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Sara Luvv


Sara luvv teen fidelity

So we’ve come to the end of the Teen Fidelity “Adventures of Teddy” series and honestly I couldn’t be happier…the fact that the chicks in this series are dressed up in like babydoll dresses as they get fucked is pretty disturbing if you ask me. The girls themselves are hot as hell though and Adventures of Teddy Part 4 features the gorgeous Sara Luvv, which is a hell of a way to go out! If you missed the previous episodes in this series or just want to check them out again, here they are: Part1, Part2, Part3. The idea is that the girls are given a teddybear and they hold on to it, not realizing that inside one of the eyes is a camera which lets Ryan Madison see where they are at all times, and when he seduces them it records all the hot fucking action! Sara Luvv here looks pretty goofy in her huge glasses but then heads inside with her new toy to take a nap, which is when Ryan takes the opportunity to head inside and start kissing her, sliding her little dress up to lick her ass and pussy while she sleeps…soon she’s awake and when she gets a look at that huge thick dick of his she knows right where she wants it, namely deep in her teen pussy! He gives her a nice deep dicking, sliding deep into her tight slit and then shooting his load into her mouth…she’s not quite satisfied yet though so she ends up masturbating, rubbing her swollen clit with her fingers while he chokes her a bit and kisses her! Teen Fidelity just doesn’t give a rat’s ass if you approve, they do what they want and I can respect that!

Ashlyn Molloy Returns


Ashlyn malloy back to amateur allure

If you missed the first time Ashlyn Molloy headed to Amateur Allure you’ve made a terrible mistake but not to worry, I’m here to rectify it…here you go! After checking that out come on back here because Ashlyn is back for her second go-round, and this time there’s another guy invited to the mix as well! She has her hands full (not to mention her mouth) trying to take care of both of those cocks at the same time but she’s got the skills and enthusiasm to make magic happen! Watch this copper haired hottie get her mouth and pussy filled up with cock simultaneously, licking and sucking both of those lucky guys and bending over to get fucked too…if there’s anything I’d take exception to it’s that from the looks of things her ass bones would leave bruises on your hips if you fucked her doggystyle but hey I don’t think anyone is exactly going to complain if you know what I mean. Ashlyn loved her first time on the site so much she just had to come back and get that pussy worked again, taking load after load in her mouth to swallow down! We can only hope there will be a round 3…I guess time will tell.

Lexi Belle


Say hello to gorgeous blonde Penthouse pet Lexi Belle as she gives you a nice tour of her new black and white panties and bra! She‘s got a hell of a body and this lingerie of hers shows it off mighty nice, especially her sweet round ass! The panties are pretty sheer, you can see her butt right through the thin fabric…the bra isn’t quite as see-through but it’s sort of a moot point because she pops it right off and lets those perfect perky boobies out as well. I’m not sure that blonde is really her color but she is looking hot as hell in this photoshoot.

Shay Laren


This looks more like a lake or pond than a swimming pool but Shay Laren is looking incredible in her string bikini…those huge tits of hers just can’t be contained by that skimpy swimsuit though so soon she’s topless, showing off those incredible breasts! And I mean c’mon, if you’re topless you might as well be bottomless too am I right? I guess Shay agreed with me because she takes her bikini bottoms off to complete the recipe for absolute sexiness…this girl is a total stunner and that’s not just the big tits talking, she’s just plain beautiful and from what I understand she’s a lot of fun to hang out with too.

Holly and Rosie


Holly Peers and Rosie Jones both look like they escaped from a dream or something, they’re completely gorgeous and when they team up it’s pretty much not even fair! These beautiful lesbians are posing for Celeb Matrix here, stripping each other out of their lingerie and having a sweet sexy pillowfight once they have their perfect tits out to play. I’m not really sure which one is Holly Peer and which one is Rosie Jones but I guess it doesn’t really matter, they seem to come as a matched set. If you’re a fan of lesbians, sexy stockings, panties, tits, or fun you’re almost certainly going to love this photoshoot. If you don’t like any of those things, what are you even doing still alive?

Sha Rizel


Now those are some massive tits! Sha Rizel is in her polka dot top but when you see it you realize its lifespan is pretty short with those huge boobs straining against it. Soon she busts right out of her clothing and is hanging out completely nude in this Scoreland photoshoot, grabbing her massive titties and bending over to show off her sweet pink pussy as well! I don’t envy Sha whatever back problems she’s running into with those breasts hanging in front of her but man oh man it’s nice of her to share her beautiful nude body with us in pictures like these.

Dana Dearmond


Now, despite the fact that a few of these photos featuring Dana Dearmond look like they could be the cover of a sappy romance novel on the shelves of a grocery store, she is looking hot as hell and is fucking this lucky guy left right and center in this Babes shoot! She sucks his cock as if she’s given a blowjob or two (thousand) before and gets her perky tits caressed before going for a ride on this cock…it looks like these two are taking a vacation by the seaside, spending a passionate romantic afternoon together with the guy sliding his cock into her pussy until he shoots his load all over her nice round ass!

