV is keeping that behind the members area.  But you get to see some of her naked body and of course her cool attitude.  I forget this girls solo site that she used to have I definitely think she quit doing that, but she loves her some FTV and came back to give them something that many people don’t get and that’s a hot pregnant girl masturbating.

Leanna Decker


I’ve never been a huge fan of soccer but man if all the refs looked like Leanna Decker in this sexy photoshoot I’d have to change my tune! She also seems to be playing the lesser-known but greater-appreciated variant, Strip Soccer…anytime a game goes for 15 minutes without a goal she loses an article of clothing so basically she’s guaranteed to be naked by the end of every game! She’s showing off those big perfect breasts in this shoot as she blows her whistle, looking like she’d rather be blowing something else…or maybe that’s just my imagination. Leanna looks great in her striped socks and, well, basically that’s all she’s wearing at the end of this shoot! She’s got a great ass, great boobs, beautiful face and…oh wait that’s a football she’s holding, not a soccerball. OK that makes things like twenty times sexier.

Azzra Hughes


It looks like Azzra Hughes is certainly ready for you…she’s hanging out in her dressing room by the mirror trying on her sexy blue lingerie with thong panties, holding a rose in her teeth! The idea I get is that this beautiful blonde actress had her biggest fan in her dressing room, he gave her some presents and now she’s seducing him by stripping down to show off those big round titties and her sweet spankable ass! This girl is hot as hell and loves an audience, and that’s a fantastic combination of traits if you ask me…big boobs, sweet tight pussy, round juicy booty and a sultry seductive nature, Azzra is smokin!



I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some photos of this Malena girl before from W4B, but it’s kind of hard to say because she’s so damn hot and has such a perfect body that anytime you look at her your brain goes into a boil! This chick has an absolutely perfect ass and sweet perky breasts, not to mention that lovely face as she hangs out around this huge…uhh what is it, a tub? A massive hamper? A table? It’s hard to say but it’s got a candelabra on it and is up on legs, and apparently Malena loves hanging out in the nude on top of it! There’s also an elegant silver mirror on the wall so we get two angles of that perfect body at once, especially when she’s bending over like that and flashing her cute tight ass and pussy…Malena is incredible head to toe!

Miren Risiede


This chick Miren Risiede has a funny little lopsided smile but there’s nothing lopsided about those big juicy titties of hers! She’s hanging out in the nude for this hot photoshoot, grabbing her big boobs and flashing that sweet pussy with her little trimmed triangle of pubes…she’s got a great ass too and gets it up in the air for this photoshoot. She looks sexy as hell, just a beautiful babe hanging out naked on a huge fur blanket or something, rolling around and enjoying the feeling of the fur on her skin! Cute brown eyes, great butt, great tits, great legs, the only thing that’s awkward is that smile of hers…if a girl’s smile is the weak link in the chain I’d say things are doin just fine!

Slave Girl


Check out this sexy kinky blonde as she gets all gussied up in her leathers and mask…I like that top too, it’s like strips of leather connected by metal rings and ends up being like a chessboard or something. She’s also bound at the wrists and has her ass and pussy exposed, she can’t keep from touching herself so I guess she loves being all bound and helpless! This hottie (I assume she’s a hottie, you can’t really see her face because of the mask but from what I can tell she’s pretty) is helpless and tied up and horny as hell, can you imagine wandering into the bedroom and finding this babe all tied up with her pussy dripping wet as she looks over her shoulder, begging you with her eyes to fuck the hell out of that sweet tight hole? If you’ve got a thing for boots this girl’s got you covered too, she’s got her thigh high vinyl boots on to complete her look!

Throat Massage


Jenna marie throat massage fhd

In the mood for a little oral hotness? Beautiful blonde Jenna Marie sure is…she strips out of her tight stretchy pants and shows off those perfect breasts before masturbating, fucking herself with a toy to drive you crazy in this Fantasy HD update! She was driving her man crazy with that perfect body of hers, I mean who could keep a straight face when confronted with that vision of sexiness! Soon he’s whipped out his cock to give Jenna a nice throat massage, filling her mouth with his big dick and then pounding her tight wet pussy hard and deep. This is Jenna’s first time on the site but man oh man that body pretty much guarantees a return visit if you ask me! You can’t really go wrong with a stunning horny blonde with perfect tits getting naked and getting fucked…I know a lot of guys have fantasies about blondes and this is the perfect way to see them brought to life in a big way without causing any marital strife if you catch my drift. Jenna takes that dick from behind for awhile with that sweet tight butt in the air until finally getting the big cream facial she had been craving!