Like A Boss


Lisa Ann is getting her pussy eaten out like a boss in this episode from Bang Bus.  This was the very first guy that she picked up and it looked good for a bit.  He got hard after Lisa sucked on it but he just couldn’t keep it together so Lisa kicked him to the curb.  Of course she waited until after she got her pussy eaten out for a bit and she was really enjoying this smoking on her e-cigarette while she was getting licked.  Then she kept on driving on the Bang Bus and found a guy that was selling warm water on the side of the road for $2.00 that right there is a rip off because you can get access to Bang Bros for half that!  Anyways he wasn’t able to get his dick hard and he blamed Lisa’s blowjob for that, and let’s be real Lisa gives some of the best head you will see this girl isn’t the #1 MILF in porn for nothing.  Then she goes on and finds this gangsta white guy walking down the street shirtless.  She brings him in and he literally can’t even get his dick bigger then his balls, Lisa was hoping it would quadruple in size but it never got past being the size of a pinky.  Bang Bus wasn’t going to let Lisa Ann go home without being fucked so they called up a male stunt cock to fuck her and fuck her he did!  He pounded this amazing MILFs pussy into a really hard orgasm.

Kacy Lane


Ccx with kacy lane

If this 19 year old chick Kacy Lane doesn’t make it in the adult industry I’ll eat my hat…she might not be the sharpest tack on the corkboard, for instance she accidentally says her real last name at first, but she more than makes up for it if you ask me by her deepthroating skills, incredible tight teen body and abilities in the sack! She put that sweet little butt to work as she rides the casting director’s cock in this Casting Couch X update, getting fucked hard and fast and deep just the way she likes it…her speaking voice can grate on the ears a little bit but her moans and squeals of pleasure are like music! This gorgeous lean hottie gets that tight wet pussy drilled, making those perky little titties bounce up and down like crazy!

Hermosa Tarde


Kelly madison cabo dress

If my high school Spanish class memories serve me right, Hermosa means ‘beautiful’ so basically this photoshoot from Kelly Madison is entitled Beautiful Morning. She is certainly doing her part to make it so, putting on a sexy black dress and getting her huge bouncy breasts out and posing in front of her Mexico resort garden patio! It’s a beautiful setting for a beautiful MILF who loves to show off…we’ve already seen her taking a soak in the hot tub in this Cabo series, if you missed that one check it out here! I can’t wait to see what the afternoon and evening have in store for this gorgeous and mature busty blonde. This is a shoot from her own website, usually she takes part in just the Porn Fidelity updates but sometimes it’s nice to see what she gets up to on her own (or sometimes with a friend or two).

Stacking the Dick


August ames povd stacking dick

Today must be your lucky day because what I’ve got here for you is another update from POVD featuring the absolutely gorgeous August Ames called Stacking the Dick! She puts that perfect body to work, getting those big beautiful breasts out when she loses at strip poker…I think she got caught cheating, I guess she was stacking the deck which is where the name of the update came from and the house rules go into effect which state that anyone cheating gets fucked by the other player. August doesn’t seem to mind that rule, maybe she got caught on purpose so she’d have an excuse to get that sweet wet pussy railed! Since this is POVD you can expect a hot first-person perspective in incredibly high resolution, and you’ll want all the quality you can get when August spins around and bends over, getting that ass in the air as she gets her pussy filled up with your cock. Have I talked about how beautiful this girl is, by the way? If you’re not familiar with August Ames you might want to do yourself a huge favor and at least check out her previous POVD update, it’s hot as hell and shows off that incredible body some more.

Tantric Massage


Xart tantric massage

If you’ve seen Clover here on other sites or scenes before you probably know she’s an expert in Tantric Massage, and she’s bringing her skilled hands to X Art now! She and Jake are the two masseuses ready to bring Keira to the peaks of pleasure and relaxation and sexual energy as they caress her body in the nude, rubbing oil on her smooth skin and sliding their hands slowly and expertly all over her gorgeous body. Jake can’t resist using his mouth and tongue to massage Keira’s tight wet pussy…after she has a fantastic orgasm Jake switches places with her, getting his entire body rubbed down and then enjoying a four-handed handjob as the two hotties make out with each other and stroke his cock until he cums all over the place. I’m not really sure honestly what the difference is between a normal hot oil massage and a tantric massage but I guess when the masseuse is as sexy and hot as Clover it doesn’t make a huge difference because the sexual energy will be off the charts regardless. Enjoy this hot update, I don’t know if you’ll enjoy it as much as Keira and Jake did but maybe you’ll cum close!

Abbey Clancy


Apparently Abbey Clancy is a UK lingerie and fashion model, which doesn’t exactly surprise me….this blonde is gorgeous with great tits and great legs, I’m making a mental note to look up pictures of her in lingerie after this. Looks like she was at a fashion show or something but in the crowd instead of modeling, and her dress slipped down over her breast a bit for a nipple slip that some eagle-eyed paparazzi photographer caught on film! Nice little nipple, but cmon man she’s a fashion model, they get their tits out all the time! I guess it is a bit different when it’s unintentional, somehow that makes it way sexier and more thrilling…jeez, this could be the start of a sociology paper or something. I volunteer to do the field research if anyone wants to write a paper on nipple exposure reactions!

Niki Lee Young


This beautiful babe goes by the name of Niki Lee Young…she’s a gorgeous blonde with a smokin hot body who loves to strip down and play with herself, but where on earth is she going to find anyone interested in watching her do such a thing? Oh right the Internet, I forgot all about that! You get a nice close-up look at that sweet pussy with pink lips that look like flower petals as she pulls off her little white panties and bends over, then spreads her legs to slide a metal vibrator into her slit. It’s hard to tell what her favorite masturbation position is because she tries a bunch of em out but from the look on her face I’d guess it’s when she’s got both legs in the air with her knees near her ears. We like that one too, Niki!

Sarah Randall


Apparently Sarah Randall is quite studious…well, she’s got glasses on, I guess that’s enough evidence. These photos are from her own personal website where she shows off those enormous natural breasts in all kinds of pictures and videos….it’s pretty damn hot, that’s all there is to say about that. Let those big tits speak for themselves, you know the old saying ‘a breast is worth 1000 words’ so you’re getting 2000 words’ worth of titty here in this photoset. It looks like she polished them up or something too, they’re all shiny for the camera! If there’s a job opening for the breast-shiner position at the Sarah Randall facilities somebody let me know, my resume will be in her hands within the hour.

Natalie Wiggins


If you’re anything like me, the first time you read the name Natalie Wiggins you automatically assumed she would look like a Simpsons character or something…well luckily this Wiggins is a gorgeous redhead hanging out outside, stripping out of her white panties and her bra to show off those big beautiful titties! She has amazing breasts, there is no doubt about it…and what’s even more impressive is that they’re natural, according to Playboy! And I would have to say if there’s anyone I trust in terms of breasts it’s probably them…they’ve been around forever and have seem more breasts than all of us put together, I think they’re pretty qualified. Everyone loves a hot redhead and if she’s got big natural boobs, that’s all for the better!

Dani Daniels


The site We Live Together shows what happens sort of behind the scenes at these girls’ house…this time we’re seeing the home life of Dani Daniels, which is surprisingly (or not) similar to her professional life! She’s got a sexy female housemate and these two love getting naked and making out and eating each others’ pussy…her blonde housemate is named Scarlet Red, which doesn’t really seem like a great name for a blonde but maybe that’s just me. Scarlet has a particular love for licking ass and Dani loves getting rimmed so it’s no wonder these lesbians are housemates! Two gorgeous girls getting naked and relaxing in their off-time, licking pussy and ass and looking amazing the whole time…seems like a great way to live if you ask me!

Close Shave


Fantasy hd episode close shave

For Kelly Diamond there’s nothing more sensual and relaxing than a nice close shave of her legs and this time her man is ready to give her a helping hand! I don’t know if this is her fantasy or his but it’s on Fantasy HD and she’s got an incredible body so basically it’s a fantasy for us. Kelly is already nude on the side of the pool shaving her legs when her man shows up which makes it mighty easy to transition into her sucking his cock and then getting pounded! They move to the bedroom to continue with a little more comfort, giving us some even better looks at that beautiful nude body of hers! Her ass in particular is fucking stunning, but if you’re a fan of perky small tits you’re in luck as well…in fact this girl is just stunning from head to toe and I guess her guy pal thinks so too because he busts his nut and gives her a creamy facial that drips down her cheeks as she continues sucking cum out of his dick!

Blind Date


Passion hd blind date

When I first started watching this Passion HD update called Blind Date and saw Gianna Nicole coming down the stairs and lifting up her top to show off those big perfect tits to her man I almost called bullshit, that was no kind of blind date I have ever heard of in my damn life. However, when she pulled out a blindfold and put it over his eyes, AHA! Very clever, Passion HD, well played. It doesn’t actually stay on his eyes for all that long but hey I guess all they needed was an excuse to give the update this title…soon nobody cares about the title or anything like that though because Gianna starts fucking him, riding his cock with that nice tight pussy of hers and bouncing her boobs up and down as she gets penetrated deep and hard! This exotic beauty loves to get fucked and you can tell in this sexy scene as she pulls out some of her tricks, working his shaft with her hole and even getting tittyfucked before receiving a nice big facial.