Tease Me, Please Me


Tease Me Please Me Jessica

This is going to make all of you very happy guys.  This is a beautiful scene from X Art called Tease Me, Please Me and it stars Jessica.  It looks like this guy is going to like tie her up and fuck her but he really just ties her up and then teases her.  She has on these high heel black boots that I just love that she kept on during the entire scene.  She has these super cute small titties and if you want to see more of her scenes just click here.  The video I have cut for you guys is just a lot of Jessica riding on this guys dick.  He is sitting on the chair and she is just giving him hell.  I will spoil the ending for you guys, it’s a cumshot on her stock he is pounding her like you see in this image and he just pulls out and creams her just above her pussy.  You guys know we love X Art here but that’s because we have a membership.  So you need to buy a membership to know how awesome this site is.  The quality of video you’re watching here is like 1/10th when you inside the members are, it’s just dogshit and I am embarrassed to give you this quality but hey it’s a lot of bandwidth if I gave you guys the good stuff.

Bubble Butt Babe


Marina Visconti Bubble Butt Babe

Marina Visconti is in her very first scene for Passion HD I can’t believe that but it’s true I checked.  I think the problem is I thought her Casting Couch X scene and Fantasy HD scene were for Passion HD I just got a little confused which happens often to me.  This scene starts out with Marina in a corset and some panties and Marina is looking dynamite.  Those be breasts of hers and the corset giving her a banging hour glass figure, yea she was totally bangable.  She is keeping her pussy nice and shaven and this guy is going to town on her.  He licks her pussy for a good while until he is rock are and then gives her a good fucking.  This is a much more sensual scene then you are used to with Marina.  She usually has hardcore scenes, I mean I have seen her get double penetrated (just click on that Fantasy HD scene).  The video ends with the guy kind of straddling her and then she sucks his dick and jerks him off all while rubbing his balls and then he just busts all over her big natural titties.

Fuck Those Titties


Pure Mature Fuck Those Titties

That big bubble butt of Ava Addams is back and looking better then ever on Pure Mature.  This scene is her 9th  time that Ava has been on Pure Mature if you want to see them all just check out Ava’s category.  This scene starts off with this wack guy who is on the phone talking away while Ava has her big titties hanging out basically telling him “hey I want to fuck”.  Well this dummy can’t get the idea so Ava gets completely naked, takes the phone with him and then drags him into the bedroom.  She sits on his face and has those ass cheeks just devour his whole face.  He lick son that meaty pussy for a long while and she sucks his dick getting him hard enough to penetrate that nice MILF pussy of hers.  They fuck in a bunch of different positions and they’re all great.  If you get her fuck behind like this you get to enjoy her perfect big ass, then you get her on her back and you get to enjoy her boobies.  Which I say everytime are the best boobs in the business and I know they’re fake but they look so real!

Alison Faye


Alison Faye Teens Love Huge Cocks

As I mention in this gallery I love that Teens Love Huge Cocks is introducing us to newbies now!  Check out this girl her name is Alison Faye and she is freaking cute.  Nice petite body and she likes a finger in her butt while she is being fucked so she has some freak in her or something!  I think there is some kind of “plot” about this video but I was not very interested in figuring it out I just wanted to see her fucked.  I will make sure to scour the Internet and figure out if she has done anymore scenes for us.  These two fuck in a bunch of position that I bet you Alison here hasn’t fuck in many of these.  She definitely hasn’t ever had sex for this long with this big of a dick before her experience was just pure pleasure guys and you can see it all over her face.  Just go ahead and buy a membership and watch the full video and tell me she doesn’t just love this dick, I think she had a couple of real orgasms throughout the video too.  Which by the way some paper came out and said it’s impossible to have a penetration orgasm it’s all clitoral, so I call bullshit on that because this girl sure looks like she is cumming.