Farm Girl


Val midwest farm girl

You might have assumed that since she was born and raised in Nebraska, Val Midwest is a farm girl but nope, she never got her hands dirty, so to speak…but for a photoshoot on her own website ahd got called up by a friend and asked to head to the farm so of course she said yes! She could be the hottest farmer’s daughter if you’ve got that as a fantasy (and if you don’t, you probably will after watching this update!) with her red plaid top and tight jeans. Maybe you’ve had a long hard day as a farmhand and headed into the haybarn to get some shade and rest and saw gorgeous Val hanging out and stripping out of her jeans and top, flashing those big tits and then masturbating with a purple vibrator! You get some nice closeup views of that sweet tight pink pussy as she pleasures herself with her little toy…looks like this farm girl wants her crops harvested, if you catch my drift!

Felicia Davies The Bends


Felicia davies on zishy

Sexy redhead Felicia Davies is back on Zishy in a hot photoshoot called The Bends! I guess it’s not just an album, although it’s a little hard to figure out why this shoot got that title…I guess she does some deep knee bends and stretches out a bit. Anyway she’s got her sexy blue lacy lingerie bodysuit on which is basically see-through and clings to her perfect ass amazingly. This girl is sexy as hell with a beautiful face, nice long kinky red hair and an incredible body, not to mention plenty of personality! It’s that last bit that Zishy particularly does better than most sites, letting the girls they shoot do things they enjoy and just have a good time because if there’s anything sexier than a beautiful nearly nude woman, it’s a happy and relaxed beautiful nearly nude woman! If you missed out on Felicia’s earlier Zishy scene don’t worry, I’ve got it right here for you ready to go.

Eva Lovia Tangled Up


Eva lovia green fishnets

See, this is the kind of outfit I just don’t even understand how a girl puts it on, if you follow me…I know that sentence didn’t make a lot of sense but then again neither does this lingerie that Eva Lovia is wearing. It’s neon green and is like a fishnet body stocking with the ass area and pussy area cut away for easy access, which is mighty nice with a girl this stunningly gorgeous! Miss Eva Lovia always looks incredible, even when she’s all tangled up in her funky fishnets! This photoshoot is from her own site which is chock full of pictures and stuff featuring one of the hottest girls on the whole damn internet. She loves masturbating and this lingerie or whatever it is makes that pretty easy so she dips her fingers in that sweet pussy too as a bit of a bonus here, and gets those perky titties out!

Megan Salinas


Megan salinas in the crack

If this isn’t a harbinger of summer coming up soon I don’t know what is…say hi to gorgeous Latina babe Megan Salinas for this In The Crack update as she relaxes poolside in her bikini, enjoying the sun on her skin as she pulls off her top to let those big perfect breasts out to play! I guess she was getting too hot and, well, didn’t think of hopping into the pool to cool off, she preferred to grab a can of cold water and pour it all over herself! So she’s not exactly the brightest bulb ever but man this girl is incredibly hot. In The Crack loves bringing you right up close and personal to the action so get ready for some nice looks at those perfect tits and that even more perfect ass and pussy of hers! I’ve been a fan of Megan Salinas since she first started, and she’s done a nice variety of scenes since then…if this is your first introduction to this stunner, you might want to set a little time aside and peruse the archives so to speak, just head here and all the ones I’ve put on here will magically be collected for your enjoyment!

Hot Birthday Blonde


Hot birthday blonde on gdp

Once again the guest of honor on Girls Do Porn is a little nervous…she’s a 19 year old getting ready to turn 20 and has come to the site to give herself an early birthday present, for which I and probably any other guy with a dick thank her! She’s cute as hell and has a body like you read about with long lean legs, nice perky medium boobies and an ass you could throw pocket change at and have it ricochet right back. She pulls off her flowery dress in this update and drops to her knees to pay a little lip service to this guy’s big dick, sucking him off and working his cock and balls with her hands…I don’t think it’s this girl’s first rodeo, nor will it be her last with this libido. Despite being a bit nervous she doesn’t seem to have much hesitation as she inhales his crank, although I guess she uses her hands a little much for the guy’s liking because he grabs her wrists and facefucks her. Soon she’s riding his dick with that sweet tight ass bouncing up and down. As hot as doggystyle is, with this girl I’d have to say the hottest part is when she’s sort of propped up on her side with one leg in the air getting her bald pussy pounded and making those breasts of hers bounce around perfectly. Not too firm, not too bouncy, they just look hot as hell. When she does get on her hands and knees to get drilled from behind this girl looks like she’s about eight feet tall with probably seven feet of that in her legs! Those stems of hers are amazing, she’s just hot as hell from head to toenails. After getting fucked for awhile you can tell she doesn’t like making too much noise, maybe she has close neighbors or something but she doesn’t vocalize much so if that’s a gamechanger for you, here’s your warning. If you’re watching at work or whatever though you probably have it on mute anyway am I right?



Madison on ecg

This curvy cutie (she looks Latina to me but that’s just a guess, I don’t know for sure) is named Madison and she’s ready to start pushing her sexual boundaries and try some new things…she’s a teen cutie with nice big tits and a juicy booty but not a whole lot of experience, which is pretty apparent if you ask me in this Exploited College Girls update! She says she’s tried giving blowjobs before and it’s not something she likes to do which as you can imagine is quite a disappointment to the cameraman but she does her best, sucking his cock and trying not to gag or anything like that. She does love to fuck though, so he lays her back on the bed and takes that teen pussy for a test drive, working her hole doggystyle and sideways and missionary, making those big titties bounce with the rhythm like bongo drums! After fucking her for awhile he’s ready to give her a facial, but she turns her head like he’s about to shine a flashlight in her eyes. She takes a face full of goo though and doesn’t seem too thrilled about it….tough titties, sister, if you want to make it in this business beyond just a one-off for some extra cash you’ve gotta learn to roll with the spurts!

Good Morning Dreams


Pure mature good morning dreams

I guess dreams really do come true…at least when you’re gorgeous blonde Aaliyah Love and you’re dreaming that you have your boyfriend’s cock in your mouth! She started masturbating in her sleep and her boyfriend saw what was going on…of course he took advantage of the situation, providing the cock she had been dreaming of as he slipped it into her mouth and fucked that sweet pussy in this hot scene called Good Morning Dreams! She’s a little on the younger-looking side of the MILF range, but she always rocks the house on Pure Mature…check out this other update she did a while back and you’ll see what I mean! That ass is just legendary…perfect and round and spankable, and those perky tits of hers are nice too, just not quite as nice as her butt is. It’s nice to see all her dreams cumming true in this update though, as she ends up with a nice wet facial as the guy facefucks her…she had been lying on her back to make it easier to fit that big dick down her throat and she grinned as she licked the cum from his cock after he shot his load on her.

Kiara Mia Anal Sex


I never quite realized before that Kiara Mia has never done a anal sex scene before.  I thought this because I remember seeing a video on and I must just have assumed that she had done it before on film.  The thing is she was only doing anal sex in her personal life but Brazzers finally convinced her to not just do that for the people in her private life but to do it for all of her fans.  So in this episode you’re seeing that giant Latin ass of hers fucked and fucked hard.  If you want to watch the video on how she likes anal you see see that it follows very closely with how this one was done.  There is a lot of lube involved and a lot of orgasms before this guy finally puts his dick in her ass.  Kiara Mia is one of my favorite MILFs for sure the exotic face and the curves this MILF has is just out of control.  She is ranked of top MILF pornstars but I have a feeling after she puts out a couple more anal scenes that ranking is just going to get higher and higher!

Sabrina Banks


Sabrina banks for mg18

Yep, it’s that time again to welcome a brand new masseuse to the tables at Massage Girls 18! This time it’s the lovely Sabrina Banks who happens to have a downright perfect ass. Just pointing that out. Anyway, she tugs off her crazy little outfit and gets to work on her client, sucking his cock and getting that ass of hers in the air at the same time…did I mention she has a perfect ass? Sabrina rocks this guy’s world, I don’t know how relaxed he got from her rubdown but she certainly worked some kinks out of his love-muscle as she sucked his cock and then rode him, sliding her sweet tight pussy up and down on his meat and getting railed doggystyle hard and deep (I can’t blame the guy for spinning her around and fucking her from behind, being able to stare at that butt would be irresistable) until he shot his load all over her stomach and pussy. I don’t know if a permanent position on the site is available but if so, I’d say Sabrina has it on lockdown!

Scent Of You


Skyla green passion hd

Skinny beautiful blonde Skylar Green stars in this Passion HD update called Scent Of You as she wakes up and kisses her man passionately…she had been dreaming about him and just couldn’t stop thinking about his body and how good he made her feel! When he got up to take a shower she couldn’t resist grabbing his shirt, breathing in his scent and feeling it on her skin as she rubbed her tight little pussy through her white panties. Soon he came back from his shower and found her touching herself and moaning, and what man could resist a scene like that, especially with a girl who has a body as hot as Skylar does! She’s got quite a nose but it gives her character I say…maybe it’s the fact that she also has a gorgeous pair of perky titties and a sweet perfect tight ass that’s making me say that, it’s hard to say. All I know is that this girl is lava-hot and is getting that pussy pounded nice and hard in this hardcore scene, even going so far as to let him cum inside her for a creampie finish! If this has whetted your appetite for that tight package of hers you should take a look here when you’re done with this update, trust me on that one.

Karla Kush


Karla kush tlbc

It seems like every episode from the site Teens Love Huge Cocks the girl just can’t resist looking back over her shoulder at that big thick slab of man meat sliding into her hole as she rides it, and Karla Kush here is no exception! This blonde stunner has a fantastic body and puts it to work here as she pulls off her hoddie to show her perky little perfect titties and yanks her stretchy red pants down to stick her sweet ass in the air, ready for her costar to impale on his massive meatbat! She takes as much of that dick in her mouth as she can manage before spreading her legs to get that wet hole drilled, moaning as he slides deep inside to push her pussy to its limits. This girl is beautiful and sexy as hell with a nice tight body, can’t wait to see more from her…although even if this was the only scene she ever did it would still be pretty sweet! She even gets that tight asshole fingered as she gets fucked and moans even more, maybe sometime she’ll do an anal scene…we’ll see, but for now we’ll have to be satisfied with her getting fucked in the pussy and taking a huge cream facial!