Make Em Sweat Part 6


Rahyndee james teen fidelity

Welcome to the 6th part of the Make Em Sweat series from Teen Fidelity…we’ve got the other five parts kicking around here as well but I’m not gonna go link all of them for you, I’ll leave it like a treasure hunt but here’s a start, I’ll make it easier by linking part1 and part2 for you guys. This time we’ve got beautiful Rahyndee James, a tight gorgeous teen with an ass you will not believe…well actually after you see how she likes to work out maybe you WILL believe it! Rahyndee loves to work up a sweat lifting weights and using the elliptical, but her favorite part is afterwards when she gets to hit the showers! She cleans up and gets all dripping wet and then heads right back to the gym room naked to find Ryan Madison and his big hard cock, getting pounded from behind with that perfect round butt in the air…that hard work of hers is paying off, that’s for sure! Next time you see a woman with an incredible butt just know that doesn’t just happen, that girl’s gotta work for it! Rahyndee looks great for Teen Fidelity here, hopefully she’ll do another shoot for them at some point, I’d love to see that ass in action some more and I bet you guys would too. Did I mention that she takes a creampie in this scene, getting Ryan’s big creamy load of cum shot deep in her tight wet little hole? You’re welcome.

Krissy Nasha


Now that is what I call a badonkadonk! Krissy Nasha stars in this photoshoot from Show Girlz Exclusive and is not shy about showing off that phenomenal big brown booty of hers after getting all oiled up and changing into the smallest g-string she could find…Krissy has an amazing body and if you weren’t already a fan of curvy ebony hotties this photoshoot might just turn the corner on that for you. She’s got legs like a stallion and a butt like a shelf…just imagine seeing this chick in the club (or in the bedroom) clapping those cheeks together and dancing around, twerking and blowing everyone’s minds in a five-mile radius! She’s got nice tits too by the way, she’s not just a big round bubble butt.

Nicole Aniston


Imagine walking into a hot coworker’s office one evening after everyone else has gone home and finding her in there with her hand up her skirt masturbating away, one leg on the desk…Nicole Aniston had thought she was alone at the office but evidently Phil from Accounting stuck around and man did it pay off! Soon Nicole had his big dick in her mouth and was doing a little collating, organizing his files by fucking his brains out right there in the cubicle with that perfect ass in the air! This is from the site Naughty Office and man there’s no office naughtier than one where Nicole Aniston works, apparently! She loves a nice deep dicking and doesn’t mind working a little overtime to get it…

Maya Milano


Sexy brunette Italian babe Maya Milano stars in this photoshoot from Scoreland as she gets those enormous natural breasts out of her lingerie, showing off those sexy soft womanly curves of hers! Maya looks like she loves having those big boobs, she’s always playing with them and squishing them together and licking her nipples as she gradually gets more and more naked for these photos…eventually she’s just hanging out completely nude except for her black necklace and big ol’ smile, looking sexy as hell! Can you imagine just burying your face between those huge titties as you fuck this hottie? If you’re not a fan of big breasts this girl Maya might just change your mind for you.

Leanne Crow


At first when I saw this photoshoot featuring Leanne Crow I thought she had just woken up or something and I was like dayummm this girl knows how to sleep sexy!! As it turns out though she did these photos for Valentine’s day which makes a bit more sense…I mean it can’t be too comfy having huge titties like those just barely kept in check by a little heart-shaped lingerie top, and what I thought was a sleeping mask is actually a blindfold so you can get Leanne all blindfolded and helpless and just let your fingers and mouth and dick do some exploring…now THAT’s a happy valentine’s day if you ask me! Leanne looks a little uncertain about her getup in a few of these shots, maybe she’s just worried those big natural boobs of hers are going to bust her top at the seams.

Great Tenderness


I’m not sure where the name of this photoshoot came from, they call it Great Tenderness…I guess it’s because this hottie is hanging out in the woods enjoying a peaceful afternoon in nature among the birds and trees and a lazy river. I have the feeling that if she met up with her boyfriend there on the riverbank it would be a whole lot less peaceful if you know what I mean! This chick is completely naked and has huge perfect titties, not to mention a very pretty face and a nice tight butt as well. I guess she has a bit of a hippy streak to her which could probably be pretty fun…there’s nothing wrong with a nice hard fuck in the dirt next to the river while the sun shines down on you!

Nadia Jay Round Ass


That is one fine black ass isn’t it?  This girl has been on our site before I would tease you, you guys saw her on Exotic4K her name is Nadia Jay.  She has a great body just a perfect ass on her as I mentioned but I also like her full perky tits.  They’re also pierced which I am a big fan of.  This girl is making her second appearance on Round and Brown () and once again she is riding this dick like a champ.  She makes all black girl pround with the way she is terkin on this guys little cock.  The guy over at Blackz cut the video perfectly because you get Nadia giving this guy a lap dance in little daisy dukes and you know that Nadia has done this before.  There has been plenty of sex in the champaign room with Nadia and now she is doing it on the porn screen, watch her work fella’s she is amazing!

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