Karlie Montana Booty Beach


Karlie montana in the crack

It’s been a good while since I gave you guys a photoshoot from In The Crack featuring the gorgeous redhead stunner Karlie Montana (, in case you were curious…she’s done several) but she’s back again and that ass is looking spectacular as you would expect! She’s hanging out on the beach looking like she’s getting ready to sail the seven seas as a pirate wench in search of booty…actually I take that back, she’s already got some sweet sexy booty going on! And, since this is In The Crack, we get to zoom in nice and close on that ass and pussy as she bends over doggystyle, spreading her cheeks and looking back at you like you’re about to board her vessel. In one of the photos she’s joined by her girlfriend Layla, maybe that’s a lead-in for another scene or something but it’s pretty hot any way you cut it! It’s photosets like this one that get a guy all sorts of excited for the coming summer…bikinis and babes and beaches are on their way fellas!

Julia Ann


Julia Ann and Kelly Madison Porn Fidelity

Julia Ann is surprisingly enough making her first appearance on Porn Fidelity. I could have swore she had been on before but I can’t find a scene before this one.  So this one is called “Hollywood Hook-Up” and like last week with Valentina Nappi Kelly Madison is once again joining in on the fun!  She and Julia Ann are fucking her husband of course and both of these girls have big tits are are some of the hottest MILFs I can think of.  The scene starts in the bathroom with both girls in lingerie sitting on the counter getting their pussies licked by Ryan.  They then take it to the bed where they share Ryan cock and his cum.  You know he is always cumming multiple times and in this update he is covering both of these girls tits.  For the final cumshot he has his dick fucking both of these girls titties waiting to see which lucky one is going to get a pearl necklace!

Emily Grey


Rachel for ftv girls

She may have gone by the name of Rachel for her FTV Girls update but we know her better by now as Emily Grey…I’m not sure why the subterfuge, maybe she shot with them when she was still deciding on her industry name or whatever you want to call it, but all I know is that she looks absolutely phenomenal in her shoot. I mean cmon, you’ve got one of the hottest new pornstars in the industry here and she shot for FTV Girls, who has photo quality like you’d read about in the newspaper, how could it not be a match made in heaven! She flashes her perky titties in public (even doing some naked cartwheels, an FTV signature move) and then heads back inside to get down to business with some big thick dildos and buzzing vibrators so she could bring herself to some massive orgasms for us! This girl is just amazing, it’s great that she shot for a site that can put her looks on such a pedestal of photo and video quality and let her play around a bit rather than have things going according to some kind of script like a lot of sites do. It’s always nice to see a girl this beautiful in settings that let some of her personality shine through, it’s so easy to just get dazzled by her beauty and forget that she’s got attitude! Especially when she has a perfect fucking ass like Emily does.

Horny Perky MILF


Horny perky milf on mom pov

When I saw this blonde MILF on Mom POV I thought to myself ‘there is no way this chick is 50 years old’ but apparently it’s true! She’s still gorgeous, she must have been a mindblower when she was younger…as she got a few years under her belt she picked up plenty of experience along the way and now she’s making her very first adult video! If you’re into hot mature blondes you have seriously got to check this chick out, she might just be your dreams brought to life as she gets naked and gets fucked. Most of the MILFs on this site have big full titties but this chick has smaller and still perky boobies with nipples that look like they could cut through sheet metal if she’s not careful! She rides htis guy nice and deep and then lays back to lift up her legs and get pounded until the guy shoots his load in her cargo hold for a creampie finish!



Farrah for ecg

You might remember seeing a small update with this hot redhead Farrah here not too long ago, she was pretty sore from getting fucked like the day before her shoot and I suspect it might have been this Exploited College Girls shoot that did it! Once she gtets naked here and shows those bouncy titties and that sexy curvy ass of hers all bets are off, she’s on her back cumming like a freight train with a banshee in it and the cameraman is mentally high fiving himself for having what must be just about the greatest job in the world as he fucks her hard and deep! Farrah looks fantastic getting that pink pussy penetrated in this hot update but all good things must cum to an end and this guy shot a big creamy load all over her face and in her hair to finish things off.

Fun For Three


X art fun for three

I bet Heidi is thanking her lucky stars for being bisexual because she pretty much struck the lottery when she met hot couple Angelica and Ben in this X Art update called Fun For Three! From the title you’ve probably already guessed that this is a threesome and yes it is but man don’t be all like ‘oh another threeway I’ve seen a billion of these’. Both Angelica and Heidi are utterly fucking gorgeous on a site that is already well known for having some of the most gorgeous girls in the industry and these two love to play around together! A total of four perfect breasts and two perfect asses are in play and this guy Ben is lucky enough to get to pound both of these beauties in a hot passionate scene. Angelica is far from being the jealous type so she’s happy to share her man with her girlfirend, especially if she can be in on the fun like in this update! They take turns sucking and fucking his big dick and kissing and eating each other out as well until he finally busts his nut, which they suck out and lick up!

Fun Times


Nubile films fun times

If there are two girls out there who love fun times, it’s Dillion Harper and Veronica Radke! In this Nubile Films update they’ve met up at their guy friend’s house for a panties party and right off the bat they’re hand-in-hand, giggling and talking like schoolgirls and as soon as they get to the bedroom the bras and panties come off and the fun times begin! These gorgeous lesbians love to make out and eat out each others pussy, but they also both love the cock so when their guy friend heads into the bedroom and starts eating out Dillion’s sweet tight pussy from behind it’s a welcome addition to the fun! The fact that he has a dinosaur cock doesn’t hurt either I’m sure…both of these beauties take turns sucking and fucking that huge slab of man meat, one of them riding his cock while the other grinds her pussy on his lips until he shoots his creamy sticky load all over Dillion’s gorgeous face. She’s got a fantastic grin, even when there’s jizz dripping from her lips…she just always looks happy as a pig in mud!

Jillian Janson


Sexy Jillian Janson here starts out in this Babes photoshoot with a striped sweater and a pair of white panties but from the look on her face you already know those are heading straight to the floor in about 3 seconds flat. She’s got fantastic tits and loves to show em off so the sweater is the first thing to go, sliding back over those boobs as she lets her long wavy dark hair cascade down over her chest! It’s already pretty hot so when she starts masturbating and getting that sweet ass in the air it’s pretty much off the charts…Jillian just wants everyone to be feeling as good as she’s feeling in these photos, and she’s doing everything she can to make that happen from the looks of things!

Emma Rachael


This girl Emma Rachael looked a little bummed out I thought at first, but I think that’s just her ‘seductive’ expression…she’s pretty new, she has time to work on it. In this photoshoot from the site Spinchix she’s got this tiny little bikini top on with removable breast panels, and a pair of sexy sheer nylons that look amazing as she tugs them down over her pretty fantastic ass! The hook for the site is that the girls spin around and give you a 360* view, doesn’t exactly seem revolutionary (haha get it, revolution as in rotation) but hey who doesn’t like seeing a girl’s tits and ass in the same photoshoot.



The site MC Nudes presents these pictures of perennial favorite Miriam, a gorgeous MILF with huge natural perfect tits, relaxing in a soaker tub and running her hands all over her nude body…I mean who could resist cupping and squeezing those breasts and running their hands down those long legs to touch that pussy? Not Miriam, that’s for sure, she’s just as susceptible to her charms as the rest of us are apparently! She gets into some sloshing as she rolls around in the water while her bath fills, fantasizing about having her legs spread open and a big dick slid into her hole. It’s not often that you get even dirter in a tub than you were outside of it, but Miriam here is putting on a clinic with these gyrations!



It’s always nice to see a girl with beautiful long dark hair…in a day and age where short haircuts are so popular it’s unusual but the sight of that long flowing hair as a girl tosses her head is like looking at a waterfall, nice and relaxing! Monika here has butt-length hair (and what a butt it is!) and sweet perky titties as she poses in this photoshoot from Glamour…she could stand to eat a cheeseburger or three if you ask me but she’s utterly gorgeous and has that seductive smoldering stare that can drive a guy so wild. It’s too bad she keeps her panties on for this shoot, maybe next time she’ll bare all!

Stefanie Knight


Meet Stefanie Knight, a Playboy cybergirl with a penchant for getting all wet and wild…and she’s certainly got the body for it! Watch this chick undress and hop in the shower, letting the water get that long dark hair wet down her back as she runs her hands over those big perfect breasts…she must live in Seattle or something, it doesn’t look like the sun has toasted that creamy skin of hers in a very long time! Stefanie is an unearthly beauty and once again Playboy has done us all the favor of hunting down one of the hottest girls on the planet (well, you know what I mean) and getting them naked for us. And I haven’t even mentioned her perfect ass yet!

Ariana Marie Fucks Her John


This Bang Bros Clips site is confusing me guys.  For a while they were posting a lot of MILFs teaching teens type of stuff and then this weeks update is with Ariana Marie and it’s a lot like a Tonight’s Girlfriend video.  Well not even a lot like it is pretty much just like it.  Bang Bros looks like they’re just testing the waters to see what people want to see.  They got me with this scene because I always want to see Ariana Marie fucking especially when she is giving a completely amateur like this John the fuck of his life.  He paid her a big mound of cash that he put in a envelope and left in the bathroom for her “donation” for the night.  She went in there checked the cash and then got into her favorite fuck outfit.  These nice striped stockings with black high heels and a little two piece lingerie set.  She keeps on the stocks and high heels thorough out the video which I love, it just makes her that much hotter I think.  Ariana has an amazing body, nice fit ass and those perfect perky tits of hers are to die for.

Jessica Swan Handle With Care


Jessica Swan is the girl dangling between these two guys in case you were wondering.  I have to say I never seen anything like this before, it’s like acrobatic sex.  This scene comes from a very well established porn site called Nubiles Porn.  They’re the same guys that bought you Nubiles but now they’ve added some other sites so they give you access to everything this this portal.  I don’t actually have this exact part of the video for you guys to view you’re just going to have to join the site to see that.  But I do have a longer video with both cumshots.  The guy with getting head cums first and he drops it all on her face while she is riding the other guys dick.  She rides him until he cums, he pulls out in time and puts it in that petite little ass of hers.  There is no DP in this scene, or anal she is way to petite for that!

Anal Ride


I usually don’t like to post a gallery if I don’t know the name of the girl in the scene.  There are exceptions to every rule and here is a exception.  This girl looks like she is a European chick of some kind and looking at the Perfect Gonzo website it looks like a of their models are from over there.  So I had no idea what “gonzo” meant so I went ahead and looked it up.  it’s a style of  porn that places us the viewer in the porn.  It has a lot less of the “plot” that you see on other sites, it’s just down and dirty get straight to the sex type of porn.  This girl who is getting fucked in the ass is quite the champ isn’t she.  She has a great looking ass and anytime a girl can get on top and ride like this you know she is a anal lover.  The video has a weird watermark and that’s just because you get access to this site “tamedteens” when you join the Perfect Gonzo network of sites.  I have to say for this being a tube video it’s pretty high quality I wonder how good it is in the members area I bet it’s crazy good.

AJ Applegate Bullzeye


AJ Applegate is turning through some anal sex scene’s.  She just put out one for Monster Curves and now she is on a Naughty America site called My Friends Hot Girl.  So Johnny here is at his buddies house hanging out with his girlfriend.  They playing darts and Johnny is talking about how good he is at them.  Then he makes a bet with AJ that if he gets a bullzeye he gets to fuck her in the ass.  When he actually does it AJ doesn’t have a problem paying up because she knows she is a slut and she really just loves to be fucked in her butt.  AJ Applegate is the best girl to watch having anal because her ass is so nice.  It’s one of those big fat juicy ones.  When you have a nice ass like this it’s just a matter of time before some porn company gets you to take it in the butt and AJ just came into porn already willing to do it because she did it so much in her personal life.  Naughty America has some really good sites and I always like their porn make sure to click through if you’re actually going to join Naughty America because you will get a discount, 40% to be exact.

Jennifer Dark


Jennifer dark on porn goes pro

So you’ve been working like a dog for months on a project and it finally came to fruition, you got that promotion and a big fat bonus! What to spend it on? Why not hire gorgeous pornstar Jennifer Dark from the Porn Goes Pro agency to come by your hotel room and fuck your brains out! Sounds like a great idea to me…and hey while she’s there why not have her dress up for the occasion in a cheerleader uniform and fulfill like six fantasies at once! Jennifer looks great in her little skirt and top that shows off those big bouncy titties, especially when she lets them poke out the top and bounce around while she gets fucked in this hot first-person scene. Porn Goes Pro always stuns with the caliber of models they have getting naked and getting fucked and Jennifer here is a perfect example of that. Just goes to show, a big fat fistful of cash goes a long way towards making dreams cum true!

Tawny Henderson


Tawny henderson zishy

Stunning Tawny Henderson doesn’t usually get naked or show off that gorgeous body which is a damn shame if you ask me, but luckily she was approached by Zishy and once she took a look at the kind of photos they shoot she was all for it! You won’t be getting any fully nude gratuitous scenes with these guys but what you do get is a slew of gorgeous girls like Tawny showing their personality and teasing the hell out of us with some barely-clothed pics like these! Tawny here is wandering the town in her high-waisted shorts (since when did those come back anyway, I always thought they were totally unflattering and awful) before heading indoors to the library where she reads some books on anxiety and strips down to her thong, lying on the kitchen counter and looking fucking sexy as hell! Maybe she had been anxious about showing a little skin and that book convinced her to face her fears…if so I’d like to send a thank-you letter to the author.

Eva Lovia Red Lingerie


Eva lovia in red lingerie

If you know miss Eva Lovia you know she always and I mean always looks absolutely stunning but I’d say in this photoshoot from her own site she went the extra mile for us! She’s hanging out in the bathroom in her sexy red lingerie sitting on the edge of the soaking tub, grinning and teasing us with those full breasts and of course her incredible round ass, then slowly starts to strip down naked and play with herself before she goes into the bath! She loves touching her pussy and we always love seeing her masturbate for us so it’s pretty much a win-win situation right here. I can’t get enough of those freckles of hers, she’s just a mind-blower from head to toe!

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